Oysters At Sunrise

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge

As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.

The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

"You won't get a better price, fresh oysters just caught this morning and look." The long legged teen spills a woven net over the counter in the early morning light, Rukbat's reddish glow painting the world as it peers over the horizon. There's a warm breeze in the air carrying the scent of salt and seaweed, and Tanit is already at work, short tousled hair catching in the breeze as she stares down one of the cooks intently. The oyster in question gets split with a flash of a steel knife, and expert fingers jab at the flesh to extrude a single dark pearl. "You won't find many in this batch, but it would help recoup the costs of the catch." She holds up two fingers. "Easiest purchase for you of the day. Satisfaction guaranteed."

Sevran is up at an ungodly hour. Un-Faranthly hour? Whatever. He's up early, and looking non-too-happy for it, either, given the bed-tossed hair that has yet to be combed, and the dark-ringed eyes that blink and squint in the early morning light. It may be worth a note that his boots are missing and he's going barefoot with pants rolled halfway to his knee. Why is he at the bar so early, presumably before the bar is even gonna start selling drinks? Unclear. But he heads that-a-way, especially when he hears a new-but-familiar voice. He'll just kinda peek curiously over her shoulder, catching the glint of that mucus-y sand grain that passes for jewelry, and lift an eyebrow. Hm.

A few more minutes of dickering and Tanit comes away with enough for drinks and breakfast, though it seems that she has several left from what didn't sell. It only takes another minute, and she's set up at a table with a bottle of something, a few yellow citrus fruits and the same silver knife used earlier, flipping it over and cracking open a shell expertly, after a few prods of the knife to ensure there isn't a pearl. she squeezes the citrus onto the half shell and then downs it greedily in a gulp. It's really only after this, that she notices Sev and waves. "Morning!"

"You're one of those annoying morning people, aren't you?" asks Sevran as he flops himself down, uninvited, into the seat across from Tanit. Blinky-blink. He rubs at his eyes briefly, yawns exponentially, and then seems to be a bit more awake. "And been busy," he adds, bobbing head to counter and then table to indicate her score.

Tanit grins unrepentantly. "Maybe I am, while you seem to be one of those grumps?" She pops another oyster with a series of quick knife strokes passing over the half shell to share her breakfast. The bottle gets uncorked, and she pours a little into a glass. "I wanted to get a feel for the bay before the fishing boats stir everything up." Tanit admits knocking back the liquid with a sigh.

"I'm not grumpy," grumps Sevran, feigning a pout. But really though, he's improving rapidly with more awake-time. The offer of an oyster is eagerly accepted, Sevran reaching for a citrus slice even as he takes the offered half-shell. A squeeze over the top, and then down the hatch. "Ah. I love living near the water," he says in satisfaction. He quickly licks his fingers and shrugs a shoulder. "Makes sense," for getting a feel of the bay. "Gonna be good hunting?" cause that's what you say to someone diving for stuff, right? Hunting?

The protest earns a laugh, warm and good natured. "Hard to say, it will take me a few months to learn the bay and figure out where I can harvest without stepping on too many toes. The last thing I need is some guild bonded dolt causing issues because they think I'm poaching." A huff, as the knife works again, shelling the rest of the oysters, about a baker's dozen, and then laying them out for the candidate to help himself as he wishes. It's a sure sign of friendship given just how much the girl can eat on her own. "I did note a lot of crabs though, and there's a nice stretch of beach that's perfect for bonfires."

Sevran knows nothing of such things, so he will just take her word for it and add a sympathetic, "Yeah. That would suck," for being accused of poaching. The offer of a shared breakfast is eagerly accepted, though he'll careful to make sure he only takes half (or less), moving slowly. Slurp. "You catch crabs too? Cause this is starting to sound like a great idea." Bonfire. Food. Mostly food. "Never fished for anything except actual fish before. And I'm lousy enough at that, think I'll stick with what I know. But you give me a poke if you want a really good cut of red meat." Slurp. "Did this a lot back home?"

