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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Galleries
An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Shanatea is sitting on a bench in the front of the galleries, his arms resting on the half-wall in front of him. His eyes are focused on the eggs and dragon on the sands below, and he seems to simply be sitting there contemplating. Since its a bit after supper, he luckily has finished his chores for the day. Yes, candie works hard to keep himself out of trouble during the day. Or maybe he just doesn't want to end up bored. In either case, he seems to also have bathed, so nobody has to smell him either.

Bathed boys are always a good thing. They can smell something terrible. Tiysa knows! She has slipped up into the galleries with a small little notebook in hand. One candidate is spied and she looks for a spot to sit and watch and observe his actions. Already she is scribbling something down in her little notebook.

With the evening meal tucked away for safe keeping in his belly, J'en has a few hours to kill before he heads back to his weyr to get some sleep before early morning drills. Being Wingleader, meant you couldn't just skip it and sleep in. The golden eyed bronzerider sweeps his gaze over the two occupants, saying nothing, instead he keeps his distance and peers over the half wall at the eggs below himself with a creak of leather as he settles his arms to drape over the railing that was put there with the intent that it would keep people from falling in.

Shanatea has so not noticed Tiysa, with the midget hiding behind him. However, he does notice J'en and offers the man a salute, maybe not a good one…. but at least he has some form of respect there. His eyes peer over at the rider for a few moments before peering back at the Sands. "So, were you ever nervous, staring at the eggs and waiting for the Hatching day to come?" he asks randomly, his brown eyes turning almost gold themselves from the lighting and reflections around him.

Tiysa is no midget. She's just still growing. Green eyes flicker over to the incoming bronzerider. It's the grumpy one. A twinkle of excitement alights in her eyes as she shifts from her spot to another one. Getting a little closer to listen. There's a gaze towards the eggs as the candidate mentions them, but not having figured out yet how to go sneak a closer peek herself, without getting caught, she dismisses them and turns her attention back to the two guys.

Leaning the rest of his body against his arms folded one right over the other, J'en slides his attention Shanatea way by means of the corner of one eye, but doesn't bother turning his head. The salute it noted, and then he's looking down again. "First couple of times," he says, voice effortlessly flat and lacking a single indication of human emotion. "After the fourth or fifth time the novelty wears off." Tiysa's shifting in excitement earns her a glance from the The Grumpy One, but nothing more, returning to his leaning and egg peering.

Shanatea grins a little and nods, "Fourth or fifth bout of nervousness or fourth or fifth Hatching?" he aks, keeping his tone quite light and neutral, perhaps a bit amused. He shifts a bit, from one foot to the other, and peers back at the Sands. Nope, no notice of Toysa's movement, however he notes J'en's shifty eye and also does a covert shifty eye. He doesn't want to be snuck up on, afterall.

With all the glitter issues the candidates seem to be having, no wonder he doesn't want to be snuck up on. Tiysa seems almost enraptured by the lack of tone in the riders voice. She tilts her head a little and then she's got pencil to paper again. This time though, she seems to be sketching more than she's writing. Then gaze goes back to candidate at his question and the seeming amusement in his voice. Hmm. Must get a little closer, and thus she's slipping a little closer to the pair.

The bronzerider leans a bit more forward, "Fourth or fifth 'atching." Everything else about Shanatea's mannerisms or demeanor is probably missed, as J'en was visually focused on the hatching sands. Tiysa though, every time she moves, he looks right at her. She may be a child, but that was no reason to let one's guard down. As soon as she's settled though, the eggs return to being the most interesting thing around. "I stood seven times before Leketh found meh 'ere at 'alf Moon Bay." Oh and Ah in wonder and amazement, or whatever it is that tidbit of information might kindle. Jae? He sounds bored.

Shanatea nods his head and shrugs. "Those dragons certainly wanted you, eh." yep, stating the obvious. He glances back and arches a brow at the child, "If you want to listen properly, you might as well come over here, Tiysa." he states, peering on her direction. Oh yes, he's seem this girl out and about with her handy-dandy notebook.

It's after dinner and the guys are leaning on the half wall separating the galleries from the sands and Tiysa has been steadily creeping up on them, sketching and writing in her notebook. Tiysa rolls her eyes at Tea but she does get up and joins them. "I was listening properly." she states with a grin "But I was having fun while doing it as well. She eyes the wall a moment and goes to hop up onto it.

