Going to the Healers

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

Ze'an seems to be standing tentatively outside the living cavern with his arms crossed over his arms. He stares in the direction of the infirmary, pursing his lips tightly in thought. Orykoth rumbles loudly, his neck curling to observe his bonded, "Yeah, I know." He tells the blue, lifting up a arm to offer the dragon a playful scritch. It's about mid-after noon, far after the lunch rush but just before the dinner rush. "I should check the storage caverns, too, see what they have down there…"

There's nothing unusual about a dragon and her rider making their way from the eastern end of the Bowl, Miraneith scuttling along in her sideways motion, heavy tail for once lifted off the ground as she makes for the direction of the bowl's western section, only stopping as her path crosses close to that of the blue dragon. Enka's not far behind, a large roll of paper in one hand, the goldrider talking her lifemate as she walks, swinging the roll about giddily. "So if we take that part of your cave, Mir, the far side near my room, we could block that off," she wrinkles her brow, frowning, "just have to figure out how we'd get electricity to run through there," she trails off, catching sight of Orykoth and Ze'an. "How are you doin'?" she asks, nodding slightly.

Ze'an looks over towards Enka, grinning a little as he watches the dragon's antics. Orykoth leaves the side of his bonded to shuffle over towards the gold with a quiet rumble of greeting. "Heya, Enka, talking about that kitchen? Electricity, well, that sort of thing isn't my strong suit, but I bet you could do it somehow. Other people have electricity in their weyrs, so I'm sure there's a way…" he trails off, "I'm doing okay, still feel kind of sick."

"Yup," Enka's reply is quickly given, the goldrider flapping the roll of paper around in the air. "Got a sketch done," which if she's not careful, she'll have to get another done as well. "I think I could fit in it. We've got a pretty big weyr and all," which considering it's a queen's weyr is definitely substantially large enough to support a kitchen area. "Don't think we'd get a full-sized one though, just a little nook for me to do my bakin'." Miraneth's attention is attracted to quick movement. It's just her nature after all, and the shuffling blue is enough to make the queen's head snap sideways sharply, gaze fastened on him for a moment before she dips her head, chuffing softly. "I've got electricity," Enka remarks, "it's just a matter of findin' an outlet to hook things up." she shrugs, tucking the paper under her arm and regarding the bluerider. "Well, if you're still feelin' iffy, you'd better go to the healers."

"Well, that's good, that way you can cook and you won't have to worry about getting kicked out while you try to cook." Ze'an grins at the weyrwoman, "I'm not good at that sort of thing, but I'm sure there's someone out there that could help you with it." Orykoth rumbles loudly as he moves over to watch the gold in a curious manner but then his attention turns towards the goldrider herself. He sniffs her way and chuffles quietly in greeting. Orykoth then makes his way back to his bonded, "Oh, you have electricity? Then that's the hard part done, it shouldn't be too complicated to get it all set up." He sighs, "I know, I was going to go see them now."

"I oughta be the one doin' the kickin'," Enka remarks dryly, the roll of paper coming up to tap her chin in a thoughtful sort of way, "but then, I aint that kind of a gal. So it seems like you had a pretty good suggestion there." she offers the bluerider a smile. "Everyone wins that way." Enka waves a hand good-naturedly towards the blue himself, Miraneith swinging her head back towards her rider before the queen is settling her bulk, tucking her heavy tail in, and yawning slightly. "It is a perk," she admits, "to ridin' a shiny dragon." There's a hint of teasing in her words, "gettin' nice things like that." When Ze'an admits to getting ready to visit the healers, she nods. "That'd be a good idea?" But then, she changes track pretty quickly. "You got enough marks for fixin' up your place? I know what it's like not havin' much to rub together."

"You should be the one doing the kicking, but it's nice that you're not, Enka. It'll make people like you more." He grins, "Less people talking about you behind your back that way." He runs a hand through his hair, "Well, I'm glad you liked the suggestion, and everyone is happier that way. Plus you can cook for yourself without having to use the kitchens all the time." He pauses to watch the gold lay down, "I wouldn't want to wash her though, it's tough enough washing Orykoth, I can't imagine what it must be like washing her all the time." He grins, "Err, not really, but I'll try to at least get the important stuff taken care of."

