Chatting Over Breakfast

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Early morning still in the lower caverns and Tanit makes a beeline for the food line. Two plates are balanced on one arm, and she snags a pitcher with the free hand, beginning a balancing act that while precariously is well practiced. "I like the whole cafeteria style thing."

Baylee follows along with the pair of them since she doesn't have to worry about fooding againt so soon, "It is nice. We have something similar to this in the hall. It lets you have lots of variety." Which is nice! Especially if you don't want one thing being served, "You'll find what you need I'm sure Sev."

Sevran is right there with Tanit, attempting to out-do her with how many plates he can balance. Two on one arm, loaded high protein and carbs, another carefully balanced atop with fresh fruit. A glass of juice is procured, and then he's looking for a seat. "It is pretty nice," he admits. "How else would'ja do it?" He wonders. Since his hands are full, he'll just bob his head towards a table in the corner that is currently unoccupied. He heads that-away, walking carefully so as not to disturb the delicate balancing act. Table. Juice down, then plates. Safe! "And we get some pretty good food, even if we have to pay for it." Rather than tithe it, like they did "back in the day".

"Pay for it?" Tanit asks settling down her plates. Not to be outdone, (and only after seeing the fruit on Sev's plate) She makes another quick run through for fruit and a glass before sitting down. "You were - weaverhall you said?" Tanit asks Baylee trying to remember. The food is dug into with relish. A pause filling her glass with the pitcher, and washing it down.

Baylee will grab a glass of juice, since all that running probably did dehydrate her a bit, but beyond that she'll just watch the two of them try to outdo themselves. She walks over to the indicated table and sits herself down. "Some places you do have to pay for it." Like fancy restaurants and such, "Though I do like not having too. Gotta save up the marks for the future." Whatever that may entail. She nods to Tanit, "Yep. Thats right."

"SEVEN!" the call rings through the living caverns in a high pitched, excited, decidedly female voice, echoing off the stone. It seems to have the desired effect, as Sevran's eyes snap up from his food, meal forgotten. He's up in a heartbeat, a look of unrestrained surprise and delight lighting up his face in a way that his friends have never seen. And then, from the direction of that squeal, comes flying a waif of a girl swathed in flowing gauzy pink fabric, a sea of pale blonde hair flying behind her as she all but flies over the table at Sevran, who catches her in mid jump. And then he's spinning her of all things, and she's laughing her head off. Friends? Food? Forgotten.

Baylee gets a glance once the sibling's display of affection is noticed, and a smirk curls over Tanit's mouth. "I'm guessing that is his sister." Forking a bit of sweetroll into her mouth.Tanit says, "Or his girlfriend""

Baylee nods her head and takes a sip of her juice, "Yep." she says to Tanit. If it isn't the sister Sevran is going to have a great deal of explaining to do. Or not. Baylee doesn't judge.

Sevran is allowed to have a girlfriend! But this is decidedly NOT her. But reunion done, Sevran's putting her back on the ground and motioning towards the table. The fair-haired girl drops in a floof of pink and pale hair, grinning around the table as she takes a seat. "Hi!" Entirely too cheerful. "I'm Sephany." And Sevran is back too, looking much more cheerful than a moment ago. "Baylee," he points, "and Tanit," another point. "My sister, Sephany." And then food, because he is hungry too.

Tanit does her best not to snicker. The cheerfulness, however, can only inspire a warm smile from the Diver. "Hi Sephany. You visiting from Igen or Ista?" Loading her fork up with sausage and eggs and chowing down, though she halts "I'm sure your brother would be willing to share his breakfast with you too if your hungry."

Baylee doesn't snicker. This is the fabled sister. They are finally going to get to meet her, "Welcome to Half Moon." she says with a kind smile, "I'm sure your brother here is very happy to see you." Given the greeting she'd assume that was the case anyway! "Nice to meet you Sephany."

Sephany is all light, and air, and giggles, a wide smile and dancing grey eyes, that are the only part of her that resembles her brother. "Weaver Crafthall, actually," she explains to Tanit, reaching without asking for some fruit on Sevran's plate. "I'm an apprentice tailor." Fruit is nibbled, delicately. "And thanks," for Baylee. "And of course he is! Even if he never writes." She gives him a poke in the rib, giggling at his feigned grimace.

