To Terms

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Large Storage Cavern
A huge cavern that serves as a warehouse for the Weyr. There is a loading dock for wagons and supplies of all sorts are stacked neatly on huge shelves. Several smaller passages lead to various rooms used for storage. Sometimes one will see one of the smaller dragons helping lift things to and from the shelves with the rider directing the operation.

It is sometime around midday, but who can really tell in this giant storage cavern? Riohra is setting up what looks like a sheets tied between large boxes, his hair seems to be styled to day in five large spikes standing straight up he is bare chested in nothing but shorts. His back full of scars can be seen by anyone walking in as he whistles a merry little tune.

Elixyvette is plainly not anticipating walking into the cavern and seeing anyone in any state of undress, for when she wanders through with a stack of carefully folded fabrics of different colours in her arms she draws to an abrupt halt when she catches sight of Riohra. “Excuse me-” she starts to say, only for her amber gaze to fall to his scars. It would be polite to ignore them, find somewhere for the fabric, and leave, yet she quite openly lets her focus roam over that scarring. Fingers clench at the edge of the fabric. “…What happened?” she asks quietly, only to add, “If it’s not too much.”

Riohra jumps abit, and turns looking a bit sheepishly saying “I got creative with my hair, to much” yup totally missing the fact she is talking about his scars. But as he turns she can see he has a large on that runs down the middle of his torso. He leans on a box and says “How are you today? your little blue there getting on better?”

“It’s… certainly something,” Elixyvette concedes, meaning to drag her attention back to anything but those scars; a task she ends up finding absolutely impossible. She’s still holding onto that fabric as if she cannot manage to do anything but cling to it as she clarifies, “I mean… were you hurt?” Or, what she must be thinking: “Did someone hurt you?” The questions aimed her way have her colouring before she can get out an answer, head tilting as she parses something that may not be in the enquiry at all. “…I think he is just a different shade of blue than expected. He’s definitely a he. And he isn’t unwell, according to the dragonhealers.”

Riohra frowns a little and says “You know Kassala could help with that. She is amazing with dragons” there is a soft hint of pride there but he keeps a tight leash on that. When she asks if he was hurt he looks down then a soft ‘oooh’ escapes him as he looks up saying “oh these, no one but me I am afraid. Hazards of not always looking before one leaps, well at least most of them.” he rubs the back of his neck and takes a deep breath as if trying to hold something back. He will look over at Elixyvette “I am sorry if they offend you, I didnt mean too”

“If he seems to be hurting or not eating, I’ll be sure to bring the matter to her,” Elixyvette agrees, inclining her head a little. She listens to the explanation supplied with her eyes narrowed only slightly, either meaning to interrogate those claims or still working through how the sight of the old signs of pain have made her feel. “No,” she says abruptly. “They don’t offend me. I was…” Closing her eyes, she takes a deep breath and schools her features back to neutrality. “I was… angry that someone might have hurt you and clearly didn’t handle it too well. I don’t know what I would have done about it. I was just… angry.”

Riohra will tilt his head at her and give her an affectionate smile “That is because you are a good person. But sadly the only one to blame is my self, well me and my Job as hunter.” he will stop and correct himself saying “But the ones on my back are from and accident.. when I was younger..” he seems like he is having a hard time talking about it but is pushing himself to open up.

“You perhaps ought not to ascribe that to someone who might be willing to hurt someone because they hurt you.” Mindless that the fabric is all neat and folded and otherwise crease free, Elixyvette hugs it to her chest as she acknowledges that impulse and tries to shove it back down where she doesn’t have to examine it for the moment. Looking Riohra up and down, she waits out his pauses without pressing for more information, darting her attention away from him so as not to stare and put wordless pressure there by accident. Only as he drifts to silence does she murmur, “You don’t have to tell me. It’s okay. We all have things we would rather not talk about.” Holding the fabric tighter, she repeats, “It’s okay.”

Riohra laughs a little breaking his self induced floundering “It is a protection impulse born from a desire to not see those you care about hurt. I have done it my self for others, and will probably do it again because those that can not defend themselves need a shield and spear” will look up at her and smile “no, no I want to. the Healer thinks if I talk about it more I can come to terms with it. If you want to listen?”

“I only want to listen if you truly want to speak.” Elixyvette delivers those words a little more firmly than the others, seeking Riohra’s gaze as she does so. “If you believe I need an explanation or you must out of some sense of duty, then it could only cause you more pain. If you want to tell me because you want to, I’m happy to listen, but you shouldn’t if you think you simply owe it.” And so she leaves that decision with him to make, her burden not yet set down if only to keep something between them that allows her to keep from letting the full weight of her attention rest consistently on him.

