Terror in the Baths!

Western Weyr - Hot Springs Cavern
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumoured that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

Evening. It's rather late, actually. Dinner is long past, chores should be done. The entire Weyr is quieting down and preparing for bed, it would seem. Keelyra is enjoying a nice soak by her lonesome… and by her relaxed expression: she's happy that way. The teen is settled into one of the mid-sized pools, hair piled up on her head. She's settled in so that the edge of the pool supports her head so she can just soak.

Another individual seems to have the same idea of a nice long soak as well this quiet evening. Kelthero wanders into the hot springs at a slow pace, his expression distracted but the candidate looks obviously tired from the chores he was assigned earlier in the day. His movements are automatic as he wanders over to trunks to gather up a towel and all the other necessities before stumbling over to the nearest pool he can reach. All the while, his gaze seems unfocused, his mind far elsewhere as he strips out of his clothing and slides into the water. Its not until he's submerged and settling comfortably that he realizes he's chosen the pool with Keelyra relaxing in it. Oops. "Uh, sorry." He mumbles towards the other candidate. "Didn't realize you where there."

It's not as if Keelyra noticed until the splash of another person entering the waters rang in her ears… and plopped wetly upon her face. She blinks a few times, lifting her head. Hair tumbles into the water from its precarious pile. "I didn't realize you were there," she replies, in a mild kind of confusion.

Confusion is right, because Kelthero only looks back at her with a puzzled frown. "Guess we're both out of it then." He muses as he relaxes back against the pools wall, arranging himself so that the water comes up just to his shoulders and he can comfortably rest his head on the edge of the pool. Water ripples a little as his arms move to cross loosely across his chest below the surface - a sign that the candidate isn't entirely relaxed as he normally would be. "Long day?" he asks, glancing back over to Keelyra as he does, a vague smile following shortly after.

Arms had been left to drift all akimbo in the water, but now they're busy getting hair back up on top of head. Keelyra gropes around on the edge of the pool until she finds the clip that must have fallen out. Errant locks restored to former order, she looks back to Kelthero. Obviously, she's not as discomfited by being naked in the waters. Part of growing up in a Weyr, likely. "Was up before dawn for my chores. I'm so tired I couldn't sleep… so I decided to come in here for a bit."

"That early, eh?" Kelthero grimaces a little before giving the other candidate a slightly sympathetic look. "Which chores did you get?" he asks, before smirking. "I was stuck on lookout duty. Kind of like what I did before, only I'm stuck watching for ships. It was…" There's a pause as Kelthero fumbles for the right words, but is too tired and simply gives in to old habits. "… mindlessly boring." He admits, chuckling dryly. It's not the nakedness that unsettles him. It could be the candidate is simply restless, unable to wind down no matter what he does - and becomes clearer in his next comment. "I hear you on the sleep bit. Not been getting much myself."

"Gathering eggs and milking… I sometimes had to do that before I was a candidate, but-" Keelyra's sentence is interrupted by a broad yawn that she covers with hands curled into a dripping fist. "I used to have my own room, too. Some of the other candidates stay up so late… and they're noisy, too."

Kelthero smiles crookedly. "Ahh, that's not too bad of a chore." He casually remarks as he unfolds his arms and leans forwards a little from where he sits. Suddenly his own face begins to contort a little as the candidate tries to fight yawning himself. Cursed contagious yawns! In the end, he avoids it by pushing away from the edge and ducking quickly under the water. When he resurfaces, he immediately heads back to his previous seat, hands raised and pulling back the hair from his eyes. "You were lucky then, to have your own room." Kelthero replies, resuming the conversation without skipping a beat this time. "The dorms I was in before was just as crowded." He admits with a smirk. "But you're right, some of the others do stay up way later. One of these nights, I'll end up throwing something to get 'em to stop."

"I didn't have my own room for long… I was still in the dorms with the other kids until I met my dad and he offered me a room in his weyr." Keelyra shrugs and moves finally, drifting through the water towards where a bowl of what is presumably soapsand sits on the edge. She grabs a handful and begins scrubbing slowly. Ahh, lazy baths. "You'd think those that want to stay up would be polite and go out into the lower caverns or something."

