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Row after row of hard benches to sit on, with a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching.. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

The clutching is over! That means Miraneith and therefore Enka are stuck on sands duty. Which mean Zi'on is kind of a lost soul, and is wandering about the weyr during the time he'd usually be spending with Enka. But not today! Today he's up in the stands. The bronzer doesn't look like he's gotten much sleep lately, probably staying up too late working on projects. So he's laying down on one of the benches. Beside him is a pitcher of water, sweating from the heat, and some cups to go along with it. There's also a couple of bubblies wrapped up and a covered container which likely holds a sandwich. Maybe Enka was down on the sands? Maybe not, though. But he figures she'll eventually turn up here.

Enka can only spend so long on the sands, for while Miraneith positively basks in the warmth and heat, the goldrider gets sweaty and uncomfortable — and she's way too young to experience hot flashes, but it's a similar feeling — so she escaped for a nice cool bath. Maybe Zi'on ought to have checked the weyr, either that or maybe she was down at the lagoon for a refreshing oceanic dip. Nevertheless, the goldrider was somewhere wet, because her hair is still damp as she makes her way up the stairway to the galleries. She'll watch from here, a glance taken towards the resting queen, Miraneith quite content to have Zusamenth as an attendant.

Up on the ledges above the queen Suldith looks down at the eggs. For some reason he's interested in the eggs this time around. Maybe because this is Mir's first clutch after he hatched? The bronze knows better than to get any closer though, even if he is interested. Zi'on probably should have checked the weyr. But maybe he was just looking to take a nap? Though his weyr would work much better for that. Zi'on suddenly takes in an awkward breath that causes him to snort loudly. A sound that echoes through the caverns and he wakes himself up with it. There's a bit of a groan. "Quiet you, Suldith…" In his sleep-minded state the bronzer forgets to just think to his dragon.

Maybe it's because they're dazzlingly fascinating looking eggs? Even the red ones are! So they're definitely interesting, with it being the first clutch that the gold has laid in a long while. It's pretty much the first clutch that Western's had on the sands since the clutch that produced Suldith. Enka doesn't quite jump at the sound of Zi'on's awkwardly in-drawn breath, but the groan catches her attention, and she heads over in his direction. "Aint exactly the most comfortable place to take a nap," she observes. "Them benches are awfully narrow." Awwh, look, he's a sleepy bronzer. "What's Suldith ramblin' on about?" she peers up towards the ledges to look for the little bronze.

They are quite dazzling! Suldith was excited about having little new dragons about. Even if he won't get to play with them until they're a little older. The bronzer sits up and rubs at his eyes when Enka addresses him. "Hey Enka… I brought you some water. And a sandwich. And a bubblie." The other bubblie he brought for himself, apparently. "No… it's not very comfortable. But I thought I'd take a nap while I waited for you. Suldith? He's picking on me. He says I even woke the eggs up with that noise." There's a noise that sounds suspiciously like a chirrup from the bronze. He shuffles along the ledge so Enka can see him.

No doubt the bronze was going to be excited. They were going to be his little brothers and sisters. And younger siblings were sometimes a lot of fun. He'd just have to wait till they were bigger though to have fun with them. "Oh, thank you," Enka gives Zi'on the same winsome little smile that she gave him the other night when asking for a pie, flopping down onto the bench beside him. "Definitely need water down there," she jerks a finger over at the sands below. "I don't like bein' down there so much." Lucky for her, she doesn't have a dragon that absolutely -DEMANDS- the constant attendance. "And the food, so thoughtful." the goldrider leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "I don't think the eggs wake up quite that easily," she chuckles, wiggling her fingers at the sight of Suldith. "I think they're fine, Suldith," she calls up to the bronze.

That doesn't mean Suldith isn't going to peek at the eggs as much as he can while he can! Miraneith ought to put him to work getting her a snack or something. The bronzer wraps an arm around Enka's waist as she sits down. He nods to her. "Yeah, it's warm down here. I was sweating even in my sleep. I figured you could use a snack. Course it looks like you just got back from a break." He tucks a piece of wet hair away from her face. The bronzer chuckles. "That's what I told him. Plus they're too small to really have coherent minds at this point." There's a warble from the bronze and he adjusts his wings.

