Of Eggs and Romances

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Galleries
An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Date: Day 8 of Month 0 of Turn 2714

Time of Day: Hour 6 - Early Morning

Season: Winter

It is early in the sixth hour of the day; it is that wonderful time when the Weyr seems to be still and calm. There are usually only a few souls that wonder at this time in the morning, on of whom is the tall hunter turned candidate who has slipped into the hatching galleries with a pad and pencil. He sits on the closes bench and begins to draw, looking up at the eggs every so often.
Stretched out to tiptoe half hanging out over the rail, Tanit cranes over the rail to see a glimpse of the ovoid shapes about which so much fuss has been made. A low whistle and the brightly dyed cotton of her dress flutters as her heels drop down to the warm stone of the galleries. Before she can leave, her gaze falls on the sketching Riohra. "So those are what all the fuss is about?" She asks hopping up and walking across the benches on balance, closing the distance between herself in the candidate.

Riohra grins and flips a page back in his sketch pad, no peeking at half finished work. Looking up at Tanit says "So it would seem, although they are a wonderful force of nature." He will glance at the eggs giving them a soft smile before he turns back to her "What has you up and energetic this early in the day?" never mind the fact he is wide awake himself.

Two long strides and long nimble fingers swipe the pad from the youth, dancing back a few steps with a twirl to lift the cover and start leafing through the pages, sea-green eyes sparkling. "These are pretty good, where you a Harper before they whisked you off to stand?" Pausing as she finds a sketch of herself with a lift of surprise. "When did you do this one? Weren't you doggy paddling last time we met?"

Riohra doesn't stop her but does look a bit miffed. When she asks about his work he will shrug saying "I just kinda draw from memory, I am not that great." he will peer at the drawing in question of her diving into the water next to some brash looking sailors. "Oh I just thought it was a good day so I figured I would put it down. Sorry, I didn't ask your permission." he will blush a little and grin sheepishly.

"Did I ask permission to see your sketchbook?" Tanit passes the book back with a flourish, which makes them even right? "It was fun and profitable. " Unfortunately word of the story had spread so Tanit wouldn't be able to pull the trick again anytime soon. "How much longer until they hatch? Do they know?"

It is still the early morning of the sixth hour on this winter day, Riohra and Tanit are here in the galleries looking at the eggs. A sketch pad is laid out on one of the benches, and the pages have been flipped to a random spot that depicts two candidates sitting in the sand looking at the person drawing and laughing it seems they have just finished washing a dragon. The detail is rather good but not really harper good. Riohra says to Tanit "I have no idea if they know, maybe there is like a timer or something in the dragons that they just know the eggs will hatch."

Baylee makes her way into the galleries to gawk at the eggs again. The wait is beginning to get to her. The eggs have to hatch soon, don't they? She spies Rio and Tanit there and waves, "Hey guys! Whats going on?" she asks with a bright smile on her face.

Why is Sevran here at 6 am? Maybe the better question is why the heck is he even AWAKE at 6 AM?! Because by the looks of him, he'd much rather be asleep somewhere. Anywhere, in fact. He's stifling a major yawn as he walks up to the galleries, his hair all bed-hair-don't-care; sticking out in all sorts of angles. At least he pulled on proper clothes, right? And he's wearing boots, so that's something. With a huff, he flops into a seat next to Tanit, leaning his head back and closing his eyes the moment his behind hits the seat. "Hey." And that's it. That's all he's got. That, and a suspicious side-eye at the overly cheerful Baylee.

Tanit hops down from the bench to sit properly, the purple cotton fluttering as she moves, smelling of fresh soap and baked bread rather than the sea. Sevran's bedhead is eyed. Before she can resist both of her hands start smoothing the mass down as if shutting an overstuffed suitcase. When it springs back into place once her hands move away, she bursts into a fit of laughter. Baylee's question brings her back to herself, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye, "Nothing much."
-— New Activity ---
Riohra is sitting reclined stretching out his long legs and watching the people more than the eggs now he will pick up the sketch pad and move it so it doesn't get damaged. With a grin and his usually happy demeanor, he will greet the other candidates as they enter "Morning, just watching the strange little creations that hold our future" he gestures out at the eggs. He watches how Tanit will big sister Sevran, and grin good thing someone is around to baby the accident prone candidate.

