Quite The Dinner!

Western Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It isn't a quiet time in the living caverns, especially around dinner. There is the normal hustle and bustle about the Weyr and more so with the new faces being added in for the clutch. There Kiley sits with her plate of dinner and her laptop, though for once she focuses on eating /and/ typing rather than having one hold her full attention over the other. So her focus is on the screen and upon making the sure the food actually makes it into her mouth. Her table is relatively empty in the terms of company.

Zi'on heads into the caverns. The bronzer looks sleepy. Or maybe he's just tired for some reason or another. Either way, he heads over to get something to eat, choosing some of the stew and a big mug of klah. He scans the caverns for a bit, then spots Kiley on her laptop. The bronzer shuffles Kiley-wards, taking a seat next to her and upsetting the balance of the table. He sets down his things and gives a grunt in hello. Klah, meet mouth.

Tannim carefully makes his way in from the lower caverns. His large eyes open wide as they take in everything seemingly all at once. The look on his face betrays the fact he is feeling a tad bit uneasy. It has been many many turns since he has been in surrounding unfamiliar to him, not knowing anyone. He slowly makes his way through the crowd stopping to grab a bowl of stew and some tea. He luckily finds a smaller table unoccupied close to where Kiley is typing away on her computer. He takes a seat, his hair falling over his eyes and nearly upsetting his dinner.

Kiley peeks over at Zi'on with a curious lift of her brows as he joins here, there's a slow look over of him and then her nose wrinkles just a fraction. "Did you just wake up?" She questions with her brows creeping up higher before her gaze shifts away. There's a quick rearrangement of her things so that she may reach for her juice. There's a sip from it before her gaze is drifting towards her laptop. A few more things are typed in and she closes it with one hand before quickly placing it away into the case under the table. Attention soon scans the living caverns and the unfamiliar face draws her attention. A hand lifts in greeting and she offers out towards Tannim: "you don't have to sit alone."

Zi'on is one of those people that doesn't function until he's gotten some klah in him. So once half his cup is drained he finally turns to Kiley to answer her. "Yeah. Fell asleep at Enka's after my sweeps. You didn't have to stop working. I didn't mean to interrupt you or anything." He looks over at Tannim then, giving him a nod. "Hey." He squints a bit at him. "New around here?"

Tannim looks over at the next table over where Kiley and Zi'on is sitting when they both address him. He gives them both a smile as he stands up, grabbing his stew and mug and joins them at their table. "Greetings. Thanks, and yes, I just arrived. Guess Brionnith took a liking to me and asked me to stand for the clutch on the sands." He shrugs his shoulders. "Not sure what he saw in me but I am not one to argue with a dragon or his rider." He sets his bowl down before continuing. "Name is Tannim, apprentice healer from Healer Hall. Pleasure to meet you both."

Kiley nods, "sounds like you had a busy day, though. Were your sweeps eventful?" She takes her juice once more and sips from it, "nah. I wanted to focus on talking with you, and I should finish eating so I don't spent all night trying to eat. That wouldn't be good for the morning." Her gaze shifts back towards Tannim as Zi'on speaks to him, lingering there before dropping to her food. Her fork is taken and she picks here and there, then settles on something before placing it into her mouth. She lingers in silence for as long as it takes her to finish the food in her mouth before speaking again. "It's not a problem." Her smile grows and there's a nod of her head before gesturing towards the bronzerider beside her. "Zi'on's Suldith thought I should Stand as well. Welcome to Western, Tannim and it is a pleasure to meet you."

Zi'on grins. "There are lots of eggs out there, so the dragons are all going a little nuts. Mir hasn't ever had a clutch this big, I guess. Like she said, I'm Zi'on. She's Kiley, computer crafter." Hence the laptop. There's a shrug to Kiley about his sweeps. "Nah. Boring, I guess. I thought I'd wait to see if Enka came back from the sands, but then I fell asleep and just woke up." The bronzer focuses on getting something in his belly for a moment, then he turns back to Tannim. "A healer, hm? So have you seen a lot of gross injuries and whatnot? This one time I airlifted a guy whose leg was all mangled. It was totally gross!"

