Market Mayhem

Western Weyr - Open Market

The sweeping canopy of the lush, green tropics gives way in this place to a massive clearing, spanning what must be a great many acres in a bustling, hubbub of noise, color, and activity. Rich golden-red terra cotta bricks line the marketplace grounds, providing a clean, bright place to walk and a level ground to set up shop on. The central part of the marketplace is an open bazaar, where people come to set up temporary shops in tents, out of carts and wagons, and some right on the ground with their wares laid out for anyone to see. The centralmost point of the open market is a massive, marble fountain rising up into a spire from who's top runs a cascade of water down the sides, gurgling over the intricate, mounted sculptures of all manners of Pernese creatures from dragons to whers to runners and all large and small, down into a large pool where silvery-white dolphins of stone leap and play.The smells of rich foods and sweet pastries and exotic tropical fruits competes with the less tantilizing scents of fresh caught fish and livestock for sale and those waiting patiently beside their owners carts or pastured in the temporary pens while their owners do some shopping. The colors of goods and the vivid swaths of tents and canvas wagons makes the place alive with brilliance, and at most all hours of the day there is a flurry of activity to behold.

Even in the morning, the market is full of hustle and bustle, even with the shops and stalls just now opening. Kiley is among the crowd arriving to see the tents and wagons and everything that has to do with the market. She is literally taking in all the sights, walking here and there and stopping at every place. Though there a few stalls that draw her attention, particularly one jewelry one and she looks at all the pieces. Then, she's speaking with the owner with a curious tilt of her head. However, she walks away with nothing in the end. And eventually, she is moving on to other stalls, speaking with the merchants and learning about the wares. She does, however, end up purchasing some teas from one stall, some sweets from another. It is in front of a fruit stall does she pause and consider the goods as she did with everything else, chatting away about the various fruits and their uses with the merchant.

Several stalls down, at a scrap booth, Nikolas can be found. He and the merchant seem to be haggling over a basket of electronic parts. He's dressed as he usually is, looking like he rolled out of bed and went out for the day. Which, considering him, is probably the case. He shakes his head suddenly, holding up a hand before shifting the laptop carrying case strapped across his chest, never anywhere for too long without his beloved Vera. The merchant seems surprised, and leans back, then holding up a finger with newfound energy and pulling something out that was previously not in view. The man peeks over, appraisingly, stroking the scruff on his chin.

Thud-SPLAT. It's a very.. squishy sound coming from somewhere behind the stalls, incidentally, the stall Kiley is currently chatting at, the noise followed by a sudden bout of yelling, and scrambling noises. The keen observer might have noticed several boys buying produce there a little while earlier, but who would be watching? Not Patori! Who is suddenly zooming out into sight, and very nearly colliding with the woman. "Eep!" he so very eloquently squeaks at her, eyes going wide, and.. smooshed melon dripping down the tip of his nose. Some splatters toward the girl at his sudden stop, Pat's head already snapping around as two burly boys probably older than he is - or at least bigger anyway - come round the bend there. Patori promptly squeaks again and scoots aside, trying to edge behind Kiley, but alas. With half a melon on his head like some kind of drippy hat, he's totally not going to be able to just duck down and hide. Eyes desperately scan around as he continues moving, tossing Kiley a /really/ apologetic and half-gibbery look, and, lo and behold - there is a Nikolas! Scramblescramble, he darts off again through the crowd, toward the taller computercrafter, with one of the still melon-toting boys yelling a, "Hey!" behind him.

Kiley is partially oblivious to her boyfriend over there by himself and haggling, if only because she's enthralled by everything else and learning what she can from the merchants. Though she'll probably venture over sooner or later. It is the splat noise that ends the conversation and has the computer crafter tensing up a fraction and the merchant starts yelling for the commotion. A loud squeak is released as Patori nearly collides into her, yet again. Her eyes widen at the sight of him and her mouth opens to say something even as he's scooting behind her in attempts to hide. The tall woman clutches her bags close to herself and she's peeking back at him as he gives her an apologetic look as he continues on the run away from the boys. Her gaze settles on the burly boys and brows are drawn into a frown. But then she's checking Patori's progress. Rather than staying where she stands, she quickly hurries on after him and towards Nikolas.

When there's a food fight, there will eventually be a Tineska involved. She is nice and squeaky clean, her hair still wet from a recent bath. She's carrying a notebook and busily (and distractedly) studying its contents as she walks. It appears she is headed towards the spare parts merchant, and just might be intercepting Patori's path.