Enka's expression is certainly thoughtful. "I've had some examples /not/ to follow," she remarks, although she doesn't name anyone in particular. "And I'd rather be known as a kindly person rather than some cruel overlord… err, lady." she grins then, glancing at Miraneith settling herself down. "She don't mind that, really. Actually likes to wallow some. And it's not /that/ hard to scrub her." It probably is, but the goldrider isn't always truthful, now, is she? "I've got a couple of firelizards to help too." That's when she chuckles, nodding. "Well, if you'd ever like to earn a little extra, I could find a couple of chores for you, in your free time. Nothing big, but it'd get you started."

"Well, I have a lot of aspect for A'ven, he's helped me a whole lot through this whole thing and has been very supporting of me." He sighs quietly, "That meant a lot to me, I guess I went to him more than I did the weyrlingmaster, I felt more comfortable around A'ven. I really look up to him." He shifts in his position, "I think you're a kind person, and I'm sure everyone else thinks so, too. If you didn't care, you wouldn't be so worried about my wellbeing or the state of my weyr." He smiles a little, "I don't have a firelizard, I plan to keep it that way. I'm bad enough on my own, and with Orykoth, I don't need one of those to make it worse." He laughs a little, "You really trust me with jobs?"

"A'ven's definitely someone likable," Enka manages a wry grin at the mention of the Weyrleader. "Seems like he helped me settle in a lot since I ended up here," she nods slightly. "Glad he's someone who you look up to. Everyone needs positive role models. Mine was my da. Is, I should say, he's up in Telgar, only see him now and then." the goldrider crosses her arms, the roll of paper coming up under her crooked elbows. "Thanks," she says, looking rather pleased at the young bluerider's words, "I want to care. Shells, /everyone/ in this Weyr is important to me. It's not only part of my job, but I like to think that I have friends, and people I care about." His last question garners a little chuckle from the young woman. "It'd be jobs perfect for you. Easy work. I'll get back to you on what they are. But I trust you."

"I really like him, I look up to him, he's…" He sighs, "I don't know, I just think very highly of him. I know he's the Weyrleader and all, and that's his responcibility. But you don't know how much I appreciated him going out of his way to make me feel better, and a part of the weyr." He smiles a little, "I'm your friend, if you'd have me." He laughs, "I don't know if I'd trust me with something like that, Enka, but I wouldn't mind a little cash on the side. Especially if I can get some nice things into my weyr. It really does need a overhaul and there's so much work to be done." He sighs in a defeated manner. "Maybe I'll relent and let people help me, I just don't want anyone to see what I've been living in, I guess."

Enka smiles, a hand offered towards the bluerider. "I need friends," she says, "people t'stand by me, and help me out with livin'. People I can talk to. Maybe even a shoulder to cry on when I need it," she tilts her head somewhat, studying the bluerider with a wry look. "Remember what I said the other day, about not livin' life alone? It's not just sleepin' in someone else's bed, or anythin' like that. It's about havin' people around you, makin' it worth gettin' up every day." she grins. "In any case, I got my love life figured out, I think, but for friends, if you'll be one, I'll stand by you too." She laughs, some. "You got people willin' to help," she remarks, "Liandyn's offered, I've offered, you'd probably find plenty of people to help make you more comfortable where you live. It don't matter what it looks like now, it's /after/ that counts."

Ze'an grins as he grabs the hand and offers it in a firm shake of his hand. "I'd like that. Really. I need friends, too you know?" And then he sighs quietly, running a hand through his hair. "There's no one out there who's for me, Enka. I don't really think anyone'd look at me and think I'm someone they want." He frowns as he considers the ground, "So I gave up, I'll live by myself." He shrugs a little, "I know. I just don't want to trouble anyone, it's my problem."

"You didn't cough on that hand, did you?" Enka eyes Ze'an's hand for a moment, but although her words might sound rather strict, she's grinning, and her eyes are bright with mirth. "What's a little redwort wash, eh? And a good hot scrub in soap and water. I'm just teasin' you," her fingers loosen, pulling away to loop an arm around the young man's shoulder if he'd let her, offering a quick friendly hug. "You'd never know," she remarks, "there /might/ be someone out there who's happy with you, just bein' who you are. Can't fight it when it happens, but you can't rush it anyway." she gives him an appraising look. "Maybe doin' what you're doin' is helpin'. Just livin' and bein'." She'd give him another hug, if it's needed. "You wouldn't be troublin' anyone. Some people just want to care, is all. Now, you plannin' on goin' to the healers?"