"Congratulations then, guess we will be seeing a lot of each other then." The healer takes a seat at the table and picks at the stew, not eating anything. "Pleasure Zi'on, and Kiley di dyou say your name was?" The second part of that a small friendly jibe to the woman sitting next to him since she had neglected to give her own name. Turning back to the bronze rider he adds, "I few, here and there, but nearly as much as I had wished. Being an apprentice at the hall we mostly run errands for the Journeymen and Masters and do basic prep work. I was pretty close to passing my apprenticeship though I believe and was starting to get to help a little more with some of the emergency cases that came in."

The introduction the bronzerider gives her is met with a soft 'oh' before Kiley nods in agreement. "Journeyman." She fills in for the rest of her introduction before her gaze resettles on the bronzerider beside her. "Won't she be spending most of her time out on the Sands? Or near it, at least?" His question to the healer earns a slight shake of her head, but she makes no comment on it, merely picking at her own food before settling her gaze back on Tannim. The jibe is met with a coloring of cheeks and she mumbles softly in response with her gaze dropping down onto her plate. No further comments drift from the computer crafter as she appears occupied with making sure the food on her plate vanishes.

Ly'am comes striding into the caverns, though for his lack of height, he has no less presence upon entering the room. "Shards, even after all these turns, I always want to migrate up north when the heat descends." He exclaims as he wipes sweat from his brow, already his shirt unbuttoned to hang loosly from his torso. His flight pants already replaced by beach shorts and from the look of his damp hair he has already taken a dip in the sea. He strikes towards the food table and pauses to pour himself something cold to drink, downing a glass before he fills it up again pressing the glass to his forehead as he stands by table.

Zi'on nods to Tannim. "Ah. That kind of stinks, just running errands. What's your specialty? Injuries? Surgeries? Diseases? I only know a little about first aid from being in the search and rescue wing. If it's really bad we have to just take a healer out with us to stabilize them before we transport them someplace else." There's a nod to Kiley. "Yeah, she will be. But she said she'll be at least coming back to the weyr from time to time. But I got hungry, so I left. I'll probably just go visit her in a little while."

Tannim shakes his head to the entreaty of Zi'on, "Actually I was specializing in emergency and trauma." He looks at Kiley as he notices his small jibe has made her blush slightly and peer into her food. "Journey computer crafter eh? Last time I tried to use one of those things it stopped working the moment I touched the keys. Not sure what I did but I tend to stay away from computers." He picks up his mug of tea and downs it quickly before pushing his food slightly away from him, not having touch any of the stew.

Kiley lifts her gaze at the sound of another voice filling in from the rest, though the familiarity is what draws her attention. Her gaze settles upon Ly'am and her free hand lifts to wave a quick greeting as he makes his way further in, though she doesn't call anything out for his statement. Her gaze is shifting back to Zi'on, "well, that's good that she'll be coming back. I hope she'll be doing well when you go and see her. I can't imagine being on the Sands for as long as the clutch is there." Her nose wrinkles but there's no further elaboration as her attention flickers towards Tannim and she smiles. "A lot of people say that, really. But, if you learn properly it won't be a problem. I could teach you sometime.. Uhm. Eventually. With the unknown variable we face, I can't really give you much of a time line, I'm afraid."

Ly'am downs his next glass finally before refilling it a third time before moving down the line to fill up a plate of food. He is a growing lad after…ok, well he is done growing, but one can hope he might have some belated growth spurt? He moves to settle down at a table with a sigh and a fan of his hand over his face. "Try to keep to the skies more in the summer, much cooler up there." He says with a grin, "May have to go Journey again this summer if it gets much hotter."

Zi'on nods to Tannim. "Oh yeah? Neat. So you could be one of the healers we take out to save people." The bronzer looks to Kiley then and nods. "Yeah. I bet it's strange for her. Last time Mir clutched was when Suldith was in an egg." He laughs. "So that was a while ago. I kind of wish I had part of his egg or something. That would be pretty nice." The only way Ly'am is probably growing now is out! Zi'on, too, probably. Though he might have one more growth spurt left in him. Hopefully not though, the bronzer is already close to 6'5". Zi'on tilts his head at Ly'am. "You're hot? Even in here?"

