Weyrs Have Strange Eating Habits

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Morning dawned brightly today, and while it may be the first official day of winter, Western remains hot and hazy. Breakfast is in full swing, though there remain a couple tables with space for eaters to sit. The candidates Idris and Rory have recently claimed one such table and sit in the center, across from each other. Plates are filled with delicious breakfast food, and Idris could be glowing, she looks so much more well-rested than normal. "Can't say I've gotten to sleep in so late for awhile," she's crowing to her fellow candidate. "Usually I have to be in the kitchen before dawn, you know? Weird being able to sleep so much."

Early mornings are no stranger to Jeyinshi, and this day is no exception. Rather than chores, it seems Jey has been practicing her craft today. She strides into the caverns, hair damp and towel slung around her shoulder. The dolphineer hasn't even bothered to change out of her wetsuit yet, though it is half unzipped and folded down to her waist to reveal a black bathing suit underneath. Jey heads to the food tables first, filling three plates and grabbing two glasses of juice. The other candidates catch her eye and Jey makes her way over. "Morning you two. How's the day starting off?"

Early? Hah! Velrich's been up for quite some time, it would seem. He too heads in from outside, although not at all damp. A little dusty though..perhaps. Since food seems to be the goal, he does head that way, gathering up a plate with a few curious stares before he moves away. Though he doesn't get far before he pauses to stare at his fellow candidates, namley..Jeyinshi and her multiple plates. Brows raise just a little bit before he finally comes around, dropping his singular plate on the table as he sits. "..Just where, exactly, are you going to put all of that?"

Patori comes sleepily pad-padding in from the lower caverns, the candidate looking as he usually does, in threadbare, near-drab clothes and scuffed shoes, the white knot on his shoulder possibly the only thing on him that doesn't look secondhand. He heads immediately for the food tables to nab something sweet and something cold, juice and a plateful of stickybuns soon in hand. Eyes dart around the room, the short weyrbrat stepping aside for some folks heading past, a lingering wariness as he edges around this or that table, plate held close, evident in cautious steps, though a couple of familiar faces has him scooting over to where Idris sits, a head-bob for her, Rory, and Jeyinshi as he gets closer, with a quiet little, "Hi." Eyebrows go up at Jeyinshi's attire, "You've been out in the water already?" even as he slides into a seat, peering up.. and up some more at Velrich over there.

Unlike the rest of the candidates crowding the tables, Kilarden has only just arrived at the weyr and been deposited after a briefing (and tour) in the living caverns for breakfast. Long sleeves of his shirt have been rolled up to his biceps in response to Western's crushing heat, but it seems to be doing the new candidate little good in the ways of cooling down. Just as all the others, he moves to the food tables, gathering a plate with alarmingly small portions before he turns on his heel to seek out the crowds. He's definitely out of his element here and it shows, but there's a familiar face that has eyes first going wide before he strides over to join the rest of the candidates. "Velrich? How did this happen?" There's nothing but pure amusement lacing that tone, but he's not so rude as to ignore the fact that others are sitting around him. He offers a nod of his head and a smile to each and every one, Patori, Jeyinshi, Rory, Idris, before depositing himself in a seat next to the aforementioned teen.

As Jeyinshi approaches, Idris swings around in the seat to see her and beams in greeting. "Jey! It's fantastic- I got to sleep /so/ late today! This whole 'different chores, different schedule' thing is a great idea!" Granted, it is her first morning as a candidate, and the novelty will soon wear off- especially if her time for testing bubbly recipes is disrupted greatly. Idris has an easy smile for Patori, Velrich and Kilarden as they arrive, "She eats it up and feeds it back to the dolpins, of course- don't you know how dolphineers work?" is her oh-so serious explanation for Velrich's question. Rory, meantime, raises a hand in greeting and starts to say hello- but his mouth is full and it really doesn't come out. There's a nod as more people join the table, and Rory gives Patori a wink- weyrbrat to weyrbrat.

"Here, obviously!" Jey grins points to her stomach…which is surprisingly flat considering the amount of food she eats. It's the swimming that works everything off. "And no, I don't have multiple stomachs, nor do I carry them in my pockets." Which had been suggested once. Patori's approach earns the boy a wide grin and nod, "Yup, got some dawn training in today, planning on heading back out once I'm done eating….and you should come with me." And here comes yet another new face! The dolphineer smiles and nods at Kilarden before eyeing his plate. "You….you should seriously eat more. Do you want some of mine?" Jey giving up her food? A miracle! Also a sign of how much the tiny amount of food is disturbing her. Her attention is soon taken up by Idris and the dolphineer winks. "I'm glad! And yes, first it goes in my stomach….and then right back out." She's working the deadpan right now too.

Velrich doesn't have a particularly large amount of food on his plate either. At least not the amount one might expect from a teenaged male. It's poked at though, even as he watches Jey skeptically for her heaping piles of sustenance. It's Idris' explanation that has him looking a bit..grossed out by the whole affair, pushing his plate forward just a little. "That's…wasteful." And gross? Yes, gross. Though, a moment later he pulls the plate back to himself again. As Patori sits though, he stares right back - and down - at the other candidate. "What?" Food is shoved into his mouth..and promptly almost choked on at the familiar voice that starts up, jerking to look back over his shoulder at Kilarden. "What—?? …I'd..imagine the same way it did for you." There's a pause then, and a faint flicker of something across his expression. Worry? "Where's Kiltara?"