Ze'an eyes his hand for a moment, "Sorry, I do that sometimes when I'm embarrased, it's a habit." he lets his shoulders slump, "I'll go wash my hands if you like? I feel like I'm being lectured by my mother now." He laughs loudly and allows the arm to wrap about his shoulders, shrugging lightly. "I don't know, and it doesn't matter," he shrugs again, "I'm happy by myself, and I haven't found anyone that interests me enough. I don't know who I'm looking for, to tell you the truth." He sighs and looks towards the infirmary with a little purse of his lips. "I suppose we could go in, although I really don't want to. Thanks, though."

Enka's laugh is short, sweet and amused for sure, "Well, I /am/ a mother," the goldrider admits, even if I aint that much older than you, so maybe I'm just practicin' for when Emalia gets older." she remarks in good-natured humor. "You just wait and let life happen," Enka replies, moving away from the bluerider at last. "You'll find if you just let things happen, life can surprise you. Faranth knows it did for me," her dragon, her Weyr, even her current bronzeriding lover — it all just 'happened' just like that. "I've got to make a little stop there myself," she admits, managing to blush a bit. "Special trip, you know. I won't be breathin' down your neck to make sure the healers see you though, so don't worry."

Ze'an chuckles quietly and nods his head towards the infirmary, starting that way and keeping a slow pace to allow the goldrider to catch up, "Yeah, well, I doubt life has much in store for me except for bad situations. I have the worst luck." He shakes his head quietly, "Good for you though, that you're so happy, that's the important part. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters." He grins, "Yeah, yeah, sure. You don't sound convincing at all." He winks playfully.

Western Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. In addition to two sets of double doors which lead west, one into to the dragonhealing bay, and one into the surgical room, there are several areas partitioned off here. Recovery and birthing are both towards the northwest, while emergency is located towards the east. Directly behind the reception desk, surrounded entirely by glass panes, is the Weyrhealer's office and an ample lift. Cots used for checkups and simple outpatient procedures line most of the north wall, each paired off with a small bedside-table and separated by fabric screens that can be drawn closed for privacy. An immense circle of shining, metal cabinets is situated directly in the center of the room, and sealed, stone counters equipped with metal sinks and storage compartments above and below dot the walls. A wide nook between the Weyrhealer's office and the east wall contains rows of worktables and two large hearths used for preparing various innocuous remedies. Several bubbling cauldrons hang in each hearth, scenting the air both by day and by night with their soothing aromas.

Kyldar, if allowed, gives V'ine a quick smoochy kiss before seating herself. "You will be alright, won't you?" she says. "'Cos if you die, I'll kill you."

V'ine returns the kiss. "I'll be fine. I hope I don't die or you won't get the chance to kill me." He grins and laughs before nodding to T'burk. "So how are the greens doing you two? Rauxith nervous but otherwise he's fine."

Ze'an makes his way into the infirmary in tow with Enka, who probably still got her arm wrapped about his shoulders, "Suppose I better get this over with and see how bad I am." He sighs quietly as he makes his way over, looking for any available healers as he runs his hand through his hair with a little purse of his lips.

"See, there you go, thinkin' badly again," Enka remarks to Ze'an as she passes through the doors of the infirmary. "Just think positive, and keep an open mind." Her grin is certainly not just mischievous, it's downright wicked. "Oh, mmm, I'm happy. Very very very happy." Repetition of words might certain indicate happiness and joy, to be sure. "Just was the right place, at the right time, and the right things happened." And happened again, and things were peachy keen. "I /will/ be occupied," she protests, teasing-like. She pats his shoulder softly, and turns away, heading towards the northwestern end of the infirmary to discuss something with a healer down that end.

Kyldar greets Ze'an and Enka with a wave as they come in. "Hey, you two," she greets. "Well," she says then to V'ine, "you'll make a good enough recovery I'm sure. You're in good hands with granddad here." She points to T'burk. "Finest healer anywhere."

V'ine nods his head at Kyldar. "Yes I'm confident in the western medical staff. They will take good care of me." He waves with his left hand to Ze'an and Enka. "Hey what you two in here for."

"Well, I need to get myself looked over." Ze'an says with a weak smile, "I think I caught something or got infected…or something." He sighs, "I don't know, I just know that I haven't been able to keep much down for several days now and I feel…horrible." He stuffs his hands into his pockets, "I barely have enough energy to walk, let alone do my chores." He looks over at Enka and shakes his head, "Yeah, yeah, so you say."

