Overprotective Brothers

Western Weyr - Lower Caverns
An oddly shaped cavern. Almost kidney shaped, with tunnels leading off to various parts of this side of the Weyr. Residential, craft and storage caverns mostly. Though one exit leads to the Candidate quarters, since with all their chores, it was thought to be a good idea to have them close to the Living Cavern and the Bowl, just to keep them from disturbing the rest of the Weyr in the mornings.

It is after dinner and most of the nightly chores have come to an end, Kiley is settled at a table in the lower caverns with her gaze once again settled upon her laptop, Extra work? You betcha! She's a candidate and she is dedicated to her craft, definitely from the looks of it. Candidates are filtering in at the end of chores and riders are bringing more in throughout the day. Whether she notices them or not remains to be seen other than the slight flicker of her eyes before dropping down and back to the laptop. It is a rather busy but certainly quiet.

Evening is a good time. A quiet time, or so it seems. With dinner over and done with, one candidate makes his slow way about and through the still unfamiliar tunnels. Fresh clothes and damp hair are certainly the markers of one who's at least been able to find where to bathe in this place. A good thing, considering how..ripe Velrich likely smelled when he was brought in. A hand ruffles into his damp hair, already quickly drying with how short it is. But the clicking of keys is something that easily draws the young man's attention. It's Kiley's direction that he gravitates, slowly shifting to peer over her shoulder with a mild helping of curiosity.

Jeyinshi wanders into the lower caverns from the general direction of the lagoon. A faint hint of sea air follows behind her, but lack of damp hair and clothes seem to indicate that she hasn't been training with Sungie. In fact, she isn't even fashionable today. The dolphineer is in regular work clothes and lacking her usual high heeled shoes. As she enters the cavern, eyes fall upon two candidates and she strides on over. Rather than slipping into a chair, she silently comes up behind Velrich, now peering over his shoulder to look over Kiley's shoulder at the computer. "Looks complicated."

Kiley is unawares of shoulder lingering Velrich, at least for a few moments until there's the notable sound of breathing that draws her attention. Shoulders hunch up a little bit, her form tensing but there is no hesitation to her flow of work. At least not until Jeyinshi is joining in with peering over the man's shoulder, but at least she speaks and draws full attention away from the laptop. She pauses, fingers halting and she turns to peek over her shoulder at the two there. "Complicated, yes, but it will make someone's life easier, at least. It never ceases to amaze me how many people want a new program or want something changed about their old one. Were you with Sungie, Jey?" Then, her gaze settles on the unknown candidate and she smiles. "Kiley, Journeyman computer crafter and candidate."

There's tension in the air! While Kiley's shoulders hunch, Velrich's own tense, before he turns back to /look/ at Jey. Indeed, there's a hard look given, before he huffs and moves promptly out of the way. T'weren't looking at nothing! "All of that..computer stuff doesn't make any sense to me. Might as well be gibberish." Yet another introduction has him pausing though, before he simply finds a nice wall to lean back on, simply watching the two women for the time being…although not entirely quietly. "Velrich. Wanderer, I suppose? I hunt."

Jeyinshi grins and shakes her head, "Just like you helped me out with the dolphin training program. But no, not with Sungie today. I was on lookout duty, checking for the ships. Of course….that didn't stop Sungie from coming by and hanging out anyways." The woman snickers a bit before stepping back and just kind of staring back at Velrich. "Shards boy, no need to get your tunic all twisted up. You look over her shoulder and I looked over yours. Jeyinshi, dolphineer." Jey smiles, but doesn't bother extending her hand for a shake now that he's over by the wall, instead taking a seat at the table.