Kiley watches Tannim depart with a slight smile before attention shifts to Ly'am as he joins them, inclining her head just so. "Hello Ly'am." She greets cheerfully while she clears the rest of her plate. It is settled off to the side and she hums, "it isn't that bad compared to other places.. I've heard that Igen is far more heated in the summer than here?" Brows lift at this and she offers another cheerful smile before looking to Zi'on. "Shells, that was awhile ago, huh? It doesn't seem like she gets much practice being stuck on the sands."

"I grew up in Fort and Impressed at Reaches…cold is in me blood." Ly'am responds with a smirk for the man before he winks at Kiley, "No matter how warm it runs." He says, though it is more of a playful tone then overly flirtatious. "Reaches has snow on the ground most of the year, and Fort ain't much better really." He continues, perhaps exagerating it just a little.

Zi'on shrugs. "I like it here. It was too cold in Telgar. Now I can go to the beach almost any time." The older bronzer is peered at when he winks at Kiley. "Why don't you put in for a transfer, then, if you don't like the weather that much?" There's a nod to the computer crafter then. "Yeah. Been a while for her, I guess."

Kiley chuckles softly, "well, I suppose there isn't much you can do about it. I've heard that some people can adapt to the changes in temperatures, but I don't know if that is true or not." The computer crafter furrows her brows in thought, considering this and then what Zi'on offers towards the other bronzerider. "A transfer always helps, too." She offers a smile before she reaches for her juice and sips at it rather than finishing it off right away. "Well, I hope it isn't too bad for her…"

"Oh I just got to convince my gal of that." Ly'am says with a grin of a man held by the whims of his woman, "And well at least you can swim here, so reckon that has it going for it." He continues before picking through his meal, mostly eating the colder bits of food. "Sorry, ain't meant to be condeming the weyr, it sure is a fine weyr."

It is about this time, his name is heard and he looks up to spot his weyrmate beckoning, "Speak of the devil.." he says with a waggle of his brows and Ly'am grabs up his plate and heads to her!

That's right. Your eyes didn't deceive you. You DID see Keelyra zip through just moments before heading for the lower caverns with a few bags weighing her down. And now she returns doing something similar to that weird strut that just-engaged women will do to show off their rings. Except in her case, it's to show off her shoulder. Where a peculiar kind of knot rests.

Zi'on peers at the other bronzer. Is Zi'on being protective of his weyr, or of Kiley? Or of both? Either way, there doesn't look like there's much love for the other bronzer. He seems to relax once Ly'am is gone. Though there is a grunt. "Mr Complainy-pants." There's a blink as Keely goes zipping through the caverns. Zi'on can't help himself. The weyrbrat in him forces him to stick out a foot to trip her. There's a grin to Kiley. "You excited about standing again?"

Kiley nods slightly towards Ly'am's words and then sipping at her juice again before settling it upon the table. And then, he's departing at the call of his weyrmate and her brows lift. "Bye, Ly'am." She smiles and turns full attention to the bronzerider beside her. His comment earns a laugh, "people have their complaints. It happens." She just pretends she didn't see him sticking out his foot, nope. Her eyes are staring at her cup. "I am." Pause, "I was wondering if maybe my lifemate would be here this time. But, that's another variable that I can't solve without knowing the equation and that is near impossible as well. Though I wonder if these eggs will be different than the ones at Xanadu. They probably will be, but /how/? That is the question, and another variable that remains unsolved until later."

Nuuuuuuuuuu- Keelyra's arms are set to spinning as her foot catches on Zi'on's thrust out in her way. There's a squeal and she's set to tumbling. The girl ends up limbs akimbo on her bum looking a mite dizzy. She blinks a few times before giving her head a shake, looking towards Zi'on with mock fury. "You! I know that was you!" She sniffles a bit as she gets to her feet, "you might get my knew knot all dusty!"

