Well, That Escalated Quickly

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary

This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Half Moon Bay can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

For once, Sevran is in the infirmary because of chores, and not because of some unfortunate, Cat-related injury. It's just after breakfast, and he's just arrived and is conferring with the Healer on staff, getting his assignment. Making beds. OK, he can do this… right? Folding sheets was not his thing, but maybe putting them on the bed won't be so bad? So with armload of fresh sheets in hand, he heads for the first cot to begin stripping and replacing bedding. At least it's not latrines.

Krenn might actually take the latrines over this. Less blood in the latrines, hopefully. Luckily, the candidates have more of the menial tasks and less of the actual gory business of Healer work. So he ends up right alongside Sevran, changing the cots. "So." He says, making an attempt at starting conversation. "I hear our resident prankster struck again."

Baylee had optional assigned as a chore today. She didn't feel is was 'optional' in the sense that she could just choose to take the day off, instead she decided that she would just follow Krenn in his assignment. Baylee to will be changing sheets! Such exciting work, but having it with friends makes all the difference, "Thats what I heard. Where do you even find that much glitter? I would have thought they used it all on Rio."

Sevran dumps his clean bedding in a heap on one of the cots. This will be 'home base'. Then, with a bit of a narrow-eyed look to Krenn, and then to Baylee, he begins stripping the cot next in line. "Yeah," for the prank. "Though I don't know if 'prankster' is the right word. I'd prefer 'torturer'." Sevran is not a fan. His nose wrinkles. "Did Kass tell you, or did you hear it through Weyr gossip?"

"Kass was the target this time?" Given that Krenn didn't know that, it's probably safe to say that he didn't hear it straight from the source. He frowns as he moves onto the next cot, but takes a glance at Baylee. "That's a good point, actually. Maybe it's someone with access to a big source of glitter? What do they make glitter out of, anyways?"

"I heard it from some people that were talking about in the caverns." Baylee says. She too didn't hear it straight from the horses mouth either, though she can't imagine that Kass was in much of a mood to talk about it, "It's just so strange." She shakes her head and shrugs, "Not a clue Krenn. I just know I'm not ever going to look at the stuff the same way again."

"Who the flip cares?" says Sevran of glitter-creation. Clearly, not a fan either way. "But I'm not sure I would call Kass the target. It seemed more like we were the unfortunate bystanders. Unlucky." Yes. Him too. Snort. "I still have glitter in my—" grey eyes flick to Baylee, "erm. Well. Places." Definitely not what he was going to say. There's a sour look on his face, and he rips the rest of the sheet off the bed with a bit more force than is strictly necessary. "Good to know the gossips are on it," he says dryly. And then, to just make sure the correct facts are out there, he'll summarize; "Kass was delivering a bucket of fruit to the stablemaster. There was something in the bottom, we got curious," and by we, he means 'he', "and decided to open it. It was a mistake." There.

"We should care because it might be a clue as to who is behind all this." Krenn responds to Sevran. "I mean, think about it. They're getting tons of this stuff from somewhere, without tipping people off. Is there a craft that would have that kind of access? We don't have much use for the stuff in Tannercraft." He shrugs as he begins changing another cot. "Whoever it is, we've got to put a stop to all this."

Baylee definitely doesn't want to hear where Sev may or may not have glitter. That gets a big nope. When he refrains she offers him a warm smile. "I'm sure that you'll be free of it eventually." It's like a glitter fever. You get better with time. "They are." Those crazy gossips go full tilt all day, every day here at Half Moon. It does seem odd though, "So anytime we see something out of place lets not touch it." She finishes folding the sheets onto the cot she was working on and sighs, "We gotta tell someone." Krenn's craft idea isn't too far off, "I have no idea what craft would use it. Maybe the harpers for art and things. I'm sure the headwoman or one of the transport riders would know where stuff is coming in."

That sour look on his face just keeps getting more prominent until 'glower' becomes a more apt description. "Honestly, I don't care," says Sevran, a little growly. "And it's not our job to figure out anything," he points out. "The Weyrlingmaster's should be looking into this, not you," and he gives Krenn a pointed look before he throws the soiled sheet to the ground and reaches for a clean one. Baylee? Same sort of glower, maybe turned down a notch. "It's getting better," is all he'll say about his glittery… places. "Yes, tell someone…" and then a low, annoyed sigh. "Not our job."

"It may not be our job, but it is our problem." Krenn replies with a bit of a frown. "Obviously the weyrlingmasters haven't caught the guilty party yet, so if we don't want it to keep happening, we have to do something about it ourselves. Right? C'mon, nothing wrong with showing a little bit of initiative, is there?"