"You're tall," Patori sums up Velrich, and then peeks over at Kilarden, bobbing his head in return reeting, though it's the food-banter between the girls which has him staring a bit. "What, like an avian?" because the other way would be gross..er. Still, Rory gets a tug of a grin from the weyrbrat, Pat already lifting a stickybun and chomping down on the thing. Munch munch. There's no immediate response for Jey's suggestion of Pat going with her, but eyes widen noticably, and then dart left and right, as if looking for sudden escape. Swallowing down the mouthful of pastry, he takes him sime gulping juice and mumbles into the glass, "I would, but I have.." a free days, "..um. Some stuff." A pause, "To do." Shifty in his seat, the boy takes another big bite out of the bun he's holding.

Kilarden is offered food? Grey eyes settle on Jey's face with a sort of instantaneous respect, but he's shaking his head 'no' in response to the offer of sharing. "I'm used to a small meal, really," he says, those eyes shifting to Velrich with a muted expression that eludes to some kind of shared joke. "And you look like you would enjoy it more anyway. Thank you very much for the offer though, uhm…? I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name." When Velrich chokes, Kilarden's hand comes down on the teen's back to help dislodge offending food and breathe normally once again, but he's still all eyes on Jey as he awaits a name in response to his inquiry. "I'd imagine Kiltara's probably off torturing a nanny somewhere in the weyr, but will be here shortly to get food and torture you and me just the same." As for the talk of Jeyinshi and what she does with he food, well… Kilarden has wisely chosen to stay out of /that/ conversation… For now.

From looking at Patori, Rory follows his fellow weyrbrat's gaze up to Velrich, then to Kilarden. The 14 turn old's eyes widen a bit and he nods in agreement with Patori. "Very tall…" the boy decides it is a proper time to go get another plate of food, so he disappears from the table, scurrying off to collect more yummies. Idris is in too good a humor to hold the serious face for long, and Jeyinshi's affirming response breaks her expression. Having been taking a drink of cold juice during the response, she has to rush a hand to her mouth to keep from spitting it back out, and winds up coughing instead. It takes a moment to get calmed, and really, the coughing turns into snickering. "Jey, we're awful, really. That was a bad one." There's a deep breath, and she tries drinking again- quite carefully this time.

More that would have to get used to her strange sense of humor. For now though, Jey explains with a smirk, "If it were true, it /would/ be wasteful. I'd really never forgive myself if that happened. Though if it did, it probably would work like an avian." The dolphineer shrugs and then begins digging into one of her plates. Nothing ruins her appetite. Patori is eyed carefully at his rather lackluster explanation and the woman raises an eyebrow. "Right…and I can fly. You know, there are a few of the unpaired ones coming today, you could at least watch from the shore." Jey takes a break from eating then, dropping her fork and extending her hand out to Kilarden with a grin, "Jey, dolphineer. Nice to meet you…Kilarden, right?" She'd picked that much up from the conversations around her at least. Idris' sudden choking earns a soft chuckle from the dolphineer and she begins gently hitting the girl's back, much like Kilarden was doing earlier to Velrich. "Oh it was so /good/ though. They'll get used to us eventually."

Velrich still looks quite baffled..or at least moderately confused by Kilarden's presence. He shakes his head though, slowly working it back and forth before giving a slight..cough to clear his throat. There was possibly some fragments of food left there! He sighs though, bringing a hand up to rub down his face and over the stubble along his jaw. "That's…not at all surprising." He offers, a bit calmer to Kilarden, before giving a slight poke to his food again. "Of all the places.. Where did they grab /you/, anyway?" His stature has been called into question? Patori receives another slow look, and a hard stare from the tall man, before nodding. "I am. Very observant..?" He trails off curiously. He doesn't know that guy!

The stare from the tall guy over there has Patori hunkering down, SCARY. He peeks over the rim of his glass at Velrich again, and then goes back to being small. Small and weyrbratty. He's probably no taller than the 14-turn-old Rory, though the other 'brat's leaving to get more food has Pat looking like he might be considering the same. He has a whole plate full of sticky buns though, and has quickly munched through the first one, reaching to pluck up another. He peers at the snickering girls instead, mumbling a slightly amused, "Awful," in agreement. As for Jey's offer with the dolphins, the boy fidgets. "Are there?" he ponders his plate, "Maybe I'll just come see them."

Kilarden takes the offered hand in a firm grip, shaking once before breaking away to pick up his own eating utensils. "Kilarden," he acknowledges, nodding his head once before spearing a piece of food. "Well met, Jey." As he begins to eat, he responds to Velrich's question between swallows. "High Reaches Weyr," he informs him, smiling as if he's just told a joke, but it's all the more explanation he offers. He lapses into silence momentarily, enjoying his meal instead of joining in on all of the conversation going on around him, but it's Patori and Rory that have him grinning again, as he listens to their powers of observation in regards to Velrich's height - and the man's lackluster response to it. "I am amazed by your observation of their observation, Velrich. Well done." He sounds as patronizing as he sounds sincere, and he offers one more clap to Vel's back in the spirit of remaining good natured.

Idris sends Jeyinshi a grateful look for hitting her back, and nods, laughing. "That it was, my friend, that it was. /I/ haven't gotten used to us yet, that doesn't bode well for anyone else getting used to us!" There's a grin for Jeyinshi, which stays on as Patori fudges his answer for the dolphineer. "You know, if they're coming in, I'll come too, how's that? I still haven't met Jey's dolphins and I want to get some swimming in soon- before the weather starts cooling off anyway." She gives the boy a wink before looking down at her still half-full plate. Gotta get crackin on breakfast! The baker digs in, making sure each forkful has some of each- eggs, meat, tuber- mixing flavors is best, as she well knows from her work. While chewing, she finally takes a look at the other candidates at the table, expression curious of the older boys. "Where'd you say you two were from?"