Kyldar nods to Ze'an. "Well, like I was saying to V'ine here, you're in good hands. Let our trusty healers take care of you." To Enka: "And what brings you down here, Weyrwoman?"

It's true! Honest. See, Enka's all the way over there talking with one of the female healers, a few hurried words, and a packet is passed along to the goldrider. "Thanks," she remarks to the healer, wiggling her fingers at the woman. "I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get a new dose, seein' as my last one came from one of the Istan healers, but…" her voice trails off, and tucking the packet under her arm with the roll of paper that holds the sketches for her weyr kitchen, the goldrider meanders back towards the group. "Girl doesn't have to tell," she remarks, wagging a finger at V'ine before she grins at Kyldar. "Just pickin' up somethin'." That packet under her arm, you see. She fixes the greenrider with The Look — something unique to women alone. "You know, for precautions."

A'ven arrives, checking in for his rounds at the little front desk, "A'ven, pediatrics…here for my rounds." he says. What follows is a crisp routine done by the two of them. A'ven is handed a stack of charts and a schedule, there's a brief mumbled conversation, in reply to which A'ven blinks in surprise and nods, "What Helena?", he asks as the attendant points toward the group gathered. He nods and starts their direction, it's a short walk. "Hello.", he says, his surprise doubling to see the Weyrwoman here, and Kyldar, that's unusual — Ze'an on the other hand, well it was only a matter of time. "What seems to be the trouble?", he asks, shuffling through the charts to find the right one.

V'ine smiles at Enka. "It's quite alright. Don't worry I'll recover and then I can start working again. For now I'm stuck to paperwork. I'm surprised I can write so well with my left hand." He moves to show his right arm. "Had a crate fall on me dislocated my shoulder and broke my collar bone. I also got a few sitches in my shoulder for a small cut. All in all I'm not bad off." He smiles and waves with his left hand at A'ven. "Afternoon A'ven."

"I don't know," Ze'an says truthfully, "I'm horribly sick, I think it's because of the mold." Or something. Who knows what's up in that weyr of his." He peers curiously over at Enka, "Ah. That's what you were getting." See? He's not that dense. He nods to Kyldar, "Hopefully they can figure out, because it's been a couple of days since I've been able to keep anything down."

Kyldar nods to Enka. "Of course," she says, returning the grin. To A'ven she says: "I'm just visiting a patient. V'ine here, specifically. I figured he could use some company while he's recuperating. And he'd /better/ continue to recuperate, or he'll get holy whatfor." She emphasizes her remark with a comically exaggerated pout. Then to V'ine mainly but for everyone really: "It could have been a lot worse. Occupational hazard, eh?"

"Weyrleader," Enka offers A'ven a cheery smile, and a nod. "Makin' the rounds I see. You needn't worry a whit about me though. Healthy as a runner beast," she replies drolly, squaring her shoulders and drawing herself up to her full height to prove it. "I was just talkin' to Ze'an there, and since our destination was the same, well, here I am." That's when Ze'an gets a cheeky little grin from the weyrwoman. "But of course, one never can be /too/ careful." About certain matters, see. "I see you understand," Kyldar gets a wink, the goldrider nodding before she turns to study V'ine. "Ouch, had a crate fall on you? Be more careful next time. In the meantime," she smiles grimly, "rest up, listen to what she tells you," a nod towards Kyldar.

A'ven checks V'ine's chart, nodding. "It looks like you're going to be all right V'ine, in the long run. Says here you're grounded though, sorry about that." He smiles sympathetically. "You're a little out of my speciality but the principles are the same — everything's just, bigger." "If you're really cooperative I might be able to get you a plushy to take home, won't that be nice?", he chuckles and then turns more serious. "Ze'an, now… I thought for sure the first time I saw you it was going to be for a broken bone." His manner is light but his face more serious, "Couple of days you say? Can you remember what you ate, oh, say.. six hours before you got sick?" "We'll start there." He nods approvingly to Kyldar, shifting his attention. "I approve. You're welcome here any time, if you like I can get you extended visiting hours.. somebody has to keep him in line or he's going to rip the stitches on that shoulder.", he smiles but then he agrees, "It could have been much worse." He takes a deep breath, something in his eyes makes it clear he's glad it wasn't… worse. Just a brief show of concern. The Weyrwoman is offered a bright smile in return. "As long as you're here, you might stop by Trinka's bed, she's six turns… and quite sure she's going to be Weyrwoman some day. Poor girl, got a bad rash. We're watching her for a few days. I'm sure she'd like a visit from the real Weyrwoman, when you have the time." He points out the bed where the girl is.

