Pre-Clutching Party: Truth or Dare

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

It's dark at Western! Rukbat has set over the horizon and the weyr is starting to cool off a bit. But it's not very dark at the beach! There's a big bonfire going with benches and chair set around it. There are also torches littering the beach in case people wanted to move away from the bigger flames. A few tables have been set up for food and drinks. One has a big bowl of punch and several chilling bottles of wine. Another has already cooked finger foods to munch on. The third has bunches of wooden skewers on it and uncooked meats and fish and veggies for making kabobs. Under the tables are extra chairs and piles of towels in case people are looking to swim. Zi'on has apparently enlisted the help of several drudges to get things set up. Though by the shear amount of food and such it's very likely Enka has leaned on the headwoman. The bronzer is already at the bonfire, sitting and roasting a kabob for himself. He's in a cabana shirt that's completely unbuttoned and his swim trunks.

Leaning on the Headwoman means the Headwoman leans on the cooks and the cooks… well, they put Keelyra hard to work. The girl is laden with the final tray of desserts — likely baked by Idris — as she shuffles out towards the lagoon. She stifles a yawn after setting the platter down with a muffled thud on one of the tables, glancing out across the lagoon shore at who all might be gathered for this odd little shindig.

Wandering toward the light of the bonfire is one unremarkable little weyrbrat, except he's not so much little as short, and despite his less than imposing height his face might actually place him more in his late teens, if one looked close. Patori is nevertheless padding about with a bunch of other kids, though they soon leave him well behind as they wander off to go play games and jump in the water. Pat though? He eyes the water warily with a sort of halg-longing look and promptly turns his attention to the food, fingers dragging back through hair that looks damp despite the totally dry nature pf his threadbare, and likely secondhand attire. Someone's either already gone for a swim, or just popped out of the bathing caverns. The latest platter, which Keelyra has just put down, gets a peek as the boy leans over, passing over the finger foods and the kabob-fixings in favor of eyeing up the desserts first! Tsk.

Kelthero had originally been heading to the lagoon for different reasons and judging by his awed and slightly surprised look he had not expected to see all the torches and benches, food and drinks - let alone a huge bonfire. The guard is off duty, dressed only in his usual somber casual clothes of a short-sleeved tunic and shorts. Slowing his pace a little, he tilts his head curiously to the side, gaze wandering over all the decor and no doubt scouting out familiar faces. He does give an appreciative low whistle though, a slightly crooked smile quirking one corner of his mouth up. Kelthero is then distracted again by the thud of a tray and finally spies a familiar face. So it's in that direction that he turns, giving a passing glance to Patori as he does. "What's all this?" he asks Keelyra, seeming to forgo actual greetings. Even as the question is asked, his gaze is roving again and spots Zi'on by the fire and the guard's curiosity and puzzled expression becomes even more obvious.

That's right. The headwoman can't wield her broom around and threaten the weyrwoman when Enka holds the power to fire or hire her. So the goldrider probably DID lean on the headwoman for such a bountiful largesse spread out on the tables. And it would be so uncouth for her not to attend the festivities. So here comes Enka, a jacket for later tossed over one shoulder as she saunters along from the direction of the Weyr itself, wearing a tank-top type short, and some shorts, with a large piece of colorful cloth wrapped around her hips like a sarong. "I love parties," she declares to the nearest person, her destination that of the refreshment table for a beverage, it looks like she's getting punch — bypassing the wine in favor of something, a little flask of some kind pulled out of her jacket, tipped over into the punch and replaced. What soon follows is a quick sip, and a satisfied sigh before the goldrider selects some food as well. Yay, weenie roast! Spotting Zi'on by the fire, she heads right for him. "Hi, darlin'." the bronzer is greeted with a smile, Enka slipping an arm across his shoulder as she leans in to give him a kiss for good measure. Yep, that's right, the weyrwoman's snogging someone in public. Quick, everyone take pictures!

Perhaps it was whispers of a bonfire that drew Kiley to the beach, or the sight of things being carted from various places over to the beach. Whatever the reason, the computer crafter is walking down along the shore and considering the bonfire with only a moment's pause before she continues on her path. Eyes are scanning before she is making her way over and considering some of the food, snagging herself some finger foods rather than anything else. Once acquiring the right amount of food, she is drifting off towards the closet familiar face, which happens to be Patori and she considers the younger boy with a lift of her brows. "How are you doing?" She questions, curious but her gaze does not linger there as she attempts to find more familiar faces, settling on Kelthero and moving on to Zi'on and Enka . But quickly flittering away and returning to Patori as cheeks color a faint shade.

