Wherries and Garden Gnomes

Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl

The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

It's just after lunch when Sevran steps out from the Living Caverns, blinking against the bright light of the noon-day sun. He's finishing up the rest of his sandwich, though he doesn't appear to be in any sort of a hurry. Kinda meandering, maybe. Loitering, some might call it. He's either got a day off (unlikely), finished chores (possible), or ditching (eh?). Either way, he's just gonna kinda stand over here, peering out into the Weyr Bowl and polish off the last few bites of what looks to be a roast-wherry sammich.

The bowl is quiet, perhaps too quiet really for the hour of the day. A slight swoooosh noise is heard, and then there it is again. Wind is kicked up slightly but if someone looks upwards nothing is to be found, and no shadow of something or one passing by either. Once more it is quiet and then suddenly a shadow appears and something hard falls to the ground kicking up a large plume of dirt and dust in it's wake. IF anyone is around they may be startled at first as a much larger shadow is coming quickly downwards from the sky, it's a bird? perhaps a firelizard? Nope it looks sort of blue actually. Irkevalath is sweeping downwards rather quickly heading towards what fell and lands with a heavy thud with what looks like a mixture of feathers and fur getting sent into the air, and clutched beween his scared up muzzle is a veryvery dead wherry. Sorry kids there is even a bit of bloodyness around the area from his well pancaked messy meal. Irk tucks his wings to his sides, tail lashes about before curling next to him and his gleaming hide holds some scartches and a dozen more scars that seem a bit old. So far so no one is trying to stop him, after all this blue is well… Different..

Did someone say sammich?! Donut is there. The roly-poly chubster of a brown flit tumbles from the archway over the caverns, cutting through the air less like a knife and more like a rock, plummeting for the ground. He manages, but maybe only just, prevented from smacking the ground outright by a frantic beating of wings that'd probably be comical if he weren't coming for your sammich, there, Sev. There's a certain Jaws-y quality about it, but rather lacking in subtlety, be-sprinkled hide stretching for a snatch and grab and then— FWUMPF! ABORT! ABORT! Irkevalath's abrupt arrival sends the brown wheeling away with a series of alarmed peeps, careening right into his arriving owner's chest. "And just what are you up to?," R'hyn asks suspiciously, though whether that's of Donut or Sevran or Irkevalath is anyone's guess. Maybe all three, for he favors all with a suspicious squint, glancing from one to the next before resting on the big blue dragon with a growing, crooked grin. "And where is your rider?" For where there's one bit of trouble, surely more will follow!

There's a very put-upon look on Sevran's face as wind, and dust, and such is all kicked up in the general vicinity of his face. Cough-cough-hack. Protecting his sandwich (PRIORITIES) he turns away from the descent of death that is Irkevalath, simultaneously avoiding collision with tinier descent of death, Donut. Hm. Clearly the bigger problem is the hungry firelizard, because it's towards that little brown nuisance that he tosses a piece of wherry. "Here," with a very 'leave the rest alone' tone of voice. Only now there is a big blue dragon, and a gross dead wherry, and he's just kinda… "Huh." And takes another bite of his sandwich. Because dead things used to be his job, yo.

Irkevalath doesn't even both looking at R'hyn or Sevran at that matter, nope the blue is busy ripping into the wherry and tearing a chunk and swallowing it down. His swirling gaze slowly turns to look towards one and then another before slowly licking across her bloody maw. The dragon slowly stretches and soon just flops down going to work on eating his catch it would seem. If his rider is around the blue is being quiet on telling dear R'hyn. As for Sevran, Irk does manage to send a unwavering glare of a look towards him, and even a slight growl is heard. Oh boy…

Oh Sevran. Dear, sweet, misguided Sevran. As if one little piece will be enough to get the appropriately-named Donut to leave you be. The brown might have recovered from smacking off his owner's chest, making a dive-bomb for that morsel of wherry meat with much more agility than earlier displayed, but that doesn't mean the candidate is spared from The Face. Down he goes to use forepaws to feed the food into his face with gusto, and then over-sized whirly eyes are raised back up to the boy with a careful tucking paws against his chest. Doe eyes. Isn't he so cute? Doesn't he deserve more? Pwease? "Now you've done it," R'hyn drawls, though again the subject of his words are unclear - the assistant weyrlingmaster's clearly talking to Sevran, but blue-grey eyes are fixed on Irkevalath as he says, "now he'll never leave you alone." He's grinning at least, though whether that's reassuring or not is up to Sevran as R'hyn addresses Irk with a wry, "I'll be sure to send candidates to help Sunny bathe you later." Judging by the way he says it, it will be his least favorite candidates. Doom!

