Candidate Fashion Show 2: Armed and Fabulous

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Jingum is out quietly strolling when he notices a group of people near the lagoon. He walk over keeping his distance not wanting to interupt or interfere.

The weather has been kind today. No afternoon storms came to interrupt the work that needed to happen on the stage. Starting early this morning a crew began putting together a stage up the beach a ways. It's a fairly simple affair, just a wooden stage that juts out in the center to form a catwalk of sorts. Along the side of the stage are simple wooden steps so people can easily go up and down. There is a gentle breeze blowing and Rukbat shines down its warmth upon the tropical weyr. Standing on the stage is Serena, she doens't look particularly fashionable dressed in her stretchy pants and shirt. At present she's about three and a half months pregnant so she is prioritizing comfort over looking good. "Ok. Welcome everyone to the second annual candidate fashion show." she pauses for a moment and continues, "Today our candidates will get to struth their stuff and show the weyr what they've got. And they will be judged by a panel of three dragons." She will motion to the back where the judges are hanging out, "Today we have with us Samiryth from Half Moon, Garouth from Monaco, and Leirith from Xanadu." An multi-weyr panel of judges! "They will be deciding the outcome of this contest!" Samiryth sits behind the audience having no fear of not being able to see over them. She croons happily as she awaits the begining of the contest, positively excited to see what the candidates have come up with for themselves. Serena looks over to the gathering of candidates, "Ok. Time for whoever wants to start this to take the stage." And with that she slips off the stage herself to await the first candidate!

It is with a head tilt and bare feet that Tanit regards both the stage and the announcement, a form of torture for the candidates? She'll find a nice empty stretch of sand from which to laugh- er observe. Yes.

This panel of judges represents an entire three Weyrs! And three colors of dragon! It's… impressive. Is that the right word for it? Whatever. Garouth is here, though he's rather less excited looking than Samiryth. Curious, yes. He is definitely intrigued, but at the same time… he is a bit perplexed, his eyes swirling from green to blue and back again as he watches Serena… start this show off? Is that what's happening here? D'lei is watching as well, on a folded blanket a bit off to the side. He's leaning back against his hands, with an expression… similar to his dragon's really. Bemused and wondering what he's actually doing here, but not actually displeased by it.

Far off to the side, leaned against the forelimb of one of the nonjudgmental dragons present is J'en, hands shoved into the pockets of his jacket and legs crossed at the ankle. Golden eyes lift as Serena takes the stage, his expression no less than his trademark mask of neutrality, glancing to the dragons each in turn as they are mentioned, then off over the water that forms the lagoon for the rest. Why he was even here at all was anyone's guess.

Riohra is standing in a robe off to the side of the stage, listening to Serena announce the start of this. His hair sparkles in Rukbats light, as it is done up in five tall spires each colored to represent. When the first tribute? Candidate is called for he just grins at his fellows. Taking of the robe he walks on to the stage from the waist up this young man is covered in sparkly glitter, as he moves and the light hits him it changes colors as well as different designs can be seen when certain colors are in combination. His hair is caked with the stuff and has been styled to five spires each representing the colors of dragon kind. His legs are covered with a pair of sparkly pants made from shiny sequins of greens and blues. His shoes are polished black with glitter designs glued on them.

Citayzleat is nigh unrecognizable, backstage, beneath a suspiciously bulky cloak. Also, she's swearing wildly, head swaying beneath the weird forces of her hair situation. It's…up. Like, literally. "Not sure how you're going to get this out." Yolomit mutters grimly, applying another layer of some sort of product to the very high-and-pointy updo. "Help!" The healer begs, casting giant mournful eyes around to any of her compatriots; who are almost certainly dealing with problems of their own. She's got a heavy wool cloak over her, which is not helping the situation any, probably. "Oh no. No, no, no." She is not going out there first; or at all, if she can possibly get away with it. Almost certainly she can't, but a girl whose hair is tilting ominously over a foot above her head can hope. Rio goes, though, and Cita breathes a tiny sigh of relief, returning to her attempts to get her hair to stand straight up.

Baylee watches from somewhere off to the side of the stage. A look of nerves on her face, though when Rio removes his robe revealing, whate else but Glitter, she can only bring her hand to her face and sigh. Oh Rio! The calls for help do not go unnoticed though and so she scurries off backstage to see what is going on with Citayzleat. She moves toward her fellow candidate and blinks, "What do you need help with?" she asks and as she looks upon the hairdo she can only say one word, "Wow."

Kassala stands from the sidelines as she watches Riohra walk up and will just laugh at the wherry brain. She glances back and looks to Cita, wrapped in her own robe she will walk over to assist Baylee in helping out the healer.

And then there is Leirith, who is the embodiment of enthusiasm as the massive queen and her wonky little head knobs moves back and forth and back and forth on the beach. She's kicking up sand, and assaulting everybody present with drums, and bass and maybe that's just a drumroll for the candidates but does it matter? She is excited, enthused to be a part of something and unencumbered in her joy by other dragons and - OH, RIO. So sparkly, so shiny, MUCH WOW. Risali? She's walking past J'en with a punch to his shoulder and a look as she goes, grey eyes smiling even if her mouth is set in DANGERDANGER before her attention is stolen by the stage, and those around and… she makes her way over to a blanket to commandeer a spot just on the edge of it with a shoulder bump for D'lei. Home!