They can cut the tension with a knife! Kiley smiles at him and nods, "a lot of people say this. Without knowing what it does, it may as well be gibberish." She agrees easily. When he leans against the wall, her attention settles upon Jeyinshi, only flickering back to nod at his introduction. "Well met, Velrich." To Jeyinshi, there's a nod. "Right. Exactly, and I love the fact that I am able to work with these program." Her smile grows a little wider, "he seems fun." Laughter comes out for the dolphineer's reaction to the man's but then she quietly turns attention back to the laptop to finish writing a few more strings. "It's okay, really." The three candidates are settled relatively close, Velrich leaning against the wall and Jeyinshi behind Kiley who sits at a table with her laptop and is typing away as they speak.

Velrich still manages to look rather disgruntled, at least for a few moments. "Well don't. I don't like people standing behind me." He remains there against the wall, one hand dropping back to feel at it with an almost-there curiosity. Perhaps rock is just plain interesting. Maybe it's the coolness that seeps into his palm. Either way, there's a draining of the tension from the candidate, giving a slight nod at the names being given to him. "I think I've met more people today than I have in a month." He shakes his head then, canting it so that he can look at Kiley again and her computer. "You're welcome to your gibberish. I'm just fine without all of that…stuff. You. You play with dolphins?" A look is instead thrown at Jey, brows raising…just a little.

Jeyinshi laughs softly, "Just like my clicks and squeals are gibberish. But hey, we enjoy what we do, so there's nothing better, right? And yes, Sungie is fun. Though I almost got in trouble. He was so bored that the child decided to use the other guards as targets….some don't really like water." Velrich's disgruntled attitude seems to roll right of the dolphineer's shoulders and she shrugs. "Yes yes, won't happen again." It's said rather dismissively, though Jey probably /won't/ do it again. "Of course I play with dolphins. I'm a dolphineer. But only when we're not busy. I work in search and rescue. Right now I'm mostly a trainer for the dolphins though."

From the direction of the living caverns proper comes Keelyra. The girl has been a touch out of sorts… ever since a particular young man — bearing some passing resemblence to her — was brought into the barracks bearing a new knot. She's been focused on her chores and often disappears first thing in the morn. Even now she eyes the curtain to the barracks askance and instead heads towards Jeyinshi, hearing the dolphineer's voice.

"Meeting people is never a bad thing. There will be many many more in the barracks and still more to come to make sure the eggs have an ample choice." Kiley smiles at the screen before peeking back over her shoulder, "I'm not going to force it on you." Shoulders drop in a slight shrug and she smiles at the man. Her gaze flickers towards Jeyinshi, "exactly. Enjoying what you do is key." Fingers twitch on the keyboard before chuckling, "shells. Don't let him get you in trouble… But, I suppose he could've done worse, huh?" Her attention returns forward and as it does, her gaze flickers towards Keelyra and brows lift a touch for her appearance. "Are you okay?"

There's a quiet chuckle from the dark-haired man. Velrich's lips curling upward in a small smile at that. "I enjoy what I do." Granted, his own work tends to involve the killing and skinning of animals. To each their own? "I'm not quite certain if it's a bad thing or not yet. Just not..used to it." The poor man is a bit lacking in the department which involves social skills! But he shrugs at Jeynshi's mention of what she does, nodding. "I haven't run into a dolphineer before. Tend not to, on the road. Water's where you folk are." Keelyra's arrival earns his attention though, and even a faint crease to his brow at the girl's demeanor. And while he says nothing, he does push himself upright from the wall again.

Jeyinshi catches movement from the corner of her eye and turns her head, breaking into a smile at Keely's approach. She raises a hand in greeting, accompanying it with a warm smile. "Hey Keely. Why don't you sit down for a second?" There may be a hint of concern in the dolphineer's voice, but overall she sounds quite casual, subtle in her ways. After watching the girl for a few more moments, Jey's attention flicks back to Kiley and she winks. "Don't worry, I'm pretty good at avoiding trouble." Ah. A nod is sent in Velrich's direction, "Well, if you ever get more curious, please stop by the lagoon. Sungie will be overjoyed. Give it a few hours with him and you may never want to see a dolphin again." Jey chuckles, not believing her own words for a second, but then her attention is back on Keely and whether she would take the offered seat.

