Turnday Twins

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

Part of the lagoon shoreline has been transformed! There's a screen of little palm trees set up in a little square underneath a white canopy roof. And there's a couple of tables under the canopy, with chairs and more tables with food and a really big fancy turnday cake in the middle of it. Lots of presents too. And a couple of other toddlers and 'brats running around. There's a pony ride — Bubblies having been drafted to work — and plenty of presents. Enka's here, having vacated the sands for a while. And the guests of honor are two little boys in brand-new outfits. It's a turnday party!

K'ael arrives at the party from down the beach a ways, where Azaeth has landed and then headed into the water. The bronzer has presents, too! Since he's father of the boys he better have presents. After setting them down with everything else, K'ael heads over to pick up his boys each in turn. It's been a little while since he's seen them. "There's my boys! Oh, mommy got you new threads, hm?" Not that either of the twins care really. Or will avoid getting cake all over themselves later. The bronzer gives a wave to Enka, still holding Liam in his arms. "Hey there."

It's a freeday for candidate Jey, so of course she's at the lagoon. In fact, she's in the water at the moment, swimming beside a rather conspiciuous white form. The dolphineer holds onto her partner's fin tightly, letting out a small yelp when Sungie makes a sudden turn and stops. "JEY! Jey! What's THAT?" The dolphineer also turns her head to watch the ongoing beach festivities, but before she can get an explanation out, Sungie shoots off again, brining them closer to the shore."That is a turnday party don't interru—" "HII! Happy Turnday!" Sungie squeals this to the entire gathering in general, unable to diffrentiate whose party it is quite yet.

Enka's looking quite relaxed as she pries a spoon out of Kaelen's hand, the toddler doing his level best to add several decibels of sound to his immediate vicinity by banging the utensile against the table repeatedly. Honestly, when that kid grew up, there'd be a picture of him in the Pernese dictionary next to weyrbrat. Setting it aside, Enka ruffles her son's hair, grinning down at him with some rather obvious pride before she hears Sungie calling out, and moves to the edge of the pavilion to wave in the direction of the dolphin. "You be sure and tell him thanks, Jeyinshi." she calls out to the candidate-dolphineer. And then she's back by the twins to make sure nothing goes wrong — with Liam, everything might be fine, but that Ken, his middle name was trouble. Catching sight of K'ael, she waves at him in return, and heads closer to say hello. "Hey there yourself," she smiles slightly at the bronzer, giving him the kind of kiss on the cheek that one ntypical gives one's ex. Because shaking hands is kind of wierd. At least the tension between the two is gone, that was there when they'd last parted.

K'ael laughs a bit at Sungie's excitement. "Say thank you Liam." Liam was the shy twin. He tucks his head in against his father and doesn't say anything. He's only quiet though until K'ael sets him down next to his brother, and he picks up the nearest utensil to bang, too. Until his father takes it from him. K'ael leans over and puts a hand on Enka's waist as she kisses his cheek. He tries not to kiss his ex's in general. Someone always took it the wrong way. Unless he was looking for a favor, of course. "Looks like a pretty good turn out. Cake looks good. Did you make it yourself?"

Kiley is walking out towards the lagoon with an easy pace to her stroll, perhaps seeking somewhere quiet to work for a bit from the laptop case on her side. Though, the lagoon is certainly not as quiet as she would expect! There's a turnday party at hand and she considers it with a careful gaze, though attention is quickly drawn towards Jeyinshi and Sungie. Rather than hesitate, she approaches with her hands tightening upon the strap of the case. "Hello Enka." Bright smile that is then cast to K'ael though, there's a double take as she places the face. "Oh! K'ael. From Xanadu. Hello." A curious look between the two before she's considering the scenery of the party and then extending her greetings towards Jeyinshi and Sungie with a wave, though not venturing over for fear of being splashed. "Hey Jey. Hi Sungie." Though the dolphin's name is said with a little more glee in her greeting.

"You're WELCOME!" Sungie jumps in with a reply before the dolphineer can get a word in edgewise, though that is quickly fixed by a small bap to the dolphin's nose. "Alright you, leave them alone now. How about you go dive for shells and give it the two as a turnday present or something?" The idea seems to send Sungie into a flurry of excitement. "Ok! Bye! Hi Kiley! Bye Kiley!" With a sudden squeal Sungie unceremoniously dumps Jey in the shallows before disappearing underwater. This leaves a soaked candidate-dolphineer staring after in bemusement, but not for long. Jey is quick to get on her feet and stride over to stand next to Kiley. "Hello everyone!" A smile is sent all around, the unfamiliar bronzer also getting a polite nod. "And happy turnday you two."

