To market ... to market

Western Weyr - Open Market
The sweeping canopy of the lush, green tropics gives way in this place to a massive clearing, spanning what must be a great many acres in a bustling, hubbub of noise, color, and activity. Rich golden-red terra cotta bricks line the marketplace grounds, providing a clean, bright place to walk and a level ground to set up shop on. The central part of the marketplace is an open bazaar, where people come to set up temporary shops in tents, out of carts and wagons, and some right on the ground with their wares laid out for anyone to see. The centralmost point of the open market is a massive, marble fountain rising up into a spire from who's top runs a cascade of water down the sides, gurgling over the intricate, mounted sculptures of all manners of Pernese creatures from dragons to whers to runners and all large and small, down into a large pool where silvery-white dolphins of stone leap and play.The smells of rich foods and sweet pastries and exotic tropical fruits competes with the less tantilizing scents of fresh caught fish and livestock for sale and those waiting patiently beside their owners carts or pastured in the temporary pens while their owners do some shopping. The colors of goods and the vivid swaths of tents and canvas wagons makes the place alive with brilliance, and at most all hours of the day there is a flurry of activity to behold.

On such a lovely late afternoon day, when the warmth of the sun is just so, and the sky is that wonderfully clear shade of blue without a cloud in sight, it can be little wonder that the weyrfolk like to frequent the marketplace. Seated atop the edge of the fountain, Enka is amongst those who've chosen to add their patronage to the vendors here, her hands around the waist of a small toddler who's lying across the lip of the fountain, playfully splashing water at the stone dolphin sculptures, gurgling happily. A large basket by Enka's feet, stocked nearly full with food can be seen, the square white slip of a recipe sticking out from amongst the bags of fruit, and flour.

Ze'an can be seen making his way through the various vendors, pausing here or there to peer at their wares. he pauses, however, as he spots Enka. "Heya, Enka, you wouldn't happen to see any where I can get some furniture, would you? I've finally decided to just hunker down and put new stuff into my weyr."

"Are you?" Enka glances up at the sound of Ze'an's voice, keeping a firm hold on the back of the toddler's tunic as Emalia's small hands continue to paw cheerfully at the water, the little girl laughing happily. "Are you goin' to get a rope hammock to sleep in or are you willin' to try for some wooden furniture?" there's a wry smile on the goldrider's face, glancing towards the young man. "I think I saw a man sellin' some furniture when I bought the flour. He's right down this way." She stands then, pulling Emalia away from the fountain's pool, and settling her onto her hip. "I'll show you." She bends to claim the basket, nodding towards the left side of the market.

"Yeah," Ze'an says with a little grin, "I think I finally talked myself into it. I don't really think I deserve to live like I am, I deserve things, right?" He laughs a little, rubbing at the back of his head, "It'll give me a reason to try and not to break things." He purses his lips, "Actually, I think I quite like the idea of a hammock, and I really only need something for me." He turns his head to consider the little girl, "Is she yours, Enka?" He watches as she picks up so many bags, "Let me help? I promise I'll be careful with them."

Enka nods for a moment, and then hefts the basket, offering it towards Ze'an. "Good," she remarks, "Aint fair for you to live like someone in fear of breakin' somethin' and avoidin' the good things in life," the goldrider observes, "Look, I moved around a couple of times when I was younger, all I wanted was a place of me own. Desvered better'n what I had, and the same could be said for you. You /deserve/ things." It's a reassuring smile she gives him, nodding at the baket. "Was gettin' some goodies to make bubbly pies." she explains. "Nothin' in there that couldn't stand bein' dropped. But I know won't." Stepped on … that's another story, but at least everything's soft and squishy. She hoists Emalia a little higher on her hip, the little toddler waving little hands about, gray eyes wide as she watches the bluerider. "Mmmhmm," Enka nods. "This is Emalia."

"Yeah, I think I'm getting sick anyway, I've been feeling…really bad lately. I think it's because of the weyr, I don't feel hungry most of the time and I can't keep a whole lot down when I do eat." He shifts on his position, "I know I deserve more, so I just decided to go for it and give myself what I need so I can get well." He shifts in his position, "Bubblie pies? Really? Maybe I'll stop down later if I feel better." He pauses again, "It's nice to meet you, Emalia." He reaches out to take the bag, tucking it safely over his arm to ensure that it won't be dropped, or stepped on, or squished.

