The S'ndri

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's well on into the evening, many of the residents have dispersed from the evening meal, and dessert as well. In fact it's fairly slow in the caverns right. A few late comers and those that are just seeking a place to relax before lights out. One of those is Catwin, who has found a quiet table with no one else at it and is peering over a thick stack of papers on a clipboard.
Sleek black hair hangs loose down to mid point of her back, framing a round face and a small snub of a nose. Her dark brown eyes seem almost heavy-lidded, giving her a sleepy-eyed look. She's of minimal stature, being quite petite and also small-framed. She does have a small bit of curves, giving her quite the feminine shape.

She's dressed in vibrant color from her head to her toes. Her light-weight tunic is a deep and vibrant hue of red, offset by yellow and orange embroidery. Her floor length gauzy skirt is full and also a deep vibrant shade, this time of blue. A slightly darker shade of blue has been used to embroider all over the skirt with vivid yellow accents added at intervals.

Sleepy, but unable to turn in for the night, long slow strides carry Tanit in from the laundry, a basket under the arm and the young woman herself dressed in cotton button up Pajamas, complete with tiny starfish embroidered on them. She recognizes the woman, and the name associated with her, and offers a smile. "Catwin right?" Settling in to fold her laundry before heading home for the night.

Catwin glances up from the paperwork she is working on and looks at the young woman. She then gives a little bit of a nod. "Yes, Catwin." she murmurs quietly as she looks over the girls attire, noting the starfish and all. "Laundry day, I take it." she states the obvious and then flips a page. She's trying to socialize, gotta give her some credit. Right?

He has been absent far too long, prowling about Xanadu and other far flung places, but like a moth to a flame…a dog to its vomit…a cat to a mouse S'ndri is back! And he bets everyone in the weyr missed him terribly. They probably wept for days when he didn't return, but never fear fate has smiled and S'ndri walks through the doors of the living cavern with a goofy smile plastered on his face. It's a small thing to glance around the place and see who he knows but he finds no one. No one that is expect for Catwin. She doens't count. Must just brush her off. Brush brush! Though she is talking to someone that S'ndri would like to say hello too so he must brave the dangerous Cat infested waters. He practically skips toward the pair of them and with a grand smile says, "Good evening to the pair of you." The game begins!

"You are a friend of Sevran's right?" Tanit may not be the best at reading 'do not bug me' signals. There's a chuckle, and she starts shaking out the brightly hued sarongs to fold the cloth. "Yes, I figured I'd get them all done so that everything will be clean in the morning." There's a logic to it at least. Sea-green eyes lift from the work to focus on the grinning and energetic male, and there's just a knit of her brows and a nod of greeting.

You know the feeling of certain doom that happens just before the dam breaks? Or maybe how the hair rises just before lightning strikes? Yeah, well too bad Catwin doesn't have quite those instincts. And so S'ndri is missed before she has a chance to run. She is nodding to Tanit "Yes." she murmurs and then recognition strikes. Tani'ts the one she thought was his sister. Then she frowns a moment "Just to clear things up, you're not Sevran's girl either, right?" Been a few rumours bouncing about. Gaze slips over towards S'ndri. Now, here's the test indeed. She came away from J'en relatively unscathed by keeping her mouth shut, but hmm, he's a rider too.. Oh sweet Faranth. In for a tit… So, instead of ignoring S'ndri as she really might wish too, she gives him a salute. Who know if J'en is lurking about. "Greetings."

S'ndri is energetic. Oh so very energetic. The energy of the universe flows through him to create the perfect storm of amazing and awesome! It's true! Sadly the enthusiasm does not seem to be returned. That is sad, but S'ndri persists! The smile doesn't leave his face despite the lukewarm greeting, "I'm S'ndri." he says. You have to start with introductions after all. He motions with his hand down to her laundry, "Do you need any help? I'm very good at folding things." His hands move as if they were folding an invisible shirt. "Love your pajama's by the way." he adds. Compliments are a must. The clap of DOOM. This is priceless. Getting a salute from Catwin is almost the best thing that could happen to him. In the top 5 for sure. "Hello Candidate." he says with mock seriousness working very hard to put down an laugh rising in his throat. So. Much. Fun.

