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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tidal Pools

Up a path from the lagoon sits a plateau of tidal pools. The shallowness of the pools combined with the dark stone they're made up of means that Rukbat beating on the pools in the daytime keeps them warm. The rock has been hewn gently on most of the pools to allow for ledges to sit on while still in the water. The pools allow for a more private, relaxed atmosphere than the beach below. When they are occupied, it is not uncommon to see a waitress or waiter come up from the Tiki Lounge to serve drinks to the occupants.

It's early evening, just about time for the dinner rush in the Living Caverns. Late enough that chores are done, and Sevran finds himself free to do what he wishes; within reason. And at the moment, what he 'wishes' is more of an obligation, though he's happy enough to fulfill it. Having hauled out a small pit and grate to the beach, he's set up a little firepit. There's a plate nearby, balanced precariously on a rock and covered with a towel to keep critters at bay. A couple pokes at the fire and he seems satisfied enough. "How do you like your steak?" he asks as he reaches for that plate, eyes briefly shifting from the fire as he lifts a cut of red meat and drops it with ease against the heated grate.

"Whatever is most tasty." Tanit supplies for an answer, trusting to Sev's experience as she brings another crab to a swift end with the pointy side of her oyster knife. She'll add it to the pile of dead and cleaned crabs on a plate also waiting for the grill. Moving on to start shucking the oysters next. "So you gonna explain the runaway drink and drop or no?"

Tanit says, "What were you actually trying to acomplish?"

"I prefer mine on the more rare side. I'll cook it rare and throw it back on if you don't like it," Sevran offers, half speaking to himself. "It's easier to cook it more. Can't uncook it." And for now, he'll just settle back and let the flame do its thing. He sits nearby, close enough to intervene but not so close as to seem 'hovering' over that steak. There's a lift of his eyebrow at her question, and he shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly. "To get him to relax."

"I get the feeling that Mr. Sea Urchin's idea of relaxing is something a little less awkward than a candidate drive by drink dropping." She folds her arms over the edge of the pool letting the water support the rest of her weight while she watches Sev grill. "He did relax after you left." Tanit notes thoughtfully, "What did you do, puke on his dragon or something?"

"Mr. Sea Urchin?" repeats Sevran, confused and amused at the same time. "Dare you to say that to his face," because 'mr sunshine' went over so well. "It wasn't the drive-by that was supposed to relax him. It was the drink." He shrugs his shoulders again, as if at a loss for how to answer. Eyes glance at the grill, assess the flame and seem to decide it's fine, as his attention quickly returns to the floating diver. "Did he?" shrug. "Well, next time I guess I'll just have to leave and save my money." But it's amusement, not annoyance, that colors his voice. As for what he did? Another repetitive shrug of his shoulders. "Nothing so dramatic or interesting as that. Near as I can tell, I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"Have you ever seen a sea urchin, or eaten their roe?" Tanit asks, adding this to a list of delicacies to introduce the butcher to if he hasn't. "The spines make it almost impossible to get at without getting your hands stung in the process, but the roe inside is sweet and melts on the tongue. They can even be used to make the most beautiful purple dye." She shrugs, "He seems like someone who it would be painful to get to know, but at the same time it might be worth it if you have the patience for it." She lifts a brow at him, "See that doesn't explain anything either." She says for his wrong place, wrong time phrasing, but she seems content to let the topic drop for the moment.

There's an abbreviated shake of his head, a quick answer of 'no' for her question about sea urchins. And then a thoughtful, half-amused expression of her explanation, and Sevran offers a quick, "Hm. OK. I get it," when she's finished. "I can see that. But still. May want to keep the nickname to yourself." Grin. He stands and, with the fork he used to place the stake, quickly flips it on the grill. A sizzle and hiss as the fat drips into the fire. "I don't know what you want me to say," he says honestly. "Maybe you should ask him, rather than me?"

