The Helpful Healer

Healer Hall - Courtyard
This lovely square is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Hall and simply relax. Benches can be found at regular intervals, nestled beneath leafy shade trees. Statues of distinguished Healers have been placed there along the walkways, each carving, performing his or her notable medical duty. At the center is a large fountain, its bubbling tinkle, adding the soothing sound of water to this sanctuary.

Tannim is sitting on a bench near the center of the yard, a number of old hides and scrolls sitting next to him and on his lap. The young man is busily scribing from one of the hides onto new parchment. He occasionally looks up from his work look out over the fountain.

"Shells, shells, shells." a stocky little bluerider is stalking through the courtyard, a bag draped over her left shoulder as she struts along in a stiff-legged walk. Her direction of course is -away- from the entrance hall, jaw set in a grumpy little scowl. At least, she's grumpy until she gets to the fountain, coming to a stop at the rim, and peering at it closely. "Huh," she breaths out. "Kinda purty, that." She's talking to the air, one might suppose. Unless of course, anyone else happened to be sitting nearby.

Tannim happens to be looking up over the fountain when the older woman walks up to the fountain. "It is, isn't it Ma'am." He does not notice at first the knot she adorns, so does not immediately recognize her as a rider from Western Weyr. "I often come out here to relax. What brings you out here?" He gives her a once over. "I don't think I have seen you around before. Can I help you with anything?"

Ka-thunk. That would be the sound that the bag atop Kasi's shoulder would make if she had dropped it — along with the splintering screech of shattered glass. So it's just as well that she hadn't dropped it. Instead, she swings it down, resting it gently against the base of the fountain. She's bending, about to dip her hands into the water when the sound of Tannim's voice brings her up short. "Oh, aye, purty is as purty does." she agrees with a little bob of her head. "Kasira," she supplies the name, more of a knee-jerk reaction than anything else. "I'm no ma'am. Just call me Kasi." she pauses. "Transport rider, Western Weyr," well, that might explain why she's never shown up around here before. "Just picking up some glass vials for our healers at the Weyr." she pauses. "Ye can help by telling me yer name."

The young man stands up to greet Kasi, "Oh, excuse me, sorry, Healer duties to Western Weyr. The name is Tannim, apprentice healer here at the hall. Pleasure to meet you Kasi." He offers her a hand in way of greeting. "Were you able to get everything you were looking for?" He smiles at the Western rider, "Oh and didn't mean to startle you sorry, thought you had seem me standing here, since you commented how pretty the fountain looked."

"I nae a headcase, if that's what ye mean," Kasira puts in with a droll little chuckle, the corner of her mouth quirking up as she regards the apprentice healer. "Talking to meself and all. Don't ye be worrying none. Maybe I was just making an observation in general, or maybe to Brionnith." Her dragon, no doubt. "He's over that way," an bsent wave of the hand is given, and sure enough, close to the entrance of the courtyard, there's the blue dragon, coiled back suavely on his hanuches, watching them. Kasi pokes her hand out to return the greeting. "Nice to meet ye, Tannim." she says. "As fer getting everything I need, naw. Was supposed to get these little vials, 'bout so big." She holds up her hand, fingers spread to indicate size. "Wouldn't give 'em ta me." Which probably indicated why she was so grumpy leaving the hall.

"Not at all, my apologies if that is how I came off. I would never imagine to imply any such thing." His eyes show a slight sense of panic that he may have insulted the rider. He is put somewhat more at ease at her next words to 'worry none' and as his eyes follow her motion seeing now for the first time the blue dragon coiled up near the entrance to the yard, not apparently agitated or anything. "Really? Would not give them to you? I wonder why that is. Not like we shouldn't have plenty of them. I can go talk to one of the masters to see if we can get you some if you would like."

