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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Western Bowl
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west, you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south, you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

It's morning. A typical Half Moon morning. The birds are singing. The breeze is blowing. And candidates are up out of their cots and getting ready for their day. One such candidate is Baylee who has a smile on her face and is walking out of the living cavern toward wherever it is that she is going. She doesn't look to be walking with any particular sort of urgency or direction. She's just out walking!
Tanit is running, her sarong flying out behind her to reveal the shorts she usually wears while swimming and her swim suit bare feet striking the ground in rapid tempo. The tangle of younger kids behind her is in hot pursuit a curly haired blonde of no more than ten chasing not far behind. Oh, look a candidate. "Your it," Tanit calls as she tags Baylee's shoulder a wicked smile lighting up her face. Because Candidates are made for things like distracting mobs of kids right?

Taline was coming the other way, the opposite direction of Tanit and her pursuants, but as soon as she sees the veritable army of kids, she's spinning on a heel and trying to escape as fast as possible. When Tanit claims Baylee instead, that's only a brief relief: she, too, is a candidate, and one who has already been stuck on nanny duty more than she'd like! "… Nice sarong," she says weakly, hoping that will be a suitable distraction for Tanit to realize that, oh, she likes Taline and doesn't want to attach kids to her. Sorry, Baylee.

Baylee doesn't mind kids. In fact, she hopes to have more than a few someday after all this candidacy stuff is past. It may even have been on her mind as she was walking, but the quick footfalls cause her to look up in time to have Tanit tap her, "What?" And then she sees them. Uh oh. There's a bit of reality for you. Cute babies turn into roving packs of that! And Baylee is off running, because what else can you do when you have an army of young people on your tail. Run!

Screaming and giggles follow Baylee, the swarm in hot pursuit, as Tanit slows down enough to catch her breath, still grinning wildly at Taline, "Nothing like a good morning run and a horde of children as motivation." She'll join in again once she catches her breath, keep running Baylee.

"… I'll say," Taline concludes after thinking a moment about just what kind of terrifying motivation that is. It's accurate, though. Without adding commentary to the action, she simply extends her water flask to Tanit as she shakes her head, amused. "Do you know Baylee, or did you just pick her as the most convenient target — thanks for not choosing me, I would have fallen." Everyone can pretend that's because of her recent concussion and not just because she's not great at running and looking where she's going at the same time.

See Baylee run. Run Baylee run! And run she does. The pack of kids closes on her heels. This wasn't part of the morning plan, but improvisation is key to a happy life. Baylee charts a gentle course around the bowl curving as she goes. Eventually, she will bring the horde back in the direction of Taline and Tanit, and you can bet when she gets there she's going to have a plan ready! Mwahahhahhahahhahah.

"I honestly just tagged the first person I saw." Tanit notes still catching her breath, "Besides aren't you guys doing physical training as well, it's good exercise and a whole lot of fun." Tanit notes with a wry smile, inching away from Taline as she spots Baylee's approach.

"Poor Baylee," Taline says wistfully, for all that she's looking wary as the other candidate returns with the child army running along with her. At least they're not all in front of her? Maybe she could tag one of the kids, instead of getting Taline next? No? Guess that wouldn't be fair. "Yeah, we are. It's been good, especially for me. I think some of the others get bored, but — does it have to be ten turn olds," comes with a sigh, and then she calls out to Baylee, "Come! Drink something!" It's water, really.

"Oh come on they aren't so terrible," Tanit says of the mob of children with a laugh. "Good motivation to keep up the pace at the very least." She grins at Baylee "Come on, you can do it, Just tag someone." Calling out to the girl with a wry grin.

Baylee could take pity on Taline and tag one of the children and send them off in a whirling dervish of kindness. She could. But in this instance, she doesn't. Instead, Baylee comes barreling back in and makes every effort to tap Taline as she passes. She might have a vague idea that she's still recovering, but she is healthy enough to stand so there ya go. Besides of the army of kids catch her they probably won't eat her alive or anything.
She could have tagged one of the kids instead, but why would she? It's entirely fair that she tag Taline instead. She's been keeping up in PT, and the dizziness only comes on at rare intervals now. The odds of running with kids triggering any health issue are nearly nil at this point, longer than three weeks out from the incident — Taline can take it. That just doesn't mean she wants to. "Definitely drink something!" she supplies as advice before taking off like a rocket that lists slightly to the right. The kids are definitely running away from her. But she is going to get them. Just you wait, brats. JUST YOU WAIT.

Tanit bursts out in a peal of throaty laughter as Taline becomes 'it.' "You show them Taline!" She calls after the girl before returning her attention to Baylee. "Sorry dear, I just really needed a breather for a minute, but it looks like you had fun too."