There really wasn't an announcement. Zi'on has let a few people know by word of mouth. His friends, who are jaw-flapping weyrbrats most likely. But hey, food and drink! Who could pass that up? It was certainly something different than what they were offering in the caverns during dinnertime. There's a wave to Keely, and to the guard. And Zi'on is sure he's seen Patori someplace… "It's a pre-clutching celebration!" If that isn't a terrible excuse to party or what. "Soon Enka and Mir will be stuck on the sands with the eggs and all. So this is a big celebration before that all happens." Or something. The bronzer seems satisfied with his kabob, which he takes out of the fire in order to let cool before eating. "Hey Enka." Zi'on returns the kiss. Hopefully no one is taking pictures. "I couldn't find a harper around. Maybe one will show up a little later though. I passed the word out." There's a wave to Kiley. "Ooh, guess what Kiley!"

"Idris makes wonderful pies," Keelyra says to Patori as he makes his way for the dessert trays. She has no qualms as to what he does or doesn't pick. A weyrbrat herself, she understands. Unlike the lad, though… she's young, but tall for her age. Ahh, opposites. Kelthero is given a quick smile, "A…" then Zi'on answers, "what he said," she gestures. "Pre-clutching party. I hope they understand lunch and dinner is going to be bland for a while because of how much this and the clutching party will hurt the stores." She blinks as the Weyrwoman and bronzerider kiss, looking a bit caught unawares. Cheeks redden and she bustles about, checking other trays and the like.

Enka tosses her jacket onto a nearby chair. That means she claims it. Or something of that sort. Territory stake holding, ahoy. Announcement or no, well, the goldrider knew about this whole shindig in the first place, hence her leaning on the headwoman for the supplies to begin with. "I'll have this wonderful memory to look back on," she says, laughingly as she picks up her roasting stick and some of the meat and veggies for the kabob. There's certainly a methodical and pragmatic way that she goes about skewering the meat and veggies on to the roasting stick before she pokes it into the fire to char. Oh look, public displays of affection are making the weyrbrats all red and blushy. Catching sight of Keelyra, Enka flashes her a grin and a thumbs-up sign before she turns to catch sight of Kiley when Zi'on calls the computer crafter's name. "A harper'll turn up," she comments to the bronzer. "They usually get wind of this type of thing from a mile away." Like sharks, smelling blood, really.

Kelthero returns the wave given from Zi'on, gaze lingering long enough on the bonfire to notice the arrival of Enka. "Ahh, so that's the occasion. Fitting!" He muses. His gaze then moves away though the moment there's some obvious public snogging, a bit of an amused look on his features. Instead, his attention focuses on Kiley as she approaches now, giving the tech crafter a bit of a smile. The guard chuckles then, looking back to Keelyra now. "Is it really going to affect it that much?" he asks, glancing back to the food as he does. In finally selects a single piece of finger food to snack on for now. He'll most likely grab a plate later, when he feels more at ease among such a crowd.

Patori looks up from his eyeing of the desserts when Kelthero comes over, the weyrbrat stepping aside a little with a bob of his head for the guard, and a tug of a smile for Keelyra, "They look really good." And indeed, he's moving to pluck up a pie, and half-turning to raise it in ..toast-ish-ness to Zi'on, probably having run into the guy somewhere or other! "Always a good thing to celebrate," the weyrbrat fairly beams at his pie, holding it close and then eyedarting left and right before his mouth opens wiide. He's totally about to nom a huge bit out of it. Eyebrows lift, as he catches sight of the weyrwoman-snoggage going on over there, and the sight of Enka, pausing just long enough to then find himself being talked to by a ninja-Kiley. Actually, he just wasn't paying attention. "I'm good," is his slightly hasty reply to the computercrafter, the boy ducking his head with a mumbled, "All cleaned up." Yup. No longer wearing a melon-hat. "Um. How are you?" is added on quickly, a bit of a headtilt for the nearby girls and their blushing.

Kiley flusters at the sound of her name coming from a certain bronzerider, quickly perking up and glancing over in his direction. There's a deer in the headlights look about her before she's shuffling over with a slight nod to the weyrbrat who she greeted previously. "That is good. Good… Ah, I'm fine. I'll probably be back. Maybe." She insists, a free hand lifts to greet Kelthero in response to his smile and returning one of her own before officially making her way towards bronzerider and weyrwoman. "What do I need to guess?" She questios once closer and she offers a smile and a nod of greeting to Enka. "How are you doing, ma'am?"

