The Unknown Variable

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

A clutch has been laid, but with so many clustered in the galleries to see the newest additions, Kiley is spending her time on the beach. Her laptop is nowhere to be seen for now and she is settled upon the shore with a peaceful look upon her face, eyes closed and head tilted partially back to enjoy the weather as it is. It is a quiet time as the beach is nearly abandoned.

Jeyinshi seems to be coming back from the galleries, red faced and sweating. She fans herself with a bit of irritation as she strides across the beach. The sight of Kiley however, stops her and the dolphin drops down beside the woman, uninvited. A small groan escapes her lips and she looks over at the computercrafter. "You were able to avoid the clutch-viewing crowd huh?"

Kiley peeks over as the sound of another arriving draws her attention and she smiles warmly at her friend. "Yeah. I figured that everyone would be going to see them within the first few days. I will just wait until the excitement dies down." The computer crafter chuckles and shifts positions so to brush the sand off her hand and to fan lightly at her friend. "Were you up there looking at them?"

Jeyinshi lets out a small sigh, grinning at the additional fanning and sending Kiley a quick wink before looking out over the waters. "You could say that. Luna was so excited that she literally /dragged/ me. I wanted to wait a few days like you, but the girl wouldn't let me." The dolphineer shakes her head, chuckling a bit, "There were so many people it was hard to see anything. And then Luna insisted I hoist her up on my shoulders….and well, that wasn't pleasant either." It may have be annoying earlier, but the smile on Jey's lips say she finds it amusing in hindsight.

Kiley continues to fan for a moment longer before dropping back into her previous position. "Well, I don't blame here. Clutchings are exciting, the eggs are pretty and you get to see how many new dragons will be coming before the Hatching. Now we'll be getting a lot of Candidates around, too. You can always go and get a better look after it dies down a bit?" The computer crafter grins, "I don't imagine it was. Shells, how long did you stand there with her on your shoulders?"

Jeyinshi can't help but chuckle as she sits next to the computercrafter on the sands of the nearly empty beach. "Neither do I. But I really do wish she'd waited until it was less crowded. But true, lots of new faces, Sungie will be excited. Between him and Luna…." The dolphineer shakes her head. "Yeah, I'll take a look later. As for how long…she was up there for about a minute before someone knocked into us and she went tumbling." A small snicker escapes at the memory and Jey leans back in the sand, "I probably shouldn't have laughed at that, but it was funny. She isn't hurt, but she's learned her lesson about stupid requests and ideas in crowded places."

Zi'on is on a slow jog down to the lagoon. He's finally managed to pull Suldith away from staring down at the eggs and Mama Mir from above. The small bronze doesn't seem too interested in the water though, instead he's plodding along behind his rider. Zi'on is in a cabana shirt with only a couple of buttons buttoned, and his swim trunks and sandals. He's got two towels draped around his neck and is sporting shades, too. He basically looks like a typical beach bum. He heads Kiley and Jey's way, giving them a wave. "Hello, ladies."

"Yeah, but, you can't really damper eagerness. And as long as she enjoyed herself?" There's a chuckle, "Sungie will have a lot of fun, won't he?" Her head tilts back another moment as Kiley takes a deep breath. Though she's quick to sit up and look at the dolphineer beside her. "Oh, good. At least she wasn't hurt. At least she learned her lesson from it." A slight chuckle before attention is drawn towards Zi'on for his greeting. "Hello Zi'on. How are you doing?"

Jeyinshi looks up at the sound of approach, waving and nodding at the approaching rider and his dragon. "Hello boys. Out for some exercise or just some fun in the water?" She sits up again then, idly tracing a few patterns in the sand before laughing and shaking her head. "Oh no, you can't, if there's anything I've learned from that sharding dolphin, it's that. She had fun and no injuries. Though I doubt the lesson will stick more than a few days…."Jey chuckles then, stretching out her legs, "At least I'm only training one and not both!"

"I'm good. How about yourself?" Zi'on asks the computer crafter. "Both I guess. Gonna get some sun in then maybe go swimming. You guys gonna go swimming? Or you already been?" Suldith pads up behind Zi'on and peers warily at the two girls. Then he moves around and nose-bumps Kiley. Hello! The bronze isn't one to bespeak people other than his rider. Jey is given a bit of a croon, then Suldith hunks down in the sand and shuts his eyes. Right next to Kiley.

