Garden Surprises

Western Weyr - Rooftop Herb Garden

Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

Kiley's work for the day is nt surprising, she is settled on a bench in the greenery with her laptop settled on her lap while she leans back into the bench. Despite her new knot, her tasks mainly include her crafter duties while doing some light chores later in the day, mostly clean ups for today. The garden is partially active with people about doing their normal work of weeding, watering and harvesting as is appropriate for some plants. It is this low bustle that makes it a prime area for the computer crafter to retreat: public, but active, and also mostly quiet.

Tineska has arrived, and it seems the quiet may be over. She is singing to herself, but doing so loudly and slightly off key. She is however in quite a pleasant mood, and there isn't much anyone can do to change that today. She's carrying a basket in one hand, apparently here to collect a few tasty herbs. The task is quickly forgotten though when Kiley is spotted. Tineska's not a particularly shy girl, and marches right up to her and greets her with a broad smile and a hearty "Hello!".

Kiley peeks up at the sound of loud singing, staring at the apprentice for a moment before a smile comes to her lips and her gaze returns to her laptop to resume typing. Fingers play along the keys for a moment longer before Tineska's greeting pulls her entirely from her thoughts. "Hello Tineska." Pause, typing resumes quickly to polish off the final thought before she gestures beside her for the other crafter to join her. "You seem like you're in a good mood. Did anything happen? And, did you put that memory stick into your laptop in progress?" It is a relatively quiet morning and the gardens are being worked by candidates and gardeners alike. The two computer crafters are near a bench with the journeyman settled with her laptop and doing craft work while the apprentice has a basket in her arm.

Jey's candidate chores seemed to revolve around the kitchen quite frequently. Maybe it was because she ate so much and already knew her way around, or maybe it was to replenish the supply she depleted. Either way, today was another of those kitchen chores days and rather than berry picking, it was herb picking. The dolphineer turned candidate walks up the path, a basket hung over one arm. There's a brief glance around and she spots Kiley. Raising a hand to wave, Jey smiles warmly and moves to crouch at some plants near the computercrafter, her attention split between task and friend. "Heya Kiley and…well hello to you, whoever you are. I'm Jey." The last bit is directed towards Tineska.

One of the gardeners has to call out to a humming young woman coming up the path as she very nearly veers straight into the patch he's maintaining. Eliane barely notices until she's right upon him, absent gaze focusing briefly as she gets out a hastily mumbled apology. Resuming both her humming and her meandering, she settles awkwardly on a bench a short distance from the crafters. Lifting her face slightly to the sun, she's all smiles and quite off in her own little world. Spinning castles, perhaps.

Movement catches her eye and Kiley's attention is drawn over towards Jeyinshi and she waves in response. "Hey Jey." She beams a smile at her friend and attention quickly flickers to the plants near by before drifting up towards Tineska. There's a pause before she opts for silence with her attention shifting over towards the gardener who calls out towards Eliane. Brows lift and then furrow with concern as she watches her path, finally coming to a more relaxed state once she settles upon a bench. "Are you okay?" The computer crafter turned candidate ventures to ask with brows soon lifting again.

Tineska, still smiling, shakes her head. "Nope, nothing too excited, but I absolutely did install that memory. I'm one step closer to getting the thing working. I also managed to talk one of the transport riders to take me with them to Landing for a bit. That was kind of awesome." Recognizing Jey from a handful of conversations and a rough description by her dolphin-loving mother, she looks pleased to finally meet Jeyinshi in the flesh. "Hello! It's a pleasure to meet you. I've heard of you, I believe. My mother's in your line of work. I'm Tineska." She is about to offer a hand when she hears a hummed tune, and turns her head towards Eliane. "Ooh, nice song! I like that!"

The dolphineer's attention is also drawn towards the shouting gardener, but while Kiley looks concerned, Jey can't help but laugh. "Enjoying the day?" She calls over to the woman with a smile. After a few moments her attention turns back to Kiley and a soft chuckle escape her lips. "Hey you. Worry prone as usual?" Jey teases lightly. Tineska's enthusiastic introduction is met with a bright laugh and a nod. "Nice to meet you too! And your certainly seem familiar. Your mother and her dolphin are….?" The dolphineer trails off then, rifling through her memories and attempting to pull out a name, but coming up empty.