Zi'on waves off Keely. "The stores will be fine." How does he know, anyways? Does he know? "Anyways, I planted extra vegetables in the roof top garden. They'll be ripe soon and you can use those to make up for all this." He watches Enka build her kabob. There wasn't any rhyme or reason to how he'd assembled his own kabob. A piece of meat had gone flopping into the fire, too. There's a nod to Enka about the Harper. "I hope so. Because after a few wines I might want to sing." He laughs a bit. There's a grin to Kiley. "In some of those old Earth books I found stories about pirates! Even -songs- about pirates! Isn't that great?"

Kelthero gives a polite enough nod of his head to Patori, but is soon grinning a little at the weyrbrat's antics with the pie, even though his attention isn't fully on him at the moment. He seems to see enough to amuse him thought. Watching Kiley leave to join Enka and Zi'on, the guard now turns to face both Keelyra and Patori, finger food still in one hand. Said snack is then snacked upon, the guard practically finishing it in one bite. Eating manners seem to lack with this one - when he's not paying attention. Suddenly, the guard seems to shift a little uneasily on his feet, glancing around the transformed lagoon once more. The last of his snack is finished, but the guard is moving away from the festivities rather then towards. "I… need to go check on something." He mumbles, giving a hasty farewell nod before making his retreat back into the Weyr.

Keelyra shuffles about the tables, making sure everything is /just so/. Really, it was already just fine, but she seems to be serving to do her best to distract herself. Zi'on's assurances are given a brief mumble of acknowledgement as she begins making herself a plate of the already-cooked foods. She spends all day in a kitchen: why would she want to sit by a fire and cook more? Yikes. The weyrbrat sidles up to Patori. "So, uh… I know you're one of us… a brat, and all. And I, ah… I'm thinking of starting a club. For weyrbrats. Would you be interested?"

She assembles the kabob the same way a cook might — which, considering Enka is a baker, it's not far from the truth — first goes a slice of meat, then some veggies of differing kinds and then another bit of meat until at last the whole thing is put together like some savory unsweetened confection. Once in the fire, she leaves it there to sear and char, waiting for the right moment to pull it out. There's a wry grin for Zi'on. "I'm not sure if we want to subject anyone to your singin'." she comments dryly, "because I'd probably be compelled to sing too, and then everyone would run away." That's right, the weyrwoman can't carry a tune in a bucket to save her life. It's the best way to clear crowds though. Hoisting the kabob out of the fire, the goldrider checks it over, and then promptly drops the roasting stick back down into the flames. Nope, not done yet. Kiley gets a look. "I'm doin' pretty good," she admits, "but don't you go callin' me ma'am." It makes her feel old, see. And she's not old. She's not!

Kiley laughs at Zi'on's news and shakes her head, "I should've guessed, then. That's great. Are you going to sing some of the songs, then?" Brows lift in question as she teases the rider while her free hand now shifts to take some of the food from her napkin and to place it in her mouth. This keeps her quiet for a moment so that she may chew and avoid being entirely rude. Her attention elsewhere keeps her from noting the disappearance of Kelthero and once she finishes chewing her attention is drawn back towards those closest to her. Attention settles on Enka's kabob with a lift of her brows before attention settles on the woman and cheeks color for the look she receives. "That is good. Ahh. I'm sorry, Enka." She corrects the second time and promptly places more food in her mouth, which is much better than her foot.

Patori bobs his head again, this time to the departing Kiley, head tilting slightly as he watches the computercrafter head over to talk to the weyrwoman and bronzer. But his attention is swiftly back to the pie he's holding, mouth again opening in preparation for determined nommage. He pauses again, though, as Kelthero makes a sudden departure too, blinking a bit and mumbling a soft, "Wonder what that's about," to no one in particular. He might give the pies a briefly suspicious look, but he's totally going to eat the one he nabbed, darnit. There's some idle watching as Keelyra shuffles about the table, gaze dropping to the desert and mouth opens wiiide- and then he's getting asked about a weyrbrat club. Blinkblink. "Um," he answers so totally eloquently, lowering the food just a bit to cant his head a little, "..sure?" Eyebrows lift a little, curiously now, "What's it for?" gaze darting left and then right, and then back to Keelyra, "You really want me in it?" Is that a puppy-eyed look? It might be. Poor boy, he's one of those always last picked for the team sorts, possibly.

It looks like Keely was shaping up to be a good headwoman. And Zi'on was shaping up to be a big pain in her rear-end. The bronzer grins to Enka, popping a bit of kabob into his mouth. "Hey! I can sing. Sort of." He can carry a tune, but he wasn't trained. So he'd end up sounded like a crooning cat after a while. Zi'on grins to Kiley. "Maybe. There were a couple that were pretty easy to remember. I had a harper sing them for me and all, so I know how they sound. How's your boyfriend doing? He still boring?" The bronzer laughs. How rude he is! But look, him and Enka were snogging. That means the secret is out about them!

