Oh Baby. It's a Joke

Western Weyr - Maze: Fish Pond

A tiny pond edged with reeds and water-lilies graces the side of the path. Tiny silver fish dart to and fro, nipping at insects that scoot about on the water. A soft breeze ripples the surface, making tiny wavelets ripple across the water. A pile of pebbles beside the path are flat and round, perfect for skipping.

This is where Keelyra ended up. At the pond. She fled for a while, not really paying much mind to where she went. Sure, she'll likely end up chewed out for abandoning her chores, but that doesn't matter to the teenage girl right now. Boots and stockings discarded further up on shore, she's sitting at the edge of the pond, feet within as water laps at her toes. She snatches up pebbles now and again, tossing them with a *plunk* into the pond proper.

Velrich hasn't abandoned his chores. But he /has/ fled from a room of crying, unhappy babies. He just..brought work with him. Sort of. Indeed, the young man has a small child strapped to his front, with a nice harness of cloth keeping the sleeping thing tucked in securely. And while a bit..in the way of things, it at least doesn't seem to be weighing him down at all. Heading along the path, there's a bit of staring at this and that…or maybe just marking the trail so he doesn't get /lost/, before finally spotting Keelyra. He tilts his head though, moving up next to the water. "I thought it was still time for chores."

"Yeah, well. How're they gonna know how many tunnelsnakes I got anyhow? It's not like any one person can ever get 'em all." Keelyra doesn't even turn to look at Velrich; her hand even mindlessly gropes through the grass by her to find another pebble and fling it out towards the water. If she did look, she'd probably be cheered by the amusement of the sight of the hunter with a child strapped to him. "Figger I can skip out once and they may not notice or care much."

Velrich snorts softly. Softly indeed. Don't want to wake the baby! "If you don't like your chore, find someone to trade with." There's even a shake of his head as he glances at his burden, hands moving to adjust the harness somewhat. "I would have traded easily." Killing tunnelsnakes? So much preferable to poop and crying! "You're a…girl. You should like children."

There's a glance over to Velrich and she blinks suddenly. Surprise, now, upon seeing the baby. She starts to laugh, but realizes the child is sleeping. Tongue is held and she just snickers quietly instead. "But I don't like small children. Why do you boys all do that? Assume that just 'cause I'm a girl, I should act or be a certain way."

Velrich lifts a brow faintly, although there's a very smile smile that attaches itself to his lips. "Aren't you doing the same by thinking all men will think it?" He shrugs though, and moves, finding a place to settle easily. He keeps one hand against the back of the child as he does so, relaxing once down with a look toward the water. "Maybe it seems like a natural thing. I'm not..good with them." At least it's /sleeping/.

"I meant the boys that are candidates… Almost all of you have made comments along those lines now, I've noticed." Keelyra is definitely in a sour mood. She sits at the edge of the pond, feet in the water, throwing the occasional pebble into the depths. Each one executes a small splash and a plunk before sinking down. Fish beware! "I'm not good with kids either," she says, glancing up to the sleeping babe. "They always scream around me."

"Do they? Maybe I have a better understanding than I thought." Though Velrich sounds rather doubtful at that, eyeing his small charge a bit warily despite the infant still being asleep. Yes, the poor man has a /baby/ harnessed to his chest, with it sleeping quite soundly there. Dead weight. He remains sitting though near Keelyra, simply watching as the girl throws pebbles into the water. "I don't know. Maybe you…seem that way?" Keelyra just radiates motherhood? ..Maybe?
Keelyra? Motherhood? Oh Faranth the horror. The teen even looks aghast at Velrich, staring somewhat blankly at him. Like her brain is trying to process how she could 'seem that way'. "Uh… Just 'cause I work in the kitchens?" That's all she can figure. "I don't own any jewelry. I don't wear skirts or dresses. I don't complain like that one hold girl, Ellyria did, when I get chores like hunting tunnelsnakes."