"I guess," J'en says in response to Shanatea, ever flat, ever even. Shoving himself off the railing, the bronzerider makes his way over to have a sit on the first row of benches closest to the sands while the dolphineer-candidate makes words with the green-eyed diminutive one. Why he'd decided to stay is anyone's guess, propping an elbow onto the back of his seat and holding the tilt of his head against a few splayed fingers, long legs crossed at the knee with another low creak of the leather encasing them. To match his tone, his expression was just as neutral.

Another new face has come to have a look at the eggs. Kelani doesn't boast the knot of candidate but of the insignia of a senior apprentice of healer craft. She quietly steps up into the gallery, craning her neck to have a look at the eggs on the other side of the barrier. There is open curiosity in her gaze yet she stands near the edge of the steps for now as if uncertain if she is supposed to be here.

Tiysa perches on the wall and she's eyeing J'en thoughtfully. She flips a page in her notebook and looks curious as her pencil is held, poised above the pad. "Did you get discouraged, Standing time after time?" she asks "I mean, what kept you from giving up or something?" she asks and then there's movement and she spots a familiar, sorta, face "Hey! It's the healer girl!" She waves an arm in greeting.

Sevran is here. Why is he here? Not clear yet. But he's looking rather serious-faced as he goes traipsing towards the galleries. There is a firm, purposeful movement to his walk that says he's not here on accident. And maybe not a social visit? Grey eyes flash around to those gathered, lingering only briefly. Stranger with a Healer knot. Bronzerider. Tiny Terror. And there they rest, narrowed. "Tiysa," he calls, and it's not super happy sounding, either. "I've been looking for you." For days, maybe. And it might have something to do with a goat.

Apparently it was time for J'en to be interviewed by a ten turn old and its about then that Shanatea uses the distraction to slip out others wander in. Namely Kelani and Sevran. Neither are particularly noted, golden eyes sliding unhurried to the girl with the notepad, lashes lowering about half way down. Did he get discouraged? "Not really," he says after a long silence in which he just observed her without really looking her over or anything. It was, disconcerting, to say the least. As for what kept him saying yes every time he got asked to stand? "It annoyed mah father." The truth of it is revealed and Jae spares Kelani a glance, but a slow blink later he's back to looking out over the sands and its ten eggs.

At the greeting from the weyrbrat, Kelisa looks up to the girl and at least manages a smile for her. "Oh hey.." She offers and seeing her so close at least gives her the courage to move into the gallery a bit closer to the railing. "Rio and Kass were telling me about the eggs, I thought I would come…" She starts before the voice of impending doom comes up behind her and she steps out of the way, closer to the railing to lean against it caught by the tone of Sevran's voice.

Tiysa is listening intently to J'en and then she laughs "Oh! I would never have thought of annoying my family as a reason to keep standing." Thus speaks the 'brat who knows naught but Weyr life. "That's really kind of neat. Though I think it be funnier and more annoying if I Impressed first over my brothers, and they'd have to keep Standing or something, but they get a whole couple of Turns over me. Which I completely think is unfair." Not that she's actually grumping or anything. Sevran is heard and she spins around on her seat. Well, maybe not spin, but she straddles the wall. "Oh, hey Sev. Why didn't you tell someone you were looking for me, I would come found ya. Not that I have too much juiciness for you. Pretty boring, the lot of you, I swear. Though all the glitter mishaps have certainly been making the rounds. " She smiles at Kelani "Aren't the eggs cool? Well not cool cool, I mean I'm sure they're pretty warm on the sands and all. Not that I really know how warm they are. Sev would know. He's been out there touching them."

Sevran is not here for small talk. He'll just cut right to the chase. "You put a goat in the candidate barracks," yeah. It happened. But even more? "You put powdered milk in my cot!" However, curiously, said candidate is not smelling as though he has slept in powdered milk. "I caught that one, though. So good try, but that was a fail." Really, his voice isn't all that 'doom' like. Certainly not happy, but definitely not threatening. Irritated. That's a better description.