It seems that Baylee is just a morning person. Either that or today is just one of those days where you get up on the right side of the bed. Either way she comes over and takes a seat near the gathered group. Catching the look from Sev she blinks, "What?" she asks him, "Nothing wrong with being cheery in the morning." Least that is what she is assuming she's getting the look for. "Should be any time now." she says to Rio. "They say in all the books that they can tell by how hard the shells become." Or at least that's probably the garbled version.
For those who share a barracks with him, Sevran's penchant for sleeping in would be well known. So would his glares for those who attempt to bring merriment and light into his little bubble before 'day' is firmly established. Somewhere around the 10AM mark. After breakfast. So Baylee is just given a narrow-eyed look for all her sunshine and cheer, before he just huffs and decides to ignore her. It's a safer option than verbally biting her head off, anyways. Tanit's attempts at making him decent are met with a one-eyed peer and maybe a little humor. Huff. "Good luck with that," for his hair. And his hand sneaks out to try and poke her in the side, affectionately. "They can wait a bit," he says of the eggs. "No need to rush."

Tanit laughs, "I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about." Sea-green eyes move to Baylee, processing the factoid. Sev's general grump is noted with a smirk until the poke earns a high pitched squeak and jump about six inches off the bench. "Grump."

Riohra watches and laughs; he is just as cheerfull as Baylee it seems this morning "I guess, Catwin's grumpiness was bound to rub off on you Sevran. I mean you two seem to butt heads all the time." He is clearly teasing but will follow up with "Why are you awake this early? We barely can get you to roll out of bed for physical training? Did that Heyyu try to sleep in your bed again?"

Baylee nods in agreement with Rio, "It does seem like that." she says with a chuckle on her lips. "We'll have to find a way to perk you up." she says to Sevran before looking over in Tanit's direction when she hops, "Yeah. Don't blame you. Lots of fuss over little things." Little things that will become big things. Maybe even for some of the people in this room! "He is still doing that?" she asks Rio and Sev.

Grump is right, though Sevran will give Tanit a little smirky-smile. It's supposed to soften the blow but probably misses the mark. As for Baylee and Rio? They both get a heavy sigh, and a roll of his eyes that is exaggerated enough to be seen even if his eyes are closed again. "Seriously. When has he actually tried to sleep in my bed?" This line of thinking does not amuse him. Probably nothing will, this early in the morning. As for why he is up? A single shoulder shrug. "Because I'm not asleep." Sev is snarky in the morning. Those eggs over yonder that could hold his destiny within their tiny shells? Yeah. Ignored completely.
"Copious amounts of Klah and a decent breakfast would probably do the trick," Tanit suggests to Baylee side eyeing Sev, rubbing her side. "And yet all of you agreed to stand for them." So much for them being such 'little things' using the heels of her hands against the bench to lean back and look upward. "I would think you'd be in a hurry to get it over with if only to get back to being able to sleep in again in the mornings." Or not if they impress.

Riohra will chuckle and nods "Heyyu does the 'opps this isn’t my bunk' thing, but it seems to have calmed down a bit lately." Looking out at the eggs says "It is more of duty, but it is also an adventure" yup that is what drives this young man. At the comment of sleeping in he will look at Tanit and raise an eyebrow "I have been sleeping in since I got here, it is great! How late is a body supposed to sleep?"