"Sometimes, though I think it's better to use traps for them, but you do find them now and then." She notes continuing on her meal. "Kind of like festival nights back home. Roast pork, shrimp, crab, " Is she drooling? Hopefully not. "It isn't difficult really, the trick is not coming up too quick and getting sick, or going down too quick for that matter." At mention of meat she eyes him, "I will hold you to that. I'd kill to have a real steak. I've heard it's amazing."

"Ah, I've seen those things," the traps. "They look like little cages with mesh, yeah?" Sevran reaches for another citrus slice, careful in his squeeze of it over the next shell. "Ugh, stop. This is the only breakfast I'm gonna have today, and it's gotta last till lunch. Don't make me hungry." Cause yeah, those things sound amazing. Slurp. "Hm," swallow, "You're the expect. I've never dived down-down. Just, ya know, off rocks and stuff." Shrug. "Taline might know about it though. You'd probably have lots to talk about with her." And then to explain, "She's a dolphineer. Well, right now she's a candidate." As for steaks, he just grins. "It's a deal. Just let me know and I'll make sure to slip into the kitchens and set it aside for you. Hey, I'll even cook it for you, if you want."

There's a nod for cages because she's eating. But, the only breakfast?! Tanit stares at the youth suspiciously nodding when he mentions the all important food. "I thought the weyr fed everybody, cafeteria style." She'd been plotting to stop by later herself, this turn of events prompts the menu getting pulled out and splayed in front of Sevran. A long fingertip taping at it, indicating he should pick out whatever else he wants, though likely should expect to share some of it. "Seems like there's a lot of you candidates." She notes with a laugh though the offer earns him a wide grin. "I will hold you to that. I know fish and shellfish, and occasionally pork. I would likely ruin a steak if I tried it on my own."

"They do," Sevran assures her quickly. "But this early in the morning, it's kinda slim pickings. I'm not a fan of Klah, so I got a glass of juice before I came out here. But otherwise, I figured it would be better to get some fishing out of the way first, before eating a big meal." Even if he's doing exactly zero fishing right now, and is eyeballing the menu quite fiercely. "You pick. I'll split it," he offers. "You can put it on my tab." That he may or may not have already going. As for candidates, he just grins a wry, lopsided grin across the table at her. "Yeah, there are. Pro'bly about thirty-five to fourty of us? Maybemore?" Shrug. "There're ten eggs, but the dragons need choices," or so he's been told. "Will this be your first Hatching?" He can't remember if she said that already.

"It's on me today, and you can buy the next time." She laughs, eyeing over the menu, "You still have to share though. I haven't eaten here before, so I don't know what's good." As for candidates, Tanit nods at the mention of the hatching. "My cousin's green is the first one I've even seen up close, I've never been to a hatching. But if Thread is supposed to be gone for good, what exactly is it that dragons do now?" She wonders pointing at a few different items on the menu.

"Anything caught fresh," is Sevran's quick response for her question about the menu choices. "Though we may be a bit early for that. They usually bring in the catch mid-morning." They are very early patrons, though who's gonna refuse a customer? "Eggs?" is his second option. Cause who can go wrong with eggs? He slurps down another oyster, then pushes back to indicate the rest are for her to finish. "Well," says Sev thoughtfully, "There are lots of things they do. The Weyr provides services such as transport and delivery - much safer to have a Dragon take your merchandise from place to place, in the blink of an eye, than risk it on the road." Of course, the cost of that is not mentioned. "Search and rescue is another one. Half Moon Bay helped when there was that explosion," he points out, fully expecting her to know what he's talking. "Then, there are dragonriders who make themselves useful other ways. Not all are bound to the Weyr, so some of them provide rides," again, probably a very expensive taxi service. "Probably some of them enforce the law," but now he's guessing a little. Shrug."There are also lots of 'riders who are in the crafts as well."

