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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Kitchens
'The kitchen cavern is a huge and perpetually bustling place, one that rarely seems to slow down - if at all. The cooks certainly seem to be busy both day and night, preparing meals or getting things ready for the next day. The cavern itself is large and with a domed ceiling that seems perfect for trapping the aromas of deliciously prepared food. New steel-bodied ovens and stoves have been designed and installed along the walls, utilizing the natural gas that's piped in from a nearby well. The vents are also new - shiny metal exteriors that house silent fans to pull any fumes and smoke from the space. The walls, too, appear to have been painted fairly recently in a warm off-white color to contrast the dark tile floor.

The interior is an open space - or would be, were it not for the rows of neatly organized counters. The counters feature a dark wood as the main body - some have wood surfaces while others are capped with black marble. Several islands have wheels on them and can be moved as necessary. Many of the counters double as storage and the fixed ones have shelves built into the ends for storing various odds and ends, like spices and herbs. Hanging from the ceiling are wood and metal racks that have been arranged, just so, to allow pots and pans to be hung out of the way - but still within easy reach. A heavy, metal door leads to the cold storage chamber, which has been outfitted with a refrigeration device of some sort. Cold foods and ice are kept there, ensuring that the Weyr's foodstuffs are always fresh.

What is it about the kitchens that has L'ton there so often in the evening? For today is no different - while a few cooks linger, setting up trays for overnight snacks, and setting tomorrow's bread to rise, the silver-haired Weyrleader is settled off to one side, flipping through a pile of paper as he picks at a plate of now-cold food. "Shards, really?" He murmurs to himself as he reads, flipping to the previous page to double-check what he just read, before setting the papers aside and leaning back in his chair with a soft sigh, a hand ruffling his own hair as he thinks.

It has to be the food right? At least that is what draws the diver, with her netted sack containing the day's catch. The sack is exchanged with one of the kitchens workers, for a plate of fruit and cheese, which Tanit gratefully accepts before plopping down in one of the empty chairs to eat. Of course, it's only once she's seated that she notices the blond, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not bothering you am I?" A glance to the knot at his shoulder, has her dark brows knitting together, as if trying to remember a complicated chart of cords and tassels. "Ah, Sir." She adds once the gears click into place. Oops.

It takes a moment for the words to register - or at least, that the words are directed at him. It was probably the 'sir' that did it. L'ton shifts a bit, clearing his throat. "What, me? You definitely ain't bothering me at all - And I mean, even if'n you were loud, s'what I deserve for sitting down here and not somewhere private, right?" He offers a wide grin, the action wrinkling his face a bit, as his eyes slip towards the netted sack. "Anything good in there? I mean.. should I pull rank and get first pick?" Papers, and cold food, are forgotten for the time being - which at least in the case of the latter may be for the best.

Tanit laughs, a full-throated sound. "I think everyone is entitled to a change of scenery now and again; you can only stare at stone walls for so long before it does something up here." Tapping at her temple. The sack is glanced back to, and there is a chuckle, "Depends on how you feel about the abuse of power. But, were our places reversed, I'd always try to get first pick. Mostly oysters and clams, but there's a good sized crab in there that would probably be excellent grilled with the proper side dishes."

A cook passes by L'ton, headed to take a tray of meat rolls out ot the caverns for the night table, and the Weyrleader is rising to his feet to snag one off the tray as she passes, murmuring a thanks as he inclines his head. "When you've been around as many turns as I have, sometimes you realize that you just need to do it." L'ton waves the meat roll around for emphasis before he taking a bit as he moves to the netted bag, peeking inside. "A crab, hmm?" He glances over his shoulder to the young woman. "What would you have with it? Since I am starting to think this may be a speciality of yours."

Tanit grins, "I'm starting to see the appeal of doing paperwork in here." Watching the meat roll with a soft chuckle. As for the crab? "Depends on how hot it is and what you have on hand, but cook it up, shred the meat and add hunks of either pineapple, mango or both, Along with whatever fresh vegetables you have on hand, and it makes a mean crab salad. I don't know about expertise, but I think it's a byproduct of living on an island and working as a diver. You figure out that the sea is full of wonderful things to eat."

"You mean, free food just walking itself right up to you?" L'ton chuckles softly. "Also, turns out that the people in here want less from you, than the people who come looking for you whenever you are in the office. And turns of small children in the weyr taught me to never assume I could accomplish even the simplest thing there." And Faranth knows there were always plenty of children. "Maybe I'll have to see if we can find some things for crab salad, then." The sack is nudged to get it to resettle, and hopefully expose the crab. "I just appreciate whatever happens to show up.. generally. Sometimes I appreciate it more when it goes away."

Tanit grins, "I see that I can learn much from your turns of experience here." L'ton is rewarded with a poke of a spiny claw through the net, and stalked eyes are peering back through the netting. "You mean food or people?" A hand rakes through messy short hair, pushing it back from her eyes where thanks to being damp it stays. "Things here are not what I expected at all, and I mean that in the best sense," Tanit remarks, picking up a bit of cheese to nibble at. "I always thought of weyrs as strictly regimented places, which were, forgive me, obsolete. That doesn't seem to be the case here though. Or perhaps my interpretation is skewed?"

