Sibling Rivalry

Western Weyr - Maze: Treehouse
The treehouse is built sturdier than any constructed for overactive children. The ceiling is high enough to allow most people to stand without stooping, and the lighting is entirely natural, provided from a number of windows on every side. There's enough room for a fair number of people to be comfortable with a number of chairs and a couch arranged around a low coffee table. The wooden floor is covered with a collection of brightly colored rugs, and a cupboard on one wall holds decks of cards and board games.

Draval nose-wrinkles. "Kitchen duty." One must dismiss such /duties/. Especially if one is a boy. "You know, I keep trying to figure out why you look familiar."

"I like working in the kitchens," Keelyra protests with a slight scowl for the boy. "It's better than some icky stable duty or something boring like mending laundry." She flops down a few more cards, glancing up to him. "Uh, I grew up here. Mebbe that's why."

"/I/ like the stables." Draval retorts in typical boyish fashion. "Kitchens are for girls." One would hope he outgrows such attitudes as he gets older. He lens forward to eye her cards curiously. "Huh. So did I."

"Why is the head cook a man then, huh?" Keelyra squints at Draval, skeptical. "Prolly played together when we were little or somethin'." She flips some cards from the pile in her hand, playing them out as they fit.

Draval snorts. "Don't know; don't care." Because it is just his way to dismiss logic like that. "Probably." Head tilts, curious. "Who's your dad, anyway?"

Keelyra rolls her eyes somewhat at the response, pulling knees up close as she hunches over her cards. The girl looks them over with a slight wrinkle to her nose before scooping the whole game. "V'yet," she answers finally.

Draval straightens, eye-squinting in suspicion. "V'yet's /my/ dad." He delaims, possessive of him — if only the name. He then leans forward, staring even more.

Keelyra lifts her head from haphazardly shuffling the cards and blinks absently at Draval a few times. "Y'know it ain't nice to lie," she says after a moment of silence, lips twitching a bit into a frown. It's not the most attractive look on the girl; her features lend much better to a smile.

Draval glares right back. "Ain't lying!" He declares vehemently, bouncing up off the floor in a rush. "He is my dad, an' if you don't like it, you can go eat Thread!" Crossing his arms, he glares down at the girl ferociously. "Not like he can't have plenty of kids if he wants to, you know."

"Iff'n he's yer dad, then how come I've never heard of it before?" Keelyra doesn't move from her spot, looking up at Draval with mild contempt. "I live in his weyr. I think I'd know iff'n he had other kids at Western." Well, she /did/ live in his weyr, but that's another story.

Draval says "Same reason I ain't heard a'you." Draval points out with less-than -mild contempt. "'Sides, I have better things to do than worry about how many other kids he got.""

There's another few blinks for the boy and Keelyra's expression darkens. She scoops up the card and gets to her feet finally, stalking to a shelf to set them down. "Then why'd you get so uppity when I named him? Was like you were mad he's my father. Y'can't be mad, then say you don't care. Yer lying one way or the other."

"Ain't /lying/." Draval grumbles in aggravation. "Just got surprised, that's all." Toescuff. "Don't like surprises."

"I'm thinkin' you /do/ care," Keelyra insists, leaning on the shelf that holds the cards, games, and like. She watches Draval intently. "Yer mad yer daddy ain't all yer own. I bet y'tell yerself it doesn't matter that he's got other kids, but y'still wish he was just yours."

"I think it's you that care, and trying to push it on me." Draval states flatly. "Not worried about it. Riders always have a lot of kids."

"Pff, why should I care? /I'm/ his little girl." No one else could call her that and get away with it, either. "I just think it's funny you got all mad when I named him, then tried to act like it doesn't matter."

Draval rolls his eyes. "Ain't /mad/." He insists stubbornly. "Don't ruddy well care if you're his girl." He shrugs a bit, uncrossing his arms."Didn't know there was another one /here/, is all."

Keelyra resists the urge to stick out her tongue at Draval. And she succeeds, even if only barely. Her lips twitch around it. She studies the lad for a moment, "Who's yer mom then? Can't be the same." She'd know that much, at least.

Draval says "Kiaza." He essays an impudent grin, and sticks his tongue out at his sister. He's not old enough to resist such a thing. "Probably different from yours."

"Good. Jalyra is my mom." Keely seems appeased, at least. She watches Draval, considering. "Why ain't ya asked V'yet to make ya a candidate? S'what I did." Kind of, at least.