V'ine nods his head at A'ven. "Well if you want to shove of that paperwork I can do it with my left hand A'ven. Give you time to read. It's not like there's much else for me to do here." He smiles and places his left hand on Kyldar's arm. "I'll be fine. Just don't worry about me so much." He pouts a little at A'ven's comment. "I really don't think I would rip my stitches. I'm not that bad."

"I don't really think it was the food, so much, I was feeling sick before then, just kind of figured it wasn't anything serious. I was dizzy and stuff, and I had a really bad headache, and my throat was sore." He shrugs, "Figured I was fine. The last thing I remember eating was some soup I had, but I usually eat it." He rubs at the back of his head as he looks between the others and then the ground. "It's gotten worse, I feel really tired after even a little bit of work and sometimes I forget what I was doing a moment ago. I'm not really sure if it's all tied together."

Enka's gaze tracks towards the bed of the child, Enka watching her a moment, and then smiling at A'ven. "Does she now? I'd best go have a chat with her, eh?" the goldrider chuckles softly, "Always helps to get to know my heirs," the woman certainly isn't joking when she says this, that girl /could/ very well be the next Weyrwoman someday. "And I did promise Ze'an that I wouldn't go breathin' down his neck," she offers a grin to the bluerider, and then moves away, pacing down the row of beds to where Trinka lies. "Well now," comes the Weyrwoman's voice, her roll of paper and packet bundle dropped onto the nearby chair as she bends down beside the bed. "I hear you haven't been feelin' well, Trinka."

Kyldar gives a grin toward A'ven. "I'd appreciate that, and I think he would as well. And yeah, I'll do what I can to keep him in line." To V'ine she says: "Well, you just relax all the same. If you really need to make yourself useful, keep doing paperwork and such, at least for now. You'll be back to full duty in no time—if you give yourself a chance to heal."

A'ven puts up a hand, "I didn't mean to suggest you're not a good patient V'ine. I'm sure we can find something to keep you busy." "I do have enough paperwork for three people… and a new family to look after so…" Ze'an gets a frown, "Not the food eh? Okay… hmm.. and you've been sick a few days? Sounds like some kind of infection. We'll need to do some tests but…." He looks around at the others, "You'll forgive me for asking you this, but have you been kissing anybody?" "There's one infection that passes that way… or drinking from other people's drinks?" Kyldar gets another nod, "You need to help us watch him for signs of fever and sweating.", he says, giving her a job to do helps in cases like this, usually.

Trinka turns toward the unfamiliar voice but of course she knows who it is as soon as the face comes closer. Her eyes go wide but she does manage an unmistakably bright smile, if a somewhat nervous one. "Uh… uh…." is all that comes out at first, and then… a breathless, "Is it really you?"

"I don't /kiss/ anyone." Ze'an growls quietly, "I don't have a girlfriend, I don't have a boyfriend, I don't share drink, and I have nothing to do with anything like that." He snorts quietly as he crosses his arms over his chest in a slightly annoyed fashion.
V'ine nods his head. "Your a father. You should spend time with your little one. I'm a injured brownrider with a weyrmate who seems to have to worry about me when a crate falls on me. It comes with the job."

Kyldar nods to A'ven. "I can do that." She leans over and gives V'ine a quick squeeze across the shoulders—gently, of course, and avoiding contact with the stitches. To Ze'an: "Hey, just trust the healer to try to make an informed judgment, okay?"

From where she's kneeling there by Trinka's bed, Enka can still hear the thread of the conversation, and upon hearing A'ven's questioning of Ze'an, and the answer in turn, she can't help but chuckle. She doesn't say anything however, as a promise is a promise. "A new family eh?" she's calling over to A'ven, "we are goin' to have to talk someday." About a lot of things, it seems. "I just like learnin' as much about these things as possible." With that, she leans forward, smiling at the girl, even as a small gold firelizard suddenly pops out of /between/ and alights on her shoulder. "Aye Trinka, it's really me. I hear you're gonna have my job someday." she grins cheerfully. "Figured I might come and meet you, and see how you're doin'." The gold firelizard gets a chin rub. "And this is Sunshine. When you're feelin' better, I want you to come and meet Miraneith."