Keelyra falls heavily into a chair near the table Kiley has set up at at Jey's invitation. She slouches forward, draping arms over a portion of it. Not enough to take up any room from the computer crafter, though. She casts a baleful look at the barracks, usually bright, pale eyes gone dark. "M'father gave a knot to my half-brother. /Just/ to have him keep an eye on me." She looks, with an appealing gaze, to Jeyinshi. "It ain't fair. This was gonna be my freedom. Now I'm gonna have that lug breathing down my neck."

"That's good. If you don't enjoy it, what's the point?" Kiley beams a brighter smile over her shoulder before saving and closing the laptop and settling it into the case beside her. "I understand that, it just takes some time to get used to it." Another smile that lingers a little longer before she's shifting her chair to see the others more easily, especially once Keelyra joins her at her table. A quick look is given to her friend and her nose wrinkles, "you make it hard not to worry about you." Sigh. Though she doesn't sound displeased or disgruntled at all, merely cheerful. "Sungie likes visits from people." Is noted softly towards Velrich before looking towards Keelyra. "Oh. I'm sorry?" Confusion lingers heavily in her tone of voice as fingers lace together.

Velrich does at least seem to think it over, nodding to himself as he moves away from the wall. "I'll have to go down there eventually, I imagine." There's an attempt at indifference there, just barely covering the boyish excitement that tries to ripple up under it. Of../course/ he doesn't want to play in the water with dolphins! That's..kid stuff. Right. He does head the few steps over to the table though, setting one hand on the surface as he leans there, peering at Keelyra. "This isn't exactly my idea of freedom. Rules, chores…"

"Over protective brother syndrome." Jey gives a serious nod, but it isn't long before she breaks into a small snickers and reaches over to give the girl a gentle pat, if she doesn't move away. "You know, for about 18 turns of my life, I had to deal with FOUR of those types. If he really becomes overbearing come my way. I've learned a few tricks." Kiley's worry earns another chuckle and she shakes her head, "Do I? I haven't done anything dangerous though. And I've never really gotten in trouble, have I?" Jey's tone is also bright, and Kiley's comments about Sungie earn an affirmative nod. "Visits mean he gets to play. And you can stop by on a free day. He'd be awfully put out if you didn't." Boyish excitement? Jey sees nothing, but does kick out one of the other empty chairs for Velrich if he feels like sitting.

"It /was/ gonna be freedom," Keelyra says, only just barely keeping that girlish whine out of her voice. She looks towards the ceiling, slouching in her chair. "My dad almost refused to let me be a candidate, even though his dragon said I ought to. He wanted to take me away until after the Hatching! An' now…" she looks again towards the barracks, eyes narrowing. "He gave that annoying git a knot just to have him watch and report on me." She looks to Kiley, eyes wide, "How'm I ever to find a boyfriend now?"
Kiley giggles softly, "you should. Sungie is pretty amazing." There seems to be more to that from Kiley's tone, the barely restrained excitement but she simply leaves it at that. She looks to Jeyinshi, "and you add more to that plate of worry." She eyes her friend and sighs softly, "you haven't gotten in trouble, but you certainly seem on the brink of it sometimes." She chuckles softly and beams a wide grin at her friend. "I'd like to see him again, when we have time, Jey. Whenever." There's another look towards Keelyra to listen to her problems. Mouth opens, then closes again while she lingers in silence before shrugging. "You don't need a relationship to be happy."

Velrich grabs the chair as it's kicked out, turning it backwards before straddling it. Only once he does, he makes a face as Keelyra mentions boyfriends. Oh yes, there's silence. A heaping, heavy silence from the young man before he just drops his forehead down on the back of the chair. Oh he's not /about/ to make the mistake of commenting on /that/.