Zi'on looks at Kiley with a frown. "Still though. And what was that winking at you about? You know him or something?" Zi'on is a sly weyrbrat. Sly! He keeps focused on his conversation with Kiley though. "Hopefully! There are lots of eggs out there. A big clutch and all. Lots to choose you from. Anyways there's no sense in trying to analyze it with like… logic. It either happens or it doesn't." Down Keely goes. And Zi'on starts to laugh. He can't help himself. Though he does feel a bit badly about it. "Gimme a break, new. They reuse those knots every clutch. Congrats, though."

Kiley blinks at Keelyra for her outburst, turning full attention to the younger girl and blinking a little more for the final words. "But, it will get more dirty from doing chores?" The computer crafter tilts her head in questioning. "And it is simply a knot?" Confusion is heavy in her tone of voice as she furrows her brows, her hands settling on her cup and twisting it between her hands "I met him and pointed out the logical flaws in a story he was telling. I am not sure why he was winking, and I'm sure they meant nothing." She smiles at the bronzerider before lifting her cup to her lips, "yes. There are a lot of eggs that can make their choice. But wouldn't it be something if you could figure it all out with logic?" She laughs, "not that I am trying. But you're right, it either does or it doesn't. Promise you'll take me to Fort for some research if it doesn't happen? You can leave me there for a few days so you don't have to worry about getting to me with your busy schedule. Or Ista… Either one. I've been meaning to stop by both of them."

"Logic?" Keelyra finds a bench to perch on and sets her bony little butt right down. She sticks her tongue out at Zi'on. "Reused or not, it's new to /me/. I hadta give up a bubbly to get this!" Overprotective fathers. Pfah! She looks back to Kiley, squinting at her. "That sexy journeyman friend of yours got t'ya, didn't he? All reasoning this and logical that? It'll happen or it doesn't. There's no… whatchacallit, formula to make a dragon pick you." She looks to Zi'on, "Imagine th'type of dragons from THAT clutch! They'd be all computin' this and formulating that." She shudders. "It'd be horrifying."

Zi'on peers at Kiley. "What was he saying? That Fort has snow on the ground all year round?" Because Zi'on knows that's a lie. "Maybe he has a twitch or something." About the winking. He blinks then. "It wouldn't be any fun if you figure it out with logic. It wouldn't be exciting stand out there on the hot sands. And no one would come to watch." He peers at Keely then. "Who is the sexy journeyman friend? Oh that Nikolas guy? Anyways, I bet there are formulating dragons out there. Someplace."

Kiley flusters at Keelyra, "my boyfriend? No, I've always believed in logic. I don't believe that there is a formula to attract a dragon, it was something I had spoken to someone about once." Though she quiets after that, cheeks a shade of red as she stares at her cup and continues to twist it between her hands. This continues as the younger girl goes on and her cheeks only continue to darken. "Oh. Something about a feline jumping out of its skin in fright and leaving it behind." She peeks at him and nods, "that's true. It wouldn't be as fun…" A soft laugh and she smiles a little now before sipping at her juice again.

"Yeah, that guy," Keelyra says, nodding enthusiastically at Zi'on. She peeeeers back at Kiley, blinking a few times at the computer crafter. "I heard that'un about a feline jumping out of its skin! I always figured… iff'n that happened, why haven't we ever found a feline skin just sitting around? You'd think they get startled often the way they act." She scoots back on the bench, pulling her knees up to her chest. "A whole clutch of formulating dragons would be no fun, though. Your boyfriend is sexy, but he's sooooooo boring." She cocks her head to one side, peering intently at Kiley. "He must kiss real good to make up for that."

"Some things, like dragon clutches… they just gotta be -spontaneous-. Right Keely? Spontaneous is more fun." Zi'on rubs it in. He peers at Kiley then. "Felines can't jump outta their skin any more than you or me can jump outta ours. I saw a guy mauled by one, so they can't be that scared." There's a blink at Keely as she describes Nikolas as sooooo boring. But apparently a good kisser. The bronzer bursts out laughing. "Oohh man. He's gotta be more than just a good kisser. Aw, but you're a candidate now, you won't be able to enjoy any of that anymore."

