Chats and Stuff (meeting Tanit)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Kassala glances aside to Sevran at that comment, the soft blush that had been on her cheeks, deepening a little. And yet, there comes a hint of an impish nature to the dragonhealer, "But one can't always stop at just one kiss…" And the kissing then leads to other things, right? Things they're not supposed to do. "Safer to just not kiss." They have their own little ways to keep things going between. Once they return to the living caverns, Kass makes a quick run into the kitchen to drop off the basket of knives to the cooks. She also takes a moment to retrieve a small green fire lizard who clings to her shoulder as she returns. The tiny flit is crooning and chattering, urging her new human mom to feed her already! "Okay, okay.. Yarrow.. I know you're hungry.. so am I!"

Sevran lets out a bark of surprised laughter for that, clearly not expecting such an insinuation from the dragonhealer-candidate. "Yeah, OK. I see your point," but still, there is mirth in that grey gaze. While she goes to fetch food, and more, from the ktichens, he wanders over to snag a glass of ice water, gulping it down eagerly. "Mm," is his quick, full-mouth response when she returns. Water swallowed, drops wiped off his mouth. "You Impressed a firelizard!" Because duh. There is one right there on her shoulder. "Cat got one recently, too."

Yeah, Kass might well be blushing quite a bit, but hey, she's got a devilish attitude at times. There's no mistaking that she loves the hunter. Pulling out her necklace, she shows him - it has a matching arrow and tag that Rio's has, but hers also has a ring on it as well. "Eventually.. " Such future plans the lovebirds have. Upon her return, she laughs, "I found the egg last night down on the beach. I think other eggs out of the clutch got dug up and eaten before i got there.." Sad face. "But this little girl survived and managed to make it out of her shell. I was worried, the egg was cold, but once I got it warmed, she woke up and broke out." Hearing that another had found one, she ohs, "I wonder if it might have been from her clutch." A pause, and she scritches the green, "I named her Yarrow… it's a herb we use in healing.." Makes sense. She'll step aside to fetch some of that roasted fowl and other bits of food, to feed herelf and the somewhat bottomless pit of a newly hatched firelizard.

Sevran's eyebrows shoot upwards for the ring on her necklace. There's a question on the tip of his tongue, just begging to be asked, but he refrains. Decides it best not to know. Instead, he'll just grab some grub and start making himself a sandwich. Cause he's hungry, yo. "Yeah, it probably is," in reply to the firelizard clutch. "Cat probably stumbled upon the same thing as you. Lucky," and there is a bit of envy in his eyes as he watches the little green. "Always wanted one."

Kassala spies the question, and says quietly, "We're not married. Not yet. It'll come eventually when days of candidancy and or weyrlinghood end. Well, I guess if we impress, then it's more weyrmating, hmm?" A wry smile is given before they step into the living caverns. Sitting down at a table, and feeding the roasted fowl to the flit, she smiles a little, "I have as well. As much as I searched the beach back near the school, I thought I'd find a clutch, but never did. The wild ones hide them really well there."

"Dragonrider's don't—" but she says it for him, by rephrasing the answer. Sevran chews a bit, silent contemplation. Swallows. "I didn't know it was that serious," he admits. "I mean, I knew you guys were a thing but… I didn't know it was already at that stage." There's no judgement in his eyes at all. "You know… technically you can't be engaged as a candidate," he warns. "So you may want to be careful with who you flash that ring to." Him? He's won't tell a soul. "Never combed the beaches. Didn't have the patience for that. And never had the luck of being around when someone's Gold laid a clutch." Oh well. Maybe someday. "What'd you call her? Yarrow?"

Tucking the necklace back in, Kassala tilts her head, "Who knows it's my ring? Maybe it's my mother's or grandmother's? I wear it so I don't lose it while working?" See, she's got a credible story, yeah! "We've known each other for a while. Our families do a lot of trading with one another." Yep, she's hookd on the hunter. "But I will be careful.. thanks.." Settled down with the flit, she feeds the green bit after bit, "At least she's not trying to bite my fingers off anymore." A bob of her head is given, "Yarrow, yeah.." She will brush against some spots on the green, "This area reminds me of a yarrow flower."