"Hmm?" Eliane blinks over at Jeyinshi, then Kiley, wide-eyed. "Oh, yes. I'm fine. I was just imagining the most wonderful story to tell the runners tonight. Jim and Rosie are /very/ particular about their bedtime tales." At least she's cheerful. There's a glance for the other's laptop, then a longer look. "I've never met anyone who works on those before. It must be terribly complicated." For Tineska, there's a wide smile. "Just a little something my mother taught me. It's one of my favorites."

Kiley beams a bright grin towards Tineska. "Wonderful. Well, we'll see how we can help you out. But, you've got to work to earn the parts." The computer crafter insists to the younger one. "Landing is quite wonderful. You should see the Yokohama as well, someday." And then the introduction is made towards Jeyinshi and a bright smile settles in, "She's an apprentice computer crafter." Is added before she flusters a shade of red "I am not worry prone… Am I?" Instead of lingering on her friend, she turns attention back towards Eliane with another uplift of her brows. "Story? What kind?" As for her laptop, attention flickers back towards it before she smiles warmly at the other. "Not too complicated, it is part of my craft so it is rather simple, actually."

"Tinaya and Fugu. They've only been here a short while, but I think she's making waves." Ugh, such puns. For Eliane, there interest in the mention of runners. "Perhaps you can teach it to me sometime. It's so lovely." Runners? You work in the stables? That must be fun. I thought about beastcrafting, it was between that and computers. But I love writing programs, so that's what I went with." Tineska beams again at Kiley. "Oh, I really appreciate it. You and Nikolas are so much nicer than Dego is to me. And don't worry, the work is easy when it is something you love."

Jeyinshi grins, "You'll have to share that story with me then. The dolphins are pretty fond of tales as well." Fond is one word to describe Sungie's interest, uncontrolably excited also works. "Is she? Well that's great! Heh, I'll leave the complicated stuff to you guys. And yes, you are, as far as I can tell. But I think it's good." The dolphineer flashes a smile before returning her attention to picking herbs. A few are plucked and placed gently in the basket. "Tinaya and….Fugu! Oh!" Jey migh be hazy with human names, but she never forgot a dolphin's. "I do know them. Though it's been quite a while since I've seen either. Must be keeping busy with the rescues. I don't know if she knows about my hut yet, but we're using it as a sort of patrol house for the dolphineers on duty. Tell her she's also welcome to use it."

Kiley chuckles softly and smiles towards Tineska. "Programming is my specialty as well." Pause, "if I weren't a candidate I would offer to talk with Dego about teaching you, myself. I haven't had any apprentices yet. I don't believe that being mean is a way to teach someone. But, I don''t really know much about teaching, either." The candidate shrugs her shoulders a bit before attention returns to her laptop and typing resumes. "She's very promising," talking as if the apprentice isn't there, her attention lingers on the screen. "I probably do, if you say so. But, I can't help but be concerned. I mean, what if we didn't ask and there was something seriously wrong?" She smiles at her friend before attention returns to the screen. "I'm glad they're letting us continue with our crafting duties. But I have some other chores to tend to later in the day."

Tineska nods. "Fugu's a great dolphin. He tried to help teach me to swim, but I think I am hopeless at that. She has been quite busy lately. I've kind've enjoyed that, though. Is that bad? Oh, I'll be sure to let her know about your hut, I think she will definitely make use of that." Thoughts of mother aside, the young apprentice winks a bit at Kiley. "Oh, I'm sure you'd be a fine teacher. Perhaps we could still train some..unofficially? As your new position allows, of course." The latter comment by the Journeyman causes her to blush a bit, but she does not comment on it, seeming content at the compliment. Suddenly, her eyes narrow on a plant behind the bench, and she reaches underneath the leaves, pulling out what appears to be an egg.

Jeyinshi laughs, "I don't doubt that. But yes, if we didn't ask and there was something wrong it would be bad. But considering the hug smile she had on her face, she was probably fine. Though in other situations…" The dolphineer shrugs, she was trained to diffrentiate between problematic sutations due to her line of work. A glance is given to the spaced out Eliane, and Jey chuckles softly before shaking her head and continuing on with her herb picking. "No one's hopeless at swimming. If you've time, try coming by the lagoon, Sungie and I can try our hand at teaching you as well." The candidate seems mostly concerned with the task at hand, but her gaze does flicker towards the girl with the sudden appearance of an egg. Jey grins and lets out a low whistle then, "Mmm, looks like you're going to be too busy for lessons now that you've got that though."

