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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hearth Nook

This smaller room is separated off the main living cavern. The focal point is a big stone hearth, which always has a couple pots of stew and klah bubbling over it. Thick carpet lines the entire space and the room is has several cushy chairs and sofas spread around. There are no electric lights here, only glow baskets to keep the cosy effect.

Sevran is almost surprised when she agrees… and then actually heads for the nook. Huh. It worked. He follows quickly along, and then slides himself into a cushy chair. He'll let her have a moment's reprieve, to sort out… whatever stuff needs to be sorted out. OR maybe just to eat some of her dinner. And then he's gonna ask, "So. What happened?" Out there. With the cherries.

Catwin settles into a chair as well and pokes a little at her plate, more pushing food around, though she takes some bites. Fork stops moving at the question. There's a flicker of something across her face, but for now she plays a bit obtuse. "What do you mean what happened? I just came in for a little something to eat." she says quietly as she looks at the fire.

Sevran does not scowl, though there's a furrow to his brow and a downward twitch to his lips that suggests he really wants to. But really, the predominant emotion is not frustration but concern. "Cat. You know what I'm talking about," and although they are somewhat private, he'll still drop his voice to a quiet murmur so as not to be over heard. "In the gardens, when J'en had me, you… well. Your reaction was unexpected." He does not say 'extreme'. "Why did you think he was going to hurt me?"

Well, there was certainly no sidestepping with that question. Talk about full on 'attack', straight to the point. Catwin looks at the plate and then just sits down on the little sidetable next to the chair. So much for her appetite. She's silent as she draws in a breath and then she just shakes her head a little. "I." Mrr. "Overreacted." Yeah, that works. "Sorry, happens sometimes."

Sevran doesn't buy it. Not a bit. And his tight jaw and thin-lipped expression clearly says so, if she'd care to look. "Yeah, nice try. But that would have been a helluvan overreaction." Frown. "You don't have to tell me, but I'm kinda worried. I mean… I know he can be scary," meaning J'en, probably. "But he wouldn't hurt me," with certainty. "I doubt any dragonrider would. I'm a candidate," as way of explanation. "And you know that. So try again?" at least his voice has gentled a bit.

Catwin blinks a little "J'en isn't scary." she says a little in surprise. "Intense maybe, but not scary." she shakes her head a little and then she's looking up towards the ceiling. "It isn't not true. It was an overreaction. One I thought I was past, but I guess not." she muses. "It wasn't so much him as well." she shrugs a little and runs her hand through her hair on the back of her head.

"I didn't mean scary-scary," but Sevran just gives up trying to explain the thoughts that are in his brain. Cause it's a fail. Instead he will sit in silence and just listen, trying to understand. "Not him," hm. "The situation?" he offers. "It set you off?" he's trying to understand. And then, maybe overstepping, "Maybe you should see a mindhealer?"

"No." Straight. Simple and to the point. She looks at Sevran "I'm not crazy." she says as she just looks at him, her face devoid of emotion and is simply blank. "I'm not. Just chalk it up to detoxing." she says quietly. "Nothing to worry about, nothing to talk about it. It just happened. I wasn't prepared for it, it just caught me off guard. I was not expecting him to do anything like that." Catwin lets out a sigh.

"You don't see 'em cause you're crazy. They help," but Sevran is unwilling to really push her any further than that. He settles back into the chair with a sigh of longsuffering. "OK. But I think it'd be a good idea," in case it wasn't obvious yet. But that's all he's got, really. Except for looking at her with squinty eyes and a stern expression. A long pause, and then he offers, "Well, if you wanna talk I'm here."

Catwin looks blandly at Sevran "What? You're a mind healing butcher now?" she asks after a moment. "Have you seen a mind healer?" comes the sudden inquiry as she regards him from her seat. "How do you know that they help? That they can help? Maybe there's nothing to help. What's done is done. There's no changing things." she looks back at the fire and lets out a soft sigh and just murmurs very softly, barely above a whisper. "Talking doesn't help."

"No," admits Sevran. "I haven't." So there's no weight to his words, and he knows it. "But I know someone who has?" maybe that helps, maybe not. "Look, I know we don't know each other… well." At all, really, "But I'm just concerned. Your reaction kinda scared me. You looked like you were about to pass out," he explains. "I'm not saying I'm a mindhealer but ya know. Sometimes talking is better than not?" Shrug. "Offer is there, take it or leave it."

"And what if I told you I have blood on my hands?" Catwin asks as she turns her gaze onto Sevran. "Would that make you feel any better? Or would that just make you worry, or would it make you fear?" she adds. "Sometimes less said the better. What good could come of it? Or maybe just more bad?"

