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Row after row of hard benches to sit on, with a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching.. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Velrich has just departed and Kiley sits alone in the galleries though they are beginning to fill up as more people wake and finish their breakfasts. The computer crafter candidate is with her laptop, observing the eggs and typing as she watches. There's an occasional glance to consider those who filter in with a curious sort of look to her features before she returns to the eggs and the laptop screen. This becomes a consistent habit for the woman as she works away.

Sharp footfalls herald Ae'gus' arrival into the galleries as he strolls up the steps. The noise is also punctuated by several chirrups, cheeps and tiny warbles coming from a small flock of green fire lizards that seem to be alternatively clinging to him or flying about his head like so many angry green gnats. Grunting in annoyance, he half-heartedly swipes at one with a hand, "C'mon, now. Settle down b'fore I ask Zusamenth t'take care o' th' lot o' you." The one he had swiped at merely chirps happily and lands squarely on his head, curling up into a ball to get comfortable. Ae'gus gives a heavy sigh and sinks into an empty seat that happens to be near Kiley. "Sorry," he manages to add to the girl working on her laptop, "Th' whole damn lot o' em are 'bout on the edge of proddiness. They're drivin' me mad."

Climbing up the stairs, Orlaithe sinks down into hte stone benches and exhales.. "Beautiful." she says softly gestures to the sands.

Kiley's attention is drawn by the man with a flock of green firelizards, eyes widening at the sight but certainly not saying a word until he's taking a seat beside her. "Oh, no. It's okay." The computer crafter smiles and quickly looks back to her laptop. "I really can't imagine. They're all getting out of sorts all at once… Shells." A curious glance over towards him. "Do they all tend to get proddy around the same time or is this a rare occurrence?" Fingers come to a halt on the keys as she considers a little longer. "Kiley, sir. I'm a journeyman computer crafter… And candidate for the clutch."

Everyone's favorite computer apprentice makes her presence known before she can actually be seen. Once again, she's singing, this time to the young Circuit, still stationed around her neck. He seems to be enjoying it, though she's certainly got a voice no Harper would love. Though he is indeed young, Circuit can not help but take notice of the myriad of greens congregating the vicinity of Ae'gus, and lets out an interested chirp in their direction. He's only a few days old, though, so there's nothing he could actually do about it even though he seems to know he should be interested. Tineska offers Ae'gus a polite salute and a sympathetic look before settling down beside her friend and unofficial mentor Kiley. " The eggs? Yes, they are quite beautiful."

Orlaithe sighs. "THey're beautiful." She touches small peice of a necklace and raises her er head by the sound of someone saying the world 'candidate. "Who is?" she asks softly. She raises an eyebrow at the myriad of green firelizards. "Quite a fair…"

Ae'gus slides a finger around his neck, loosing the hold one of the greens has on his neck with her til. He anages a sheepish sort of grin at Kiley as he lounges back in his seat, "I've had a pair o' em go proddy at th' same time .. but never all four." He makes a face at the antics of one rather small one that keeps cheeping and fluttering aroun his head like a mad thing, "Planets n' stars must be aligned at th' right time or somethin' to make em all go nuts at once." He huffs a deep sigh and shifts in his seat, trying to arrange himself comfortably without squishing one or more of his fire lizard leeches, "Sme o' em get clingy, others get snarky, th' one flitterin' about gets annoyin'." He grumbles once more and then adds, "I'm Ae'gus, by th' by. Wingrider n' all. Used t'be th' Weyrlingmaster but .. eh … opted t'take a rank lower for some extra time with th' weyrmate n' daughter." He peers out at the eggs, though his view is partially obstructed by the tail of the green nestld in his hair, "They are rather nice, eh? Big batch, too. Th' bets'll be runnin' high."

Tineska giggles. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, sir. All four of them, that sounds like a tiny nightmare. But the babies will be awfully cute once they get their eggs hatched. Circuit here, he's pretty laid back. He's a pretty good listener, too. Seems to hang on your every word. I'm starting to teach him a few things. He is picking things up quickly." She gives a nod to Orlaithe, and points happily to Kiley. "Kiley here, she's set to stand for this clutch. Stood at Xanadu, too, if I heard her right. That's right, yes?" She leans over to get a better look at the eggs. "How many do they usually lay? That one, does it look bigger than the rest?" she asks, pointing to one particular egg. "They come in so many colors, too. I can't wait to see what lovely babies will come forth from them. I will definitely be making some bets. It's going to be an interesting bunch."