"'Course I do," Keelyra says, stuffing some food into her own awaiting maw… then that of the green 'lizard that has found its way to her shoulder. Small thing that it is, still rather young. "It's a club, for weyrbrats… I mean, we ain't got anything else. Most of us don't have a normal family, some of us don't go into crafts… We all band together anyhow, why not make it official? I was thinkin' we find a weaver and get patches like the wingriders got." More food-stuffage follows.

"That's better than I can do," Enka says with a wry grin, hefting the kabob out of the fire. Cooked to perfection. She sets to with a rather avaricious hunger, a sign perhaps that she hasn't been eaten recently. Whatever the reason, she's enjoying the meal with relish. "I couldn't carry a tune," she chuckles a bit, and then nods at Kiley. "That's better." Yes, that's right, the secret is out, and she's not embarrassed to let people know about it. At the moment, the goldrider's content to stay right there by the fire, munching on her kabob and drinking the punch, along with whatever else it was she put in there.

Kiley chuckles softly, "that's good. Well, I'd be interested to hear them at some point." The question of her boyfriend brings another touch of color to her cheeks and she shakes her head, "he's not that boring. We had some find today at the market. But, um… He's fine. I will see him later, most likely." The computer crafter smiles a little wider and pops a little more food into her mouth. A closed mouth smile is given to Enka before she swallows her food and tilts a curious glance away from her and towards where she left Patori. There's a smile when she notices him with Keelyra and her attention drifts back to Zi'on. "Do you really not like Nik?"

Zi'on decides that his kabob is cool enough now and devours it pretty quickly. Hungry bronzer, apparently! Him and Enka have been out at the beach most of the day, apparently they forgot to eat something. Zi'on grins to Kiley. "Alright. I need to get some more wine in me, first." The bronzer laughs. "Not -that- boring, hm?" There's a nod about Kiley 'seeing him later'. "I bet you will." Then he laughs and shrugs. "I don't know him." But that wasn't going to stop the bronzer from picking on him when he wasn't around.

Patori is totally looking all wide-eyed at Keelyra, though he seems to realize it an instant later and drops his gaze to the pie, catching his lower lip briefly between his teeth. "I have family," is mumbled very quietly, "My parents are riders, I'm fostered," that's normal around here, right? Yet his eyes are sliding off sideways with a flicker of a frown, before they drift back again, with a suddn bob of his head, "Patches? I like patches." And there's a smile for Keelyra, definitely. He glances briefly over to the bonfire, but Patori finally gets around to lifting that pie, and before anything else can delay him, he takes a huge bite out of it. Omnomnom!

There's a beam from Keelyra to Patori and she shifts her plate to clear up a hand, thrusting it out towards the boy. "I'm Keelyra. Or Keely. I work in the kitchens… And, I mean, my parents are riders, but… we're not raised like the hold kids, so we should have our own special club 'cause we're special." Or something.

Kiley laughs, "why do you need wine to sing?" Brows lift at this question and she pops in more of the finger food, peeking down to the napkin and checking her food count. Cheeks color darker and she gives her friend a look, "he does things that people would consider boring, yes, but it isn't that way for me." Her lips twitch a bit before she's adding more food, chewing and swallowing again. "You can get to know him, Zi'on. I'll introduce you better soon?" The offer has her giving him a hopeful little look, after all, he is her friend.

Zi'on laughs at Kiley. "I don't! Not if someone sings with me. But no one else knows the song. Except that one Harper guy. And he doesn't even live here." The bronzer gets up to grab some finger food and one of the pies that Keely has brought over. Zi'on grins at the computer crafter. "Okay. Whatever you say Kiley." Then he raises a brow at her. "Why? I'm not dating him, you are. What's it matter what I think of him. Don't -you- like him?" Zi'on doesn't understand this need for him to like Kiley's boyfriend. After all, he hadn't asked Kiley if she liked Enka.

Patori is totally munching pie, and getting delicious filling all around his mouth. Pft, manners. He at least doesn't talk with his mouth full, though when Keelyra introduces herself, the weyrbrat looks kind of awkward, giving her offered hans a look. He raises his own with a muffled something behind his pie, only to find his fingers are sticky from the desert. He starts to wipe it off on a pantleg, seems to think better of it, and grabs a napkin from somehere, one-handedly trying to clean his fingers before reaching to take the Keely's briefly, with a bit of a sheepish look. Licking his lips and swallowing properly, he does finally manage a quiet, "I'm Patori. Um. Nice to meet you." There's some head-bobbing of agreement, and a softer, "Yeah, I suppose not. I've hardly been out of the weyr," admitted with a slight smile before he's taking another bite of pie and adding, "..These are really good." Eating more politely this time, the weyrbrat adds, "I just do whatever, my foster mother works in the lower caverns," shrugging a little, "I help out sometimes in the kitchens, but mostly in the laundry," nose wrinkling for that.

