Break Time

Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm

Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It's the middle of the afternoon, and Kilarden has freedom from duties in the infirmary! What has he decided to do with this freedom? Return to the dorms, of course… with little sister in tow. The child is staring about in wonder and awe, bouncing on the cot that Kilarden has since occupied as she fires of question after question that Kilarden is quick to answer. "This doesn't seem very glorified for people who are gonna be riding dragons some day," Kiltara informs her brother, solemn as can be. Kilarden only laughs, touseling her hair as he moves to sit and occupy a part of his bed that isn't becoming victim to little people feet. "Not everybody is going to impress a dragon, Kiltara. They can't be extravagent."

Velrich says "I don't think I've ever done so much…'tidying up' in my life." It's a growl that comes from Velrich as he heads into the barracks, quite blissfully without anything so embarrassing as a feather duster in hand. No, it's a /rag/ he has, one that's quite liberally coated with dirt and grime that's been wiped off various surfaces. It's carelessly tossed onto his cot. No, he certainly doesn't mind any transfer that might occur. He does notice Kiltara bouncing though, lifting a brow as he comes around to sit on the side of his own bed. "Looks nice enough to me. What else do you want in here to..glorify it up?""

Retuning with a handful of folded linen and bedding, Tannim puts a clean set at the foot of everyone's cot. "Here you all go. Clean bedding." He sighs and shakes his head. "Here I thought I wouldn't have to be doing this anymore after I left healer hall. You would think my craft was launderer not healer." He finishes dropping off new linens for everyone then goes back to his own cot with the last set. "So how is everyone settling in?"

"I think there should be a swing, and a slide, and lots of flowers. Lots and lots of flowers." Kiltara declares, positively beaming when Velrich joins the fray. She gives one mighty little hop from Kilarden's cot to the floor and races across the distance to Vel. She doesn't bother waiting for an invitation, instead climbing up and onto his bed to jumpjumpjumpjump. "And everybody should get a puppy. I want a puppy, but Kilarden won't let me have one." Kilarden shakes his head, shooting Vel a look that clearly says, 'Do NOT encourage her,' before his attention is pulled to Tannim with his arrival and depositing of clean sheets. "Many thanks," he says, though the face is unfamiliar. "If I can get used to the smells of the infirmary, then I think I'll settle in just fine. I'm Kilarden, by the way," he offers, positive that there has never been an introduction made between the two. "And the little ball of energy over there is my sister, Kiltara." The child smiles her best smile, waving both hands before returning to her game of half running in a circle, half jumping on Velrich's bed.

Velrich looks..almost amused by the invasion to his bed. He watches Kiltara romp around though, instead getting up to take the clean bedding. "With all they have us doing, I don't think puppies are a very good idea. They'd get stepped on in the rush." Once he inspects the new sheets, however, he reaches over to pluck the little girl off of his bed, holding onto her while transferring her to the floor. "But…if you want to collect the flowers, I'm sure you could brighten the place up a bit." There's a look sent right back toward Kilarden at that, smugly satisfied as he starts to peel the old sheets off his bed. "I'm..settled, I think. For all that this place is a bit unsettling. I'm..Velrich," he adds quietly. After all, he hasn't met that one either!

"Get that girl a puppy!" is the response that comes from one of the top bunks. Tineska's perched up there, crosslegged, and armed with a set of tools, focused on what appears to be a truy ancient laptop. Circuit, the brown, is curled up on her pillow, his long tail dangling down a bit from the bed. "Tineska." is all she offers in the way of an introduction, her face intently focused on unscrewing the back panel of the previously mentioned computer. "That last storm fried this thing…gah!" she looks displeased with what she has discovered inside the machine. She shakes her head in frustration, and pushes it away from her for the time being. "Hello, Kiltara, Kilarden, and…what was your name?" She asks, gesturing towards Tannim.

