Dalasith, The Incredibly Friendly Dragon

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

It's just past lunch time as A'di walks out of the living caverns, his hands stuffed idly in his pant pockets. A firelizard pops in and flits over to the man who pauses as the firelizard lands on his shoulder. "A message?" There's a pause as A'di moves to take the message, looking over it quickly with a little frown on his lips. "I'll have to visit later, I suppose…see how he's doing…" A hand rubs at the back of his head in thought.

Slip chitters at the man, butting his head against the near cheek. The oily-looking brown gives A'di a cock-eyed look, wondering where his reward is, but is distracted quite rudely by Vora, who jogs over to the pair. Her hair is frazzled and she seems almost breathless, but she manages to retrieve Slip and give him a good rub-down, praising him happily. "There's a good boy, you did a good job." She looks up sheepishly at the rider, scratching the back of her neck with her free hand. "Apologies, but I had to make sure he made it all right. You see, I've just begun training him and…" she lets the sentence trail, then adds, "I'm Vora, one of the new candidates, by the bye. He did give you your message?" She lets Slip pop away and smoothes down her hair and ruffled clothes self-consciously.

A'di reaches idly into a pouch at his side, pulling out some meat to offer to the firelizard. A brow slowly arches on his forehead as he watches Vora come into view. "Oh…hello, is he yours?" A quick nod to the firelizard, obvious amusement on his face as the firelizard is grabbed. "Don't worry about it, I just wasn't expecting a message, is all. I don't get many messages unless it's from my sisters." He shakes his head slowly, rubbing at the back of his head before letting his hand fall to his side. "Oh, yeah, he gave me my message. It's nice to meet you, Vora, I'm A'di, Dalasith's rider."

A grin comes across Vora's wide mouth as she responds to the kindness of another person. Only natural, anyway. The grin becomes sheepish as she notes A'di's name and rank, her self-conscious straightening of her haphazard appearance becoming a bit more frantic before she realizes what her hands are doing and forces them down to her sides. This feels a bit awkward, but there you are. "Yes, that one was mine. It's pleasant to meet you, A'di; you're his first message, so thank you for not… ehm… scaring him. He's not away from me much." She looks wistfully in the direction the flit popped away, noting that he's gaining some of his own independence. "Well, he wasn't, until I started training him. I think he's afraid I'm going to start issuing commands again." She smiles wryly up at A'di.

There's a tilt of his head as A'di considers the female for a moment or two, his eyes flickering in confusion. "What's wrong?" A hand rubs at the back of his head, looking around slowly for a moment before focusing his attention back on Vora. "His first message? Well, he got it to me just fine, I'm quite thankful for his message. It's not often I hear from A'dar these days since he moved to Ista. It's nice to get a message from him." He smiles a little in thought before shrugging his shoulders. "Why would I scare him? I'm not that kind of guy…really, I'm not scary or something just because I'm a dragonrider." He watches the firelizard flit away with a little frown, "Well, he might just appreciate that you're giving him responcibilities, he'll be happier that way. I know my bronze loves getting things to do."

Vora grins, her eyes lightening as she relaxes some. She clasps her hands together in front of her, rocking a bit from her heels to her toes. "No, no! I didn't mean /you/ were scaring. I just know a few people who would startle a flit as soon as look at them." She nods, as though to affirm the truth of her statement. Her gaze searches the vicinity, searching for… what? "Oh, you have a bronze flit? Is he around?"

A'di smiles a little bit as he wraps his arms over his waist, "Well, so long as the firelizard isn't annoying or bugging me while I'm working, I have enough to deal with with Dalasith on my hands sometimes." He pauses for a moment, to think, then notices her looking around. "What are you looking for? Yeah, I have a bronzefirelizard, a green one too. Lumsi's not too much of a help, she usually ends up tripping overherself half the time, but Convict is pretty useful. He's up in the weyr at the moment."