Kelthero wanders in from one of the various paths leading to the fishpond, looking around with a confused frown on his expression. There are dirt stains on his clothing and even his hands don't look entirely clean. It's very likely the candidate just finished another gardening chore and probably got turned around trying to head back from the gardens. "Shells, I could've sworn that path lead back…" he mutters to himself, raising a hand up to scratch the back of his head. He lingers for a bit, lost in thought, but the sound of voices soon catch his attention and he glances over to where Velrich and Keelyra are currently talking. Recognizing one of them prompts him to approach, his one hand now waving in a friendly-like wave.

Velrich shrugs. "Women have babies." Well it's /true/! They /do!/ He keeps an arm around his own though, at least the one temporarily his. Sure, it might be secure in its little hangy harness, but one never knows when it could just..fall off. "You don't..look like a kitchen person though. You just..look like a girl." And those, of course, have babies! Kelthero's arrival causes him to turn his head just a bit, however, watching him come up the path with a faint nod to the other candidate.
Confusion etches itself into Keelyra's features. Baffled. Positively baffled. "Not /all/ women have babies. And even then, I'm still too young for that. At least I feel too young." There have been cases, of course. There always are. She looks up to Kelthero and manages a brief smile, lifting hand to wiggle fingers in his direction. The smile fades though as she glances back to Velrich. "Someone once said only girls work in the kitchens, so… I thought maybe that's why."

Kelthero nods in return to Velrich and then smiles slightly towards Keelyra. He's about to ask what they're doing, but is promptly distracted by the conversation snippet he just walked in on. So he simply stands there for a moment, glancing between the two of them, at a loss. This is not what he was expecting. "There's guys in the kitchens." He quickly throws in, before noticing the hanging harness on Velrich and simply stares at that, blinking. "Uh… what is that?" Pause. "Not the child, but the thing you're wearing?" he asks, sounding simply curious - curious and confused.

I'm aware there are men in the kitchens." Velrich simply sounds a bit exasperated at that, eyeing the young girl for a moment or two. Though his lips twitch upward..just faintly. "Most aren't as good, however." Lady cookin' is the best! He does shake his head again though, bringing a hand up to ruffle into his hair before Kelthero begins questioning his accessories. A bit of eyeing is given to the other candidate before he lifts both hands in the air. "Cloth wrap. Keeps the kid in and the hands free."

Kiley is certainly not lost, not from the sure steps she shows as she takes a path that leads her back towards the weyr from the stream. A smile is settled upon the computer crafter's lips while her laptop case is settled on one shoulder. Her attention is drawn to those gathered and brows lift slightly before she is making her way over as well, waving a hand in greeting. "Velrich," she smiles and inclines her head, "Keelyra," the same for the younger girl before she places full attention on the guard. "Kelthero. How are you three doing?" And then, once closer the details are taken in about the other candidates, staring at child attached to his chest for a moment before shifting her gaze to encompass them all rather than staring at one particular person.

That's right. Stare at Velrich! It allows Keelyra to remain put without keeping up appearances. The teen rolls her eyes at Velrich's response to the kitchens statement. "Most of what you eat in the caverns is cooked by a man," she points out. "Most of the Bakers are men. Why does everything have to be man-oriented or woman-oriented?" It's vexing to a girl who is stuck in that trying-to-figure-self-out stage! She glances to Kiley and dips her head in a nod, before scooping up a pebble and flinging out towards the pond. Ker-plunk! It's a fun sound.

Kelthero eyes Velrich right back, giving him a long look before glancing at the cloth wrap again. "Ahh, handy thing to have then." He remarks dryly. He doesn't snicker though or laugh - not at the wrap anyways. What's amused the candidate is the mention of guys cooking. "Hmm, good point." When Kiley joins them, Kelthero grins crookedly. "Well enough. Got gardening again, but planting this time. Far better then the last chore I got saddled with." He grimaces then before finding a spot to sit down and relax nearby. Once settled, he gives Keelyra an apologetic look. "I was mostly joking." He mumbles. "Doesn't matter if it's guy or girl, if you've got the talent for it then it doesn't matter, really." Then he shrugs and watches as a pebble is sent skipping out into the pond, smiling faintly.