"Always watch what the old people do - chances are we've figured it out. And I promise, I'm not senile yet, so I haven't forgotten all the good tricks." A wink, and the spiny claw catches his attention and he nudges the bag again before he is catching the attention of a cook. "Could you.. put that somewhere for me?" And he carefully nudges the claw with the back of a finger to avoid getting caught. "I'll come get it tomorrow afternoon." The crab appropriately claimed and left in the cook's capable hands, he glance back at Tanit with a grin. "Depends on the Weyrwoman, I think. And I guess, to a lesser extent the Weyrleader. Was a goldrider, back when I was at Ista. She used to be a ship's captain and tried to run the tightest ship you can imagine. Can't say I was too upset when circumstances changed."

Tanit laughs, "Then I'm happy to trade fresh seafood for your well-earned wisdom any time. I'm Tanit, by the way." Talk of Ista earns a lift of dark brows, "I have never met any Goldriders before." Tanit admits, "I didn't realize there were so many Istan transfers here, do riders often change Weyrs?"

"Well, welcome to Half Moon, then, Tanit - I think that is an arrangement that I'd be happy to shake on. L'ton, of bronze Dhonzayth." He offers a hand, both to back up his words, and in welcome. "Some are downright terrifying… And then you find yourself waking up next to them, and you find yourself wishing you could between without having to find your dragon.. Though I suppose he is usually the cause for that situation." At least with goldriders. "They can, if they don't get along with leadership, or they catch a gold and end up realizing they like it better. Or they think let someone talk them into a move." He shrugs a bit. "I mean, I've been here longer than Ista, so I suppose it is home now, regardless of if Dhonzayth keeps up his good show."

Tanit accepts the hand and gives it a firm shake, "It is a pleasure to meet you." The admission, however, earns a bark of full-throated laughter, tears forming at the corner of her eyes. "I'm sorry, that's just terrible, I really shouldn't laugh." But the image of the man caught like a wild dog in a trap trying to gnaw his leg off is just too much. "And I suppose your Dhonzayth is never sorry for it, no matter how miserable it makes you?"

"Now, I mean, I don't know if I would go so far as *miserable*, at least not usually but.." He laughs a little, leaning back against the edge of the counter. "Though, you'd be right that the bugger is never sorry, and always instead *quite* proud of himself.. He simply doesn't get it sometimes, no matter how awkward it is, or how bad of a match.. There he goes." Some people might say like dragon, like rider though.

Tanit chuckles still between bites, "You seem to be very happy though, with the way things have turned out." Plate cleaned she looks at it as if contemplating more but instead moves to stick it with the dirty dishes. "Or is that another side effect of the bond?"

"There is usually some cookies, if you check those last trays on the end.. should still be warm, too." L'ton offers the little tidbit as the teenager adds the plate to the dirty dishes. "Dhonny and I've been together near 50 turns, now. I think we've learned to live with each others.. shards knows we've had it pretty good.. hard to not be happy." He shrugs a little. "Though, what with Weyrwoman Aglaia stepping down, times have called for a few extra cookies here and there, to help with it." And probably something stronger, too.

Tanit oohs, and fetches the cookies, enough to share, piling them onto a plate. "Aren't there two other goldriders at Halfmoon to take up the slack?" Tanit ponders, pushing the plate over to where both can reach it with ease. "Is it
unusual for a weyrwoman to step down?"

"Oh, Thank you!" He offers, stealing a cookie off the plate with the complete lack of shame that one would probably expect from someone his age. He finishes it thoughtfully, before shrugging. "I mean, sure.. And Kadesh is doing all she can, but I mean, technically it isn't 'official' no matter what everyone else says.. And some of the others are real stick-in-the-muds about it." A roll of his eyes, and he is reaching for another cookie. "Eh, I've seen my fair share. Usually for good enough reasons.. Rather have someone with the time to focus, than someone with.. issues. Or sometimes you wonder how they got there in the first place."
"And you can't just import one from one of the weyrs with a surplus I take it?" Tanit wonders, happy to be in the company of someone who has the same attitudes about food and sharing that she does. "Or does that create even more work than it solves?" She shrugs at the last, "The secret of the dragons, it's an ancient mystery." As to why they do or do not pick some.

"Have you ever had a group of felines, and while some of them are more than happy to pile up and sleep, there is always that one who hates the rest of them? Make them less fuzzy and cute and a lot larger, and you have golds.. There is always that one. Maybe they only allow 3 others. Or maybe they can only be their clutch-daughters. Or…" L'ton waves his hand around. "or Faranth only knows.. they truly are worse than felines, and you can't exactly lock them in a closet when they are being bad." And there goes a third cookie. "I'd say you'll see, but hopefully you won't. And who knows what Celimoth's clutch on the Sands will bring - maybe some new blood all around."

Tanit grins at the analogy, "Who knows, but it should be interesting to see what comes out of this clutch." Getting to her feet and leaving the rest of the plate of cookies she gives a small wave. "I am afraid I should be getting to bed now, and letting you get back to your work. Have a good night, and thank you for the tips."

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