Sevran's lips remain in that thin, pressed line. There is deep consideration for her words, a long silence between them as Sevran really mulls it over to find the answer. "I suppose it would depend on the why, whether I would be concerned or fearful," he admits. "I don't think it would make me feel better." In fact, he knows it wouldn't. And then a dangerous question, "Is this why you drink?"

Catwin narrows her eyes a little. Damn Sevran and his being way to insightful for comfort. Then she sort of sags into her seat, an almost defeated look to her pose, though her face is carefully kept blank. However, there's a shiver of emotion to her voice when she answers. "Yes." Then she closes her eyes and shakes her head "No. Not really, more what led to that point is why I drink. It eases the nightmares too. Though I've gotten really good at taking cat naps to avoid them." She lets out a sigh. "It's not easy to talk about."

Sevran tries to be a really good listener. It's a skill he's worked at for a long time. A soft exhale of a sigh, and a nod of his head. For what? Unclear. Eyes narrow, a look of concern very evident, but he says nothing. Everything he wanted to say, he's said already. No point in repeating himself. So he'll just sit, and watch, without judgement but full of worry for her. Another silence, and then simply, "No. I imagine it wouldn't be."

Catwin sits silently, listening to the fire pop and crackle, the smell of the stew simmering mingling with that of the klah. "I'm not looking for pity or anything." she says finally, to break the silence. "I don't know what you want. I mean, I just." She huffs a little "There's better people to worry about."

"I don't pity you," says Sevran, and it's rather stern sounding. Pity would be an insult. There is no pity here. Another bit of thoughtful silence, though it's not nearly as long and drawn out as before. "I don't want anything," he says at last. "Well, that's not true. I wanted to make sure you were OK, cause when you left the garden… well." And his shrug says it all. "I like you Cat. I'd like to think that someday we can be friends," he says honestly. "But that's it. No pressure." And just to prove his point, he's going to stand up now. "And if you're not ready to talk now—or ever," he amends quickly, "That's OK too."

"I am okay now." Catwin says quietly as she casts a sidelong glance at Sevran and simply asks "Why?" and doesn't clarify on which point she's asking about, but just turns her gaze fully on Sevran, an honest look of confusion on her face. She seems to be at a loss on what to do or say, and thus well, she seeks the clarification.

Sevran is briefly confused himself, eyebrows furrowing as he meets her gaze. "I already told you. I like you. I think we could be friends. I mean," shrug. "Don't throw things at me, and we'll probably be fine." It's a half-hearted attempt at a joke, with a half-hearted attempt at a smile just for good measure. It's the best answer she's gonna get. If there's something deeper in his psyche, it is beyond his grasp to understand or articulate. So she just gets another shrug of his shoulders and a frank, "Cause why not?"

Catwin rolls her eyes a little at the half-hearted joke "Well, just don't let your face get in the way next time." she notes quietly as she gives a half little grin as she attempts to joke as well. "But still, why? Why do you like me? Or do you just like getting black eyes or something? I mean, I've not exactly been." she frowns a little as she searches for words. "I dunno. Friendly I guess."

Sevran's answer is a shrug. That's it. A shrug. Cause what can he say? A moment later and he attempts a verbal response as well, though it's not much better. "I dunno. Don't ask me hard questions," and he gives her a mock scowl. "You've not been bad. Yeah, it sucked when you threw a flask at my head," cause it was totally intentional. "But otherwise, you've not been that bad. The times you were, s'cause you were, ya know." Going cold-turkey off the booze. "After that, you weren't so bad." Shrug. "Plus, I guess, I dunno." Because that makes sense.

Catwin stares at Sevran and then she laughs. She actually laughs "And I thought I was bad at articulating my thoughts. That there just makes me sound as verbose as a Harper." she places her forehead in her hand and shakes it a little "I'll chalk it up to maybe your mother dropping you on your head as an infant, I mean that makes about as much sense as anything else does."

Sevran snorts. In a dignified manner, maybe. "Really? Cause I thought it was just a guy thing." Yeah. He's gonna blame the genetics. But he does look a little bit better that she's laughing. He'll go ahead and take credit for that. Point. Sevran.

Catwin shakes her head a little "You're a goose." she notes as and then there's a little chirrup from the blue in his sling. Her face softens as she looks at him. "Well, as mortifying as this has been." A little shushing for the blue "I am going to have to go get some scraps for this little fella." she notes as she rises up from the chair, and grabs her plate as well.

Sevran is finding equilibrium again, offering her a cheeky, smart-ass sort of smirk. "Yeah, yeah," as he heads out to the Weyr at large. "See ya later, Cat."

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