Orlaithe smiles. "THey're usually bigger but the got smaller without thread. Histories say that when thread fell there were sometimes twenty plus…."

Kiley chuckles softly, "that must be tough." She returns his sheepish grin with a cheerful one of her own before considering the greens. "Must be, and incredibly unlucky for you. Hopefully they all mate at different times so you don't have to deal with that. And then all those eggs…" Her head shakes slightly before he goes on to explain the behaviors of them all, wincing in sympathy for the man. "I hope it all ends soon, I can't imagine having them all…" A wave of her hand to gesture to them all, mindful of not getting too close should she risk getting nipped at. "Well met, sir. It is good to spend time with your family, I think." Her gaze flickers towards the Sands, briefly before turning attention to Tineska beside her. "They're very pretty. I'm wondering what the betting pools are saying. The statistics of it all is very exciting." What a nerd. Her gaze flickers towards Orlaithe and she smiles. Though Tineska is filling in the answer for the other woman. "Right. I stood over at Xanadu." Attention returns to the eggs and she considers them. "Really depends on the queen, and the flight. How high the flight was. And then with the lack of Thread, they are certainly smaller in size than the history stories." More nerdy info. As for the egg in question, there's a shrug of her shoulders. "They all seem different to me, but then some are further from here and look smaller by that fact alone."

Ae'gus swipes at the tail hanging in his face and frowns, "Well. They usually lay 'bout 8 or so in a normal sized clutch. 10 is a good sized. This amount is s certainly on th' top end o' things. Musta been a nice long flight." He considers the eggs once more, stolidly trying to ignore the tail as it twitches in front of his face. "Not sure what long flights have t'do with makin' lots o' eggs. Must be th' couplin' lasts longer or somethin'." He shrugs his shoulders, setting one of the greens to bobbing aroun on his shoulder. He gives a bit of a grin as he eyes the big egg in question and taps his nose knowingly, "Th' betters make a good 'mount of marks off eggs like that. Everyone usually goes on bettin' it's a gold or a bronze or somethin'." He gives a rumble of laughter, "Dragon eggs can fool y'sometimes. Th' dinkiest egg on th' sands could hatch a bronze. Or one of the plainish ones with only a hint o' gold or yellow could hatch the Gold." He grins a little, "I heard over at Fort there was a ginormous egg that th' Queen even was guardin' special .. it hatched a /blue/." He waves at the eggs, "They're all diffrent inside. Even when y'touch em. Th' personalities are all different."

Orlaithe listens to the othere chattering about hte eggs. She simply lets her eyes drift over the eggs and scan them as she might search for land while a sea. "Not Always, does a 'yellow' or 'golden' egg hatch a Queen. If anything I'd be happy just seeing them find their partners. I've heard tell of thel ittle ones just… Betweening… if theirs isn't there.."

Tineska nods. "That's true, Ki. There is distance to be accounted for." As far as the history discussion goes, Tineska seems a bit in the dark. "I guess the harpers were right about my needing to do my history lessons. I never realized that. But a larger clutch during that time would certainly make sense, wouldn't it…" Circuit continues watching the green quartet with fascination, his eyes whirling. Yes, there is definitely something strange going on with those firelizards. Tineska, meanwhile, seems quite taken with Ae'gus's story. "A blue? Well, she must have known there was something special about him. I guess a blue could be just as special as any gold or bronze." She looks down at the sands again, scrunching her face in contemplation. "Personalities? It must be amazing to go and touch them, and 'meet' them before they've even hatched."

"I heard that it was because it lasts longer." Kiley offers sheepishly towards Ae'gus, "but, I don't know much aside from things I have heard." Her gaze remains settled upon the eggs while brows work into a slight frown before her head tilts to consider the dragonrider. "The statistics for a general clutch says that betting on gold is not too reliable, and the safest bet would be on greens, blues, and browns. But, that is statistics compared to the real possibilities. I don't really bet, but, I like hearing about them." The statement on the Fort's Hatching has her brows lifting. "That is curious. It goes to show that what you think is never truly what it is." A smile plays at her lips and she murmurs, "I can't wait to touch them." Her gaze flickers over towards Orlaithe with brows lifting higher on her forehead, surprised but shrugging and quickly looking to Tineska on her side. "Harper lessons are important. You learn interesting and important things." A deep breath is drawn and the computer crafter slowly releases it in a sigh. "The eggs at Xanadu tested everyone, they were a little frightening. But they were all different, I really want to interact with these ones, too."