Velrich levels a look on Keelyra again. Though this time, it seems more baffled than anything, brows arching upward quite a bit. Maybe there /was/ something there he didn't know. "..My mother did all the cooking for us. I don't know much about bakers." He does another check of the child, just to make sure that its definitely still asleep. There's a few groggy movements, but so far, he's okay. Kiley's arrival gets a glance during his inspection though, nodding toward her as well. "Well enough with this attached to me."

Kiley looks to Keelyra and lifts her brows, "because in the past, men had more power than women did and women were not allowed to pursue the same crafts that men were allowed to. They weren't to become harpers at all, and women were mostly the bakers." The computer crafter informs, though with a little more excitement than one who is lecturing. "But, despite the change, people still see things that way at times." A shrug of her shoulders before she beams a brighter smile at the guard, "glad to hear that you're doing better than the last chore. It isn't as bad being in the dirt compared to… Other things." Her attention settles upon Velrich and she chuckles softly, "I am not to o fond of children, myself, I don't entirely envy you. At least he or she is sleeping?"

"So?" Keelyra draws, watching Velrich. "You're at the Weyr now. Where a woman is in charge." Y'know, the one with the shiny gold flying butt. Er. Dragon. Enka's lifemate doesn't have as big of a shiny butt since the hatching. "Iff'n I Impress, I could be a wingleader someday. Or even weyrsecond. You and Draval and some of the others need to get used to ideas like that. I'm tired of being told I should be good with kids 'cause I'm a girl. Or I should be scared of killing tunnel snakes 'cause I'm a girl." Her nerves are easy to hit today, unfortunately.

Kelthero quirks a brow slightly at Kiley's direct and blunt history lesson before chuckling a little. "Yeah, but those were the old ways. Seems rather odd way to go about it, honestly. If there's work to be done, there's work to be done!" He shrugs again, smirking a little. He smiles in turn to Kiley, although the smile falters as he tries to hold back a sudden bark of laughter. Somehow, he manages, but he pulls quite the contorted expression. "Heh. Nice one, Kiley." There's another quick glance to Velrich and the child he has and Kelthero grins. "I'd even prefer to watch kids over that chore." He admits, before his attention turns to Keelyra and he holds both his hands up in a defensive way to ward off her "attack". "Woah, easy. Never said you couldn't do anything!"

History! Velrich does listen to Kiley, attentive, even if he does occasionally stop looking to instead give a few touches and pats to the child at his chest. He nods, even if there is a faint smirk given in response. "Thankfully. It is..a she. And she spent quite a long time crying before this." Tired herself right out! Keelyra's rant earns a brief stare, however, eyes narrowing ever so slightly at the girl. "I don't recall saying there were things you weren't allowed to do. Women have babies, Keelyra. Men don't. Obviously women /seem/ like they would be better able to care for them. Apparently it's not always the case." He snorts though, attention focusing on Kelthero. "You want this one?"

Kiley tilts her head at Keelyra's reaction, blinking a bit but keeping her comments to herself as she goes on. Fingers curl around the strap and then she smiles over at Kelthero. "It is, honestly. But, during times of Thread it was easier to have women at home and reproducing rather than doing jobs that they could potentially hurt themselves or worse. To do so in our time is actually rather foolish because there is still work to be done." Again, direct and to the point. Though she's blinking as that smile falter and his expression contorts. "Nice what?" She blinks with obvious confusion, staring at the guard for a moment longer before attention is easily drawn towards Velrich and the child on his chest. "Ahh. Crying is rather tiring, but still." The woman smiles, "she is quiet and that is good. Perhaps she is also comfortable with you?"