And the bait is taken! Jey practically beams at Patori and nods, "There are. But not too many, so there won't even be a crowd." Once her hand is dropped, the dolphineer nods and grins, before promptly snickering at Kilarden's commentary. After a few moments, Jey picks up her fork again, finishing off her first place and promptly digging into her second. One glass of juice seems to have disappeared as well at some point during this early morning meal. A soft snicker escapes her and Jey gives Idris a bit of a shouler bump and a nod, "Neither have I. Then again, we have more fun when we don't know what we're going to do, right? And really, you should come too. You might not need swimming lessons, but just playing will be fun too. It'll distract him from playing 'drench the people on lookout duty'."

Velrich shifts just a bit, giving a faint jerk beneath the table that is most likely…a kick right to Kilarden's own leg. He gives the other candidate an impassive look however, simply raising a glass at him in mock salute. "High Reaches Weyr..went a ways from where I last saw you." There's a quiet shake of his head then, and he slowly starts to finish off his food before finally looking over at the other candidates again. Patori has retreated! There is in fact a very slight smile that crosses the man's face though, before his gaze flickers onto Jey that same barely-hidden excitement lurking under the surface.. "I might come down, take a bit of a look."

Kelthero wanders in from the lower caverns, still looking half asleep as he stifles a yawn and then runs a hand through the shaggy mess that is his hair. Blinking a bit, the ex-guard seems to give himself a little shake to try to jog his body into gear. Seems like this candidate isn't much of a morning person. Eventually, he makes his way over to the serving tables, grabbing a mug of klah and a small plate of food before actually taking a good look across the caverns. Usually he'd find a quiet corner to hide in to bolt down his food, but not so this early morning. Instead he spies familiar faces - several of them - and that changes his course. "Morning." He says in way of greeting once he's within earshot of the table, a small smile being given to Jeyinshi, Idris and Patori, while he gives a curious look and a nod of his head to Velrich and Kilarden. "Think there's room for me to join in?"

Munch munch, stickybuns are nommed. Patori pauses to lick his fingers and snicker some at Kilarden, before taking up his drink again, and getting vaguely gooey fingerprints all along the side of his glass, speckled already with condensation as the chilled juice is sipped. The introduction by the newest candidate has Kilarden earning another brief peek, though Pat himself doesn't offer a name, timidly hiding now behind a pastry. Eyebrows sneak up as Idris offers to come along to see the dolphins as well, and the weyrbrat bobs his head, lips tugging more to a grin for that. Baited indeed. "Does it ever get too cold to swim here?" he sounds skeptical, despite being.. a resident? Well, the boy's definitely been in the weyr a while. He seems sold on the idea of at least visiting the dolphins, expecially after Jey assure there won't be a crowd, more enthusiasm for this evident in the expression flickering across his face, which falters with a slow, "..Drench the people?" Idris' questioning of Vel and Kil has Pat glancing back towards them, though Kel's approach has him turning to bob his head to the guard, "Hi."

Ah, the mother of all questions: 'Where'd you say you were from?' Kilarden doesn't even once falter in the downing of his small portions, though he does wait until he's eaten a considerable amount of it before he answers the question at all. "Didn't say," he smiles at Idris, though not unkindly, "because there's not really an answer. Where are you from? And forgive me, I never caught your name, either." He's raising his own mug, tapping it gently against Vel's as he agrees with, "A ways away," and then returns the favor of under-the-table kicking by picking up a small piece of his food with his fingers, sitting it perfectly on his utensil, and flinging it at Velrich with a rather devious grin. The morsel is caught before it can fall to waste, however, and promptly popped into Kilarden's mouth. He nods his head at Kelthero as he approaches, but his attention is back on Vel as he leans forward. "Are you sure that's a good idea, Vel? Can you even swim?" This is when he catches all of the shy little glances from Patori, and he tilts his head to one side as grey eyes settle to study that face. "What's your name?" he inquires after a moment, curious to be sure.

Idris nods slowly at Velrich and Kilarden. "I suppose it /is/ the time of year we get wayfarers here." Her expression is knowing, "Every hatching cycle, people come from the most random places. I'm Idris, I'm from right here, though, never been outta here except I did spent a few turns in Nabol." She grins a little, "Not that I saw much of the countryside, I spent and spend most of my time in kitchens. By choice- wait'll you taste my bubblies, they're to die for." Grandiose much? Nah, many will agree, Idris just doesn't have modesty when it comes to her baking skills. "So where all have you guys been? Had any adventures?"

More visitors? Jey sends a smile to each and every person before nodding. "You should /all/ come down really. It'd be a nice surprise. And whether you can swim or not, it'll be fine." Kelthero's appearance earns another grin and she nods at one of the neighboring empty chairs, "Morning sleepy head. You're looking particularly refined this morning." Jey's tone is lightly teasing but then she turns to Patori with a nod. "Mmm, well I don't think people should be swimming around for fun in the middle of winter. I on the other hand don't really have a choice. Can't ever take a break from search and rescue." Bubblies. "She is an AMAZING cook. And I'm not at all biased by the fact that she lets me filch food from the kitchens." Speaking of food….there goes another plate.

Kyldar comes in from outside, with a bronze firelizard on her shoulder and a few dragon-oil stains on her clothes, and makes a pass by the food table, loading up a plate with an omelet, several pieces of toast, a doughnut, and some fresh fruit, and grabs a glass of juice to go with it, and then picks her way through the room, giving a wave of greeting toward all the newcomers to the weyr.