That growl has him pausing mid-chew, an eyebrow arched towards Irkevalath with a 'yeah?' kind of expression. It's not quite sass, but not quite fear, either. Testing the waters maybe. As for little Donut? There's a longsuffering sigh, and another piece of meat is tossed his way. He's a sucker for The Eyes. And now, at long last, poor R'hyn is noticed and, around a mouthful of wherry sandwich, given a polite "Sir," and maybe a salute. Or maybe he's just brushing his hair out of his forehead and turns it into a salute. "He do this often?" the brown? The blue? Who knows. Another few thoughtful chews, a nibble to his thumb for some stray crumbs, and he offers, "Not very friendly, is he?" of the big blue beastie. R'hyn's threat gets a side-eye from the ex-butcher, and Sevran does his very best to look like the poster-child of what a Candidate should be, loitering aside. He's decent, right? Does his chores and stuff most of the time. Totally productive.

And lo, but there is Taline, walking through the bowl either on her way to the gardens or on her way from them; she doesn't often remember to take lunch breaks at times like normal people. Or at all, like normal people might. She's about to say hello to the people she recognizes when she hears something about dragon bathing and then seems to be trying to figure out a way to not pass by them. It has not grown on her as a fun and lucrative activity in any way. She has some gardening tools with her and her hair swept up into a headscarf, and … is that mud on her face? That is a little bit of mud on her face. She's inching slowly closer to the conversation, now, hoping that maybe she can escape the summons of dragon-washing. Maybe someone will be nice to her. Yeah, right.

Irkevalath goes about finishing his wherry meal, and perhaps leaving a rather gross mess across the ground as well. The blue licks across his muzzle, forepaw lifting to have scratch at his chin in a almost canine like manner. At the offer from R'hyn a soft snort escapes him before the large blue is up, stretching feline like and turns to move ever slow slowly closer to his new 'prey', which happens to be Sevran. A low croon escapes him which sounds more like a sick rumble, someone get the WD-40 out as it is sounding like a squeal there at times. "I honestly don't think they would or could help." Sundari offers as she appears, almost out of the shadows, the rider is quietly looking at her dragon, a soft breath escaping her as she lifts her gaze to R'hyn whom does get a faint smile. "Though I never turn down help and the ability to put someone through something like manual labor." Hey don't judge her! Irk turns his head and sends a glance right towards Taline. "He wants the garden-gnome to help." Sunny offers with a soft sing-song like voice.

New. Favorite. Human. Donut descends on the second offering with a delighted churr, piecing apart the chunk of wherry with quick little bites before scampering to curl up at Sevran's feet, content to perch and lick at each of his little paw-fingers before dragging them over his face. R'hyn, meanwhile, isn't much one for ceremony - he doesn't make a 'gross' face when he's called a sir any more at least, but his lips do quirk up at one corner, humor irrepressible even in the face of a sloppy salute that goes uncorrected. "He does," is said of Irkevalath and Donut both, "though Irk's plenty friendly in his own… unique and special way. Isn't that right?" And then there's a Sunny, and R'hyn's eyes light up with amusement, shrugging one shoulder. "True. There's no helping some people. Or their dragons. But it's worth a shot, though, isn't it?" Twinkle. And then Irkevalath draws attention to the dolphineer in their midsts and Sevran might just get his wish. "Candidaaate," R'hyn greets with a dangerously pleasant one of voice. "How kind of you to join us." Even though she was doing no such thing. "You do rather look like you could do with a washing. You've gotta little something right there… Did you know?" Rude.