"Sorry," Keelyra says, wincing slightly. She gets to her feet, moving to where her boots where left. Feet drip somewhat once she pulls them from the cool waters. "I'm just tired of feeling like people are trying to force me to feel or act how they think I should." She glances towards Velrich, brow furrowing. "It's just not a good assumption to make, y'know? Kids never do well with me. If /I/ was the one with a baby strapped to me, they'd never stop crying."

"He has a point there. About the babies." Kelthero chimes in again, crossing his arms loosely over his chest from where he sits by the pond. Side-glancing to Velrich, the candidate continues. "It's not meant to be insulting, it's just a truth. Mothering instinct, I've heard it called. Doesn't mean all woman make good mothers though, just like not all men are good fathers." His tone seems to take on a slightly harder edge on that latter comment, but covers it with a slight smile as he glances to Keelyra. "Everyone's entitled to their opinion though." Then he's glancing down at his dirt stained clothes and his equally dirty hands, then back up at Velrich. "You desperate for a break from… her? Her. Because I'm kind of full of dirt." He holds up his hands a little, palms out to prove his point. "That seems logical enough." Kelthero admits to Kiley's continued explanation. He then grins widely. "You made a joke, Kiley. About being covered in dirt instead of…well, you know." He says, noticing her confusion and seeming a touch confused himself.

Velrich watches Kelthero for another long moment. Particularly those /hands/. Those dirty…dirty hands. And whether or not the young man actually does like the infant or not, he abruptly looks away. "Nevermind. I'll keep her." Dirty men cannot have babies. "Of course she's comfortable..she's fed and she's dry.." For the moment. There's sigh though as Keelyra continues, brows arching ever so slightly. "They wouldn't stop crying, or you wouldn't?" It's a hardly stated question, but the candidate shrugs his shoulders slightly right after. "If you're old enough to be considered to have a dragon, you're old enough to be an adult to the world, I think. People have opinions, sure, but you have plenty of your own."

Kiley blinks at Keelyra and shakes her head, "I don't recall anyone saying that you couldn't do anything or that you were good with children Women have babies, that will not change." The computer crafter smiles at the younger girl and shrugs her shoulders, "it is simply an assumption that happens because of what I explained before and it will likely happen again at some point." The woman's attention is drawn towards Kelthero and she's nodding along with his statements, "exactly that, Kelthero. Exactly that." Her smile grows a little wider, and another touch so when he mentions the logical. Though it fades when he points out her joke, blinking once. "Oh! I see." A chuckle as she gets the joke, now. Attention shifts to Velrich and brows lift slightly at the rejection for Kelthero. An odd little smile plays at her lips before she's latching on to his final satement, "you should, technically, be considered an adult as you are old enough to stand. But age says nothing for maturity levels."

Thumb is jabbed in Velrich's direction. "Before you got here, he was making the assumption I'd be good with kids." Keelyra starts tugging on her boots, finding a perch on a small boulder. "See, /I/ feel that way. My opinion is mine. I can do what I want. But certain people seem to think otherwise. It's annoying." She laces up one of the boots. "I'm sick of being told I should feel one way or another, or having my feelings ignored."

Kelthero looks a little smug at Velrich's reaction, no doubt having expected something of the sort given the condition he's in. Yes, he is dirty, but that comes with the territory of gardening. "Alright, suit yourself…" and he fumbles, suddenly realizing he actually doesn't know the other candidate - at all. "…uh, I don't think I've ever got your name." he finishes somewhat lamely. Kiley's chuckle earns another lopsided grin from him and he suddenly reaches for a few of those smooth rounded pebbles. "See? You do have a sense of humor." He teases lightly, tossing one pebble up and catching it again with his hand. That action is repeated a few times before he tosses it out over the pond - rather uncessfully. The stone simply plonks into the water, no skipping at all. Fail. Coughing slightly, he tries again and is successful the second round. After the pebble sinks, he glances back to Keelyra and can only offer her a sympathetic look.