Riohra will smile at her and bob his head in acknowledgement “out of all of my new friends, you are the person I want to tell” He will move things around an make a place for them to sit if she wishes to join him. “It was when I was young, well a little younger than I am now.” he admits “I wasn’t always wanting to be a hunter, I heard the call of the sea so I tried my hand at sailing” His voice is still firm and warm but there is a sadness that is slowly starting to creep in.

Turning to the nearest shelf, Elixyvette tucks the stack of fabric safely away, save for one piece – the top one, of a deep red – that she keeps hold of as she moves to meet Riohra and settles herself down on the floor rather than on a box or anything similar, curling her legs beneath her while her hands fold the fabric smaller and smaller as she listens. Every now and then, she darts a look up at him, encouraging without prompting and at ease enough with doing so that is must be something that she’s fairly accustomed to.

Riohra smiles and then goes back into his memories “I was about fourteen turns old at the time, even then I was a bit of a daring sort. I was aloft in the rigging, that is what they say to mean I was up very high in the ropes and sails area.” He will now look at his hands, calloused and scared he will focus on them now as he talks “well I guess who ever was in charge thought they could out run a storm coming along, or maybe just wanted to ride into it I will never know.”

“…You fell?” Elixyvette asks, her voice no louder than necessary for only Riohra to hear her and no others who might be lurking somewhere in the storage caverns. She allows herself those two syllables and no more, her head tilting as she regards first his hands, then how he looks and focuses on them.

Riohra nods and takes a shuddring inhale of air his voice is soft now, not the man’s voice he usually uses but a small child like voice now. “Down from the high point, it is only by the whim of fate I didnt hit the deck. But instead I hit the water, now we have safety lines tied to us to keep us from floating away to far and getting lost but..mine got caught up.” His voice is shaking now as he runs his hands together “I was pulled under the boat..”

Though her expression gives away nothing of her feelings, Elixyvette stops the repetitive motion of folding that fabric and reaches instead with the intention of covering Riohra’s with her own. It’s not to hold or restrict, but just an assurance that someone is there and still listening, even if her hands are a little cold and on the skinny side of things.

While they maybe cold to her, to him it is warmth and strength, his voice is still soft, but it is steadier now. Thankful for her touch he will look up, his eyes will say the words he cant right now of thanks and appreciation. She can see that they glisten with tears as he is reliving his childhood trauma again, but he doesn’t break as she lends him comfort. He looks back down at her hand on his and takes a deep breath and continues “I don’t remember how long I was there, they say it wasn’t to long but to me it was a lifetime. I can still feel the rough underside of the wood as the heavy water would throw me against the boat.”

“That must have been awful,” Elixyvette says quietly, “but you’ve picked yourself up and moved on and past it.” She’s not callous with it, yet there’s a certain practical edge to her words meant to encourage and remind; to recall to the present. “At least, past it enough that you’ve built a whole new life for yourself. What’s important to remember is that, no matter how terrible it was, you wouldn’t be here without it having happened.” For just a moment, she tightens her hands over Riohra’s. “…I say maybe we sit here for a few more minutes, then you sort out your hair and… clothes… and we go to the kitchen and beg some tea and something sweet. And if you’re needed at a chore, I’ll go in your place. After.”

Riohra smiles now first at the squeeze then at the offer, he takes a deep breath and nods saying “I am in that fashion show of sorts, this is my outfit” he motions to the curtain he was putting up as there is vials of glitter and what looks like hair care products, but he still nods “but I can take a break and have tea with a good friend.” He doesn’t break the holding of the hand but also won’t try to make it more as he knows she does things in her own pace. “thank you, for being here.”

“Well, rather you than me,” Elixyvette has to admit. “I’m generally not a performing Harper for a reason, but I know that you probably need to be a little steadier than you are at the moment to hold your head high.” And so sugar. And caffeine. She gives Riohra’s hand another squeeze, then makes to get to her feet to afford him the space to sort things out before they head anywhere else. “Anytime,” she tells him, giving a tiny nod to accompany a flicker of a smile. “I’ll finish putting this lot away properly, then we can go get that tea.” She’ll turn her back and thus avert her gaze, busying herself until such a time as they can head to the kitchen presents itself, parting ways only once she’s certain that he’s brought himself back firmly enough from those memories.

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