There she goes! Baylee watches Taline pull into the pole position and lead the army of snot monsters on a merry chase round the bowl. "It's ok." Baylee says huffing and puffing a little bit, "I survived. I can see why you might need a break. I don't think their energy is going to wane at all." She lifts her gaze back out toward Taline, just checking to make sure the woman is doing ok.

Whose energy is waning? It's going to be Taline's before these kids, surely. A couple of them end up tackle pouncing each other and out of the "race" in a pile of child-limbs, but that is not Taline's problem. She's busy trying to catch someone who really deserves it; pinning it back on Tanit again would be dull and unfair, and poor Baylee's taken a good hit for the team. But for a little while longer, she's just going to keep feinting on these kids and driving them nuts looking like she's going to tag one and then changing direction. She's just trying to make people dizzy, NBD.

Tanit watches with a grin a mile wide. "You know as much as Taline complains about kids, she is quite good at this." The lanky teen is starting to stretch out and work out some of the aches in her muscles. "I was thinking of getting breakfast after this, think we could wrangle Taline along? Or maybe swimming if you guys don't have chores."

It is not liking kids that makes her so good at it, clearly.

"I already had breakfast, but I wouldn't be opposed to joining you before I have to go to chores." Maintenance today. Whatever that means. Baylee keeps her eyes peeled, "She is good." Baylee says with a smile, "Maybe she has skills she doesn't know about yet."

Morning. A time when Sevran would prefer to be asleep. And judging by the bits of hay clinging to his hair, maybe he was? Or maybe he was just working really diligently at the stables? Either way, he's making his way from there (stables) to the living caverns, presumably for that breakfast everyone's so keen on. And then he spots children (erk), and quick change of direction would be had if he didn't also spot friends. So with a bit of a wobble in his side, a heavy sigh for what he is about to do, he turns and heads their direction. "Hey," is his greeting for one and all.

Working so diligently that he fell asleep in the hay sounds perfect. Taline would buy that, especially since he's one of the members of the Elite No-Sleep Club. Sevran also has terrible timing because Taline is about to tag one of the kids when she spots him, and eyes widening slightly, redirects again, moving back to where she started. Hopefully, Baylee and Tanit are about to warn him. Otherwise, he's going to get an awful surprise … or ruin the game by refusing to chase the children.

"Secret skills, that must be it." Tanit offers a wave to Sevran, eyeing the hay in the hair with a quirk of her mouth. As for warnings? Tanit's nice, but not quite that nice. Sev is on his own for that one.
Baylee also likes Sevran very much. But no one came to her rescue, and she isn't going to come to his. Fair is fair. All the candidates must pay the toll for crossing the bowl, and the kids are the trolls! She just waves to Sev wordlessly and then turns her attention on Taline to see what the other candidate will do.

There're children. And running. And probably shrieking. All of which makes Sevran kinda cringe and look very uncomfortable. Hello, small people. No, don't touch him. He's icky. "So, is this a spectator sport?" he asks, idly noting that the only running, concerned looking one is Taline. He'll just kinda sidle over and stand behind Tanit. Hiding? Him? Noooo…

"Spectator participation," Taline chirps as she forces Sevran into the game, moving to tag him on the shoulder if he somehow doesn't manage to twist fully away from her and force her hand onto someone else. Everyone did know that was coming, right? But she didn't start it, so it's totally not her fault! "First you watch, then you run, then you watch more! Who has my water?"

Tanit does her best to avoid Taline's hand, but of course, Sev's ability to cower must also be taken into consideration, and it is possible that she may not twist out of the way in time. "Breakfast after this." She says to Taline in response to water.

Bye bye, Sev. It was nice knowing you. Baylee smiles madly at Taline and her attempt to drag Sev into the game, "What she said." she says motioning to Tanit. There is going to be breakfast after this with drinks and food. Though Taline gets the added comment of "You did very well. You must be nearly all the way better. You are going to be back out in the ocean with the dolphins before you know it."
Duck and weave, duck and weave! Only he's slow on the ducking, and the weaving just doesn't happen. Maybe Taline gets lucky, and slaps 'em both? Either way, he's tagged. He peers down at the place where her hand touched his shoulder; an eyebrow arched in a skeptical expression. "I'm not expected to run, am I?" probably. With a long-suffering sigh, he'll make a go of it, but only in short bursts. He's a slow-stalker-type tag player. It's all about the chase, right? And right now? Baylee. Hi Baylee. You're being stalked.

