Wonders Of Radio

Western Weyr - Radio Room

A stightly cramped room with a large desk bearing a large multi-channel (HAM style) radio used for contacting other Weyrs, Holds, Crafthalls and even ships equiped with radio equipment. A shielded computer terminal sits on another desk across the room. Piles of reports are stacked here and there, maps cover the walls and a box of replacement parts is stuck in the corner. This looks like the nerve center of a modern working Weyr. It is manned by the Weyrwoman a lot, but sometimes other high ranking riders work dispatch in here.

Curiosity got the best of her, really. And that is why Kiley is now upstairs in the radio room, laptop case settled into the corner of the small room as she looks over the tech in the room, namely the radio. However, she doesn't actually take it apart in her examination, so that is a plus to things. Once satisfied, she is wandering over to look at the spare parts, taking the box down and going through the pieces and carefully placing them back down into the box once she is satisfied. There is no one else in the small room for the moment, as it appears to be a rather quiet day in the news department, but it is still rather early in the day so that is likely to change at some point or another.

The day has barely begun and already Kelthero is in a foul mood - but perhaps with good reason. He all but stomps up the stairs, muttering under his breath in a distracted manner, shaggy hair damp and the skin on his arms looking like he's scrubbed them under hot water and for a good deal of time too. When he realizes his path has lead to a dead end of a small, cramped room, his frown only intensifies. That is, until he realizes he's taken a wrong turn. Sighing, he reaches up to pinch a forefinger and thumb at the bridge of his nose, only to glance up again at the sound of movement. Recognizing Kiley, he blinks for a moment in surprise at finding her here, of all places. "What're you doing up here?" he asks, curious. "You have chores in this…" he fumbles. "…whatever room this is?"

The stomping up the stairs does little to attract the woman's attention, so enthralled with the pieces in the boxes and looking each tiny little piece over before placing it carefully back in. Once he speaks, however, is an entirely different matter. There's a loud squeak and Kiley whirls around, eyes wide and looking much like a child who was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "Uh…" She stares at him then looks back to the box and suddenly colors a dark shade. "I have another free day… And, I was curious and… Then there was the radio. And the parts… And…" Entirely guilty, she avoids meeting his gaze, though is drawn back to the box and there's a soft 'oh!' before she is taking another piece out and looking over it.

Kelthero stares right back at Kiley, brows sliding upwards as she squeaks in surprise at his voice. Now the candidate is /really/ interested, it would seem, as to what she's doing here. Tilting his head a little, he watches her carefully as she explains. "Why do you look so guilty then?" he asks, a crooked smile on his lips. His bad mood seems to ebb off a little, replaced for now by the distraction Kiley provides. The box of parts is given a quick glance, but Kelthero is nowhere near tech savvy as her and thus it is ignored for now. "Radio?" he drawls out the unfamiliar word, frowning a little. "What is that?" Never mind it's /right/ to the side of him. Clueless? Yes, yes he is. But then he scoffs, sounding surprised. "Another free day? Shells, how'd you pull such luck?" Now he sounds envious. Perfect mix to go with his grumpiness!

Kiley peeks back over at him and lets out another 'um' before fidgeting visibly. "I am not entirely sure if I am really allowed up her or to be looking at the parts?" A sheepish little smile settles on her lips and she gives a slight shrug of her shoulders. "Well, a radio is a device that the Weyrs and Holds can use to communicate news rather than drums." She points out and then frees a hand to gesture at the table where said radio sits. "I was looking at it and wanted to see what was in it, and then I saw the box of parts." Which is much safer than taking the actual radio part. An apologetic look crosses her face, "I am not sure, really. In Xanadu I rarely had free days and… One of the other candidates would have them all the time. I'm sorry. I would've switched if I didn't have programs to work on today." Even if she has gotten herself distracted by the radio.

"Oh. I see. Well, if it's not guarded or it's not locked, it can't be helped that someone might stumble in here, right?" Kelthero figures before chuckling slightly at the sheepish smile from Kiley. As she points to the radio, his gaze follows and settles on the instrument with a look that is half curiosity and half puzzled. He slowly steps further into the small room, coming around to peer closer at the radio, going as far to give it a slight tap on the top, mindful to keep his fingers well away from anything looking remotely like a button, dial or just plain fragile. He then leans back, turning so he can glance over to Kiley, smirking. "So that little box does all that?" he then snorts, an amused smile curving up on one side of his mouth. "I don't think they'd appreciate you taking it apart. Looks like they only have the one." At her apologetic look, Kelthero simply shrugs. "Can't be helped, really. I was only joking really." He then grimaces. "Uh, no. You would /not/ want to switch with me." Is all he says on that matter, shaking his head as he does. "You're far better off sneaking up here to look at parts."

"That is true. There was no guard and it wasn't locked." Kiley smiles a little more easily now for that explanation offered by the guard, so she resumes looking over the pieces as he makes his way to the radio and examine it. Then she places the piece back and replaces it with another with a curious little hum, pleased. Then, her gaze lifts and settles on Kelthero once more. "Mhm. It is an interesting piece of technology. It sends messages faster so the Weyr can be out there even quicker if there is trouble, which is good." Cheeks color and there's a laugh for his next statement. "No, they wouldn't. That is how I got myself sent to the Crafthall the first time." She startles after the statement, colors another shade and quickly focuses on the radio pieces. "I'm not good with jokes, sorry." Pause, then she considers him with a furrow of her brows. "I will take your word for it, then." Mouth opens, then closes and presses into a thin line of consideration before she gives him a more relaxed curious look. "Did Jey ever talk to you about how she felt?"

