Sibling Conflict

Western Weyr - West Tunnel

This tunnel leads to and from the storage caverns and the main tunnel leading into the Weyr from outside. The lighting is much the same as the main tunnel, but the tunnel is not near as wide.

Tunnelsnake duty. It's something Keelyra hasn't done since she was a small child under the nanny's care. Nevermind the large collection of people on kitchen duty. In her kitchens. Eating the food. "They won't know how to pace themselves…" she's muttering under her breath as she stalks along. Her green 'lizard, Dancer, is with her… and thoroughly enjoying the sport.

Shine, sweet freedom; shine on Draval, who is sitting in the cavern with his knees drawn up and cheek planted against his fist, looking irritated and bored all at once. A free day. Ordinarily, this would be a good thing, only the energetic boy is left with nothing to do at all. At the sound of Keelyra's voice, he hops up, and eyes her hopefully. "Want a hand? So you can check on the kitchens faster?" Pretty puppy eyes.

Startled, vaguely, the teen draws up short. The swatter-stick-thing she's using to stun the tunnelsnakes is gripped tightly as she straightens, hand with bag to collect said snakes falling limply to her side. "Uh… I… uh, I guess. I mean. If you want to do a chore."

Being all too happy to be of assistance, he reaches for the swatter-stick-thing. "Here, I'll do the swatting." Draval offers magnanimously. "What's wrong with you, other than not liking being away from the kitchen?"

But that's her stick-thing! And now she's left defenseless. The teen chews on her lip a moment, watching Draval. "It's just weird. You've got a day off. Whaddya want with hunting tunnelsnakes?" Keelyra has already been suspicious of this brand-new brother of hers, wanting to help on a day off with such an annoying chore?! Adds to the suspicion! She and Draval are in the small tunnel and by the gear they have — a swatter-stick-thing and a bag — it would appear that /someone/ has pest control duty today. Though who is really unclear; Draval holds the stick, she holds the bag.

Draval looks from her to the bag, and back again. "What. I can't help my sister? I want to get to know you. This's the best way to do it." No ulterior motives, really. Not today, anyway; he's just too bored. "An' I like whacking snakes. I'm just.. I got the heebie jeebies, and snake hunting helps." He swings the stick idly against his leg. "Don't you wanna know me better?"

Draval is not the only one with a day off, but Kilarden is clearly not here to help rile up tunnelsnakes. He happens upon the scene of sibling distrust by complete accident, having only left the confines of the candidate barracks at all to explore the mysteries of Western Weyr. "Keelyra," Kilarden calls out, soft around a smile. His eyes are on Draval though, rifling through memories for a name to go with an unfamiliar face. When none are available to latch onto, the man simply dips his head in greeting to the other. "What have we here?" he inquires, having missed the entirety of their conversation.

"Heebie… jeebies." Keelyra repeats the words with mild skepticism. "What do /you/ have to be worried about?" Or scared about. Or whatever he means by that. "I do, but… I just… you were so /mean/ that first day. How do I know this isn't a trick?" Then there's someone calling her name. Keely whirls and smiles brightly upon seeing Kilarden. "Hey," she greets, before glancing sidelong at her brother. "He's uh, helping me with my chore. Tunnelsnake hunting."

"Oh, right, like I don't have to worry about nothin'." Draval eyerolls, giuving Keelyra a long look. "Look, I wasn't tryin' to be mean! I all of a'sudd'n had a new sister, that I knew nothig about… that ain't easy to find out, you know? I'm human just the same's you." He jabs a finger out at the girl, pontificating. "What'd you expect to happen? Hearts an' flowers?" Then again, probably. Girls are like that. As Kilarden enters the fray, he hushes up, giving one of those solemn, 'Sup, bro? kind of nods.

Her rescuer from awkward city gets called off to likely suffer helping some rider and Keelyra deflates somewhat. She draws in a long breath and sighs, glancing to Draval. "So it's all so terrible for you? Only you suffered a great, horrible revelation and thus you're totally justified in being mean?" Her shoulders slump. "You could've gone to V'yet anytime since your mom told you. No, you wait until you find out he already has a kid and flip out at her. But somehow it's not your fault, oh no." The teen kicks at a clump of… something, dust likely, and begins to stalk off down the tunnel in hunt of those pesky snakes.