Vora grins at A'di, her smile causing smile lines in her cheeks and below her nose. The corners of her eyes seeem to crinkle up as well as the smile travels there. "I know exactly what you mean! Well…" she ponders, "not about your dragon. I wouldn't know a thing about that! But-" the girl prods the sling about her torso, and something small wriggles inside. "I know what you mean about useless greens. Mine isn't quite clumsy but she's the brattiest thing you'll ever see." And as though on cue, the a little green head pokes out of the sling, opening red-lined eyes. She seems to sniff arrogantly at the man who has yet to gain her approval, looking for all the world as though she owns both of the humans.

A'di shakes his head ever so slightly, "Just be careful of what you say, if you want to learn about a dragon, best to keep your lips tight around my lifemate." He shakes his head, an amused curl to his lips, running his arms down his pants. "Course, not every dragon is alike, Dalasith is definitely in a class of his own." His attention slips to the sling on her torso, noticing the movement. "Lumsi tries, but she rarely succeeds." A moment's pause as his lips purse, "And of course Dalasith is curious as to whom I'm talking to, hope you don't mind meeting him, I don't think you'll have much of a choice."

Divine tilts her head at A'di. No attention whatsoever? Now that's just rude! She clambers her way out of the sling and flops the small distance over to the man's chest, clinging all spread-limbed and awkward there. She chitters up at him, demanding to be attended to. Vora muffles a chuckle behind her hand - she wouldn't dare offend the little bug of a flit. She can't give A'di's comment with an answer in this state, but manages a look of anticipation at him, then at the horizon at the mention that she may be meeting his dragon.

Bounce, bounce, bounce, it's almost like a thundering sound as a dragon is suddenly seen frolicking into the area, bugling loudly in only a sound that could be described as 'singing', or as close to singing as a dragon can get with those types of noices. But of course, A'di's attention is suddenly on the green that's now clinging to his shirt, "Err…Hi?" A hand rubs at the back of his head in confusion. "Vora, that's Dalsith, Dalasith this is Vora and her firelizard…no, you can't have him. We have two of our own."

Vora giggles at the dragon's display, applauding him loudly. "Brilliant show, Dalasith. It's a wonder to meet you." She admires his light powdery and royal blues, and Ooos and Aaahs at such a lighthearted dragon. Divine perks up and glares at the face above her as though offended at being called a "him." Am not! She pouts and slithers down the entire length of the man's body, opting to jump up to Vora's sling instead of flying. Vora chuckles and says, "Are you sure you don't want her?"

Dalasith turns his head and rumbles loudly to Vora, his eyes whirling happily at Vora, «What a absolutely wonderful thing to say! I'm ever so pleased that you liked my performance, I've always tried to get my A'di to join me in my singing and dancing, I've always thought he'd be a spectacular dancer, it's such a shame he won't try. Don't you think he'd be good? It's always so much more fun making time go by faster by singing, and dancing!» Dalasith bugles happily, his tail lashing behind him as he looks over to his bonded hopefully. "I've already told you, Dal, I don't dance, and I don't sing. I'm not that sort of harper." He rolls his eyes slightly before turning to Vora, "I'm sure, I have enough to deal with."

Vora giggles at Dalasith's attentions and his antics. "Why, you're just a charm!" She smiles at the rider, "Oh, you lucky man!" Her smile widens into a grin and she waves at Dalasith. "Don't start a quake!" But she turns a consolidary look at A'di, "I'm sure I have /no/ idea what you mean. Dalasith seems like he's a breeze to handle." She chuckles.

A'di sighs quietly as he rubs the back of his head, "You don't even know the half of what I have to deal with sometimes." Dalasith looks quite proud of himself indeed, «You're ever so nice, it's such a wonderful thing to say. I can see why the dragon marked you as a candidate, you're are absolutely most fitting for the sands, I'm almost positive you'll find your lifemate!» Dalasith croons loudly in pleasure.

