Lagoon Lounging

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

Toraya is in the water swimming and enjoying her day off. Her green firelizard is lounging in the sand and looks absolutely silly as she has near buried herself under the sand. Tora hums happily a tune.

"Bumdeebumbumdbum ti bum bum…" etc. Since Xe'res would have made quite a few keel over dead were he a harper, the noise is not altogether pleasant; although, as the man is enjoying a heavy, quick walk, the humming is rather quiet and sporadic, with heavy breaths tossed in intermittenly. His eyes, for the most part, stray to and fro without much aim, as he rumbles along the shorline clad in swimming trunks of sorts (the pink puffy shirt is no where to be found, thank goodness). But then, there's Toraya. "Well /hello/," is remarked in his annoyingly smooth voice, and he pauses to look out at the girl with eyebrows raised. "Nice bum." Icebreaker!

Heading out of the Tiki is Ivan, carrying what appears to be a large keg of sorts over one shoulder. In his other hand, is a large backpack, full of more bottles, cups, and what appears to be a bag of ice sticking out. His blanket and umbrella is already sprawled out on the beach waiting for him to return, so that he could enjoy the afternoon getting drunk, as always. Once he reaches his belongings, he slowly lowers down to his knees, then places the keg down with a light grunt, before wiping his brow off with the back of a hand.

Toraya swims back in towards the shore, getting closer to the shallow water she gets to her feet and walks out towards a blanket she has set out on the sand. She hums quietly to herself.

There's a moment that Xe'res just looks at Toraya with wide eyes, but then they thin in confusion. "I was talking to you, girly." But, as she apparently is ignoring him to some extent, he shrugs his shoulders, kicking at the sand as he begins to walk away. And then… There it is. "Booze!" He pauses for a moment, and then asks, "Booze?" to make absolutely sure. "I'm so dry.. Need a freaking drink. Only got to slip in a few bottles during Weyrlinghood, and I didn't get as drunk as I wanted after the Grad'." He's really just talking to himself at this point, but he doesn't care; he can say what he want, yo! "Don't believe I've met ya, I'm Xe'res. For the record." He tosses Ivan a friendly wink, before whirling his towel around with one hand. Woosh, woosh.

T'burk comes strolling out of the Tiki lounge with a sandwich and a drink. Nice day to be outside, his natural habitat. He eyes what's going on, catching glimps of his young daughter in her almost-there bikini. Inwardly he sighs and his eyes take a quick glance at where the young men's heads are turned. He just smiles and waves to Toraya. "How's the water?" he calls.

Toraya blinks as she looks over towards Xe'res. Apparently she didn't think he was talking to her… after all, not many seem to say much likely out of worrying how far behind her father is from her and how fast they can run. "Um thanks. Sorry, just didn't know you were talking to me." She blushes and then hears her father. "The water is nice Dad." She calls out.

After taking out his bottles, and setting his cups off to the side, Ivan reaches to the keg and begins to give the top of it a pump, stirring up the brew within a bit, then starts to pour himself a cup of the golden liquid. Mm, booze. As he hears Xe'res shouting from afar, he tilts his head upwards, then reaches for a bottle, holding it up in his direction, motioning him. If he wants it, come get one. "Ivan." He says with a deep, throaty rumble in his chest as he clears his throat. "I've met you once." He says with a chuckle. "You stood on the sands with my friend, Ashka'." Xe'res doesn't know him? It seems that S'Chez is slacking on the gossip! Usually he gets: Hey, you're sleeping with Aerhi! This may turn out to be a nice day after all.

"Ooh, /Ivan/. Yeah, I've heard a few things about you… Apparently you're making my reputation look like a vtol in comparison. Depressing, really." Now that Xe'res is within range of grabbing said bottle, the boy grabs for it maliciously, and starts tearing at the cap like no tomorrow. "Uh huh, no problem," he states to Toraya — but, the "Dad"dy alert shuts him up, and he collapses into the sand with his prize. "Ooooh, right right! Yeah, I stood with wildcat. Nice piece'a tail there, fiesty, too." He's having problems with the cap, so he begins to bit at it with the side of his teeth. Attractive, very.

Reaching over and taking the bottle from him, Ivan pops the cap off with a small tool he fishes off the side of his belt, smirking to himself. "Heh.. I hardly have a reputation." He says with an amused grin on his face. "Just S'Chez, running his mouth. He has nothing better to do, but.." He clears his throat, taking a drink from his cup. "It is true, I have a child on the way with Ashka." He must like chubby girls that start with the letter A, or something. "And, I suppose Aerhi and I are now.. seeing each other, somewhat exclusively." He hooks his lips upwards. "I heard that Weyrlinghood was painful for you. All those girls, and all those rules." He says with a laugh.

