No Arguing with Mother!

High Reaches Weyr - Lake Shore
Extending all the way out to the bowl wall, this large, beautiful lake draws human, dragon and firelizard alike throughout the Turn. The crystal-clear waters are fed by mountain springs, remaining chilly even during the heat of summer. The shortening days have brought about a significant drop in temperature for the Weyr's lake. Choppier waves come more frequently, whipped into being by passing gusts of autumnal wind. Dragons and firelizards still frequent the water for bathing and frolicking, but less swimmers dare to venture into the chilling lake.
A mighty gale has picked up with the morning light, howling and whipping about the trees. As the days shorten, an autumn chill invades the Weyr, and there is a hint of coming snow in the air.

Being raised somewhere where the weather is always nice, has spoiled K'yr. The young greenrider is huddled up in his riding jacket, sitting along the lake's shore as he watches his lifemate. She has no such qualms about the frigid lake of High Reaches. It's rare she gets to come up here and so the icy waters are a welcome change from the warm shores of Western. She's not just soaking either, she's swimming, much like a snake would with her legs pressed against her body before it weaves through the water in mighty S-shapes. They had a delivery here earlier, and since it was the last one of the day, they have time to burn before the sun goes down. He might as well let Maraeth enjoy herself.

It was this delivery that had piqued the curiosity of Kilarden's younger sister. When she saw the green arrive, she pointed with indiscriminate fingers towards the shape in the sky, eyes wide with awe, lips parted in wonder. It isn't to say that neither of them have ever /seen/ one of the beasts before, and there's definitely no lack of dragon or rider in High Reaches, but Kiltara's fascination with the beasts is constant and true. "There is no sating you, is there?" Kilarden murmurs to Kiltara under his breath, when the child forces him into a game of hide-and-seek with the unsuspecting rider and his lifemate. Riders have /always/ made Kil wary, and there is no exception to that rule in this case; the fact that he even agreed to cart his sibling off and away to a weyr was a madness he'd pondered at for a while. It was only when the child had promised to do the exact opposite of what she was doing /now/ that he'd agreed to come, and it is with substantial regret that he begins to dred the decision when the dark haired girl takes off across the sands of the lake toward rider and dragon with that childish lack of self-preservation. He goes after her, but not nearly fast enough, and it's within feet that he finally halts himself, while Kiltara finds the pants on one of K'yr's legs and tugs. "Excuse me," she says, all joy, delight, and innocence. "Is she yours?" A finger towards the green, giddy with excitement.

The teen's gaze falls upon the young girl who's tugging at his pant leg and he blinks green eyes at her. "Hmm?" Then his eyes follow the pointed finger and land upon Maraeth and a smile blooms across his lips. "Oh. Maraeth, yes, she's mine. Isn't she pretty?" As if on cue the green pokes her head out of the water and whirling gaze alights upon the girl and her rider. Yes, why thank you, she's quite pretty! But after a moment she gets bored and dives beneath the water again, probably in search of fish to chase. "Would you like to meet her? She's always been rather fond of children." He offers, his smile never fading and his voice soft and sweet. K'yr has yet to spy her male companion, but while K'yr may have some height to him, he's still pretty lanky and doesn't look very threatening. Not to mention his youthful face due to the lack of turns he's seen.

The second that Maraeth turns her gaze over, Kiltara squeals her delight, pushing her full weight into the leg of the rider as she bounces and then tosses one little arm up into the air to wave. "Maraeth!" There's a smile on the girl's lips, big enough to rival the sun. "She's the prettiest dragon I've ever seen!" It's when K'yr offers to introduce that Kilarden takes the final steps to close the distance between himself and rider and leans down to catch his sister under the arms. He hefts her up and onto a hip, smile in tact. "Kiltara, we wouldn't want to bother them, would we? They came to relax, not to entertain noisy little girls." Kiltara's little nose gets caught between two of Kilarden's fingers, a gentle tweak given that has her slapping both hands over her face and stifling giggles behind them. It's here that Kil turns a smile onto K'yr, dropping his head in a bow of sorts before murmuring, "I'm sorry for the intrusion. She's young and excitable yet, but we'll leave you to your fun." Pouty lips? Kiltara is sporting those, but she /doesn't/ protest aside from her silent dissent.

Oh no, that won't do at /all/ for the snake hued green. And Maraeth is quickly making her way out of the water, shaking it off before she comes up and drops herself between Kilarden and freedom. A sneaky tail slides over and wiggles near Kiltara playfully. "Erm.." K'yr reaches up and rubs the back of his head, cheeks lightly flushed. "I think Maraeth would like to play with her." And by like, he means, insisting quite adamantly by you know, blocking his escape route. The greenrider gives almost a pleading 'Please let them play' look to the young man before he inches over. "She'll be a big pain in both our butts if she doesn't get her way." There might even be voodoo dolls involved and Kilarden really doesn't want it to go /that/ far. Does he?