Tannim nods to Kilarden and smiles at his little sister. "Pleasure to meet you all, name is Tannim, apprentice healer." He pushes a hand through his hair and nods again towards Kilarden. "Yeah the smell in the infirmary takes some getting used to. Took me quite a while to get used to it myself." The young healer looks over at Tineksa as she speaks up about a puppy giving a chuckle. Noticing the laptop he purses his lips. "Anytime I even get near the things they seem to get fried. The last time I touched one it stopped working."

"My puppy would eat you if you stepped on it," Kiltara huffs, clearly offended by the prospect of puppies getting underfoot and any harm coming to them because of them. She doesn't protest as she's lifted and placed on the floor, though Velrich's comment about collecting flowers gets a vague smile from the child as she's instantly distracted by Tineska. "Get this girl a puppy!" she declares, just before little grey eyes find her laptop. She's too small to get up to the bunk that the older girl is occupying, but she does come to stand close, head tilted back as she /stares/. "What's that?" she inquires, curiosity piqued. Kilarden grabs his pillow, gaining his feet with a languid stretch before smacking Velrich in the shoulder with it. "Any flowers you get go on Velrich's bed, Kiltara. He likes flowers." As for Tannim and Tineska, well… Tineska gets a rather amused smile, head shaking as he says, "Well met, Tineska. And you, Tannim. There will be no puppies, though, especially the kind that eat you for stepping on them." Pause. "You get used to the smell of infirmaries? I'm leaning towards that prospect being right next to impossible."

"Infirmaries…stink of medicine and sickness." Velrich makes a face, with a slow, wary look in the direction of the chore assignments. There's a soft grunt though as he's hit with that pillow, simply turning to /fling/ his used sheets over Kilarden's head. "I don't know what you're talking about." Flowers? No! Not him. He does go about spreading the new sheet over his cot though, glancing over toward Tineska and Tannim once in a while. "Nothing about those things make any sense to me. Doubt I could turn one on."

"Infirmaries…stink of medicine and sickness." Velrich makes a face, with a slow, wary look in the direction of the chore assignments. There's a soft grunt though as he's hit with that pillow, simply turning to /fling/ his used sheets over Kilarden's head. "I don't know what you're talking about." Flowers? No! Not him. He does go about spreading the new sheet over his cot though, glancing over toward Tineska and Tannim once in a while. "Nothing about those things make any sense to me. Doubt I could turn one on." (re)

"Not to worry, little one, I shall keep the puppies safe from steppage. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to play with Circuit, here. He might not be fuzzy, but he's a sweetheart." She reaches over to stroke Circuit, who definitely enjoys the attention, arching his neck and leaning into it. "It's a pleasure to meet you all." Glancing back at the laptop, she frowns. "They're really quite simple once you get the hang of it. There's a power button, right here. You just press it..usually does the trick. Stopped working? That's not good. I wonder if the Lord Holder has the same magic touch as you? This computer is his..and it is just one thing after another. My teacher's got me doing all the projects he doesn't want to fool with, it seems. He's still pretty angry that I've been Searched." She doesn't look too worried about it, though. "Infirmary, I hope I never have to spend any more time in there. They do indeed reek. Though I must say, they did a good job stitching up my nose that one time.." She runs a finger across the left side of her nose, specifically the scar she bears there. Scooting up to the end of her bed, she grabs the fresh linens, holds them up to her face, and inhales. "You did a good job, they smell lovely."

Kilarden tries to duck when sheets are coming his way, but the man is not nearly fast enough. There's a FWUMP as his vision is suddenly shrouded in white, and instantly the linens are being pulled free from his own person. They're discarded in a pile at the foot of Velrich's bed, forgotten but for a smile tugging at the corner's of Kil's lips, a silent promise of retaliation. "You've seen one before?" he inquires suddenly, one brow arching up toward his hairline as grey eyes settle on Velrich. "When and where?" He didn't see his first laptop until last night, when Kiley had been kind enough to show him hers! Kiltara giggles with delight though, clapping little hands together as she nods her head in agreement to Tineska's statement. "Hello, Circuit!" she croons to the flit, waggling shy fingers just before she's being hefted up and into the air by Kilarden. "You should probably run along and find those flowers, Kiltara. Maybe Tineska here will be kind enough to allow Circuit to come with you for a little bit." There's pouting, and lots of it, but the child does reluctantly lift a hand to wave goodbye to all other candidates before she's set on her feet and goes scurrying out the door - firelizard in tow or not. It's Kilarden that is moving toward Tine's top bunk, leaning against the side of the frame as curious grey eyes inspect her work. "Your scar looks as brilliant as mine," he grins, fingering the healing mark just under his right eye. "What exactly are you doing with that thing anyway?"