"But I /didn't/ flip out at you!" Why does he keep saying this. "I was /surprised/, that's /all/. Why do you keep accusing me of being /mean/? Draval rails, feeling helpless. As Keelyra begins to walka way, he follows, still talking. "Don't you think you're being unreasonable, here? I mean, seriously! You're acting like you're the only one with a right to be upset about any of it. And who told you I ever /wanted/ to go to him. I didn't. You're the one with a vested interest, not me."

"Then why say anything at all? If you cared so little? You could've just been like 'Oh, he's that bronzerider that just transferred' or something. But no, you got so insistent." Keelyra scowls, moving some crates to peek for tunnelsnakes. She might as well use the adrenaline of annoyance to get her chore done. "One minute you say you were surprised. The next you deny it all and claim you don't care. Just make up your sharding mind."

Draval eyerolls. "I ain't denying he's my dad to save your feelings, Keelyra." He points at her, and grumbles, "You're twisting it all around. I ain't surprised he's got more kids. I was surprised to meet /you/. Didn't expect a kid of his to be /here/ — thought they'd all be at his old Weyr, 'cept me. Shards, girl, you act like he was supposed to only be your dad forever."

"I /don't/." Keelyra kicks at a crate, scowling. It's like he hears /nothing/ that she says. "Do you just ignore everything I say except the words that you can attack me for? You just said you didn't want to go to him. What, you just wanted to flit around pretending you were his special only Western child? Or are you mad that I found him first?" She huffs, throws the bag towards him, "Y'know what, what does it matter! Anything I say, you'll just pick and choose what to hear and attack me again. Fine. You win. You're Mr. Special Child. Pretend I'm not real and go back to your fantasy land. I'll leave you alone. I'm tired of being treated like my feelings don't matter." And unless halted, she begins to stalk in the directions of the lower caverns.

Draval FROWNS. "I'm tryin to figger you out. This how you feel, and trying to force it out on me? Who was it wanted to tell him in the first place? Not me. I was content to leave it be without him even knowing. /You/ were the one who threatened to tell him. What am I missing? What the devil am I supposed to /know/, so I'm not 'pickin' and choosin'' — " The air-quotes are demonstrated sharply. " — for some odd reason? Why'n hell would I want to attack my sister? You're attackin' me!"

"It's not /fair/ to not tell him!" Keelyra turns now, eyes wide. This isn't just about her right now, no. Arms flail slightly. "Imagine how much worse on him it'd be if you waited two, three, or more Turns and /then/ told him. He's a /good guy/ and it wasn't fair of you to just let it sit like that." Her brow furrows. "You are pickin' and choosin'. I never said to deny anything to save /my/ feelings. You're the one who keeps saying you don't care, you don't care, it's all my fault he knows anyway… but if you cared /so little/, why were you so insistent on making sure I knew and believed you, huh?"

"What's so unfair about it? I'm not expecting a relationship with him." Draval points out quietly, crossing his arms over his chest. "How's it /worse/ for him when he didn't know I existed? I mean, really." Exasperated, he flings his arms skyward, trying to set loose the willies. "/You/ were going to tell him what should have been /my/ secret to tell. I wanted him to hear it from me! Ya think I was being mean? Yeah, cause you didn't want to keep yer trap shut!" GLARE. "And I don't like being called a liar, you selfish little monster! You didn't wanna believe me because then you'd have to share, at least in your mind! He's my dad, too. But if'n you want him all to yourself, go ahead. I don't /need/ to have him to myself like you do."

Keelyra stops and just stares at Draval. Utter incredulous disbelief is painted across her features. After a moment, she shuts down completely. Arms fall limp to her sides and face falls. "Fine. Believe what you want. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of you twisting everything I say just so you can feel better about yourself. Sure, fine, whatever. I'm terrible and selfish and a monster. You win. I hope you're happy." And then she's slumping off towards the bowl and not the caverns.
"I /ain't/ happy." Draval grumbles. "You're m'sister, and you don't even want to get along with me, because you don't like what I'm saying." He crosses his arms and turns away. "Fine. Be that way. I don't /need/ to feel better about myself. I was fine without a father. Don't know whatinell you want from me."

But Keelyra is done. She may want to reply, but she stops herself. She doesn't let it happen. It's a trap. That's all it's ever been. Every time she replies, he's a trap to lure her into saying something he can use against her. The girl moves slowly at first, then faster, heading for the bowl and fresh air proper.

Draval scrubs a hand across his face, a bit dejected. "Girls." He huffs, but takes a half step toward the girl — but she's fleeing. "Keely, wait — " Oh no. She's too far away to hear him.

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