"We can't have that," Enka replies, her voice just a bit tart, as she looks the bluerider over. "Gettin' sick won't help you in any way, since you won't be able to do much about your livin' space otherwise. We'd probably have to drag ya down to the infirmary then, or send one of the headwoman's assistants up to nurse you back to health." she offers a faint teasing smile then, nodding towards one of the stalls about halfway down the lane. "I do think I saw a chair and table there. Hand-carved, the man said." The goldrider pauses, chuckling softly then. "Well, if I can kick that cook out of the kitchens long enough for me to work," she remarks drolly. "He says a weyrwoman ought to be in the records room or on the sands, not handlin' his cookin' utensils. But," there's a brief pause, the woman shrugging her shoulders, "bakin's my art, you could say, and my craft. Gotta be able to exercise it once in a while, eh?" Emalia waves a fist, gurgling for a moment. "Heewoo." comes the toddler's greeting.

Dressed to relax in a thigh-sweeping sundress of pale yellow, Liandyn strolls into the market on heeled sandals, her curls bouncing behind her in a lazy runner-tail. Though one wrist has several thin, metal bracelets lightly jangling together, the other bears only a bracelet of carved wooden beads, matching the necklace dipping low towards her cleavage. "It's a shame your 'mate couldn't have come with us," she remarks to the green firelizard on her shoulder as she makes her way towards the stalls, blue eyes flickering about with evident facination. "Oh! Ze'/an/!" Shifting stride, she stretches long legs to approach her clutchmate and his partner. "And a Weyrwoman, too! If only we had a Weyrlingmaster, my luck would be complete." She grins slyly towards the 'lizard on her shoulder before holding her hands out to the two riders.

Ze'an can't help but chuckle, shaking is head as he shifts the bag in his grip. He's paying partucarly good attention to where he's stepping, so most of his attention seems to be on the gorund with occasional glimpces upward to make sure he doesn't end up bumping into anyone. "Yeah, I've been thinking of going to the infirmary, I've been like this for a couple of days now, I was hoping it'd just go away, but I haven't had a decent meal in a while." He purses his lips together, shifting a little. "You cook, ma'am? If you like cooking so much, why not get your own kitchen or something? Most people have kitchens in their weyrs, don't they?" He turns as he hears his name, a brow arching on his forhead, "Why would luck include me? Luck has nothing to do with me, Liandyn." He grins, "Well, why not drag him out, huh? Bet he hasn't seen the sun in a while." He winks playfully.

Enka's frown is a slight one as she tilts her head, regarding Ze'an for a moment. "You need a keeper, man," she comments dryly, "someone who'll make sure you get plenty of good hot meals without starvin' yourself. I'm sure one of the old aunties in the caverns needs a nice young fellow to adopt and mother." her words are accompanied by another teasing wink, the goldrider reaching out to pat his shoulder, if he'd let her, with her free hand. "Just take care of yourself, all right. Aint right of you to skimp on meals or anythin'. You need to be healthy to take care of Orykoth." She laughs, moving her hand to reach into a pocket and remove a cookie of some kind which she gives to Emalia to teeth on. "Maybe I should," Enka remarks after a moment of thought, "get my own kitchen. There's bound to be some space in my weyr, and I could always have someone come in and fix it up some too. Make my pies and things there." She might say more, but then there's the sound of another woman's voice, and she catches sight of Liandyn. "Why hello!" the weyrwoman smiles broadly. "Aint you lookin' nice and fancy today. How are you?"

Sliding up beside Ze'an and trying to hook her arm through his - a friendly motion, nothing more, Liandyn beams brightly at the bluerider. "Don't be silly," she teases him. "It's always lucky when I run into you. I never see enough of you anymore. And you know Ae'gus," she adds, with a sigh and a roll of her eyes. "Work, work. Anyway, gives me a chance to pick some things up without him knowing about it," she adds, her grin turning sly as she glances sidelong at the green on her shoulder. "I'm sure Eileen will keep my secrets, won't you, girlie?" Turning her attention to the goldrider, she flutters her lashes at Enka, lips curving in their natural pout. "This old thing? Actually, I was hoping to get a few ideas for some new dresses while I was here. My wardrobe is getting thin." Liar, liar, if she had pants, they'd be ashes by now. "How are you two?"