Tanit grins, and orders another round of oysters, eggs, salad, and crusty bread with a soft center, enough at least hopefully to fill them both, "Ok sounds good!" Because who jokes around when it comes to food? She refills her juice glass and grabs a clean one and passes the bottle over to Sev. "I see, I think." She says for what work the weyrs accomplish. "Seems like a different world altogether from what I'm used to, I guess if you could continue your craft or live normally in every other respect - standing wouldn't be as great a sacrifice as it was in the days of thread fighting." She lifts a shoulder glancing out over the glittering lagoon, "What are the other candidates like? There was another girl when I had to leave I never caught her name."

Sevran is happy to start digging in, going for those eggs first. He'll carefully divide the portion in twain, pushing half her direction before he liberally salts and peppers his half before lifting his fork. He chews thoughtfully, bobbing his head in agreement. "S'not," he agrees. Swallow. "It's not like it was, but it's still a sacrifice," he states, a new note of seriousness, and maybe wistfulness, in his voice. "It's tough, being a Candidate. The rules. The change. It can be rough." Shrug. "But Impression is worth it. I've seen plenty of that," growing up in the Weyr. "But Weyrlinghood's no joke either. They still train 'em as if it were the old days. For the sake of tradition." Crusty bread is taken, broken in half as evenly as possible, and offered to Tanit. "Catwin," he supplies.

Two teens sit at one of the Tiki lounge tables now overflowing with food, Oysters on the half shell, eggs, bread, there's even a bowl of crispy leafy vegetables and a bottle of fruit juice present in the warm golden morning as a pleasant breeze shifts around the lagoon. "Catwin." She echoes the name filing it away for later. "I don't know that I see the appeal, but then I've not lived around them myself." Tanit notes of dragons, thoughtfully digging into her portion of the eggs, and chewing on her portion of bread thoughtfully. "What would you be giving up if you did? Are the rules really that difficult to live with?" Ever curious, ever full of questions.

"Sex. Alcohol. Freedom," says Sevran of the rules of candidacy. "Basically, you're Weyrbound until the Hatching. You're limited in where you can go, and when you can go there. Limited in your dealigs with people," and he'll use an example she may have picked upon. "Kassala and Rio. They'v ehad to put their relationship on hold why they Stand. They aren't the only ones," but of it being worth it? Sevran just grins. "Wait until you see the Hatching. Then you may understand," though he does add, around a mouthful of bread as he bites off a chunk, "Plus, flying sounds like a ton of fun."

When you have a day off it's important to start the day early to get the maximum use out of it. And any good day should start with breakfast! It's the most important meal of the day after all. Baylee breathes in that morning air as she steps into the lounge to see about the aforementioned breakfast. Sevran is easy to spot amidst the sparse group that is here. She waves to him, though refrains from approaching. Hopefully he has calmed since the infirmary incident that happened the other day.

"Sex seems like it might be overrated honestly," Tanit notes, squeezing a bit of lemon over another oyster. "Alcohol, can be fun but I've seen too many people drink themselves into a really stupid stupor and wake with one too many regrets. But I could see how freedom might be a frustrating thing to lose?" A movement catches her eye, and she nods in Baylee's direction, "Another friend of yours?"

"It's not," overrated. But that's all Sevran will say on that particular subject. A mouthful of eggs vanishes into his mouth, and he offers only an agreeing 'MmHm,' a slightly disagreeing "MmMm" for the next few moments as he chews. "You also tend to become really cheap labor for the Weyr," he notes, but it's in good humor. At Baylee's wave, he lifts his hand (fork included) and gives her a little wave back. "Yeah," for being his friend. "Baylee." By the looks of him, he's in a decent mood; if a bit groggy and sleep deprived. His boots are gone, and his pants are rolled up to halfway to his knee; sand clings to leg and foot. He'll bob his head towards the seat beside him at the table, a clear invitation if she wants to accept it.

