Jessamin is Asked to Stand

Western Weyr - Living Caverns

The hour is late at Western Weyr, and the majority of the populace has disappated, headed for their beds and the comfort that they offer. However, a few still linger in the Living Caverns, L'ton amongst them, the bronzerider still celebrating rather cheerfully if anything is to be gathered by the few riders around him and their mugs of ale. However, even that celebration is breaking up as they finish off their mugs, smacking the bronzerider on his back before they disappear, leaving L'ton alone with empty mugs and a table to himself.

Jessamin slips into the Living Caverns as quietly as she might, considering the late hour, unaccompanied but for two small flits on her shoulders. Instead of her customary sewing basket, she has a clipboard and pen, with a few sheets of paper. By the looks of it, the top sheet is already covered in various sketches, showing her late nights to not have been wasted. A chair near the fire pit becomes her perch for the evening, with the soft trilling of her flits the music by which she works. So intent is she on what she is doing that for the moment, the celebration is lost on her.

As the last of the men disappears, L'ton smacks the table once before he's getting to his feet. However, his own departure is halted as he spots Jessamin, taken a back for a moment before he's heading towards the fire, leaning down to give her a loud kiss on the check, a rather happy, silly grin on his face. "Hey there, lil'bit!" He says, voice seeming even louder when combined with the empty caverns.

L'ton's kiss upon her cheek is met with the startled chittering of the flits, who turn their gaze upon him and spread their wings, dancing about on their bonded human's shoulder in agitation. Jessamin herself looks a little startled to simply be greeted like that out of the blue, but she cracks a smile—and taps the two tiny guardians squarely on the snout. "Behave, you two." She grins at L'ton, tilting her head to one side. "Hello there, yourself. Wow… you're really in a good mood, what's the occasion?"

L'ton is indeed in a good mood, and his hands go to hers to tug gently, trying to get her onto her feet. "Well, Dhon showed that he's as good an old boy as always, when it came ta Damasth's green but.. Lissi's having a baby.. We're having a baby.." From the excitement in his tone, one might assume its a new occurance, even if its anything but. "Come on, Jessa, come here.."

The two flits take to the wing, cheeping with protest at what they perceive to be manhandling of their human. But Jessamin sets her clipboard down on the arm of the chair and gets to her feet, a silly smile on her face. "Well, congratulations to you both. I can see my nights will have to be spent quilting now, hmmm?" She chuckles softly. "Think I might have met one of yours a couple sevendays ago, it was a Z name."

L'ton flicks his gaze momentarily to the cheeping, protesting firelizards, rolling his eyes a bit as an arm slips around Jessamin's waist and he gives her a bit of a twirl, still grinning widely. "Aye, thank ya, lil bit.." ANd at the mention of the quilt, he's stammering for a moment, almost shocked, covering it up with another twirl. "Didja ya now? Ah've been told Ah make pretty babies, whatcha think?"

It takes Jess a moment to remember those brief dancing lessons from what seems ages ago, but she manages well enough to keep from being twirled right off her feet. "Well… I didn't find out for myself, but Zafirah was a precious one. She was at a Xanadu flit hatching a few sevendays ago. Came onto the beach with what looked like some of her friends." She shakes her head, and laughs a bit. "Kids can certainly be… loud." She glances up at the ceiling of the caverns, where her two 'babies' seem to be hovering at the moment. "These two certainly can."

L'ton continues to absently step and dance, a twirl here or a dip there, chuckling softly. "Oh, Zafirah.. She is a pretty lil one. Though, Ah do think Zip's the prettiest, but, well, she is the first, so Ah think she gets more attention." He teases her, leaning to steal a kiss with a wink. "Any time ya want, sweets, ya know where Ah am.." And then he pauses, glancing up, and then back down. "Shards, here Ah am rambling.. what ya doing at Western, sweets?"