Baylee falls silent as she listens to the back and forth of the other candidates and Tanit. She focuses her attention on the eggs. What must they be thinking about right now? What sort of things go on in there just before you get ready to hatch and come into the world? They likely may never know. She finally says, "I know I'm ready to find out one way or the other."
"I hate Klah." It wouldn't be a stretch to assume Sevran hates just about everything at this hour of the morning. But with a sigh, he eventually pushes himself up a bit more, and his eyes focus on those innocent looking eggs on the heated sands. Heyyu is ignored. Instead, he'll say to Tanit, "Yeah. We agreed to stand. But it's one thing to think of being a candidate. It's another to find yourself on the sands, face to face with eggs. The touchin' was…" some emotion he can't explain. "It was enough. I can't imagine what I'll feel on the actual day." The day. So there is another shrug as he explains, "So they can wait a little longer. So I can catch up." It's a lot of words for 6:00 AM. A glance at Baylee, though he doesn't offer any supplemental comments. Two opposites headed towards the same day of destiny.

“How awkward." Tanit will mark of Heyyu's habits. Sevran's comment gets a longer look, the diver's brow lifting slightly. "Too late to change your mind now, unless you aim to be the kind of person who doesn't finish what they start."

Riohra picks up his pad and starts going back to his drawing absently as the others talk, he adds "Once they figure it out we will." He glances up at Tanit as she addresses Sevran's work ethic "Oh I haven't know him to shrink from a challenge or duty yet. But then I have only known him for a short time." he looks out at the eggs then back to his sketch pad drawing quickly to keep the image in mind.

"They do say you can leave right up until the time of hatching if you change your mind." Baylee says helpfully. Not that she believes that will be the case with any of them. Especially Sevran. "I think we are all in this to the end. Whatever that may be."

There is a very narrowed side-eye leveled at Tanit. "I'm not backing out." And despite whatever misgivings Sevran may have about the future, voiced or otherwise, his tone is firm and resolute. And again to Baylee, a shake of his head. "I know. But I've made my decision." And there's something about the way he says that which seems to suggest he's not just talking about the Hatching. Resigned. "Thanks Rio," and the comment for his work ethic gets a grin. "I do try." Shrug of shoulders and then a run of his fingers through his messy hair. "Neither of you stood before, right?" obviously to Baylee and Rio. He knows Tanit hasn't stood.

Tanit nods seeming to accept the answer, falling quietly to hear the answers given. If she has anything else to say on the subject she keeps it to herself.

Riohra nods to Sevran's question "Yup, first time, and only the third one in my families line to get asked to stand." There is pride in his voice when he admits that, he looks over at Baylee and Sevran with a happy grin.

Baylee nods her head, "Thats right. I haven't stood before." she replies easily, "It was a surprise. But I'm glad that I did. Even if I don't impress thats ok. I've learned alot and met alot of nice people." Which really is the most important thing in the end. It does bring to mind an interesting question, one that has been on her own mind of late, "What are you and Kass going to do if one of you impresses and the other doesn't?"
Sevran nods his head just a little, as if he had suspected as much. He settles back onto the seat, elbows and arms resting on the bench behind him, legs sprawled forwards. Relaxed. Belied by the slight narrowing of his eyes towards the eggs. But no more comments on the eggs. Instead, he'll glance curiously at Rio, as if wondering that answer himself.

Riohra looks up from his sketching and notices everyone seems to be watching him. He stops what he is doing and looks out at the eggs before saying "Nothing will change, If she impresses and I don't I got back to Fort Weyr for a time and then transfer down here. If I do she will probably go back to the Dragonhealing school to get her Rank Three training done, then move down here. Once either is done with Weyrlinghood and is a full rider then we will be weyrmated, have a dragon won't change our love for each other" He will look back over to the others and give them a wide grin "It will just add one more heart to fill with that love."

Baylee listens intently to Rio's plans for the future, "I'd thought you'd say that." she says with a nod. His plans are strikingly similar to another pair of candidates might or might not have made. She lets her eyes move over to Sev and Tanit, "So many different plans for the future."

Sevran is quiet. He's paying attention, even if his gaze is elsewhere, and there's a little 'huff' of dry humor for Rio's plan. Disbelief, maybe. It's not meant to be mean, even if it may come across as such. A quirk to the side of his mouth, a little smirk wanting to peek through that doesn't quite make it to his eyes. And then a glance at Baylee, and there's a knowing look there too. "Krenn?" he asks. It seems everyone is headed towards happily-ever-after. Another little snort, soft enough not to be outright rude, but maybe a little… sarcastic? A roll of his eyes. A small shrug. "Tanit. Will you teach me to dive sometime?" A complete change of subject.

