Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Despite the plague threatening Pern, the sun is shining brightly on Half Moon Bay today. In the lagoon, Shadhavarth is lounging at the edge of the water, laying sideways, golden wings stretched half in and half out. She's not alone, of course- Iris is busily applying oil to her lifemate's neck which is stretched out on the sand. A girl of about ten, and a flurry of firelizards are assisting with the larger task of oiling the big dragon, while a younger boy is helping a girl toddler with building a sandcastle a few meters away. Whooo family day at the beach!

The day being as beautiful and clear as it is - crystalline waters sparkling, blue sky, and Rukbat shining down - plenty of weyrfolk are taking advantage. Yona is one of those, her trouser legs rolled up to her knees, with a bucket in one hand and a small net in the other. She's wading in the shallows, focused on the tiny fish and shellfish darting around in the clear waters. So focused that she /almost/ steps onto one of those golden wings. "Oh, wow," she says loudly as she takes a step back, her gaze making a trail from the wings to the dragon they're connected to. "I'm so so so sorry. I didn't see you there." Which just sounds ridiculous coming out of her mouth, given it's a large dragon and all, sprawled there. She covers her mouth with a hand, her amusement quickly hidden but not quite. "Sorry, so sorry, weyrwoman," she finishes, looking towards the goldrider.

It's a good thing Shadhavarth *did* see the girl coming. Being cat-like and all, she certainly noticed, but she was too busy being doted on to care. Iris peers around Shadhavarth's shoulder when she hears the apology, expression rather mirthful. "You didn't see a giant yellow mountain on the beach?" No snapping from Iris- it's too nice of a day to be irritated by anything. Except the absence of her weyrmate of course. As Iris is commenting on Yona's sight issues, her daughter pokes her head around and, noticing the net and bucket, she smiles. "Didja catch anything yet?"

"I could blame it on the sun being too bright, but that would be a lie." It is true that's it is bright, just not that bright, not bright enough to miss the great golden lump on the beach. At least the apprentice can laugh at herself, blue eyes dancing as she redirects her gaze to the child. "Nope, no luck, you want to try? Here, you can even use my net." Yona holds out the head-sized net to Iris's daughter, the bucket dangling from limp fingers at her side.

Iris does crack a wry but genuine smile at the apprentice's response. "Well, you caught yourself before you actually stepped on her, so no harm done." She stops talking for a moment, watching as Risali abandons Shadhavarth's neck and runs around it to accept the net and wander over to the shallows beside the dragon's wings. Iris's expression softens a bit. "Little farther out, Risa- too much movement right here for the fish." Then her gaze returns to Yona, "You're not familiar to me, are you new, or just here to help with the plague? I'm Iris, one of the junior weyrwomen…" she trails off as her eyes wander away from the girl and over to her toddler and boy, who appear to be having a Disagreement over the sandcastle.

Yona shields her eyes as she turns towards the water. “Yeah, don’t go dancing around, you’ll scare ‘em all off. Try to be as still as possible when you let the net down, don’t move a muscle. Don’t even think about getting hiccups – you’ll spoil the whole thing.” Her sardonic tone is for Risali, though imbued with subtle humor, but her wisp of a smile stays in place as she answers the weyrwoman. “I figured, gold dragon and all. I mean, it’s kind of hard to hide. Just a little.” She pinches the fingers of her free hand together, signifying how small that is. “I didn’t come her for the plague, I’m posted, last couple turns of apprenticeship, to train under obstetrics. Then, bam, there’s this sickness and everything is shut down. I’ve pulled a lot of hours getting coughed on. Yona, of healer. Nice to meet you.”

Risali is always good at following directions, and she meanders a little further away to where the water is stiller and starts in with the net, standing very quietly and watching the water. Not that she'll be successful, but hope springs eternal! The boy and toddler seem to have solved their sandcastle dispute, so Iris returns her attention to the Healer apprentice, nodding that she heard what the girl said. "Well, welcome anyway. Well met, Yona. I'd shake your hand, but well, plague. And my hands are covered in oil," she pauses a beat before snorting back a laugh. "Haha, what a welcome to a posting, right? Well, hopefully the plague is almost working through the people who are going to get sick."

Warm sunshine and tranquil waters - Yona is knee-deep in water, a buckle in one hand, shielding her eyes from the bright sunshine. She's talking to Iris, who is oiling her gold's hide, with two little kids nearby and one older child with a net farther in the water. "Yeah, don't want to give you something nasty that's been hanging around in the infirmary all day." For emphasis, she wipes her free hand on her trousers. "They could have warned me," pursing her lips in distaste, "but I guess that makes for less practical use. I sure hope it's almost done. They've been sectioning off the obstetrics, don't want any babies catching something after birth."

It is indeed…the day! A day like any other, perhaps, but daytime all the same. And with the sun out and sparkling over the water, there's little Loxiath can do to resist it. Thankfully, he's at least kind enough to wing over the shoreline and not dive directly into the water while he has a passenger. There's a soft, melodic bugle when the brown lands though, waiting for V'ric to slide down before he's off again. Oh, glorious day!

"Faranth no, that'd be an awful end to a pregnancy!" As a mother, Iris knows firsthand how scary it is when the kidlets get sick! The moment the brown's shadow passes overhead and he lands, Risali is charging out of the water and tossing the net carelessly towards her mother- fortunately Iris has come to expect her children to throw things aside and she smoothly catches it and passes it over to Yona while Risali is shouting "Vel! Vel!" which of course alerts the other children. The boy is on his feet and running as well, though the youngest sticks with the sandcastle- the girl gets a bit of a gleeful expression when she's left to her own devices with the sand- all hers!

The shadow draws Yona's eyes upwards - up, up, up! And then down, as the dragons lands nearby. She's happy to accept the net back, dropping it into her empty bucket. "Awful, yes." She wades the rest of the way to the shore, watching the unfoldings of the brownrider's descent with a curious expression. "But they do find early exposure to illnesses builds immunity - kind of a fifty fifty risk. That's why I don't look to specialize in disease." She drops her pail in the sand, bending down to roll down the bottom of her trousers. "Friend of yours?" she asks of the goldrider, in reference to the other dragonrider.

V'ric really does /still/ have a hard time with the fact that children come running /at/ him. It's a baffling thing, it is. But at least the brownrider doesn't look… There's a small sigh though, before he sinks down on a knee for the approaching children. See? He's not all /that/ scary. Or..something. "You sound like you haven't seen me in months."

Iris nods thoughtfully, "I had read something about that in one of the reports. I'm just glad my pack of weyrbrats is okay so far- knock on wood!" She watches the children pelt across the beach at V'ric, snickering quietly at the enthusiastic greetings. "You could say that," she answers Yona's query about the brownrider. "He's my weyrmate's closest friend, and the father of the boy there." The boy, who is still just young enough to be throwing himself into the greeting process as enthusiastically as his older sister. They cling! Like little velociraptor children! "You've been gone forEVER!" Because you know, time is relative to the young brain. Iris, for her part, just waves, calling out a greeting instead. "Hey! Thought we might see Loxiath out enjoying the sun, didn't expect you though!"

Yona watches the scene with a wistful look, now that she knows the story, and then picks up her boots that are lying nearby. "Sounds awkward, but sweet." She tucks her boots under an arm and nods to Iris, "I'll see you around - hopefully not for anything so serious as the plague. Stay well, weyrwoman." With that, she trudges away from the lagoon, leaving foot prints in the sand.

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