Sevran seems to have second-hand adopted a Firelizard. He's not sure how he feels about this. But that doesn't stop him from "accidently" dropping another piece of wherry down by his feet. Oops? And another "Huh." Because he is feeling very verbose today. Taline is spotted, and he gives a little lift of his sandwich-free hand in a greeting. "Hey." And the second-to-last bite of sandwhich is taken, chewed over thoroughly as Irkevalath starts inching closer. Is he tense? Maybe. Does he scoot a little closer (while keeping a newly-adopted-but-not brown firelizard on his foot) closer to R'hyn? Maybe. Maybe he's just shifting casually. But at the appearance of Sundari, who clearly belongs to the big blue Beast stalking him, has him noticeably relaxing, weight shifting to one foot, shoulders drooping, half-smile creeping back onto his face. Phew. Safe. But poor Taline. She'll get a sympathetic, behind-R'hyn's-back sort of smile. He feels your pain.

"Hi," Taline says to Sevran, trying to play oblivious for just a second. But R'hyn is right, she does have dirt on her face and hands and that means she probably has to bathe … just considering what happened the last time she tried to wash a dragon, well. Good thing these clothes aren't white. "I," she takes in R'hyn, thoughtfully, "Suppose I do, sir. Did you have bathing orders for me?" She will pretend she did not hear the garden gnome comment. Who you calling garden gnome, man?

Sundari chuckles softly as she hears R'hyn, a curious look is sent from Sevran over to Taline. "So… Are they both up for chores then?" She questions R'hyn. An thus she talks as if the two are not really there. Please don't take offense there is a reason, well a few really, for her ways. Irkevalath has not forgotten about dear Sevran, good try though! The blue pauses once near him, hunkinger down and is all about invading personal space it seems, because honestly who has THAT? Irk sniffs and snorts over the boy's hair before actually licking it. A few licks perhaps felt and the blue is soon making a face and his eyes half close before a heated snort escapes him. Sorry Sevran, possibly a few dragon-buggers are on you now.

Yep. R'hyn? R'hyn who, Donut belongs to Sevran now. Enjoy that. The little flit 'eees' a joyful chorus for mana from heaven, stumpy wings flaring wide with joy as he digs in. He doesn't even seem to mind shuffling transport, content to ride along on the candidates foot as he retreats a little closer R'hyn. The rider is slightly-less oblivious - he chuckles for that subtle sidle, eyes sparkling with mirth in a glance spared for the candidate who still isn't safe. "They are, as a matter of fact," R'hyn answers Sundari in a similar tone of voice as he makes tracks to get away from the blue dragon's creeping, not even sorry for abandoning Sevran to his fate. Instead, he ambles up to the bluerider's side, tucking one arm around her shoulders in a sideways hug if she'll have it before pegging Taline with an amused look. Again he manages not to flinch for that 'sir,' hmming contemplatively aloud before shrugging at Sunny. "I suppose that depends on how much help you need." And then - snort! Twitch. "Or maybe they'll be better off dismissed to go clean themselves…," he says, voice wobbling with the effort not to laugh.

Dragon slobber and dragon boogers? Sevran has had worse. Although he can't help the bit of grimace for that breath. Ugh. Dead wherry. Yay. And now he needs a bath too. And that last bite of his sandwich, which is probably covered in some dragon boogers now too? Yeah. He's not gonna be eating that now… here Donut. Enjoy. The sandwich remains (crusty bread and all) are dropped at his feet for his new little pet to enjoy. There's a mildly irked look at Irk for the "affection". At least, Sevran is gonna pretend that was affection, and not some sort of weird taste-test. And while Taline may be game to dragon washing, Sevran is gonna just play dumb. Chores? Him? Never. Wash dragons? Huh? Noooo, surely not him. But then there's R'hyn to spoil the fun, and a long, drawn out sigh is all that Sevran will do to express his opinion of this situation. "Do I at least get to change clothes first?" Maybe?

It isn't that Taline is game, exactly. It's just that there are worse things in the world, though she has stared down the nose of dragon washing. And it wasn't as bad as Kassala made dragon dental work sound! That's something, all right! "I was — doing chores, I was just swapping these supplies for some other — " Taline starts to argue her way out of it, but realizes that she cannot escape a trap made by weyrlingmasters with something silly like logic. " — I think the clothes I have are just fine for bathing a dragon." As in, they're already dirty.