Miraneith is resting at the moment, her clutch tucked up carefully about her, each egg lovingly mounded by warm incubating sand. In her eyes, they're all equal and protective dam that she is, she'll guard them fervently. The gold does raise her head a little, blinking sleepily to catch sight of Suldith up in the ledges to whim she gives a soft warble, but she soon drops her head. Not interested in food yet, but she just might send the bronze out later. Enka snuggles up beside Zi'on, resting her head against his shoulder for a moment before she peeks up at him. "It's good for keepin' the eggs warm, but we really don't need toastin' ourselves." she grins wryly and nods. "Took a swim. Thought I was goin' to start swimmin in my own sweat, so I figured I'd take a dip and cool off." Her hair won't stay damp and wet for long in this heat. "Yep," she agrees, "they just got laid, takes 'em a while to start developin' enough to be coherent."

Suldith gives a croon to Miraneith. Since she's feeling protective the bronzer is alright with just keeping guard. He was the first line of defense against egg-snatchers! Whoever those might be. Zi'on scratches Enka's back idly as she snuggles against him. He smiles to her. "Nah. Though I would guess Mir feels better with you down on the sands. Even if she does have a whole weyr at her disposal." He chuckles a bit. "Probably a good idea. I'll probably do that before I head to sweeps later. Yeah. By the time they're hard enough for touchings, I guess."

Miraneith rumbles back softly, and with a rustle of her wings, settles back down. With such an attentive and guarding pair of bronze and green, the gold is feeling comforted and secure. No egg-snatchers here! Not with fierce guardians like these! Enka would almost purr if she was a feline, relaxing quite happily when the bronzer scratches her back. "Mmm, I'm glad she aint a demandin' sort though. Can't imagine havin' to spend all my workin' time here with her." And her free time. At least because the gold prefers to be solitary in her guardianship of her clutch, the goldrider can go back to her weyr at night to sleep. "Mmhmm. The water feels really good. Nice and cool." She pauses, and then nods. "Right about then," she agrees, "else nobody'd feel nothin' when they touched the eggs."

The queen was getting a little softer in her old age! Sort of. At least she isn't barking at the dragons. It would be very difficult for someone to snatch eggs at Western, for sure. Suldith may be small, but he was a fierce little guy. Zi'on nods to the goldrider. "Mm. Yeah. That would be a little much I think. You would need lots of water then. Someone would have to bring a bucket so you could sponge off every hour or two." Though Enka might like that anyways. The bronzer leans over to give Enka a kiss. "Mm. You feel nice and cool. Suldith search Kiley. And that dolphineer girl, Jeyinshi. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of candidates for such a big clutch."

She was barely eight turns old! She's not /old/. But then, to the younger bronze, well, she might as well be as old as Faranth. Miraneith isn't likely to bark much yet, just bury her eggs into the sand for warmth, and glower. Oh yes, lots of glowering. Though he be but little, yet he is fierce, and Miraneith appreciates Suldith's presence. Or at the very least, she tolerates it. He's up on the ledges of course, it might be a different story down on the sands. "It'd be a lot much," the goldrider laughs softly, nodding. "I might as well get a whole cart of water to lug around with me." she winkles her nose a little. "Not sure if I'd like spongin' myself off up here." For one thing, the water'll likely end up getting warm, and for another, someone could fling sand into the bucket, and that's not any better. She kisses him back, slinging an arm up over his shoulders in a companionably fashion. "And I heard there's a few more candidates now too." the goldrider muses. "But hooray for Jeyinshi and Kiley. I like knowin' Mir's babies are goin' to have a good choice." She glances down, watching the eggs a moment. "Oh yes, we'll need a /lot/ of candidates. She's never had so many before." Two more than her biggest clutches before. It's still a 20% increase.

It was old to little Suldith! Though not really old. Still very young by most standards. Suldith isn't going to risk his neck by creeping out onto the sands. He's content where he is, really. No sense in making the queen nervous. Up on the ledge he can stand guard, even if Mir wanted to have a nap. Zi'on chuckles at Enka. "You'd get tired of haulin' around all that water." He gives her a sly look then. "Maybe I could do the spongin' for you, then." He'd make sure to bring fresh cool water with a little ice in it. Or maybe… just the ice. He nods to her. "Lot of crafters it seems. Older candidates. Though that might be a good thing." He chuckles. "Less troublemakers. Maybe." The bronzer certainly wasn't any less of a troublemaker now that he was older. "Keely too, I saw, had a knot. I uh… tripped her up in the caverns." He snickers.

