On The Road Of Mending

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge

The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

Today is Kiley's free day. So at the lounge she sits, opting to be inside rather than sittingon the patio. She lounges in a chair with a rather large book upon her lap and she reads through it quietly. A pen is in her hand and a journal rests partially above the book for taking notes. The lounge is not too busy at this time of the day, the time after breakfast but well before lunch, the time where there just seems to be quite the lull of activity and the computer crafting candidate is taking advantage of the silence for work and her own free time.

With a chore like Keelyra's for the day, you're done well before others begin. Milking and collecting eggs must happen before breakfast is cooked, so she's got a full day ahead of her… more or less. Mouth gapes wide in a yawn as the teen shuffles into the lounge, feet dragging a bit. Being up well before dawn when many candidates stay up rather late… well, it makes for a very short night of sleep. She blinks a few times, before spotting a familiar face at a table. "Hey," she utters, subdued, as she claims another seat at the table to fall heavily into.

Kiley lifts her head for the greeting and settles her gaze upon Keelyra as she joins her. A pleasant smile forms and the page in the book is marked and both journal and book are closed and then settled onto the table with a thump. "Hey, Keelyra." Another pleasant smile forms before she really considers the other girl with an examining look. "You look exhausted. Chores?" The question has her tilting her head a slight bit, before she allows her gaze to wander away to examine the rest of the lounge before returning to the other candidate. "Did you work things out about your brother?"

Hand curled into fists raises to mouth to stifle another yawn. Keelyra slouches in the chair, sliding forward somewhat with butt so that shoulders and head can fall to rest against the back of the chair. "Yeah," she drawls, blinking a few times as she dips her chin down to bring vision in line with table. Trying to catch the title of the book. "Milking and eggs again. Had to be up real early." The question draws a slight crinkle of nose and she looks towards ceiling. "Nah. I'm just trying to avoid him."

"Do you want me to order some klah?" A very serious look is given to the other as she slouches in the chair as she does. Brows furrowing with concern, lips pressing into a thin line for a brief moment. "Ah, I see. Yes, that has to be done pretty early, doesn't it? Before breakfast… Shells. I'll get you some Klah." The book is, essentially, a giant computer manual and this is what it says on the cover. Though this model seems to be one of the newer ones, something from AIVAS itself, borrowed from the Computer Craft. I see. Well, it is a big Weyr so you may be able to manage it. And then Kiley is up and out of her chair to get the girl a mug.

"Klah." Into that single word goes the emphasis of a number of emotions. Joy, longing, desire, and hope. Keelyra watches Kiley stand and starts to protest, but thinks better of it. Instead she just settles back and lets her head loll back again. "I'd forgotten," she calls, raising her voice just barely, "how much it could suck to be in a dorm like that when you have to be up so early."

Kiley returns with a fresh brewed pitcher and two mugs, all settled on a tray with additional sweetener. She pours a mug and sets it down before Keelyra and then sets out the sweetener for the other to add as she wishes before pouring her own mug and adding in some milk before taking her previous seat "Mhm. I forgot, too. I try to be aware of the others and try not to do anything that will keep people awake. I don't miss dorms, especially now that I am staying one again. I miss my room." A soft bit of laughter and she smiles pleasantly towards the other candidate. "We'll get over it and eventually drown them out, hopefully." She brings the mug to her lip, blowing once before taking a sip. "Are you still excited?"

"Mornings like this one are the only time I miss my room," Keelyra admits, adding just a touch of sweetner to her Klah. Likely working in the kitchens has gotten her used to drinking it without much. Gotta be quick about what you eat or drink in a kitchen; no time to dawdle. "Excited?" Her lips quirk in a slight smirk as she takes a slow sip. "Of course I am. I hope we can go out and touch the eggs soon."

"Really? You like the company of others? Even when they can be quite loud?" Curious, she leans forward a bit and rests her elbows on the table as she continues to sip at her klah. "Wonderful, it is exciting. I was worried that you were less so with your brother being around." Kiley taps her fingers along the mug in consideration. "I wonder how long it will be until we can touch them. I'm looking forward to seeing how they are, how they react and respond to us." A smile curls upon her lips, a dreamy, distant smile before she blinks it away and takes another sip. "It'll probably be some time, though, before then."

"Of course I like the company of others," Keelyra says, brow furrowing in the image of mild confusion. Half her mug emptied, she's becoming a bit more her usual self. "It's lonely to be alone." She shifts to sit up somewhat straighter in her seat. "Well, my brother makes me mad, but… I'm not gonna let it ruin my chance." That's exactly what Draval and V'yet want! "I've /watched/ touchings from the gallery before… it's exciting that soon I'll be able to take part in one!"