Jingum can't seem to look away as the first candidate takes the stage. Despite trying to keep the low profile, not knowing anyone here, he finds himself making his way closer to the stage. He find a spot near the others assembled and watches with mild amusement. If the rest of the candidates are going to be like the first this will prove to be interesting.

Cita has nothing at all to say for Rio's glitteriness — maybe a huff of muted amusement, but well, she has little room to talk. Maybe. Baylee gets a desperately thankful look, as Yolomit sets the pot of hair-goop down and goes off to help somebody else. "My hair won't stay up. I'm going to murder them, this was the worst costume idea…" The healer sighs, and beams gratefully for Kass too, as she starts patting her hair upwards. It's a lost cause, but NEVER ADMIT DEFEAT. Right? Right. "Are you feeling as ridiculous as me?" At least there are Leirith's drums, which are surprisingly helpful, easing a little of the tension as the candidate glances out at what she can see. People. That doesn't help. "Shells."

Why are people here? To have fun of course! It's a nice silly diversion to breakup what could be a very stressful time for candidates. Samiryth is taking it completely seriously though. She observes the man on the stage and his unique take on things. She bobs her head up and down happily. The green turns her head to look to Garouth first, « Isn't this just the most fun you could have? » Yeah. The green is into this sort of thing in a major way. « He's very shiny. Shiny is good. » the green seems favorably disposed at any rate. Then her attention is stolen by Leirith, « Look Leirith. What do you think? » The gold isn't the only one with enthusiasm! Sami's got it too! When Riohra is done strutting his glittered self up and down the stage Serena will climb the stairs once more and say, "Everyone give him a round of applause for being willing to go first and also because I think we can all say we've never seen anything like that before." After a few moments she'll then say, "Next candidate please." Then Serena will once more depart the stage.

At some point, probably from commentary rising up from those gathered before the stage, Jae's attention wanders back to the first of dignity's sacrifices, blinking once. Leketh rumbles, lowering his head for a scritch while his whirring facets remain glued to Riohra strutting his glittered stuff. "Glad yer enjoyin' yerself, lizard. Just dun get why I had to be 'ere too. Ain't like we're connected at the 'ip anymore like at the start of weyrlinghood." the bronzerider grumbles aloud, resisting accommodating his lifemate's request for a Leirith provided drumbeat or three, but ultimately giving in and rubbing his blunt fingernails along a gold-dipped eyeridge. That is, until Risali passes by and decks him in the shoulder. "Ow! The fu…" Pierced lips drawn down into a scowl, the rest of the curse cutting off as the grey-eyed woman registers and his gaze follows her briefly before he looks decidedly elsewhere. Both shoulders tense, one a bit aching.

Tanit sputters as she is one of the unfortunates to get caught in the sandstorm kicked up by the green. The dragon is eyed as she attempts to shake out the sand from the Sarong dress and her hair, which was fortunately dry or more might stick. "Is she always that pwh," A spitting sound as she tries to get more sand out of her mouth. "Enthusiastic?" Likely aimed at Leirith's rider. At least until Riorhra's glittery self is seen, and then she just gawks.

« I saw this in a book. » Garouth opines to anydragon listening as Riohra takes the stage, his shadows and cold drifting out in curious eddies as he observes. « It was named Tiamat. » Is that the pinnacle of fun? The bronze tilts his head, listening to Samiryth's question. « I see it pleases you. » A flicker of shadow. « There is much shine. Not very subtle. » D'lei, meanwhile, turns his head to grin at Risali, with a bump back for her as she steals part of her blanket like the thief she is. It's okay! It's on the sands of her home, so transitively… uh… something something, it's all good.

Riohra grins as he walks of the stage grabbing up his robe more to keep the glitter in than for modesty. He will walk over to where the Three females have huddled saying "Here I will help one of you others can go before the dragons get testy" He is kidding but you never know with these people.

Baylee can only nod to Cita as she explains the nature of her problem. Baylee looks down at the goop and then back up to Cita, "Maybe that will help?" she says, though hair isn't really her thing. She doesn't have a great deal of time to stand there though as she hears the annoucement for the next candidate to come to the stage, "Thats me." she says softly Cita, a look of worry on her face that she does her best to surpress. She takes a deep breath and walks out from backstage on to the main stage.The dress she wears is a striking mix of frills, lace, and silk. The upper part of the dress hugs tightly to her body and it's silk glimmers in the sunlight. The white silk is accented by black lace that lays over the silk from her midsection up across one shoulder and down her back. The bottom portion of the dress is the most eye-catching part of all. At the waistline the dress poofs outward in frilly lace of white. There are also portions where the lace has been dyed black in color, giving the impression of spots.

Kassala will grin over at the tall hunter, "I see you just can't resist standing out" she gives another impish grin but scoots away from the shiny man looking at Cita saying "maybe we can put thin wires in it?"

Is that laughter? It is much laughter. « Does the book still exist? » the queen teases, because Garouth is a dragon and has claws and she thinks everything is funny. But the funny thought of dragons and books is lost to MUCH GLITTER AND WOW. Samiryth is calling on her, and the gold is //eager to be of service. « It has so much color, » Leirith enthuses, only to watch Baylee come on stage and yes, that is a gold dragon maybe running over some empty chairs but they were empty and she needs a better look. HELLO, BAYLEE. GOLD MUZZLE UP IN YOUR BUSINESS. Blue eyes, WHO DAT. « Look at this one! Do you see it? Garouth, Samiryth, it is… » Does she have words? No. No she does not. Choose your own ending! Risali is clapping for Riohra as he leaves the stage, clapping for Baylee as she comes on and glancing back at Jae where her attention lingers before… she motions him over? Yes. She motions him over to her blanket 'cause THESE SANDS ARE HERS. Transitive ownership. D'lei can just take it and like it.