Kiley is returning to the barracks after chores, considering her hands for a moment as she walks. There's a slight wrinkle of her nose as fingers are notably bandaged lightly. A sigh before she looks up and makes her way over to her press, fetching her laptop and only looking up and around to see who is gathered once she is settled and turning the laptop on. "Tineska." She greets pleasantly, before her gaze shifts to the younger girl at the bunk with the apprentice-turned-candidate and offering a slight smile before her gaze wanders towards Kilarden and she inclines her head in a greeting, as well as extending one towards Velrich before fingers take to typing at the keys. Despite the bandages, she manages to maintain a quicker pace of her typing. "How is everyone doing?" She questions without much of a look up, at least not until a few more keys are pressed in sequence.

Velrich shakes his head just a bit, tucking the sheet into the corners of the mattress. "Have you looked around at all? The place is crawling with them. That..Kiley seems to have one everywhere she goes." Once he's satisfied that his bed is made properly - and with perfect corners - he makes his way around to Tineska's bunk as well. Why not? Everyone else is there! He drops a hand on Kiltara's head as the girl passes by though, a silent farewell to the child before he's rolling his eyes at Kilarden. "Comparing scars now?" He shakes his head though, peering slightly up at Tineska and her laptop. Kiley's appearance earns a faint smirk from the man though, waving a hand at her laptop-bearing. "Like I said… Oh, fine enough. I've seen enough dirty rags and dust to last me a long time."

Tineska laughs as Kilarden shows off his own scar. "Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one bearing battle scars!" To Velrich, she teasingly adds, "What, don't you have some? Or was wherever you came from a land of pillows and soft squishy things?" Circuit happily follows the young Kiltara out of the room and off to parts unknown. Tineska picks the computer up again, and studies it some more, before beaming at Kiley as she arrives. "Hiya Ki! Can't believe I joined you here. This should be fun." Then is back again to her current task. "It's not so much crawling with computers as it is us computer crafters. There seem to be tons of us around here. And this one is currently undergoing a motherboard transplant. Gotta keep the wealthy holdbreds happy, ya know. I think they keep my teacher Dego on retainer just so they can have one to play with. You know how they love expensive toys."

Kilarden's eyes go to Kiley the moment the woman walks into the room, the dip of her head returned by a smile and the soft murmuring of her name. He might not always be the most observant of the coupe, but after a moment of inspection he does finally process the fact that the candidate's hands seem to be partially out of commission. "I'm fine. Are you okay?" he inquires, dodging the much too personal question of, 'What happened?' once the computer crafter is settled on her cot. Pause. "Just because I can see them, Velrich, it doesn't mean that I know what they are. I was more curious how you /did/." There's another grin on his lips again at Tineska's teasing, the kind that speaks of mockery without losing its friendliness at all. "Where did you come from indeed, Vel? /Is/ it a land full of pillows?"

Kiley peeks at Velrich, brows lifting. "I only bring it with me when I have work to do. Otherwise it is in my press." The woman chuckles softly, "and there are only a very few as far as I know. Enka has one, Tineska has one she's repairing… Occasionally other ones pop up." There's a slight shrug of her shoulder before smiling a little more, "I know what you mean. I'm rather sick if mending clothing, I can't handle a needle to save my life." A hand lifts to reveal the bandaged fingers with a slight wrinkle of her nose. "Luckily, needle pricks aren't too bad and heal quickly." This is also extended towards Kilarden for his question of her well being. "I'm okay, though, thank you for asking." Curious, her attention settles on Velrich for that final question posed at him.

