Falling Out

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl

This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

Tineska's firelizard has been fed and Kiley's craft work has been finished, for the most part. There is only a few moments of free time between now and her chores that candidates must do. Rather than linger around in the living caverns, the journeyman has settled herself out in the bowl with her work. It is relatively busy with riders and people alike going about their business, along with the fact that the hatching grounds are not too far away: more people drift in in and out from there to sneak peeks at the eggs.

Hands in pockets, Nikolas wanders casually, his laptop as always with him. It's in it's satchel, the strap of which lays across the man's chest. He's coming from the direction of the living caverns, sparing not the least bit of interest for the people milling about to and from the hatching grounds. Yawning, the computer crafter covers his mouth with the back of his hand before pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

A satisfied croon comes from the tiny brown hatchling still riding in Tineska's arms. "How was that for a first meal, my boy? You want some more?" She dangles a tiny bit of meat over him, but it is apparent he has had enough, only giving it a moment's look before nuzzling up to the young apprentice and closing his eyes. It's hard work hatching out and eating, after all. Tineska seems to be hot on Kiley's trail today, plopping down beside the computerrific candidate. "Thanks for helping me with this little guy. I can't believe how cute he is.." Spotting Nikolas, the girl waves towards him, disturbing the newborn brown for a moment. "Hello, Nikolas!"

Kiley would likely not notice her own boyfriend if it weren't for Tineska popping down beside her. "He's cute." She agrees with an easy smile forming upon her lips, attention still on the laptop until the other calls out towards Nik. Her gaze lifts and a hand frees from the keyboard to wave a cheerful greeting. "Nik! I need to talk with you." A bright smile settles upon her lips before she finishes typing the next string. And to pay full attention to both computer crafters, the laptop is shut firmly. "That was a really lucky find. He would've had to fend for himself if you didn't see that egg."

Upon hearing his name, the computer crafter journeyman pauses in his path, warm brown eyes seeking out the source of the voice. He does, eventually, spot Tineska, and the top of Kiley's head. Though that quickly turned into a wave from the woman he knew all to well. Rather than return the gesture, he merely alters the direction his feet carry him in their direction. "Ladies," he says, gaze lingering a second on the newly hatched brown firelizard before he returns his attention to the females, but rather Kiley specifically. "You need to talk to me? About what, if I may inquire?"

Tineska strokes the little head of the young lizard, nodding to Kiley contentedly. "I'm glad I found him, then. There wouldn't be much for him to eat there in the herb garden, I don't think." She watches Nikolas approach, and makes note of his knot. "I see you've become a candidate as well! Congratulations to the both of you. You'll be the cutest couple on the sands. Oh, and thank you again for the memory, Nik. I can't seem to thank you enough."

Kiley smiles warmly as Nikolas joins them, inclining her head. "Yes. I was Searched for the clutch currently on the Sands." She informs with her smile growing ever wider, "I am staying in the candidate barracks now." There's a soft chuckle as Tineska gives her congratulations, nodding her thanks. "I was Searched over in Xanadu before, so… Here is hoping that the second time yields some results? But it really is quite unknown."

Tineska listens intently to the tale of candidacy. "Xanadu? What was it like there? I've never stood, but it seems quite exciting. I guess Impressing would be like meeting this one, except way larger and very life changing. It would be awesome to have a goldriding Computer crafter. I heard there might be one in this clutch. Perhaps, you'll be the one to be hers." She seems excited at the idea of Kiley impressing gold. "Then Western would definitely be on the cutting edge of technology." She looks again at Nikolas, "wouldn't that be ezciting?" Her rambling is interrupted by the youngster in her arms, who calls at her, perhaps inquiring about that bit of meat she had before. "Oh, you changed your mind, did you? You are definitely a hungry one." She scrunches her face up in thought. "What am I going to call you, anyway? Any suggestions?" she asks to no one specifically, but to any with an idea to share.