"I can swim!" Velrich's slight..indignant outburst at Kilarden's questioning causes the candidate to look suddenly abashed. Whoops? He looks again at his food, cleaning the last bits of it to stuff into his mouth quietly. He chews, ever so important with the food process. Though he does finally speak up again, gaze instead flicking from Kilarden to Idris. "Been..a bit of everywhere. Least on the northern continent. Never been offshore like this." He works his jaw then, tongue briefly moving over his teeth in an effort to remove bits of food. "I don't like.." He trails off just after, sighing. "I'll try one." His head shakes though, starting to stare in an almost fascination as Jey downs food so..easily. "There has to be something..unnatural about that." Though there's a faint jerk as a bit of food..baps him on the side of the face. A /look/ is shot toward Kilarden again, eyes just vaguely narrowed. He sits back just a little in his chair then, head slowly tilting toward Patori. "I'm not going to /bite/ you."

"Hey," Kelthero says in a quick response to Patori, giving the familiar weyrbrat another quick flash of a smile. "Isn't it a bit early to be eating so much sweet stuff?" he teases lightly, no doubt noticing the sticky buns… or what remains of them. When Jeyinshi motions to an empty seat, the candidate grins back. As his hands are full, he uses one of his feet to pull the empty chair out and promptly settles himself into it, his plate and mug being placed down where there's space on the table. Within seconds, he's leaning forwards and tucking into his food, pausing only when Jeyinshi remark is overheard. "Why thank you, I try my best." Comes his sarcastic reply, followed by a slight smirk. "Morning to you too, Jey." Then it's back to his breakfast and he quickly devours a few more bites and washing it down with some klah. Even though he seems focused on eating, his gives quick darting glances to everyone seated at the table, no doubt listening in on whatever snippets of conversation he can follow.

Kyldar approaches the knot of people more closely. "Good morning," she says, with a nod, in turn, to Idris, Kelthero, and Jeyinshi. "It looks like the whole candidate class is here all together. You'd think they're planning a group session or something."

Patori is like the eternal kid brother, all too willing to go tagging along if everybody's going someplace. Eyebrows sneak up at Kilarden's non-answer to Idris' question, though the boy squeaks his own name quickly through a mouthful of pastry. And then chews properly and swallows it back with another sip of juice. He much more readily pipes up, "They are /really/ good," agreeing about Idris' pies, food at least not being something he's shy about. His eyes go wiide at Jey though, "She lets you filch food?" and he is so totally turning those puppyeyes on Idris next. Just look at that swwet little face. It totally deserves extra bubblies. He'll give the dolphineer a nod, too, and a mumbled, "That doesn't sound so great, I guess," about swimming in winter. More pastry is nibbled, slower now as he works his way through the plate full of sweetstuff, turning a totally innocent look on Kelthero, "It was out on the tables," therefor is most definitely approipriate breakfast food, in the weyrbrat's book! Omnomnomn, stickybuns be eated! As for assurances of not biting, Patori just turns a bit pink-faced and hunches down. Behind another pastry.

"Idris, is it? Well met," Kilarden says, though he says it without removing his gaze from Patori. It's when she makes mention of bubblies that he actually turns his attention back onto her, laughing politely as he adds, "Modest, too." to Jey's and Patori's interjection of just how superb Idris' cooking skills really are. "I'll bring my little sister around the next time you've made some, though I warn you that she'll probably never leave you alone afterward. She's a big fan of bubblies, very devout." Kilarden's momentarily distracted by Kyldar's arrival, returning the wave with a smile before his eyes are back on Idris again. "I almost got maimed by a feline. Or rather, my own bow trying to maim the feline that was trying to maim me. Does that count as an adventure?" He spares another look for Patori, suddenly solemn. "He killed the feline, Patori. He might not bite, but I think he's just as scary as you're sitting there thinking he is." Unfortunately, he can't fight off the smile that pulls at his lips in response to his own wicked sense of humor, and instead he's shaking his head to look at Velrich again. "Well, there's a surprise. You kill wild felines, swim, /and/ have the most astoundingly accurate observational skills I have ever seen. Is there anything you can't do?"

Kelthero glances over again to Patori and simply chuckles a little at the weyrbrats reply, although most of his amusement seems to be as a result of his behavior. The rest of the food on his plate is polished off and the now empty plate is pushed aside a little so that the candidate has some room to rest his elbows on the table's edge and his mug of klah held firmly between his hands. As Kyldar approaches, Kelthero simply nods his head and smiles - sort've. Seems he's not quite fully awake yet, even with food devoured and klah in hand. "Good morning. And no, we're not planning anything." He says, with a side-glance to the others around him. "At least, I don't think we are." He muses, before something drags his attention away — or a word, at least. "Felines?" Kelthero echoes in reply, with a quirk of his brow as he looks towards Kilarden with a curious look.

"I bake pretty much every day, and anytime I've been in the kitchen, it'll be my bubblies out for the next meal. It's just easier for them to keep me doing what I do, you know? Some of the workers need variety…" Idris trails off, shrugging, gaze caught by Patori's huge puppy eyes. He is given That Look, but it is quickly followed by an amused grin. "You should know how to filch food by now, you work around me sometimes!" For Kilarden, she has a wry grin. "You do that. They'll send you to the stars, promise." The chatter between the two newer boys is heard a bemused, skeptical expression, smile tugging on her face as she leans to murmur to Jeyinshi, "Who'd have thought anyone else could banter like the two of us, eh? You think they can bring it on as hard as we have on Kelth?"