Unsurprising for anyone who's met J'en or heard about him, there is no echoing laughter to be had when Tiysa lets hers rip, nor even a single sparkle of amusement or twitch of lips in either direction. He does extend the courtesy of not ignoring her though, letting his eyes remain upon her for as long as she was talking so excitedly at him at a mile a minute, nodding now and then but not offering any further details. Perhaps because her questioning had ceased, or that she becomes distracted herself between Sevran and Kelisa. As she appeared to be done with him for now and people were steadily moving closer, the bronzerider finds his feet again. See? There they are, under him as he uncrosses his legs and stands, a few strides putting more space between himself, child, butcher-candidate, and healer. He wasn't out the door yet or anything, but he was damn close, leaning against the side of the exit with hands sliding into the pockets of his riding jacket. A lowered lash look cast towards the eggs again, or perhaps it was one of two dragons below.

Kelani looks between the rider being interviewed and the incoming candidate and lets her gaze fall to the weyrbrat instead, "Well…haven't had a proper look yet, but.." She says and turns slightly to look over the eggs briefly ,"They do look interesting…" The talk of glitter does at least draw a note of interest from the healer apprentice and a hint of a bemused smile, "They did mention a glitter bandit about.." She cants a look down at Tiysa as the accusations are laid and back to the candidate, "Really? She is only little…" She manages to say with a straight face in the girl's defense but there is a sparkle to her eyes. She is well acquainted with the mischief youngins can get up to.

Oh man, he's getting away! Tiysa's eyes drift towards J'en as she watches the highly anti-social grumpy face slipping away. A thoughtful look passes across her face. She may have to try and corner him somewhere. A glance towards Sevran, but she doubts he'd let her slip away that easily to follow after. Kelani is nodded at "Yeah, I've not figured out who it is. I think it'd be pretty cool to have that information." she smiles her eyes gleaming. As for Sevran she stares at him "You circled your own cot?!" she asks and has a look of utter and complete betrayal on her face. "How could you?! I trusted you!" Oh yeah, she seems genuinely upset about it. She jumps down off the wall and slumps down into a seat.

"Yes. Really," is said to Kelani, with a 'ask me how I know' dare in that tone of voice. There is absolutely, one-hundred percent NO doubt in Sevran's mind that she did this. And then Tiysa spills the beans for him. He can't help the quirk of his mouth, the sarcastic smile. That smug look that some know oh so well. "Yeah. I did." But the look of betrayal? "Why? You wanted to prank someone, I gave you someone to prank." Shrug. "Doesn't matter. I just came to tell you not to do it again. Don't go into the barracks again, or I'll turn you in. Even if I get in trouble myself." Don't test him. "I gotta go," because apparently there was only time to come and yell at her, and not time to linger. On the way out though, that exit-leaning bronzerider gets a longer look and, without pausing to stop, Sevran will just reach out and snag his jacket, effectively dragging him along. For why? Reasons.

Dragons or eggs, neither hold Jae's attention for long, eyes flickering back to the collection of three that were chatting and threatening one another. He could probably hear what they were saying, he wasn't all that far off from them after all, just being all clustered up like that was not exactly within his purview. He'll watch though, eyes moving from one person to the next as they speak, with no reaction displayed on his stone like features. Kelani, Tiysa, and then Sevran before it begins all over again. Decidedly, when the butcher-candidate his own Leketh had selected from among the masses to be one of those rumored egg gropers starts marching his way, J'en meets the look prepared for him. One of his brows twitches upwards vaguely, if only to blink when his jacket is snagged and he's hauled out of there. "The fu…!" The darkness of the corridor swallows them up, but some very choice words were being selected specifically for the grabby guy and probably some more latrine duty being issued. One simply does not snag The J'en, or maybe they do, but never are they left unscathed.

"Yeah, from what I hear it is what everyone wants to know. Pretty talented the bandit is…glitter is so..long-lasting." People will be finding it for turns. Kelani sits next to Tiysa as the girl is caught out in her prank and places a tentative supporting hand on her shoulder before looking up to Sevran, "I am sure she meant no harm by it.." She tries to speak in the youngling's defense. She watches the candidate follow the bronzerider to the exit, "So there are rules about entering candidate barracks or something?"

Tiysa stares at Sevran and then of all things, she sticks her tongue out at him "It was supposed to be fun! You ruined the fun!" she yells after the disappearing candidate. And to add insult to injury he drags off her next point of interest. The nerve! She glares at Sev's back, her eyes promising retribution. Something far worse than powdered milk or as harmless as a goat. This means war. She gazes at Kelani and grumbles "Well, sort of and all? Though sometimes you can get in with messages and the like depending. We kids make good Weyr runners." she notes and then she's up. "Scuse me. I've got some planning to do."

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