"Thanks man," is uttered lazily as Xe'res takes the bottle back, and begins sipping at it rather enthusiastically for just a drink — not that it's Just a Drink in his eyes. "Well, punch him in the face or something. But then I suppose he'd just spread rumors about you being a renegade or something." Shrug, swig, sigh. "Really, you got wildcat preggers? Good job, good job… Lucky man you, gonna be a daddy, eh?" he tosses another wink, before taking another swig, and tossing his gaze out to the shoreline. "Yeah, I heard about the Aerhi thing, but I didn't really believe it was true at first. Good job on that, too. Jeez, seriously. I'm envious man.. I've only gotten laid once since I got to freakin' Western, and that's because Kurouth was a good old chap and caught a greenie — but Josi was pretty unhappy the next morning, and she's starting to be a bit.. ya know.. /clingy/." He shivers visibly,

".. Yeah.. yeah.. I hear you on that, man. Ashka' and I hit it off right after the hatching. I really liked the girl, but we just didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things. But, you're right, she's a wild cat, in every.. sense… of the word." Ivan's lips curl back with a slight grin as he raises his own cup. "I can't wait to be a father. I'm sure she's just going to dump the kid at my door and take off. She doesn't want to be a parent anytime soon, which is understandable. I got a big family, so it's cool." He nods his head. "Aerhi on the other hand, is really fun. She's been a good friend of mine for awhile, my drinking bud. Now we're drinking buds with benefits. It works out." He says, looking fairly upbeat. "Josi is clingy? Uh oh. You weren't.. her.. first, were you?" He asks a bit softer. "I thought you riders were supposed to kinda get that out of the way before the greens start glowing."

Xe'res begins to laugh heartily, his blue eyes flickering a bit as he looks out at the water. "Doesn't surprise me in the least bit. It actually took me several sevendays before Ash even told me her name… Thus why I called her wildcat. Didn't know what else to call her." He shrugs, before looking down at his bottle to swish it around in a few circles. Mmm, bubbly. "Is this your first kid, then? Or just lots of.. other relatives? And aye, I never saw her as the motherly type. Bit too frisky for that. Doubt she's going to want to sleep with me after that fiasco — or rather, at all. I'm surprised you woo'd her enough for that." Again, envious; but, Xe'res knows quite well why the ladies won't cling to him much, so he can't complain, really. "Drinking buds with benefits? Faranth, you're lucky. Course, you don't seem the type to use the relationship to abuse her position in the Weyr, so that's all fair.. But I hear she's a bit of a brat. Course, you hear lots of things that aren't always necessarily true." When he gets around to Josi, he just looks down at the ground again, biting his lip. "Yeah, I was. She was supposed to — I even told her to! And actually.. I kinda thought she was gonna ask me. Not that that would've changed anything, I ended up flying her anyways, she'd probably be even /more/ clingy. But, whatever. 'Least she's not preggers.." Gulp. "I don't.. think."

"Heh.. yeah, this is definitely my first kid. Conceived during a drunken night. We were so plastered when she dragged me back to her place. I could barely remember the night." Ivan says with a chuckle. "To be honest.. she was my first time as well." Yikes, an older virgin? "So, I kind of really fell for her, even though we had an up and down relationship. I don't regret a moment of it. She's a great girl, and.. don't you dare go trying to hit that. Sloppy seconds, bro." He says with a chuckle. "That and Brenn already did." He makes a face. "But Aerhi is actually not that much of a brat. She's a wonderful woman. We went to the Harper Hall one evening for a romantic night out, and we went dancing, and had a nice dinner. She's every bit the lady, but I think it's a side of her she doesn't show off often. But believe me, she's wonderful." He says, letting out a soft breath. The poor lunk has it bad for her. "You don't think? You better find out. Being a father is a lot of responsibility. Most riders just give the kid away, but I think that's.. well.. I believe in family." He shrugs.

Xe'res raises his eyebrows at the virgin part — considering the fact that Xe'res can't count how many women he's been with on two hands, and him being only 19, the idea is rather.. unnerving. "Ah, don't worry. I could try to get into her pants all I want.. She'd just throw me off a cliff or something. Brenn? Seriously? Wow. I'm having some seriously bad luck," is noted with a chuckle, as he begins to down the rest of the bottle. "Sounds pretty wonderful — too wonderful. I guess I don't tend to fall for the good ones.. They almost make me want to settle down." Key word, almost. "Yeah.. I think I'll find out. Should right now, actually.. Need to go anyways, Kurouth's rambling in my head and whining. Again. Seriously, you'd think I'dve at least Impressed a dragon that'd let me have a social life." He rolls his eyes, and.. does something with the bottle. "Take it easy, I'll find you later… Don't get /too/ drunk without me." He winks again (the famous wink-a-wink), before setting off down the beach, yelling something aloud to his brown.

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