Velrich considers that a moment longer, but does stand up as well. His knees don't like being kept sitting! One arm around the baby again, he rises to his feet, nodding briefly at Kelthero. "It's Velrich." No, no hand is offered toward the dirty one. While the man might not mind dirt on a regular basis, having to tend to babies really does have to shift some priorities. Keelyra's thumbing earns a shake of his head though. "And full circle we've come.." There's..gurgling noises from his chest! Someone's awake.

"Oh, I see." Kiley stares at the younger girl and then she notes, "you don't have to listen to what others say if they are telling you to do things you do not want to do. My mother wanted me to be a harper and my father wanted me to be a baker and I am neither." There's a shrug of her shoulders and she offers a smile. But rather than lecture, attention is drawn to Kelthero and she flushes a light shade of color, "I get jokes, if I understand them or know they are jokes. A lot of the time I have a hard time understanding that they are a joke." There's a twitch of her fingers as she shifts her strap to the other shoulder and considers Velrich and Keelyra, blinking between the two before finally settling on the gurgling baby.

Keelyra fixes Velrich with a droll look as she finishes lacing her boots. She sets feet back upon solid ground and straightens, stretching arms overhead somewhat. As they drop, she responds initially to Kiley with a shrug. "It's easy enough to say, sure. But it's hard in practice. Sometimes I feel like it's all people want to do with me. Tell me how to feel, how to act."

Luckily for Velrich, Kelthero isn't one for shaking hands, thus isn't offended by the lack of one offered. A name is all he needs and once its offered, the candidate grins. "Well met, then Velrich. Mine's Kelthero." There's a brief nod of his head and that's the end of the formalities. Kiley's remark only seems to confuse him this time around and he gives her a puzzled look. "You lost me there. So if you know they are a joke, you get it? But if it's subtle, you don't?" he says, figuring it to be the correct answer. At least, he hopes. Gurgling noises earn his attention next and Kelthero is turning his head to glance back to Velrich, or rather the child he's holding.

Velrich gives his head a slight shake, although he doesn't give such a stern look to the child in his arms. He simply sighs faintly to himself, moving away from the pond. "She's..going to want something. I'll take her back to the nursery." Before she starts screaming her wants to the general public. "I will see you..later." There's a glance given at Keelyra, but he continues on as he heads off along a path. …The wrong one. But off he goes, just the same.

Kiley nods once towards Keelyra, again, not arguing with the younger girl. Instead the laptop bag is shifted a little more before she's looking to Kelthero. "Sometimes? I mean, I can understand jokes if they are a little more obvious to me? With the dirt thing I never would have considered a joke because it was simply a true statement and far better than being covered in anything else from the latrines. Far more subtle ones I don't entirely grasp right away." Brows furrow slightly with her clarification, "if that makes any sense." Then, she's looking back to Velrich and nodding. "Take care and see you later." A smile and she watches him take off, before attention returns to those who remain.

Unfortunately for Velrich, he's off and gone before Keelyra can warn him about taking the wrong path. She grew up here; she knows the maze quite well. Then it's Kelthero and Kiley confusing her. She stares blankly at Kiley's… attempt to explain the joke thing. "I think you're making jokes more complicated than they actually are."

Kelthero chuckles dryly, giving a flick of his wrist to send another pebble skipping out over the water. "They usually do when they wake." He says in agreement, before lifting his free hand up in a slight wave-like gesture. "Good luck with the rest of your day!" Then he's sorting the remaining pebbles in his hands and he glances up too late, noticing only in the last seconds that Velrich is off in the wrong direction. Kelthero's mouth opens to call out the error, but he seems to have second thoughts about yelling across the pond, so he lapses into silence instead. Looking to Kiley and notice her shifting, he gestures to the pond edge. "Why don't you sit?" he asks, before chuckling. "It makes sense now, although being so logical and truthful about it doesn't make it as funny." He tries to explain, before flashing Keelyra a grin. "Exactly what she said." He points out next.