Sevran cants his head in acknowledgement, "True. But the necklace matches his. And people are smart. They can put two and two together. Do you really wanna have to lie if someone asked?" It's just friendly concern for a friend. Two friends, actually. He takes another bite of his sandwich, pushing a piece of meat into his mouth when it threatens to fall. Silence reigns as he chews thoughtfully, watching the little green. He'll lean over and peek at the spot she's pointing out, but his stare is blank. He's a guy. He knows nothing of flowers. "Take your word for it," he says, reaching for his water glass.

Kassala frowns a little at his words, her mind whirling with thoughts. Still, he makes another good point, and she sighs. "I'll see about passing it to my mother to keep for me. Or could just give back to Riohra.." Decisions, decisions. It's something to be thought of later, for now the green is quickly devouring the fowl she's given until her little tummy is nicely rounded. Burying her head under the red locks of hair that is only half braided today, the green flit curls up next to her neck, and falls asleep. "How are things with you otherwise?" The question likely comes out of no where's for him.

"Oh, I didn't mean you shouldn't wear it," says Sevran quickly. "Just, you know. Be careful you gets a close look. If you keep it tucked in," and he points with one finger, indicating the chain going under her collar, "Then it's fine. It's out of sight and no one need know." Shrug. "Up to you, though. Just don't wanna see you get into a tough spot." Or Rio, either. He's halfway through masticating a bite of his lunch when she tosses that particular out-of-the-blue question his way. Mouth stops, eyes pin on Kass. A long silence, during which he manages to swallow his bite and take a gulp of water. "Fine." Pause. "Why?"

"I know you didn't mean that, but…" How often do they end up having to strip down and all? It was pure luck she didn't have iton the other day when they ended up in the lagoon washing off glitter! "I do wear it under my shirt most of the time unless I'm doing something I may end up wearing a swimsuit, then I leave it behind." Tucked away somewhere's safe. With Yarrow full, she can start to eat as well, the question asked, and when he looks at her so, she chuckles, "I know you keep getting hurt, then you were pretty pissed off about the glitter.. I just.. wanted to see if everything's okay?" She may be a dragonhealer, but the redhead worries about others as well.

There is a moment of hesitation, of indecision, that flashes across Sevran's face. He covers the pause between question and answer with another quick bite of his sandwich, chewing slowly as if to mull over his decision. When he finally swallows, he offers a one-shouldered shrug. "I'm alright, physically. Head is all better," and he even pushes back his shaggy hair so she can see his forehead; the bruise that was so prominent a sevenday ago is gone now. "And who wouldn't be ticked off about glitter?" he adds evasively. "I mean. No one likes it." A sigh. "I'm alright. Really."

Kassala watches for a moment, and as he shows off his forehead, she does take a look, soon to nod her head, "Okay…" The smile reappears then, "Sorry if I am too nosey." At least she's not pushy about it! "I have too many older siblings, most brothers. Always making sure they're okay. As much as they tend to glare at the guys I might have tried dating before."

There's obvious relief when Kassala drops the subject of his mental, emotional, and physical state. Sevran's ears do perk up at the mention of brothers, however. "Oh yeah? I have seven sisters. One younger. No brothers. And don't you sass that suiter-glare; it comes pre-programed into all brothers," he informs her, pointing a piece of wherry meat at her for emphasis, before it goes in his mouth. "How do they feel about Rio?" he wonders, reaching for his water.

It's just after the noonday meal, and two are seated at a table, both sporting the white knots of candidates. Kassala has a small green firelizard on her shoulder, the flit tucked up under her redhair,asleep. Laughing then at whatever Sevran says, she quickly grins as she reaches for her juice, "I have three brothers, one sister. I'm the baby of the family." Ah, gotta love those large families, hmm? "You didn't have any backup with your sisters?" Tsking, she starts to shake her head, but then pauses as she remembers the flit there. "My family? They like him.. always have. They don't know.. they know we had started dating. My brother, M'yr, saw us together at Ierne and figured it out." Oh, the joy!

"Nope. None at all," says Sevran of 'back up'. He's grinning though, so it couldn't all be bad. "My younger sister, though, she's amazing. The others?" shoulder-shrug. "Eh. They're OK." Cue more thoughtful chewing, this time the last bite of his sandwich his pushed into his mouth, fingers licked clean of breadcrumbs and wherry-meat. Chew-chew-chew. "I thought you came from Fort?" Maybe he just made that up.