Ninkasith's back> Velrich is still hanging on. Oh yes, that grip does /not/ loosen all the way down to the ground. At least the man doesn't look at all like he's going to throw up. That's a plus. A very /large/ plus. He takes a look at the ground though. The sweet, wonderful ground below, and finally starts to move a little from his perch on Ninkasith, still buckled in. "..Well. That wasn't so bad."

Nikolas blinks once at Kiley and her news, perhaps standing up a little bit straighter. "Ah," he manages to say after some time, brows twitching downwards but otherwise no other change in what can only be called a neutral expression. "I suppose then, that congratulations are in order." He shifts his weight, admittedly with a touch of awkwardness from one foot to the other before a single digit pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He nods about the woman staying in the barracks from now until the eggs hatched. "I will have to move my possessions back to my own quarters then." Eyes slide over towards Tineska then, before glancing between the two women. Just the slightest bit of an observing stare for his girlfriend. "That would make sense." Whatever that means. As for the naming of firelizards, the man shifts his attention to the tiny creature, examining it almost as closely as he had his fellow computer crafter. "Circuit, perhaps."

Ninkasith's neck> Jessa grins, turning back to unbuckle Velrich from the riding straps. "No it's not. You really did well for a first-timer. Just take it easy on the way down, let Ninka help you. Your boots won't hurt her, I promise. Then I'll show you where the barracks are."

"The weather is quite different. And they've got a lot more technology than Western does. You'd like it there. You should visit at some point." Kiley shakes her head at the girl's final thought, "no. Someone said I would be a brownrider… I think riders know what they're talking about, at least? I'm not too sure. There was a gold at Xanadu, the egg… I don't recall it being gold. But I've heard whispers of it, too. Maybe there will be a betting pool, here." There's a laugh that slips forth, "you don't need to be a goldrider to push forward technology. They're far too busy to work on crafts, anyway. I've not heard anything about goldriders sticking with their crafts unless they've retired." There's a peek at Nikolas as she attempts to gauge his reaction. Lips press into a thin line and she murmurs, "you may stay there if you want, Nik." But, there is not too much in the sense of protest, only an awkward shift as fingers begin to play along her laptop. It takes a moment before she smiles towards her fellow journeyman before considering the new arrivals. There's a salute to the greenrider and then her gaze turns to the passenger.

Velrich may not do damage with his boots, but he sure does leave a nice amount of mud. After all, he's certainly not a very clean individual at the moment. But he does climb down, feet planting themselves on nice, solid ground once again. There's a bit of a look around though now at ground level again, taking in a slow breath as he peers about…and then moves rather abruptly sideways to avoid any..incoming, bounding dragons. "Barracks..yeah. Sounds good." And safe.

"Circuit, I like that! It's perfect for a craft like ours. Circuit it is, then." At the arrival of the Green, the Greenrider, and Velrich in tow, Tineska gives Jessa an enthusiastic salute as well, and a happy wave to Velrich and Ninkasith. "Looks like they've nabbed another one, haha! I've never been around a Weyr when there was a clutch on the sands. It's kind of fun to watch things going on. Brownrider huh? I think you'd make a good one of that, yes. Goldriding or crafting, I guess that would be a tough call. Then again, it's the dragon that makes the call, isn't it? Running a Weyr would be quite a task, you're right about that. But I guess it has it's own perks as well." She watches the blue arrive and greet Jessa's Ninkasith. "I always thought the greens were so lovely, the way they use their small size to cut through the air. So agile!"

Jessa grins, and reaches up to offer the blue scritches on the side of his muzzle. "Dylanth… where you are, yours cannot be far behind. Maybe we'll all go for a swim later, hmm?" She smiles over at Velrich, making the proper introductions. "Velrich, this is my weyrmate G'len's dragon, Dylanth. Dylanth, may I present Velrich, just Searched for Miraneith's clutch."