Vora chuckles and grins at the dragon. Buddy-buddy with a dragon that was someone ELSE's lifemate, who'da thunkit? "Well, you think so, dear? I do hope you're right." She blushes only a little at the compliment; a great improvement on her usual bright red flush. Then a thought occurs to her mousy-brown head and she claps excitedly, startling the little green in her sling. "Oh, you and I should talk sometime without your bothersome bonded around!" She teases A'di.

Jessamin waddles out of the Living Caverns, burdened with a large, high-walled basket that looks to be filled to the brim with… sand? Her flits fly about her with a seemingly protective air about them, almost weaving a net of wings and tails around her and squawking to frighten any who would dare harm their human. She looks to be headed down by the lagoon, and seems to be concentrating on not dropping the basket or its contents. So it is that she manages to miss taking note of the people and dragons around her, at least for now.

Never one to hesitate when it comes to making new freinds, Dalasith is quite head over heels with this new aquaintance. «You're ever so kind. Even if I am not correct, it's almost absolutely certain that you'll find your heart's duet! After all, I found mine! And he's ever so wonderful.» A'di runs a hand through his hair, closing his eyes for a moment as he stares at the blue dragon, "Honestly I don't know what you see sometimes, Dal." «My absolutely wonderful lifemate, of course!» Another shake of his head as his attention turns back to vora, a eyebrow arching on his forehead, "Talk? About what? What's there to talk about?" And then squawking catches his attention, causing him to peer in Jessamin's direction. "Apparently it's promising to be a noisy day…it's never quiet anymore."

Vora pokes at A'di, getting a little more friendly now. "What, is Silence really all that Golden?" She grins, "And your lifemate and I have ever so many things to talk about. I think we'll become the best of friends… without you!" She nods and walks nearer to the dragon as though taking sides in a kindergarten friend fight. She checks the position of the sun, remembering something, and nods. "I have to go back to duty soon but… Jessa!" She runs over to the girl, nearly tackling her before she sees the basket of sand. "Whoa, girl, what're you doing with that? Is that what I think it is?" She squeals. "Oh, it is, isn't it? I can't believe I didn't think about that the other night."

Mynna makes her way in from the living caverns shortly after Jessamin, looking just a little tired and sweaty, likely after a shift of chores in the kitchens. She also seems headed in the direction of the lagoon, likely for completely different reasons. However, she isn't so distracted as to miss the familiar faces and voices. Spotting Jessamin, Vora, and A'di up ahead, she approaches with a grin and wave. "Hi everybody!"

Jessamin stumbles forward, nearly losing her grip on the basket. She lets out a startled squeal, scrambling to keep her hold on the precious cargo while her faire lets Vora know of her misstep in no uncertain terms. "Vora, look out! Gaaah…." A few long moments finds the candidate catching her breath, and she nods quickly. "Flit eggs? Yes. Found two green clutches abandoned a ways down the beach. Not quite sure when they'll hatch, but my faire would let me know. They're bloomin' hatching beacons!"

"Silence is nice, silences is good, I can actually think in silence." Comes the dry answer from the wingsecond in a quiet little groan, peering over his shoulder at the blue dragon as Vora moves over. "So? Go ahead, go talk with him without me. It's not like that's something new that he does. He talks to others more than he talks to me." A'di shrugs his shoulders indifferently, "Do what you want. It's not like he's my lifemate or anything," His lips tighten ever so slightly, "Careful there that you don't hurt yourselves." He offers a curt nod of greeting as Mynna comes over. Dalasith pratically croons at all the people around him. «Greetings! It's ever so nice to have people to talk to!»

Vora squeals as her enthusiastically friendly attack on the flits' precious basket is rewarded justly. Hair flying, little green Divine squawking, she turns on her heel and goes… the other way. "Ah, hem, I've got to get back to work!" She yells quite sincerely as she flees the scene.

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