"You're really lucky then. A rider for a father and then you get your own room as a result?" Kelthero chuckles dryly, shaking his head a little. "I went from one crowded dorm to another. I don't think I've had my own room since I left my home hold." That seems to surprise the candidate for a moment and he snorts in amusement at his own comment. "You'd figure, eh? Ah well, can't blame them. Some are far from home, others are young. Maybe they figure we've got some sort've curfew?" He shrugs as well before gathering his own soapsand and promptly begins to scrub away. Lazy baths, indeed.

"Apparently finding out he had a kid is making him want to make up for lost time or something," Keelyra explains, giving a bit of a shrug. She smirks at Kelthero, though there's an edge of weariness to it. Long day indeed. She works at scrubbing from wrist to elbow; the area dirtiest from the day's work. "Maybe. Do we have a curfew? I've not heard of one. Either way, being all loud in the dorms doesn't help those of us gotta be up early."

"Ahh… I see." Kelthero's reply is awkward at best concerning fathers and lost time. Too tired to fish out a better answer, he simply focuses on scrubbing and rinsing - automatic moves that require little thought. It's late evening now in the Weyr, most chores long done and probably most residents thinking of sleep. Kelthero is putting off as much time as possible before having to head back to the dorms, it would seem, instead taking a lazy bath in one of the medium pools. "I don't think so? Think they would have mentioned curfews." He says with a slight smile. "No, it doesn't help but it's something we'll have to live with for now. Although it is getting /sorely/ tempting to do something about it."

Zi'on suddenly enters the caverns. Clothes? None! Mud? All over! Where has he been? Who knows. But outside there's a screaming headwoman, yelling about someone tracking mud all over her cavern. The bronzer runs and jumps into a random pool! It's Keely and Kelthero's pool! "Wooooooooo!" Splash! At least he's shaken the headwoman. Though he'll probably get a whuppin' later. Some weyrlings never grow up. And now everyone who was eating in the caverns is scarred for life.

Once again, Keelyra's face is wet. Fortunately though, for just how much she's splashed at, the girl was not as zoned out as she was when Kelthero had entered the hot springs. In fact, the hollering of the headwoman draws her attention and she's splashed merely because she's staaaaAAaaAAAaaaAring. And then Zi'on's in the water and she realizes her hair is now soaked. Oh nooo. "Now I have to wash it," she mumbles under her breath.

Kiley is, sadly, coming after the commotion. Luckily, though, she was far enough away not to be associated with the naked mud covered bronzerider. Because she really wasn't. She's far more quiet in her entrance and the abandonment of her clothing to join in at the pool in which everyone is gathered. Once settled in, she looks to Keelyra and offers a smile before allowing that to drift towards Kelthero and she inclines her head in a sort of greeting. "How are you two?" Pause, and she peeks at Keelyra. "Are you doing better? Did you work things out with Draval?"

Well, he /was/ having a lazy bath - which is now interrupted by the sudden leaping splash made by the mud covered bronzerider. Lifting an arm up to shield the worst of the water splashed his way, Kelthero mutters some half voiced curse before he can hold back his tongue. The screams of the headwoman earn a deep frown, but most of his annoyance seems especially reserved for Zi'on. Kiley's arrival distracts him though for the time being and he nods his head a little in return. "Tired." Kelthero admits. "Yourself?"

Zi'on stays under the water for a long time. Really long. In fact, you see his pursed lips come up for a breath at least once before he finally surfaces. And when he does, he slowly peers over the side of the pool, to make sure that no one is chasing after him. Then he looks at his poolmates. "Keely! Do you see the headwoman out there? Is she gone?" It seems like she is, so the bronzer relaxes. At least the dunk has removed most of the mud from him. He relaxes against the side of the pool. "Whew. Hey, ya'll." At least the excitement is over?

"I… guess, maybe. I dunno. I don't think I like having a brother." Keelyra stumbles over her words as she replies to Kiley, staring at the spot where Zi'on went under the water. When he surfaces and addresses her, she stammers and looks towards the cave entrance. "Uh… I think so." Her voice is somewhat faint, peaking in timbre.