Samiryth's attention is briefly drawn away from the stage by Garouth and his description of 'Tiamat'. « Sometimes fashion is about being bold and making bold choices, even if sometimes its over the top. » Does Sami think it was? She doesn't say though Leirith's enthusiasm is noted and appreciated, « I do see it. It's very chic. » The green says with laughter in her voice, very different than the candidate who came before. Variety is good! Serena will once more take the stage and give a smile to Baylee, "Very good. Let's all give a hand to Baylee." she says and waits for her to get her moment before moving onward to the next candidate, "Next Candidate please." This time she moves backstage to keep from having to go up and down those steps again.

"You can do it!" Cita tells Baylee, firmly, nodding with grave certainty. This might be a little on the terrifying side, but you know. LIFE. Terrifying. "Thank you!" The last is whispered, as she grins for Rio, half-watching Baylee and her gorgeous dress onstage. "You did great. I bet Samiryth loved the glitter." She laughs, looking slightly less nervous. At least there are others to talk to, while they wait. Kass's idea gets wide eyes — Cita winces, comically exasperated. "That's such a great idea. I wish I'd thought of it earlier…" The healer laughs, helpless. Her hair, well, it's mostly upright at this point. The island's heat is kind of defeating the magical hair product, but, again, life. When the call of the next comes, Cita steps back, gesturing for Kass with what might be a smile. Or grimace. "Good luck!"

Leketh croons at a lower soft pitch as Baylee takes the stage and reveals her outfit, the massive wings against his back rustling somewhat, perhaps in approval. He's keeping his mindvoice restricted to himself and he that is his, but he's the one that spots Risali's motioning, chuffing quietly. J'en doesn't even so much as glance the goldling's way, he just shakes his head, disappearing behind the limb he had been leaned against and likely tucking himself away into the crook of one of the bronze's joints. Now there was wall of dragon between him and the stage, so Leketh merely warbles for Baylee in lieu of applause.

« Somewhere. » Garouth answers Leirith. « A ragtag band of heroes came by, and one of them stole it. I think they took it for safe-keeping, but perhaps they only thought it shiny. » Who can tell, really? He rumbles softly, a stir of the wind around the beach in his mind, and tilts his head back with a slight arch of neck to observe the changing of the candidates and Baylee's turn on stage! « She has fewer colors. » THAT IS FACT. « Like a spotted feline. Or a runner with a speckled flank. » D'lei claps politely for the candidates as they come and go, and while he glances to see who Risali is gesturing to, he does not object. Because he knows better! Not that J'en is coming over after all, apparently.

Gold dragon! Like right there! Baylee is not yet so used to dragons that she is unconcerned about this, given that Leirith just ran over a bunch of chairs to get here. She does her best to hold her smile but if falters and when Serena comes up to the stage Baylee beats a hastey retreat to the backstage, "Whew." She survived the trial by dragons!

Kassala will square her shoulders "My turn" as Baylee comes back down she will say "You did great" and gives an impish little wink at the others before walking over to the stage. She too sheds a protective robe she was covered in displaying her creation. Kassala wears an intriguing outfit, completely upcycled from things she's found on the beach. Over a nearly flesh-toned bikini, she wears a top made of bits of torn fish netting combined with strings of rocks worn smooth by the sea. Sea shells have also been added, tiny holes drilled to allow them to be tied here and there as further decoration. Below is a short skirt made of the same, tied at one hip. She's made matching sandals as well of leather, the ties combining leather decorated with more of the shells and sea pebbles that lace up high along her calves to be tied in bows at her knees.

Riohra looks over the hair mess that is Cita and says "What are you using to try to keep it up?" he is careful not to send any sparkly shine down on the big haired healer.

Smart move, Serena. Stairs. Leirith's NEMESIS (well, without her wings, anyway). And Baylee goes! And Leirith chases her off with laughter that is not unkind, but is amused. « I think she is scared of me. » Leirith shuffles her wings as she moves back and blue eyes watch Kassala, still conversing with Samiryth and Garouth. « The trials of being a badass. » Is her maw gaping in more laughter? Yes, and possibly because she is also telling Garouth, « I do not believe you. I think you ate it. » A pause, and then, « She is of the sea. Look at her. She is beautiful. » Kass, of course. Risali is too busy being ignored by a certain bronzerider, lips setting in a way that promises trouble later as she shifts her attention back to D'lei and then claps politely again as he gets another shoulder bump. "Should we be backstage?" she whispers, because somehow it seems the polite thing to do.

Cita doesn't giggle for Baylee's relief, but she does snort in a friendly kind of way, grinning for the other candidate. "I think they liked it." She decides, glancing back up the stairs to see Kass's outfit. "Oooh." Shells, and shiny. Now, that also is a better idea than whatever monstrosity she's been cooking up. ALAS. "I'm not actually sure." Cita tells Rio in an undertone, face scrunching up. Probably she ought to know that, especially considering her status as a healer, but… "The crafter said it was safe. And that it would hold in the heat." Liar. DOOM.