"My da's taken over watching over me," Keelyra says in that 'like I need watching' tone of voice, grinning a bit at the whole sticky finger situation. "I work in the kitchens… Only time I leave the Weyr is to go to the open market." Travel? What's that? She lives on an island… in more ways than one. "Idris makes most of the bubblies. You should thank her sometime. i kjnow he loves to hear it."

Idris meanders down the beach towards the party, not wearing her apron for once. Instead she is adorned with a fancy green wrap skirt and a pale pink sleeveless top. And instead of her usual braids, her hair is down and wavy. There's a smile as she reaches the crowd, and she manuvers through the crowd, finding Keelyra just as the younger girl speaks of bubblies. "Did I hear my name?"

"Ah, I see." She blinks owlishly, "well, after you get some wine, then?" Her gaze follows him over towards the food and she considers the last bits of her finger food. But, she doesn't move to follow after him. She gives him a shrug for the question of why, "I don't know. I thought you might want to meet him more than just briefly? I like him." Kiley fidgets a bit and gingerly folds the napkin in her hand and rests her hands over it. "Never mind." She smiles and lifts her brows at him, "so, what exactly is the song about, anyway?"

Quiet for quite a while, the goldrider's primary concern has been food: get in my belly! So she's been focused on filling her mouth with edible goodness rather than words. That doesn't mean she hasn't been listening in though, and when the kabob is but a distant memory, and people are going for dessert, Enka's gifting Zi'on with a winsome little smile. "You goin' to get one of them pies for me too, right?" A word of advice, bronzerider. Smile and no, smile and nod. And bring over some pie!

Spotting one of the trays a bit lower on food than it ought to be, Keely moves what remains onto another tray and snatches it up. There's a glance towards Idris, then Patori. "Yes! This is Patori. He loves your bubblies. I'm going to go see if there's more meatrolls ready yet." and off she goes. Zoom!

Zi'on looks over as Idris appears. He gives her a wave. "Hey there, pie lady!" Yep, she's the pie lady. The bronzer shrugs to Kiley. "Well, I mean, if it means that much to you sure I can meet him. Hang out or something. That won't be awkward for you? Or maybe I can bring Enka and we can have like a double-date thingy." He grabs a pie for Enka as well before he heads back to his seat. The bronzer hands Enka a pie. "Here you go, they're still warm!" Then he turns to Kiley. "It's about bein' a pirate!" He laughs. "Ooh, I know. We should play a game. How about… truth or dare?"

Patori bibs his head to Keelyra, totally nibbling on bubbly pie still, and trying to not let the filling drip down his chin. Mm, tasty filling. "I was there earlier," he mumbles about the open market, and then has to stifle a grimace, "Don't.. think I'll be going bac kthere again soon." Idris' approach and Keely's zooming departure earn a bit of a blink and some head-bobbing in farewell and greeting, the latter give nto the pie lady, who gets a bigger smile. "These are really good bubblies," he'll compliment, indicating the mostly-eaten pie he's holding. Omnomnom. Zi'on is watched curiously over there, though Pat is then falling quiet.

"Think I saw some," Idris calls after Keelyra, then turns toward Patori and peers. "You in the kitchen sometimes, aren't you? I recognize your face." Her words trail off as she's distracted by Zi'on's call- naturally, she'd answer to pie lady. "Hey there, pie eater!" Counter strike! Sort of. She's grinning, anyway, and looks back to Patori again. "Thanks, of course. I take all the credit." Her grin grows wider, humor evident in her mirthful expression.

"Thank you," Enka's going to flash Zi'on with another winsome little smile — sweet, just like that yummy warm pie he brought her. "Mmm," she nibbles at it with an intensely satisfied look. "It's very good." She's got a sweet tooth, so all something has to be is sugary and delicious and she'll like swear it was manna from heaven. "A game, you say?" the goldrider grins a little at the very thought. "Shells, I haven't played truth or dare since I was a candidate." And what a glorious adventure she went on as a result of a dare. Idris is getting a smile and a nods. "You made these, hmmm?" There's a suddenly calculating look on the weyrwoman's face. Is she going to try the old "wanna share the recipe" schtick?