Tanit stares at Riohra and looks just a little green, what a cutesy answer. "And just like that, everything will be rainbows and the sunshine? People can, and do change you know." Her features pinch, and she hastily tacks on, "But more power to you if you can make something like that work long term." Because who wants to pop everyone's bubbles. The change of subject melts the discomfort from the Diver's expression, and her teeth flash in a grin. "I'd be happy to, but if you poach my fishing spots, we'll be throwing punches." She teases the butcher.

Riohra folds his arms over his head and leans back grinning "Oh it will be hard, and the road winding and long. But the spear that is tempered by flame and hammer, flies they straightest as my father used to say." He looks over at the others and adds "Make sure you both talk to N'talya, she is an expert dive instructor."

Baylee will hold on to her own pretty bubble while she's at it. No poking allowed! Sevran's question is met with a simple nod, "Yes. We have plans." The specifics of the plans go unmentioned. "Don't know about rainbows and sunshine but if you care about someone you find a way to make things work." the conviction is there anyway. And hope too. Lots of hope. She makes no comment about diving since it's something that she just knows nothing about. But Rio and Tanit seem too!

Sevran does not seem at all surprised by Tanit's reaction or response. And maybe there's a little smirk in there, and a little bit of a cough that could have been a laugh. Rio's metaphor gets a raised eyebrow, but no comment from the butcher-candidate. It's Baylee's statement that has him looking thoughtful, rolling things around in his brain as his head cants to the side slightly. Hmm. "Alright." And a shrug. "I think Tanit's got this, though," for Rio's suggestion of enlisting the help of an unknown stranger. "And I'm not interested in poaching," so no need to get uppity, missy. "Just think it'll be fun to learn."

Tanit tips her chin at Rio, “She offered to teach me to use the equipment, and Catwin thinks she might be able to find me some for a reasonable price. I am entirely comfortable with freediving already.” Given her profession, perhaps that is to be expected. Sevran’s promise earns a deep-throated laugh, “Then it is a deal, though maybe that should wait until after you get done with candidacy? I’d hate to break you and then have to explain to the weyrling masters after the fact.”

Riohra laughs at the breaking of Sevran "Oh he is tougher than he looks, I doubt even the Weyrlingmasters will break Sevran" he grins over at Baylee as she still looks to be surrounded by her bubble and will give her an encouraging nod. He will stand and stretch out saying "Well I am off to get my warm up in before we have to do morning workouts. See you guys out there" he picks up his drawing pad and starts to walk towards the bowl.

Baylee waves goodbye to Rio, "See you later." she says as she returns her gaze to the remaining folks, "I agree. If Catwin hasn't broken him yet then I don't think diving will." she smiles a wry smile, "All the candidates are tough." They have survived glitter after all!

"I'm tough," says Sevran, echoing his fellow candidates. "But we can wait if ya want." He stretches slowly, a soft sigh of an exhale. Rio may be happy to go 'warm up' but Sev has other ideas. "I think I'm gonna grab breakfast." Grub time. "Seph's probably up by now too, and the only time I get to see her is breakfast." Maybe that's why he's awake as such an awful hour. With a little grunt for the effort, he hauls himself to his feet. "See ya," and he'll give a little flick of his fingers towards Tanit and Baylee before he descends towards the exit.

“Eh, we can discuss it later. Go enjoy breakfast with Sephany and tell her I said hello.” Tanit gets to her feet again, restless and needing the movement. “Don’t you have to scuttle off too if they are starting Physical training soon?” Sea-green eyes shifting over to Baylee with a curious lift of her brows.

One by one the candidates are dropping like flies. Off to other things and eventually all will end in the physical training, "I suppose I should go soon at least. Dont' want to be late this late in the game. I'd hate to go to all tihs effort only to be kicked out now." Not that she thinks they would go that far for just being a bit late.

“See you around then.” Probably sooner rather than later, Tanit grins, and drops to the floor to start padding out.

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