That's a good point. The gold is old when it comes to younger dragons, which probably makes any dragon older than her seem positively ancient. Watching from the ledges is a good vantage point, and besides, Suldith would have enough height and momentum to pounce on would-be egg thieves. Splat. Miraneith certainly looks like she's settling in for a nap. "I probably would," the goldrider laughs, "but think how strong I'd get." Amazon mama, yow! The sly look is returned, Enka tilting her chin up a bit as her hand slides down along his back to snug around his waist. "Mmm." she's looking positively smug now. "You could sponge me down all you wanted." Probably not here though, little weyrbrats probably came to view the eggs often enough. "Or snow." Just what could they do with snow? "I'm hopin'," she agrees, "that there's less troublemakers." And who was the positively wild hooligan in /her/ candidate group? Guilty as charged! "Ha!" Enka chortles at his admission. "Just so long as you didn't break her. We want every candidate to be of sound body," — notice there's nothing said about sound mind? — "when they're presented to the eggs."

Zi'on laughs a bit to Enka. "You would be huge then. Your muscles would be bigger than mine. And I don't know if I can be with a girl who is stronger than I am. It would be an insult to my… manlihood, or something." The bronzer hugs Enka close and rests his head against hers. He chuckles. "Maybe we'll get to that later, then." Zi'on actually didn't pull too many pranks as a candidate. He knew he could be kicked out of that. It wasn't just like the headwoman giving him a swat on the behind with her broom. The bronzer chuckles. "Nah. She's fine. Weyrbrats are of hearty stock." Enka should know. "Kiley said something weird to me though. Apparently candidates in her class at Xanadu weren't even allowed to kiss people… that seems pretty strict to me."

"Oh dear," Enka chuckles softly at that idea. Would it really be such an insult to the bronzer's manhood? Probably, yes. No, make that definitely yes. "You'd probably run away, screamin'." And the goldrider would be all sad. Bummer. She snuggles against him, her head tilted just so so her cheek rests against his in loving repose. "Mmm, definitely goin' to get to that later." And by golly, there will be a later, Enka sure doesn't plan to take up a vow of chastity just because her dragon's on the sands. It probably helped that he was still an office assistant, and kept busy, so no real time for pranks. "Oh, don't I know it," Enka agrees, she definitely knows how hearty weyrbrats can be. "That's odd," the goldrider muses. "I can understand not overwhelmin' dragonets with emotions, but no kissin' as a candidate? Seems a bit harsh."

The day Zi'on find out Enka is stronger than he is is the day he goes home and cries. Then he'll probably start lifting weights. Unfortunately he'd probably break up with her until he felt secure again. "Heh. Maybe. I'd certainly be scared. Maybe too scared to run away though." Zi'on would be sad if Enka was forced into chastity. "Well, you let me know when you're heading back home. And if you want supper or something. We can make a little date out of it." Since they weren't likely to go out on any dates with the queen on the sands. He nods a bit to her. "Mm, that's what I thought. I always thought the candidate rule was just so no one got pregnant. And to be fair, if you're gay or whatever."

And what a sad day that would be. Poor bronzer and poor goldrider. "Maybe," Enka says glumly, brightening when she looks at him out of the corner of her eyes. "Good thing I 'aint stronger than you then, huh? He can be all the muscle in the relationship. Heck, Enka would be sad if she was forced into chastity, she already went through it as a weyrling — thankfully before she had proper chance to start developing relationships and valuing them, but now? Faranth forbid! "It's a date then," she grins cheekily. "Don't suppose you'd argue if I said I was ready to go back home right now?" Except it's too early for supper. Miraneith probably wouldn't care too much if her rider went halfway across Pern without her, as long as nobody invaded the hatching sands. "That was pretty much it." Enka agrees. "Can't see why anyone would restrict a candidate from kissin'. Not like you could get anyone pregnant that way. Who made up those rules? Some silly holdbred person or somethin'?"