Again, Kassala starts to shake her head, then remembers the sleeping baby flit on her shoulder. Reaching up, she carefully detaches the flit from her shoulder, and sets the green in her lap, keeping a hand there to pet it. "No, Riohra was at Fort. I came from Ierne Weyrhold, or rather, the dragonhealer school there. My family is from a cothold just west of Southern Hold. " So at least the weather here hasn't been /that/ different from what she's used too!

With eyes as wide as saucers, a lanky teen drinks in the view of the living caverns as she wanders in from the west bowl, her lime green sarong catching on the breeze as she squints at a piece of paper in front of her. A hand rakes through her hair and a string of incomprehensible mutters ends abruptly upon spotting the two conversing candidates. Sucking in a breath Tanit beelines over to where the two are eating, a flush of red dusting her tan cheeks. "I am sorry, but I need to ask you both what will probably be a very silly question… is this Half Moon Bay Weyr?"

"Oh. Maybe I thought you guys came together cause… you came… together?" Sevran's sentence kinda peeters out there, a little furrow between his brows as he attempts to explain his thoughts and utterly fails. Oh well. "But that makes sense; dragonhealer." He's done with his sandwich, and will just sip at his water now, the ice clinking gently. Glass is poised at his lip when a lithe figure is suddenly at their table. Hm. Glass is put down. "It is," he says with a nod. "Is it where you are meant to be?" Or is she lost?

Laughing a little more, Kassala grins, "We came about two days apart. He got searched first, then I did. I'd just found out the evening before and was at the market, picking up some things I was going to bring to him. J'en happened to be there, and next thing I knew, I was coming here with a white knot on my shoulder." The story is given, though as another joins, she turns to peer at Tanit, curious. At the question, she is bobbing her head in a nod even as Sevran answers.

Tanit slumps into an empty chair with the confirmation, and gives a wide grateful smile. "Good, I'm not exactly lost then - I think. My cousin invited me to stay to catch the hatching." She grins to both, "I'm Tanit, you must be candidates then?" Leaning in to pick up on the conversation now with bright interest.

"I meant together like… relationship-aly," because that's a word. Honest. The mention of that particular bronzerider earns an arched eyebrow from Sevran, but no comment. Instead, he'll fix his grey eyes on the stranger, a friendly sort of expression on his face. "Catch the Hatching?" he repeats, curious. "You're rather early for it. Probably 'nother month to go." A quick nod of confirmation for the 'candidate' part, and then a pleasant, "Sevran. This is Kassala, but we just call her Kass and she doesn't seem to mind." Grin.

Kassala merely grins, letting that go for the moment in favor of their new friend. With introduction given, she nods, "Kass is good, yep. Better than 'hey you'.." She picks up a small meat pie to nibble on, setting it back down again on her plate, "Early, but depending on where you came from…" A pause, and she wonders, "Cousin?" Curious is she!

"Is that an actual word?" Tanit asks eyeing the male suspiciously for a moment as though he may be trying to trick her with such a word. But then, there is a slow spread of her lips and a flash of teeth, "Of course it's early, I was going to surprise him." Her hand rakes nervously through her hair again. "He's a green rider here, T'san of green Sarendaeth, he offered to let me stay with him for a while, and I thought I would just catch a ride myself on one of the boats and see what life was like in the big Weyr a little bit early. Then - I got lost." She finishes sheepishly. "So you two got searched? What was that like, have you ever been on a dragon? Do you like living here?" Apparently the need to breathe causes some pause in the flow of questions as she glances around and steals a cup that someone else had abandoned, taking a swig.

"Probably not," admits Sevran. Suspicious looks are just met with a cheeky grin. And then a string of questions. Sev will casually sip at his water, letting them roll on out in one long string before he answers. There's humor in his eyes, though. "Yes," he got Searched. "Scary," for what it was like. "Yes," for being on a dragon. "Yup," for liking it here. And another wide grin. He points a finger at Kass when he says, "The same 'rider Searched us both," as he just came to know. "But I was already here, so I never got a dragonride." Shrug. "I grew up in the Weyr. I've been on several dragons."

