Skipping Meals is Bad!

Western Weyr - Rooftop Herb Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

The skies are clear, the sun is up but the weather is pleasantly mild; just warm enough to be enjoyable but not hot enough to bake in. The noon hour has come and past, most the weyrfolk having paused in their daily tasks to wander into the living caverns for a quick bite to eat. One seems determined though to work through lunch, most likely not wishing to tangle with large crowds. Kelthero is kneeling by a large garden bed, hands working carefully but busily away as he uses a small spade to work out pesky weeds. Judging by the good-sized pile of uprooted ones to his side, he's been making good headway in clearing this part of the garden. He wears no gloves, his hands and most of his clothing spotted with dirt. On top of it all, the candidate is humming under his breath while he concentrates on the chore at hand, oblivious to those around him.

For Jey, it's one of those rare free days a candidate gets. But she isn't at the lagoon, at leas not yet. The dolphineer makes her way up to the herb garden, an area that is quickly becoming a favorite place for her. Why is she not eating? Easy. She already did. There's more food available when you eat early. As she walks down the path, eyes fall on a familiar form and she stops a few feet away, smiling for a few moments before making her way up behind the guard and peeking over his shoulder. "Mmm, you're good at this weeding thing."

There should be a rule for not sneaking up on people, but Kelthero doesn't jump out of skin or anything of that nature. His hands simply falter for a moment and one plant ends up having an edge of it pruned by mistake, earning a choice muttered curse from the candidate. Turning to glance back over his shoulder, his surprise at seeing Jeyinshi there is shown only through a slightly irritated tone. "Did you have to sneak up so close to tell me that? What brings you up here today, anyhow?" he asks and then gives a dry chuckle, followed by a smile. Kelthero straightens up, leaning back on his heels slightly as he dusts off the worst of the dirt on his hands across his pants. "You pull garden duty too?" And is that… hope, in his tone?

Jeyinshi takes a step back at the irritated tone and kind of shrugs. "Ah, sorry. You just seemed pretty concentrated so I thought I'd come closer." The dolphineer turns then, crouching to sort of look at the plants, "Mmm, nope. I'm not here on garden duty today. Sorry little ones, I'll come take care of you another day." Is she /talking/ to the plants? Yes. Yes she is. "I've got a free day today. Going to go down to the lagoon later and continue some training Sungie and I were doing yesterday. You still have a lot of weeding to do?"

Kelthero takes a slow, deep breath as Jeyinshi steps back a little, no doubt reigning in his mood a little less he push her away further. "I was concentrating… maybe too much. Kind of lost track of time." He admits with a bit of an apologetic smile given to the other candidate. His smile falters though to a puzzled look when Jey begins addressing the plants. He quirks a brow up in a quizzical manner, but decides not to stay anything on that matter. "Well, aren't you lucky." Kelthero drawls out in a slightly mocking tone, before flashing Jeyinshi another grin. "Actually, I'm surprised you're not there right now. I'd figure you'd be trying to make the most of your free day." At the mention of the weeding, he turns his gaze back to the garden bed and gives it a thoughtful frown. "No, actually. Just that one corner is left." He points said corner out with a dirt-encrusted finger. "Then I'm free, I guess. Unless they've more gardens tucked away somewhere."

Jeyinshi stands back up, brushing off her pants and kind of shrugging, "Don't worry about it. I should know better. Sneaking up on a guard can be dangerous business." The dolphineer stretches, folding her arms behind her head and sending a smirk towards him. "I am, aren't I? Well, you'll get a free day soon enough. And while I /would/ be in the water right now, I just ate. Got to let the food digest otherwise I'll cramp up. That's never a pleasant situation." Jey makes a face just thinking about it, but her gaze soon wanders over to the indicated patch and she raises an eyebrow. "You're right, not much at all. Shall I help? It'll go faster that way."

"Ex-guard, you mean." Kelthero muses, tilting his head up a little to grin at Jeyinshi. "But still dangerous business. At least you didn't blind me with your hands, or anything." He laughs a little then, at least until she mentions food and eating. That has him frowning and looking a touch confused. "Is it lunch time?" he asks, suddenly aware that he's lost time working away in the quiet gardens. He grimaces at the thought of swimming cramps. "I wouldn't think it'd be pleasant. You probably see that all the time with swimmers who don't know any better." At the offer of help, Kelthero grins broadly. "If you're not afraid to get dirty, I'd appreciate it! Maybe then we can both head to the lagoon?" He stares down at his dirty hands and clothes, smirking. "Looks like I need a swim." He states, before laughing again and shuffling over to the last weed-filled spot of the garden.