Sundari ahs a bit while looking to Irk as he is drooling now. "Do you not wash your hair or something kid?" She half points to the blue. "I think he might puke actually…" A glance is sent to R'hyn and she is perhaps grinning just a bit, as for that arm she'll allow it. To the point she actually leans back against the dear bronzer, heck his there she'll put him to work for herself it seems. Only a few choosen people are ever allowed so close, seems he be one! "So are you both going to offers names or should I call you Thing one and Thing two?" A sligh wave of her hand is seen. "Why would you want to change? Have you never washed a dragon before?" Pause. "Well not that washing Irk is like bathing a normal dragon."

If Donut is at all bothered by dragon-spit, he doesn't show it, finally hopping free of Sevran's foot to wrassle the discarded bit of bread and sandwich with little growly noises and really is it any wonder he's the size he is? He's cute. It's gross. Even R'hyn makes a face at the flit, eyes rolling skywards before they land on Sundari again. He takes her leaning without protest, content to let one arm hang companionably around her shoulders as he issues a soft snort. "I hope I don't have to add mandatory bathing to the daily schedule. You'd think you lot would be more proactive about it yourselves, what with all the glitter nonsense going on." His brows twitch up over at the candidates, nose wrinkled with a teasing sort of grin for their protests and nonchalance, squeezing Sunny's shoulder tight before releasing her. "If you feel a burning need to change, go ahead, but we'll be expecting you on the beach in ten." Better run, Sev! "As for you," R'hyn says to Taline with a jerk of his chin towards the living caverns, "let's get these supplies put where they belong." Hands come out to offer to take some object or another to assist, and then he's off into the caverns with a too-cheerful, "See you guys soon!"

Sevran totally washes his hair! What a silly question. So silly, in fact, that he does not even dignify it with an answer. Clearly, that question was rhetorical, even if the threat of dragon-puke might not be so. He sidles away from the big blue beast, leaving Donut to fend for himself, sorrynotsorry… it's every man for himself at this point. "Thing One is fine," he decides, flashing a good humored grin her direction. But it's followed rapidly with, "Sevran," for his name and, "Taline," for the garden gnome because he's not gonna let her out of it, then "Cause this is the one nice shirt I own," which is skeptical, seeing as it's not all that nice. And finally, "of course I have," for dragon washing, "And he was a heck of a lot bigger'n him." He'll ignore that comment. How much different could it be, really? Oh well, guess he'll find out. "Thanks," for R'hyn's ten-minute opportunity. Watch him change like a champ! "I'll be there," and he will, because he's an honest sort of guy, and ditching would probably end very, very badly.

Taline opens her mouth, then closes it. Opens it again. Closes it again, quickly enough that no one can tell that's what she's doing unless they're watching her very closely. Her mind still processes some things slower since the accident, but she is recovering in leaps and bounds now, and that means moving quickly enough to know what's what. "Garden gnome's okay too," she says with a grin that might be aimed at Irkevalath, "but yes, it's Taline. Here you are, sir," sorry, not getting out of it unless you tell her not to call you that, R'hyn, who gets handed a box of spades, "I appreciate the assistance." Exit stage garden shed!

"You know I am rather sure that brown lizard of your's an mine are related R'hyn. I can't keep him out of the food." Sundari offers as she finally catches sight of dear Donut, her lizards arn't around for one reason or another, the have plenty to keep them busy. She hums a bit and glances back to Sevran and soon chuckling at the mere thought. "Oh, bigger doesn't always mean anything. I'll have to explain a few things for my dear blue that are different then your run of the mill dragon." As for dragons, a bit of drool actually falls from Irk's maw and nearly on Sevran's head before the dragon turns and is lumbering towards the lagoon given that R'hyn has given the two a few moments it seems. A faint smile is offered to R'hyn and she nods after him before she starts to move off towards the Lagoon. "Maybe I should go get some rum to watch this, been a while since I had a good laugh." As for Sevran fleeing for the moment. "Don't forget to bring brushes and a bucket!" Her gaze turns to Taline and she looks a bit amused. "Garden gnome it is then!" The WLM is fleeing in a slow sort of amble.

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