Kilarden is… abruptly blockaded. He blinks owlishly slow at the green, though for his own concern at the sudden proximity, Kiltara once more seems delighted. She reaches out toward that tail, leaning so that Kilarden has to lean with her to prevent any falling. "Play?" he inquires, wondering just how, exactly, an enormous dragon might 'play' with his sister and keep from trampling her underfoot. "Pleaseeee, Kilarden? Oh pleasseee?" Grey eyes move immediately from the pleading face of his kid-sister, to K'yr. He's silent maybe a moment too long, but eventually leans down place Kiltara on her feet. "Only for a little bit, 'Tara. We need to get headed back, and I'm sure these two have better things to do." There's a whoop of delight from the little one as she closes the small gap between herself and Maraeth, doing a lap around the green before racing off just a short distance away. "Let's build a sandweyr!" she calls to the dragon from over her shoulder, leaving her brother to deal with the greenrider. Kilarden watches his sister until she plops on her bottom in the sand, and only then does he turn partial attention onto K'yr. "Kilarden," he says, though no hands are extended in courtesy. "Well met."

Sandweyr it is! The green proceeds to dig about in the sand, giving Kiltara more than enough loose sand to make whatever she wants. Maraeth is watching the girl, diligently and all, but she also keeps glancing back, giving Kilarden curious eyes. K'yr grins at the offered name, bobbing his head twice, "K'yr, and Maraeth, from Western Weyr. Well met." And then he feels his cheeks getting hot and he glances at his dragon before back at Kilarden. "What brings you here?" Being that there's no knot on his shoulder, it does make it harder to just guess. Although that blush is continuing to creep up his face and he tilts his head down so that his long blonde hair falls in his face, trying to hide his red cheeks.

"K'yr and Maraeth," Kilarden repeats, testing the words on his tongue. "You've come a long way." A /very/ long way. He misses the blush on the greenrider's cheeks, but only because he'd chosen that exact moment to watch the interaction between sibling and dragon. "Ah, business," he says, when asked about what, exactly, he's doing at High Reaches. "And the little one over there." Finally Kilarden turns his attention back onto the rider, catching the blush with a smile that's suddenly sly. "You must be shy," he observes, though he's aware that there could be much more to the coloring of the greenie's cheeks than that; dragon and rider /do/ share minds, he's aware, and he hasn't missed the glances from Maraeth. "What brings you all the way out here and into this cold anyway?"

"Riders do often do that. The joys of *between* make it easy for us to go wherever we want in a blink of an eye. It does make things very convenient." K'yr then falls silent at the other's observant and he just gives a small shrug of his shoulders. "I've been know to be, I suppose." He licks his lips and brushes a bit of the hair out of one eye so he can peek at Kilarden. "It's just, Maraeth is taking a surprising interest in you… and your sister." He quickly tacks on, laughing uncomfortably before scuffing his foot about in the sand. "Oh, just a delivery. Not sure what it was. I don't tend to ask questions. I'm just a 'delivery boy'."

Kilarden chooses to say nothing on the topic of K'yr's shy demeanor, saving words by allowing the friendly but somehow mocking smile on his lips to speak for him. It's when there's mention of dragons taking interest that the renegade finds himself finally rediscovering that initial discomfort of contact. "Interested, is she? Well, if she's interested in Kiltara, she can keep her." The aforementioned child's head snaps up at that, laughter spilling over as she grabs a handful of sand and throws it uselessly in her brother's direction. "I heard that!" she calls, only to be silenced by the sudden shriek she emits when the wind whips the sand right back and into the child's mouth. Kilarden is laughing in turn, eyes locked on the antics of his sister as she tries desperately to rid her mouth of the foul tasting dirt. "I like people who don't ask too many questions," he says suddenly, though with good will. "I find they tend to be the most trustworthy people as far as people go. Do you enjoy making deliveries?" Because the topic of K'yr's profession seems to be much safer ground to tread on than what it is about him, exactly, that interests a dragon.

Maraeth's wing drops down around Kiltara when the wind starts picking up, making a little bubble of protection for the child. She then sneaks her head under the same wing and wuffles her. Eee. Kids make her so happy. It must be the mothering streak in her. As for K'yr, he's watching Maraeth with a faraway look of joy, since it's not often she can capture the weyrbrats to just give /her/ attention. She isn't really much for sharing. "Well. It's okay I suppose. I kind of miss fishing though. I used to be a fishterman's son, before I was searched and all. There was something relaxing about mending my father's nets." The boy didn't apparently notice any mocking smile or tones that Kilarden has used. Pretty oblivious, this one. "But I wouldn't trade Maraeth for the world. So I don't mind having to do something different." He sucks in his bottom lip, chewing thoughtfully before adding. "Have you ever thought about being a rider?" Such a random question!