Speaking of brothers, here comes Draval, taking a break from all that laundry. Into the lounge he slouches, peering about from beneath beetled brows. As he hears his sister;s voice, he perks up, just a little, and sidles closer to the pair. "Hi." He pipews right up. "Whatcha doin'?"

"I mean, not in general, but in the same sleeping space it tends to be crowded. I had dorms as an Apprentice, but, then I hadn't been in any until I was a Candidate. And then after that, I had my own room again." Kiley explains, "it was always quieter and easier to get to sleep." Though she sips at her klah and refrains from making any sort of comment on loneliness, instead, focusing on the other comments. "It is really different, I don't think that anything can really prepare you for the actual Touching of the eggs. It certainly isn't boring." Her gaze drifts over towards Draval as he approaches the table and a smile settles on her lips. "Hello, Draval. I have a book you may like." The computer manual is gestured towards and then the journal is slid from above it to allow him access if he chooses.

"Oh, well, I've only had my own room for a few months… or did, at least," Keelyra says with a small shrug. "So I guess I'm not wholly used ot it yet, maybe?" And then Draval appears. Her demeanor changes rapidly and its like a switch is flipped. She retracts into the chair somewhat, pulling her mug in close as she falls silent.

Draval offers Keelyra a long, aggrieved look. "Not trying to check up on you." The book diverts him, however, and he veers over closer to Kiley, and picks th thing up. "Oooh, a manual." It's clutched reverently to his chest, the skinny boy sliding into the proffered seat with a sigh. "Thank you>" he offers to the Journeywoman, and his gaze shifts back and forth between the pair. "You two worrit about the eggs? Why?"

Kiley chuckles softly, "yeah. That would make the return to dorms not as tough as you're still used to the potential noise that could happen." She settles her mug on the table and gives the younger girl a curious look as she suddenly becomes silent. A look between the two and a light switches on, but comments are left unspoken. Instead, she looks to Draval and chuckles softly. "I'm still using it for some research and I'll need to have it sent back to the Crafthall eventually, but you can look through it. Just ask me whenever." The thanks earns a brighter. "Well, we're not really worrying. We're talking about when we'll be touching them, I was explaining that it is a very different experience."

"Says you," Keelyra mumbles. She knows better. She's on to the game. They're just trying to find any reason to take her knot away. Her father said so! She lets them talk Computer Crafter stuff and get Draval caught up on egg-talk, sipping slowly at her Klah.

Draval eyerolls. "I ain't interested in getting your knot took." He points out, looking slightly disappointed that the book will have to be returned. "You want a dragon, and I ain't stopping you. V'yt can't take your knot for some silly reason. He was teasing."

Kiley gives Keelyra an odd little look, brows lifting just a fraction for the way she responds to the boy. A slight shake of her head and then she takes her mug of klah and sips from it thoughtfully as she allows attention to return to Draval and offering an apologetic smile for the look of disappointment. "I can always get it again later. And there will be other things we can work on." She promises before attention settles on Keelyra. "A dragon searched you, Keelyra. You have just as much of a chance as we do, you're not going to get your knot taken unless you do something that warrants it."

"Zhesth wants me to Stand, but my dad argued and argued against it," Keelyra says, casting Draval a quick look. She's speaking largely to her mug… if direction of gaze can be trusted. "He says if I do anything wrong, he'll talk to the Weyrwoman and have me removed from candidacy. He's afraid I'll get mauled." Lips twist in a bit of annoyance. "I've been watching Hatchings since I was small. Most people who get mauled weren't paying attention."

Kiley's brows furrow in slight concern, lips pressing into a thin line before she's sipping at her klah again. "I… Don't believe that he would." She notes softly, "and, like you said: maulings happen to those who aren't paying attention." She finishes off the rest of her klah but does not pour herself another helping, merely placing the mug down onto the tray. "I think you should just try and enjoy the experience and learn from it."

Draval rolls his eyes skyward at that. "Well, he can't stop you, far's I know. So stop worrying about it, hey? I might pester you as a brother should, but I don't want you losing your place, all right?" Forgetting the book for a long moment, he reaches across the table to offer his hand to her. "It's just, I ain't used to having a /sister/, yet."

The hand is stared at for a time, brow furrowed and eyes somewhat narrowed. Suspiiiiiiicious! Keelyra looks from the hand to Draval and back again. Her lips press into a thin line as she unwinds long fingers from mug, leaving it to one hand to support the precious liquid. She extends her hand out in return. "If you're lying to me, I'll never forgive you." Draval and V'yet /did/ gang up on her pretty intently… for someone who is new to both brother and father, it's all a very strange experience.

Kiley looks between the siblings with sort of an awkward expression taking hold, then carefully she slides from the chair. "I'll let you two talk. Now that you seem to be bonding." A smile and then she focuses upon Draval. "Just bring that to my cot when it is time for bed." Leaving the book in his care, she's making her way out of the lounge to give them some brother-sister time.

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