Both of her fellow candidates are right, "It shouldn't be our job." Baylee says looking at Sevran, "But if they are just going to keep at us for whatever sick reason they have in their head we should try to minimize the effect." Baylee is all for busting the glitter fiend. Krenn gets a smile, "I'm all for busting them, but I'm not sure how we can stop it other than keeping out eyes peeled at all times. It isn't like we have lots of free time."

"No, see, it's not," says Sevran, rather icily. His usually laid-back personality has vanished, and a very different Sevran is showing up. "It's not our problem at all. We're the victims of an attack, and it's the job of those in charge," aka, Weyrlingmasters, "to take care of it. This is their problem, not ours." As for showing initiative? Krenn gets a very dark, very icy look. Cold. And then Sevran turns back to his task at hand without answering. And now Baylee's on his side? Sevran pauses, lifts a hand and rubs at his forehead as if it hurts. "You do what you want," he finally says, having determined that they would not be swayed. "Keep me the fuck out of it." The sheet gets yanked into place roughly before his hands fly over the top to smooth out the wrinkles.

Krenn gives Sevran a look which is equal parts confused and disappointed. "You know how you stop being a victim? By standing up and fighting back, not by waiting around for someone else to do it for you." He says with a bit of an annoyed huff. Brushing off the negative vibe as quickly as he can manage, his gaze darts back to Baylee. "I think you had the best idea. We'll ask the transport riders and the Headwoman, figure out who might have access to a ton of glitter. That should really narrow down the list of suspects, yeah?"

Baylee frowns at Sev and puffs out a breath, "Yeah. I agree. But they are sucking at it right now." And when someone sucks at something you have to step in at some point, especially if you are the one with a target on your back, "I'm not saying we take over whatever they are doing, I'm just saying we don't have to sit on our hands." Though at least if you sat on your hands when the glitter appeared you wouldn't get it on your hands. "Fine." she says to Sev. He can stay out of it. Her attention moves back to Krenn, "If they don't kow then we are up a creek but someone has to have seen something and whatever we find out we can pass along to the weyrlingmasters or whoever."

Sevran stops his task, hands pressed against the bed as he leans against it, eyes down cast as he focuses his thoughts. "That only works, if you know who the hell you're standing up to, Krenn," and his grey eyes flick up to meet the other candidate. "Otherwise, it's a bunch of crap, because we can't do a damn thing right now." There is a very, very dangerous look in his eyes right now, and they're fixed rather pointedly on the other male candidate in the room. Deep breath in, held, and then let out in a slow exhale. Back to smoothing the sheet and then on to the next bed. There is a very long pause, a heavy silence, before Sevran asks Baylee, "And how do you expect to do anything that isn't already being done?"

"Exactly." Krenn replies to Baylee. "I mean, worst case scenario, we try and don't find anything. Then we're just right back where we are right now. But at least we'll know we tried." Sevran's display of anger just seems to baffle him more than anything. He meets Sevran's gaze and frowns, worried. "Hey… deep breaths, man. We're talking about someone who messes things up with glitter. Not, like, a renegade murderer." He frowns silently for a moment, pondering. "Is there… something you want to talk about? I've seen that kind of anger before. It's always from people who've got serious things they're dealing with. Sometimes talking can help, you know?"

All the candidates are dealing with serious things, though some might be dealing with more serious things than others, "Can always do something." Baylee says gently to Sev. The candidates might not have alot of power or free time but they do have their eyes, ears and brains. She backs away though, not wanting to be standing next to Krenn should Sev decide to throw a punch, "No fighting." she says reproachfully though softly. Not wanting to draw the attention of the staff. "If there is something going on I'd like to help." she says wanting Sev to know that she is there for him, "We all have to support each other."

Sevran is already on it with the deep breathing, and focusing on the task at hand to keep himself occupied and not glaring daggers at anyone. The bed, at least, isn't gonna take offence. With another yank, one more sheet comes off and gets added to the pile. Another long silence, Sevran's lips pressed into a thin, hard line. Then, a shake of his head. "Nope." Does not want to talk about it. Baylee gets a glance. It's no less icy, but maybe a little less threatening. And then back to the stripping of beds and tossing of sheets. "Do what you want," he repeats. "Just keep me out of it."