Kassala just peers at Tanit as the strig of questions spring out, a flash of a grin appearing upon her lips as she waits for them to end. Manners suggest not interrupting a person when they speak, after all! While Sevran might answer the first ones with short single words, she adds a little more, "Yes, we did. Was really interesting. I've been around dragons a lot, never been Searched before. Been on a few.. dragonhealer by craft." She explains before smiling evne more, "Half Moon Bay Weyr is great. Especially if you like the tropics and don't mind the heat even if it's winter here.." Not quite the same winter as say… Telgar or Fort!

Maybe it's the drink that halts her from asking, even more, questions and turning the conversation into an inquisition, but dark green eyes stay focused as both candidates answer. "Woah, you mean you've lived here all your life?" She answers to Sevran, "So you know where to get the good food, and the best fishing and tunnel snake hunting spots then." Tanit notes, as though filing the detail away for later. Mention of winter however has her attention utterly focused on Kassala, "You mean… you've actually seen … snow?" The last word whispered almost reverently as Tanit leans over the table a little more. "Never been off the Island before so I've not seen any of those places."

Sevran shakes his head. "No. Not at Half Moon Bay. But I did grow up in the Weyrs. Ista and Igen," he explains. "So… dragons aren't new." Grin "I take it you haven't? But your cousin is a dragonrider?" Curious. He sips at his own water glass, perhaps clutching it a little closer to prevent it from being apprehended as well. HIS. Ahem. "No," for the snow. "Not really. Igen, Ista… not so snow-y." Alas. Maybe just letting the girl ask her questions is easier than trying to answer them all. Hm. His eyes dance as he glances towards Kassala. "All yours." He's just gonna sip his water and laugh a little inside. But all in good fun and friendliness, promise.

Kassala is shaking her head, "Not me. I'm from near Southern. Been at the dragonhealer school at Ierne." She tries not to giggle, for the other girl's enthusiasm is quite catching, amusement lightening her green eyes. "I've seen the snow, yeah. I've traveled to both Telgar and Fort a few times. It's quite beautiful, though it takes some getting used to if you're used to warmer whether." That's putting it lightly. Reaching for her cup, she finds it's empty, and she sighs a little. Of course, she can't get up just yet - she's pinned by the small flit in her lap!

It's not like she's going to snatch away his water glass, while he's drinking it at least. Still tales of other places, another weyrs has her staring at both candidates with something akin to admiration. "Not many of us leave the cothold, or if we do, we come back married and settle back into life there. T'san and I were really close as kids, but then he impressed…" And the rest is history or so it would seem. The lizard in the girl's lap gets eyed too once the islander notices it. Her chair may inch back from the table ever so slightly. Her attention shifts back to the suddenly quiet Sevran. "Ista's tropical like here isn't it? Igen… that's the one that's all desert right?"

One can never be too careful, when water-glass-snatchers are concerned. So Sevran will just keep his fingers coiled around his glass. For accessibility. "Yeah," for tropics. "But I really spent more time Igen. And yeah," desert. "It's fun." Only his voice would suggest otherwise. That empty glass of Kassala's is noticed, and he reaches for it as he stands. "Want anything?" and this is question for both of them. "Your own water glass, perhaps?" is directed at Tanit, though there's a quick to his mouth that suggests he's teasing.

Kassala offers Sevran a thankful smile as he snags her glass, offering to get her a refill, "Thanks, Sevran." And yet, soon there's a call of her name from the kitchen, "Kassssaaaalllaaaa!" Eyes widening a little at the tone that comes out in the cook's voice, she's looking at them, then to the kitchen, "I didn't do anything!" Making excuses, she gathers the fire lizard from her lap as she rises, "I should go see what's going on… sorry.. .welcome to the weyr, Tanit.. maybe see you later!" Then she's off, hurrying, even as there's curses about -glitter- being found one the vegetables for the evening soup. "It's not my fault!" Poor candidate.

"Will they let you get food and water glasses even if you don't technically live here yet?" Tanit asks utterly deadpan. The call from the kitchens and the darting dragonhealer are watched, and there is a wave, and perhaps a wince as the cursing is caught. "Why… would there be glitter in the soup?" Her attention is shifting back to the butcher suspicious once more.

Kassala gets a lift of his hand, a little flick of his fingers in a fair-well wave. Sevran sips the last of his water, letting the melting ice click a little at the bottom. Hm. "Sure, why not? It's very cafeteria style. As long as you're not planning on stuffing a bag full and running off with the dishes, it should be fine. Want something? There's some deboned wherry for sandwiches," he notes. "But not much else yet. Too early for dinner." Shrug. At the mention of glitter, he groans. "Just… you really don't want to know," but he'll tell her, if she really does.