There is a glance over one shoulder for the dragons and newly arrived candidate, but the computer crafter doesn't salute or welcome them jubilantly. Rather there is a nod from the young man if any of them happen to glance in his direction. After this, he returns to the two females, hands still slid into the front pockets of his pants. "Perhaps I should see about a visit to Xanadu then. Anyone in particular there I should speak with?" he asks Kiley, growing silent again as excited chatter about dragon eggs continues. He makes no comment. Brows do lift however, at his fellow Journeyman's invitation to remain in her room. "I would forget to make the bed." he offers, softly, inhaling a breath before his attention quickly shifts to Tineska and the newly named Circuit. There is but a single nod of his head in regard to the apprentice, though it would be difficult or not to judge how exactly the man feels about any of this, considering his general lack of emotion.

Dylanth rubs his muzzle with Ninkasith and croooooons softly for her. His tail even happily wags back and forth a bit.

Kiley chuckles, "I named mine Hardware." She notes warmly towards the apprentice before attention flickers briefly towards Nikolas again before resettling on Tineska. "I'm not really sure. The dragon decides it all, so I really don't have too much of a say in that." Kiley shakes her head, "not that it is an issue. I knew what I was coming into by agreeing to Stand. It is an unknown variable but, that is okay with me." The candidate seems pleased with this as she folds her hands upon the laptop and again considers the girl beside her with a chuckle. "You're very enthusiastic." Attention returns to Nikolas, considering and then nodding. "Eledri. He is in our craft as well. He is sometimes posted to Landing, however." His protest is met with a slight chuckle, "that is fine."

Velrich does seem a bit out of place, giving a nod at the introduction to yet another dragon. "Ah. You did mention that." Though Dylanth is given just a slight glance before giving himself just a bit more distance from the nuzzling dragon pair. "Right." There's a mild look of surprise at the waving, brows furrowing together before he lifts one dirty hand halfway in response to it. He clears his throat faintly however, shouldering his pack once again. "Where is it I'm supposed to put this?"

Jessa smiles and takes a few steps away from the group, with a wave and a smile to all—especially Tineska. "Thank you for that. But no dragon is ever quite as beautiful as one's own, no matter the color of the hide." With that, she sets off towards the Living Caverns, pausing only a moment to peer back over her shoulder at Velrich. "The barracks are this way. Come on, let's get you settled in. Weyr life's probably quite different from what you're used to but it'll certainly never be dull!"

Tineska oohs at Kiley. "Hardware huh? That's cute! Perhaps he and Circuit can play together. I think they'd like that." She looks down again at her new charge, obviously still a bit excited about the events of the day. "So, Circuit, how is your very first birthday?" She doesn't get a response, but doesn't seem concerned, as the little firelizard is fast asleep on her once again. "Congratulations!" She calls towards Velrich as he and Jessa head indoors to get the young man settled in. "So exciting!"

There is another shift, from one foot to the other. Nikolas remains quite through further talks about eggs and the apparently excitement that he must be missing out upon, because for all the energy that Tineska was putting into it, she seemed to be sapping it out of the man. It had to be coming from somewhere, and he certainly wasn't showing any sign of sharing in the rejoicing. Warm brown depths rest once more on Kiley as she mentions a contact, glasses pushed up his nose as he lifts his head afterwards. "Eledri. Noted." he says with a nod, pulling out that device he always carries in his pocket and typing away on the tiny keyboard with his thumbs. The action is quick, soon over and then the thing is put back into his pocket. Just like that. He glances only once in the direction of the greenrider and her charge, saying nothing.

"Thank you. He's hunting on his own now. And he runs errands now and then. But, they can certainly play." There's a curious look to the brown settled upon the apprentice and Kiley smiles a little more warmly before turning attention to the departing greenrider and the newest candidate that follows her. A soft hum is released, "the barracks are certainly getting full fast." A sigh is released as she turns to consider Nikolas with a slight frown, her elbows coming to rest on her laptop as she considers him. "You're not pleased."