Krenn gives Sevran an almost pitying sort of look for a moment, then shrugs his shoulders. "Well… suit yourself. I won't pry. Just remember, you can find friends here if you need them. No shame in that." He looks back to Baylee, then shrugs again. "Not going to be a fight here." He says. "Nobody wants that." Still, he might be putting a little more distance between himself and Sevran as he resumes the cot changing.

Baylee frowns for multiple reasons. She feels bad for Sev cause clearly he's having some sort of stress and because who likes to get looked at like that? "Alright. We'll leave you out of it." She doesn't bother trying to elicit some sort of response from Sevran and instead stays where things are safe, "Good." she say softly as she moves from one cot to the next.

It is probably — no, definitely — good for Krenn that Sevran does not see that look of pity, otherwise, there might have been a fight. As it is, the butcher-candidate's eyes are fixed firmly on the task, as if getting the sheet onto the cot is the most mentally challenging exercise he's experienced and any deviation of his attention may result in disaster. But no, Krenn is right. There will be no fight. At least not of the physical sort. There's a brief pause, tight shoulders, and then a quick nod of his head in acknowledgement of Krenn's comment about friends. But no words. Right now, it's safer if Sev just stays quiet.

Krenn may not always have the best instincts about this sort of thing, but something is telling him that getting some space from Sevran would probably be in everyone's best interests. Keeping as far from the man as he can while acting casual, he gives Baylee a smile of forced levity. "So. We're almost done here." He says, abruptly shifting to a lighter topic. "Should we have some fun once chores are taken care of?" Anything to give them an excuse to go in a different direction.

Baylee watches Sevran out of the corner of her eye. Partly to keep track of him but moreso because she is worried about him. Though there are some things she can't fix. Even if she might want too. Krenn's smile is met with a half smile that never quite fully forms, she knows he's trying to lighten the mood and so she nods, "Yeah. I could use some fun. Did you have anything in mind?"

The quiet chatter of Baylee and Krenn seems to help. Or at least, leaving Sevran alone with this thoughts for a little seems to help, and whatever is swimming around in that brain of his is eventually pushed aside with a little sigh, and the tossing of another sheet. The tension is leaking out, and he's finding his equilibrium again. "You could… go look at the eggs," he offers as an apology. He's sorry, even if he's not gonna say so out loud. "Do you have a favorite?"

Drawing attention to Sevran's change of attitude seems like it would risk undoing it, so Krenn just plays along. "The dark one with the red bits. Kind of looks like a machine?" He offers by way of description. "What about you?" He asks in return, taking a look back at Baylee. "Though we've spent so much time with the eggs… well, I'd be up for it if that's your preference. Up for whatever, really."

The eggs are the reason they are all here! Baylee stays quiet while Krenn and Sevran exchange small talk about the eggs. She doesn't speak up since she knows Sev already knows the one she has her eye on from the conversation the other day and the latest egg touching didn't change her mind, "Maybe we could do something else. I'm not tired of the eggs, just feel like they need some space." Some of them more than others.

"The stormy one," says Sevran almost immediately, no thought necessary. As for visiting them, "It was just a suggestion," and by his tone, Sevran would not be offended if they chose something else. "And you may be right. Or Celimoth may need some space." Small pause as he grabs another clean sheet, circling the cot methodically. "The lagoon is always nice at this time of day, before the sun gets too high and lots of people show up." There's a little flicker of a glance between the two, and he offers, "If you guys wanna get away together, I understand." And he does, truly. "I can finish up here, if you want."

Krenn gives Sevran a glance and a nod. "Fine choice." He says. His suggestion of visiting the lagoon earns a little bit of a smile, and he looks back to Baylee. "Sounds fine to me. What do you say? We never did find the time to go skinny dipping." Fortunately for Krenn, his tone at least makes it clear that was meant as a joke.

Baylee normally would have tried to invite Sev along so that he doesn't feel left out or worse alone. Though in this particular instance she isn't going to chance it. She'll do her best later to try to talk to Sev by herself to try to figure out just what is causing this, but for now its best to let things settle. She nods at the lagoon idea. That is probably as fine a choice as any though she sends a gentle smack in the direction of Krenn's shoulder, "Shhhh. Don't want anyone to overhear that." Some people might not know it was a joke, and then they will have to explain themselves.

There's a flicker of a grin, an old, familiar uplift to the corner of Sevran's mouth, that should tell the two who know him that he was headed towards being A-OK again. "You two have fun," he offers, glancing up briefly to flash a look between them. "And if you do skinny dip? Don't worry; your secret would be safe with me." And with that, he gathers up the pile of dirty sheets and heads towards the back of the infirmary to dispose of them.

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