Duct Whisperers

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Beach Front Forge

A clear view of Half Moon's beach and lagoon, a simple forge is set up here, it's bellows old styled pumped by hand and it's many workbenches have corkboards covered in tools of all sorts above them. Various metalworks are in different states of completion.

It is just after the noon meal, and the forge is active with working. There are smiths of all grades here, as well as it seems the hunter-candidate, Riohra is here talking with one of the journeyman who is showing him a piece of something that is needing to be replaced. A master walks by and says grumpily "where are the replacement first aid kits from the infirmary, I know i sent for them they better be here quickly"

As if on cue, here comes Sevran, first-aid kits tucked under his arms and a look of brief confusion on his face. He's definitely never been here before, and maybe that's why he's late? Either way, he's here now, peering through the gloom to locate someone… "Oh. Well. Here they are," and he heads towards the bellowing figure, a little apprehensively.

By the way of the kitchens does Kasala come, the red head candidate with several of the kitchen kettles in hand. Spying Sevran ahead of her, she starts to call out to the other candidate, but he disappears into the forge too quickly. She'll soon appear at the entrance to look around, squinting at the change of light. It's only natural that she spies Riohra at whatever work he's about, though she turns the to find the master who might be able to lend her a hand.

The old master looks at Sevran and nods once, he is a gruff old man but not mean, he points to the wall where the candidate can start stacking them. He will walk away from Sevran and work his way over to Kassala and say in his grumpy voice, "And what do you want?" though his tone is a touch lighter than it was when he was barking orders. Riohra for his part is taking apart something and then watching how it goes back together learning what ever this chore is he has been chosen to have.

Sevran is certainly not about to argue with that. He's quick to hop-to, headed over to where he was told to start stacking. And stack he does, though it's not much work before he's basically done. Box here, here, here, and then one there… yeah. That looks right. Right? Sure Sevran stands back, head tilt to one side, to eye the first-aid boxes. Sure. Good enough. And then he'll just slip-slide right over to Riohra to see what he's doing. Because headed back is just not an option right now. "Hey." Kassala? Noted, but not spoken too, seeing as she's currently under the eye of the Master.

Kassala offers a quick smile to the master as he approaches her, "The cook sent me here with some pots that need some patching, whenever you can get to them? Had us cleaning out a store room and came across them." Thus she hefts the three pots in her arms. "She also said there were some knives that had been sent down aa few days ago to be sharpened, that need to be picked up?" A nod is given to both the other candidttes, should either look her way.

The old master will smile at the young lady and hand the pot off to a journeyman then will say "I can get them for you, why doing you have a seat" turning he will see the two candidate males at the workstation and Riohra will take his mind off his work for the moment and say "Sevran, check this out, it is an air control value for the ducks that control the cool air in the galleries" The hunters eyes are alight with amazement as the old master walks up behind him and slaps him in the back of the head "It is DUCT, it doesnt quack boy. Go grab those knives for that pretty little lady"

Is he curious? It's hard to tell. Sevran does lean in a little, if just because Riohra seems so fascinated. "Huh," is all he offers to that, though. The master's swat to Rio's head will earn him a sympathetic hiss from Sevran, and then attention is redirected to Kassala again, and a hand is raised. "Hey."

Kassala thanks the old master politely, even grinning when he calls her pretty! Awww. till, she winces a little when Riohra earns the smack to the back of his head, ducking a little to hide some form of amusemet. Poor Rio. To Sev, she chuckles, "How's it going today?" She doesn't ask about the glittering they got, both still sporting some sparklies, right?

The old master takes Riohra by the arm and starts whispering to the hunter-candidate, there is a light blush of the tips of the young man's ears as he nods back to whatever is said. While Riohra tries not to kill himself with getting the sharp things down the Master will walk back over to Kassala saying "the young man will help you dear, I am going off to get something to eat" he will give a little bow of his head to Kassala before he heads back down the path to the kitchen.

Quietly does Kassala watch the whispering between Rio and the master, giving the old man another smile when he returns, "Thank you sir. Have a great lunch.. it's really good today!" Because she helped fix it, right? Rocking back and forth on her toes, she shares that impish grin with Rio when he finally brings the knives over to her. "Sooo… having fun, hmm?" She tease a little.

Riohra waits till he knows the old man with the iron head slapper is out of sight and ear shot then will nod happily. "Oh this is amazing I am learning about all things that keep the weyr going and so many ideas for my own tinkering" you little in a candy shop this boy is today.

Kassala laughs softly, "You should have been working with the smiths instead of a hunter." For as much tinkering as he tends to do. Still, the fact that this chore is turning into so much fun for him, makes her smile, "Glad you're having fun. I got kitchen today and well.." Endless chopping of vegetables is sort of mind-numbing!

Riohra grins and shakes his head "you know my first love is hunting…well second now" he will just look away nope not getting mushy here. Manly place be manly, he will grin and almost pull her over to the little work area they gave him to learn at saying "you should see this too"

Kassala winks at Riohra before he ducks and looks away from her. Quickly, she touches his hand, the basket with the knives held in the other. When he pulls her over to the workspace, she nods to the other smiths, and then peeks at what's on the table, listening to Rio describe what exactly it is that she's looking at.

Riohra is standing there with Sevran and Kassala now as he shows them on a mapped out diagram "see this is what is called the intake, it pulls the hot air into this box looking thing and it is spun around some coils that have like water or something in them and then cool air is sent to the galleries." He reaches up and pulls out a box that has metal panel in the middle that will open and close when he moves a pulley "And this lets in either a lot of air or a little air"

Sevran has been here the whole time. Honest. But it would be a lie to say he was paying attention the whole time. So it is with a bit of a bemused expression that he gives a hearty nod-nod to Riohra. Sure. Sev totally knows what he's talking about. Yup. Ahem.

