Ganging up

V'yet's Weyr

It's definitely been a life change, having not only found out he had a daughter, but letting her move into his weyr. V'yet was apprehensive about the whole idea, but Zhesth, always his stoic voice of reason, convinced him that it would be good for him to grow up a little, Faranth knows he was inching closer to his fortieth turn day! And so it was decided and one of his storage rooms was cleared so that the teen could have a place to call her own. It's been a few sevendays at least, and yet the bronzerider is still having trouble cooping. His normally playful attitude has mellowed out and formed into a protectiveness that he didn't know existed in himself. Keelyra was his responsibility now and he wasn't about to start shirking! That leaves him at this moment, hardly a few hours after the freshly laid clutch had graced the sands, pacing his weyr. There's the distinct wrinkled brow look to him before he stops and pins Zhesth with a not so happy look. "Maybe we can you know, lock her in her room. Cut a little hole in the door to slip her food in. That'd be safe." The bronze deep rumble almost sounds like laughter before V'yet looks crestfallen and goes back to pacing.

It's different for Keelyra, too. After having a mom who pretended to be protective, but largely left her in the care of the nannies… well, having her own room isn't the only major change in her life. Having to check in with someone is there as well. After helping ensure the clutching feast was out and she was no longer needed in the kitchens, Keely got word from one rider — through their dragon — that her father was in his weyr. So home she heads through whatever means available with a basket full of the pick of the lot. It certainly smells good as she meanders her way in, humming cheerily. The humming stops suddenly however and as she steps into the larger cavern of the weyr proper, she's swatting at a small green 'lizard. "No, no. This isn't for you. You've already eaten the scraps!"

Zhesth took a liking to the girl right away. Perhaps he was just waiting for his rider to sire a spawn somewhere about pern, and for them to pop up, but the bronze has always liked children. So Keelyra is no different. His nail snakes out and wraps itself around the girl's mid-section as soon as she gets within snagging distance. He rumbles at her, pushing his head close in hopes of eyeridge scratching. "You're such a suckup, Zhesth." V'yet grumbles and takes in the new smells that have entered the weyr. "Food?" there's that hopeful child-like sound to his voice as he inches closer. "I was going to head down after the celebrations died down." Oh, the way to a man's heart is always through his stomach is it not?
"Zhesth!" Keelyra giggles and pushes at the tail in a half-hearted protest. However, as soon as the head is near, she duitifully scritches. Dancer, the green 'lizard she showed up with one day finds a spot to settle on one of the bronze's ridges. "I didn't know when you'd make it down and the best food is always gone if you wait," she explains, thrusting forth the basket with her free hand. "So, uh, I figured I'd take the best stuff before it even left the kitchens." Speaking of suck-ups…

V'yet doesn't seem to mind! He gladly snags the thrust basket and takes a peek. "Yeah. I know all the best things are always taken, but I hate the whole shoving around or waiting forever when all that food is there, taunting you!" His tongue flicks out and runs across his lips as he manages to find a bubbly in there. Oh yes, he has a terrible sweat tooth! Zhesth grumbles at said choice of food but looks back at Keelyra and makes the dragon equivalent of a shrug. What can they do. His tail slowly relinquishes and V'yet gets that far away look in his eyes before he glances up, bubbly filling staining the corners of his mouth. "What? No. Safer here. Like I said." Huh? "So Keelyra, how do you uh.. feel about taking a sevenday, or you know, several, off. You could just hang out up here, read some books. Relax, you know that kind of stuff! Maybe we could even go on a father daughter trip!" Even if Keelyra hasn't known him very long, something obviously is up.

"Make sure you leave a bubbly for me. I made sure Idris gave me a couple from her first batch." And Keelyra loves Idris-bubblies. Most of the weyr does, in fact. The girl makes her way for a seat to flop into — very unladylike — as her father goes through the basket. The exchange and the suggestions earn him a series of blinks. "Hunh? Why?" She thinks, then glances towards the bronze. "What's he mean by safer?" A look back to her father and eyes narrow a bit. "What's going on?"

"Nothing! Nothing." Although that second nothing makes V'yet's voice nearly squeak before he clears his throat. Zhesth just snorts and settles whirling faceted gaze on Keelyra. Don't you believe him! He's just a scoundrel! "I just thought you know, that it's been a few sevendays since we moved in together and we should try to you know, get to know each other. Away from other people.. and dragons.." that sounds about right. He walks over to the table and sets the basket back down. "I mean, who wants to stand for some stupid ol' fat tailed dragon's eggs, right? Not me. Suuurely not you. So the best course of action is to you know, flee for a bit." Because that sounds completely and utterly logical. The bronzer reaches to run his fingers through his disheveled nearly black hair as he laughs uncomfortably. It sounded /so/ much better in his head.