"Play play play!" Kaelen has since given up on making noise via spoon and table contact, having been denied such by his mother, but he's still got a healthy set of lungs that he's willing to put to good use, incited perhaps by his brother's utensil banging as he begins to shriek loudly. "Jays, he's loud," Enka doesn't look the least bit chagrined though as she scoops him up and shush him gently. The toddler's clearly inherited a lot from his mother. "Mmhmm," the goldrider nods at K'ael. "Invited the kids in Liam and Ken's play group in the nursery creche and then some of Ema's pals so she wouldn't feel left out." she nods over at the five turn old girl, feeding a finger root to

"Play play play!" Kaelen has since given up on making noise via spoon and table contact, having been denied such by his mother, but he's still got a healthy set of lungs that he's willing to put to good use, incited perhaps by his brother's utensil banging as he begins to shriek loudly. "Jays, he's loud," Enka doesn't look the least bit chagrined though as she scoops him up and shush him gently. The toddler's clearly inherited a lot from his mother. "Mmhmm," the goldrider nods at K'ael. "Invited the kids in Liam and Ken's play group in the nursery creche and then some of Ema's pals so she wouldn't feel left out." she nods over at the five turn old girl, feeding a finger root to Bubblies. "Made the cake too." It'd be really /hard/ to mistake that kiss as being taken the wrong way. It's one of those quick little cheek pecks which is more like an air kiss. Still holding Kaelen, Jey gets a grateful look. "They'll love the presents from Sungie." she says, smiling wryly. "And what do you say?" Ken gets a bit of a tickle. "Tanks you!" the little boy pipes up. Kiley also gets a smile and a nod from the weyrwoman. "Hullo."

K'ael peers a bit at Kiley as she addresses him. "Hello, candidates… journeywomean. Who obviously knows me but whose name I can't place because I'm an old man. How are you?" There's a wave to Jey. "A dophineer. Hello." There's a nose-wrinkle as Kaelen goes into a rant about playing, which earns him a stern look from his father. "Kaelen! Knock it off." Enka's taken care of the shushing though, to likely everyone's relief. "Mm. Sounds like a plan. I'll have to go say hello to Ema later. Milo's at Ista for a bit. We'll see how long it lasts." Liam also squeaks out a tiny 'tanks you' after his brother. The bronzer scoops up the quieter of the twin and sits in his place, putting Liam in his lap. "So Mir finally rose, hm?"

Kiley chuckles softly at Sungie, before beaming a smile towards her friend. "He is as energetic as ever. How are you holding up?" Then, attention turns and she smiles. "Happy turnday." She repeats in a slight echo of her friend. "No chores today?" A slight glance beside her before looking to the gathering, wincing at the shrieking that begins. No visible movement to cover her ears even before Enka scoops him up and soothes him. Eyes consider Kaelen a moment longer before she lifts her gaze to meet Enka's and she returns the smile. "How are you doing?" There's a notable pause where a ma'am would fit before she looks to K'ael. "Kiley." She supplies, "I'm find, thank you. How are you?"

Jeyinshi chuckles softly, smiling at the twins. "I hope so. He's about their age personality-wise, so I think he'll pick something appropriate. And you're welcome!" The dolphineer smiles at the twins, resisting the urge to ruffle their hair as she is prone to. She knows better than to do that with toddlers. "Yup, dolphineer Jey, that'd be me. Nice to meet you…." The woman trails off, waiting for a name to either be given or found out from the other conversations going around. Jey's attention soon turns to Kiley however, and the dolphineer flashes a grin. "The day he isn't energetic is the day on which I'll panic. I'm doing pretty good, as usual. Especially with no chores. Free day. How about you? Holding up alright?"

"Oughta take him down to the water and let him scream," Enka puts in dryly, except between his father's stern look and his mother's shushing, Kaelen's stopped shrieking. "I'm sure she'll like seein' you," Enka puts in to K'ael. "Never did forget that kitty you got her. Still has it in fact, although it's stopped comin' by my weyr. Do pass along my regards to Milo." a suddenly prideful look is in the goldrider's expression. "And clutched already. Twelve eggs, her biggest yet." She gives Jeyinshi a droll smile. "I'm sure they'll like whatever he finds them." They'd probably end up in some keepsake box, but it's the thought that counts. That suitable pause from Kiley is greeted with a stisfied nod. "I'm doin' well myself," she comments to the candidate. "Both of you doin' all right in the barracks?" Enka fixes both candidates with a curious glance.

"I'm alright." The bronzer tells Kiley. "Our boys are growing up quick," he says to no one in particular. "It's amazing that Enka could squeeze out two, isn't it?" He laughs. There's a nod to Jey. "I'm K'ael, Azaeth's rider. Father of the turnday boys." Enka's ex. Though no one has said that quite yet. There's a nod to Enka. "Yeah." He sets Liam down so the boy can go play. There's a frown to Enka, then. "I hope she remembers me for more than just the kitty." K'ael nods. "I'll let Milo know. I'm sure I'll be out there picking him up later on."

"Certainly, that is as good a sign as any that something's wrong." Kiley agrees with a nod of her head, "that's good, having a free day is nice. I'm doing alright." She wiggles her fingers, "was pricking myself pretty badly with the needle while mending. They got fed up with me, send me to get my fingers wrapped up." She didn't do it on purpose, really, but those fingers are no longer wrapped. She looks to Enka, nodding once. "That's wonderful to hear." Though the question earns a bit of a laugh, "I forgot what it was like to have others present. Missing the quiet of my own room, sometimes. Can't really stay up on the laptop because the keys get annoying." To K'ael, she nods and smiles. "Kids tend to grow fast, they say." But the comment about Enka has her letting out a rather soft cough along with a slight fidget.