"Interesting." Kassala says with a bob of her head, glancing to Sevran. Yep, she's about as intrigued as he might be, but it's important and fascinating to Riohra, so she does pay attention. He's had to be bored by her talks about dragonhealing! Only fair she listen this! "Can you imagine how hot it would have been before?" Back in the old days, ya know?

Riohra nods and says "yeah I dont think even I could find away to make that a good time" he is looking at the prints and says "You know these pipes seem to run through out the Weyr. to personal weyrs as well as the kitchens." Oh he has that look as he starts planing something.

"Yeah, that've sucked," says Sevran, of 'the old days' an how hot it must have been. Yup. Totally feels it. "Oh?" and that piques his interest. "So, the individual dragon weyrs have this… system in place too?" He peers up, as if to locate the ducts in this very room. "Huh." Kassala has to be interested; she's his girlfriend. Sevran's just gonna claim this is all over his head. The look of planning his attention though. "What're you thinking?"

"Well, I hadn't notice… but now that you mention it.." Kassala might have seen the ducts in some of the areas she's worked in now that she thinks on it. "The weyrs in the south, likely good. I don't think the weyrs back at Ierne really have them. It's all set up differently there than here."

Riohra grins and looks at his fellow prankies "What if we could figure out how to listen in and see who pranked us? I mean sound carries right?" He is already letting his mind whirl with possibilities, the smoke in the room is thick…Oh wait an apprentice just burned his shirt that is were the smoke is coming from.

Idle curiosity turns into revulsion, and Sevran's face goes from interested to 'hell no' real fast. "I don't know about that," he says, glancing around to see if anyone else may have heard Rio's idea. "I mean. Listening in on people's private conversations? That's really invasive…"

Kassala sniffs, looking to Riohra, then to the nearby apprentice who burnt his shirt. Whew. Still, the idea has merit, though Sevran's dislike is certainly noted, "Do you want to find out who got us so we can get them back?" It was GLITTER, after all. Herpes of the craft world!

Riohra grins over at Kassala and then says to Sevran "Look I am not talking about the whole Weyr, just these two pipes here.." he points at one from the kitchens that leads to the store rooms then branches to the main line. "That way you can find out who got you, because who ever hit me would be long gone or at least better then thinking about it twice."

"I don't want to do anything," says Sevran, "except let the people in charge" aka Weyrlingmasters, "figure out who did it." Kassala gets a frown and a stern look. "I didn't like it any more than you did, but that doesn't give us the right to spy on people." He still doesn't look thrilled at the idea, but he eyes the two pipes that Rio points out. "And these go to public places?" he asks, stressing the public. "Locations that anyone could go to at any time?"

Kassala sighs, for Sevran does make a good point. But as she looks to the diagram, to the pipes that Riohra points towards, she tilts her head, "They do seem to be to the public places.." Now she worries her bottom lip, pondering. Be good, or be bad?

Riohra nods and grins that sly wicked smile that usually lands him either with a new scar or in a hot seat somewhere "Yup public rooms that ANYONE, could be in and that ANYONE could be talking into. No personal conversations, no learning secrets of peoples past times because that would be wrong"…yeah just that.

Sevran is still not convinced, and his expression clearly says so. "Sorry, no. I can't be a part of that." But he doesn't say anything about them. "Look, if you're gonna do this, don't do it when I'm around, cause I'm not gonna be involved. It's too…" shudder. "It just doesn't sit right." But if they're gonna go for it, Sevran will just siddle over there and look at something interesting and pretend to ignore them.

Tempted is Kassala, but in the end, she finally shakes her head, "I'm with Sevran. If we're going to find out who it was, we should figure it out without resorting to eavesdropping on everyone. Even if it's in public places…" Now, if rio wants to do it all by himself, or see if the other candidates might be game, that's his thing. "I think this could be the sort of thing hthat could get you kicked out."

Riohra thinks bout that, and looks like he will put the idea away…for now. He sighs and nods "You two are right, I just dont like seeing my friends getting attacked is all" he goes back to fiddling with the value and finally gets it done with a grin he will say happily "Well now to go and help put this in" yup can't keep him in a bad mood.. He will grin at Sevran and nod then will bend down to give Kassala a kiss but will stop himself and pull out his necklace instead saying "forever", before he walks out the door he will turn and give another wave to the pair.

There's a growl-like sound at the back of Sevran's throat, a grumble and a fold of his arms over his chest. "How many times do I gotta keep telling everyone. Let the Weyrlingmasters figure it out." Broken record, thy name is Sevran. With another sigh, and a rub to the back of his neck, Sevran says, "I should probably get back to the infirmary before they miss me. Really don't need to get in trouble for that." He glances at Kassala. "You going back to the kitchen? I'll walk with you for part of it. I need to grab a snack."

"Okay.. okay.." Kassala will say to Sevran, chuckling, "We'll let them figure it out.." Let's just hope they do, hmm? Otherwise, it's not fair if the candidates get pranked, and there's no response! When Riohra begins to lean in for a kiss, she starts to tiptoe, only to stop herself as well, a blush to touch her cheeks as she nods to him, watching as the hunter moves off to continue his work. As Sev speaks up, she sighs, "And me back to the kitchen.." The offer to walk with her is accept, "Sure. There's some really good roasted fowl that was deboned for sandwiches.. "

There's a lifted eyebrow for the almost-kiss, and as Riohra disappears on his way. As Kass and Sevran start heading on the way as well, he'll offer a little reminder, "You know, the rule is no sex, not no kissing." Grin.

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