Kiley chuckles, "and it isn't really good to damper it, sometimes it leads to excitement for other things and can be productive. Nikolas bought one of the apprentices a memory stick the other day because she was excited about it." The computer crafter smiles towards her friend, "I'm glad she wasn't hurt and she had fun. Who knows? It may. And, she will be able to see better later." Her nod is one of agreement following the final statement from her friend. "I can't imagine training both at once." Her attention shifts towards Zi'on and she beams a smile, "I'm doing wonderful. I don't think I'll be swimming, however." She's trailing off as she watches Suldith, a loud squeak for the nose bump and she quickly repositions herself to keep from toppling over. Her attention lingers on the bronze as he settles beside her, staring at him before giving Zi'on a questioning look.

Jeyinshi shakes her head, "I haven't been out yet. But Sungie should be coming around soon." She scans the waters then, half-expecting the white dolphin to pop up right then, but no such movement seems forthcoming. An eyebrow is raised at the interactions between bronzer, dragon, and computercrafter. After a few moments Jeyinshi shrugs, flopping down and laying on her back in the sand with closed eyes. Kind of like sunbathing…./with clothes/, she'd have interesting tan lines later. "If it was another dolphin I could handle it. I'm good with dolphins. But I haven't trained humans in more than a turn. Training Luna would be a downright disaster."

Zi'on is busy setting up his towel near the girls so he has something to sit on other than hot sand. Too busy to notice Suldith. "No?" The bronzer looks to Jey then. "Maybe I'll wait for uh… Sungie then. Suldith wants to meet the dolphins." Suldith opens the eye closest to Kiley, and it swirls a pleasant sea green. Zi'on laughs a bit at the computer crafter. "He's just saying hello. Uh, he wants to know if you guys have been over to see the eggs now that Miraneith isn't lumpy anymore."

Kiley peeks at Jeyinshi, "you could train her to swim? Or something. I'm not good with kids, either." She admits in a softer tone before attention turns to the bronze beside her once more, gazing into the whirling eye with her own widening. There's a quick glance to Zi'on and a soft 'oh' follows. "Hello." Pause, "I didn't see the eggs yet. I was waiting until there were less people there."

Jeyinshi laughs, "Yes, Sungie. But he does, does he? Well, I'm sure the little one will be by soon enough. Just for good measure though…." The dolphineer raises two fingers two her lips and a loud, shrill whistle pierces the air. With a satisfied smile, the hand drops, though the dolphineer doesn't bother sitting up. "He'll be here soon. And I've already taught her how to swim. Which reminds me….I need to catch hold of Patori. He's getting swimming lessons too." Ah, the eggs. Jey laughs at the description of Miraneith before nodding, "I caught a glimpse. Luna dragged be over. But it was pretty crowded, so I left pretty quick. I'll probably go back when there's less people around."

Zi'on grins at Kiley. "What, are you afraid of him or something? You've been on him lots of times. He likes you." The bronzer nods to Jey then. "Yeah. I dunno why he's so interested. New friends or something. Not like he can give them a lift though." The bronzer looks distracted for a moment, no doubt conversing with Suldith. "He says you two should get closer looks for him." The bronzer digs around in his pockets. He pulls out tanning oil, his sunglass case, then finally a couple of white knots. The knots are tossed at both women. "As candidates. If you want, of course."

"Then I guess there isn't much else you can teach her, huh?" Kiley offers a smile before nodding, "Patori spoke of you. He's normally hard to come by, surprisingly. I've only seen him when he's being chased. Or running from something." The computer crafter furrows her brows a fraction before she shakes her head at Zi'on. "I'm not afraid of him. I've just never had him look at me this close." Her gaze shifts towards the bronzerider. "A closer look?" Though there may have been more, there's a soft squeak as he tosses knots out towards them. She catches one and considers it quietly before nodding. "I'd like to Stand again…"

Jeyinshi laughs, "Sungie would be just as excited to have a dragon as a friend. But no, unless we get the dolphin hammock strapped on, I don't think giving Sungie a ride would be a good idea. Nor would Sungie giving him a ride." The dolphineer nods then, a smile playing at her lips, "Mhm, we'll get a closer look for him, as ca—huh?" One of her previously closed eyes pops open and the dolphineer sits up quickly, just in time to catch the tossed not. Jey stares at it for a few seconds before breaking into a grin. "Heh, the same color as Sungie. No way I can say no to something like that." There's a bit more staring before talk of Patori registers and the dolphineer nods, "He was running away when I saw him too, but I'll find him eventually."