Kiley peeks at Enka as she asks Zi'on to get a bubbly for her, chuckling softly and then shaking her head slightly as attention settles back onto the bronzerider. "No, I don't believe it will be awkward." The computer crafter insists, though brows lift at his suggestion and she gives a slight nod. "We could do that, too… If Enka is wanting to." It is the final suggestion of game that has the computer crafter turning that last shade of red and firmly shaking her head, "I won't play." But her attention is soon shifted over towards Idris, belatedly registering the greeting Zi'on gave her. There's a slight wave over in greeting but nothing so verbal. Instead, the last of her food is shoveled into her mouth as an excuse to remain silent.

Zi'on starts waving everyone over. "Everyone come sit. We're gonna play truth or dare!" The bronzer grins to Idris. He was certainly a pie-eater! They made up a good portion of the bronzer's diet. He, too, had a sweet tooth. That's must be why he was always chasing around the weyrwoman. He peers at Kiley when she says she won't play. "Why not? Don't be shy. I won't embarrass you in front of Enka. Come on over Idris. You there guy that I think I know." He waves Patori over. "We're gonna play Truth or Dare. Kiley's playing, too. Everyone know the rules?"

Patori bobs his head to Idris, attention flicking back to the baker, "Yeah, I get sent in there sometimes, to help clean and do the dishes, and fetch things." A right proper weyrbrat underfoot, he is. "I can mix cake batter," random factlet provided, he has to grin a bit at Idris' comment on taking credit, stuffing the rest of the pie into hs mouth and defnitely looking like he appreciates the noms. The talk of the game has him looking bac ktoward the bonfire curiously, and there's tilt of his head before he's moving thattaway, neither agreeing nor refusing, snagging a skewer and some pieces of meat and veggie, so he can at least get some more appropriately dinner-like food in him.

The world of people Idris notices expands as Enka addresses her and she notices the others near by. There's a wink for Enka, "Most of them- not the freshest batches. I wouldn't be all dolled up otherwise!" Idris is happy enough to join Zi'on's circle, and laughs at him, "You know, he's going to turn out leading the weyr someday, the way no one remembers his name now- think you're bound for greatness, Patori?" Idris grins at the boy as he leaves. "Don't forget to come back! Do play, Kiley, it'll be fun!"

Enka laughs cheerfully then. "Faranth's tail fork, I'd be more worried about /me/ bein' embarrassed in front of Enka than you," Kiley gets a reassuring smile. In other words, the goldrider's not likely to be embarrassed by herself in anyway, no matter than she's been drinking a nice punch with a bit of something else in it. So by all means, the game should be a nice safe one. "Oh aye, we know." she nods over at Zi'on, taking a seat and munching at the last of her pie, crumbs left across her lips which she dusts away and gives Idris a sudden going over. "Most of 'em eh? Well, I don't suppose you'd happen to know if the recipe was in the cookbooks in the kitchens?" Which is a sort of roundabout way of asking for it. Without coming out and saying it, of course.

Zi'on is not going to be the only male playing. So Patori is stuck! "Come here guy. What's your name?" He waves him closer. Closer Patori, closer. The bronzer laughs at Idris. "Nah. That ain't in my blood." He noms a bit of food. "Alright, since this is Enka's party, she gets to go first. Truth or Dare, Enka?" That's not exactly Enka going first really, that's more like Zi'on going first and Enka being the first victim of the bronzer's game.

Kiley gives Zi'on a look, frowning visibly and pouting as he automatically enters her into the game despite her protests. She heaves a sigh and settles down onto the ground near by the bronzerider with her fingers quickly shifting into the sand to make some shapes on the ground. Her gaze flickers towards Idris and she shakes her head, "this game and games like it lead to… Things." There's no elaboration on that front, instead looking towards Enka and giving a sheepish little smile. "Thank you, Enka…" Her gaze drops and she avoids watching, though she is most certainly listening to the game.

"Games like this usually end up with me hanging upside down in a tree from my beltloops," is mumbled at the computercrafter, as Patori hears her comment, moving to sit near the bonfire and settling the skewer somewhere so the stuff on it can cook, the sizzling starting up almost immediately as it ends up a little too close. He quickly shifts it back to a safer spot and then blinking in confusion at Idris' words about weyrleaders and greatness. There's a glance back at Zi'on, and a mumbled, "Patori," in answer to his name. He settles quietly, though, apparently resigned to be a part of this, turning to watch Enka become the first vi- er, player.

"Well, naturally there are bubbly recipes in the kitchens," Idris counters smoothly, smiling pleasantly— innocently, even. Mama didn't raise no fool! "You definitely going to compete next gather?" The baker starts to take a seat facing Enka, then straightens up again, "Better get me a beverage before we get gaming!" She's away and back in no time, two cups in hand- one of 'special' punch, the other water. She takes her seat just as Zi'on begins the game. "What's wrong with Things, Kiley? Things are fun!"