"You're expected to chase!" Taline calls after Sevran, "And then eventually tag one of them so we all stop getting pulled in." She looks a little guilty for having pegged him, but it's a sign that they're all friends, right? Baylee's comment gets a much more genuine smile. "I hope so. PT's doing a lot, plus private visits with that physiatrist guy. I'm — trying. A little dizzy now, though …" Not so much that she's actually tilting her entire body, but she has her head canted to one side. "Wonder how the Healers will feel when we go over what I've been doing, and I'm all, oh, I played tag with weyrbrats."

"That's not running Candidate!" Tanit cheers helpfully, "Well once you get clear we can go oyster hunting together, probably find twice as many with an extra set of hands. Or maybe get some clams for a nice chowder." Food, always food with this one. "I didn't get to see but did the rest of the fashion show go well? I saw Riohra bedazzled and that was about it."

Baylee eyes Sevran warily and pulls in closer to Tanit and Taline. Girl power will protect them! "I'm sure it has been lots of work for you and for them." It all sounds like its going in a positive direction, "Unless you impress then it might be awhile before you get back." The ever-present possibility of impression! The fashion show is a fun topic, "It went well. Cita won. She came up with something really cool."

Sevran sees you, Baylee. And girl power does not dissuade him. But maybe he takes pity on her. Or maybe he just hears Taline's comment and makes the connection between tagging a child and getting breakfast? Because now he's spinning and chasing the smaller humans as they squeal and dash. He's not feinting though, and his long legs do him well as he finally gets a hand on the back of a little boy. "Ha!" A little too proud for having tagged a child. Really. "Alright, breakfast," and he's turning expectantly to Tanit. "Oysters, did you say?" Hurry, before the kids get 'em again.

Good job, Sevran! Taline shoots a satisfied grin at him. The girls are safe from the children, and the children are still satisfied and can go find other unsuspecting innocents standing in the bowl that they might briefly rope into their game. "I was off — being sick," Taline quickly interrupts her detailed reasons for not being at the fashion show with the less too-much-information version, "so I didn't get to see anything. I hope someone's got drawings — oyster hunting sounds brilliant, though. I'll entice a couple of dolphins. But not oysters for breakfast right now, Sev."

"Well, at least you guys had fun with it," Tanit remarks, not knowing much about fashion beyond the basics. When Sev mentions oysters she thumbs at Taline, "What she says, I haven't been in the water yet today. So, no catch to cook." This time. Sev will just have to wait for another time.

Sev is so sweet. Taking pity on Baylee. That is what she is going to assume anyway. Though the next major project is this breakfast, "Where are we going? To the Tiki or the Cavern?" Both are probably safe enough bets. Talines words earn a sympathetic smile, "Glad you are feeling better today. I'm sure there are some somewhere."
Point, Sevran. Although he deflates a little as Tanit reveals she's oyster-less. "Ah,well. I guess I can settle for some regular breakfast." And since the living caverns is closer, he's just gonna assume and start heading that-a-way. The mention of the fashion show earns a little twitch of his lips, and there's a private humor lurking behind his eyes, though he tries admirably not to let it show. "Missed it myself, too," is all he will say on the matter. And now the Tiki Lounge is mentioned, and his steps falter. "Erm. OK, well, someone pick because…" and his stomach will rumble audibly right on cue. "Yeah. I'm kinda wasting away here."

It looks like it's falling on Taline, who hasn't spoken up yet on locations, to make that determination, and so she closes her eyes and seems to pull at random, "Living cavern seems safer. No children will be running around there for sure. You never know about the people who never left the Tiki last night …" This comes from experience, most likely.

"You are always starving." Tanit laughs, though she's not one to talk much either. "Living Caverns is closer." And with that she starts making her way into that direction with breakfast."

Come to think of it Baylee has seen Sev putting food in his face more often than not, "Not eating enough huh?" They are doing a lot of work after all. Free slave labor for the weyr! She will join the group as they head toward the caverns. Having eaten already this will be more of a social breakfast for her.

Decision made, Sevran is just gonna start pointedly heading in that direction. They can stay and chat; he's gonna go stuff his face. Even if he does give Tanit a decided not-mature scowl for insinuating as much. Very pouty. "What's it to ya?" Grump huff. He's a growing boy after all! Who works really hard always almost most of the time. About seventy-five percent of the time. Baylee gets a look as well, "I eat!" and right now he's fixin' to prove it. Without another word, he's disappearing into the shadowy opening of the Living Caverns.

The group goes to eat, but Taline fizzles out rather than joining; once they're moving to inside, she's started to pale a little. With her skin normally the dusky tan of Igen suns, she wrinkles her paling lips and looks apologetic. "Save something for me," she says softly, "I'm going to — stop by the Infirmary first. A Little bit of a headache." All that running. As it turns out, she just dehydrates quicker right now, but she'll learn that later, and maybe they'll have saved a piece of delectable fruit for her.

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