Kiley offers an apologetic smile towards Kelthero in Zi'on's place, "I'm doing great. I've had a free day." And she is entirely chipper about it, too. "What chores were you doing today?" Then, she's peeking over at Zi'on with a furrowing of her brows. "What were you doing?" Though brows don't stay furrowed for long as she turns full attention towards Keelyra and nods once. "I see, I hope things work out better. You don't have to interact with him if you don't really want to."

Kelthero waits until the bronzerider actually resurfaces for good before throwing questions at him. "What in Faranth's name did you do to have her scream like that?" he asks, sounding annoyed and awed all in one. Being tired apparently also brings out no manners in him. There's a glance to the trail of mud and the remaining evidence on Zi'on, obvious clues for Kelthero to use, but he seems to want to pry the story out of someone. Keelyra's comment on brothers distracts him long enough that he snorts slightly. "Be glad you have one at all. They're not half bad." Then his glance slides back to looking between Zi'on and Kiley and the candidate simply settles back against the pool's wall. It's to Kiley though that his attention finally shifts to, smiling faintly in return. "Ahh, seems to be a lucky day for you then. I was on lookout duty, of all ironies."

Zi'on blinks at Keely. "You have a brother? Whew. She chased me around the bowel twice. I'm exhausted." He grins at Kiley and Kelthero. "Ah you know. There was a bunch of mud in the pens. Some of my friends dared me to take off all my clothes, jump into the big mud puddle and then run through the caverns. It got serious when they started offering me marks." He laughs. "Idiots. I made five marks!" He rubs some sweetsand over his head. "Siblings aren't so bad. I got a whole bunch, but I haven't met too many of mine."

"Yeah. Just found out about him recently," Keelyra tells Zi'on, relaxing somewhat. It's a strange mixture of behaviors when the bronzerider is about. That balance between the comraderie of a fellow weyrbrat and the heartache of a girl with a crush. "Y'know how it goes." If /anyone/ knows how randomly meeting siblings goes, it must be Zi'on. "That's a lot of marks." As for the siblings not being bad thing… she just shrugs. It's hard to adapt to the idea when you're already in your mid-teens.

"A little bit lucky, having time to relax and not do any sort of duties are nice. No chores, no craft." She stretches out in the pool before she's beginning to wash. "Well, that seems like it is one of the easier chores? And you know what you're doing already, so, there's a bonus?" Kiley lifts her brows slightly, trying to find the bright side, it seems before she's turning a very serious look towards Zi'on. Face would meet palm if palm were not soapy. "You…" Her head shakes and she doesn't even give a full answer to him, merely shaking her head and resuming her washing.

Kelthero looks utterly dumbfounded at Zi'on when he gets the full story on the bronzerider's entrance. In fact, the candidate's tired mind has stuttered so bad that he can only stare at the rider, mouth open slightly to fire a reply that never comes. Instead, he simply closes his mouth and shakes his head sharply. "Shells, remind me never to get into bets with you then." He finally manages to muster up some form of a reply, smirking at Zi'on as he does. Then he breaks out into a crooked grin. "You did that for only five marks?" he decides to tease in the end. Now that surprise and annoyance have worn off, Kelthero reaches over to scoop up some soapsand again to finish what was interrupted. To Kiley, he also grins. "No Craft either, on your free day? Sounds nice." He then shrugs his shoulders. "It's a little easy, but a little dull. Basically watch for ships all day."

Zi'on nods to Keely. "Hm. I see. I dunno. It can be alright. I mean, siblings are like any other weyrbrat. You either like them enough to hang around, or you just kind of tolerate them. I dunno how your brother is." The bronzer grins to Kiley. "What?" Then to Kel. "What?" He laughs. "Well, they dared me. And five marks was enough. I'm gonna get maybe a new soldering iron or maybe some materials for my next project. I want to make something useful for Enka, but I can't think of anything good." He lifts himself up to sit on the edge of the pool so he can scrub. He grins. "I would have done it for less than five, probably." There's a lot Zi'on would do for five marks!