There's a rather fond look on Enka's face now, the goldrider settling into her chair with a rather comfortable wiggle. "You know … /Things/ aren't so bad. It's not like the game's goin' to get wildly out of hand. When I was a candidate, we had a truth or dare game and …" she claps a hand over her mouth. "Ooops. Was about to tell you what happened." And they were bad bad little candidates, sneaking out to look at the eggs and having a boozefest — breaking the rules even! — in the hidden cavern overlooking the sands. "Well, it wasn't as bad as you think." Just the sort of thing that would get them kicked out of candidacy. She's a victim! Zi'on's victim! "Truth," she shoots out. "I can take a good one." There is a warning glare for the bronzer though, and if she had telepathy, she'd be telling him not to air any dirty laundry. Something silly and funny, that's good, but certain /things/ were best left unmentioned.

Zi'on dismisses Kiley's concerns. "Don't worry, Kiley. Nothin's gonna happy to you. Shards, don't you even trust me a little?" He pouts back at the computer crafter. Two can play at that game! "We won't hang you upside-down Patori." The bronzer considers Enka's choice and taps his chin a bit. "Hm. Alright. If you had to sleep with a woman, any woman alive, NOT yourself… who would you sleep with and why?" The bronzer grins. He feels pleased with this question. Yes. Very pleased. And no dirty laundry! Just a dirty hypothetical.

Kiley looks over towards Patori with an uplift of her brows, questioning his statement. Her mouth opens and then closes but saying nothing more on it as attention shifts towards Idris. She shakes her head quietly, though doesn't protest the other girl's statements besides that, simply turning attention back to the ground and drawing a little more in the sand. Pause. Her gaze lifts to consider Enka, brows lifting when her hand clasps over her mouth. "Oh. Ah…" Nod, "okay." She is simply partially open to the thought. She hasn't run away yet. "if you say so, Zi'on. I trust /you/, I don't trust the things that will be asked." And lo and behold, a question that turns the computer crafter a dark shade of red, avoiding eye contact with everyone and her hands lifting to cover her ears. Yep, not listening.

Patori doesn't look like he believes Zi'on, but after a glance at Idris and Kiley, the weyrbrat settles to watch the show. Eyebrows do sneak up for the question the bronzer asks Enka, and Pat quickly hides a grin behind his hand, turning to very carefully turn the kabob he has cooking, and making sure the thing isn't burning too badly.

What? She /can't/ sleep with herself? The very idea! Enka would make herself a very satisfactory lover. Honest to Faranth. The goldrider does notice the rather obvious blushes from Kiley, and the look from Patori, and grins from ear to ear. Hey, it's a bit of a risque question, but at least it's nothing something that has the potential to be really incriminating or something. "Oh, I don't know," the goldrider begins, "there's so many choices, but I suppose, Hasha maybe." She names the greenrider girl who impressed in the same clutch. "Because she was such a good cook. She'd keep me well fed." she chuckles slightly giving the bronzer a rather forward stare.

Zi'on pats Kiley. "Don't worry, it's just a game. No one takes any of this seriously. You can always do a dare, too." Then you don't get the embarrassing questions, you just get embarrassed. Kiley seemed to be embarrassed about 73% of the time, anyways. There's a grin to Pat. The bronzer knows better than to leave things open ended so Enka could squeak out of an actual answer. "Hasha, hm? I don't know her." But now he'll look her up. "Okay Enka, your turn to ask someone, then."

Kiley drops her hands when it looks as if Enka is done with her answer, relaxing a bit and then peeking at Zi'on as he pats her. "But then something else will be done which could be just as bad." It is a lose-lose situation in her book! She is holdbred, and her poor holdbred sensibilities are battered at constantly, especially around a certain bronnzerider.

Enka would be very naughty indeed if she were to start talking about about sleeping with women again once Kiley's uncovered her ears. Something along the lines of 'and it was the best time I ever had when we kissed' or something. Would that wound holdbred sensibilities further? It's like a clash right there, weyrbred wildness and holder morals. Who would win? "She might still be back up at Ista," Enka suggests, "Unless she went runnin' off to Faranth knows where. But you better be careful, when she was proddy, she had a knife… this big." And Enka's holding her hands out to demonstrate. "You'd probably be better stayin' clear of her." Fine, her turn. Turnabout's fair play, and she really ought to get back at Zi'on, but well, she'll do that later and seek out another victim instead. "Well then Kiley, what'll it be? Truth or dare?"