The little brown has woken up again as a particularly loud bluerider and her dragon pass by, he gives an annoyed look to them, and as Kiley speaks, he focuses his tiny eyes on her, and then on Nikolas. For a young one, he is unusually intuitive. He calls to Nikolas, a soft, thoughtful croon. "Well, you are a sweetheart, aren't you? He seems ready to lend you ears he doesn't have, Nik. But of course, there's no replacing some time with your special lady", she says, giving Kiley a little wink. Tineska sure is a nosy kid, isn't she?

Dylanth looks at all the unfamiliar faces…He tilts his head sideways, wondering what they could all want.

Nikolas expels a sigh himself, gaze back to Kiley, and rest upon her lightly. She must of gotten the nail on the head, despite the man's lack of emotion. "It's not something I'd usually discuss in mixed company, which is why I didn't bring it up." he says, not really affirming or denying the woman's claim. "I have rather controversial opinions in regard to dragons in general, not anything I usually talk about in front of people. But my displeasure comes not from my opinion of them, so much as my opinion of you." His tone continues to be even, and soft, his expression lingering on neutrality. If it were for the awkward shifting of his weight and occasional pursing of lips, one might come to the conclusion that Nikolas just didn't care. "You are far too talented, and show a rare dedication to the craft. You are one of the exceptional, Kiley, and taking the time out to mend socks and sweep floors for months, just to ruin any further chance of advancement if you get saddled with the lifelong task of tending to a dragon…I can't help but see this as a waste. There are so few like you, and losing you would be detrimental to the work we're trying to do. There won't be time for craft work, especially if you walk off those sands with a gold. Your life will be an egg heavy queen, paperwork, and weyr related duties." He sounds, disappointed, rather than angry, glasses coming off, and rubbing lightly at the bridge of his nose. "I apologize, I didn't mean to yell." He had been, passionate, when he spoke, but there was nothing even remotely close to yelling there. He looks at Tineska again, and then to her new hatched firelizard. There is a twinge of sadness, just around the eyes when she mentions his special lady. "Indeed."

Kiley blinks at Tineska, brows lifting and then considering the firelizard. There's a slight movement of her mouth but she remains in silence for a moment before murmuring, "he's not going to lose time with me." She states, also directing it towards her fellow journeyman with a single look before her gaze is drifting over towards the observing blue with a slight quirk of her brow. It doesn't linger, however, as her gaze is drawn towards Nikolas as he speaks. She remains in silence so that she doesn't interrupt a single word. Her eyes close and she tilts her head partially downwards and avoiding showing her expression to any in their current company. Fingers twitch on her laptop and finally, she looks to meet his gaze. "Nik. I am allowed to continue my craft duties, it isn't as if the Weyr doesn't understand one's dedication to their craft. And if I do end up with the lifelong task of tending to a dragon then I will deal with it then. I have not met anyone who says they have regretted their choice and from being on the Sands the last time, I would like to try and find my lifemate if there is that potential." Her head shakes, "there are other possibilities for me, Nikolas, there is not one thing that is completely decided yet… There are variables haven't been considered." That is her final protest and she inclines her head back down.

The junior member of this computer trio is sitting there watching the argument between the pair unfold with her mouth ajar, and wishing more than a little not to be there. She shifts uncomfortably where she sits, and gulps, not saying a lot, and letting the two get out what they would like to say. The brown holds his focus on Nikolas and demands to be put down on the ground. Tineska obliges him, and watches as he scuttles toward Nik, and proceeds to peer up at the man again, crooning once more. "Uh….sorry." the girl looks a bit surprised at the youngster's antics, and quickly scoops him up once again. "It is not the end of the world if one Impresses, is it? She could bring a whole new level of innovation to this place with that kind of power, though she might not be able to focus on it as completely as she could have otherwise. It'd be good to have one of our own in the leadership, would it not? Looking out for us?" She regrets butting in already, but she can not deny being displeased with Nikolas's attitude towards the situation. "Besides, the eggs have been laid, fate has already been decided, one way or another. I heard that one time a hatchling took someone from the stands."