For Sevran's part, he's just gonna start stuffing his face with his food, eyeing his sister out of the corner of his eye with pretend suspicion. "And I didn't mean that we pay for the food," he says to Tanit, jumping back into that conversation as if he didn't just stand up and grab a girl in mid-air, "I meant the Weyr has to pay for it. Rather than have the supplies tithed- Hey!" and he swats at Sephany's hand as she reaches for his bacon. "You can have this," as he shoves his plate of fruit in front. Of her.

"Never been up that way," Tanit says of the weaver hall, grinning as Sephany issues her complaints. "I just bet he doesn't." Write that is. "Here" Shoving some of her bacon in the girl's direction, because Tanit can always go through the line again. "So from the moving freight and things? Is that how the weyr earns the funds to feed everyone?"

Baylee had already known about Sev's sister from a previous conversation, "I'm an apprentice there too. Or I was till I was searched, but if I don't impress I'm sure that I'll be seeing you back at the hall when all this is over." Her gaze falls upon Sev, "She came a long way. You can let her have your bacon…" she says even if it looks like Tanit is already stepping up to the plate to offer.

"OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!" and the offered bacon is snatched very quickly by petite pale fingers. Sephany drops her new stash onto her fruit-plate, eyes bright. One piece is picked up, nibbled at, though she's far too curious to actually eat with gusto. "No, he doesn't. But I forgive him." Cause she has to. They're related. And then bright eyes on Baylee, "Oh? You must have left before I came. Thought it's not as if we could know everyone there, right? IT's just so huge, and crowded and amazing!" Nibble-nibble. "So far, I love it."

Sevran just nods. At what? Who knows. Maybe at lack of writing and the offered forgiveness. Maybe at Tanit's question of moving freight. Maybe at Baylee's acknowledgement of being at the Hall as well. Maybe all. As for long distances? "She's fine," in regards to Sephany and the bacon. "See?" as Tanit comes to his rescue and sacrifices her own meal. Bless her. "She eats like a bird. Three bites, and I'll bet she doesn't finish the rest." Ignore heated glare from sister. "And yeah. That's what the dragonriders do. It's why they're here. To provide services around the area in return for… cash." Shrug.

"Says the man with three plates who eats all the oysters I pull." Tanit teases brightly, grinning at Baylee, and Sephany. "It's no use, not when it comes to food." Clearly enjoying seeing this side of Sev. "Are you going to stay through the hatching or just visiting for the day."

The hall is huge and amazing. Crowded too sometimes, though some points more than others, "I must have." Either that or she just didn't bump into her. Either way though she's meeting her for the first time now. Tanit took the words right out of her mouth, she was just going to ask that. Great minds think alike, "Does he really eat that many oysters?" she asks Tanit, "Because I'd imagine thats quite a bit of oysters." Sevran gets a look and a smile, "You are going to turn into an oyster before too long." Oyster Candidate. She then looks to Seph to await her inevitable answer.

There's a quick bob of her head, another bit of bacon vanishing with a little nip of her teeth, though Sephany is clearly not in much of a hurry to eat her bounty. "Through the Hatching. There was a journeyman swap, so I asked to tag along. The Hall gave me permission to temporarily apprentice here until then. After that, I'll have to go back. But it's enough!" and she can't help but flash a wide, entirely too delighted grin at her brother. "This is the first time he's actually agreed to Stand! I couldn't miss it."

"Hey. There's plenty of food," grumbles Sevran. "You should see Tea eat before you tease me 'bout it." Even if one plate is gone, and the other is now being attacked voraciously. He reaches for his juice, only to find it in the hands of his sister, to takes a quick sip before handing it back. Scowl. "And I only ate half," is his defense, flashing a look between Baylee and Taline. "And she gets a steak dinner out of it, so it's fair." Totally fair. He grimaces about 'first time standing' but makes no comment.

"Two." Tanit corrects blithely, "You still owe me for roping me into washing that blue with you." Not that Tanit is complaining, it ended up being fun, "He ate no more than I did, but it was a lot of oysters." She laughs, "Since you are staying maybe I'll bring you some oysters or crab, next time I go diving." The invitation extended to both Baylee and Sephany and presumably for Sev as well. "He mentioned as much, is that unusual in your family?"

One question answered but Seph's response does give Baylee several more questions, "He's been asked to stand before?" being the most obvious of them. At least that was sort of implicit in what she said. For most of the people in the barracks this is their first time being asked, at least of the people she knows well. The second question is more practical, "Sev if you are passing out steaks does this mean that one of these nights you will grill for all of us in the barracks?" Candidate grill party! Tanit's question is a good one too "I'd been wondering that too." she says to the diver.