Kyldar settles herself at an adjacent table and sets down the plate and the glass. "Well, here I am already thinking of you as weyrlings with the eggs just laid," she says, forking up bits of her omelet. "Anyway I wish the lot of you the best of luck, and all that." To Idris she says, "Well, keep these doughnuts coming, if they're yours. They're always good for a quick snack on the run. Or for breakfast, of course."

Jey looks up from the blackhole that is her appetite and grins around. There's a grin in Kelth's direction and a nod, "You're welcome." The story of felines gets a bit of an eye-pop, but the dolphineer doesn't comment. Abonormal? Of course the dolphineer isn't abnormal. She's just…eccentric. "Fast metabolism paired with all that swimming makes it easy for me to work it off." See? Perfectly reasonable explanation. Idris' comment has the dolphineer also leaning closer with a grin, "They are pretty good. But I think the two of us could probably take 'em on." Kyldar's arrival is also noticed and Jey gives a nod and a wave.

Velrich sighs just a bit, canting his head towards Kilarden as it becomes story time. "Like I need him cowering as I pass in the halls. And I'd hardly call anything that happened to you almost /maiming/." There's a hint of embarrassment there, to be sure, a small bit of color coming to the young man's face at the recounting of feline death. Patori is given another quick look…or at least the pastry hiding his /face/ is given a look. Maybe the sticky bun will explode. "One of you eats enough food for three people, and you stuff your face with sweet pastries… The eating habits in Weyrs are..strange indeed." And with an amazing lack of flab! Kyldar gets a quick look then, staring for just a moment before he gives a slow nod of greeting. "..Ma'am." Look! He has manners!

Patori nibbles his lower lip, pausing in the pastry-nomming to consider Idris' words. "Weelll.." he's totally not going to admit to doing any filching, but he will offer an innocent smile to the baker, every bit as sweet as the bun he's holding between finger and thumb - the boy is now on his very last one, alas, plate all empty save for the frosting and the crumbs. No exploding pastry either, but at Kilarden's tale, the weyrbrat peeks over the thing, and there's an outright stare for both men there, and Patori unsubtly shuffles away from where they're seated, possibly towards the girls and Kelthero if he can manage. Gulp. He'd just been peering at an unfamiliar face to start with - now it is totally ScaryFace. That's right, Velrich has become mister ScaryFace! There might definitely be cowering in the future. For now though, as he hunches down at the table, sinking a bit in his seat, he'll just dart quiet glances between the others, for their possibly impending banter-war. Oh, and there's a Kyldar! Safe, unscary Kyldar, who gets a quick head-bob in greeting.

"You'll have to teach me. If there's one thing I'm absolutely terrible at, it would be cooking." Pause. "And I wasn't out looking for wild felines," Kilarden assures, "the feline came looking for me. And found Velrich." Laughing at his own joke? Yeah, he went there. Grey eyes go to Kelthero then, his head dipping in a nod as he confirms the question with a smile. "Felines. Probably the least fun thing to wake up to, if I do say so myself." But Kyldar is wishing them all luck, and he's turning his attention onto her. "Thank you for the luck. We'll be needing it, to be sure." As for Velrich's comment, well… "Like he needs any help to cower from /you/, Velrich. I don't even think you know how to smile." He's unaware of the comparison of banters, though he'd most definitely rise up to the challenge if whispering girls presented it him.

Kyldar tucks into her breakfast, stuffing her face with bits of all components, while the others talk. A nod is given toward Jey and she says, "Well, I've always been lucky that way too. Well, and active, even if it's with other things. I can eat like a porcine and usually stay thin." She pauses, looks down at her pregnant bulge, patting it self-consciously. "Well, 'usually' being the operative word, I guess?" she adds with a wan smile. To Velrich she says, "Well, you know, busy hectic schedules, we need to eat when we can, and we need to keep our energy up. and all that. Anyway I should introduce myself to you good people. Kyldar, rider of green Sinasapelth, also journeyman harper." Finally: "Anyway, the filching of food is, well, an inevitability at the Weyr, it seems."

Kelthero looks a little surprised by Kyldar's response at first, "Ahh, thank you." He replies with a bit of a lopsided smile. Then his attention drifts again and he takes another sip of his klah. He snorts softly, chiming in shortly after Jeyinshi's explanation of her eating habits. "So she says." He mumbles, obviously teasing. Or is he? His expression stays fairly neutral and he lapses back into silence, keeping half his attention on the conversations firing back and forth around him. For a moment, he cocks his head to the side, having thought he had heard his name and his glance slides towards Idris and then Jeyinshi for a moment. But it's brief, because something Velrich says has his attention now. "There are more strange things, trust me. You think you find them all… but no. Something else comes along that's even stranger then the first." Kelthero gives a slight nod of his head to his scrap of information. Never mind that this is the only Weyr he's ever been in. He blinks a little as Patori seems to shift closer to him, shaking his head a little and then turning his attention to Kilarden, giving his own nod in return. "I'll agree with you on that. I've had to camp out in the wilderness before, but I've been lucky enough to avoid that wake up call." He then chuckles dryly.

Idris glances away from Jey to grin and nod a greeting at Kyldar. "I didn't make these doughnuts, but the bubblies that turn up at lunch and dinner are usually mine!" To Velrich, she scoffs. "You think that because all we've talked about so far is pastries- I can marinate a mean bit of wherry or herdbeast! we were just in the market yesterday when we got Searched, actually, fetching some fantastic spices! You just wait, I'm not the only good'un in the kitchen- our cooks are amazing." Yup, proud to work there indeed! "Maybe it's not so easy out there, being a wayfarer, to you know, make fantastic tastes, but you're in the weyr now, and that means the food'll be readily available and it definitely won't be bland. We don't let anyone starve- you tell'em, Jey, we save you from missing meals all the time!" Idris follows her defense up by downing the rest of her juice and nodding sharply. Defender of the weyr kitchens, champion of bubblies, feeder of filchers everywhere!