Seeing that Sevran is in a good mood, at least from outward appearances, Baylee crosses the distance to the seat and sits herself in it, "Morning." she says to him as she looks across the table to the woman sitting there, "Hi." she says with a smile, "I'm Baylee." she says by way of introductions. Her attention then falls back to Sevran, "Is this your sister?" she asks making the most obvious guess. He'd mentioned that she was at the weaver hall and maybe she came for a visit? Though her focus then shifts to the food, "Wow. Thats alot of breakfast."

Tanit shrugs, it's one of those things they will probably agree to disagree on. "Makes a kind of economic sense for them I suppose, they take on a few dozen extra mouths, may as well put them to work type of situation?" Baylee is given a smile of greeting once she arrives and is given a name. She'll dig into the veggies now too, ensuring a well-rounded breakfast. The question earns Sevran a look and a grin, "Do we really look that much alike?"

"Yup," agrees Sevran. "It makes really good sense, actually. And it's not that bad. The chores aren't hard; some can be physically demanding, but it's all menial labor. Nothing too brain-heavy." He'll push the last of his eggs onto his fork with an index finger, carefully piling it high before attempting to put it in his mouth. Pause. "No," he says, of Tanit being his sister, though there's a grin for both of them. "Maybe it's the hair?" Maybe? But really, "I think it's cause they," Baylee and Co," know that I have a million sisters and it's not a stretch to assume one of them would pop in on my unexpectedly." And into his mouth goes that bite, leaving Tanit to introduce herself.

It seems that they are talking of the joys of candidacy. Baylee nods when both reject the notion of Tanit's sisterhood. "Ok." she says, "Though I do expect we'll meet some of them someday." After all with the hatching coming up it wouldn't be too hard to believe that some fo his family will come into town and we'll get a glimpse! The mystery of just who Tanit is remains unsolved but that will come in time, "I have the day off and I figured I'd get an early start." she says mostly to Sev but the comment is general enough for the whole table, "Looks like you both are getting a good start too."

"Maybe?" Raking a free hand through her chin length disheveled locks. "Or we both are kind of lanky I guess." At the mention of his sisters, Tanit grimaces slightly "I thought to have a bajillion cousins was bad enough; I can't imagine having to live with some of them." As Sev does with his sisters. "Tanit, out of Black Moon Bay. " The pearl diver supplies with a flash of teeth in a smile, before returning to her food. "Are you a candidate as well?"

Sevran does not have the day off, despite appearances. If he had the day off, Baylee could be sure he would still be snoozing away in his cot, dead to the world. Alas, he is here. But thankfully, there was a kind visitor who offered to feed him. Said visitor gets a wide grin, mirth dancing behind his grey eyes. "I assure you, they are just delightful," and he will leave it at that. "Do you want some?" offers Sevran, although it's technically not his food to offer. Oh well. He reaches for the oysters now, carefully dividing them with a 'one for you, one for me' type of count, pushing them this way and that with his index finger.

Baylee nods to Tanit's question, "Yes. I'm a candidate just like Sev here. It isn't glamourous. But we get to touch the eggs sometimes so there's something." Not to mention the time will come soon enough when they are standing out on the sands with those eggs and their futures will be changed, or not! Depends on the will of the hatchlings. Sev's offer of food is met with a smile as well, "Sure." she says, never one to turn down food when offered. "What brings you to the weyr Tanit?" Baylee asks.

Maybe Tanit's expression says enough for what she might think about 'delightful' sisters. If she's unhappy about sharing there certianly isn't any indication of it as Sevran divides out the oysters. "My Cousin T'san is letting me stay with him to see the hatching, and I'm enjoying a chance to see a little more of pern than the Island I was born on." She watches Baylee thoughtfully as she eats another oyster.