Kasira chuckles softly, noting panic rising in Tannim's eyes, and she waves off any worries with a flick of her fingers. Of course, she can't actually -do- any mind tricks or anything like that, but … well, it's a similar gesture in any case. There's a sound of a whine from the direction of the blue at the entrance to the courtyard, and Kasi props her hands on her hips for a moment as she addresses Brionnith. "Oh shells, ye." she scoffs. "There's always some green rising back home, ye just sit tight and keep it in yer pants." Which would be no mean feat, considering the blue hasn't got any. "Sorry 'bout that. He's always convinced the greens are crazy fer him and that he's missing out." When the healer asks about the vials, she shrugs. "Just wouldn't give 'em. Said we had enough. I'm nae a healer, I wouldnae know if we'd enough." she gives him a winsome smile though at his offer. "Would ye? I'd be ever so grateful."

Tannim can't help but stifle a soft chuckle at the Kasi's comment to Brionnith, "I imagine he isn't the only one who feels the same way about the greens." He gives a smile towards the blue commenting, "We'll have you home in no time." The boy turns back to Kasi, nodding. "Of course, if you give me just a moment, I would be happy to see what I can do to help. How many did your healers say they needed?"

There's a loud snort from the blue dragon, Brionnith uncoiling long enough to growl at his rider. The nerve! Doesn't she know who he is? It's a curious relationship that blue and rider have — but deep down, there's unrequited love indeed. "I reckon nae," Kasi nods, her own chuckle stifled behind a hand as she winks cheerfully at Tannim. "But shells, he tries. Oh how he tries. Arrogant braggart half the time, but he gets the job done." When Tannim addresses him, Brionnith tilts his head, studying the apprentice, but unable to go further into the courtyard, remains as he is. "He'd like that," Kasi pipes up, this chuckle not hidden. "'Bout fifty or so, says on my list." She digs into her jacket pocket and pulls out a crumbled slip of paper. And right there is written fifty next to those little glass vials entry.

Tannim watches the blue as he interacts with his rider and growls. He keeps any eye on Kasira out of the corner of one eye as she winks cheerfully. "Well then, lets not disappoint him. Fifty you say? I will see what I can do. Should only take me a few moments." As the boy turns to go, a younger boy comes running up to him excitedly and pointing at Brionnith. Tannim nods his head emphatically and smiles, "Yes, yes, Savy I saw him. Settle down." He settles the boy down and bends over to whisper in his ear and after a moment gives the boy a light push towards the hospital wing before turning back to Kasi. "Sorry about that. He saw Brio, Brionnith was it? He gets a little excited sometimes. I sent him to go fetch those for you. If I had left him here with you you would never have heard the end of it." He gives a soft chuckle. "He should be back in no time."

Flick flick flick, back and forth like a metronome that blue tail quivers. Left and right, to and fro. He's a bit sullen, having been admonished by his rider, and that doesn't particularly sit well with Brionnith, arrogant and cocky creature that he is. Taloned forepaws flex against the ground, the dragon intent on watching rider and healer alike. "Oh stop fussing already," Kasi flaps her hands at the dragon. "Grumbling and growling won't make any greens materialize in front of ye any faster. We've got a job to do, and then ye can go play." She arcs a brow as Savy comes dashing up and then foes running off, nodding a little at Tannim. "They can get that way when dragons come a-calling," she agrees. "Aye, he's Brionnith. And we're more than content to wait." Because Kasi won't let her dragon take off without her.

Not immune to the feeling of exhilaration at the sight of a dragon himself, Tannim has just learned to keep it in check more than Savy. He gives Kasi a wry smile at her comment, "I would say you were content and" he looks over at Brionnith, "he is well, obliged to wait. He doesn't look all that /content/." He gives a soft chuckle. "While we wait for Savy, would it be possible to get a little closer to him? It isn't often I get the opportunity to get up close to one so marvelous." Yes he is embellishing for the benefit of Brionnith.