Jeyinshi snickers, "Have you tried keeping up with the dolphins in the water? You'd need all the energy you could get if you were me too." Patori's sudden movements also earn a small smirk, but it's one of fondness. Patori is like the eternal kid brother, and Jey…well, she acts as the eternal older sister. Idris' little kitchen speech is met with an emphatic nod. "The kitchens here are amazing. I work the oddest hours and if it weren't for them, I'd have try and survive on fish….every DAY." Now isn't that a tragedy. Kelth is the receiver of another shoulder bump for his comments and she gives him her own grin in return. "You guys are just jealous." Cause of course, it's /everyone's/ dream to be able to eat as much as three people.

"I've woken up to worse things." Velrich's comment is rather dry, although a rather pointed look is leveled on Kilarden as he does so. Still, after another long moment, and the accusation of his lack of smiling, the young man's lips do very slowly curl upward just a bit. Yes, it's a smile for the other candidate, even if not a very large one. But it does soften his expression quite a bit…at least for the duration of it. His head shakes then, turning it to stare a bit at Idris as she defends the honor of the kitchen. "I wasn't saying anything is wrong with your..kitchen. Or cooking." He drops a hand to the table then, folding both arms across each other. His final comment comes out..quiet though. "..I like my cooking…"

Kyldar continues to stuff her face, listening to the conversation around her. "I pulled kitchen duty during my own Candidacy," she says after swallowing. "I put together a pretty good wherry stew and some steamed veggies. A good enough meal. I left the dessert to Bakercraft though, and they had some nice bubblies that evening." To Idris: "Of course, your bubblies are worthwhile as well." She picks up the juice glass and takes a good swig. To Jeyinshi she says, "Keeping up with dolphins in the water? That's probably beyond the athletic prowess of most people. It's certainly beyond mine."

Patoris is nibbling much more slowly on that sticky bun, working at the edges as he noms around toward the middle. Kelthero is given a curious look for his mention of stranger things, though his attention is tugged away by Idris' talk of bubblies with a hopeful, "There'll be pie later?" Those brows inch further up at the baker's defense of the kitchens, more of a grin tugging at the boy's espression for it. And Patori has totally adopted himself into being everyone's little brother - or at least, most definitely Jey's. Probably not the two new guys', though. The feline story gone done it, there. "Fish.. isn't so bad," he does venture, but then, maybe there is no food the wirey little weyrbrat would really say /no/ to. He finally stuffs the rest of that bun in his mouth and settles back in his chair to munch it, listening to Kyldar and the rest, and idly lick sticky fingers.

"Lucky you," Kilarden responds to Kelthero, "but if you ever do plan on having that wake up call, take Velrich with you." And then Vel is… smiling? "On second thought, no smiling. I think it's even more terrifying." Laughter, and then it's Kilarden's turn to lapse into silence, up until the pitta-patta, pitta-patta, pitta-patta of tiny feet draws his attention to the entryway of the caverns. A small girl with hair as dark as Kilarden's and eyes just as grey comes racing across the expanse of space to her older brother, letting out a squeal of delight and a sudden burst of incoherent words that leave Kilarden staring in wonder. He's pretty sure he caught the words, 'Dragon', 'bigbigbig', and 'foof!', but he can never be sure. Kiltara's climbing up to sit in his lap and turning wide eyes and an even wider smile onto all occupants of the table. One little hand comes up, fingers sprawled, as she wavewavewaves to every person ecstatically. "Hello!" she chirps, and then leans across to Velrich, plopping herself promptly into his lap via her belly. She lays like this for a moment before wiggling those feet and scooting up to a sitting position, starting on what's left of his food. It's Patori that becomes victim to puppyeyes this time, as the child spots his stickybuns and /stares/, willing the delicious pastry across the table to her. "Nuh-uh," Kilarden says at once, pushing back from his chair to pluck the child from her spot in Velrich's lap. "You don't need anybody else's food. Come on, let's go find where you left your poor nanny at." A smile is shared around the table then, a dip of his head as he tilts his chin in the direction of the exit. "Well met, everybody." And just like that? He's gone! For now.

Kelthero takes the shoulder bump in stride and promptly returns the favor to Jeyinshi, tilting his head a little as he smiles crookedly. "I don't know if I'd say its jealousy." He teases again before finishing off his drink. The now empty mug is placed with the plate and now that his hands are free, he simply laces them together, elbows still on the table edge. He seems content to fall silent again, once more simply observing and listening and then he's giving Kilarden his full attention. "It's not in my plans, but ah… thanks?" His glance slides over to who he assumes is the Velrich mentioned, a curious if not slightly puzzled look given to both candidates. At the sudden squeal of delight from a young child, Kelthero watches the scene unfold in growing amusement, unlacing his fingers long enough to return the enthusiastic wave with a small, half-hearted one of his own. "Well met." He offers in turn in a low tone as Kilarden makes his exit.

