Drafted - Dragon Washing

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Irkevalath is settled near the waves that can be found rolling into the Lagoon, there is a reason this place is used to bath dragons, it doesn't get /that/ deep and the waves offer some help at times really. While Irk is a blue he is a bit on the large end, and while he looks like a normal blue there is one thing that set's him apart he is covered in scars. Dragon hide is different with how it heals persay, and if a injury doesn't get the right care scars can form as they have on him. Most are long and thin, other's jagged and almost like something cut him, a bunch of times at that. Sundari is standing quietly looking out at the waves that roll in, her boots off and pants rolled up to about her knees and her vest is off as well. "Just be nice…" Is she talking to Irk, or herself? She is the WLM, but many don't see her around the Weyr unless there is a need honestly. Her gaze drifts up to the dragon at her side, and a faint croon actually escapes Irkevalath. "Yeah I know." This said softly before she glances back to see where the others have gotten too perhaps.

Dark hair plastered around her face, a wild, carefree grin, and a netted sack containing moving things slung over her shoulder; Tanit strides across the beach barefoot, the wind catching her sarong to tangle it around her legs, sandals held in hand. A squinting glance is given to the blue, and the young woman adjusts her path to avoid the dragons splashing. "Big fella." She notes breathily, that wild grin fading only faintly.

They do not have to wait long. Sevran took exactly nine-and-a-half minutes to change at get to the beach, giving him 30-seconds to jog through the sand to reach the water's edge. He's changed into something suitable for dragon washing; a pair of old trousers. No boots, no shirt, a towel slung over his shoulder (which is quickly dropped somewhere along the way to keep it safe). "Tanit!" Grey eyes pin on the unsuspecting visitor, and a wide grin spreads across his face. "Hey there…" and maybe it's a little too eager sounding. "You wanna get a real Weyr experience?" Run. Run now.

Irkevalath heard that, and he turns to look over to Tanit and watches her quietly a few moments as if pondering this one it seems. In the end he doesn't seem bothered by the other and is soon looking to Sevran. // The servant is here. // Sundari holds back a slight laugh at that before coughing softly. "Irk…" Is murmured a touch before the WLM is looking over towards the pair. "Your little friend can help if she likes, Irk doesn't seem bothered by her." Run for your life Tanit!

Tanit halts in her path blinking owlishly at the candidate, "Does this involve more glitter?" She asks suspiciously moving the net holding her captive crabs. "I don't want my crabs to escape either." And yet despite these two very important details, she is following Sevran or at least in as much as she hears the phrase 'little friend' and 'help'. Sevran gets eyed suspiciously. "What have you gotten me into this time?"

Sevran is all grins and good humor. Really. Ignore the desperate gleam in those grey eyes. "What do you mean 'this time'?" he asks. "I've never gotten you into anything!" Yet. "Come on, it'll be fun. You can put your crabs by my towel, if you want." That should be fine, right? Crabs don't die in the sun, right? He doesn't know, but he's gonna assume she's on board, because he's wading into the water. Oh yeah. He's got a bucket and brushes, too, cause those things were requested. And so they are here, in his hands. On his way to Irkevalath, water lapping at about his knee, he pauses and just stares at the big blue dragon. "Alright," as if to steady himself. And he wades with purpose towards the pair. "You said something about… uh 'explaining' a few things?" is politely directed at Sundari once he's within conversational distance.

Sundari quietly watches the pair as they seem to hash it over and a soft chuckle is heard once the are closer to her and the big blue. "Twist your net closed and put a rock over the twist part, keep them in the water and they will be fine." She knows a few things about such things. "So who is your friend?" This questioned as she looks to Tanit and tilts her head pondering. "Right right.. As for Irkevalth, the point I have to make is very important." She turns to point at a large scar at the blue's shoulder. "He has scars, and the scars have to be given a good scrubbing which for one person can an does take a while. More hands well just means not as long. The real fun comes when it's time to oil him of course." Irk rumbles a bit and is soon moving a forth in the water a bit more and stretches out.

Tanit blinks at Sevran, "Yeah but you've got that sort of air about you. Like things just ''happen'' around you." Glitterbombs might be one such example. Dark green eyes flick to study Sundari as she's addressed, eyeing the net a moment, and then Sevran again. It only takes a few minutes to secure her 'dinner.' She eyes Sev, the blue and it dawns on her what they both expect. "I haven't even helped T'sen with his green, so if I help you owe me two steak dinners." The sandals, are set near the net, and the sarong retied. "You sure he won't mind me? T'sen said that some of them were rather particular about being touched."