Velrich cants his head ever so slightly to the side, but he does offer a hint of a smile. He glances up at Tineska though, tugging away from the bunk to move toward his own cot. "Plenty of scars. Just not on my face." He drops to sit on the end of his bed, fingers twitching over the fabric restlessly. "Yes. All pillows and cotton and fluff. Where we recline in beds made of rainbows." He stares at Kilarden though, tone rather flat despite the wonder of the land of fluff. Though he does seem to consider things for a moment or two, before finally reaching down to tug his tunic up. Along his side are a set of claw-mark scars, apparently having dragged down from just below the ribs to his hip.

Tineska does one of her characteristic facescrunches at the talk of sewing and mending and the like. "I consider myself fortunate to have not drawn that task yet. I got to do storm repairs, though. That was..interesting." She yawns, and scooches up just a tiny bit more on the bed, looking down at her fellow candidates. "My computer's…a work in progress. But yes, there are a few around here, but not really that many." The apprentice erupts in a fit of giggles at Kilarden's question and even moreso at the idea of rainbow beds. "I want a rainbow bed! You have to get me one of those…ohhhh.." She hops down fast from her bunk and in a moment is right on Velrich, her head on the level of his marks. "Wow.." She seems unusally riveted by the scar he bears. After a moment, she snaps out of it, and stands up straight, seeming a bit sheepish, and hopping back up on her bed. At that moment, Circuit pops back in the room, looking exhausted from the time he's had with his recent playmate.

"Sounds like a wonderful place to live," Kilarden offers, putting on a tone of distant (but rather dryly sarcastic) longing. It's when Velrich is lifting his shirt to expose his own battlewounds that Kil is tsking with his tongue, shaking his head before saying, "Should have gone with something more intense, Vel. Surviving an attack by rainbows isn't nearly half as impressive as, say, a feline." Shoulders come up and drop, the smile on his lips still in tact as he turns his attention back onto Kiley. "I'll gladly trade you duties, Kiley. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's mending. You can inhale the scent of failing health and change soiled linens, and I'll save your fingers from another vicious needle attack." /Any/ day. It's Tineska's enthusiasm that has Kilarden outright laughing, grey eyes following the progress of the young girl as she trips over her own awe. "I think you have an admirer," he says conspiratorally. "Kiltara may have some competition." Circuit's progress is watch, and after Kilarden manages to stop laughing long enough to catch his breath, he's telling Tine, "Thank you so much for letting Kiltara play with him. I'm sure it meant the world to her." What? He thinks Tineska is cute! It reminds him of a certain little someone, hence why he's reaching up with rather a rather gentle hand to rest it on her knee. It's a brief, momentary touch, then he's withdrawing back to his own cot, grinning at Velrich as if the man's just told a very funny joke.

Kiley laughs softly, "that sounds like quite the place, Velrich." Her lips quirk into a thoughtful little smile, "interesting." The smile fades, however, as he tugs his tunic up. There's a brief moment of recoil before her eyes settle upon the scar shone and a wince comes to her features before her gaze is quickly cast down to her laptop rather than lingering over on the man. Fingers twitch along the keys before settling into a pace, Her gaze lifts from the screen to settle on Tineska and she nods, "it wasn't too horrible, aside from the stabbing. I can still type and work on my duties. I just couldn't take a computer apart." There's a slight shrug of her shoulder and she offers a smile, "you'll finish it eventually." Though she's quick to shift her gaze towards Kilarden. "Nnn. Infirmary? If you would like, I have lighter duties along with my craft ones. But, if you cannot stand the infirmary, we could switch." A grin settles upon her lips, "I may prefer that over stabbing needles. My fingers are important." Her attention settles back on Tineska and there's a nod of agreement for his assessment of the younger girl.