At first Nikolas is so wrapped up with the item that the merchant had pulled out that he is completely and utterly unaware of the goings on anywhere else. He picks up, what looks like a computer motherboard, and turns it over in his hands. He's eying it very very closely. Luckily he has a firm enough grip on the piece that when Patori darts behind him with his melon hat he doesn't just drop it. Eyes widen a touch, and he peeks over his own shoulder and peers down at the younger boy. "Again?" he asks, sighing softly. Perhaps used to the weyrbrat wearing fruit? Whatever is the case, the computer board is handed back to the merchant and the twenty turn old narrows his eyes at the bullies. They were of course, the same ones as the last time Patori ran and hid. "Really?" he asks them, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose before his chin lifts upwards. The boys screech to a halt, exchange a look with one another, turn tail and run. Far. Far. Away. That was one super scary geek!

Zooom! Patori so very nearly collides with Tineska, having been peeking back over his shoulder at the boys, and blinking in some surprise when he spots Kiley actually following, too. But then the weyrbrat suddenly has to dodge aside at the very last moment with a squeaked out, "Sorry!" Just barely missing Tineska, even as his eyes widen again with recognition, but he speeds on by, not daring another backward glance as he practically dives behind Nikolas. Tall, scary-lookin' Nikolas! Well, maybe not /that/ scary, but definitely scary enough! There's a nodded, incoherent whimpery-gibber for the taller computercrafter's question, and a barest nod, whih has more melon juice trickling down his face and off the end of his nose. When the bigger boys actually turn tail and flee, at the sight of Nikolas, Patori all but deflates in relief, slumping back against the side of the stall with a weakly mumbled, "..Thanks," to Nikolas, only briefly daring to peer out from behind the man, looking sheepish. With melon on his head. He does at least offer a very belated, and kind of soft, "..Sorry, about, um," to Kiley and Tineska, catching his bottom lip between his teeth and hunching a little.

Kiley looks to Tineska and smiles at the apprentice, inclining her head just so even as she continue on her path with the other one seemingly heading in the same direction. Though she's pausing to watch Nikolas, smiling fondly as he turns and scares away the bullies without even lifting a finger besides to push up his glasses. Patori's near collision with Tineska is missed for the fact that most of her attention now is settled upon the other journeyman. Though she's looking to him shortly after and considers the weyrbrat with a bit of a frown furrowing her brows. "Are you okay?" A simple question, one of concern at least, but she's not venturing forward to help him too much, only offering out a napkin from her bag before turning back to Nikolas and quickly attaching herself to his side. "That was wonderful, Nik."

Tineska eyes widen a bit as she begins to realize what has taken place, her eyes torn from her notes. "It's alright, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." She offers Patori a playful wink to let him know all is well. "I think we're all alright, yes?" She offers a familiar wave to Kiley before taking a good look at what she's truly interested in: the motherboard that Nikolas was just holding. "Oooooh.." She utters wistfully. She snaps herself out of it, though, and finally notices the melon that Patori is sporting. "Melon? Why a melon?" She reaches a finger towards him and tries to taste it. It does look kinda yummy.

Nikolas releases yet another sigh as the boys flee, turning then back to Patori and leveling his gaze upon the lad. "One of these days you will have to stand up for yourself." he states matter of factly, but he nods to the thanks, straightening himself out. "You're welcome." After all, the computer crafter would not always be around, and one of these days the bullies would just make sure that Nikolas wasn't around before chasing the smaller kid around. As Kiley attaches herself to him, the man looks down from his six feet of height at the woman and offered her a smile. It's definitely warm, and familiar. "I didn't really do anything." he tells her, but is distracted by anything else he may of added to that by the arrival of Tineska, brows knitting as he eyes the motherboard he'd been considering, but less so when she tries to go and take a taste of Patori's hat. "I wouldn't…" he starts, but the rest falls away. Ah well, she'd figure it out.