Garouth might well have eaten the book, but that isn't the main focus of Samiryth at the present moment, no she's too busy taking in all the minute little details of what each of the candidates are wearing. When she spies Kass her wings flutter a littel bit, « This is very modern. » At least in her opinion and she does share it with the other dragons present, « It looks like she made use of materials on hand to create something unique. » Bonus points in Sami's mind. « I like this very much. And yes dear I think you might have a little bit. » Though fashion waits for no dragon or candidate. Serena emerges once more from behind the curtain and smiles to Kassala, "Everyone please give a warm round of applause to Kassala." After a few moments she once more says, "Next Candidate." in a familiar cadance and shoots backstage once more.

Riohra grins and nods at Cita "I got you, my friend Kierdanyu is a hair stylist. Here try this" He goes over and reaches into a bag pulling out a container about the size of large mason jar. and hands it to her saying "Just rub it in the hair and then I will get something to fan it for quick dry." He will look up at Kassala and blush turning a deeper shade than his already glittered face and will mumble "going to make her keep that…"

And Leketh is up to loom every other of his species there with his massive massiveness, except for Leirith of course who was true to her color and being all bigger than big. The bronze is far more enthusiastic than J'en, who's just been dislodged from his hiding spot as it disappeared from around him, dropping back into the sand to his backside and sending a scathing look upwards at all that which is poised above him, all that which is ignoring him completely in favor of swaying his neck from side to side. He seems very impressed with Kassala's outfit, which makes golden eyes peer from beneath him over and receive a dismissive snort, grumbling something or another under his breath that makes Leketh purposely shift his forepaw backwards. The bronzerider scoots quickly out of the way, growling, to which the dragon only chuffs and goes back to ignoring him. Standing again, brushing himself off, J'en straightens his riding jacket paying no attention to the trouble that was brewing on that blanket not so far away.

« Maybe I did. » Garouth replies to Leirith. « Maybe I also ate those ragtag heroes. They are good sandwiches, even if they are messy. » Like rubbish tossed up on shore? MAYBE. Or maybe that's just Kassala, coming on for her turn on the stage. D'lei tilts his head to Risali, and… hehs. "Do you know what to do back there? Because I sure don't. I figure I'm more helpful staying out from underfoot than… well… being it." A grin, and then a shrug as he continues watching the show… at least for now. Garouth, well, he does the same. « But the shells are very old. So is the net, you can see how it is worn, » he says to Samiryth. « How is that modern? »

Baylee is sweating a little bit, could be the nerves or just the heat of the day. "Thanks." she says to Cita and offers a warm smile to Kass as well. So much creativity in this group of people. Rio gets the sidelong stare, "Don't look to hard you want to keep your eyes in your skull."

« It is what a true badass would do, » Leirith approves, continuing her watch. « Eat all of the things. » Like maybe she is making her way around to Leketh and J'en - Leketh who gets a bunting against his shoulder in greeting as she lowers herself to affix whirling blue eyes on the bronzerider. « My minion says she is going to eat you. Eat? Beat. Maybe it was beat you. » Directly to Jae with that too-loud bass and drums and everything that is not lady-like as she rises again and turns her attention back onto the stage, back to Garouth and Samiryth. « I am sorry, Samiryth. I will stay back. » FOR NOW, ANYWAY. Risali? She is rolling her shoulders in her own shrug and laughing as she admits that, "I have no idea, Dash. I'm not good with people." TRUTHINESS. "But you're probably right." So she will stay too, maybe glaring at Jae between clapping and taking in outfits.

Cita raises both eyebrows for Rio's assertion — then grins, a little, lopsided and amused. "Really? Huh. Shells, thank you." The candidate looks impressed, and does as she's told for once, briskly attempting to up-do her up-do. Glancing between Baylee and Rio, Cita snickers under her breath, then sparing another look onstage. "Keep 'em in your skull, man." She agrees, playfulness bordering on slight hysteria. It won't be long before she's forced up onstage. It won't. Be long. "Leirith's sweet, though, isn't she? She's…a lot bigger than the last time I saw her." That's mainly for Baylee; maybe Cita wasn't distracted enough to not notice the unease.

Riohra turns around gives the two lady candidates a rassberry and crosses his eyes playfully. he goes and gets something in the form of a hand fan and once Cita is ready will start cooling the substance so her hair will hold "only thing is i dont know what else was used so we might have to use this other stuff to get it out of your hair. Unless you like it that way" he teases

Samiryth waits for the next canidate to make their appearance and can talk back and forth with the other judging dragons « Yes Garough. You can use old materials in an entirely new and modern way. It's all the rage. » Where it is the rage is an open question. Maybe it's just a rage in her mind. Leirith gets a warm mental wave of emotion, « It's alright. You were just excited. We are all excited. » Except maybe Garouth. She can tell that the bronze is going to need some explaining after thats ok though! Serena moves to the back of the stage where the candidates are gathered and grins to Cita, "I think its your turn Cita. Get out there and show everyone what you've got."

About the only thing that can distract Leketh's excitedly whirring facets is probably the very pretty Gold that is bumping up against his bulk, well, other than the unpleasant mumblings of a certain black clad dragonrider. Did she get prettier since the last time he saw her? When was that exactly? J'en shrugs at the internal question, going back to leaning against that same bronze forelimb. Leirith, unlike her lifemate, earns a single moment of Jae's distraction from being grumpy and sulky in the direction of the lagoon. "Yeah, whatever." he mutters, jamming hands back into his pockets. One does not simply ignore impending doom in the form of a glaring Risali, but just maybe he liked to walk on wild side.