Oh Tanit. There are so many examples of things that simply "happen" to Sevran, glitterbombs included. But right now, he's just gonna flash her a quick smile and a thumbs up. Deal! And then he's turning back to Sundari, listening attentively with a serious expression. He tips his head back, assessing the scar tissue. There's a question hovering at the tip of his tongue, evident in his expression, but he doesn't voice it. Instead, he asks a different question. "It's not tender, is it?" he wonders. "It's not gonna hurt if I scrub hard at him?" It'll be fine Tanit. Really. Probably.

Samiryth waddles onto the beach ready for a bit of swimming and sunbathing! All the beach may bask in her beauty! She daintly makes her way down to the waters edge and easily spots Irk, his rider, the food man, and someone that she has not met before. She gives a polite rumble to the humans and to the blue she says, « Good day Irkevalth dear. » Her mind thrums with the gentle hum and vibration of a sewing machine. She lowers herself into the water once she reaches it and splashes around to bathe.

Sundari looks on amused as she hears the deal being made and she gets the best outcome honestly. SHe doesn't have to wash her dragon! A slight shake of her head is seen. "No, he says your alright. Seems you know a bit about the sea yourself as your gather crabs after all." As for the question from Sevran a slight shake of her head is seen. "No, your be fine. Sometimes I have to scrub them a bit hard to get them clean, and thus put more oil on them afterwards. Trust me if it hurts him your find one rather quick like." A slight wave of her hand is seen. "Make sure to scrub and wash well and your be great." This said with a soft chuckle. Irkevalath turns his gaze over to Samiryth and is soon crooning out. « My my… Afternoon to you Samiryth. How have you been? » Irk like his rider doesn't tend to be the most talktive, but now and then sranger things do happen.

"I'm a diver, sorta comes with the Job description," Tanit admits with a wide smile, which does admittedly wilt when she realizes that she has signed herself on to wash a (whole) dragon. "I feel like I should have bargained for three dinners instead of two." Reaching to grab one of the brushes, "You have to wash and oil him every day?" All 30 some meters of him? Oh, my. The green gets eyed, and Tanit may just slip over so that Sevran is between her and the second dragon.

Sevran knows Samiryth. At least, he knows her in the sense that one time, back when, they saw each other and she was polite and didn't try to eat him, or slobber on him, or do anything vaguely intimidating to him. So he's perfectly OK to act as guard for Tanit, standing between her and the pretty green. He'll even flash Samiryth a wide smile and offer a cheerful, polite, "Good afternoon!" As for Sundari and Irkevalath? "Alright," says Sevran with a look of clear determination. Let's do this thing… erm. After figuring out where to start. "You wanna tag-team one side with me?" he asks Tanit, "or take the off side and I'll take the near?" Either option sounds good to him, so she can totally chose. He's just gonna go ahead and scoot in a little closer, dip his brush into the water to pre-wet it, and start scrubbing on the closest patch of skin; his foreleg.

Samiryth inclines her head in greeting toward Sevran. It's always good to bump into people, especially when those people have fed you before. Food is a definite good. The green moves closer to the blue and thus the humans that seem to be helping him bathe, « I've been just fine darling. Up until recently I was running deliveries with the wing, but now we are grounded until mine finishes her pregnancy. » Thats her big bit of news that has changed recently, and of course it feels like aaaagggggessss since she spoke to the blue, « How about you? » Tanit gets a curious look from her blue eyes as she moves behind the man. She'd tell her not to be afraid but that would likely be fear inducing anyway.

"Can't be worse than scraping barnacles off boats. Whichever plan gets this accomplished faster." Not really waiting before going under the dragon's belly to start on the other leg, scrubbing. "How did he scar up? There is no thread anymore…" Tanit asks, exposing her complete lack of knowledge when it comes to the beasts. Still not quite used to the idea that they have minds like people either.

Sundari nods lightly and goes about just watching while the pair works, honestly it is not that hard of a job. "I was a seacrafter a long while back." She pauses slightly before going on. "Grew up at the job, we fished mostly though." This offered to Tanit before a soft ah is heard to the question on scars. "A few fights over the years." Don't expect the dear WLM to get to in depth on the matter. Irkevalath rumbles out lightly once they get to the washing, finally! The blue will even lean into the scrubbing bit as he does feel good after all. The news from Samiryth makes him rumble softly. « Good news at least, when mine has little ones she get's a bit grumpy when work has to be stopped. » Well other reason's as well but he won't say a word. « We have been well, waiting for more eggs to hatch, always a busybusy time. »

And then Tanit goes and asks the question that Sevran was too polite to ask. Go Tanit! The candidate part of this dynamic duo just keeps scrubbing away, though his ears are definitely tuned in for the answer. Which only leaves more questions! There's a thoughtful expression on his face as he gets to really scrubbing at those itchy places. And everywhere, really. It's silent going for a little bit, Sevran concentrating on the work at has, stopping periodically to run his fingers over the soft hide and scar tissue of the blue beast. What he's feeling for is anyone's guess. And then scrubbing. And then a question. "Will he let me climb up?" presumably yes, cause the back and neck needs scrubbin' too, right?