"I'll pass, If I want to experience glacial temperatures, I'll go to Fort or High Reaches." Tanit laughs, "What is the worst that could happen? He takes a swing? He'd probably just try to glare me to death or look at me like I'm an idiot." Finishing the last of the oysters with a swipe of her knife. "Sephany seems like a sweet heart, and she looks absolutely nothing like you." Topic change for the win!

Sevran offers a bright grin for her assessment, though offers no comments of his own. The steak is eyed briefly, prodded with the fork, and he lets it sit for a few seconds longer before nabbing it off the grill and back onto a place with quick efficiency. "You wanna try this?" he asks, gesturing to the steak in his head. "There's a basket there, with some forks and knives and stuff," and he motions with his foot towards a rock near the grill. As for Sephany? The smile that graces his face is nothing short of pure warmth. Adoration. Affection. Love. "Yeah. She's great. Innocent. Na├»ve at times…" as for not looking like him, he has no real answer. "We have our mother's eyes," but otherwise? Yeah. Pretty much nothing alike. "Should we?" look alike.

"Do fish pee in the ocean?" No really don't think about that one Sev. Tanit will fetch out the plates and forks, almost drooling at the rich scent of grilled meat. As for Sephany "Not really, some families do. My cousins back home and I get mistaken for siblings a lot, nearly everyone has the tanned complexion and dark hair."

For a brief moment, Sevran considers answering that question. Thankfully, he choose to stay silent. Steak is dropped on the plate, with a quick, "If it's too red in the middle, lemme know and I'll throw it back on." And then he's tossing a second steak onto the grill, presumably for himself. "She looks like my sisters," he offers with a shrug. "Fair hair, fair skin. But they all hate being outside, so," he shrugs it off. "Guess I'm just the odd one out," though he seems to have no problems with it. "Did you ever want a sibling?" he wonders, casting a glance her direction. "The idea of not having any is…" confusing? Amazing? He doesn't fill in the blank.

"When I was eight I think, I asked my mom why I didn't have any brothers or sisters. My cousins all had them in spades and I felt strange being the only one." She laughs, "You have to understand though, the average on the Island is four or five." Tanit's lips thin, the corners shifting downward as she eyes the steak. "She got very quiet about it and sent me to go play with my cousins." Her shoulders droop with the memory. "I remember hearing her crying when she thought I was gone. Eventually, Dad explained that Mom wasn't able to have any more children. I think it had something to do with the way I was born." She shrugs, "I never asked again."

Silence from Sevran, his eyes cast towards the flame and the steak he grills there, though his ears are attuned to the explanation. There's a funny look to him, as if he wants to say something but doesn't. Cause nothing he can think to say would sound right, anyways. Sorry? That sucks? What did he know of having children, anyway. Or of being a single child instead of part of a herd of them. So instead, he just drops down nearby and offers a little smile her direction. A beat, and then, "Well. You can always pretend I'm your brother. People already think I am," with friendly tone and a twinkle of amusement in his eyes. "Or you can have some of my sisters. I've got plenty to spare."

Tanit laughs, all traces of the shameful moment gone from her expression. "We do sort of look the part I suppose." She snags the crabs off the fire too before settling down to eat. "There are plenty of perks to being an only child too though, and my parents are amazing. So I do what I can to make up for being the only one they get."

Sevran grins brightly, good humor apparent. A moment later he stands, flips his steak quickly, prodding it with the fork to test for tenderness. "Well, I don't mind. You seem like you'd be pretty cool as a sister," he teases. His eyes stay on his steak, ensuring it doesn't cook to well before he pulls it off. So he's looking away from her when he asks far too casually, "What about a boyfriend? Anyone back home pining for you?" And maybe there's a smart-ass kind of smirk on his face when he says, "Though if there is, judging by your comment on sex, I'd wager the feeling's not mutual."