Oh, boy. Two bits of good news in one go! "Maybe it's time to try bald." Cita quips, maybe just a little hysterical as she waves to the others and starts up the stairs, making a vaguely pleading face for Serena. Don't make her do this! Alas, though, Cita's as good as her word, and her word is that she is definitely not going to run away before she can do her little turn on the catwalk. The catwalk, yeah. Dropping her cloak, the healer steps out on stage, and boy howdy. She's…sharp. Her dress is sort of silvery-white and stiff fabric falling cylindrically to her knees, with a boxy collar, and her hair points more-or-less straight upwards. The candidate pauses mid-stage, not quite glowering, but well. She's definitely not smiling, more 'I dare you to laugh at the giant needle standing onstage', if anything.

Kassala will step of the stage looking abit flushed with excitement as she puts her robe back on and walks over to help Riohra and Cita. She starts helping fan as well..

« She rolled in glue and scraps. I have seen firelizards do that. » Garouth snorts, with a small shake of his head, and re-focuses his attention on the stage as a new fashion candidate takes it. Cita! She stabs the stage with a fashionable point of prickly… uh… needling. « This one might be dangerous, » he adds to Leirith with a light tease of shifting air. « Good to keep back from. » D'lei slips an arm around Risali - in between clappings - to give her a hug. "Yeah. We'll help tear down, and Serena can tell us if there's anything before then." But manual labour! He's good at that. It's within his skill set, unlike fashionable coordination.

Leirith maybe did get prettier, if your definition of pretty is massive with STUMPY LEGS and WONKY HEADKNOBS and BIGBIG EYES that even she thinks is hilarious and not pretty. Like she finds Jae's response hilarious and not pretty, if the laughter beating at his insides is anything to go by. And then there is CITA. And Risali dares. Risali dares to almost-laugh as grey eyes go wide around that hug she's returning to D'lei, swallowing down an almost hysterical sound that can only be because of Cita's hair, but it doesn't stop her from pushing to her feet on the blanket and raising her hands in the air as she claps and catcalls. And maybe she's trying to convince D'lei to join her in this dissent. "Do the turn, Citayzleat! Yes, girl. WORK IT!" And she is whistling and making a nuisance of herself, but she doesn't care because OHANA. And Leirith is greeting Garouth's words with amusement, and laughter, and… « She is a badass. Even my minion thinks so. » The gold moves closer again, NOT STAYING AWAY, not from this one as she gets a closer look and asks Samiryth, « Is this one chic? Or modern? »

Serena must make poor Cita get out there, and get out there she does! Serena joins Cita on the stage after she's had her moment in the sun and smile, "Everyone please give her a round of applause." As she passes by Cita, "You get to see me have a baby. I'm glad I got to see you do this." Embarassment for embarassment. It's only fair! "Are there any other candidates to show themselves?" she asks backstage, not really sure how many of them showed up. Samiryth answers Leirith's question, « I'd say that this one is more modern dear. » It isn't what you would call traditional for sure, « I rather liket he angles that she chose. It's very linear. She knows how to set the look she wants. » Garouth gets a bit of a draconic sigh, « Garouth it's a bit more complicated than that. » Though he is providing a valuable and unique point of view.

Baylee claps for Citayzleat from backstage, and looks to Kassala and Rio as well. "Looks like she is doing really good." she says softly to the others. All the candidates are surviving well so far. And yes Leirith is big!

Cita, dangerous? Nooo. She's soft and fuzzy and possibly growling a little, just a tiny — whoops, there it goes. Threatening a foreign goldrider with. Beheading? Finger-neck-grimace. Is probably not actually kosher, bit the healer may or may not be fighting back a grin. "Oh, revenge, then?" She mutters, undertone, to Serena, lips pressing hard together so as not to laugh. "Fair enough." Honestly, it is more or less fair, only this is a little more public. It doesn't seem to be as distracting now that she's busy trying to sign out Risali's imminent demise without being too obvious. Or, you know, messing up her hair, which has a tenuous grasp on itself as it is. She does do a turn, but only because she tries, flustered, to go back down the way she came, before she retreats backstage. SAFE.

It was probably a good thing that Leketh was not one of the judge dragons, because with each outfit, he was showing increasing interest instead of the ebb and flow which reins over decision making. Cita takes the stage and he's all a twitter, rocking his entire body now to some unheard beat, warbling proudly for the healer-candidate. Again, J'en is dislodged, and he gives up this time trying to use his lifemate as a leaning post, sending a glare his way which doesn't even register. But it does send his gaze the way of the stage, brows shooting upwards as he stares at boxy necklines and cylindrically falling fabrics, nearly choking back something that makes him school his expression immediately and look away quickly. That stage was dangerous for his health, but then again so what was sitting on the blanket with another bronzerider. Not that Jae was shipping golden eyes that way, no, he makes for the shoreline and away from the happiness of fashion forward dragons, maybe to look for some shells or stones to cover up more of Kassala.

Riohra grin and claps for Cita too, he will move to get her heavy covering so one that doesnt deserve it gets stabbed. "You did good, and look it stayed up".

Kassala grins and nods at Baylee saying "So did you where did you get the idea for that?" she looks down at the other candidates dresses. She looks around the area to see if the others candidates came out too.