"Ha!" Kasi does laugh at that, shoulders shaking which makes the little blonde curls of her hair bob around with each jerk of her shoulders. "That's probably the case, ye hit it dead in the black." she chortles a moment or two more. "I'm more than content, but him," she nods over at the blue dragon, who's practically plastered against the wall of the courtyard now, fretting in his impatience to be off. "And ye'll be doing tha lifting if ye push it down, Bri." the bluerider scolds her mate. "He's a bit of a destructionist too. Practically a walking explosion, if ye get me meaning." She's got her hands full with him, in any case. When Tannim makes those suggestions, Brionnith puffs his chest out. Why yes, yes he /is/ marvelous. "All right, but don't say I didnae warn ye." Kasi says. "He's nae exactly a chummy kind of dragon. Not unless yer a green." At least he wouldn't try and maul the healer anyway. Reaching down to retrieve the sack, and sling it back over her shoulder, Kasi leads the way to the blue's side. "Bri, meet Tannim." And vice versa.

Tannim follows along side Kasi as they walk over towards Brionnith. "Pleasure to meet you Brionnith, sorry about keeping you from your greens. Savy should be back in no time with those vials for Kasi here." He smiles at Kasi. "Aww I don't think he is much different that any young male." Wait that describes himself. "How old is he?"

Brionnith lowers his head, rumbling softly at rider and healer alike, his tail no longer flicking back and forth as he crouches lower, neck dropped at an angle to better study the humans beside him. "He says it's a pleasre to meet ye," Kasi puts in with a dry chuckle. "And he's most anxious to get back to his greens, so that friend of yers had better hurry his feet." When he mentions young males, the woman snorts, and lets out a laugh. "I suppose by human ages, he'd be young, but Bri's over twenty-one turns of age. Ye think he'd be old enough to know better." But he hasn't, not one little bit.

"The pleasure is all mine Brionnith. Such a fine blue." At the mention of the younger boy, Tannim looks over his shoulder back towards the hospital wing just as the boy can be seen running across the courtyard towards them. "Please if you'll excuse me for just one moment before he falls and breaks those." Tannim hustles towards the young boy stopping him about three quarters of the way to Bri and his rider. He takes the vials and can then be seen shrugging his shoulders. The young boy seems to pout a little but moves back a bit and goes to stand near the fountain where Kasi and Tannim had been moments before. Tannim returns to Kasi with a bag. "Savy says that they gave him 40 but would not release any more. Apparently we are running low also and are waiting for the glasscraft to deliver more. As for knowing better, yeah maybe so… but sometimes…." he fades off and smiles at the blue. "Anyways, here you go. Sorry we couldn't spare all 50."

Yes, he /is/ a fine blue. And the dangers of saying it to Brionnith's face can be in evidence as the blue all but coils himself around Tannim. The fact that he doesn't outright snag the young man is only because Kasi is standing right there, but clearly, flattery /will/ get you somewhere. "He thanks ye," Kasi says, thumping at the blue's shoulder when he hunkers down as low as he can, head put at nearly level with the tall healer apprentice. "And he likes ye, I think." She frowns, watching the man intercept young Savy and return. Her scowl only deepens when apologies are made. "Faranth," the bluerider grouses. "I'm of a mind to complain to someone. Our healers /said/ they needed fifty." But there's a shortage, what can one do? There's a sudden trill from Brionnith, the blue eyeing the bag with the vials closely. They're here, and he's impatient to be gone. But first… "Are ye sure?" Kasi does a double-take, glancing first at Tannim and then at the dragon. "He might nae wanna come." A growl. "I'll ask, I'll ask. Keep yer wings down." Facing Tannim, she takes a breath. "Well, seems to me that Bri's taken a fancy to ye. Wants us to take ye. Oughta be worth ten glass vials, he says."

Tannim manages to remian calm as Bri takes a liking to him and attempts to wrap himself around the young man. "The feeling is mutual Brionnith." The healer reaches out with his hand carefully to scratch behind the blue's eyeridges waiting to see if Kasi or Bri will stop him. As the blue gives a sudden trill the healer furrows his brow and looks at his rider Kasi carefully, not sure if maybe the blue did not like being scratched. As soon as Kasi asks him to join them he gets a quizzical look in his eyes and his eyebrows come together. "Don't you have enough healers at Western? I am just an apprentice. I am sure we can get you a Journeymen if you really need an additional healer. I am honored though Bri; I have always wanted to see what Weyr life was like."