"Faranth no!" Tanit snorts, "Not that it's any of your business, but I learned my lesson quite drunk when the merchant ships were in port." She came, she saw, nobody conquered. "And It is a tiny island." Cutting into the meat with her knife, and watching the juices flow. Yummy. "I take it from your comment on it that you have notches in your bed post by the dozen?"

Another little poke-poke for the steak and Sevran decides his is as done as he wants it. A quick pierce, and a flick of his hand has the meat on a plate and away from the flame. He sets it down for a moment to consider the fire, but he ultimately leaves it be, electing to take a seat once more. Rummage around in the basket o' stuff, eyebrown lifted. A little snort and chuff of laughter for her explanation. And then him? That earns a longer laugh. "Not exactly." But when he considers a wise response, he comes up dry. There is no good answer, really. So he just settles for a wide grin and a bite of steak. Sometimes silence is the smartest answer.

Open mouth, insert fork. The noise that follows is a very pleased sound. Though maybe just a little bit awkward. She is listening honest, but the steak, the steak. Suddenly ravenous, the flash of knife and fork become all consuming for a few minutes, or at least until that wise silence spans. "Mmhmm." She manages dripping with skepticism waiting for him to expound.

Sevran? Gonna keep opting for silence and dive into his own steak with gusto, appetite as voracious as the pearldiver. Scrape of utensils on plates, large pieces cut off as he employs a 'more is more' philosophy with each bite. Grey eyes glance her way at that skeptical noise, a muffled "Whut?" asked around a mouthful, matching word to look as he narrows his eyes at her. Swallow. "What? Why are you looking at me like that." Peer. "I'm not gonna tell you about my sex life." Cause… awkward.

Tanit swallows, reaching for the mug of amber liquid she'd had sitting by the pool the entire time. "Then don't ask questions you wouldn't want to answer yourself from now on." She smirks, cracking into the crab legs next. Whether she cares or she's just teasing the poor boy will remain unclear. "I should have bargained for three of these." Returning to more bites of the steak.

An eyeroll, and then another bite of steak, ripping into the last of it and leaving the fatty bits on the plate. There's a smart-ass remark about to come out of his mouth, but thankfully thinks better of it. Cause really, he's done enough damage. Grump. Wise-ass pearldivers. Chew-chew-chew. Swallow. "Well, you've still got another one coming," he reminds her. "For helping me with that blue." Another bite, and his plate is more or less clean. Hovering firelizards get tossed the globs of fat that he didn't want to eat, and then the plate gets set on the basket for later. "You got oysters?"

Tanit just grins at him, pleased as punch. "Over in the bowl on ice." She might just shove the other crab in his direction too, perhaps to make up for being a pain in the ass. "You know… I could just always ask Sephany if you've ever had girlfriends or boyfriends." Because sisters are wonderful and willing to share secrets about their beloved brothers, the kinds of secrets that most brothers wouldn't want to be shared.

Plate is re-claimed, bucket of ice is located, rummaged through until Sevran has helped himself to more oysters than he probably should have. But he's not gonna apologize, nope. This is only fair. And that crableg? Yeah. He'll take that. "Thanks." As it's added to the pile. There's a huff and a smirk her direction as he gets to prying those oysters apart. "You could try. But she's three years my junior; do you really think she kept tabs on what I was doing?" But he'll spare her the trouble, "Never had a girlfriend or boyfriend that Seph would know about. Satisfied?" And maybe, because he's feeling especially immature at this moment, he'll stick his tongue out at her.

"I think she idolizes you and would probably terrorize anyone who got too close to you that she didn't approve of." Tanit hazards a guess. "You are too easy to tease, you know that?" Handing over the oyster knife since he seems intent on the ones that aren't already opened, while she will help herself to the ones she shelled earlier.