D'lei laughs as Risali cheers like whoa, and he joins her in standing and applauding because why the shards not? This is maybe part of the reason why he decided to stay off to the side and not interfere with the view of the more sedate observers. (Though, really. What is this show for, if not being just a little silly? (Being modern, apparently. And/or chic.)) D'lei grins as Risali gets threatened by that stabby Cita needle, and he shakes a fist because she'll have to go through him. Or maybe beat him up too? Either way, he's grinning as he does it. Garouth… he watches as well, making no effort to actually hold Leirith back from her up close inspection. « She does look it, » he agrees with the gold, because that's what death threats indicate apparently. He understands those better than fashion! « Many things are complicated, » Garouth at least agrees to Sami. « Perhaps she made her own glue. That would be impressive. »

Cita pauses before she goes backstage to blow a kiss for Leketh — she sees you, buddy. She also sees you, strange-rider-she'll-FIGHT-any-day. Fight! Or you know, just kind of I-see-you gesture, because he's with Risa, which means. Probably good things. The candidate deflates a little as she heads backstage again, looking a little sheepish as she joins the others. "It did stay up!" She agrees, a little breathless, grinning at the other candidates a little twitchily. "You guys did so great. I think they liked our costumes. Nobody threw any rotten fruit, at least?" The healer laughs.

And Risali only laughs harder as D'lei stands to join her, and she moves around the bronzerider to - YEP. Jump up on his back, shuffling herself up higher so that she can use his height to add to her rather lacking height and peek over his shoulder as she shakes fists at the healer with him. "DON'T MAKE ME PROMISES, CITA! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT'S BEEN LIKE BEING A WEYRLING." Inappropriate. And then she's making a kissy face and catcalling again as Cita does the turn (even if it's just because she's flustered and lost and trying to retreat) and doing a little bounce-bounce-bounce until she relents and claps because clapping is more polite (even if she's still laughing into the back of D'lei's head, but shut up). Leirith? Well, she is appreciative of the word modern, and nosing at Leketh again because his ENTHUSIASM MAKES HER ENTHUSIASTIC. « She is! » she tells Garouth, and she bounds back, much too big, much too graceless, but managing the feat without murder or even maiming as she bounds around a green and a bronze. « They are all beautiful! I choose them all, Samiryth. » Because maybe it's voting time, she doesn't know.

It seems that the time has come for the dreaded judging as no more candidates are to grace the stage. Serena comes out from behind the curtain once more, "The judges will now confer with each other to decide the winner and then the winner will join us on stage to recieve their crown! Oh yeah there is a crown that goes with this and they have to wear it too! Samiryth looks over toward Garouth and Leirith, « Ok. We now have a very hard decision to make. Who were your favorites? » Garouth's comment about making her own glue is not commented on. Bronzes! Sorry Leirith they can't all win even if they were all amazing! « We each have to choose one then decide. »

Riohra looks at Cita eyes abit wide "They do that?" he peers out to see if there are baskets of fruit and other things on had for candidate target practice. He will grin over at the others saying "So what is next? we dont have to do a dance or anything do we"

Kassala looks around and nods saying "They seemed to like yours a lot Cita, or at least that gold rider did" Yeah the very curious gold and rider will get an awestruck peer from behind the stage quickly before she ducks back to double check her costume.

Baylee isn't really all that sure what to do either, "I think we just need to stay back here until they call us." Or at least that seems the best option considering going back out there means going back out in front of the audience, "Yes we all did very well." she agrees, "It sounds like they are going to do the judging now. Which at least means we don't have to do anything else."

D'lei is not only a FIGHT WAITING TO HAPPEN, he is also a MOUNT for RISA. He laughs as he tucks his arms around her legs to help prevent her falling down and smashing her head on her beach as she cheers for Cita. Who is the winner in HER head, clearly, but Risali is not one of the judges here. She does not get a vote! But… Leirith does. And she votes for ALL OF THEM. Best vote. Garouth settles back on his haunches, tilting his head to look between the enthusiastic gold and the green who thinks she knows how this thing actually works and then… huff. « The one with spots, » he says, settling down in a sprawl. « It looked like clothing. And it would be decent camouflage for a formal ball. »

Citayzleat has probably made Leketh the happiest bronze on all of Pern, because look, he got special attention from the pretty-pretty oh-so-shiny healer-candidate. Did you see that J'en? Did you see? Did you…? Where'd he go? Leketh's head swivels around at the end of his long neck to scan the shoreline, but finds no rider crouching there. Somewhere along the way, the stony-faced antisocial had disappeared, but their minds connected meant finding him wasn't difficult at all. Chuffing and settling into his place, he recenters on Leirith instead because nosing is caring and caring is wonderful! The sweetest of croons is lavished upon her, rubbing his snout along her golden side and soaking in some of that radiant goodness and light. While J'en might be the embodiment of an emotional black hole from which even happiness can not escape the dark, Leirith was the exact opposite. Recharging within her beacon of shared excitement and enthusiasm for as long as she lingers, more than willing to let her bound off elsewhere, seeming just pleased she was willing to share his space. Head turning back then towards the stage, there is alarm. Is it done? Is it over? Did he miss something? Oh no! All of him droops droopily. What is life now? Come back shiny people, you were so lovely. A sorrowful type sound emits stage ways, craning himself over the people and anything else that might be between him and the construction, gently nosing at it. Whyyyyy….

If Cita keeps poking her head out to gesiculate at the audience, she probably really will get in trouble, but the healer makes a face towards the curtains all the same, like she wants to. She would love to go fight. Resting on her laurels is just as good, though, really — the company of her compatriots soothing. "Thank Faranth. I…" Nope. Shake-shake goes her head, and Cita laughs ruefully. "Maybe they'll give us all the rest of the day off." To recover, which clearly would be the kind thing to do. "Well," The candidate glances Rio-wards, thoughtful. "My gran says they do, anyhow, and she was a harper, so…" Anecdotal evidence: very good evidence. "That's Risa. She's my friend." Cita snickers, and risks one more poke of her head past the curtains to eye the chaos before she turns back around. "You guys did so good with your outfits, though. You really turned a problem into pretty, Rio." The other candidate gets a sharp grin.