Kiley chuckles softly, "they don't frighten that easily, I've heard." Shoulders shrug, "but, I don't know much about felines other than their fur is nice." Fingers tap along the cup, "they have to think, at least. Thinking is formulating…" She tries to defend. The talk of her boyfriend has her shaking her head, "he's not boring. He just isn't spontaneous, that is all. Or, well, not all the time with things that change his schedule." The talk of kissing has the poor woman turning another shade of red, "uhm… I'm not telling you that…" She almost whispers, though she's hiding her face partially in her cup now and downing more of her juice. Darker reds color her cheeks and she gives the bronzerider a look, luckily she didn't choke on her juice. "I /know/."

"Not even kissing?" Keelyra is distracted now, staring at Zi'on with wide eyes. "I mean… I know there's no alcohol and no…" her voice drops as if she's too scared to even say it, "sex. But… no /kissing/?" She looks to Kiley in horror. "But this was gonna be my chance to meet a boy from somewhere else and have my first kiss!"

Zi'on nods. "Takes a dragon, probably. Suldith says he wants to eat one, but they're kinda furry. That fur is better used for lining a coat or something." Zi'on and Keely are merciless. At least they're not totally picking on him, saying he's a good kisser. And also good at other stuff. "No, they can -kiss-. But the rest of the fun stuff. Yeah. Sex. None of that." He chuckles at Keely. "What's wrong with the boys here?" Boys are the same everywhere.

Kiley blinks at Keelyra for the horror on her face, "uh…" She doesn't know how to respond to that, obviously and then the computer crafter shrugs. "Kissing isn't all that important?" Though she looks back to Zi'on after that and nods, "he could eat a skinned one? That way the fur doesn't go to waste." Fingers tap along her cup and she colors a darker shade at the talk of the sex and such. "At Xanadu we couldn't kiss."

"All th'boys here I wanna kiss are already kissing other people." Keelyra says in kind of a mournful fashion. She sniffs briefly, then peers towards Kiley in abject horror. "Not important? /Not important/? Then why does everyone always talk 'bout their first kiss, huh?!"

Zi'on chuckles. "Kissing isn't all that important. Just the sex is important." What a rude way to read into Kiley's statement! "Suldith only eats live food. And it would be pretty horrible to skin a feline alive, don't you think?" He peers at Kiley. "You couldn't kiss? I thought you said you did kiss someone when you was a candidate there?" He blinks at Keely then. "Like who? Anyways first kisses are important I guess. First real kiss, I guess."

Kiley gives Keelyra a wide-eyed look, "I don't know. I've never heard anyone talking about their first kiss…" The computer crafter mumbles softly and quickly casts her gaze towards Zi'on, "that isn't what I meant." More coloring of her cheeks as she flusters visibly, twisting the cup between her hands still. "I doubt it would let you skin it alive. But even then, the thought is awful." She quickly ducks her head and murmurs, "we did. But we broke the rules…"

"Like, uh…" and then Keelyra is mumbling, looking at the floor over the crest of her knees. She plucks at a thread on her slacks, turning rather red and not daring to meet their eyes.

Did it suddenly get hot in here? Zi'on apparently has turn both ladies red as redfruits. "That's because we didn't play truth or dare long enough the other night to start digging up real dirt. Anyways most people's first kisses are boring." He grins to Kiley then. "Ooh, broke the rules. Kiley… I didn't know you had it in you!" He nudges her with his elbow. He chuckles a bit. "Come on Keely, who were you -hoping- to kiss? I bet it was Kiley, wasn't it?"

Kiley blinks at Keelyra's mumbling. She then looks to Zi'on, "that is why I don't like that game." She states simply while nodding about boring first kisses. The nudge is met with a exasperated look and a sigh that follows, "I didn't think I did, either…" The final question has her coloring another shade and shaking her head firmly. "I don't kiss females."