Patori hunches down a little further, trying to make himself small, and not look as absurd as he probably does with the melon-hat. "I'm okay.." he mumbles in answer to Kiley and Tineska, glancing between the girls and then looking a little sheepish, "Good thing I can run fast." And good thing there was a Nikolas there to hide behind. "That was really impressive," he mumbles agreement with Kiley, again Nikolas getting hat thankful look, though it promptly shifts to startled as Tineska reaches out and tastes the melon. The weyrbrat promptly goes pink, with a half-protested, "It's got hair in.." but too late. He lifts a hand in a likely attempt to get the thing off his head, but pauses, eyes going wiide at Nikolas' words. "I /was/ standing up for myself," he protests, lower lip giving a little tremble. And then his gaze drops to his shoes and he just stands there. With melon on his head.

Kiley smiles towards Tineska, watching the apprentice appraise the motherboard with a slight tilt of her head. And then she watches her move towards Patori and the melon on his head. Mouth opens then closes before she looks up to Nikolas and smiles warmly in return. "But, you did stop them from harassing him further." She points out simply and then goes on to gesture towards Tineska with her free hand, "this is Tineska, she is an apprentice and was recently posted in Western." Once the introduction is done, she only detaches herself from her fellow journeyman so that she may look more closely at the spare parts that the merchant has to offer. Patori draws her attention once more and she nods, "certainly. Otherwise you'd be covered in more than just melon, I imagine, from the way that they were chasing you." His protests are met with her lips pressing into a thin line and a sigh blown out through her nose and she returns to looking at the merchants goods, murmuring something to herself.

"Not bad, really, it is nice and ripe. You taste pretty good." the youngest of the Computer geeks offers. Tineska doesn't seem to catch the looks that the others give at her taste testing. "My offer still stands, Patori. Besides, it'd be fun! It's a great way to build up your upper body." She flexes a bicep for him, which is surprisingly well toned. "You might run fast, but you cannot run forever. Eventually you will be exhausted, and they'll still be at your heels." For someone of only fourteen turns, she knows a thing or two. She curtsies to Nikolas as Kiley introduces her, " Thank you for the introduction, Kiley. It's a pleasure to meet you, Journeyman. Are you shopping for some repairs, or building a new machine?" She turns her eyes toward the parts stand again, and picks up a memory stick, inquiring about the price. She takes a very small amount of money from her pocket and counts it, futilely hoping she will have enough to cover it. "Well, someday.." she says before handing the stick back to the salesman. "Guess I will just keep working on my studies for now."

"You have a melon on your head." Nikolas tells Patori, perhaps stating the obvious, perhaps pointing out the severe lack of standing-upness that was pretty evidently sitting on the lad's skull. He frowns though at all the praise, brown eyes sliding off to the side, falling onto the merchant as he sells off the motherboard to some guy with a pocket protector, but no pens. But, but, but. He straightens again, mouth opening and can only watch as the penless geek happily trots off with his purchase. Crestfallen, the man's shoulders sink. He'll just be pouting now. In the meantime Tineska had been introduced, which got a mumbled and distracted 'hello' from Nikolas at first, the following question rewards the girl with an awkward shrug of broad shoulders. "I was just looking, sometimes you can find some good bargains. Like that motherboard…" he sighs long and suffering. Pout. Soon his hands are sliding into the pocket of his pants as he slinks off after Kiley. Sure, she hadn't gone too far, so he only has to take a step or two, but there he is, being all boyfriendy and quiet. Occasionally though, he glances over at Patori and Tineka, lips pursed together. He does notice when Kiley is particularly eying a water cooling system, and he puts a hand on the back of her neck, leaning over to peer at it as well. Pretty pretty hair, he'll just stroke his fingers through it now. Yes.

Patori shuffles a little away from the parts stall as he drips melon bits, considering the less than thrilled look the merchant is giving him. A seed slowly slides down his ear, dangling off the lobe like some kind of odd jewelry before his movement causes it to drop off onto his shoulder. Luckily, the clothing he's wearing is very threadbare and secondhand, and probably won't be too worse off for any stains it acquires from this. Kiley's comment about the melon, and Nikolas' pointing out his 'hat' out finally have the boy reaching up and quickly getting the thing off his head, with only a tiny squelch sound, the boy turning even pinker when Tineska announces he tastes good. "Um.." he glances at the older computercrafters briefly, as if uncertain, and then quickly holds out the squished melon half to Tineska. Wordlessly. Hey, waste not, right? His hair is plastered to his head, and full of fruit gunk, though he makes no move to clean it up, Kiley's previously offered napkin having gotten no response. Maybe he's just too embarrassed, or maybe he doesn't mind being all sticky. Some tiny buzzing insect is probably already circling his head. He can't hunch his shoulders any more, but he does somehow manage to sink down when the girl brings up her offer again, the weyrbrat nibbling his bottom lop and mumbling, "It's fine- maybesometimelater." That last accompanied by a brief glance at the girl, and then away. Pat's own arms are kind of skinny, though there is muscle there, a slime and wirey sort, probably from all the fleeing he does from the bigger boys.