Jessamin chortles softly, managing to peel herself away long enough to get a mug of klah and return to her chair by the fire pit. She taps her clipboard, and grins. "Started out running an errand to bring copies of some patterns I found in Xanadu's storage caverns to Hadi. Then I couldn't help coming back again, looking for T'burk. Now, the place is simply growing on me, no two ways about it." She ducks her head and chuckles softly, taking a sip of the spiced klah. "It's kind of surprised me."

L'ton pouts a little as she seperates herself, moving to settle down on the arm of her chair, draping one arm over the back of the chair, peering curiously at the clipboard. He nods slowly at her explanation, before tilting his head and grinning. "Ya wanna give it a lil'more of a permanent chance then?" He asks with a wide smile and an arched eyebrow.

Jessamin tilts her clipboard so that L'ton can see some of her sketches; there is anything ranging from lacy, layered tops to light, airy broomstick style skirts, capri pants and halter tops to daringly short shorts and brief bits up above, and anything in between. "It's tempting. Very tempting. Shards, there's not much of a Weaver presence here, and sew… err, so much potential!" She puffs a stray lock of hair out of her eyes, going a little cross-eyed as it falls right back down the center of her nose. "Didn't land a single commission until I started coming here, now I can't stop them from coming in. Nor do I want to."

"Well, my idea was fer ya ta be a candidate - but, if'n yer ta busy with all them sketches and commissions, Ah mean, I understand. Dunno how much time ya'd have fer that with a white knot." He comments absently, fingers absently resting on her shoulder. "And well, Ah think any more trips up ta the weather station would have ta be postponed. Not sure Lissi'd take ta kindly ta me stealing any of her charges." He winks.

Jessamin 's clipboard goes ker-plunk, clattering to the ground, it's bearer looking more than a bit startled. "You're joking, right?" She gets a silly grin on her face, letting out a whoop that echoes through the Living Caverns. "Well, we can't have any of Lissi's charges stolen away now, can we?" She ducks down to pick up her fallen sketches, holding the clipboard close to her. "There might not be quite as much time for this…" She taps the edge, before going on. "…but I figure if my mentor was able to manage, I'll be able to figure out a way as well."

"Come on sweets, one more kiss 'fer they steal ya away?" He teases her with another wink, watching her as she picks her sketchpad back up. "Ya know, before its official." He's hand reaches to tap the back of the clipboard, grinning. "Just ya remember, candidate duties come first, craft duties second.. And boys are bad. All of us. Ah've got a reputation ta maintain, so ya gotta be good if'n yer gonna be my candidate." And yet, all the while, he's grinning away.

Jessamin grins, and nods. "Been this way twice before, so I'm not completely unaware. Got to be a good girl." She chuckles softly, getting up from her chair. "Just a little one, if I've got to be good."

L'ton grins and leans to give her a long hug and a quick peck, patting her on the back. "Congrats, Jessa.. Ah'll be rooting fer ya, okay?" He says with a wink, patting her back again, with a glance towards the outside. "Apparently, my mamma ta be needs me. Ya think ya can settle yerself alright, Jessa?"

Jessamin says "I think I can manage. If I run into any trouble, I'll send a flit your way." She smiles, letting out a sharp whistle to bring down the two youngest to her shoulders. She croons softly to them, before turning back to L'ton. "The bronze here is Bahrain, and the little blue is Indigo. He's got a bit of a story, but that can wait for another time." She smiles broadly. "Please, offer my congratulations to Lissi? I'll see about a quilt for the little one. A gift, so don't you even think of trying to offer marks." Something of a mildly confused look crosses her face, and she tilts her head. "Just… if you could point me in the direction of the barracks…?""

"Thank ya, Jessa.. Ah'm sure she'll be thrilled and.. Ah really appreciate the thought.." He murmurs, squeezing her shoulder again, and nodding. "Ah like Bahrain's name." He winks, before he's glancing towards the lower caverns, nodding in that direction. "Through there, and then Ah think its a left, then a right.. Not ta hard ta find, should be a white curtain, er something."

Jessamin smiles, and nods. "Thanks. I'll figure out my way around soon. Take care, okay?" With that, she is off towards the barracks, her flits' chittering acting as a beacon in case she gets lost.

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