Ae'gus grimaces as tiny talons dig into the nape of his neck and he quickly pushes at one of the greens still squeezing his throat, "Yeah. I heard a lota people lost money on bettin' th' giant egg th' Queen was guardin' was a gold and it ended up comin' out blue. Th' thing even was kinda gold-ish lookin', too, if'n I remember rightly." He gives a snort of laughter, though it disturbs his tiny fair of greens too much so he has to cut it off short. His eyes unfocus briefly for a moment and he frowns once, eyes glancing over the gathered girls before he looks out at the eggs again, "Yeah. Statistics say a better bet would be brown, blue or green. But y'can't beat th' ingrained thoughts o' giant goldish colored eggs poppin' out golds." He gives a wry grin, "Seems a stereotype n' all. Jes sayin' not t' go trustin' your eyes if'n you plan on bettin' smart." He shrugs a little, "Besides. Bet th' odds on th' big gold one hatchin' a gold are terrible. Everyone'd be bettin' that way." He yawns hugely and looks between the three, "So … whatcha all do, anyhow? Besides one o' you bein' a candidate."
Zi'on licks you: You've been licked! Gross!

<From the sands> Upon the Sands, Zusamenth lurks, wings rustling irritably as she twists her head to stare at the galleries, attracted by the movement and sound of those who come to admire her companion's clutch. With a low rumble, the green slinks out of the shadows, twisting her head to give her rider's mate a slow, steady stare, before houghing once, twice.

Tineska laughs. "Yes, people go for what seems obvious, even though it rarely is. But the slower witted people always go for the easy traps, too. Guess it is kinda the same thing. Me? I'm an apprentice under Dego, in the Computer craft. Pretty new to it, but I'd like to think I have a knack for it. It's quite fascinating. I'm not nearly as advanced as Kiley here, though." She winks at Kiley with a touch of pride for her. "You're right, I should take the harper lessons more seriously, I suppose. And do some reading up on my own." Orlaithe's mention of dragonets betweening prompts a frown on the young girl's face. "Between? Forever, that's…so sad." Her thoughts return to the Fortian blue. "Goldish huh? I bet he was a big one, too." She laughs at the idea. "I would love to go and try to see him. How far back was it? Wonder if the pair'd still be around…"

Orlaithe thinks. "Well I think its sad indeed. But life is life and just like the sea this little we can do to stop it. THough I wonder if you can find someone close…. enough."

Tannim enters the galleries and almost without fail immediately starts to perspire. He makes his way a couple rows up so he can get a good look at the eggs hardening on the sands below. After a moment he pulls out towel and starts to wipe his brow. To no one in particular he murmurs, "They said it would be hot in here, I guess that was an understatement."

Kiley winces at the firelizard on Ae'gus throat, her nose wrinkling a fraction. "Well… Huh. Sad that they lost a lot on that, but is interesting that the blue had some gold to him." She smiles at that before there's a wince at the laughter cut short from his fair of greens. "That is true, but, if I were to bed, I'd certainly go with the statistics. One of the other candidates in Xanadu asked me what I thought was best and I told him to bet on some greens. At least he won something." She beams a grin at the rider before considering the eggs on the sands and then the green as she looks to the galleries. Blink. "Well… I figure we'll have to see what happens. I'm eager to see them Hatch. When that time comes. Still awhile yet." Cheeks flush a shade of red for Tineska's pride and praise, giving the apprentice a smile. "You have promise for the craft, I really believe that." A soft reminder of her praise for the apprentice. Her attention is drawn to the newly arriving Tannim and she smiles, "hello Tannim. How are you?" There's a wave, gesturing for him to come join their bench.

Glad to be distracted from the heat, Tannim waves to Kiley calling up to her, "Hey Kiley, warm, I didn't think it would be quite this warm in here." He walks up and over to where the others are seated and joins them. "Greetings all."