Barely a glance is spared for the little firelizard, far too engrossed in his conversation with Kiley to pay much mind to the tiny creature. Nikolas too is quiet as the woman speaks, not wishing to interrupt her anymore than she wanted to interrupt him. Though from that perplexed look that briefly registers on his face, it might be guessed that he either didn't understand what she was trying to say or didn't understand why she was saying it in the first place. Either way, he neither comments or clarifies. "As you wish." he says at last, his face back to it's mask of neutrality, even as he looks to Tineska, a brow lifting in regards to her. A blink follows. "Do you know something I do not?" He's dividing his attention then, just for a few moments before the two women. Brows furrow again and the man merely shakes his head. "I do not understand the want to bond with a dragon. My parents tried to explain it to me, about the feeling of completion. I was unable to grasp the concept of feeling incomplete," he says, looking then to Kiley, "Until recently." A pause, and the man draws in a breath, letting it out slowly. "I have to take some time to think. So I will take my leave." A hand unconsciously reaches out to touch the other Journeyman, but hesitates, and then falls away. "If you ladies will excuse me." he says, softest still, before he continues on his way elsewhere.

Kiley looks to Tineska and sighs softly, shaking her head. "It doesn't… Never mind." She looks to Nikolas, quietly considering his words and again remaining in complete and utter silence as he speaks. It is a silent regard, brows furrowing with the need to understand. Cheeks flush a light shade for his final thought. She opens her mouth to say something but quickly rethinks and leaves it at that. "Bye, Nik…" The hand that reaches out is met with a slight frown before she drops her gaze again and quietly opens her laptop without another word towards the journeyman as he departs.

Tineska avoids eye contact with either party, instead mulling the awkwardness in her thoughts and staring at the little brown flit. "Well….this is /fun/," she says in a way that makes it clear that it was not much enjoyed. As the male journeyman departs, she finally looks up at him and offers a dejected goodbye. The firelizard too looks saddened at the abrupt leave taken by the man. "So um..I uh…isn't it nice out today?" she really is not designed to be in situations like this, and nervously nibbles at her lower lip.

Kiley types a few things on her keyboard, beginning start up with a soft little sigh slipping from her lips. It takes a moment before she allows her attention to resettle on the apprentice beside her. There's a pleasant little smile, "it is always nice out. I'm wondering what the winters will be like. I've heard they are mild, which is a welcome change from Xanadu's snow. Though it was winter when I left there." A chuckle and her gaze flickers back towards the screen. "It is always good to get some travel experience under your belt. But as an apprentice, I imagine it is harder to get away. Especially if your teacher isn't so pleasant."

In the bowl amusing some of the older children-probably arond 9 or 10 turns or so, Orlaithe stands juggling a few balls will with probably sand, in circles. "Joce, give it try." she says toying with the youngest boy, a child of about nine. "Try just one, learn how to toss it up and down first watching it with the same hand.. as you toss it in a circle." she instructs.

Tineska nods. "I've never been to Xanadu. Or seen snow much for that matter. I am looking forward to spending the winter here. I like the heat and the sand.." With one hand on the brown to console him from Nik's seeming rejection, Orlaithe catches her eye. "Oh, it's that girl from the other day…Orl…something?" She's not that great with names, but she remembers bits and pieces.

Kiley considers Tineska, "snow is cold. I'm not fond if it, really." Her gaze then shifts to include Orlaithe as the other computer crafter notices the nanny. A slight smile, "Orlaithe." She supplies before closing the laptop once more and rising. "Why don't you say hello? I've got to go start on my chores before I get in trouble and get stuck with more." She chuckles, "I'll see you later, Tineska, for those lessons." And then off she goes.

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