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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

From the first time that she was faced with a dragon’s hide to clean to this day, Elixyvette appears to have made significant improvement, if only because now she seems less afraid that she is going to cause irreparable harm by pressing too hard or catching blunt nails here and there. It likely has plenty to do with the fact that she’s had to learn faster and be more proactive about the whole thing, suddenly finding herself with three firelizards who need bathing and oiling themselves, and it’s those same three who are now lending her a hand (or paw and nose) with her side of the dainty green that she, Riohra and a couple of other Candidates have been assigned to wash. “Lift your wing a little, please?” she asks the green, who obliges easily enough.

Riohra is scrubbing the top of the green as it is easier for him to reach. He will grin down at Elixyvette, “How are you today, we haven’t had much chance to talk lately with duties.” He starts scrub the back of the shoulder joint while astride a rope ladder as not to have to sit on the dragon.

Elixyvette has her feet still firmly on the ground, yet to begin tending to the green’s limbs, as they presently lie curled beneath her. “Slightly less apprehensive about this whole affair,” she admits, sliding a glance to the three little greens – no, one of them is surely a blue – nosing their way along wet hide. “If I can share my mind with three others and not begin to slowly lose my sanity, perhaps that is a good sign.” She pauses, focus on a patch of hide a little muddier than the rest. “It helps, at least. The prospect of being bonded to anything was… daunting. This isn’t so bad, even if it surely cannot be anything like the magnitude of a dragon’s presence.” Leaning into the green, she angles a long look up, asking, “You?”

Riohra grins and shrugs “Been a wild ride, those egg’s did a number on me.” he will look back towards the area of the hatching sands for the briefest of moments. Quickly he catches himself day dreaming and then goes back to work. “Did you enjoy your visit with your siblings?” he is stretched out now making sure he gets inside the ridges of the dragons spine.

“A lot of the others seem to have found a favourite among them,” Elixyvette utters dryly, resuming the slow track of her hands across green hide. “Was there one that you felt a connection with better than the others?” She doesn’t give any indication that she’s at all willing to open up to that line of questioning herself, but her enquiry as directed to Riohra seems genuine enough. “My…?” she murmurs, meaning to piece together what he means, only for realisation to eventually dawn. “They’re my children,” she explains, lips tugging momentarily to one side. “They live at the Harper Hall.”

Riohra grins “I don’t know about favorite but the ones I interacted with seemed to help me put my life back in focus..” He just finishes the back of the dragon when she says about the kids, he will peer at her from his precarious perch “Really? So you got to see your kids? That is great” he is genuinely happy and excited for her, wether she is or not remains to be seen.

“I’d be a little careful taking life advice from a mind that has yet to reach maturity enough to break shell, let alone reached adulthood,” Elixyvette replies, making little effort to conceal the dryer tone to her voice. “There has to be a measure of selfishness to them, surely. They wish to survive and find the ones they want. A lot of us… are disposable, to them.” She shrugs one shoulder and reaches out a hand to coax that blue-not-green onto her arm and to that shoulder. “It won’t be long before my children get to make their choices about their own futures. Maybe… it’s not so bad that they get to see a Weyr now. Even if they are likely destined to craft.”

Riohra nods at the sound if not dry advice, saying “very true, but you never truly look at yourself till someone or something makes you” He climbs down and tilts his head at Elixyvette asking “you dont want them to be in a craft? or are you just saying that there choices were already made for them?” See he isn’t as dense as he looks..well maybe not as much anyway.

Elixyvette concedes, “I suppose,” under her breath, carefully working her way towards the green’s shoulder while watching Riohra’s descent, waiting to see if he needs a hand. Once he’s back on the ground, she continues her work, telling him, “My family have crafted for generations.” Could it really be so simple? “They’re craftbred and know how the system works. They know what would be expected of them. It’s the safest option for them, all told.” Looking him up and down, she declares, “I’d had my first child by the time I was about your age. I’ve had a lot of time to think about their futures.”

Riohra crosses his arms and ponders her view, “So there is a sort of legacy they, and by extension you have had to live up too then?” He looks at her and is genuinely trying to understand her side of things “I know you are like me and always need a plan, and from spending time with you I can lend judgment that you are a good person who wants the best so..”

“Yes.” Elixyvette speaks that single syllable as if it’s the be all and end all of everything; as if there is no other possible alternative. “There are those in my family who consider my wanting to set foot on the Sands a foolish and selfish endeavour. And perhaps they’re not wrong.” She hesitates again, saying, “I don’t expect you to agree. I assume many believe my family to be backwards and prejudiced, but expectations are more difficult to escape than people assume, their being on the outside looking in.” Taking Riohra’s judgement of her, she turns it back on him, suggesting, “And you are a good person who likes to think the best of people, including me.”

Riohra holds up his hands saying “hey I know all about tradition, there have only been 3 riders in my family line.” He puts on a serious scowl and lowers his voice mimicking an old man “We are hunters, we follow the path of the beast and the fowl. Ours is a long legacy going back atleast one hundred turns. Don’t every forget that Riohra that is who you are” he will lighten up his features and grin at her “see?”

“And what will they say if you Impress?” It’s a direct question, Elixvyette’s amber gaze seeking out Riohra’s, despite the fact that she has to look up at him to deliver that challenge of an enquiry. Dropping the rag she’s been using into a nearby bucket, she reaches to coax the remaining two firelizards back to her person. “Are you expecting their blessing or condemnation?”

Riohra shrugs abit and looks away, a look of shame on his face “probably both, my siblings will understand, my mother too. But the rest well, lets just say had I not moved to Fort Weyr when I did, I would be in need of a home while the figured out there feelings.” he moves to start picking up the equipment so the dragon can go about its business.

No matter that she must be aware of it, Elixyvette offers no suggestion that she is aware of the double standard that darkens her features when she hears of how Riohra’s family have behaved in the past. “That’s not acceptable,” she says outright, wilfully ignoring the irony of her accepting being treated so by her own. “It’s not my place to interfere, but if you find yourself in need of a mediator in the near future… it’s what I do.” She takes a few steps back to peer around the side of the dragon and to the Candidates still working, then delivers a shallow nod to the green’s rider. “I’d better go get this lot fed,” she supposes, indicating the firelizards on her shoulders. “I’ll be back before another arrives.”

Riohra nods and grins “If I need it I will, remember who to come and visit.” He looks around and says “You need any help with them? not saying you cant do it your self but offering to help from one friend to another”

“I have to learn,” Elixyvette replies, softening that refusal with a only the very beginnings of a smile. “If I don’t return, then you know I was defeated and probably eaten.” That’s the image she’ll leave him with, as she turns to head back to the Weyr proper and to the caverns, where she can hopefully find a meal for her friends.

Riohra grins and gives a wave saying “See you at dinner, come sit with us this time ok?” always pushing to make friends and merriment he will turn and move on to help some younger candidates with there dragon.

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