Tanit gets up to follow him, to see this cafeteria style thing for herself. "I'm starving, to be honest." The islander admits, before sheepishly adding, "What would I do with dirty dishes? Hide them in the bay?" As for glitter, "You say I don't want to know, and yet… it has the opposite effect."

Sevran grins, and happily leads the way to more food. "The Weyr is huge," he explains. "Can probably house over seven-hundred people. So it makes no sense trying to cook food individually. So it gets cooked in giant batches, and we just kinda serve ourselves," and he gestures to the spread. "Right now it's slim. A dinner time there'll be a lot more variety. You just help yourself. Grab a plate," only he goes and grabs one, then offers it to her, "And then dig in." As for him? He'll just get a refill of water. As for the glitter story… There's a frown and a rather stern expression. "Alright, fine. I'll tell you, but only so you get the truth and not the gossip-monger version." Sigh. How to explain? "I guess it's a prank? Although it's not very funny. One of the candidates, Kassala's boyfriend actually - Riohra - triggered this thing in the barracks and he got a shit-ton of glitter dumped on him and his cot. I mean a ton." And that's not all, but he'll wait till they're back at the table.

"Gossip monger version?" the left corner of her mouth twitching up as dark green eyes glitter. A plate is snapped up and overloaded as they talk, grabbing another glass of water and eyeing the pitcher as though she might take the whole thing back to the table. A moment of adjusting and she snags the pitcher too, eyes going wide as Sevran starts the story. "Isn't glitter like the STD of the crafting world?" Sure she's heard this comparison somewhere though anyone's guess as to whether or not she knows what STD means. Once back at the table she digs in. Stuffing her face, though careful to chew with her mouth shut and not gross anyone out. She does have some manners.

"You could say that," says Sevran, a bit of a dry smile for the comparison. "Though I've never had one." STD, one would presume. Pitcher is eyeballed, and he very kindly attempts to take it from her. He can carry things, too. But yeah, Glitter. "Yeah. Glitter." Ahem. "Anyways, if that wasn't bad enough, the other day Kass and I were in the stables, and well," and here there's a lift and drop of his shoulders that says very clearly he isn't quite sure how to explain things. "Let's just say, I am no longer as curious about other people's things." Sigh. "We got covered in more glitter. Still have some… in unmentionable places." Snort. Back at the table, pitcher (if he was indeed able to carry it) is set down, along with his glass and then himself. "Some got into the laundry, so beware if you ask them to do your clothes. And it looks like some made it into the kitchens. So eat with care."

Tanit says, "Me either." She says, presumably of STD's. He's allowed to have the pitcher, and the offer earns another bright smile from the young woman as they make their way back to the table. The story has some large holes, and she's tilting her head watching him, even as she demolishes another sandwich. "I thought you said Kass had a boyfriend, so how did you end up with it in unmentionable places?" Because clearly this has some impact on what she thinks of the butcher. "I can do my own clothes, truthfully I probably could have caught my own dinner too but they chased me off the spot by the docks where I was fishing." There is a stern frown for this. "And does everyone around here keep those fish theiving little monsters?" Kass's firelizard might be what she means."

There's a sharp, surprised laugh at Tanit's dot-connection, even if it's the wrong truth. "Ah, it's not as sordid as you may be imagining," Sevran states firmly, though there's mirth in those grey eyes. "Glitter is invasive. There was an explosion of it. There was a lot of it, and it came down over us. The second you try to walk, it starts getting into things and under things. And neither one of us was willin' to strip down naked in the barn aisle." Smirk, "So we had to get all the way to the lagoon from the stables, which is a fair distance, mind ya," and he points a finger at her for emphasis, in case she should doubt him, "before we could wash. Plenty of time to slip-slide right into clothes and crevices." Snort. As for firelizards, he shakes his head. "I don't." have one, he means.

"Well at least that part of weyr life seems to be an exaggeration then, to hear one of my other cousin's tell it, everybody sleeps with everybody in a weyr and they run around buck naked all the time." There's a nose wrinkle, "T'san stated quite firmly in his letters that this was… not exactly the case." She smiles again with a laugh. "I think I like you better for it." The lack of lizards she must mean. "Always stealing the bait from traps, or pretending to be cute and then just waiting to sink those tiny needle teeth and claws into you when you get too close to their nests by accident." She sighs, "So do you just go around to different weyrs standing then? You mentioned Ista and Igen before."