Jeyinshi laughs, "Just be very sweet to him for a bit. Once he lets his guard down you're free to slip away and do as you like. Besides, there are plenty of male candidates, you'll find a boyfriend eventually. If not now, then later. Kind of like dragons I guess, the right one's out there and you'll be found eventually." Bad influence or good? Kiley's praise of the dolphin has Jey practically beaming and then chuckling softly. "That's what makes life interesting though sometimes, walking that line. And please do come by! He misses you a lot." An eyebrow raises at the boy's behavior and she chuckles, not really pushing anything.

"I know /that/," Keelyra replies to Kiley with a slight roll of the eyes. She exhales in a slight huff. "I just /want/ one. All the other girls my age have had boyfriends." Or at least claimed they have, in the way that teenagers do. "This was gonna be my chance. It'd be so /romantic/." She looks to Velrich and leans his way a little. "Don't'cha think? Finding someone to secret away with while you wait for the eggs to hatch." She peers up at Jey and makes a face. "Be sweet? He's so /sour/ though."

Kiley peeks at Velrich for his behavior, just for a moment before she's looking to Jeyinshi with a questioning look. "But, you don't need one." She points out simply before a smile finds her lips once more. "Aw. That's sweet. I'll come see him as soon as I can, then, when you're around." As for Keelyra, she quickly quiets as the girl rolls her eyes and gives her reasoning. "Okay." No more is said as she quietly turns her attention elsewhere in the caverns.

Velrich slowly raises his head again, simply /eyeing/ the girl leaning toward him, and breaks his silence. "Guys don't care about romance. They care about getting your clothes off." Oh, how blunt the hunter is. His arms rest on the back of the chair though, folding one over the other. "If that's what you're looking for, then by all means, scout about. There will be plenty of days you're not on the same chore roster as him." A brow lifts just a tad at that, staring in all seriousness at Keelyra.

Jeyinshi shrugs, "Well, it worked for all four of the overprotective louts that are my brothers, it should probably work for you. Besides, being sour back is only going to set off alarm bells and make him watch over you more." Oh yes, she tried that tactic too. "No, you don't need one. I'm just saying that if he's out there, you'll find one. That's how I feel anyways." That's when Velrich begins speaking and the dolphineer shoots him an irritated look, "Yes, that is true of /some/ men. But there's no need to try scaring her off the entire male population."

The comments from Velrich just earn stares from Keelyra. The young woman's jaws worth slightly, but she's not sure what to say. Instead she just looks to Jeyinshi for support. "/You/ understand, right? Everyone's gotten to kiss someone 'cept me." Ahh, the plight of the young. She leans forward in her chair once again, elbow plunking on the table. "I hope Draval gets latrine duty every day. And especially not kitchen duty. He said he hates kitchens."

Kiley looks at Velrich for his statement, coloring a dark shade and them murmuring something under her breath. The laptop case is taken and she slowly stands. "Uhm. Good luck with your brother issues." She inclines her head slightly and then makes her way towards the dorms, and barring anything major preventing her from entering: she enters.

Velrich gives a slight roll of his eyes, although he does at least look somewhat..amused by all the reactions from the girls. "If you want to believe that." There's a smirk given to Jeyinshi, before he shrugs, sitting up once again. "If a kiss is all you want, it can't be that hard to find someone who'll do it. Just ask." A gruff answer given to the problem, sure, but the candidate does get up as well after Kiley does. He does move away from the table then, leaving the chair as it is, backwards. There's a pause outside the barracks however, glancing back. "What's your brother's name?"

Jeyinshi chuckles softly and nods, "I understand. And don't worry. I'm sure with all the boys around you'll get your chance soon enough." Once again, the dolphineer resists the urge to ruffle hair, something she seems fond of. A confused look is shot in Kiley's direction at the quick departure, but she waves after her with a smile. Velrich's smirk is met with one of her own, "What can I say? I'm naive." Riiight, a Rubiconii naive? Almost impossible.