Kiley nods an idle agreement towards Tineska, "or he can hide for the rest of his life…" Though it is a softer statement, idle and partially distracted as her gaze remains upon the parts that the merchant has. "You're quite welcome. This is Nikolas." Seeing as the man didn't introduce himself, she does it for him. Her attention is drawn towards the merchant as he sells off the motherboard without hesitation and then she's considering the pouting man with a small sympathetic smile. She doesn't say much more before considering the water cooling system. Her eyes partially close as he plays with her hair before cheeks color a faint shade. She says nothing for a moment, shifting so that she may slide her hand into her bag, there's some rustling before she is bringing out a napkin wrapped cookie and offering it to her boyfriend in silence. "If you see something else you want, we can get it." Soothing tones are spoken before attention shifts over towards Patori as he pulls the melon from his head. There's an opening of her mouth, once again, before it closes and she gives a very slight shake of her head with a slight twitch of a smile as he offers the melon out to Tineska even if her nose wrinkles partially.

Tineska is noticeably pleased at the offer of melony goodness, and accepts Patori's gift of such tasty delights. "Why, thank you!" She does take a moment to remove a few strands of hair from it and picking that part of the melon away. She gives Kiley an appreciative nod for introducing Nikolas. "Yes, you can definitely find some good deals here. I have managed to find a few things. My father occasionally gives me a little bit to spend on things, not close to enough, though. I'm working on building a computer of my own, will probably be quite a few years until I am skilled enough and have the funds to complete it. I might even be a Master by then, haha!" She picks up another part, and savors it for a moment before placing it back down on the counter. At the closeness between the two Journemen, she shifts a bit away from them, trying to give them enough space, and keeping her focus on Patori and shrugs at him. Well, I won't make you, but..I hate to see them torment you that way. It's painful to watch. You seem too nice to deserve such treatment." She studies his ear for a moment, and then points. "You still have a bit of melon shell there."

Brows twitch for the meloned Patori, having once again glanced in the boy's direction. Then the fruit hat is passed to Tineska, and his eyebrows launch up towards the line of his hair. He looks between the two, before the cookie being offered to him by Kiley sufficiently distracts. He retracts his hand from the woman's hair and takes the treat, examining it before it's brought to his mouth and nibbled upon. He mutters a soft thanks for the treat, not even seeming to notice the fact he had not introduced himself or that Kiley had gone ahead and done it for him. Warm brown eyes fall back to the youngest of their companions, merely quietly observing for a time before he shakes his head lightly for the offer of purchase. "I don't think…" he begins, before spotting something just there out of the corner of his eye, and he turns back to the stall, pointing at something half buried under a pile of circuit boards. "What's that?" The merchant lights up, mentioning something about Nikolas having a good eye, and digs the thing out, placing it on the counter. The man leans in very very close, keeping his free hand in his pocket even if he's twitching to touch it. "You should take her up on her offer," he says to Patori, without even looking. Maybe he had been paying attention after all. He then fishes out enough marks to cover the strange mishmash of parts presented to him, managing to haggle the merchant down to half his asking price before it's slipped into mesh bag and handed over. Whatever it is, he seems pretty excited about it. He is after all, now smiling. He nods is head to Tineska for what she said, holding up the evidence, briefly, before sliding enough money over to cover a memory stick, which is bagged up and handed to the apprentice. "Indeed."

"I like hiding," is mumbled under his breath, at Kiley's comment, though Patori only manages to hunch down further, about as small as he can get while still standing mostly upright. And he's already pretty short - probably still having to peek up at Tineska when the girl speaks, his head bobbing slightly at the thanks, and sending another bitlet of melon sliding down to the tip of his nose. It hangs there precariously before the broy is raising a hand to rub it off with the back of his wrist, and trying not to look too sheepish when he notices Kiley wrinkling her nose there. The weyrbrat does blink at Tineska again, cheeks coloring even further and, gee, does the ground look ever so interesting suddenly. "It's fine, I probably deserve soem of it," is mumbled at his feet, shifting a little and then peeking sideways at the girl, "Oh!" And he hastily brings a hand up to tug out more melon bits from his hair, making a bit of a face as he manages to smear sticky stuff all over his hand. Eew. He's dstracted, so misses the whole techie parts pouting and the subsequent Santa-Nik-ness, until the man speaks, and the weyrbrat just hangs his head, the reast of his non-existant metaphorical backbone caving in as he mumbles an, "..Okay."