Sephany's nose wrinkles up cutely, and she shakes her head in a quick declination. "No oysters for me, thank you. Crabs are OK, but oysters are so… slippery and slimy and just… ugh," with a little shudder of her shoulders. That first piece of bacon is finally finished, and she licks the grease from her fingers before reaching for the next. At the rate she goes, she'll be here all day. As for Standing? She grins wide and shakes her head again. "Mm. When you grow up in the Weyr, usually you just… stand. They always extend an invitation if you're a weyrbrat. But Seven always said no. Our sisters, though… they stood for everything. No one Impressed, though." A little shrug of her shoulders. "I didn't, but that's only because I wasn't old enough, and now I'm at the Hall."

"I know," says Sevran, flashing a grin at Tanit. "I meant one for the oysters. It was a fair trade," and he's gonna stick with that, even if he gets more oysters out of it. He pushes the eggs around on his plate, delaying a bit before he lifts up that bite. Maybe he's getting full? "Hm. I can, I suppose," he offers Baylee. "Though maybe not in the barracks," he teases. "Probably on the beach."

"Interesting." Tanit files away that little fact for later, as it only raises more quesitons about standing. She laughs at Sephany's response on oysters, "Do you have a favorite seafood?" Mention of a bonfire earns yet another grin. "If Taline is cleared to dive, she said she might be able to convince a couple of shipfish to help with the diving; Maybe we could do steaks and oysters, and crab too." Beach bonfires are the best.

A good thing to know. "I'm sure that this will be my only time trying it too." Baylee says with a smile. "Why did it take you so long to agree Sev?" she asks. Because if there is reluctance about something she wants in on it, because maybe it's something she hasn't thought of yet. Though Tanit's thought of a beach bonfire with steak, crab and oysters is a good one, "We should do that. We should so do that. One big last bash before we are all doomed." she says it cheerily enough but there is no doubt soon all their lives will change and the group will be broken up. At least until after weyrlinghood and the band can get back together.

"Mmm," and Sephany plops an elbow on the table, her tiny chin dropping into her hand as she contemplates the question. "I like the big, cold-water fish that they find up north. I've never really liked the tropical ones. But crab and other shellfish are pretty nice. I like them." The idea of a bonfire has her eyes lighting up, and she sits up with a start, bacon forgotten as she claps her hands together once in delight. "Yes! We really need to do that. Before I leave! Oh, I haven't had a bonfire since that night in Ista." She's game! Baylee's admission has her curious, though. "You wouldn't stand again? Just cause you want to go back to the Hall?"

Sevran offers a shrug, and uses a mouthful of breakfast as a good excuse not to answer Baylee's question about his motivation for saying 'yes' this time. "Dunno," he offers evasively, once he swallows. "Guess I just didn't think it was worth it." He'll grab the subject of a bonfire greedily, grateful for a change in subject. "I'm game. If we ask the Weyrlingmasters, maybe they will let us out of chores so we can have the whole evening and night for it."

Tanit finishes up her food. "Sounds like a plan." Stacking empty plates to take back to the kitchens. "Sephany it was nice to meet you, and I'll see you guys around." The last directed to Sev and Baylee, "Just give me a heads up if you guys get approval, and I'd be happy to dive."

Now it's Baylee's turn not to answer the question of DOOM. "Something like that." she answers Seph. Though there are probably other reasons for why that won't happen, but we are talking about a bonfire not those pesky reasons! "Maybe they will." They could be nice and let those overworked candidates have a last night of fun together before the end. She glances over to Tanit as she departs, "Bye Tanit. See you later."

"I'm sure they'll let you," says Sephany with absolute confidence. Who wouldn't say yes? Just bribe them with food! As for her own, she finishes off another half piece of bacon before pushing the plate back to Sevran, ignoring his 'I told you so' look. "It was nice to meet you, Tanit!" she offers cheerfully, flashing a wide, overly bright smile at the pearldiver.

For his part, Sevran is done with his second plate, and now reaching for the uneaten bacon on Sephany's. He grabs it up in one hand as he stacks plates. "Take this," and he pushes the glass of juice her way, Sephany taking it without hesitation. "I think they'll let us," he agrees, flashing a grin at Baylee. "Especially if we promise grub." Beat. "Right now, I'd better get Seph settled and then get back to chores. I'll see you later, OK?" and a chin jut in farewell for Tanit, a head-bob for Baylee, before the pair of siblings are headed out as well.

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