"I just dunno if I can trust him," Keelyra says in a lower voice. The girl breathes in a slight sigh. "He says all the threats to get me in trouble were just teasing, but how can I be /sure/." And then the bronzerider is revealing himself outside the bath again. Keely is suddenly very intent on scrubbing her hair.

"Well, I could have chosen to do some of my craft stuff, but I decided not to. I do my own scheduling for craft duties, really. And yesterday I got a lot of extra work done so I was able to relax today. Though if I had gotten chores today, I would've stuck to doing the rest of the program." Kiley smiles, "it was pretty nice. Maybe you'll get one tomorrow." Her nose wrinkles and she nods, "it does sound dull. You can't do much else if you're watching for ships the whole time." Attention flickers to Zi'on and she shakes her head, "can't believe you, that is all. Shells." A sigh and she lowers herself into the water and murmurs, "at least you're using the marks for something productive…" As for Keelyra, she glances over and sighs. "He can't get you in trouble unless you actually /make/ trouble." And then under the water she goes to get her hair wet.

Kelthero can only shake his head again, "I don't know. I'm not the type to go streaking, I guess. Hard to imagine you actually did it to fund your project!" Now the candidate is just finding the whole situation amusing - can't be helped! "Nah, five marks is a good bet. Considering you had to roll in mud." Never mind the naked streaking part. It's the mud he's figuring is the worst? The last of his scrubbing done, Kelthero dips under the water one last time and as he surfaces, he places both hands on the pool's edge and hoists himself out. Reaching for his towel, he sits so that his legs still dangle into the water, his gaze shifting to Keelyra for a moment. "That's what brothers do though!" he simply says before turning his attention back to Kiley. "I'll take your word for it. And maybe I will, but I won't hold hope on that." He then begins to dry off with his towel, no doubt finished with soaking in the water for one night.

"Well, has he gotten you in trouble?" Surely Keely's done something worth getting her into trouble by now. Zi'on seems certain of it! "Or you could just not tell him stuff. At least until you're sure." Zi'on grins to Kiley. "You can't? Anyways, that's what sucks about dating the weyrwoman. I mean… what do you get her as a present?" The bronzer laughs and shrugs. "Meh. We used to do it all the time when I was younger. Or, my favorite prank was to come in here and steal everyone's clothes and go running out with them. Then there were streaking people all over!" He laughs. He finishes up with his scrubbing, so Keely can relax again. He slides back into the water to rinse off.

"Not yet," Keelyra says, brow furrowed. "It just seems so suspicious and all. He just said he was V'yet's son and that his mother told him so… but even dad didn't know about him." She's not a very trusting sort. At least not of other weyrbrats. They cause issues — just like Zi'on is describing now. The girl does relax once the bronzerider is back in the water, ducking beneath to rinse her hair of the sand. The long locks drift around her while she's underneath. Upon surfacing, she tries to gather the mass into a more manageable bundle.

Kiley surfaces and pushes her hair from her face, she doesn't look back towards Kelthero as he climbs out of the pool, attention carefully transfixed elsewhere even as she nods her agreement. "I wouldn't hold my breath for it, either. It is entirely random." A slight smile, though turned away, it is directed towards him. She busies herself with running her fingers through wet locks and considers Zi'on. "I guess I can, once I think about it long enough. And you've said this many times before. Why don't you ask her if she wants anything or could use something? You did well enough with trying to surprise her with a computer." She reminds with a smile. Her hair is wrung out and fingers trail through again with a soft sigh.

Kelthero suddenly glances over to where his clothes are piled up and promptly shuffles them more behind him and out of reach. "Go figure that'd be your favorite." He mutters, laughing as he gives his hair a quick rub down with the towel before pulling his legs from the water and drying them off as well. "Exactly, so it's purely chance. It'd be nice though!" Kelthero flashes Kiley one last grin before sorting through his clothes and slipping back into them. Stifling a yawn with the back of his hand, he then raises it in a slight half wave to those still in the pool. "High time I get back and try to sleep. 'Night!" And even before replies can be given, he's already turning away and slowly wandering back out and towards the bowls.

Kelthero goes home.
Kelthero has left.