"I don't like girls! I like boys." Now Keelyra is wildly aware again, peeeeering at Zi'on. "Why would I kiss a girl? That'd be /weird/." She peers at Kiley then, looking a bit abashed. "Not that, uh, you aren't pretty and all."

Zi'on laughs. "Aw. No kissing you two? That's boring. And that's why I -like- that game. You girls never want to share your secrets with anyone. How else are boys supposed to know if you like them or not? Even when we ask most of the time you lie. Or are just mean about it. Or are like 'I just like you as a friend' or 'you're nice, but…'. Anyways, all this talk about kissing is making me miss Enka. I'm gonna bring her some water and a bubbly." Rant over, Zi'on gets up to go do what he's said. "I'll see you two later."

Kiley shakes her head at Keelyra, "please don't… Feel awkward about that." She wrinkles her nose at Zi'on but it relents into a very slight smile. "Have fun with Enka, Zi'on." A nod of farewell towards the bronzerider before she downs the rest of her juice. Once there is a semblance of normal, she returns full attention towards Keelyra and offers a smile. "Are you looking forward to being a Candidate?"

"Maybe we dun' tell ya 'cause yer already with someone," Keelyra says, scowling darkly for a moment. She unfolds and gets to her feet, stretching languidly for a moment. There's a few pops from her spine and she slouches again with a content sigh. She looks over her shoulder to the departing Zi'on with a little sigh before her gaze returns to Kiley and she blinks. "'Course I am! I had hoped to be one last time but I guess I wasn't quite old enough, but now I am! It'll be great!" She bounces back quick. Or at least seems to.

Kiley peeks in the direction Zi'on went before looking towards Keelyra and offering a smile. "It is exciting, isn't it? How old are you, then? Fourteen, I would guess from what you just said." The computer crafter continues her observation of the younger girl with a thoughtful tilt of her head. "Chores can be… Interesting. But it is touching the eggs that really amazed me. I'd like to see what they all Hatch, too."

"Fourteen, yes!" Keelyra grins a bit, but it falters as she glances towards where the bronzerider departed. She looks back to Kiley. "I'm hoping to find the folks that hate kitchen work and trade for their chores. Better to do what I know than risk burnt pies or stuff."

"I guessed right, then." Kiley chuckles softly before she's nodding in agreement, "may be the best way to go about it, but, you can always learn something new doing other chores." There's a soft sigh, "though I'm hoping they let me work on my craft, still, so I don't entirely blame you for wanting to stick with what you know and are good at doing." Her smile grows a little more warm towards the younger girl, "what do you do in the kitchens?"

"I just don't want to eat bad food or have to fix mistakes later… If someone /likes/ being in the kitchens or is good at it, I'm not gonna try to take it, but last time there was a clutch here… some of the boys totally messed things up in the kitchens." She rolls to her feet and pads towards the klah, pouring a mug for herself. Returning to her seat, Keely sips at it. "Various things. I help manage the storage caverns, I prep for the meals… Y'know, cutting vegetables and such."

Kiley wrinkles her nose, "I see… And then the potential of fires is never a good thing. I do understand the concern that you have. And boys tend to get themselves in trouble if they are trouble makers." Cough. She watches the other depart with a look of consideration. "I see. It sounds like you do a lot, then. Managing the stores must have a lot of paperwork." The mention of paperwork earns a fond smile, but then she is following the example of the other and quickly hurrying over to fill her juice and returning a moment later.

"Not so much paperwork, really. Not for the food." Keelyra looks back to Kiley, from her drink. "I mostly pick up the orders, pick out the ripest stuff for the day's meals, and find room for the rest. It's fairly well ordered out already." The girl finishes her klah and gets to her feet again. "I've got a lot of unpacking to do."

"Ah. Well, someone has to keep track of it." Kiley muses softly, brows furrowing with thought before a nod of understanding follows the girl's next statement. "I see. Sounds simple, but organized. Always a good thing considering order and logic." A smile before she is nodding a farewell. "Looking forward to seeing you more." Once her juice is finished, the laptop comes back out and she sets back to work for a bit longer before bed.

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