Riohra laughs "well I figured if it can't bother you if you own it. So here I am" He will start setting out things from a bag "I just hope i can get it all off in one go, last time i almost peeled my skin off trying to remove it all"

Kassala will move over and look over Cita's outfit and ask "so how did you come up with that?" she stays a few feet away because well sharp and pointy.

Cita is probably best left behind the curtains, like Risali is probably best left like some kind of marsupial against D'lei's back even after her friend has abandoned ship and the voting BEGINS. Which… requires Leirith, who is recharging Leketh with nose-bunts and laughter at his SORROWFUL STAGE-WARD SOUNDS because it is over. But she is required, and she is not allowed to pick all of them which… is totally not this little queen's style. This requires thought, which is maybe why she is bumping into Leketh again with that bigger-than-his body and moving over to Garouth - who gets collided with as Leirith flumps her bottom down and considers Samiryth's words carefully. « But they are all great for their own reasons. They were full of color, and beautiful; they were of the sea, and fierce - they cannot all get a prize for their own merits? » Which has Risali giving her gold a quiet smile from somewhere over D'lei's shoulder, and a shake of her head. DILEMMA. « Then I choose the badass. » And she's laughing, because… was there ever any question? Those who know the gold know that she's in the market for badassery, not the pretty or the fashionable.

Sami goes over her own choices. Leirith is right they are all beautiful in their own way. But this is a competition and competitions are ruthless affairs! Samiryth considers glitter man, spotted girl, beach stuff, and sharp woman! Hmmmm. There has already been a vote in favor of Baylee and Cita. So it seems likely that one of them will be chosen. « I agree with you Garouth that she would look fabulous at a ball. » Maybe not as camoflauge but still. « And Cita was fablulous as well. » A clash between chic and modern! Sami finally does though make up her mind and her vote goes for…….« Citayzleat. » Serena then comes out on the stage since the contest has come to an end, "Cita would you join us out on the stage please." It's about time that she got her crown!

Riderless, shiny-candidateless, Leketh noses at the stage once more before he draws back and gets out of the way of the show's progression, no less mournful than he had been a moment before. Bulk all gathered up in the same place rather than spread around, he nudges himself against Leirith before she has a chance to relocate, maybe settling into the trench between himself and Garouth that had been dug into the sand by all her bounding back and forth. Chuff. Facets pulse and whirl slowly in the face of all his loss. Oh the tragedy. Oh the humanity. Oh, the winner was announced? Leketh is up again, sitting back on his haunches straight and tall, nose pointed at the stage as Serena returns to call out Citayzleat. All spinner webbed imprinted wings and boisterous warbles into the sky because excitement has returned to his very soul. There will be shiny. There will be pointiness, there will hopefully be more healery-type kisses being blown his way because they are the best!

Cita laughs for Rio, nose scrunching up amusedly. "Well, that's true." She agrees, snickering under her breath, then a groaning kind of agreement. "I'm not sure my hair is coming out of this intact." The candidate sighs. The things done in the name of Fashion. Ducking her head at Kass's question, Cita huffs. "Well," A beat. "I'm…a healer. I was told it would be funny." Her face says no, but dangerous is even better than funny, apparently. The dragons deliberate, and Cita tries to keep her hair out of any overhead equipment — and freezes when Serena calls her name. Oh no. No, this is not good. The candidate glances wide-eyed at her fellows, pleading briefly before once more that obnoxious sense of duty reminds her that she can't actually hide for forever. "Oh, no. Shells, it's a joke." The healer groans, because shells but she's never going to live this down, ever. Nonetheless, she goes back up the stairs, emerging once more before the crowd a little more sheepish then before. The candidate shuffles over to Serena, head ducked a little, expression the spirit of ruefulness. "I…thank you?" She tries, glancing sharply out at Leketh and snorting, fingers wiggling. Alright, you.

Baylee happily congratulates Cita on he victory, "Get out there." she says with a wide smile on her face and clapping. She'll never know how close she came to dodging the crown and that will make her very happy!

Kassala will clap for her friend as she wins the crown giving a little whistle with two fingers to her lips. "You did good" she will look over at Baylee and grins clapping more.

The sound coming from the D'lei, Risali corner is probably deafening (even if it's just because Risali, but shut up) as she claps, and CALLS OUT, and Leirith congratulates her in her own way: with drums and bass that swell to a crescendo as she bespeaks without ANY CARES TO GIVE. « Congratulations, badass! » And it's chased by laughter, by the hint of spun sugar and funnel cake that linger along with all that sound. Of course, with Xermiltoth in your head all the time, this is probably NOTHING. But Leirith is up, and those massive sails are extending in her delight as she makes her way to Samiryth, noses the green because she chose her choice and that is the best, and then she's bowling into Leketh because she's more rhinoceros than dragon anyway and this is fine. NOSEBOOPS. « Do you see, Leketh? I chose her, and Samiryth chose her, and now she is the winner! » BEST. SHE IS JUST SO PROUD OF HERSELF. « Samiryth! We did it! » GIRL POWER. Maybe. Whatever.

