Fish and Guts

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Docks
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby, or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

It's later, and Sevran is looking much more awake. Out of the way but still visible, he's chilling on the docks, feet hanging over the edge into the water, a knife in his hand and a pile of fish in a tub nearby. Why is he gutting fish outside? Who the heck knows. But he is and seems quite happy to do it, slicing the next belly and yanking out the guts with an easy, repetitive motion.

Tanit breaks the surface a few meters away, sucking in much-needed oxygen and floating back in the water for a few moments. Once recovered, she swims in swift, steady strokes to the ladder on the pier, net in hand. At the top of the ladder, both brows lift, and she takes notice of Sevran. From the twitch at the corner of her mouth, it isn’t an altogether unpleasant surprise.

Sevran looks like he may have gone for a swim himself. At least he's dressed for it, swim trunks and all. Feet swish-swish in the water as he swings them absently. Then a *sploosh* as he chucks the guts of the fish off the pier and into the water. Gutted fishy gets tossed into a second container, where it rests with a much of its dead and gutted siblings. He's in his head, either concentrating on his task or letting his mind wander within itself, so Tanit's appearance has not registered just yet. Fish nabbed, knife inserted, a quick *slice* and guts yanked out. It's bloody, efficient work.

Too easy. Tanit leaves a trail of damp footprints in her wake, careful of applying her weight to the boards lest they protest too loudly. Careful not to drip, she makes her way behind him, until bending with her mouth next to his ear, “I don’t think the fish appreciate that much.”

She's lucky he doesn't slice his hand right off. As it is, Sevran does get himself a rather inconvenient nick with the tip of the blade, biting into his thumb as he jumps at her sudden approach and voice. "Fuck, are you trying to kill me," he hisses, his thumb going straight into his mouth (Ew. Dead fish guts). He glares back at her briefly, but it won't last long. Awkward now, cause he's still got his thumb in his mouth to try and soothe the wound, he manages to finagle the guts out of the fish and toss them into the ocean.

Settling into the space that isn’t covered with dead things, Tanit can’t stop laughing. “Oh no, If I were trying to kill you, I’d have grabbed you by the ankle and dragged you under.” Given the fish gut soup, he’s made of the area near the dock, not the best plan. “You know, when you use the garbage pails in the kitchen, the folks who work in the garden use that stuff for fertilizer or bait in some cases.”

There is just a long-suffering sigh and a narrow-eyed glare. And then Sevran releases his thumb, inspects it a moment. Decides it's not gonna need to be amputated (OK, so it's already stopped bleeding), and huffs a little at her. "Yeah, but I like feeding the other fish." Maybe. Or maybe he just didn't wanna go get a pail, cause he's forgetful and lazy. "If you're offering though, you could fetch one." And not try to kill him, kay-thanks. Fish is tossed into the 'gutted' group, and a new one is grabbed.

Pest lands near the gutted group, sniffing one of the fish and sinking his teeth into the tail, attempting to make off with the thing which is near twice his size. He manages to get it a few inches away from the rest before giving up and trying to eat the thing. “I could, but I don’t want to.” Tanit decides cheerily.

"Then no complainin' if the fish get the guts." And Sevran will waggle the knife at her briefly before, "Hey!" and he's shooing that little pest right off the catch. "Shoo. You can't have that," and then at Tanit, "Control your little minion," even if he does like the little critter, and is gonna go ahead and offer him the next set of guts. YANK, "Here," and he drops the innards near the little 'lizard. "Catch anything good?" he asks, eyes back on his work. Slit. Yank. Toss. Repeat.

Pest stares at the squishy offering and at the fish that he’d managed to gnaw most of the tail fin off of, and gives Sev a ‘you mean you weren’t fixing that for me’ look. He’ll eat what he can get, however. “No, I haven’t.” She reaches into the mesh pouch strapped to her leg and pulls out a knife before resealing it, reaching for one of the uncleaned fish. May as well be useful.

"That's a pity," says Sevran honestly, a little glum. Oh well. Can't have free oysters every day. The nommed on fish is given a pitying look, but he's loathe to give it away to the firelizard. It would teach bad manners, probably. So he'll just do his best to… hide it among the other fish. They'll never know. He shoves the box to the side, making a bit more space for Tanit to sit, if she doesn't mind fish getting tossed between them. Slice. Yank. This time the guts plopped over there for the lizard. "So I don't think I asked, but whadja think of the eggs?"

“They looked like eggs,” Tanit answers with a smirk. The knife flashes and more guts are added to the little beastie’s pile. “Am I supposed to think something about them?” She asks after a few moments the knife flashing in the sunlight as another gutted fish gets added to the pile. “They just look like eggs, colorful but – just an egg.”

"Thank you," says Sevran, with relief and laughter. "I'm not the only freakin' one who just sees… eggs." Maybe he feels a little guilty about that, seeing as one of them could hold a dragon for him. But he shrugs it away. "I don't get all the starry-eyed and dreamy looks that get tossed at them. I mean… I guess there's something poetic about it, but I'm not a freakin' Harper." Snort. "Don't tell anyone I said that, though," he says dryly, giving her a side-eye. "They may kick me out for not thinkin' highly enough of 'em." The next set of guts go into the ocean, cause the little blue can only eat so much.

Tanit lifts a shoulder, grabbing the next fish, and wrinkling her nose before tossing it in the water. “Pretty sure that one would have been a hazard to any who ate it.” The next seems fine, and she works on it instead. “As long as you are taking the responsibility seriously, what does it matter? It may be one of those things that you only comprehend if you are a dragonrider.” Tanit has little experience with such things.