Velrich does look a little surprised at the sudden..close scrutiny of his scar. Really, the sudden proximity was not at all expected! Eyes briefly widen just a bit, brows raised, but he holds onto his tunic to keep it raised until Tineska has finished her inspection. Once gone again, he drops it down to cover the flesh once again, rolling his head toward Kilarden. "Rainbows are more vicious than you know. Though really../yours/ was from surviving an attack by your own bow." He smirks a little at that then, moving to lean and pick up the dirty sheets off the floor. To fold, even! "I haven't had to work in the infirmary yet..though I may come looking if I do." Anyone who wants /that/ duty can take it from him!

Tineska seems to have regained her composure by now, nodding towards Kiley's statement and continuing to offer no explanation for either her behavior or the origins of her own scar. "Yes, taking things apart after some self-inflicted stab-wounds. That would be most unpleasant. Perhaps you should make a trade with Kil." Her feet dangle over the edge of the bed, moving a little here and there. She smiles at Kilarden when he thanks her and gives her a gentle touch. "No problem. I think he enjoyed himself thoroughly." The picking up of the old sheets reminds her of her own, and she quickly pulls them off her bunk and tosses them down towards Velrich. "There's some more if you want them," she tells him, flashing him her best innocent smile. This girl, she's trouble alright. "What kind of soap do you use to wash the pillows in Pillowland?"

Kershaw walks into the Candidate's Dormitory, a stained white 'apron' is tossed over his left shoulder the stains counter pointed by patches of wetness all accomplished through his assigned chore; dish washing. Not something he was used to doing or at least not since he was knee high to a spider claw and had to use a stool to reach the dishes his mom was washing. He reaches his cot fairly quickly and sits himself down, a soft 'ooomph' escapes his lips as he looks around and greets those that not asleep or napping. "You know if I'd wanted to take a bath I'd have much preferred going to the bathing chambers, and having water that is not full of the scrapings from plates and trays! I sure hope that the next chore I get isn't going to involve dishes or their cleaning!" Kershaw drops the apron to the floor and leans back onto his cot.

"And what a vicious bow it was," Kilarden says, solemn for the effect. He's turning his eyes onto Kiley when she speaks up again, nodding his head in understanding before offering, "Ah, well. It's an offer to save your fingers, if nothing else. I can stick out the infirmary, but if you decide that your hands need a rest, let me know." And yes, that /is/ a rather amused look that Kilarden is shooting in Tineska's direction once again. She really /does/ remind him an alarming amount of Kiltara, and that look he gives Velrich probably proclaims that well. "I should probably get back to the infirmary in the mean time," he murmurs, standing to leave just as Kershaw comes in. There's a bow of his head to the other candidate as he moves past, the rest are left to receiving a wave of a hand from over his shoulder.

Kiley chuckles softly at the talk of rainbows, though she's peeking at them for the rest of the conversation and lifting her brows slightly in consideration. No comment towards that, instead, she shifts so that she may lean back against a wall rather than supporting her back on her own. "I'm sure there is someone that is willing to trade for the infirmary. If I get mending again, I'd certainly trade so not to damage my fingers anymore." Another grin is cast towards Tineska. "I probably will. I don't take computers apart that much, anymore, but it would be horrible if I did need to." Legs stretch out on her cot and she considers Kershaw as he enters, tilting her head slightly in a sort of greeting. "Hello." A smile is beamed towards him before looking back to Kiladren. "Thank you so much, I appreciate it." A wave of farewell is given towards the departing man before attention returns to the others gathered. "Why do you want to know what soap he uses, Tineska?"

Velrich scratches absently at his abdomen for a moment, fingers working the tunic fabric once he tosses the folded up a bin? Yes! There's a laundry bin! have another set tossed at him? His head tilts, throwing Tineska a long look before he simply starts folding. No argument from him! Though he does shake his head sightly as he works at it. "I wouldn't know. I don't do the washing." It's women's work! Yar! Though he does give Kershaw a bit of a stare when he enters…in an apron. That shared look with Kilarden earns a brief hint of a smirk however, before he's tossing that extra pair of sheets into the hamper right afterward.