Kiley is watching Tineska with quite a skeptical look as she picks the hair out of the melon, lips pressing into a thin line and then quickly turning her gaze away so not to watch the apprentice consume the melon. Nope, not watching. Instead, she's nodding along to her words. "But, you'll get it made eventually. And you make more as a Journeyman, so there is always that." She doesn't notice her drifting away, her attention is drawn away as Nik's hand is removed from her hair, watching him take the treat and nibble. Her smile brightens as he likes it. Her attention then shifts as he points something out to the merchant. Curious, she lingers there and tilting her head as he examines the part. Her brows lift a bit for his words, but says nothing as he pays for the part and then the memory chip. The smile on her lips certainly grows more fond in nature. There's a flicker of her attention returning to Patori and she offers, "never hurts to learn."

Tineska's eyes almost go out of their socket, as Nikolas pays for her ever so wanted stick of memory. "Oh my…I…thank you!" she snatches it up off the counter and runs her fingers over it, still processing what just occured. After a few moments, she seems to recover. "Thank you again. I appreciate it very much." She listens intently to Kiley, and her face brightens further. "I can't wait until I make it that far. Never enjoyed anything so much as this." She puts the part away in one of her pockets and grins wickedly at Patori. "We'll go slow? It won't be scary, I promise. Then those guys won't know what hit them. Until they wake up from being knocked out and figure out it was you. Then they will cower in fear!" She giggles a bit too much at that idea, and pats Patori on the ever so sticky shoulder. "You'll be just fine." Her expression changes quickly, her eyes darkening and her mouth drooping into a frown. "Oh no! Dego! I was supposed to meet him for a lesson. He is going to have my head!" She quickly offers her new friends a goodbye and rushes off towards the Bowl.

Nikolas has to eye Patori again, this time at the boy's sudden lack of enthusiasm. Hands full, his glasses slip down the bridge of his nose, allowing him to peek over the rims at the crestfallen lad. Absently he nibbles on the cookie given to him by Kiley, just watching really. There is a certain measure of disappointment that passes over his features though, shaking his head lightly. He misses Kiley's growing fondness smile. The half eaten confection is wrapped up in the napkin and then tucked into his pocket, presumably for later, finger brushing crumbs from his lips and shirt before he glances at the time. A series of swears only someone really high tech would understand escapes him, and he dips to drop a kiss to Kiley's lips. "I have to take my leave, see you later." he mutters, giving Patori a look, and then Tineska a nod of his head. Yeah, see you later too. Then he turns and goes, with hurried footsteps. Seems he was late for something.

A glance is sent out warily across the marketplace, Patori possibly lingering with the computercrafters as much for safety in their numbers as anything - the irony that the geeks are the ones scaring off the bullies probably not having escaped him. There's a nod for Kiley's words about it never hurting to learn, though Pat looks a little dubious, as he is small and stick-like, and prone to easy breaking! But he doesn't protest anymore, only nodding again to Tineska, and peeking curiously at all those computer parts. The apprentice is given a bit of a look too, the girl about as enthusiastic as he isn't. "Um. Okay.." is mumbled slowly, the boy shifting again and rubbing thee back of his neck, and then making a bit of a face as he discovers melon juice running down the back of his shirt. Ick. "I think I'd just settle for them leaving me alone," he mumbles softly, and then startles at the pat on th shoulder, watching the girl go with a blink. "Um. Good luck?" he calls quiet-like after her, eyes crowd once more, but failing to find those older boys. He misses the disappointed look on Nikolas' face, already edging off when the man also departs, Patori watching him go a little nervously, but when the bigger boys fail to appear, he visible relaxes, letting out a breath. "He is, too, scary," is mumbled to Kiley, though there's a tug of a smile - so long as Nik isn't intimidating at him, it's probably alright. "I should go, um, get cleaned up," a head-bob is given the woman, and then Pat is also sneaking off, padding away through the crowd and dropping the occasional splat of smushed melon off his head.

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