'Cause it's fun to make your father nearly suffer a heart attack and all.

Draval twitches. And then starts laughing. "Ain't met him yet." Oh hai, though, she's given him a good idea. "I'll ask when I see 'im, though. I want to go out there myself."]

Keelyra blinks at Draval, jaw dropping slightly. "Y'/ain't met him/?" She pushes away from the shelf, moving towards the boy. "How do you even know he's yer dad iff'n y'/ain't met him/?"

"My ma showed 'im to me." Draval shrugs, now a little uncomfortable. "I didn't want to meet him." Tosescuff, toescrape. Sigh. "Just didn't seem important, really."

Keelyra closes her eyes and tries to resist. She doesn't throw her arms up and hollar it, fortunately, but she does mutter "Boys." under her breath. "Doesn't seem fair. T'call him yer dad, but he doesn't even know."

"/Girls/." Draval snorts. "Getting all emotional over something like that. Anyway, I ain't trading on that. Not fair."

V'yet climbs up from below, via the rope.

"Whaddya mean gettin' all emotional?" Keelyra folds her arms across her chest, brows furrowing. "He's a good dad. Y'can't just go 'round claimin' him as yer dad, but he don't even know. It just ain't fair."

"Fair t'who?" Draval asks. "I mean, he could find out if he wanted to."

V'yet has tried to be the calm, normal parent. The one that sits at home, proud that his daughter was searched by his own good for nothing dragon. But unfortunately that just isn't in V'yet's nature since he's gotten himself into 'daddy mode'. He was a normal person before, a prankster actually, but maybe he's finally growing out of that. Either way, V'yet has gone off in search of his daughter dearest, sending a firelizard to scope out all secret like before he tracked her down. And finally, after much searching, he's made it up here, huffing for air. He hunkers over when he finally makes it up the rope, gulping in the precious substance his body is lacking before he pulls himself upright and stares at Keelyra. "Why did you have to be all the way up /here/. Couldn't you be in some.. normal place?" Whiiine. Draval is noticed but it isn't as if he has overheard any past conversation.

"He may not even know!" Keelyra's hands go up in the air, but drop suddenly as the devil himself appears up the ladder. She blanches somewhat, taking a step back… except she's already against the shelf. So she just wobbles around a bit. "I don't have any chores today, so I thought I'd come relax. It's usually," she looks at Draval, "quiet up here."

Draval rolls his eyes skyward. "Not /my/ fault!" He points out in a rising whine, pointing a finger downard. And then — there he is, that V'yet, all in the flesh and whatnot. The man is /INSPECTED/, Draval's eyes roving the man's body as if for signs of infection, or some other dubious purpose. Huh. Looks normal. Leaning forward just a little bit, he /eyes/ V'yet with a lifted brow, then withdraws to stand over by the shelves too, on the opposite side of Keelyara. He ain't misbehaving, not at all. "'S always quiet up here," He mutters direly to the floor, crossing his arms. "'Cept when noisy girls start yammering." There is a certain vindictive self-justification there, as though Draval wants to blame it all on the girl.

"Who might not even know?" V'yet inquires, reaching down to the hem of his shirt to tug down, straightening up a bit as Draval scrutinizes over him. The boy is eyed, not nearly has severely before he's looking back at Keelyra, brows raised up waiting for an answer. "And it doesn't appear to be very quiet right now. Are you already not playing nice with the other candidates? You know, I could always go back to Zhesth and get him to say he made a mistake about you being searched." HA! 'cause Zhesth /totally/ would do that. But hey, bronzer can dream right?

"He ain't a candidate," Keelyra points out, gesturing to Draval. "An' /you/ might not know." She stares, wide-eyed at V'yet… nearly in horror now. "I haven't broken any rules! You can't take it away." She clutches at her knot, casting a /glare/ towards Draval. A glare that totally reads 'I could tell him.' Well, it's the shifty eyes that help get that point across.

Draval eyerolls at Keelyra in exasperation. "Toldja, I don't care." And to prove it, he looks to V'yet, and just puts it out there, completely bald-faced: "You're my dad. By Kiaza." Arms are untucked, and he swings back to Keelyra. "There, girl, you feel better?""Well ya know, Zhesth is getting old. I'm sure I could convince the Weyrwoman that he didn't know what he was doing. I'm sure she'd understand, she has kids herself ya know." V'yet offers to his daughter with a smirk. Ha! Take that! Although then Draval pipes up and that definitely throws him for a loop. And there V'yet stands, blinking at the boy as if he just got kicked in the nads. Ow, that smarts. "Kiaza?" Like he's going to remember every flight or fling he's been in. Not that he's a man-whore or anything like that but hey, his dragon's got needs. "Wait, so you're my son?" Apparently Western is the weyr where all his spawn were hiding and he had /no/ idea. Lucky him.