"Well, of course we can spend time together- wait." Keelyra blinks a few times and plays that back over in her head. Her eyes unfocus a bit, but that's not because of some talky thing in her head: it's just hard to think! Away from people. Dragons. Eggs! Standing! Her eyes widen and she stands up suddenly, nearly toppling the basket, but kitchen-hands kick in and she reaches out to steady it as she stares at V'yet. "You can't mean! I… I was gonna ask you if you could get me a knot! I'm old enough. Both my parents are riders. I wanna Stand." Her eyes get reeeeeal big. You know how they do on teenage girls. She looks at Zhesth. "Zheeesth, tell him he's being unreasonable."

As if sicking Zhesth on him will help matters! The bronze has /tried/ to get his rider to see reason! To understand! "No! Noooo. I don't mean. You aren't standing! You can't. It's final!" His arms cross over his chest and he gets that serious look, jaw set and everything. Grrr! But it only lasts all of ten seconds before he slumps forward and sighs. "Come on Zhesth.. she's too young still. The hatchlings could /hurt/ her. There's still maulings, even if it's rare and.. and.. just whyyy." That's right, V'yet has been reduced to whining at his lifemate now. "Can't you wait until next clutch? Why does it have to be /this/ one. Come on, see reason Keelyra!"

"I'm not too young!" Keelyra protests, eyes going wide. She's trying not to tantrum, she really is, but this was /important/ to her. "There's folks the same age as me with dragons." She looks from bronze to father and sniffles a little. It's mostly for effect, but the meaning behind it is totally valid. "I'll be super careful and try to watch out for any mauling dragons. I've /seen/ every hatching here since I was little. I know what they're like!"

The girl does have a point. Zhesth is doing that rumbling thing again, bobbing his head up and down as she talks. /He/ knows she isn't too young. And makes it known in his rider's head. "You! You. No. You aren't allowed. You don't search people, you say it's for the blue and greens to do." Another grumble. "Arg! You two are ganging up on me. I just wanted her to be /safe/ Zhesth. You aren't being responsible at /all/." At least the way V'yet sees it. But finally he's wearing down and with he can understand the wishes of a youth to impress a dragon. Although with how Zhesth is acting.. maybe it'd have been better if he hadn't impressed the big bronze bully! HRMPH! V'yet sticks his tongue out in a very mature way. "/Fine/. You win. Zhesth says you can stand, so I guess I can't really stand in his way, now can I?" His tone is bitter before he motions towards the weyr exit. "But your bubbly is /mine/ now. Payment."

"An', an'… isn't it better if I Stand /here/ rather than some…" Keelyra searches for a word and plucks one from the cook's usage, "/hussy/ green from another Weyr finds me?" At least she isn't threatening to ask her mother. That'd just be cold. So very cold. She bats her eyes and begins to thank V'yet… then he's stating she has to give up her bubbly. Nuuuu, not the precious bubbly. Eyes wide she looks to the table and wibbles a bit. "Buuut… but… Oh… oh fine." Sniffle. "But that means I can? I can totally be a candidate and stand and maybe Impress a dragon?"

V'yet is already rubbing his hands together at the thought of nomming another one of the sweet pies. At the mention of another weyr, he just shrugs his shoulders, "Well if that happened I'd just have Zhesth sit on the rider and then you wouldn't have to get searched. See. Easy solution to a simple problem." He pokes at his bronze, shooing the bronze lug to edge. And good on her on not threatening the mother! That would have definitely had him all fur bristled! Grrr! "Yes, /yes/ you can be a candidate and maybe impress an impossible lifemate. Just be thankful you can't impress a bronze. They really are a pain in the ass. OW!" Zhesth has amazing aim with that tail of his. "Come on now. Let me get you down to the barracks so I can sit and grumble about being betrayed by the two most important beings in my life."

"Impressing a bronze would be just wonderful, /I/ think." It's clear Keelyra knows who runs things around here. Or maybe she's just thankful. "Lemme just pack some things!" As she zips on by towards her room, she does an about face and returns to reach up — fortunately not too far, she did inherit her father's height — and kiss V'yet on the cheek. "It'll be wonderful, just you wait and see!" And then it's off with gleeful madness to begin packing for the barracks.

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