The young woman is about to answer when Kershaw walks in and Kilarden walks out, giving the latter a wave goodbye and the former a wave hello. "I dunno, I was just curious, really. I bet they are really soft. Hi there! How many of us have they got now? It's starting to get cramped in here. No offense, you. Though you should've brought some food with you." You being Kershaw, whose name she doesn't know, and has forgotten to ask for, but he has obviously come from the kitchens. She seems pleased when Velrich takes her sheets, and accepts the look he gives her. Can't blame a girl for testing him a little, right? "Thanks!"

Kershaw rearranges himself on the cot, so that his head is on his pillow and his legs off to the side so as to not leave footprints on the coverings. "I'll gladly trade my chore for anyone elses that might be interested, long as they don't mind washing every single dish in the weyr that is." Hands are placed behind his head as he stares up at the ceiling, "I think they purposely assign us to chores they know we won't like, to see if we'll stick with it regardless of how little we like them sort of like a test or maybe it saves them doing them." He'd shrug his shoulders if he weren't laying down at the moment. "If I'd known food was required I'd have brought some with me, I'm Kershaw by the way to those I've not met for now, got searched at Ista Weyr by Ae'gus and Halinith they caught me cleanin up after some runners.."

Kiley peeks at Velrich , watching him folding with a thoughtful tilt of her head before attention returns to Tineska. "I see. Curiosity isn't a bad thing." Her tone is one of light amusement for her fellow crafter before shaking her head with a pleasant smile. Attention settles fully on her laptop for a few moments while still keeping an ear on the conversation. It is Kershaw's statement that has her gaze drawn over to him. "I think it is drawn from a hat, of sorts. We're simply unlucky, but, as far as I know: there are no rules against trading with someone so long as you are both in agreement?" The woman offers a pleasant smile and inclines her head for the greeting, "well met, Kershaw. Welcome to Western. I'm Kiley, journeyman computer crafter." Thus the laptop on her lap.

There's a faint huff of air from Velrich, even as the last of those sheets goes into the hamper, fingers reaching up to scratch at his scalp through black tuffs of hair. "Kilarden's got the right of it, I think.. Time to get back to work." Doing distasteful…work type things! There's a quick look around though before the young man finds the rag he'd been using, and then just snags it up as he heads out toward the cavern. Not much for goodbyes, this one.

Kershaw smiles as Kiley explains the chore selection process, "I see, well maybe you can bribe the person who does the drawing to chose you for a less odious chore?" Kershaw doesn't really mind the chores, he's done a variety of them in his travels and when he worked aboard the leaping packtail everyone had to pull their weight and do what ever there was to do or the trip would be less than profitable. "Well met Kiley, I guess you could call me a jack of all trades, master of none though I was a stablehand at Ista. But lent a hand where ever it might be needed. Have any of you stood before for a clutch; this is my first time and was wondering what to expect once they have us out on those sands?" He swings his legs and sits up on the edge of this cot "Computer Tech, now there's one thing that I've not had anything to do with and that's a computer, seen one a time or two but that's as close as I've gotten to them."

Kiley looks up as Velrich speaks, nodding a farewell to his departure. Take care. A pleasant smile crosses her face before attention drops back down to her work with a thoughtful hum. Attention flickers back towards Kershaw and she shrugs, "I've not had any odious chores. I simply was saying that I don't like pricking my fingers because I use them to type. You were complaining about the chores, if I recall. Not wanting to take a bath in dirty dish water and saying how they purposely assign chores we don't like." The woman smiles and closes her laptop, moving to settle it into her press once more. "I stood over in Xanadu. When you're on the Sands you want to pay attention, that's all there really is to it. Stay out of the way of the Hatchlings until you know it is for you." Pause, more consideration before she moves on in subject. "Yeah. It is a computer. There's a few in Western, more in Xanadu and a lot more in Landing."

With a touch of disappointment, Tineska watches Velrich make his escape. "Tineska, I'm in the same line as Ki, here. She's been teaching me some of what she knows. I actually am a recent implant here at Western. Came from the dolphin hall last. This'll be my first clutch. I wonder if anyone will get mauled during this one." A flash of recognition comes as she hears a name. "Ae'gus got me, too! That's one crafty bronze he's got. And Ae'gus threatened me with chores." She acts like this was a surprise, but don't be fooled. "He even mentioned….latrines." The mention of Landing perks her up. "I wanna go back to Landing. I guess I'll have to wait a while.. I just like to visit it, it's neat to see all the things they have there."