"Draval's his name. Dunno which cot he picked." Keelyra's cot is somewhere near the middle; she was an early enough pick for candidate that she had options enough and bounced around on a number of them until she found one she deemed comfortable enough. Then she proceeded to put all kinds of belongings around it. No minimalist is she. Nor is she like some weyr-born to try to shower her area with creature comforts. She's just a packrat and a slob. She settles a bit more comfortably in the chair as the room clears up a bit, looking up at Jey. "Y'outta see if one of my chores can be learning to swim better. That'd be a fun day, right?"

Velrich gives only a vague nod as the name is given. Then, without another word, he simply heads into the barracks.

Jeyinshi waves after the departing Velrich with a smile, all irritation gone. "Draval, hm? Well, we'll see what we can do to get you away from him." The dolphineer snickers a bit before leaning back in her chair and stretching. "I kind of want to make that one of the chores. Seriously, everyone at Western needs to at least know some basic techniques. If that doesn't work, maybe when there's a free day or when I'm assigned to crafter duties. It /will/ be fun though, Sungie'll probably put on some big show for you. Attention seeker that one."

"Yer always talking about him," Keelyra says, watching Velrich depart into the barracks. "I suppose I ought to meet him someday. Especially if he loves visitors as much as you say."

Jeyinshi grins, "He's the reason why I'm still a dolphineer. Also the reason why I'm at Western. I think you'll have fun if you do meet him." There's a small shake of her and the dolphineer leans forward, resting her elbows on the table. "Sungie's still a kid though. Really hyperactive."

"How does it all work?" Keelyra inquires, distracted for the time being from her plight of no-kisses-to-be-had, plus overprotective-family. "He's a kid… so how's he your partner? Don't they have to be a certain age?"

"Mmmm, he's younger than most, but it really just depends on the dolphin. I haven't seen a working one younger than 1 turn." Jey chuckles softly then, "It's strange. In some ways he's quite mature. He knows what's needed of him for work, in other ways he's childish. One day he'll be my full partner, right now I'm training him, so it's still a pseudo-partnership."

"What happens if you Impress?" Keelyra asks the rider, brow furrowed. "I talked to a smith who was here once with a wher. They can't become riders 'cause of their wher… Is it the same with dolphins? I mean, the Weyrlings end up all sequestered away for a long time. Who will train him?"

"Both. But in my case, I think Sungie will be fully trained by then. Even if that doesn't work, weyrlings get time off, and I'd spend that with Sungie." Jey sighs a bit before shrugging, "If I do Impress, I want to try and develop some sort of working relationship with the dragon and dolphin. Search and rescue could be raised to an entirely new level if we were able to have them collaborate together. So many more losses could be avoided that way."

Keelyra scratches at her cheek, thinking on this. Her brow furrows a bit. "That's a lot of work… and what if you Impress a dragon that doesn't like dolphins? Or Search and Rescue? Some are better at transport or helping diplomacy between weyrs." It's clear the girl has likely snuck into a lot of the lessons the candidates and weyrlings get. "I've seen some dragons that don't like the water much at all."

Jeyinshi shrugs, "That's true. And maybe that'll happen. Or maybe I won't Impress at all. But even if he or she doesn't like dolphins, it's not like I'm going to give it all up. There will still be a way to coordinate things, even if it's just setting it up between others and the Hall instead of myself. It's all up in the air at this point, not something I'll worry about now. It might be a cliche, but hey, you just have to live in the moment. Never know when it'll all disappear. I've seen too many young lives suddenly lost to think any other way." The dolphineer has a slightly pained expression as she says the last words, though she quickly attempts to shake it off.

Keelyra blinks a few times at Jeyinshi, but doesn't delve into that. The girl just shrugs and pushes slowly to her feet. She glances to the barracks and exhales in a sigh. "I need to clean up after my chores today. I forsee a lot of work that'll make me even messier than the kitchens ever have."

Jeyinshi nods and also gets to her feet, stretching. "I need to go take a bathe. It was just standing out on the docks, but I still got sweaty. see you around then?" The dolphineer waves to the other candidate before heading off in the direction of the bathing caverns.

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