There's a suspicious look for that tossed fish, but Sevran seems to take Tanit's word for it. He's certainly not gonna go after the sucker. "Maybe. I never got it, and I grew up in the Weyr. I mean, having eggs on the sand is nice and all, but there's only so much staring at them I can do, you know?" Shrug. "Touching them was freaking weird though," he continues, shuddering a little. "I've not experience except this one, but I swear; more than half those suckers felt like they wanted to eat me right then and there. I mean, is that normal?" but it's hypothetical, given present company. "Baylee's in love with 'em." Snort. "Is that just a girl thing?" Cause she's a girl, so she'd know, right?

“That sounds,” Tanit grasps for a word, “Terrifying.” It is a few silent minutes before she ventures, “Maybe they aren’t all like that though, just looking at them you wouldn’t think that they could do something like that.“ She snorts, “You who has seven sisters already. I’d think you’d have us all demystified by now.”

"It was," admits Sevran, and by the way he kinda drops his voice and murmurs it, may lead one to believe it's the first time he admitted it aloud. "And it makes me kinda terrified to be on the Sands when those eggs are no longer eggs, but Hatchlings with legs and teeth and claws. I've seen a lot of Hatchlings. And I've seen some maulings. No thanks." Shrug. "I dunno. I haven't had a chance to ask a 'rider who's stood more than once to see what they say." About those eggs. But about his sisters? A snort and an eyeroll. "The only sister I would have any interest in discussing those things with is Sephany, and she's too young." She's not. But he's never gonna see her as a grown-up. "My older sisters are…" but he can't seem to find the words to describe them. "Let's just say I would trade 'em for ya in a heartbeat."

Pest, finished with his fish guts, moves over to butt his head against Sevran's leg. Tanit finishes with the last fish, rinsing her knife and tucking it back in its holster. Tucking a knee up under her chin, she watches out over the water. It's as new to her as it is him, so what can she say? "Do you want to impress?"

Sevran carefully wipes off the knife with a soft cloth, cleaning it of the majority of gunk before he slips it into a sleeve and sets it aside to be put away. He eyes the little blue Firelizard briefly, then seeks out the fish with the half-eaten tail, gives in and plops it on the deck for him to eat. Don't tell anyone. With a sigh, he lays back on the dock, letting his feet stay in the water, squinting his eyes against the bright mid-day sun. Her question keeps him quiet for some time, but he sounds pretty certain when he says, "Yeah. I do. Weird right?" Maybe. Maybe not. "Never cared about it before. Then I'm getting handed a white knot, and suddenly it's in my head, you know?" Maybe not. "It's like a freakin' drug or something. In my veins now."

“I’ll tell you a secret?” Tanit murmurs looking over, smiling as Pest trills at the fish, and makes an attempt to drag it and himself into Sev’s lap where he will eat it. “It wasn’t my idea to come here,” Tanit admits, “Mom was weyrbred. She was the one who pushed for me to accept T’sen’s invitation.” There’s a half-smile. “I never imagined that there could be a life outside of Black Moon Cothold, and yet here I am trying to think of reasons to stay. So I think I understand a little, though it isn’t quite the same thing.”

That is news to him, indeed. Sevran glances her way briefly, though he has to squint against the glare of the sun light crashing down on his face. There's a soft wince as a firelizard makes himself at home in his lap, fish and all, but he'll allow it. He's already covered in fishy-guts anyway, what's another few scales and scraps? He's quiet for a while, and a companionable silence settles between them as Sevran mulls over what he should, or could, say on the subject. "You wanna stay?" he finally extends, latching onto that small statement. "And no, I get it," he assures her. "I think it's pretty similar to how I feel, actually. The unknown. A possibility you never thought of before." He turns his head back, throws an arm over his eyes to protect from the sun.

“I think so,” Tanit admits. “Or at least I’m not in a rush to go back. It is kind of neat, seeing where my mom grew up, even if she never talked about it much.” Laughter bubbles from somewhere in her chest spilling outward, “That’s it exactly, there are suddenly possibilities that I never could have imagined.” She exhales softly, “Weird isn’t it, that the very things that make it frightening are the same ones that make it so exciting.”

There's a bit of a nod, lost somewhat behind his arm. An acknowledgment of understanding. For a moment, Sevran is just silent. Something about what she said has him taking his hand off his arms and looking at her seriously for a few seconds. Maybe it hits a little too close to home. Eventually, he cracks a grin. "Stupid frightening," he decides, followed by a huff of amused laughter. "But definitely worth it."

“Most of the best things are,” Tanit laughs, raking a hand through her nearly dried hair, causing it to stick every which way. “Mind you I still think you are nuts.”

Another grin, not hidden by the arm over his eyes. "That's because I am," Sevran declares with glee. And with a quick movement, he nabs a bit of the fish-guts that have been left by little Pest and flings it at Tanit


And that ladies and gentlemen, is how Sevran died. Ok, so died is an exaggeration. Tanit’s long fingers scrape the entrails from her face with a wet slurping sound, fire in those sea-green eyes. Standing in one smooth motion Tanit bodily shoves Sev into the water, causing Pest to screech in protest.

*Ker-SPLASH* Sevran totally and absolutely deserved that, and probably loves Tanit all the more for it. Thankfully he's a strong swimmer, and makes it up after a few minutes of floundering around and flailing. He coughs a little, and then just bursts into loud, raucous laughter. Best friends for LIFE.

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