Kiltara once again shrieks her delight, arms coming up to catch at the dragon's maw in some awkward sort of hug, should Maraeth allow. "Fishing? I tried my hand at it once, but I was never very good at it. I don't know that I'd be the mending-nets-type, though. I have a hard time sitting in any one place for long. Give me a bow and arrow, however, and I can catch you what you want." This time his smile is genuine, but its lifespan is cut unexpectedly short when K'yr asks… The unexpected. The laughter that bubbles up in his chest and spills from his lips is self-depreciating and racous. "I don't think that where I come from leaves much room for dragonriding. Maybe once, when I was very little, but not now. Never now. I think I'll see the return of Thread before I see a dragon on the sands." The laughter has drawn Kiltara's attention, eyes wide as she looks from K'yr, to Kil, and then smiles up at Maraeth. "I want to be a dragonrider!" she chirps, cheerful, just before returning her attention to the little sandweyr she'd been working on.

"Fishing is kind of relaxing while at the same time boring. It's not for everyone honestly. And I might have just enjoyed helping my father out more than the actual net mending I'm not really sure when I think about it." K'yr grins sheepishly before Kil starts laughing at his questions and once again the teen is blushing. "Well, you know.." He starts off, lip chewing again. "Maraeth.. she kinda thinks you'd make a good rider.. perhaps." He stats fiddling with a few strands of his hair, avoiding looking at him since he laughed. "And there's a new clutch of eggs on our weyr's sands, if you didn't know." He then tosses a wink at Kiltara. "She's a bit too young to stand right now, but there are lots of nannies and some of the candidates watch the children too. She'd be close.." For being mister oblivious, he picked up that Kiltara was very important to the other boy. While he's not entirely sure how his Weyrwoman will take this, he feels he won't get into too much trouble!

Kilarden is aware that his laughter may have caused K'yr some discomfort, and so he offers the rider a gentle hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry if I offended you. I've just never thought of myself on a dragon before." That and, with his current lifestyle, it just seems so… Ill fitting. Still, there is never quite enough time to prepare for being told that a green thinks you would make a good rider. There's even /less/ room to gather those thoughts when it's being slowly but surely made abundantly clear that you are being asked to stand. Kilarden pulls his hand away from K'yr as if the greenrider may have just abruptly burst into flames, brows knitting together in a look that would say 'Where do we go from here?' - in a completely baffled sense. He shakes his head, turns his eyes away toward Kiltara where brows go up toward his hairline, and then emits a low whistle. "Are you asking me to stand at Western Weyr?" he inquires, though even his voice suggests that he hasn't fully grasped the sincerity of the offer or situation. "Or is this some kind of game?"

"I suppose I am. I'm only doing so on Maraeth's request. I've learned not to really question her judgment on things. She typically knows best." As all mothers do. K'yr doesn't seem to fully understand the point of the last question and he blinks a few times. "It's not a game. Searching someone isn't something my dragon would do lightly." Perhaps she's seen something n Kiltara and Kilarden's relationship that draws her to the conclusion that Kil is a good person, regardless of his background or anything else. Whatever the reason, she is definitely sure about it. "It's a decent sized clutch and we're searching lots of people. Food might start getting a little tight, but I'm sure we'll still have enough to keep everyone fed. Even on slightly smaller portions. And being a candidate isn't all fun in games. There's lots of things the weyr expects. Mostly chores to help out around the place. But it's not especially hard.."

"I'm used to small portions, and I'm used to doing chores," Kilarden murmurs, though it would seem that his attention is mostly on Kiltara. The girl catches the look from her brother, and gets to her feet quickly. A small hand is laid on Maraeth, and then she goes racing across the sand, throwing herself into Kilarden's legs with her arms wrapped tight and her head tilted back in a smile. "What do you think?" Kil asks of the little girl. "K'yr and his Maraeth here seem to think that I might make a good dragonrider. If we go, you have to live with somebody else for a while." Kiltara's eyes light up, for a moment stunned into silence before she breaks away from Kilarden with a squeal of delight and throws herself instead onto K'yr. "You're gonna make Kilarden a dragonrider?" she inquires, ecstatic, breathless with her own enthusiasm. She doesn't wait for a reply, instead racing back to Maraeth to run circles around the green. "I guess that settles it, then. I'm all yours."

K'yr reaches up, trying to hide his face with his hand when the girl is latched onto him. Ahh! "Um, er, no, I mean, he /could/ become a rider, but it's the baby dragons on the sands that end up deciding. Maraeth only has found something in your brother that she thinks they might like." Or something like that as he understands it. "Great! Okay Maraeth, come on, let's go. We should get him settled in before it's nighttime in Western! He should at least be given the chance to look his new home over!" Maybe he's just the weird one who likes exploring. Either way, Maraeth is careful about walking over to the pair with Kiltara orbiting her and hunkers down so everyone can board.

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