There she is. Miss Half Moon weyr! It's no joke Cita. Much like R'hyn did last time you get to wear the pink crown. Serena moves back stage to get the new crown that was made specifically for this event. It's a fuzzy pink tiara made out of material and metal. She can keep it FOREVER! Serena crosses the stage and gives Cita smile, "I'm going to remember this when you are telling me to push." she says softly to her before annoucing more loudly, "The winner of this turns candidate fashion show is Citayzleat." And with that she slides the tiara onto her pointy hairdo. Doesn't she just look so pretty! Sami seems to think so as she sways her head from side to side, « I love moments like this. » There has been fashion and a winner. « She looks lovely. » her wings flutter a little bit and she moves from her spot toward Garouth and noses him on the neck, « Thank you so much for coming. It means alot. » Even if he didn't have very much fun, but he came and that means he cares. She also spares a boop for for Leirith as she passes, « You did very well. » She also sends a warm wave of greeting to Lekath who participated in his own special way too. All the good feelings. Serena then annouces, "Ok. Thats it for this turn. Until next time!" She turns to the candidates and smiles, "You are all free to go. Thanks for doing this. You made a green dragon very happy." And with that Serena is off the stage walking toward Risali and D'lei who she had spotted earlier but not been able to greet properly. "Hi D'lei and Risali."

There it is! Sweet recognition by the shiney-pointy healery-candidate that gives him lip to hand to the air things and finger wiggles she doesn't give anyone else. Leketh is SPECIAL! Leketh is getting plowed over by a humongous rhinoceros masquerading as a gold dragon and over he goes to create quite the ruckus! Ground shaking, things go all kinds of KABOOM, and there is wings and tails and necks and forelimbs and hindlimbs and warbles of hellos that are echoed by the quiver of dragonic laughter. Shivering threads of spinner silk extend out to Samiryth with beads of dew that pulse along them with slowly alternating reds and blues of greeting and welcome and thanks. Whatever that means, but he's currently trying to right himself again, back to his paws so he can lean happily against the Leirith's golden hide.

Kassala will giggle at that crown, oh what a pretty thing Cita is now. She will look back at the colorful-hunter saying "You better not come into the barracks till you get rid of that stuff." she says with a teasing wink then gathers up her things "I have to go and feed yarrow, poor thing is on my bunk probably thinking I left her to starve." She hurries and heads out with a wave to the others still wrapped in her robe heading to the barracks.

Serena approaches, and Risali's smile grows brighter as she waggles fingers at the greenrider and then shifts to be let down from D'lei's back. She catches his hand as she moves, squeezing it as she ducks around him and then, if Serena allows it, she pulls the older woman into a hug. "Thank you for letting us participate. Leirith is over the moon that she was asked to help." And then she's letting Serena go, letting D'lei go, and motioning towards Cita. "I'm going to go congratulate the winner," and maybe hunt down J'en, "and then I'll be back to help tear down." And she jogs off, first to harass HEALERS and congratulate all of the participants, and then she sneaks away from the beach as Leirith noseboops Leketh and then gets up to go congratulate Cita herself, WITH A MAW IN HER BUSINESS HELLO, BADASS. But then she's retreating too, to possibly knock down all of the things.

There's not no cheering from D'lei, he's just… busy, that's all. Garouth is unconcerned at being overruled in the judging, lounging comfortably as he - and D'lei - watch. And then - champ crowned - there are greetings! He grins to Serena as she comes over. "Hey! Good show…" He says, and lets Risali down to get into trouble… or whatever.

Glancing back down the stage with something between the Murder Glare and Affectionate Tolerance, Cita eyes her peers, unable to stop the grin. 'Thanks!' she mouths, then turns back to Serena, not even jumping at the sudden voice in her head. Shooting the not-little-any-more Leirith an amused look and not at all subtle thumbs-up, the healer turns back to the greenrider in front of her, snorting. "Well, whatever helps, at that point." The healer grumbles, sounding maybe a little mutinous, but it's a show! Honest. She even has her own pink crown, now, to wear to parties or whenever she's feeling peppy. Eyes cross a little as she tries to glance upwards, but Cita definitely isn't grinning, honest. "Thank you, Serena. Thank you, judges!" The second is called over to the dragons, the candidate grinning brightly. Before she can beat a hasty retreat, though, there's a giant dragonface, and the candidate doesnt hesitate to give the face a quick hug. "Be good, Leirith!" She calls after the dragon, and then flees before any other crowns can be thrown at her, back backstage. Run away! Run away!

It seems that the barracks is the place to be now for the after fashion show breakdown. Baylee gives a smile to her fellow candidates and a whoop for Cita before she sneaks back to the cots.

Riohra is back stage, he waves as Kass runs off then, he will look at Cita when she gets back there saying "ok lets get this stuff out of your hair, before you have to go around with a crown stuck in it". He grins and sees Baylee sneak off back to the safety of the cots shaking his head slightly.

Leketh? Well Leketh is once more left by Leirith and there is no more shiney-pointy candidate and so he shuffles off the beach and makes for the way of the west bowl. Perhaps to find his J'en, perhaps to sleep the sleep of a thousand slumbering things because he just spent an awful lot of energy for a creature of his size not filled with flight lust.

Serena sighs with relief. The event is over! She can now relax. She settles herself down on the blanket that D'lei was using and lays back staring up at the sky, "It's done!" At least until next time round. The crew that put the stage together will have to go to work tearing it down. Perhaps with the help of Leirith who clearly love to destroy it, but for the moment its all about resting.

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