Jeyinshi grins, "Getting the present is more exciting than the actual present I think." The dolphineer chuckles softly then before shrugging, "Doing fine in the barracks. It's pretty lively in there. Nice change of pace from what I'm used to. I've got a couple of them signed up for swimming lessons. /Those/ days are the most interesting." The bronzer's introduction is met with a smile and nod, "Nice to meet you!" She's no doubt pieceing things together, but not so crass as to say anything. Pricked fingers? Jey looks slightly alarmed at this prospect and leans over, attempting to catch a glimpse of the now unbandaged fingers. "Nothing too bad right? No blood or chances of infection?" It seems today was Jey's turn to play mother hen for Kiley rather than vice versa as it usually was.

Enka really can't help but overhear what K'ael said. The man's practically sitting right next to her after all. "Mmm, oughta ask you how they got there in the first place," she points out, setting Kaelen down so he could scamper off with his friends and brother. "seems just like yesterday I had to put them in little baby outfits, and now, they're growin' so fast, I almost can't keep them clothed." Lies! They have lots of outfits to wear. Jeyinshi gets a nod and chuckle from the goldrider. "I think you have a point there," she agrees, "I remember bein' that little and just wantin' the paper the present came wrapped in." there's a pause, "Good to hear that you're all gettin' along." Well, hopefully, no dead bodies yet, right? That slight cough from kiley has the weyrwoman looking over at her. "Yes?" Enka inquires, suddenly very drolly amused. "Is there somethin' botherin' you, candidate?"

K'ael peers at Kiley. "Oh I remember you now! You're the computer crafter. With those fancy pants computer things. That I can't use at all." The bronzer makes a face at the notion of mending. "Never bothered putting me to work like that while I was a candidate. I always got stuck hauling things around. These paws aren't any good for delicate work like that. I have a hard enough time mending straps." There's a nod to Jey. "Likewise." He grins to Enka. "You can ask, but I'll never tell." There's a nod to the goldrider. "Cross my fingers for no more twins."

"Teaching us all how to swim, Jey? Though it is an important skill for anyone living here." Kiley muses as she glances out towards the lagoon with a thoughtful consideration of the water, lingering there for a moment before she's looking back to the dolphineer-candidate. Cheeks color a little for the inspection from her friend, "nothing horrible. It stopped bleeding awhile ago. I went to the infirmary, so there's no infections." Her tone is indulgent of her friend, not so annoyed as turnabout is fair play. While Jey does her examination, she turns her head to smile at Enka. "I think we're all getting along wonderfully." Though the inquiry darkens the shade of her cheeks as she flusters visibly. "Nothing. Nothing is bothering me." A firm shake of her head at that before her gaze quickly focuses on K'ael for a distraction. "Yes! With the computer things." Her smile brightens for his remembrance.

Jeyinshi laughs, "Can't resist the shiney, right? And yes it really is nice. I haven't been around so many teenagers since I was back at the Hall teaching. It's….interesting." The dolphineer smirks a bit, no doubt remembering a few of the conversations among candidates. "Not all of course. But I've got Keely and Patori signed up. Tineska is a potential addition as well." Once her inspection is over, Jey straightens up again, seemingly appeased by what she saw and Kiley's explanation.

"It can be awful hard to resist," Enka puts in drolly to Jeyinishi. "Especially when you're little, and you get someone handin' you a box with a shiny wrappin'. You'd almost rather play with the paper instead." Because whatever's inside might just be a pair of geeky shirts or pants, right? "Good to hear though, from the both of you." It's her job, or one of them, after all to ensure that candidates don't murder each other in their beds. After all, her dragon's on the sands, and those eggs are at stake, one had to have enough choice for them all. "And teachin' people to swim comes in handy," Enka agrees with Jey. "You never know when you'd need it on an island." The goldrider fixes K'ael with a long look. "I suppose that's the case," she replies dryly to him. "And since you aint goin' to be demonstratin'…" — as if! — she just smirks at him before regarding Kiley again. "Well then, I was worried you were chokin' or somethin' over there."

"Knowing how to swim is important for anyone. Plus swimming is good exercise." K'ael would know. Look at all those muscles! He grins a bit to Kiley. "I'm the one that the computers hate, remember? And you said they didn't." Because they can't. Hopefully the candidates could manage not to murder one another. That would be a first though, if they couldn't. The bronzer laughs at Enka. "No, I think I'll save the demonstrating for later." The bronzer is happy to sick around for cake and present opening. He'll even take a slice or two back home to his pregnant weyrmate. And hopefully he also avoids Enka slapping him meanwhile. After all of that though… party is over. Three turn olds didn't have long attention spans after all, and the kids were likely in need of a nap.

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