Zi'on peers. "You mean you think he's lying about being your brother? That would be… strange. Why would he want to do that?" Zi'on certainly caused issues. he was rather good at that. There's a sigh to Kiley, then. "If I ask her what she wants… then it's not a surprise. It's not romantic and spontaneous. It's just… asking her if she wants something. And then buying it for her. That's boring." There's a wave to the departing guard. "See ya, Kel." Then he turns back to the ladies. "What would you want your guy to surprise you with. And nothing to do with computers, Kiley." He peers at her.

"He /might/ be. I mean, it'd be strange, but it's strange enough to be asked who your dad is and have the person suddenly say it's their dad too and neither you nor your dad ever heard of them before." Keelyra makes a bit of a face, shaking her head somewhat. At the question, her cheeks darken a bit. "I dunno. I've never gotten gifts from… a boy like that. Don't guys give jewelry a lot?"

Kiley waves a farewell towards Kelthero, inclining her head. "Night, Kelthero." And then attention shifts back towards Zi'on and she sighs, "but that is easier than struggling and getting something she doesn't like and finding out after you give it to her." Cheeks color a shade at the mention of boring and she slinks down lower into the water. The question has her staring at him, especially once computers are taken out of the equation. "A charm made by my brother for my bracelet." More coloring to her cheeks and she avoids looking at either of the two in the pool.

Zi'on blinks. "Yeah, that is pretty strange. I mean, at least all my siblings start with a Z for their name. So I can tell if they're related to me. Though all my cousins also have Z-names, so it can be confusing." But L'ton was well known and generally knew his kids. The bronzer nods and shrugs. "I'm not too sure what kind of jewelry Enka likes though. I guess I'll have to find out if I want to do that." He peers at and nods to Kiley. "I don't want her not to like it. But I want it to be a surprise." He blinks at the computer crafter then. "Your brother makes charms? Maybe I'll get Enka a necklace or something…"

"That's convenient at least. All starting with the same letter. But his doesn't." Keelyra will get to the bottom of the mystery someday! Or at least just suffer the fact that after over 14 Turns, she suddenly discovers she has an older brother. One or the other. "What kind of jewelry does she wear? Or, uh, does she have a favorite outfit? You could get something to compliment it."

Kiley listens to the talk of siblings and lingers in silence for that. She's not a weyrbrat and doesn't have this problem. Instead, her gaze focuses upon the bronzerider and she nods, "which is why I think it is easiest to ask." She smiles and nods once more in confirmation, "he makes jewelry. He's Journeyman Jeriel and he's still located at the Smith Crafthall." She stretches out and then glances at Keelyra, frowning slightly. Mouth opens, then closes for a moment before she adds in. "That's a good idea. Just observe what she wears and see if you can find something to match."

Zi'on nods about his siblings. "Yeah. Though I have way too many siblings. Is this the only one you've got?" At the question about Enka's jewelry the bronzer gives a blank look. "Uh… I think I've seen her wear a necklace? Favorite outfit? Nothing sticks out really. She has a lot of clothes." Not only would Zi'on have to actually pay attention to what Enka was wearing in that case, but somehow magically figure out what jewelry went with it! "I can't ask. That'll defeat the whole point." He stretches a bit. "Well I think I'm clean. Guess I should try to get some sleep in." The bronzer climbs out of the pool and goes to grab a towel.

"Only one that I know of," Keelyra says as she finishes fingercoming through her hair, getting it back in proper order. The girl gives a bit of a sigh, "I hope it's the only one. I'm not sure I could handle dealing with more. I don't know how you do it." She smirks briefly as Zi'on fails to remember much about Enka's fashion tastes. Is that a triumphant smirk or just an amused one? Who knows. She lifts hands and stares at fingers. "I'm getting all wrinkly. Time for me to get out, too."

Kiley chuckles softly, "I know. Ask my brother, then, if you want. You can tell him you're my friend." A pleasant smile and she shifts to relax against the side of the pool as Zi'on climbs out, eyes closing and simply relaxing. "Sleep well, Zi'on." There's a slight finger wave before eyes peek open towards Keelyra. "You, too, Keelyra." A brighter smile for the younger girl and then the computer crafter resumes her soaking for a little longer before she, too, is departing.

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