Jeyinshi grins at Kyldar, "If they're feeling sorry for me, they'll let me swim neck and neck. If not, I either lag behind or catch a ride with them. Doesn't stop me from trying though." The third plate seems empty in almost seconds…how long had Jey been eating? And the second glass of juice also seems to have disappeared. "Mhm, fish isn't so bad. But when we've got Idris making bubblies for us, it sort of pales in comparison doesn't it?" The sudden whirlwind of Kilarden's sister is met with a quiet snicker and the dolphineer waves after the pair. "See you around!" Kelthero's returning shoulder bump is met with a grin before the dolphineer stacks her empty plates up with his. She'll do the balancing act with the plates and return them later.

Velrich rolls his eyes just a little bit. "There's no pleasing you." Though his focus does shift when Kiltara comes rushing through, staring at the little girl just a bit as she starts climbing laps. Including his own. What might be odd is that he doesn't seem to object at all to being flopped, and sat on. He just brings an arm around slightly to help steady the young girl. At least until Kilarden picks her up and carts her off. He shakes his head then, slightly, simply getting up a few moments later. Hey, his plate is empty, after all! "I think it's about time I got to work." There are those../chore/ things that candidates get to do. Off he goes then, trekking towards the lower cavern.

The subject of chores and work seem to snap Kelthero back into reality as the candidate's mind had set to wandering again. "Ah, shells, that's right. Chores." He grimaces a little, seeming to linger on at the table in a brief fit of rebellion. Eventually though, the guard is pushing back his chair as well and with a resigned sigh, gets to his feet. "I better get to the gardens before I get an earful for being late. Weeding duty today. Should be… fun." His tone doesn't seem to hint that he believes that for a second. With an apologetic smile, he gives a half wave, half salute to those still seated at the table and then he too is heading off and disappearing back the way he came.

Kyldar waves to those departing. "Fish can be pretty good," she comments. "The cooks here usually know how to prepare it well, too, at least in my own experience." To Jey in particular: "Ah, well. It's a whole different life from working with a dragon." She smiles. "Still, we love the big beasts. They're everything to us, even if they can be a bit hard to handle sometimes. Like when they're getting ready to rise for a mating flight, they can be downright unruly, especially the females. But they're usually pretty good critters."

Patori just kind of watches the others, having grown a bit quiet, though he is occupied with licking sweet sticky goodness from his fingers. How the boy manages to be so skinny with his love of pastry is anyone's guess - maybe it's all that running from the bigger boys. He will nod agreement with what Jey says about Idris and her awesome bubblies, definitely no comparison to fish there! He does stare a bit as the little girl comes over, raising a hand to wiggle fingers back - she is definitely harmless, and if he had any pastry left, he'd totally be sliding it over, too. Eyebrows shoot up as the girl goes clambering over Velrich, and Pat maybe looks not quite to wary of the other candidate now, but that doesn't mean he isn't going to keep hiding behind his juice. As people get up to get on with their chires, Pat tips back his glass to empty it, and then slips out of his chair with an, "I should get changed, I'll meet you guys at the beach?" to Jey and Idris, before he's scurrying off to the lower caverns again, with a brief head-bob in farewell to Kylder. Along the way, he totally gets tripped up by someone's foot, one of the other, bigger weyrbrats in the crowd, hmph. Luckily, Pat is at least fast on his feet, and manages not to faceplant as he flees, making a brief face back at the other boy before disappearing out of sight.

Jeyinshi grins, "I don't doubt it. Dolphins are more loose cannons, just like us. They do what they want whenever they want. But we're not affected by any of their emotions, there's no bond. I've been around a few flights, but I can't really imagine the craziness involved." The dolphineer shakes her head, but her her attention is soon caught by the departing Patori and she waves. "See you there…" What started as a bright farewell soon trails off as her smile turns into a frown of irritation at the weyrbrat that tripped Pat. "I should that boy with a broom." The threat is mumbled under her breathe, but she says it in deadpan, once again leaving the seriousness of the statement up in the air.

Kyldar scowls at the upstart weyrbrat. "That kid should have his lungs pulled out through his ear," she says coldly. Then, more conversationally, returning to the original topic, "The bond is strong. Unbreakable and inescapable—which is all good as it's rooted in love. There is nothing that a rider fears more than losing their dragon. It's like losing part of oneself." She smiles brightly. "It's what allows us to put up with them."

Jeyinshi gives a small nod of agreement, shooting the weyrbrat another glare before sighing and turning back to the conversation. "Love…." The dolphineer shakes her head and leans back in her chair, "I can't remember how it feels to love someone that deeply. Of course I love my family, and Sungie too of course. But I haven't felt that kind of deep emotion in a turn or two." The last comment does earn a small snicker, "I think that's nice though. Also a bit funny and just slightly entertaining."

Kyldar grins. "Love is there I'm sure," she says. "Follow your heart." Then: "Yeah, well, there's no denying that they have personality. But they're good critters. They're just big firelizards" there's a snort from outside "okay, Sinasapelth, big /smart/ firelizards, with a stronger bond."

Jeyinshi smiles, "I'll find it again one day…." Anything else the dolphineer is about to say is interrupted by a soft chuckle and she leans back in her chair with a grin. "That is one way to put it isn't it? I've never had a flit myself though, so my idea of the whole bond is still kind of shaky. But I think I'm starting to understand a bit."

Kyldar hands a hunk of her omelet to the bronze flit on her shoulder, who takes it carefully (if greedily) from her hand, and she starts back into her breakfast, a little less rushing now, putting some of the omelet on some toast and eating it like that. "Well, with their little cousins here, the bond is much weaker. They can sense your emotions and your thoughts, and you do influence each other somewhat, and the more intelligent among them can carry out some simple tasks for you, but it's not like having that other mind inside yours all that time."