The mention of touching the eggs gets a decidedly unflattering snort from Sevran. He clearly does not share Baylee's views on that particular part of Candidate luxury. "You'll find that most of my friends are candidates," he tells Tanit, "If just because we spend so much time together, we're practically blood by now," and he flashes Baylee an affectionate grin.

Baylee takes one of the oysters to give it a try and judging by the smile on her face she likes it well enough. Sev's snort earns him a slight shake of the head, "Some of them are quite nice. Though some aren't." It's a real fifty fifty sort of thing, "We can't be too dismissive though. You might find that one of them chooses you." Some of the candidates will actually impress after all! "Traveling is good. I came from the weaverhall myself. Lots of people are coming in from other places it seems." Living in the barracks does make for friendships, "Except for Heyyu."

Tanit laughs deep and throaty. "I suppose that is a side effect of candidacy then isn't it?" She says of being friends and near family. "What was the weaverhall like?" Tanit ponders, falling back into the rhythm of eating her oysters and finishing off the last of her bread and veggies.

There are no words for Heyyu. Sevran is just gonna pretend Baylee did not bring him up. "Yeah, but it makes sense," he adds, considering, "Ten of us are going to Impress. It's good for us to learn to get along living together now," before they add baby dragons to the mix. An oyster is lifted, slurped, swallowed an enjoyed. Mm. When Tanit voices her question, his grey eyes flash to Baylee, perhaps just as interested in the answer.

There /really/ are no words for Heyyu. At least not in any language that Baylee knows. "It's the same really but different." is Baylee's elucidating reply. Though she decides that more is probably needed to fill in the gaps and so she says, "We have classes and things and work. It's pretty far away too. The rules are pretty much the same and so is the schedule. Just the content." Which probably makes very little sense too, "The people are nice there. If I don't impress I'm going to try to move here though soon as I make Journeyman."

"Heyyu?" Because with that much silence, there must be a story right? "I've never been outside the western isles, but we trade for some of the dyes." Her voice takes on a dreamy quality, as if envisioning such things. Then a thought dawns on her and dark green eyes focus on Sev. "Hey, maybe you should cook that stake before the hatching." Because otherwise…

Heyyu is… an acquired taste. Maybe that's what the silence says? But what Sevran says is, "He is harmless, but… overwhelmingly…" pause. "Muscle-y. And shiny?" is that a thing? "He'll flirt with anything that walks on two legs, but really, he's harmless." Harmless. "I'm sure you'll see him at some point. He's a huge guy. Beastcrafter." Maybe that explains it. Another oyster down with a quick swallow. "And no sweat. I'll make it for you tonight, if you want."

"What he said." Baylee responds. "I think he likes you though Sev." Of that she is sure. Baylee takes another of the oysters and downs it while looking to the butcher, "Steak huh?" Is there going to be some Candidate Cookout that she hasn't heard about? "After the hatching is over maybe you'll get the chance to do some traveling and see some things that you haven't seen before. There is a whole big world out there." Most of which she hasn't seen either.

"Seems like every town has one of those too." She says of the endless flirt, but takes a mental note for later. "He has a skin oil problem?" Because that's what shiny means right? As for the promised steak dinner, her smile grows only wider, "It is a date." Well, maybe not a date, date, but then again sometimes Tanit is completely oblivious to the way words might be taken. Of the world beyond the islands, Tanit grins. "I may yet; there are so many places to see. Seems like the more I see, the more I realize I've got a lot to learn."

"Sorta," says Sevran for the skin-oil. "Except it's not his skin that provides it. He likes to use this… stuff. I dunno what it's called. But the guy seems to think shiny is a good look." Sevran disagrees. He swallows the last of his oysters and stands, grabbing his neglected half-roll of bread. "Thanks for the meal, Tanit. I feel a lot more awake. But if I don't get my ass to the dock pronto, they're probably gonna flay me." He's mostly joking. "I'll find you later for your steak," he promises. "Enjoy your day off, Baylee."