A'ven nods, and says first to Ze'an, "I understand your annoyance.", he says noting the crossed arms with his eyes, "I had to make sure it wasn't something else. The patient doesn't always know what the problem is." "But, in this case, the mold you mentioned earlier is a real possibility, what color is it? You recently moved in to your weyr is that right? Has it been there this whole time?", he asks. "I won't give you all of my paperwork V'ine, but I do appreciate you wanting to be of service to your Weyr, even in … well, even in bed." He clears his throat seemingly unaware of any double meaning there. "It's not as serious as it looks Kyldar, you don't need to be too worried, as long as nothing gets infected, V'ine will be healed quite well. Did you know broken bones heal stronger than they were originally if they're treated properly?"

Trinka's mouth drops open again, "Meet Miraneith? Really?" "A'ven, my rash is almost gone isn't it?" she says hopefully. Now she's got a reason to really… really not itch, like they're telling her to. "How… I mean… does dragons talk all the time? How does you sleep at night?

"I dunno, it looks like mold to me." Ze'an says with a shrug of his shoulders, "It's all over the place, specially in the wetter areas. It was there when I moved in yeah, didn't bother cleaning it, I didn't think there'd be much point."

Kyldar nods to A'ven. "Yeah, I knew that. It just worries me so to see him laid up like this, y'know. I just hate to see suffering, especially if it's someone I care about." She pauses for a moment, listening to the exchange between Enka and Trinka, and smiles a little at the patient's excitement. "A dragon will let you sleep, yes." The smile brightens just a little. "Even if they can be a /wee/ bit of a pain the rest of the time." This is said with the affectionate tone of one who loves dragons. "They're all fine and noble creatures all the same, though."

V'ine yawned and cracked his jaw. "Well I'll get on that paperwork right after this nap. This is like being a weyrling again except this time it's not because Rauxith is sleeping. When I wake up I'll get right on that paperwork. Just make sure they bring a pen." He smiled before putting his head down on his pillow his breathing slowing and soon it sounds like he's sleeping.

"You sure can," Enka smiles wryly as Sunshine slithers off her shoulder and plops onto the bed in a tangle of wings, tail and limbs, chirruping in satisfaction before she clambers up towards Trinka's pillow, cheeping a greeting. "Mir'd love to meet you, I'm sure." the goldrider smiles encouragingly at the girl. "Soon as you're able, we'll go see her." the goldrider chuckles a little, shaking her head faintly at the flood of questions. "Well, if you're gonna be the Weyrwoman, you'll have to know, won't you? Dragons talk a /lot/" Enka makes a comical little face, "but not all the time. Mir mostly sleeps durin' the day, so I can get my work done without her chattin' me up. At night," here Enka pauses, "you ever wonder what that big loud sound is, like somethin' big is roamin' around the bowl in the middle of the night? That's her. Makin' her rounds, and explorin' for the hidin' places. She lets me sleep, didn't always, especially when she was younger, but now that she's older, I don't worry so much. I can stay in bed, and get as much rest as I need."

Kyldar gives V'ine a quick smooch on the cheek, stands up, and gives a quick curtsey. "I'm going to go up and get something to eat. I'll be back around here soon enough and often enough though."

Trinka grins and leans in conspiratorial like. "I dun let my momma sleep neither sometimes cuz I'm younger." She grins mischievously and you might notice that her lower left front tooth is missing. "I stays up and draws pictures… see?" She reaches for one of her drawings. It's wrinkled because it's been in bed with her.

Enka chuckles, peering closely at the picture. "It's a very nice picture," the goldrider's nodding. "You're a far better artist than I am. I'm sure we can expect great things of you, maybe you'll be the one to paint fine murals all over the Weyr someday." She moves then, slowly standing before she scoops her firelizard up, and settles Sunshine on her shoulder. "Now, you don't wanna worry your mother too much, so let her sleep more. In fact," the Weyrwoman leans over to pat the child's shoulder gently. "You should get your rest too. That way you can get better faster, and can come meet Mir." Collecting her packet, and that roll of paper, the Weyrwoman pauses at the foot of Trinka's bed. "Was nice meetin' you, Trinka. You take care now, all right." And with that, the Weyrwoman departs, nodding a brief farewell to the Weyrleader. "We'll talk later, A'ven," she calls out before disappearing through the tunnel to the Bowl. Weyrwoman, exit … stage left.

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