"Well," says Sevran, in good humor, "Not all the time. I mean. Getting a sunburn on your ass is a bitch." He grins wide before lifting his water glass to his lips. Firelizards, though, he just gives a shrug for. "Wouldn't mind one, to be honest. They can be trained," he notes. "So maybe you should be more peeved at the owner than the beast," but then again, maybe he doesn't know anything. "But no. Don't have one. Hard to come by," or so it appears. Fingers drum on his glass, creating small beads of condensation to condense and run down the side of it. "No," is his honest reply. "This is my first time Standing." There's a tilt of his head, a quick rub at his jaw as he considers how to explain. "Mom was Igen. Dad was Istan. Not dragonriders," is hastily added, "So I split my time between 'em. But I never stood before." Shrug. "I've been in Half Moon Bay about a turn and a half now. Before I got Searched I was one of the butchers. If I don't Impress, then I'll go back to doing that. This is home."

"It does hurt, I've never burned my ass, thank the winds, but I have burnt the back of my legs once or twice when I was first learning to swim and dive." As for lizards she shrugs, "They are just pests back home; I don't think anyone tries to train them, or maybe it belonged to someone." She shrugs and grows quiet as he starts talking about home, or at least home before coming to this place. "Opposite ends of the map aren't they?" She notes studying him more intently, as though fitting a piece into place in her mind. "So what happened that made Half Moon Bay Become home? If you don't mind me asking?"

And now his smile will falter a little, though a quick lift of his glass masks it well enough. "Eh. Nothing tragic," Sevran assures her. "Just felt right." And he will leave it at that. "What did you do back home?" as he oh-so-casually changes the subject. "You mentioned diving. Did you work with dolphins?"

The answer is filed away for later, but she lets it go, perfect strangers after all, and it isn't polite to pry. "No dolphins, not sure if they would make it easier or just scare everything edible away. My parents are pearl divers, and that's what I did too, getting shellfish and oysters from the deep." She grins, "It's funny what some of the crafters will pay for what is essentially a mucus wrapped grain of sand. I'll have to bring you some of the mussels sometime if I can find a spot around here to dive. They are good roasted."

Sevran probably didn't need that mental image, but now it is his forever. Joy. "Huh," Is his eloquent comment for such descriptions. Because what else is the butcher gonna say? Clearly, his life has not prepared him for a conversation about mucus-y sand. He does offer a cheerful, "Well, that sounds fun." Cause maybe it does? "And delicious," because it definitely does. "And it would be much appreciated. Though I think they do serve some at the Tiki Lounge," and he quickly adds, for her convenience, "That's the resident bar, up on the beach."

"It is, it's like being in a whole other world." She admits polishing off the last of her food with a satisfied sigh. "Mm, maybe I can dive for them then. T'san is letting me live with him for now, but I don't want to be a total drain on his resources, so I should probably start looking for work too." She stretches slow and languid, like a cat that's just eaten a very fine meal before refilling her water glass. "So what made you decide to take the plunge to stand?" She asks turning the conversation back to the butcher.

"Honestly, never gave much thought to who caught the mussels," Sevran admits. "So you probably could get some sort of side-job with the bar, if they don't already have a supplier." Shrug. Maybe? "Are you just staying through the Hatching, then going back? That's not that long to be a guest, really. Though I can understand not wanting to be bored." Certainly not a problem for him, currently. As for why he accepted Search? "Hm," and there's another thoughtful, far more serious look. "Well," and he sighs, "Because a very intimidating bronzerider, and his equally impressive bronze, told me to. And I really don't want to piss either of them off by saying no." Honest truth. "So here I am. White-knotted."

"And I bet folk come in with all kinds of stories to a bar." Tanit notes with a grin, though the smile falters a little for the ''after'' portion of the hatching. "I donI't know, to be honest. I mean I love living on the islands, and I can't imagine that any other place in the world could feel like home. But then I meet people like you and Kass and realize that Pern is just so much bigger than I ever thought, you know?" She shrugs, "I suppose that's as good a reason as any."