Baylee waves to Sev as he takes off for whatever chore awaits him today. "Bye Sev!" she says, leaving just Tanit and Baylee at the table. "A date huh?" she asks. Interesting! "I didn't know that Sevran had a girlfriend. Thought that maybe he and Cat were a thing." The endless barracks romance speculation! It is real and runs rampant.

"Ew." Just, "Ew." Is all Tanit has for the idea of Mr. Shiny. Both Sevran's thanks and the promise of steak are given a wide toothy smile, and Tanit is left with Baylee and the awkward words which follow. Two owlish blinks and then it dawns on her, "I think you've gotten something mixed up, Baylee. I'm not Sev's sister, and I sure as the red star ain't his girlfriend either. He just promised me a steak in exchange for breakfast." Her gaze follows the youth until he's out of site with a headshake. "Don't know him or anyone else here well enough for talk of courting."

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Baylee waves to Sev as he takes off for whatever chore awaits him today. "Bye Sev!" she says, leaving just Tanit and Baylee at the table. "A date huh?" she asks. Interesting! "I didn't know that Sevran had a girlfriend. Thought that maybe he and Cat were a thing." The endless barracks romance speculation! It is real and runs rampant.
"Ew." Just, "Ew." Is all Tanit has for the idea of Mr. Shiny. Both Sevran's thanks and the promise of steak are given a wide toothy smile, and Tanit is left with Baylee and the awkward words which follow. Two owlish blinks and then it dawns on her, "I think you've gotten something mixed up, Baylee. I'm not Sev's sister, and I sure as the red star ain't his girlfriend either. He just promised me a steak in exchange for breakfast." Her gaze follows the youth until he's out of site with a headshake. "Don't know him or anyone else here well enough for talk of courting."

Sevran goes home.

"Eww describes him perfectly." Baylee says with a smile. He can now be Hey-eww! That shall be his candidate nickname! She listens as Tanit explains the Sev steak situation and nods, "Ok. I get it." she says with a gentle shrug, "Sev's a nice guy when he isn't all angsty about something." She takes another of the oysters, "I'm sure you'll find that you like it here. It grows on you after awhile."

Citayzleat wanders into the tiki lounge, from the lagoon.

Baylee and Tanit sit at one of the tables, ground zero for what was a massive breakfast, chatting as the morning progresses. "I didn't figure him for angsty?" Tanit notes of Sev, replaying her earlier impressions of the butcher turned candidate. "Honestly Half Moon Bay isn't all that different than where I'm from, familiar enough to be comfortable, and just different enough to cause trouble."

"If you stay away from talking about glitter you'll be fine. He's sensitive about it." Baylee says of the departed candidate. "He really is nice though." She adds just wanting to make sure the point gets across. "Cause trouble?" she asks with a hint of curiosity in her voice, "I haven't found that it is too troulble inducing, though I spend most of my days working or studying so there might be stuff that I miss."

It's a blanket monster! Oh no! It's going to ea — grab a massive mug of tea, actually, and shuffle over to the giant breakfastsplosion. Wearing a throw blanket like a cape, the candidate grabs the nearest foods to her face and sticks them on a plate, staring listlessly over the table. "Don't we have enough trouble?" Cita groans mournfully, and shoves an entire sausage roll into her mouth. Mmmm. Delicate flower, here. Glitter? That gets something like a twitch from the healer still sporting glitter all over. Well. Most things.

"I never said otherwise?" Tanit notes of Sev with a soft chuckle. "Well, I think I spent the entire first day trying to find my cousin, who proceeded to chide me about hitching a boat ride over rather than waiting for him to come get me." Tanit admits her gaze drifting to catch view of… well she's not really sure what that thing in the blankets is, other than suspiciously sparkly, so pardon her if she inches away slowly. "Let me guess, another candidate?" Tanit asks of Baylee.