« Mine doesn't get like that yet. » Samiryth says to Irk, though she won't go into great details since even riders deserve a little bit of privacy with things. She lowers herself into the water nearby and just enjoys soaking in the nice warm water. She does keep a watchful eye on the humans though. Privately very amused by their reactions.

All in all dragon washing is not quite so scary as Tanit might have otherwise supposed. The musky scent, while strong is not terrible and the scrubbing easier than she anticipated. It doesn't take nearly as long as she thought to get her side of the blue finished, but she does offer, "Sometime I'll bring you a fresh catch if you don't mind sharing the stories?"

"Aye, he says you can. Make sure to get around the base of his wings at the joint there. A rather itchy spot. The important thing about bathing a dragon is that fact that both dragon and rider spends time with one another so they strengthen the bond." Sundari offers softly as she watches the two work away. "Of course other's can help out at times, and it does offer up some good lessons time to time." A curious look is sent to Tanit at the offer and she is quiet for a few long moments. "Perhaps." Is all that is said while Irkevalath actually rolls onto his side, hopfully no one was trying to really climb him! The blue is careful at least and makes sure to not crush anyone for that would be /THE BADNESS/. Sunny glances off slightly as something catches her attention, a bronze has returned from Between and is landing in the bowl. "If you would excuse me… I don't expect you two to finsh, but if you do I'll buy you both dinner at the lounge later." A thank-you from the WLM! After all Sevran isn't her's to abuse just yet! Sundari will turn heading towards the bowl after gathering her boots and vest. "Irk, play nice now." As for the dear blue he actually falls asleep right there half in the water while the pair continue to wash. « I am glad she is doing well… I'm sure mine could help if anything may come up of course. » Irk offers to Samiryth with a sleepy mind.

And she just keeps 'em coming, although this time, there's a disapproving quirk to Sevran's eyebrow. Yeah. He wasn't gonna go there, but she did. Oh well. He nods along at Sundari's explaination, and when permission is given, he steps back to look at the great big blue dragon, assessing just how exactly he was gonna get up there. Which is exactly what he's still doing when Irkevalath helps him out by laying down. Awesome! "That works," he decides, sloshing through the water to get from the 'belly' side to the 'back' side. From there, is easy enough to start scrubbing at some neck and back hide. Scrub-scrub. "Oh!" dinner offer! Sweet. "Well, looks like you're not gonna get your steak tonight, Tanit," unless she wants two dinners. Which she may?

With the blue falling asleep and the humans working hard Samiryth emerges from the water and waddles off toward the bowls, she does offer a warm rumble before she departs.

Asking Tanit if she wants two dinners is like asking a fish if it breathes water, and she eyes him. "You owe me two steak dinners, not just one but if you don't feel like cooking after this… Sundari's doesn't count."

"Of course not!" says Sevran, flashing a glance to Tanit, completely honest. "Sundari's is just extra. I'm still gonna make you two steaks. But do you really wanna have two dinners tonight?" Plus, you know. He's got chores and curfews and… stuff to do. Maybe. "Could do it tomorrow? Could make it when you cook up your crabs." And let him have some, is totally implied but not required. Scrubbing a sleeping dragon seems to be easier than scrubbing an awake one, and Sev gets done with his portion (equally divided in half, you're welcome Tanit) and rests a moment.

"Then you are off the hook tonight so to speak." Speaking of crabs, when Tanit does get around to retrieving her net, they have managed to escape. Good thing the bluerider's buying tonight. "Mm, I'll have to catch some tomorrow, but that does sound good." She eyes the sleeping, now clean blue, and the butcher with a smirk. "Still think standing was a good idea?"

Sevran is all smiles and good humor, splashing water on his arms and bare chest to rid it of sweat. "Absolutely," in response to standing. "This wasn't the first dragon I've washed, and the other was far larger," he notes. "And it's not everyday. Once they're adults, I think you only have to do a full body wash once a sevenday?" Maybe? He hopes, at least. Dragon-washin' finished, he sloshes out of the lagoon and back onto the shore, going for his towel. "What didja think of it?"

"Once you get over how big they are, it isn't so bad. Still intimidating mind you, and I'm still not sure I see the appeal, but not bad." Tanit will allow, "I need to wash up, or I will stink like rotten seaweed later, but I'll meet up with you and Sundari for dinner later?

"It's a date," Sevran tells her, using her words from breakfast in a cheeky grin that says he's teasing. "See ya there," and with towel located, he'll get to work drying off before heading back to his actual assigned chores today.

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