"I don't need a keeper," Ze'an rolls his eyes in annoyance, "And I told you, I can't keep anything down. I've been trying to eat, the only thing I've been able to keep down is bread and stuff. It's not like I'm intentially skimping on my meals." He groans loudly at the thought, "No thanks, I don't need some nanny looking after me and doting over me. I'm a adult, I can take care of myself." He arches a brow as Lian's arm link with his and he shrugs indifferently. "Nice to see you too, Lian." he says quietly, turning back towards Enka, "You wouldn't have to fight for the kitchen if you had your own and you could cook anything you wanted to." He sugguests. "I've been better, Lian, you? You look nice enough in that, I don't understand why females need so many different clothes when what they have is good enough."

"What have the healers got to say?" Enka arches a brow, regarding Ze'an over the top of Emalia's head as she tucks the toddler in close against her body. "I trust you have been to visit them, have you?" There's a bit of a demand there in the queenrider's voice, although it's light enough that she hasn't outright insisted that the man visit the infirmary. "I hope you feel better soon though," she amends this with a faint smile, nodding. "Faranth's teeth, a kitchen would be a grand idea, be able to bake to me heart's content, and enjoy a hot hot cup of klah in the mornin' without havin' to leave the weyr." Her gray eye glint at the idea. "Be awful handy too when …" she might say more, but a laugh and a wave of her free hand forestalls any further words as she winks cheerfully at Liandyn. "Oh, I'm sure you'll find some dashin' outfits here," she comments drolly, "saw some wonderful fabric a few stalls down that way, past the furniture maker. You'd make a lovely dress from it, you could." Ze'an gets a wry smile. "You'd have to ask?" she gives a soft laugh. "We just like wearin' things. Cause we can." Again, she might have more to say, but refrains.

"All men need a keeper," Liandyn murmurs with amusement, though her voice is teasing as she grins towards Ze'an. "Not feeling well?" Laughter fades to sympathy, and she pulls back slightly to study him. "I hope you get better," she says gently, stroking his arm, though she doesn't pull away, even at the risk of catching something. Touchy little greenrider, in the most literal sense of the word. "Well, Faranth, Ze'an, what we have is never fine, didn't you know that? There's always something better out there. And I ended up giving half my clothes to stores shortly after I moved into my weyr because they didn't fit anymore. Have to replace them somehow." After all, Ae'gus can always move another wardrobe into her weyr, right? "You must show me this fabric," - this is not a demand, it's an exclamation, "and oh, Enka, I have been meaning to talk to you. Who's this?" It must be dizzying to follow her thoughts - maybe it's the hair. However, 'this' would be Emalia, who is currently being stared at by wide, blue eyes.

"I'll visit them soon, I was hoping it would go away. I think it's something to do with the situation of my weyr. I think it's the mold, or something. I don't know, but that's one of the reasons why I want to toss everything. I'm just not sure I have the energy for it right now." He pauses a little, pursing his lips tightly. "No, not feeling well, I think I caught something, or have some sort of virus, or something. I don't know. I haven't been able to keep anything down." He turns to rolls his eyes at the two woman, "No, I don't understand it, I don't think I ever will. I'm not a female, and I'm alone." He points out with a little wiggle of his finger. "Well, if it's close by to the furniture, we can all go together."

Enka wrinkles her nose. "Eww, mold." the goldrider doesn't look particularly pleased by that admission from Ze'an. "Could be what's makin' you sick, breathin' in the mold spores or somethin'." she frowns slightly once more. "If you need to recruit a horde of weyrbrats and caverns ladies to help with the cleanin', you go right ahead. No reason why you have to keep livin' like that. Could even stay in the guest weyr if you need to, for a few days." she tilts her head, looking thoughtful before she's giggling and trading significantly female looks with Liandyn. "And gals just like wearin' clothes," she comments, "sometimes it's all we got in the world to make us happy. Or sometimes," and there's a particularly throaty sort of a purr to the sound of her voice as she continues, "we like catchin' someone's eye, or dressin' up nice to be with someone." Because then there's the flip side… and Enka doesn't mention /that/. "Emalia," the goldrider supplies the name, the toddler waving her gnawed on bit of cookie around at the sound of her mother's voice. "What did you want to talk to me about." her hand waves, gesturing towards the furniture maker. "Right this way, since they're close."