Zi'on chuckles. "If you start getting a lot stronger just.. let me know. And I'll start lifting weights or something instead of swimming for extra exercise." He's serious, too. Zi'on isn't exactly a bodybuilder, but he's got some muscle on him. He's not as skinny as he was five turns ago, that was for sure. He grins to her. "Sounds good. Right now, hm? Well, if you feel like it, sure." Anytime of the day was good for Zi'on! Raging teenage hormones and all. He nods about the candidate rules. "Thea made them up, I guess. She's holdbred originally, right? I heard she's also a little crazy about certain things." Like that. "I don't really see the harm in it, as long as they don't let it go too far. You end up getting close to those candidates anyways once you impress."

"I'll do just that," Enka grins at the bronzer. It wasn't something she'd likely keep him in the dark about, and have him wondering why all of a sudden she had major muscles or something. "Liftin' weights would probably help a lot." she pauses, looking him over in a good way of appraisal. At least he isn't skinny and little or anything anymore. "Mmhmm," she nods. "Could stand gettin' out of here before I start steamin' up again, and could use somethin' more to drink than water. Got juice back at the weyr." She does feel like it, to the bat cave — err, weyr! The goldrider wrinkles her nose a bit. "Holdbred." there's a faint sniff. "They get them some silly notions all right. I don't see why there's any real harm in it, especially with the kissin'. Besides, might do a poential weyrlin' some good to get the first time out of the way first before flights start." Oh, now that's going to be one fun lecture, the goldrider might even sit in on it.

Zi'on would be more than surprised if he woke up one morning and Enka was all muscley. He'd wonder about her taking drugs or timing it or something. He peers at her when she suggests he start lifting weights. "Hm, I guess I could." He assumed she meant lifting them regardless. He nods about getting out of the hot sand area. He was sweating as it was. Soon he'd probably start to smell ripe anyways. "Lead the way," he says to her, looking down at her with eyes that are a bit lidded. "I'm a bit glad my first time wasn't during a flight. Not that I was particularly fond of the gal I did it with." Obviously that wasn't Enka.

That would be freaky. And scary. And oh Faranth, she could hurt him or something. So the best thing to do is not wake up all muscley. "It wouldn't hurt," the goldrider puts in. "Especially if you were goin' to be tryin' that rescue harness thing." she winkles her nose. Yeah, he was sweating. But she was looking a little damp herself. Time to get out of the heat and somewhere nice and cool. "C'mon," She'll hop to her feet, and tug his hand. "Mmm, mine was. Sort of." the goldrider looks cheeky. "But at least, I could be prepared when Mir went up." she throws him a sidelong glance, one that is just entirely too bold. "Now what would you do if it was a gal you were fond of?"

Zi'on considers her for a second. "I guess that's true. It couldn't hurt." Though Zi'on is trying to hide a frown. She thought he was too skinny! Or at least that's how his teenage brain is taking it. "I'll need to rinse off before we do anything. Can't be laying in the bed… or anyplace else like I am." in fact, he peels off his shirt already. It was just too warm for such things. Then he uses it to wipe himself down before shoving it partly into a pocket. "Yeah? You remember it at all? Was it any good?" He chuckles a bit. "What would I do? Or have done?" He raises an eyebrow at her. "What I usually do when I'm around a gal I like. Follow her about and annoy her." He chuckles, getting up. He grabs everything. No sense in letting food go to waste. Though the water will probably be dumped out.

Enka quirks a brow at him. "Shardin' right it couldn't hurt," No no, that's not what she's saying at /all/. His teenaged brain needs to be a bit rewired or something. "Shells, that'd be a good idea." she agrees. "I happen to know the perfect place to take a dip." Oh dear, there's that really wicked little smile of hers. The goldrider glances once at the sands, makes sure Miraneith is settled comfortably, and then she starts for the stairs. "Well then, c'mon and follow. We'll talk about the anooyin' part on the way." There's always more water, but at least the food won't get wasted. Maybe they could save it for a snack later.

Zi'on is still teenagy. He's eager to please his woman! But eventually he'll realize he doesn't need to try so hard. Hopefully after he becomes all beefy. The bronzer raises a brow at her. "Oh yeah? Where might that be?" Maybe it would just be the bronzer doing the 'dipping'? There's a wave to the gold. Suldith will stand watch for now, until his rider was less occupied, at least. They might need a snack later. Zi'on carries the water, drinking straight from the pitcher and offering Enka to do the same. It might be gone by the time they're back at her weyr.

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