Jeyinshi peers over at the bronze flit with a smile. As she listens to the explanation, parts of it seem to be clicking, or so Jey's nods indicate. "The bond is always there, but depending on the flit itself, the strength varies right? For dragons though…it's more of a constant sort of inescapable thing? But one that you can't help but…ahh, I don't know how to put into words. But I think I'm starting to get a general idea."
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Kyldar hands the little bronze another piece and takes a few bites from her toast. "Yeah, that's pretty much it," she says after swallowing. "With a dragon, it's there, from the moment you make Impression. You feel its mind merge with your own." She grins. "And says 'hello, I'm yours forever and I love you. Oh, and I'm hungry, feed me please.'"

Jeyinshi chuckles softly before leaning forward, "Now /that/ is something I can understand. Hunger. Poor things must feel half starved staying there that long." Leave it to the dolphineer to latch onto food. "Always a part of you from then on. It's….well, it's impossible for me to imagine right now. That kind of permanance isn't something I've experienced. Friends, family, dolphins. They're all free to come and go. The bonds are just…less concrete? I guess that's one way to put it."

Kyldar nods. "That's it. They're ravenously hungry, after being confined in the egg for so long." She pauses, eating some of her fruit. "Friends, family, we appreciate them just as much as anyone else does, mind. In fact, I'm very close to my relations. We've always been a tight-knit family."
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Jeyinshi grins, "Food is important. One can't really blame them." If Jey was confined in a shell for that long, it'd be interesting how much she could eat. "No no, of course. Family is something that's always there for you as well. Family and friends are all so important. If it weren't for them and Sungie I'd still be in my room. Heh, Western would also have had one less dolphineer."

Kyldar finishes the last of her breakfast, except for a couple scraps that get handed over to the little bronze on her shoulder, and picks up the juice glass again. "I've always been encourged to follow my bliss, mostly by family. It's how I came to follow in my mom's footsteps and become a harper. I did not expect to become a fifth-generation rider, but that has its advantages. My granddad T'burk helped me through Weyrlinghood a great deal. Like your family, they're there for me."

Jeyinshi smiles, "That does sound nice. My family is sort of similar. We don't have any riders but we've been dolphineers for turns. They've always to told me to do what I like best, but for some reason, no one in our family has ever wanted to break away from the craft. It's nice though. Some people don't have that kind of support system…and it sort of hurts to see that."

Kyldar takes a long swig of her juice. "You have a family tradition then." Her cheerful demeanor fades somewhat then. "I've seen all too much of that happen," she says solemnly. "Of course, I've also seen a lot of happy endings come from unhappy situations. Alas, I know it doesn't always work that way though."

Jeyinshi grins, "We do. And it's nice. It'd be nice if it continued, but even if it doesn't, it's alright. Just coming this far is enough." The dolphineer's smile also fades and she sort of looks up to the ceiling, her voice softer and a bit heavy. "Search and rescue. We face those kinds of situations every day. And there are just times when we can't do anything about it…or even in situations not related to work. Feelings o helpless…I don't like it."

Kyldar smiles and nods. "Search and rescue. I'm in Archipelago wing, myself. We do search and rescue. I was working in the flood that hit a couple turns ago. It was exhausting, challenging work, but well worth it. There are the feelings of helplessness though. You just have to do the best that you can, y'know."

Jeyinshi nods, "I remember you telling me you were part of S&R. I didn't know you worked in the floods though. The work is hard, but it's not something I'd ever trade for. And I don't think you would either, would you? It helps though, with the helplessness. Making a tangible difference in lives." The dolphineer shrugs then, sort of smirking at herself, "Maybe I'm just being selfish, doing it to appease my own turmoil."

Kyldar shakes her head. "No, I wouldn't. I actually enjoyed the challenge, and yes, making a difference. They're giving me some time for maternity leave soon, but I'm going to miss working with my wing, and I might actually feel remiss if there's a disaster that I can't attend to." Then: "Well, if it's selfish, then it's for an unselfish reason?"

Jeyinshi grins, "How's the babe coming along anyhow? You're certainly looking well and active for an expecting mother." Selfish for an unselfish reason. The dolphineer nods, accepting the words and turning them over in her head. "That makes sense. Whatever the reason, like we said. It's not something we would ever stop doing…given the choice of course."

Kyldar leans back and rubs her baby bump, smiling a bit. "The healers tell me there are no complications or anything, so it's all good. I feel healthy, at least since I've gotten past the morning-sickness phase, and all seems to be going well." Then: "I can't see me stopping. I have a feeling that I'm going to take after my granddad, and never completely stop even when I'm ancient and gray and all that."

Jeyinshi smiles, "It's good to hear that. And it's even better that you're past the morning-sickness phase. Do you know whether it's a boy or girl?" A small chuckle escapes her lips then, "I kind of hope that I'll be doing the same. Probably won't be able to swim once I'm old and rickety, but I can do some coordinating from shore."

Kyldar shakes her head. "I don't know yet. I'll be checking in with the healers soon, they should know." She takes a light sip of her juice. "Staying active will keep you young at heart when you're old."
Jeyinshi grins, "That's exciting though! It'll be nice to finally know. Unless you wanted to not find out until the end? Mom was like that." The dolphineer stretches then, gathering her plates and slowly standing.
"Speaking of staying active. I've got some candidates waiting for me at the lagoon. Got to get some swimming lessons as well as fun in. If you've time, you should stop by as well. If not, I'll see you around?"

Kyldar nods. "You go and get that done. I'll see you."

Jeyinshi waves and heads towards the kitchens, moving to drop off her dishes before making it out towards the lagoon. "Bye!"

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