Kershaw nods his head at the information, "Thanks I'll make sure to keep my eyes wide open and my attention on the hatchlings, maulings? I don't think I've ever seen any at any of the hatchings I've seen, has anyone ever been seriously hurt or crippled on the sands? You hear so many stories about what happened on the sands during a hatching, most of them so unbelievable that they're easily dismissed but some well I can see where someone could get hurt if they took their eyes off the hatchlings and they were in the way when that hatchling wanted to go to impress to someone else. The stories of hatchlings purposefully hurting someone is harder to believe, less someone tried to attack them and then it would be the sire or the dam that would put a stop to that!" Kershaw moves a bit to find a little more comfortable position on the cot, "I'm more nervous than anything else, its one thing to watch from the galleries but completely different to be there on the sands with the other candidates and hatchlings; I'd imagine the sands must be very hot as well, I've seen candidates at other hatchings dancing on the sands as the heat penetrates the soles of their sandals."

Kiley chuckles softly as she listens to Tineska, nodding her head along to what she says. Though she's giving her a pleasant smile. "You will, eventually, if you keep wanting to. I know I will be looking forward to going again soon, whenever I am able." Her attention settles on Kershaw, "attention on the hatchlings." She affirms, nodding her head along. "There was no one really hurt at the last Hatching, but, each one is different. If people say that it happens, then it happens." There's a shift and she's soon laying out on her cot, stretching out. "It isn't so bad. It goes by fast and you sometimes forget the heat if you're really caught up in it. But, shells… There's nothing like it, standing down there with the eggs."

"I think it would be kinda neat if something exciting happened. But I suppose the hatching itself will be quite exciting anyway. I've heard of people getting killed. But no recent stories. Probably more dangerous back when there were more eggs…and candidates." Tineska stretches out on her on bed, and closes her eyes for a moment, her head bumping against Circuit, who has reclaimed a spot on her pillow. The girl and flit don't take long to work out a settlement, with the smaller one taking up most of the pillow. "What is it like when you touch the eggs? I remember Ae'gus mentioning their personalities, but..what does it feel like? You said the Xanadu clutch was a bit scary. How so?" She certainly does ask lots of questions.

Kershaw shrugs his shoulders at Kiley's statement about the thrill, "I'll take your word for it Kiley, I know it's an honor to be asked to stand for any clutch and I was totally speechless when I was asked if I wanted to. Truth be told I didn't hear the question at first, I just kept jabbering on for awhile before it registered on me that I'd just been asked to stand for the clutch here at Western." Kershaw smiles as he recalls the moment he was asked to stand and his reaction to it "I suppose everyone has a different reaction to being asked to stand it just never dawned on me that I'd be asked, I mean I'm no prize and freely admit it; I'm just a wanderer going from place to place, job to job never staying all that long least not long enough to set down roots at anyone place." He falls quiet for a little bit considering what his life has been like these last few turns and the feeling of not belonging that has followed him since he left the Hold and his parents. Kershaw looks at Tineska as she speaks, "I'd be just as happy if it was a very dull, very quiet hatching; no excitement except for the impressions, no major injuries and no accidental maulings."

"It was probably a lot more hectic with more eggs and candidates, people getting nervous and not knowing what to do…" Kiley wrinkles her nose a bit before sitting up and considering Tineska's question. "They get into your head. Xanadu's clutch was full of… Questions. Testing. Making you face fearful things." The woman shifts and then slowly pushes off her cot. "It is a great honor to be considered for a Clutch and possibly a dragon that may hatch from it." She stretches, "they're rarely not exciting in the sense that they are hatching. It never is dull or quiet, at least, from what I've heard." And then, she moves on towards the door. "I'm going to find something to eat before I work on some programming. I'll see you later."

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