Kasira does little to stop Tannim from touching Brionnith, and so it seems neither does the blue. He's getting his eyeridges scratched. That feels good! He's not going to be party to the one doing the scritching ceasing the action, oh no. "We're practically crawling with healers," Kasi admits with a soft chuckle. "Our Weyrleader, A'ven, is one, did ye know. Just the other day, he was telling me about his patient getting a fever from bathing in questionable water. Teenagers," she flaps a hand again, "aren't the best judge of things sometimes. He on the other hand," and she points a hand to the blue dragon, "is. And he says we don't need a journeyman. We need you." she chuckles softly. "Ye'll get yer chance to see what Weyr life is like. We've a clutch on the sands, Tannim. Brionnith there would very much like it if you were to stand fer it. Are ye interested?"

Did he hear what he thinks he just heard? Tannim stops scratching for just a moment as he turns to look at Kasi, then back at Bri before continuing. "Stand? Me?" Did she mention something about A'ven? He can't recall. "I would be honored. Even more so since you chose me Brionnith." He gives the blue one more hearty scratch before turning to face Kasira thinking to himself this is just a dream and not really happening. "What do I do? I mean I say yes, most definitely, but I suppose we should let someone at the hall here know. Not to mention I will need to get my stuff."

Yes. She really did say that! Brionnith gives a long satisfied rumble as Tannim speaks, drawing himself up into a dignified pose. "As if yer really fooling anyone," Kasi snorts, running a hand through her curls as she sets the bag down and reaches into a pouch hanging from her belt. "Ye'll ne needing one 'o these," she says, withdrawing a single white cord out and presenting it to the young Healer. "And ye'll be needing your things too. Go on ahead and go get yer things and tell the masters or whoever that ye'll be going to Western Weyr. We'll sort out the final details once we get there." she chuckles. "At least, I won't be. That's in the Weyrleaders' hands fer which I'm grateful." Brionnith croons softly, looking smug. He's even forgotten about greens for the moment. "I'll just pack these vials up," says Kasi. "We'll be waiting fer ye."

Tannim gratefully accepts the single white cord with a smile that could brighten a darkly lit room. "Thank thee. Both of you." He gives Bri a smile also. "I will not be long. Everything I have will fit into a single pack and I know Master Avilla is in the infirmary so I will let him know." With that the young healer quickly runs off towards the hall to gather his stuff and to inform the hall staff he will be heading to Western. His sister is not going to believe this.

The young healer returns forthwith, a large sack slung over his shoulder. The pack appears to weigh quite a bit but it does not seem to bother the boy in the least. "Sorry it took so long, took longer to find master Avilla than I thought it would. I am ready when you two are though. Would not want to keep Bri here any longer from his greens back home."

Kasira has taken the time to safely pack up the bags. The glass vials are valuable so both bags that contain fragile breakable materials are carefully wrapped in cloth and settled into a padded box that Brionnith slings over his withers, his rider latching down the straps tightly to prevent them from slipping. And so, when Tannim does return, the dragon and his rider are ready to go. Kasi holds out her hand for the pack. "If ye'll hand that right along," she says with a slight grin. "We'll be on our way. Have ye ever ridden dragonback afore?" Brionnith rumbles. Such a polite healer fellow.

Tannim hands up the back, keeping a hand on the bottom of the bag to help Kasi out. It isn't light by any imagination. "No Ma" he catches himself before he completes the faux pax, "No Kasi, I have not. Heard about it from many people. My sister used to get rides home all the time from Fort."

The bag is settled atop Brionnith, and winched down tight. Crouching low, the blue offers a helpful forelimb. "Just hop on right up thar," Kasi says, "Keep a hold on the straps so ye don't fall, and swing up, just like a runner." A very big runner! Once Tannim's aboard, Kasi'll climb up, strap him in and then buckle down her own harness as well. With a loud bugle, and a furious flapping of wings, Brionnith springs skyward, clearing the air above the Healer Hall. "Well, this'll be yer first time then? Ye got nothing to worry about. We're going between now." And that's just what they'll do.

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