"Really?" asks Sevran, surprised and a little skeptical. "I dunno. She's very…" Sweet? Innocent? Pure? All those things a big brother likes to believe of his little sister. He accepts the knife gratefully. What's life if you're not gonna crack your own oysters? "Really?" again. This time for her comment of being easy to tease. "Probably," he agrees after a while. "But I'm used to it." A shrug and a good natured grin. "And see, maybe that's my secret strategy," he decides, "Make it so easy, you get bored. Then I'm left alone to relax."

"You do realize if you impress, once you are done with weyrlinghood, you'll become a human/dragon taxi service." She teases warmly, polishing off the last of the already shelled oysters, full for once. As for his plan to end her teasing, Tanit beams at him. "Nah, I don't annoy you that much, or you would just threaten not to feed me."

"Prolly right. But I get to fly through the air, so…" worth it. Sevran grins, diving into oysters and crableg with gusto, momentarily distracted in his pursuit of seafood. "Plus. It's not like a butcher is the glamorous life. Yes. Chicks totally dig the gore." Eyeroll. "And don't think it hasn't crossed my mind," he tells her pointing her knife at her for emphasis, though it comes nowhere close to a real threat. "Besides, I kinda like it," he admits. "Even if I sometimes have flashbacks to my sister."

"Probably because you miss your sisters," Tanit suggests, flopping back on the stone to look at the sky and let the rich food digest for a few minutes. "Hey if there's anyone you want to impress, just cook them dinner. " A flash of her teeth, as she watches the clouds roll across the blue sky, empty plate balanced on her stomach.

"Only Sephany," he says honestly. "My older sisters were annoying at best, downright terrible at their worst," Sevran explains. "Oh, I love them. Because they're my sisters and I have to. But I don't really like 'em." That crazy family-paradox thing. "And thanks, I think?" for the food bit. "All I did was throw a hunk of raw meat on the grill, but hey. I'll take it." He finishes off the rest of his oysters, shells chucked aside and plate put back. The fire is poked at a little, but it's dying slowly in its little pit. "Glad you enjoyed it." Grin. "Maybe I'll sneak a steak out with me on Hatching day?"

"Well I'm impressed, but then again I fall into the sister category, so I probably don't count," Tanit smirks. "You do that, and you are likely to get mauled as well as impressed." A little blue shape wiggles over from where it had been gnawing on the discard pile. "Take that little pest, for example, didn't realize I was fishing near a nest and the little monster started eating my bait, and tried to eat my finger along with it." She holds up the finger, with the tiny red ring of marks formed on the index finger near the knuckle. "Fool thing has been following me around all day."

"Oh no, you definitely do not count," says Sevran with mock solemnity. "I have a feeling just showing up with cooked food would be impressive enough for ya, hm?" he teases. "You eat more than Tea." The blue firelizard is noted with curiosity, an eyebrow lifting in Tanit's direction as he asks, "You Impressed a firelizard?" and the irony is not lost on him, not at all. There's a quirk to his mouth that suggests he's moments away from breaking into some sort of smart-ass smirk. "That's…" snicker, "That's kind of awesome." Heeheehee. Got herself a little pest. "That's what you get for talkin' bad about 'em."

Tanit says, "No, it does have to be well-cooked food. Unless, of course, I'm starving. " Tanit blithely answers, propping up on her elbows to really look at the tubby little creature. "Is that why it's been following me around, you don't mean I'm stuck with it?" Horror and irritation are flickering as the little beast move over to inspect Sevran, you know, in case he has more gristle to throw out. Tounge flicking over his tiny maw anticipatorily."

"No, it does have to be well-cooked food. Unless, of course, I'm starving. " Tanit blithely answers, propping up on her elbows to really look at the tubby little creature. "Is that why it's been following me around, you don't mean I'm stuck with it?" Horror and irritation are flickering as the little beast move over to inspect Sevran, you know, in case he has more gristle to throw out. Tounge flicking over his tiny maw anticipatorily.