"I don't believe so, I mean I'm an only child, so we aren't related." As for the girl thing, Tanit tilts her head oddly as though this isn't the first time anyone's made that comment either. "Last I checked I belonged to no one but myself, so if he's making such claims, he didn't mention it to me first." Why else would everyone jump to those two conclusions? The S'ndri (because Tanit lacks a classification for exactly what the rider is.) "Do you often volunteer to stick your hands in a lady's underthings?"

Catwin shakes her head "No, he's not making any such claims." she notes quietly. Eyes flicker over to S'ndri again. "Hello, rider." Someone put her out of her misery? Please? "It was from some of the gossiping weyrbrats that I heard it from. Course, with them it's always a grain of salt to be taken with their information." She notes. As Tanit questions S'ndri, there's a faint hint of a smile. Good to see the girl can look out for herself.

The S'ndri is clever and resiliant. He has already learned two things. One the woman is unattached, which makes her a fair target. Not that he always plays by that rule, but secondly and most important she has a great sense of humor. The S'ndri likes! The smile spreads so wide it looks like it might split his face and a giggle pops out. Oh this is so much fun, "All the time." he says each word slowly to illustrate the seriousness of this claim. It's one of his defining character traits. "And they don't usually object." He gives her a wink. The S'ndri will put Catwin out of her misery later. He's busy at the moment. Brush brush! Though he does spare her a smile.

"Good, I like having at least one new friend in a strange place, and I'd hate to have to deck him." She notes of Sev with a grin. The spread of his lips is met with an equal smile, but the flash of Tanit's pearly whites is not the sort of thing that giggles usually follow. "Then they are not ladies at all." Tanit notes almost sickly sweet, "Which is even less flattering since that means you are comparing me with the kind of 'lady' who sells her company."

Catwin flips another page on her board and keeps her head down. Maybe to hide the grin that is forming there. She is really quite enjoying this. And maybe she's taking some mental notes as well. You tell him, Tanit, you tell him. And since she's got the formalities aside, she really doesn't have to say much more to S'ndri, since Tanit has that so well covered. Course. There's a glance for S'ndri. Silly idiot probably is eating it right up. "Though if you want to, I can look the other way."

Burn! This lady is amazing. She gives as good as she gets. If S'ndri is upset or thrown off of his game it doesn't show it in the least. "I can assure you I've never needed the company of a lady who sells their company." The S'ndri has standards. They are few and far between but they are there! Barely. Other lesser men might just give up and walk away right now, but there is just too much fun to be had. "I can understand your reluctance though. Probably have never been on a real date before and I came on strong. My apologies." Is it a real apology? Probably not, but the banter requires it. The S'ndri is eating it up. Om nom nom. Poor Catwin.

You say, "Spoken like every man who has ever purchased the services of a whore." Tanit singsongs, completely unbothered by the comment on her own love life. "And again you woo like this is a brothel, if that's the kind of behavior that passes for polite wherever you are from, well I suppose the quality of Half moon Bay's riders speaks volumes in comparison."
Catwin listens, that little smile spreading a bit. Not that it's anywhere near what most people consider a smile. But for her? Yeah. She does lean a little towards Tanit "I think he may be a little hrd of hearing. Or maybe slow. He doesn't take hints very well." As well Cat knows. She eyes S'ndri a moment. But no, she doesn't say anything. Where it's easy to murmur something to Tanit, saying something to S'ndri just isn't gonna happen easily.

The S'ndri once more remains unaffected. The negativity has not place. Brush brush! "I see." he says with an ah hah sort of tone in his voice, "To know so much about the inner workings of a brothel you must have spent a great deal of time in one." He turns his attention to Candidate Cat, "I'm not slow I'm afraid. See what she's doing is typical brothel behavior of haggling over price. Sadly I'm not interested. Like I said. Don't need to pay." He then snaps his gaze back to Tanit, "I'm sorry my dear. Like I said. Not interested in brothel workers. Good luck with your night though." The S'ndri turns on his heels and begins to skip out toward the door. His work here is done!
His comments don't earn much in the way of a response, pricked pride and wounded male egos are something she's quite accustomed to dealing with. "Then why are you still here?" She mutters beneath her breath watching the man depart before her eyes shift back to Catwin. "So that is S'ndri, no wonder the other female candidates complain about him so."