Sevran offers a chuff of amusement. "More like people make-up all kinds of stories in a bar. Don't believe everytrhing you here when alcohol is involved. But it'll likely not be boring," he agrees. He's a thoughtful listener, offering a sympathetic little, "hmm," for her predicament. "Well, it's your first day. Maybe you should reserve judgement. Even though I love this place, you may not." It's honest, at least. "You've got a month or two before the Hatching. Enjoy it." Life life! And all that. "Plus, all kidding aside, the Weyr is very liberal. And while we don't sleep with everyone, things are… relaxed in that regard. There're lotsa Hold folk and cothold folk that disagree with it."

"You mean the way things grow by an inch every time the story gets told?" Holding her hands in the traditional, I caught a fish this big pose. As for weyr morality, Tanit gives a noncommittal shrug. "Part of this trip is to see how other people live, realize that there's the world outside of the island. Figure out for myself what is right or wrong for me I guess." Her lips quirk, "As far as first days go it isn't too bad, I think I've made a couple of new friends at least."

"Exactly that," says Sevran with a grin. "Good. At least you're ready for the bullshit that'll come your way." There's a bit of an eyebrow lift for her confession, and maybe a *little* disapproval in those grey eyes. "I hope you don't mean that in a… well. Let's just say that it's probably better to observe rather than participate in Weyr life? Wait-" and he looks briefly mortified, "That came out wrong. Don't observe either! Just… do stuff." Hasty gulp of water here, eyeroll, and a smirk for himself. Ugh. "Let me try that again." Ahem. "As an older brother, I can confidently say that Weyr Life is not something I would want my sister to experience in that regard." And so, she shouldn't either, by extension. Maybe?

Catwin has slipped her way through the cavern and as aquired a small plate of food. Not much on it. A small helping of corn, a slice of wherry no larger than a playing card, and almost as thin, and a few fingerroots. As she wanders past a table she stops a moment and then she's glancing at Sevran and then she arches a brow a moment and then she's looking at the girl as well. "Is this one of your sisters?" she asks curiously as she looks at the girl again, though her lips thin a little at contemplating the possibilities that may happen.

Catwin will be happy to note that Sevran is still in one piece. Completely unharmed. But Sevran seems to be looking at Catwin as if she might have bruises only he can see; the way he's studying her face. "Hey Cat." Flick of fingers to Tanit. "No. Not a sister of mine." And then back on the whip of a girl. "I can't really answer that, seeing as I don't know what a girl who does such things looks like?" cause he's a guy, and no matter what he says it would likely be the 'wrong' answer. He knows better. "Just sayin' is all. Not everything needs to be experienced to be… experienced." Yeah. That's the way to do it, Sev. Well done.

Tanit breaks into a broad smile at the answer, though she observes the exchange of glances between the candidate and the new comer. "Only child, unfortunately." Still, she seems impressed with his ability to completely sidestep the minefield that she had set before him with the question, an approving tip of her chin. "But I should be getting around to finding my cousin; it was nice meeting all of you."

Catwin stands there a moment more as she listens, but as the other girl gets up to leave. Catwin starts to move on with her food. What an odd conversation after all, and well. She gives a nod to Sevran as she looks about for a quiet spot to sit.

"Bye Tanit," and Sevran gives a little wave as the visitor departs. And then Cat's trying to depart, and Sev is soooo not gonna let that happen. "Oh no you don't," and he's up in a flash, abandoning waterglass and pitcher. "We need to talk," and why he doesn't actually reach for her elbow, or arm, or back or anything that would actually involve touching her, he does very pointedly make eyeball's at the nook off to the side.

Catwin startles a little as Sevran gets up ans she's eyeing him a moment and then when he makes eyes for the nook her eyes widen and she takes a step back. "What?!" she exclaims. "You think I'm gonna go canoodle with you in some little nook?" she asks as she stares at him. Yes, she totally misunderstood.

There is a very, very blank stare. What? Huh? Sevran is so lost. SO LOST. And then he gets it. "What? No!" and a vehement shake of his head. "We need to talk. And I don't wanna do it out here." For reasons. REASONS. "Will you please talk with me. Over there." Emphasis on the word talk.

Catwin is silent for a few moments and then she gives a little nod and an almost resigned little sigh and heads over towards the nook with her plate of food which is slowly getting colder, and yet it seems to be the least of her worries on her mind.

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