"Yup," and now Sevran's smart-ass smirk is in full swing. And he's laughing, even if no sound is emitted. Because really, it's just too much. "Luck you," he teases her. Hands are held out towards the little blue, but other than some grease there's nothing to be had. "If he bites me, I'mma blame you," he tells her with a grin and a wink. "He's your responsibility now. So you'd better train him not to steal stuff and do all those other pesky things you hate 'bout them" Too much. He's enjoying this way too much.

Pest will place silvery claws delicately around Sevran's finger, and proceed to gnaw, only to stop before drawing any blood, and instead, start licking away the grease with an almost purr. Tanit is just staring at the thing in horror. "I don't know the first thing about training a firelizard. I wasn't trying to impress him; I just wanted him to stop eating my bait and me." Laugh it up Sev, laugh it up. Mutter.

"Didja feed him" he asks, watching the little firelizard curiously, even if that tickly little tongue has Sevran squirming and scrunching up his nose. "That's how it works. They eat, they associate you with food, and bam. Got yourself a pet." He flashes Tanit another wide, stupid, smart-ass grin; way too smug for his own good right now. "Seriously, you have to see the humor in this, right?" Snicker. Eyes back to the little blue. "I kinda always wanted one," he admits again. "And I dunno how you train them, but I think food would work." Eyes back to Tanit. "You should feed him something, so he doesn't starve to death."

"Does him eating my bait count?" She sighs watching Sevran with the little monster, who proceeded to crawl his tiny self into Sevran's palm and up his arm, settling to curl up against the candidate's neck with a trilling purr. "Then you keep him." That's how it works right? Like kittens or puppies? Maybe she can escape the horror.

"I'm gonna go with 'yeah' on that one," says Sevran sarcastically. The little blue snuggling in gets a tender sort of expression from him, and he lifts his hand to run his finger gently against that little head. "I'd love to," he offers, "But I don't think that's how it works. At least, I can't feel his feelings, so I'm assuming this is a non-transferable deal," which he does sound somewhat sad about. "Really, they're not so bad," he offers Tanit, dropping the sarcasm. "And I think you're kinda stuck with him, unless you let him die off or he gets smart enough to catch his own dinner." Sevran, at least, takes pity on the little blue and, as careful as possible to not disturb him, will lean over and fish around for any bits or scraps that might still linger. "Here," and he offers him a little glob of gristle.

Pest leans into the rub, and takes whatever tidbits he can get, careful not to nip the hand that is feeding him so to speak, tiny claws hooking into the fabric to stay steady while his new favorite perch moves around. Sigh. "All I feel right now is content. I'm not sure if that's me or him." This requires research! Still watching Sev with the blue, she can't help but smile. "He is kinda cute in an obnoxious sort of way isn't he?"

Sevran is delighted, like a child with a new toy, only he treats this toy much more gently than a child might. There's another rummage around for bits and scraps, though he's coming up with very little that he deems edible, even for a firelizard. "Here," and he reaches out to pop the grill off the pit, letting it cool only briefly before he attempts to peel some of the fat from the wires to offer him. Delicious. "I think it's both," he offers. "At least, he seems content now. And so do you," and he flashes her a cheeky grin. "He's cute. And could be damn useful if you put the work in. Didja know they can carry letters for you?" Cause suddenly Sevran is all about those firelizards.

Tanit chuckles watching boy and lizard, "Him carry a letter, your index finger outmatches him." But then, he won't always be that size now, will he. "I suppose I have to make at least sure he doesn't live up to his namesake." She decides. Unable to stay irritated at the turn of events. "Though maybe he'll save me on the postage to write home. I'm sure my parents are wondering why they haven't gotten a letter yet."

"He's gonna grow," with a 'duh' tone of voice from the candidate. "Eventually he'll carry whatever. Within reason. But a letter should be fine." Sevran feels pretty confident of that at least. Another little bit of grease and congealed fat offered up. "I need to write home, too," he confesses a bit guiltily. "I haven't sent anything since I got here," which is probably a rather long time.