Jeyinshi snickers, "Yes, ex-guard. But hey, I know better than to do that. After all that business with Mari I at least know where to draw the boundary." Forgot….lunch? The dolphineer looks slightly horrified by this revelation and gives an affirmative nod. "It /is/ lunchtime. The main crowd is just trickling in…shards Kelth, you shouldn't skip meals." Because meals are all important. Another grimace crosses Jey's face then at the continued talk of cramps and she sighs, "Unfortunately, yes. But most of the time it just ends up as an easy rescue, which is nice. Of course, there /are/ the few stupid ones that go out deep in the ocean and jump off a boat right after eating. Wherry heads." Kelthero's grin is answered with one of her own. "Me? Scared of dirt?" The dolphineer scoffs before walking over to the unweeded patch, "Sounds good! Sungie can give you a shower. Target practice."

Kelthero gives a slight snort at the name mentioned followed by a thin smile as he begins to tug and dig away at the first weed found. "You do, eh?" he teases lightly, before glancing back at Jey and all but bursting out laughing at her horrified expression. "It wasn't intentional, honest!" he admits, though it's a half-truth at best. The candidate is most likely not hungry, but won't voice that out loud to her. Instead there's another amused snort from the candidate, "Idiots more like it. No wonder there's such a high need for search and rescue teams for the sea." Kelthero grins crookedly as Jeyinshi scoffs at his remark, pausing in his work long enough to hand her a small spade should she want it. At the mention of target practice, he wrinkles his nose a little. "I don't know if I like the idea of that, though visiting with Sungie will be nice."

"I do. I can claim to at least know you that well." The sudden burst of laughter earns the ex-guard a well aimed but playful hip bump. "What happens if you overwork yourself and faint because of lack of energy?" Complete exaggeration and not likely to happen from missing one meal, but that isn't the point right now…is it? "They are idiots. But someone has to keep those idiots from dying or getting eaten by sea monsters." Jey chuckles before taking the offered spade and crouching down to begin digging and pulling at the weeds. "Hm? Don't like the idea? It's fun really." For her.

"Hmm, so you claim." Kelthero half agrees, half teases. Crouching seems to leave him slightly off balance, as Jeyinshi's hip bump tilts him enough that a hand has to squish itself into the damp earth to keep him from toppling over onto his side. He gives a slightly annoyed grunt before rebalancing himself and staring at a now very dirt covered hand - which he prompty flicks and no doubt purposely aiming to send some of it flying Jeyinshi's way. Two can play that game. "Wouldn't be the first time, but I'll take your concern to heart. Do you care that much if I don't eat one meal?" Kelthero asks, giving a completely serious side-glance to the candidate next to him. "Because I'll grab some food then before we go to the lagoon. But like those idiots, I'll wait on the shore to digest first. Rather not get eaten by sea monsters." Another crooked grin is given and he shakes his head, chuckling. "Fun for who? You ever been a target before?"

"Yes, so I clai……ah!" Jey looks down at some of the flinged dirt that now splatters her arm and she makes a childish face at the man. The expression slowly melts into something a bit more serious though and the dolphineer fixes her attention on the plants. "I do care. Some rescues are also because people /don't/ eat enough. And of course, I'm more worried since it's you." She chuckles then, nodding. "Yes, you can sit on the shore and digest. Otherwise you want to play damsel in distress and have me come save you? Fun for me. And I'm used as a target every day. You guys only have to deal with it once in a while, feel lucky. Anyways, weeding, weeding. Faster we're done the faster we can go." With that the dolphineer lapses into silence, concentrating on the work at hand.

Kelthero only grins an obviously false innocent grin to Jeyinshi's childish look. See? He does have a slightly devious side to him sometimes. That grin falls to something more of a warm smile though when the conversation reverts back into serious grounds. "Then I won't make you worry. I'll grab food once we're done here." He then bursts out laughing, seriousness gone in a blink of an eye. "Ha! Wouldn't that be a sight to see? I'll have to say no to that though. Both to being a damsel and being a target, since a nice swim is all I'm aiming for." He admits, although probably knows deep down he'll be a target regardless. And faster does the weeding go, with two pairs of hands rather then one. Soon the last corner of the garden is weed free and Kelthero gives a relieved sigh as he straightens up, shaking out his slightly cramped legs. "Shells, I'm glad that is over. Looks like we'll be getting out of this earlier then I thought." Glancing down to Jeyinshi, he smiles widely, if not a touch fondly. "Thanks, Jey, for helping." He looks back down the path, no doubt towards the lower caverns exit and escape. "I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a late lunch now. Shall we?"

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