"That is good, then. Emergencies usually mean little time… obviously. But how does the message go through? Does there have to be another one of these somewhere else?" Kelthero asks as he leans back against the table's edge, only to accidentally nudge it too much and he's quickly reaching out with a hand to steady some stacks of paper. Cause that's all this candidate needs - to ruin someone else's hard work. Looking a touch embarrassed, he pretends that never happened and settles more carefully this time round. He grins when Kiley laughs. "Oh, really? What'd you take apart for them to get so interested in you?" he asks, before raising a hand up to wave off her next apology. "Don't be sorry. I was kind of in a bad mood, probably didn't come out the right way." Kelthero then folds his arms loosely across his chest, watching Kiley as she continues to investigate the box of parts. He looks startled though at her next question, giving her a long, thoughtful glance before answering slowly. "You knew about that?" Seems he's not quite going to give a straight answer - not yet anyways.

Kiley nods, "exactly. There is little time to respond. The message is more of a transmission, you can speak back and forth. They also need to have a radio on the other end in order to communicate with this one." There;s a stifled squeak as he moves the table and stops those papers from toppling off, mouth opens and closes and making no comment on that for the look of embarrassment upon his face. Instead, she smiles shyly and shakes her head. "The Lady Holder thought it might be best to send me to the tech or computer craft because I kept taking things apart…" Sheepish once more, she places the pieces back into the box and resettles the box onto the shelf before looking back towards Kelthero. "Hopefully you won't be in a bad mood too much longer." She smiles and then the startled look earns a rather apologetic look. "She was complaining about not having a boyfriend and I told her that I thought she was attracted to you. She always would act different when you were around other girls." The computer crafter points out simply, though her tone of voice makes it sound as if she is lecturing on computers. "She said that she would talk to you, or something of that nature and I was curious if she had. I am not good with my own feelings, but, if Jey had then I would try as well."

"Sounds…complicated." Kelthero admits as his brow knits together as he tries to visualize it all in his head. Eventually, he simply gives up, judging by the slight shake of his head. Some concepts the candidate just can't grasp. Perhaps in time he will, but not now. The table and it's contents seem safe now, as Kelthero has settled comfortably enough that he doesn't move, his entire focus on Kiley. He chuckles again at her sheepish behavior. "Ahh, I get it now. And the things you took apart, were they repaired?" he asks, sounding almost like he's teasing the poor candidate again. Then he snorts, grimacing a little. "I'll be in a good mood if I'm never assigned latrine duty as a chore ever again." He admits with a slight shudder. While not normally overly squeamish, that most likely pushed his tolerance to its limit. As Kiley brings up relationships and Jeyinshi once again, he lapses into silence, tucking his chin in a little as he glances away. "She did bring it up to me. Reluctantly, I might say, but she did." There's a pause, his frown deepening as he no doubt chooses his words carefully again. "I told her the feeling was mutual." He finally admits, glancing up to Kiley as he does. His arms unfold and now he's resting his palms on the top of his legs, using them to prop himself up as he leans forwards. "As to where we stand, I guess we're in a relationship? We were both so busy. Then she got Searched and then so was I. Kind of puts a damper on things."

"It is rather complicated, and yet entirely simple at the same time." Kiley sighs with a sort of bliss, as she does with most technological things. One would think she was in love with it. Which would be a rather accurate description of the computer crafter. Cheeks color a little darker and she murmurs, "I'd put them back together after I figured it out, but I always got caught while I was in the process." There's an awkward fidget before she's moving to pick up her laptop case, settling the strap across her shoulder and holding the strap tighter. "Oh. Shells, that must've…" Shudder, nose wrinkle and then her head shakes in sympathy for the guard. Though once the topic of Jeyinshi comes up there's a more relaxed stance in the woman's posture and she nods. "That's good. And I'm glad it was." She smiles easily and then considers Kelthero and nods, "well, you can still be in a relationship, just… Prepare for the variable of Impression. I think I need to write Nik a letter and see if he's okay. Thank you for telling me."

"I'll take your word for it." Kelthero muses, no doubt noticing the blissful tone to Kiley's reply. He doesn't tease her for it, not today anyhow. He does, however, laugh softly at her next remark. "Ahh, shame then. I see why though that the Lady Holder would want you to seek out the Craft. Obvious talent and all." Kelthero shrugs his shoulders again, smirking. "Terrible? Not really, there could be worse. But it certainly isn't pleasant. Which is why I got it done and over with as fast as possible." He then gives Kiley another long, silent look before sighing slightly. "I know." He murmurs. "That's what I'm worried about. But what comes is what comes. I can't change fate." He admits, although he sounds like he wouldn't mind the chance. His head tilts curiously as he oh-so carefully pushes away from the table, taking a few strides towards the stairs, though his gaze never leaves Kiley. "How is Nik doing?" he asks, before smiling slightly. "No problem. Just… keep it all to yourself, okay?"

Kiley beams a smile towards him and coloring another little more, "if you say so." She won't argue his thoughts on their reasoning, instead chuckling just a little bit. "I suppose that is true, there could be worse… I suppose with that, it is a matter of: the faster the better." Fingers tighten a little on the bag and she offers an apologetic smile. "Or you both will Impress and you can work on things after?" Her gaze follows him towards the door and then she is shuffling after him. "He's… Uhm. Mad? I think. Confused, mostly. We haven't spoken since I told him about being Searched." His request is met with a nod, "I'm not going to share." She promises, and then the pair make their way down the stairs and quietly parting ways to go about the rest of their day.

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