"See that you do," Liandyn scolds lightly, as she strokes the arm she's holding again, her touch meant to be soothing. "If you need help, I'll help you - and maybe I'll see if some of the boys will, too. Or rather," she adds, grinning, "Zusamenth can take care of that part." Eyes twinkling, she tugs lightly, urging the bluerider towards the furnature display. "Oh yes," she agrees cheerfully with Enka, "clothes make the woman, you know. The better the clothes, the better you feel, even if it's just an outfit to work out in, you know? And oh," she sighs dreamily, flinging back her head and nearly whipping Ze'an in the face with her curls, "isn't that the truth? Don't you love the look on a guy's face when you wear something that's clearly just for him?" Perhaps that purr is also a female thing, because it's in her voice as well. "Hello, Emalia, aren't you a dear. Talk?" Blank look. "Oh! Well, I was thinking maybe, now that you've been here a while and I'm sure you've just had so much to do to get used to this Weyr, maybe you could use a night off." Talk, talk.

"Yeah…mold." Ze'an says quietly as he shifts on his feet, "And rust…and mildew, and water…" He trails off, and shakes his head at the thought. "It's why I haven't slept in my cot yet…" He shrugs a little, "I didn't see the point in fixing it up. It's just me and Orykoth, and I'd just end up breaking something." He arches a brow as he looks between the females, "I can take care of myself, I'll do it myself. I don't need any help. Really." He winces as Lian's hair assaults him, glaring at her as her head turns, "Careful of your weapon there, Liandyn. I don't really want to end up eating your hair." He rolls his eyes, "This is just what I need, to listen to a bunch of girls talk about girl stuff." He rolls his eyes at the thought, "maybe I'll go see what the storage caverns have or something." Yes, flee while the fleeing is still good, but then Liandyn's urging him towards the furniture.

"Mir can do some haulin' if you need it," Enka's not above offering the assistance of herself and her dragon. "Big one like her could probably haul off plenty of junk." Yeah, she's probably called his furniture and whatnot junk, but isn't that what a girl's supposed to do? Make things better? "Jays, man, you dealin' with all /that/ too? Why? We have got to do /something/ about that." Careful now, the Weyr is populated by quite the number of women, and they'd make a pretty good cleaning brigade. Not to mention interior designers. Still, the bluerider had said he could do it himself. "But you'll know where to turn, right?" She has to get the last word in here, totally. A flash of a grin is turned in the greenrider's direction. "Mmm, isn't it /wonderful/?" Well, it seems that these two ladies have quite a lot in common. "A night off?" Enka quirks a brow, smiling sweetly. "Be somethin' to enjoy, it would." Not that she doesn't already take nights off, but … "Got any ideas?" "Hewoo." Emalia does indeed talk, although she still hasn't quite mastered it. And there's the furniture maker, with the table and chair displayed at the front of his shop.

"We know you can take care of yourself, Ze'an," Liandyn replies quietly, no hint of the bubbly airhead present as she squeezes his arm lightly. "It's just that you don't have to. We'll help you, if you decide you need it. But we won't force ourselves on you." Nice of her to say after she's taken posession of his arm. "Just think about it, mmkay?" Giving him a soft smile, she turns her attention to Enka, eyes glittering brightly with the beginings of bubble again. "I have these - well, tell you what. Why don't you come up to my Weyr some night soon. I'll send Ae'gus off to his weyr - and, hey, it'll give me a chance to find new and interesting ways to lure him back! - and we can have some girl time. I'll show you my wardrobe, and we can have some nice, interesting talks." The curve of her lips is positively wicked as she turns her gaze briefly on Ze'an. "And that way, we can spare my darling clutchbrother over here all the gritty details, hey?" Yes, she's snickering at you, bluerider. But it's an affectionate snickering. "Look! Furnature!" Oooh.

"I don't need help." Ze'an says stubbornly, a hand idly reaching up to rub at his temples, "I can do it myself. If I break something, it'll be my fault. But I can do it, I'm the one that's living in it." He says with a indifferent shrug. Humph, women. "Didn't I tell you that my weyr was bad, Enka? I'm pretty sure I mentoned it some point during the line…" He rubs at the back of his head with his free hand, giving the arm captured by Lian a hopeful look. Free me? "Yes, do spare me details, I think I'll pass, thank you. Though, perhaps it might help to give me hints to avoid women the future so that I know when one has their sights on me. I'd rather avoid that whole mess, thanks." he turns his head as they reach the furniture maker, his lips pursing tightly together. "Hopefully it's sturdy and not easily breakable."