Baylee nods her head, "Yep. There are alot of us." At least the full barracks make it feel like alot of them sometimes, "Morning Citayzleat." she says first before continuing, "Are you ok?" she asks. Trouble they probably have enough off, it's time that seems to be always in short supply, "I can see where you'd be anxious to get out and look around and not wait."

Cita can't drink the too-hot tea, yet, so she just kind of clutches the mug like it might save her life, staring down at her plate of random food items. She finishes chewing the roll, huffs, eyebrows rising a little. "Not an auspicious start. Half Moon is too pretty to not enjoy." The healer actually smiles, even if it is kind of creaky and tired-stiff. She huffs, throwing the smile sidelong to Baylee after the last, nose wrinkling. "Morning. I'm…" Long, loving gaze leveled at her tea. "Will be fine, shortly. Late night studying."

"Bless you." Tanit deadpans when Baylee gives the blanket monster a name. "I don't know if I'd call it anxious as much as I'm just used to being able to do things for myself." The diver admits still watching the blanket monster curiously. "Do you continue your craft studies while a candidate?"
All the late late nights and early starts do start to take a toll after awhile, "Ahhhh." Baylee says to her fellow candidate. "I'm sure the tea will help." Though tea is not a good replacement for sleep. She smiles to Citayzleat encouragingly. "Do you at least get a day off today?" Hopefully? Tanit's question elicits a shrug, "I think some of us do depending on what we were doing before. I'm taking a break to focus on this but if I don't impress I'll probably go back right away to continue work. Not immediately maybe but pretty close."
Dignified, the blanket monster glares with only a slight degree of murderousness at the diver — who can really manage a good glare without their first cup of tea or klah, honestly. "If that's a glitter joke…" She begins ominously, taking a cautious sip of her tea and making a face. Ow. "Cita's easier on the syllables." Huff. The smile is back after a moment, though, sharp and amused; she's kidding. Honest. No spleens are unsafe here. "Kitchens." Shrug. Not the worst it could be. "Did you?" The candidate pauses to shove more food of uncertain description into her mouth, chewing like a ravenous canine. "I'm working still, when I can. What do you do?" That's for Tanit, politeness at least a little bit remembered.

"I never joke about glitter." Tanit flashes her brightest grin at the blanket monster in response to the glare. For the most part, however, Tanit falls quiet, chewing on another oyster. "I'm a tourist you could say; I dive back home. "

No one jokes about glitter anymore. At least not in the barracks. Baylee nods, "Yeah. Figured I'd get up early to make as much use of it as I could." Which is why she is here with Tanit, "Kitchens aren't so bad." There are worse chores in the rotation that they have all experienced. "That sounds like it would be interesting." Diving she means, "What sort of things do you go looking for when you dive?"

Cita's grin flashes on the tail end of a tremendous yawn, rueful and amused. "Sharding damn glitter." DEATH. Murder! Dishonor. The healer mutters a few garbled invectives about the glitter, glancing mournfully in Baylee's direction — she understands the pain. "Tourist? Welcome! We're…" Beat. "Well, it's early in the day, yet. Still. It's not snowing here." Which really, when you think about it, is the only thing that matters. At least to the wild-haired blanket monster. "We have to wake up early to really enjoy our days off." Is Cita's sorrowful sigh, but she huffs under her breath, slouching sideways on the palm of her hand. "No, they're not. Wouldn't advise eating in the 'caverns today, though."

"Pearls, Oysters, sometimes you can go harpoon fishing, but I like diving best." Tanit answers easily enough. "You are from a place where it snows? Tanit interjects eyes lighting up curiously. "Why not?"
The glitter pain is real! Baylee nods knowingly to the mournful glance and turns her attention back toward Tanit in time to hear her answer, "Oh. That does sound like that would be fun. Pearls are pretty." Hence the reason people go to such greath lengths to get them. "But this won't go on forever." Baylee says with optimism in her voice, "The eggs will hatch and we will impress or not and then new adventures begin." The warning about the caverns earns Cita and odd look, "Why?" she asks cautiously. With everything that has been happening she will not be surprised for any answer the healer gives.