Ae'gus furrows his thick bushy brows together as he eyes Zusamenth on the sands, giving his head a slight shake that sends the green fire lizard on his head to wobbling, "That … can't be good. She don't look very pleased with all th' noise we're makin'. I … " He begins though cuts off, his eyes going distant for a while - obviously some communication with his dragon. Whatever it was it causes him to frown and he eyes Tineska thoughtfully, "You. Computer apprentice?" He pauses to be sure she knows it's her that he's talking to, "Could I talk t'ya in th' bowl for a bit? Seems there's an issue or somethin'." He glances out at the green on the Sands and then back to Tineska, "Promise it won't be anythin' terrible .. but .. " He gives a sheepish grin, "Best said in private and out o' this swelterin' heat. It's a bit serious." He tries to put a serious face on as he rises to his feet, causing all his fire lizard passengers to squawk or chirp in apparent irritation. "C'mon," he says with a brusque tone, waving to Tineska and starting to head out. "Sorry t'break up th' chat about history and all. But I gotta take care o' this. It's an important matter."

Tineska gives Tannim a bright greeting, coupled with a cheerful "Hello!" Back to Kiley and Orlaithe, she nods. "I can't wait to see them hatch, either. Maybe I'll bet on them all being Green and Blue. Usually tons of those." The apprentice looks a bit surprised and bewildered at Ae'gus's request. "Me? I..uh..sure. Okay." She looks to Orlaithe, Kiley, and the newly arrived Tannim questioningly, as if she's afraid she's done something wrong. "Nothing terrible? Good, you scared me for a moment.." She glances back once more at the three before falling into step behind the Bronzerider, Circuit still draped around her, snoozing obliviously and contentedly. "I'll see you guys in a bit…"

Ae'gus looks over his shoulder and gives Tineska a serious grim look, "I said it wasn't bad, but it could be worse!" He lifts a hand to wave and heads out, leading Tineska out to the bowl with his fair of greens in tow.

"Mhm. Just imagine the Sands?" The computer crafter smiles a little wider towards Tannim, "they're pretty hot to keep the eggs growing." Kiley tilts a look towards Ae'gus and nods, "we'll quiet down, then." She pointedly speaks in more hushed tones so that they aren't disturbing those on the Sands. However, her gaze is lingering on the rider as he eyes Tineska and requests to speak with her. "It is no problem, sir." She nods to Tineska and drops her gaze down to her laptop, hitting a few keys before closing the screen. "That would be the safest statistic in taking bets," She agrees to the apprentice with a bright smile. "Later, Tineska." She inclines her head in a sort of farewell before turning most of her attention to the two still gathered in their little area.

Tannim nods to Ae'gus as he takes Tineska with him. "Certainly sir." He them smiles back at Kiley as he wipes sweat from his face, his hair looking like he just got out of the hot springs. "I suppose it will be even hotter. Nothing like back home. I am not sure if I will ever get used to his heat." He takes a seat and looks out at the eggs again. "They are very riveting don't you think? If not for the temperature, and well chores of course, I think I could stay here watching them all day."

"Much." Pause, "what was your home like, then? Milder than Western, I imagine." Kiley offers a sympathetic smile, "give it some time and it may eventually grow on you." Her gaze drifts towards the eggs as he brings them pup once more. "Very. Curious and unknown, you can't help but wonder what color they will all hatch and what they will be like. Or if your lifemate is out there." A smile and she peeks at the other candidate, "I don't believe I could stay watching them all day, however. I have to eat soon and see what chores I have. And then more people will be filtering in soon enough, making it much hotter in here." A soft sigh and the woman shrugs, "I should probably go get food and check my chores within the next few minutes."

"Are you familiar with Plateau Hold? It is just outside Ruatha. No where near as hot as Western. Maybe I will get used to it we will see. As far as what color, you could make a lot of money wagering on such I would bet." Tannim chuckles at that. "And lifemate? I guess I haven't given it much thought. I am still in a little awe I am here really." He stands up at the mention of food and chores. "Of course, nice to see you again. I will be holding you to your promise to help me with those." He motions to her laptop. "When we have more time of course that is."

"Not really. But, I can see a map and get a general idea." Kiley nods, "people tend to bet on the eggs and what colors will hatch. We were talking about statistics and the most logical bets." The candidate rises with her laptop in hand, "it is something to think about, having a dragon does change your whole life. It is a very awe inspiring event." A grin settles upon her lips before she's nodding in response. "When we get some free time, certainly. I'll see you later, Tannim." And off she goes, to fetch some food and check her chores.

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