Catwin gives a little nod "That is S'ndri. I had to threaten to call the guards on him, he wouldn't leave me alone." she murmurs softly "He even followed me and kept pushing. It wasn't until the threat that he backed off. He insisted I was just playing hard to get." she murmurs.

Dark green eyes narrow at the retreating form of the man with Catwin's words. "He'll end up with an oyster knife in his soft spot if he keeps that up." A puff of breath blowing her bangs back from her face.

Catwin hmms a little "Well, some do seem to fancy him a little. He was making pretty good headwy with a visiting gold rider. But then, being from Fort, maybe she was looking for all the warmth she could get?" she hazards a little.

"No accounting for taste?" She sighs, going back to her laundry, and folding her swim gear and the rest of her clothes. "What are you reading?" Tanit asks after a moment of work.

Catwin hmms a little as she tilts her head "True, takes all kinds and I guess some like that creepy behavior." She peers down at her papers "Oh, this is basically the budget and all for the whole Turn. Going over things that sold well, that didn't sell well. What was reordered quite often and all. Litral just really doesn't have enough experience with this all yet, though he's coming along pretty well."

"Budget?" Tanit is completely lost, studying the papers more closely now. "Are you with one of the craft halls then?" Squinting to try and make sense of these figures.
Catwin gives a nod "Vintnercraft. Up until I got a white knot thrown at me, I've been supplying the Weyr. Now, I'm making Litral do most the work, promoted him to Journeyman and everything. But somestimes it's best to just do it myself since I'm familiar with it all for the Turn, he's just been into it for that last little bit."
"That makes sense," Tanit replies turning her attention from the papers to the Vinter. "What happens then if you impress? Does he take over until you are out of weyrlinghood?" Tucking the folded clothes into the basket.

Catwin gives a nod "Essentially. And depending upon what happens during weyrlinghood and then afters, he may take over on a permanent basis. He's a little nervous about it. But he's got a good head on his shoulders, so I don't think he'll go wrong. And he's the use of my contacts and all as well." she smiles "Might make it a little easier to procure some of it too."

Tanit smiles, "If nothing else you could expand your contacts, with someone who can handle the extra load?" Of nerves, Tanit nods with a half smirk, "Is it something you want? Being dragon bonded that is? It seems like a lot of folk are standing because … why not."

Catwin hmms a little and is silent for a few moments before answering. "I'm a little at odds about it. I mean, it really came at quite the surprise. I'm a little scared, and a little curious as well at what it might be like. "I guess, I guess I'm realy kinda hoping. Maybe it'll" she shakes her head on what she was going to say.

"You want to impress." Tanit's smile is soft, "Maybe it will…" There are so many ways to finish that sentence, and the diver is both curious and hesitant to pry too far. You can only force a shell open so far before you damage the soft parts inside after all. "All I've ever known is my Island and the sea around it. I came because I was curious about what else life my could be." She tilts her head at Catwin, "Maybe the same applies for you?"
Catwin is silent as she just looks at the papers, unseeing. She then hmms a little "Maybe. I'd really lost interest in what ifs. I was happy with where I was, what I was doing, and feeling safe in how I went about it. Now, now there is a sense of the unknown, and that scares me. But, I'm starting to wonder, what if again."

"Maybe it's worth the scary bits then, if you've found something you'd lost?" Tanit wonders, tucking the last of the clothes back into the basket and tucking her legs back up underneath herself. "I admit I think the lot of you standing are rather brave for doing so, simply because it means such a great change for all of you."

Catwin blinks and then she gives a small little laugh "Oh, there has been some really big changes all right." she notes and shakes her head. "It's not been easy. It's been downright hard at times. Not always fun. But. It has been a learning experience. I will give it that." she lets out a sigh "Well, I should probably be heading back before it's lights out." she notes.

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