Enka laughs. She really really laughs, throwing her head back and letting out a good chortle, before she's looking back at the greenrider, eyes bright with mischief. "You'd only have to crook a finger, and he'd be bound to come runnin' back." she's got that knowing smile, a teasing wink and a grin completing the picture. "At least you 'aint havin' to lure him from another Weyr," she remarks cheerfully — not that she needs to do any 'luring' *cough*. "Just across the bowl or whatever." But she nods, moving forward to lean close to the younger woman and smile. "I'll do it," she nods, "Mir can be convinced to give me a lift up before she goes wanderin' about of a night, and we can talk, and gossip and be utterly girlish." Yes, Enka does like this plan, it's a good way of bonding with the greenriders (but most notably other women of her Weyr). Ze'an's words get another look from the goldrider. "I didn't think it was /that/ bad. You said it was bad, but Faranth, I figured it weren't too shabby." She smiles sweetly again, mirth in her eyes. "Maybe gals aint the one for ya," she remarks. "Or …" a shrug. "at least we'll spare you all the details." Her gaze turns towards the table and chair. "They /look/ sturdy." she remarks. "I had to put a chair together once, and it didn't look as stout as that."

"Men," Liandyn sighs, though she catches that look and relents, slipping her arm from Ze'an's after another briefly supporting squeeze, grinning at him. "Blueriders!" Snickering, she drops back to stand next to Enka, wrinkling her nose and making a silly face for Emalia's benefit before turning her gaze on the table and chair thoughtfully. "Well, you know how to test, don't you?" she asks her clutchmate, gesturing. "Sit down, just like normal. If you don't break it, then it should be sturdy enough for you. If you do, I bet you could get one of the Weyr woodcrafters to shore it up for you. Maybe a smith. Add all sorts of struts and supports and whatever else they put on things to make them extra sturdy." Her teeth flash in a grin, as she idly rocks her hips, sending her skirt swishing about her thighs. "I don't know about the crooked finger thing," she murmurs to Enka, voice lowered so as not to subject Ze'an to unnecessary girl talk. "Ae'gus isn't a puppy, and I wouldn't want to presume anything." Her eyes flicker to the green on her shoulder, smiling softly at Eileen. "Anyway, if I keep it interesting, maybe - well, more to talk about when you come visit me, right?" Brightly said.

"I'm not interested in either gender, quite frankly." Ze'an says quietly, "I'm fine by myself. There's nothing wrong with living alone. But that doesn't change the fact that it'd be nice to know when there's some crazy female that has their sights set on me so I can avoid it in the future. I don't want to hurt anyone." He rolls his eyes at the thought, "I said it was bad, I meant it. Didn't I mention how I was sleeping on the floor against Orykoth? I believe I mentioned that part." He shakes his head as he listens to the two females chatter, "See, that's exactly why I don't want a girl, they think they control men. They think they can just wiggle their finger and cause us to come crawling. I don't crawl for anyone, man or woman." He snorts quietly as they talk amongsts themselves and he slowly moves over towards the table and the chair, reaching out to prod at the wood. "With my luck. All I'll have to do is touch it and it'll fall apart."

"Oh aye, /men/!" Enka can't help but echo the greenrider's words, which alas might not be the best thing to say at the moment, particularly given the company she keeps right now. Her voice drops, hushed almost, to that point where one might really have to strain to hear her — which might suit the bluerider indeed — and she grins cheerily. "Well," she admits, "you don't want 'em lavishin' too much devotion on you," she agrees, nodding. "but …" her voice trails off, a little snicker of laughter given and a nod. "Mmm, /lots/ of things to talk about, I see. Includin' some choice words about bronzeriders, eh? Enka has one of her own, you see. Emalia giggles, her voice high and full of bubbly mirth, the toddler clapping her hands at the expression on Liandyn's face. "Seewy," she says, displaying the same sort of cheery smile as her mother. Enka tussles the child's hair with her free hand before she points at the chair. "Sit, see if it stays together, if it don't, well… I'll buy it. Know someone who could fix it." That's right, she does, that certain someone could at least try to fix it anyway. "sleepin' on the floor," she regards Ze'an closely, the look on her face something well … very much a feminine stare. "I suppose it's your choice, but … " a shrug again. "Nothin' wrong with bein' alone," she admits, "but it can be lonely. And that isn't just sleepin' by yourself. It's about havin' a life, and somethin' to share." Her brows quirk upwards. "Since you've touched it and it's still standin', maybe you ought to try it out."