"My name is Keelyra. Stop acting all uppity. You're the one who started it!" She chews on her lip though and peers at her dad, blanching slightly. "Enka's a weyrbrat too. I betcha she wanted to Stand just as badly as I do." That and the Weyrwoman makes kissyfaces with the boy Keely has a crush on, so she wants to avoid her even more… not that it'll ever be possible now that she's a candidate.

"Didn't start nothin'." Draval denies flatly, sulkily twitching away from them a bit further. "Just stop acting like that." He side-eyes V'yet stealthily. "Yah, I'm your kid."

V'yet rolls his shoulders in a shrug. Who would know besides Enka. And honestly he's not about to sidle over to the Weyrwoman he barely knows and start asking personal questions like that. He'd like to stay you know, alive, since he just moved here. Although he makes no more attempts at steeling Keelyra's knot back and instead peers over at his newly acclaimed son. "Well. If'n your mom says I'm the dad. I'm sure she'd know more than me. I'm not about to fight it. Welcome to the family!" And V'yet moves closer and thrusts out a hand to shake. "And I can already tell you and your sisters are getting along just like siblings should." Bwhaha.

Keelyra bristles. That's right. Bristles. A /brother/. Sure, like most kids, she'd always hoped for some kind of sibling. Maybe a big brother to protect her. Or a sister to share secrets with. But this… this… /boy/ wasn't what she imagined at all. Gnashing teeth, she just stares.

Draval takes that hand and shakes it confidently indeed. "Ha. Thanks." His gaze slides over to his sister, all too amused at her ire. Someone to annoy when he feels like it, a girl who he might be able to torture at will. "We're gettin' along fine."

"Great! That's great news!" V'yet hunkers down a bit, lifting his hand to makes a finger waggle at Draval. "Maybe you can do me a favor then?" And then it dawns on him. He hasn't even gotten the kid's name and he's already trying to rope him into a /favor/. "Wait, first things first, what name did your mom give ya?" Yeah, there we go. And then he glances over at Keelyra, shooting an innocent smile in her direction. Nothing to see here, move along! "And how you liking candidacy so far? You sure you don't want to move back in the weyr?"

"Sure we are," Keelyra mumbles, sulking a bit in the wake of it all. She's not being agressive any longer though, no. She blinks at the question and straightens her shoulders, "I'm likin' bein' a candidate /just fine/." And so long as her father doesn't find out what she told Kiley and Zi'on 'bout wanting to find a boy to kiss… she should be just fine and dandy!

"Draval." The boy peers suspiciously at V'yet, trying to suss out what the man could possibly be up to. "Whatcha want?" He asks, pure impudence in a very small package.

Oh yes, let's hope that V'yet doesn't find out about that little goal of Keelyra's or he will definitely be stalking down the Weyrwoman to drag his little girl right back to his weyr. And then there will be a locked door and a super over protective father there to make sure there will be /no/ boy kissing while he's around! But then it's back to Draval and he's whispering, all secret like. "How'd you like to, ya know, go keep an eye on your sister and irritate her to come home? I'm sure Zhesth will totally be happy to search you too. Since he likes causing me pain that way. Whatdaya say?"

Ears are perked right up at /that/ offer. "You mean I get to /bother/ her?" Draval's gaze lights with an unholy glee at this news. "I do believe I will be happy to accept." Evil grin is given to Keelyra.

There's whispering going on and Keelyra can't hear it. The teen inches a little closer, trying to catch what's going on. Draval's grin and eyes lighting up lead to a worried expression creasing her brow. "What's goin' on?"

V'yet is such a good father isn't he. Sending one child after the other. "Good man!" He claps Draval on his back and reaches into his pocket to pull out this rather crumpled looking white knot. He figured he might as well snag a few since his bronze was in 'search' mode lately. "Here ya go. Have fun. Keelyra can show you where the barracks are and all that fun stuff. And if you guys don't impress, you can always move back in with me." He shoots a wide grin at Keelyra and winks at her before he quickly skedaddles. He knows his daughter at least well enough to know how much this is gunna tick her off. "Nothing important. Just be a dear, and you know, make sure he finds a cot in the barracks, right?"

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