Idris listens, fascinated. There's only the faintest hint of a blush, but she's weyrbred through and through so it doesn't bother her overmuch to hear suggestive topics- hearing it from the weyrwoman, though? Little out there! "Much to be said for a girl who can cook, eh?" the baker grins at Enka, and peers at Kiley for which challenge she'll accept.

Patori continues to turn the skewer every now and then, eyebrows lifting for Enka's answer there, though he doesn't appear to recognize the name either, settling back and watching the game unfold. He's quiet, for the most part, though he sees Zi'on's grin and doesn't lookj at all reassured. Wary, thy name is Pat. Eyes do widen when Enka motions to show how big the knife was, absently shifting back a bit. Scary. His gaze turns to Kiley when she's selected as the next victim, and there's another half-hidden grin.

Poor Kiley. Zi'on is a big fat jerk to her and she should stop hanging out with him! Or something. Actually if she threatened it Zi'on would probably stop being a jerk to her. Since Enka's turn is over and there's no extra embarrassing of Kiley, the bronzer goes back to his food. He blinks at Enka. "A knife? What the shards did she do with a knife that big? Disembowel the flight winner?" Though Enka is likely just telling Zi'on that he'd better not go looking for her. "Girls who can bake are my favorite." He winks to Idris. "I've got a sweet tooth."

Oh my. That would be an interesting thing indeed. Kiley would certainly lose that battle. The talk of proddiness and knifes, well, that has her tensing visibly as she attempts to keep her attention everywhere /but/ on the game. But her name draws her back in and she casts an owlish look to Enka, and blinking those wide eyes. "Uh. Umm…" Pause, blink and then she's frowning. "Truth… No. Uhm. Dare. No… Truth…" A helpless little look crosses her face before the final decision is made. "Truth."

It's true, it's true. She had that big a knife. "Shelled if I know," Enka states flatly. "All I remember was her stabbin' that thing into a bit of chicken. Bet she woulda stabbed the flight winner too." Oi. Zi'on gets a bit of a teasing grin. "And now you know why he spends so much time with me." The baking thing. Among others. Cough. The goldrider fixes Kiley with an expectant stare, waiting for her to sort things out and make up her mind. "All right, truth then." She pauses, wrinkling her nose. Should she ask something truly risque and off color? Would it be enough to make the computer crafter run off screaming? Better safe than sorry. "Describe your ideal idea of a date." a pause. "With a boy." Just in case Kiley was like wondering otherwise that is.

Zi'on also looks to Kiley. He chuckles at bit as she tries to decide her fate. Then he blinks at Enka. "Uh… Alright…" There were some crazies at Ista. Suddenly the greenrider sounds… not so fun. She might end up putting Zi'on on the dinner menu or something. The bronzer listens to Enka's question and wrinkles his nose. A question about a date? He tries to think of his own perfect date. He laughs at Enka's little addendum.

A harried-looking girl from the kitchens squeezes through the crowd and bends down by Idris, murmuring in the baker's ear. There's a hint of alarm in Idris's expression as she grimaces and nods. She shrugs at the game players, "Time to go make sure my station isn't destroyed!" There's a lively grin as the girl rises, and nods to those gathered. "Someone think of a good dare for me next time, hmm? Catch you later!" The messenger is already scurrying back toward the caverns, and Idris is hot on her tail.

Kiley winces at Enka's story, "I'd hope not…" Shudder. The computer crafter gives a slight shake of her head before she listens to Enka's question. She goes to answer but quickly shuts her mouth for the add on then to consider quietly. "Something quiet, having dinner together is always nice. Or doing some programming together, that is fun, too." Though considering that her boyfriend is another computer crafter, this answer shouldn't be too surprising. "Or both, dinner and programming. With some soft music." Pleased with her answer, she beams another smile at the woman.

"Considerin' the winner was another girl, I'm not sure if she did or not. Wouldn't have been anythin' to threaten to cut off, y'know." Yeah, Enka just has to turn the subject back /that/ way, doesn't she? Offended holder morals, ahoy! She gives a cheeky grin at the computer crafter, and awaits the answer to her reply. Which is enough to leave the goldrider speechless. At least for a moment or two. She /really/ ought to have asked a naughtier question. "Boy," Enka lets out a whistle. "that's really…. really … really…" she pauses, shaking her head. "Not somethin' I'd want to do." The goldrider might say more, but she's suddenly glancing back towards the Weyr. "Whoops, Mir needs me." There's her cue. But she's not going alone right? "The rest of you can all keep partyin'." she waves a hand generously before crooking a finger at Zi'on. "You wanna walk me back? We could talk more about this truth or dare thing. Might have to dare ya to do somethin'." Only she's not telling. So party strong, folks, cause it's fun stuff, yo.

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