Giving Ze'an a bit of pass on teasing at the moment, Liandyn just trades her attention between keeping an eye on him, and making faces at Emalia, clearly enchanted by the child. "Mmm, I'd say he lavishes just the right amount," she murmurs back, doing her best to keep from intruding on the bluerider's shopping with her words. "Well, as you say. Lots of things to talk about." Even though the idea was hers, she's clearly excited that Enka's just as taken with it as she, blue eyes sparkling merrily even as she tucks her hands behind her back and spins slightly, searching the nearby stalls. "Well, surely you have a mattress by Ory's wallow, right? That's what you meant? You just don't have a seperate bed? Nothing wrong with that," she adds, with a bolstering smile. "I sleep with my Zusa sometimes when Ae'gus is in his own weyr or busy with weyrlings. Dragons can be a real comfort to you when you're alone." Not lonely, mind, just alone.

Ze'an rolls his eyes as he looks between the two females, "Alright, alright, I get the point. You don't want me around. I'm going." He waves a hand in the air and stuffs his hands into his pockets. "I'll leave, and you two can be all girly together for all I care." He purses his lips tightly and turns on his heel and makes his way off.

Emalia seems equally enchanted by silly greenrider faces — but then, she's Enka's daughter, and Enka is cheerful enough for plenty of people. It must run in the family or something. "You," Enka regards the greenrider over her daughter's head, "have any siblings of your own?" It's a safe question, to be sure. "You got a way with the little ones, that's for sure." And Enka likes that, she's the same way, weyrbrat attitude tempered only slightly by the duties of a goldrider. "Then," she replies then, dropping her voice to that low hush, "that's the best kind of lavishin' you can get." her forehead wrinkles then in thought. "He's got some turns on ya, doesn't he?" There's /no/ problem on that score from the goldrider's point of view. "Best sorta thing you can get with a man. Experience." Believe it. Her grin is sweetly amused, and she nods. "I'm sure we'll be sharin' stories in no time." Ze'an's depature leaves the goldrider flat-footed though, and she gapes after him for a moment. "With all the sense that Faranth made in little dragons," she scowls briefly, "hope we didn't nag him too much."

"Eight of us all together," Liandyn confirms, still entertaining the child - and being entertained by her. "Four older sisters, two younger, and my brother's the absolute baby of the bunch. I like kids, especially someone else's," she adds, winking at Enka. "And no," she adds, smirking, "I've none of my own, nor am I looking to have any in the near future. Let things settle a bit, I think. Get used to being a dragonrider, and all." Her eyes flicker, lightning-fast, to the green on her shoulder, and she reaches up to see if Eileen will let her pet. "He's a bit older," she murmurs, voice lowered. "Not terribly much, but - some, yes." Her lips curve slightly, but she says nothing more on that score - have to save something for that girl's night in, after all. When Ze'an abruptly takes off, she just gives an exasperated sigh. "You'll get used to it," she mutters unhappily. "He gets… moods, and goes all wonky. Which, I suppose, is better than screaming or throwing a tantrum, but I wish he'd just realize that people care." Shaking her head, she kicks a foot against the ground, then makes a clear effort to tear her thoughts to a better place. "You said something about fabric?"

"Big family," Enka says cheerfully, nodding. "I've two younger brothers of my own. One's just about apprentice age, he's gonna make a Harper, you mark my words. Child prodigy, he is." Which is probably why Enka's just the mischevious Weyrbrat — /he/ got all the talent in life. "No reason why you ought to rush," Enka comments, "you're young yet. Life's still got plenty of things to offer you, and no point in havin' kids just yet." Emalia's giggles overshadow her mother's words, as Enka continues on, "wouldn't have had one myself, but …" she shrugs, "you know, flights, and a clutch, and things just happened. Least I know now to take precautions." A brief nod is given, Enka regarding Liandyn for a moment. "And you know the drill, don't ya? Just a hop-skip /between/ if you need to, though I daresay you go more often than I do." On the other hand, maybe there is some merit to an outside Weyr liaison, one has to go /between/ to get to him. "We'll talk more about that," Enka's nod is a promise, "later. You know." Girls night, that time. "Just hope he left my basket somewhere," Enka comments, "had to get that stuff for the bubbly pies." The goldrider's smile brightens and she's reaching to loop a hand through Liandyn's if she might. "Right down this way, you'll /love/ it."

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