Diving for pearls! That gets raised eyebrows from the healer-candidate, a curious tilt of her head. "Isn't that dangerous? Shells, harpoons…" Fast sticks with knives. Nope. "That's worse than hunting." Cita grumbles, shakes her head. Nope. Nope nope nope. None of any of that, thank you. "Snows at the healer hall. Sharding Fort. Avoid it if you can." Not that she's biased towards her home, without any snow ever. Nooo. As for avoiding the caverns, Cita heaves a sigh, trying another sip of her tea. Still no. "Well, I'm on with Girtal. Last time, the idiot sneezed in the roast. Also…" Beat. Shifty look. "I'm not a good cook."

"No more dangerous than a lot of other professions." Tanit hedges, though it's possible, she's never really thought of it as dangerous. "Do you think many of you will stay on at Half Moon Bay after the hatching is done?" Leaning back in the chair and looking out at the sky thoughtfully. "Never been away from the isles. I'd like to see snow though." And maybe a great number of other things and places.

"I do hope to get back here eventually. I'll have to go back though for awhile. At least till I can get assigned here, but that doesn't mean I can't visit and things. There are lots of good reasons to stick around here." Baylee has more than a few that pop to mind. "I can do without snow. It's fun to see but not fun to live with." Cita's explaination is good in the sense that no disaster struck but still…icky. "I'll maybe just eat our here for today." Safer that way.

Cita-monster can only incline her head; that's fair, really. Scarfing her way through a slice of egg-vegetable pie, the healer hums, speaking once she's done with the food. "You're right." She admits, first, then grins, sudden and broadly. "Half Moon's my home. I'm posted here." The healer beams, a little sparkly and possibly a little wild around the edges with still-early exhaustion. Still. Mug still in-hand, Cita stands, wiggling fingers around her plate.

"Hitch a ride up to the 'reaches sometime. Snow for days." She huffs. "Welcome to the Weyr, at least." A beat, and she glances between candidate and visitor, smiling a little again. "Try the barbeque at lunch, here. They really perfected it, a while back. I better get to the kitchens." With that, she's off, weaving through the early-morning crowd.

Citayzleat has left.

"Seems like… there is a surplus of odd ducks here," Tanit notes watching the healer depart. "So you've a day off today, how do you plan on spending it?" The diver asks, polishing off the last of the oysters contentedly. Her attention fully on Baylee.

"Cita's not really odd. You just saw her when she was tired." Baylee says with a smile, "Most of the candidates are really nice and normal. You'll get to meet most of them if you hang around long enough. I'm not really sure about the rest. Haven't met many, though some of them are pretty odd." *cough* Ila'den *cough "Not sure yet. Probably just some relaxing on the beach and swimming maybe. It's not all that exciting but for a day off its good. How about you? How do you plan on spending your day? You probably have lots of exploring to do."

Tanit smirks, and sighs stretching to watch the horizon where sea and sky met. "I feel like doing something, haven't quite made my mind up on just what yet." Fingers flex and relax. "I can't go swimming again until breakfast is digested, but I might go see what kind of trouble I can get into."

When a person is in a new place for the first time there are many different possibilities, "What sort of trouble?" Baylee asks curiously, "It seems around here there are all sorts of definitions for what consitutes trouble." Baylee sits back in her chair and sighs.

"Don't rightly know." Tanit answers honestly enough, flexing long fingers covered in small scars. "Back home you could go climb the cliffs, or I could irritate one of my cousins with pranks. I think I may just explore for a bit."

Baylee nods her head with a smile as she gets up from her chair, "I best get started going about my day. I do wish you the best though in your vacation. It was really good to meet you Tanit." And with that Baylee is off back to the barracks to gather supplies for the rest of the day.

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