"You close with your folks?" Moving over to the tidal pool, dislodging a net there. There isn't much left, just a hand full of clams, but it's better than nothing. She'll reach for her knife and pop the shells, dumping the mussels on to an empty plate, and shifting it over to Sev. He can feed the little monster.

Sevran shrugs. "Hard to get close to anyone when you're shuffled back and forth between two places all the time." That would be a 'no' then. "My dad's alright. Did some of those dad-things like showing me how to swing a hammer." With a 'thanks' look, he'll take that plate, plucking a bit of meat to offer the creature on his shoulder. "My mom's a mess," he admits. "She was alright when I was younger and I didn't know better, but really…" shrug. There's a sense of responsibility, of obligation toward the woman who bore him, but Sevran has no problem saying, "She's jealous and petty. Who has eight children with the same man, but can't stand to live with him? What does that say?" It's probably hypothetical.

Tanit stays on the ledge watching, half out of the water half in. What do you say to something you don't have any experience with or understand? Tanit is quiet for a while thinking about it before stating; "If you want we can share mine, Dad always wanted a boy. So long as you don't give him the wrong idea, I'm sure he won't treat you to the 'I have a machete and an acre of jungle kid.' speech." Pest greedily gobbles down the offered meat craning his neck to reach each bite until balance fails him and he tumbles down, hopefully (or hopefully not) landing in Sev's lap.

"Oh, I dunno," says Sevran, the sarcasm and smart-assnes back in full form, "From what it sounds like, he doesn't get to use that speech, um. ever. Maybe he'd be glad for the chance to." Cheeky grin as another bite is offered to her pet. And an idea has his eyes dancing a bit, full of humor and mischief. "Would be kinda funny, don't you think? If you showed up back at home from the Weyr with a boy in tow?" even if it might get him killed? Maybe worth it. "But in all seriousness, I'm glad your dads awesome. I'd be cool with meeting him someday. As long as you introduce me as your new brother." Grin. And then a little start of surprise as the blue goes tumbling. Sevran's quick, though, and while he doesn't exactly catch him, he at least diverts his path away from sensitive areas. "Ack, did I break him?"

"Oh, he used it all the time on me as a kid, whenever I would do something… exceptionally stupid." She snorts, "I couldn't do that to mom, not that anyone else would believe it. I guess you could say there were reasons the local boys didn't care much for my company. At least the ones who weren't related to me." She laughs as the blue struggles to right himself in the awkward tumble, scrambling to perch on Sev's leg instead of the precarious and untrustworthy shoulder. Baby steps. "I think he's fine. But if you ever want to see the Island, I'd be happy to have you, Sephany too if she wants to go. There's a black sand beach on one side of the island that is stunning. And the shellfish are plentiful, and if you like pork, we do have porcine."

"Don't think it has the same effect, being said to a daughter as to a would-be suitor," suggests Sevran with a grin. "But I get your point." Little blue is carefully offered another bite to eat, before Sevran seems to decide he's had enough. He's a tiny thing, afterall! "I like that idea. Sephany would, too. I'm not sure how much time she'll have to visit, though. The Hall seems pretty strict. As it is, I barely see here while she's here right now; that Journeman she's with seems intent on a very thorough education," and by the look on his face Sevran feels a 'thorough education' of his fist to his face may be in order. But beside the point. "If I happen to Impress," and that's a big 'if', "Then I'll make sure she and I come for a visit, at least for a day. Once we're allowed, after all." With a little shift, he moves to pick up the little blue Pest and offer him to Tanit. "I have to start cleaning up. There're gonna expect me in the barracks soon," he explains.

The lizard is held at arms length first. But drawn in a little closer once he proves he's not going to bite her. "Let me know when, and if you want to go. I'd best get to writing those letters; I think I've put them off for long enough." She will help Sevran clean up, before heading back herself.

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