Zi'on grins to Kiley. "I see. You can pat him if you want. It's not like he's gonna bite or anything." He nods to the computer crafter. "Not like Mir is going to let him down on the sands with her." He nods to Jey and grins. "No, I don't think that would be a good idea. Unless Sungie needed a ride someplace because of an illness or something." Suldith was part of the search and rescue squad! He could rescue a dolphin, right? "Alright, good. Uh, you guys will have to sleep in the barracks and stuff. But I bet they'll let you stick to your crafts instead of having cruddy candidate chores maybe." Suldith lifts his head from the sand and makes purry noises, and nose-rubs against Kiley since she's closest.

Kiley plays with the knot in her hand for a little bit, considering it before lifting her gaze to consider her friend. "You will." She agrees easily enough. Zi'on's statement earns a little smile and her hand lifts to gingerly pat the bronze and offer a gentle scritch before dropping her hand away. "Thank you." She smiles and looks towards Zi'on. "right… Shells, I hope so. Being able to work on my craft more…" Well, the rest goes unexplained as she is nose-rubbed by Suldith. A soft laugh slips out and she gingerly pats the bronze hide.

Jeyinshi probably didn't look very tense, but when Zi'on says she may be able to continue her craft, there's an audible sigh of relief from the dolphineer. "That…would be nice. If we couldn't…" The woman shakes her head, not willing to imagine this type of scenario at the moment. Though, she /does/ imagine Sungie getting a lift and chuckles, "I don't want Sungie getting sick, but it'd certainly be amusing, seeing an S&R dolphin being recued by an S&R dragon." Particularly amusing if it was Sungie, seeing as how he'd be more excited, forget pain! Jey grins at the bronze's antics before looking back at the knot and throwing it from hand to hand, rather like a ball.

Zi'on chuckles. "Must be nice having a craft. Though I guess I got out of chores, too. Did I tell you I'm signed up to join the tech craft? Yep… There goes all my free time at the beach." He sighs wistfully then laughs. "Hey, even dolphins need some help once in a while, right? I bet there have been times when dragons have rescued other dragons, too." He wiggles a finger at the knot. "You can just tie it in with everything else. Anyways, I think we're going to head off to swim." The bronzer gets up and heads water-wards. "See ya later!"

Kiley smiles widely at Jey, though it sobers at the mention of sick dolphins. "Well, that would be interesting." The computer crafter does agree before attention returns to Zi'on. "That is great. I'm proud of you." Her gaze shifts to the knot and then she waves farewell towards the bronzerider and considers the knot a moment longer. "I…" Pause, attention shifts towards Jey. "Um…I guess we should move our things?"

Jeyinshi grins, "There have. But I really would like to see how Sungie would react to flying." A soft snicker leaves the dolphineer before she nods and ties the white knot in with the rest on her shoulder. She sends a departing wave and smile before flopping down to lay back on the sand again. "Sungie's going to be surpri—oh." It's only been a few seconds since Jey laid down, but she sits right back up again nodding. "Moving already? I guess we should. We can probably help each other." Jey stands then, reaching a hand down to her friend with grin on her face, "Ready for this?"

Kiley does the same, tying in the white knot with the rest of her knot, lingering in silence for a bit before she looks to her friend. "He probably will be. Maybe you should wait until you can tell him before you start moving your things?" The computer crafter nods, "I think we have to move in as soon as we get the chance. We can help one another, sure. I don't have too much, myself." Her hand lifts to take her friend's and then she smiles brightly. "I wasn't ready last time, I don't think you can ever really be prepared.. But, I am looking forward to what happens. The unknown variable."

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