Kiley blinks at Tineska, "if you are certain, I won't argue too much." A soft chuckle, "we could do some training unofficially, that isn't a problem. And seeing as you're still an apprentice you've got to learn a little bit of everything. I can show you what I do know about some things." But then her gaze is drawn to where the younger girl moves, brows lifting at the appearance of an egg. "Oh, that must be from a green. They don't tend their clutches very well. You should find some sand to keep it warm… Though the weather seems decent enough that it should be fine still. I think." The computer crafter furrows her brows before she's nodding agreement towards Jeyinshi. "You'll be busier with that little one." Then she backtracks while her gaze comes to settle on the dolphineer, "people can smile when they're sad or hurt or something is wrong."

The young apprentice takes her eyes from the egg for a moment, and looks a bit relieved at Jeyinshi's reassurance. "Oh, good. It is nice to have some space from even our loved ones, I guess. Swimming? I would be willing to give it another try. You might go easier on me than Mom did. She wasn't mean, but we just seem to be on totally different wavelengths. It would definitely be a skill worth knowing in a place like this.." She nods at Kiley's assessment of the egg. "It feels like there's movement inside, though. I think it might be close to hatching. Maybe I can train it.. I wonder what color is inside?" She cradles the egg in her arms, and grins. "Just let me know when you are available. I know time will be even more limited now, but I look forward to it." *CRACK* Comes from the egg, and a little squeak comes from inside of it. "Oh! Hello!"

Red Firework Egg hatches, revealing a egg-wet hatchling.

Battered Bar Brown Hatchling

Distinct wood grain stands out in dark contrast to a lighter pulp upon the lanky and long form of this brown firelizard. A narrowed head tapers to a rather distinctive point, echoed on his far side by the pointed tip of his tail. The grain runs lengthwise along his form, helping to give him an even greater impression of stretched out length than his albeit long form truly is. The grain is dark brown, sometimes near black while the wood between a more lighter amber. In random spots there seems to be watery stains some of which are a bleached brown and others a more brown-gray. Like an ancient bar stretched out to enjoy the company of many he is a social creature in tune with those around him. He's quite willing to lend an ear even a shoulder if needed in a companion which just can't be beat. Oh the tales his hide could tell, well, if it could talk. Instead there is the sympathetic whirl of his expressive eyes which have to say all that is going to be said.

Battered Bar Brown Hatchling looks into Tineska's eyes. Impression!

"True. But those smiles never reach their eyes." Jey gives her own little sad smile at the words. After a few moments, the dolphineer's hands still, dropping down to pick up the now filled basket. She walks the few steps over to Kiley's bench and settles down beside here with a grin, nodding at the computercrafter's advice. "No, we all need space sometimes. My entire family is made up of dolphineers, and despite being one myself, even I couldn't stand being around them sometimes. And trying with someone else might just be the key. For me, it's just something I want you to have fun with….oh!" Jeyinshi breaks into a wide smile at the sudden cracking of the egg and sits up, peering over curiously. "Welcome to our world little one!"

"When we get a better grasp on our schedules, I'll let you know, Tineska. Hardware could use some practice with messages." A smile plays on Kiley's lips a little longer before the crack startles it away. "You should get to the living caverns to get it some meat, Tineska. Or the kitchens." Eyes widen a fraction and she looks to Jeyinshi. A brief look of confusion crosses her features for the woman's own statement of smiles and a shrug is returned. She finishes off the program she is typing and quickly saving it before closing the laptop. "Come, come. We need to get Tineska to the kitchen so that the firelizard stays with her." And out of the bench she hops, despite the fact that the dolphineer just sat.

Tineska nods appreciatively at Jeyinshi. "I'm sure we will have lots of fun. I do feel safer with dolphincrafters around when I'm in the water." A tiny brown head pokes out from the cracking shell, peering out with whirling eyes and taking quick notice of Tineska. She can not suppress a giggle as she removes a bit of shell from the little brown's head. "Yes, we should definitely get you fed, little one." He pushes more of the shell away from him, and at last breaks out of it, leaving Tineska holding only the cute and also very wet brown hatchling. "Yes, he's ravenous! Lead the way."

Jeyinshi throws a wink at Kiley, despite the woman's confusion. "That was an example of a smile that doesn't reach the eyes." Was there something more behind it? Perhaps, or perhaps not. But suddenly everyone was moving to the kitchens. "Hey, wait for me!" Jey also hops off the bench, basket of herbs in hand. If they're going down she might as well drop off what she picked anyways. "Don't worry, you'll be plenty safe with us around…for now though, let's get him some food, yeah?" With that, Jey falls in with the other two girls, off to get some food for the little flit….and possibly for Jey as well.

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