"I'm not trying to tell jokes. I am simply pointing out that I don't really get jokes a lot of the time." Kiley blinks a bit and stares at the younger girl for a moment, sheepish before peeking at Kelthero. "Oh. Right. I should, thank you." And there she moves to settle down and removing the laptop case from her shoulder and relaxing. "I wasn't trying to be funny, I was pointing out the facts." Lips press into a thin line of concentration, "it is hard being funny, it is easier for me to be truthful and pointing out what I know rather than attempting to joke."

Keelyra looks rather confused still, glancing between Kelthero and Kiley. She finally just looks at the former and lets shoulders rise and fall in a shrug. She finally leans slightly on that boulder, just letting her legs rest towards it. "Sometimes it's not… about getting it. It's just the way words and meanings come together. They're funny."

Kelthero watches quietly as Kiley settles down, politely listening despite the growing look of puzzlement returning to his features. He frowns thoughtfully, idly bouncing the remaining pebbles in his cupped hand. "Alright, I think I understand it now." He eventually speaks up, but speaks slowly, as if he's still running the ideas through his head. "Hmm, everyone is different then, I guess. You're more geared for truth. I'm kind of somewhere in between." He figures with a shrug of his shoulders. "Nothing wrong with that though." There's a grin given to Kiley before his focus resettles on Keelyra. The candidate then laughs softly. "Exactly! Sometimes those are the best jokes. Unintended ones or… shells, what's that word? Innuendo?" He stumbles over the unfamiliar term, but seems pleased he remembered it at all.

Kiley blinks in confusion at the younger girl. "Then what is the point if you don't understand the way the words are coming together to make it funny?" Her gaze returns to Kelthero as he states his understanding, her smile one of relief now. "That makes more sense, then. Being geared to understand something more than anything else." She relaxes visibly, now and then she's leaning over to untie her boots. They're slipped off and feet are carefully dipped into the water of the pond. "I don't get a lot of them. A lot of the time it simply goes right over my head, even if I am the one saying whatever it was."

"Sometimes you seem to take things… too literally," Keelyra says, staring at her feet. "Like, if someone was sick and all light-headed and said 'My head might fly away!'… they don't mean their head is about to pop off and drift into the clouds. It's just… a way of describing the feeling. Y'gotta… combine everything. How the person is acting, the way the words are said, /and/ the words. You can't interpret it all separately. If I say something while smiling or frowning… the meaning can change." And then there's sarcasm, but there's no point trying to get into that.

"I wouldn't worry about that too much Kiley. Sometimes jokes go right over my head too. Especially with Jeyinshi! She's… the master at subtle jokes." Kelthero shares with a wise nod of his head. The last of his pebbles are skipped out over the water and then he's leaning forwards, dipping his hands into the pond and rinsing them off. Why he didn't do that to begin with… only he'll know. He then untucks his tunic and uses the edge of it to dry off his hands. Classy. His head is nodding again, only this time in agreement to Keelyra's words this time. "Those aren't quite jokes though. More of a…" and he stumbles again, frowning. "… exaggeration? No. That's not the word." He scrubs at his chin now thoughtfully with one hand as he mulls over it.

"But," Kiley looks to Keelyra and furrows her brows, "it is hard not to take things literally." Pause, "well, with that sort of thing you can logically rule out that their head is not going to fly away. That is just silly, and logically impossible. But, it is an expression. It is like saying that one could eat a whole runner. Normally one would get sick of they were to consume as much as a runner." She looks back to Kelthero and nods, "Jey jokes all the time. Maybe she can teach me to understand them better. I should ask." She is watching him clean his hands with a slight uplift of her brow before considering her feet in the water, idly dipping them in and then out again.

"Oh, I know it's not a joke," Keelyra says, flopping hand around helplessly. She sighs, slightly, giving a small shrug. "It was just an example of… judging the situation and figuring out what's meant. If someone says something while laughing, it may be a joke and not meant to be taken literally. Like.." she glances at Kiley. "If I were to laugh and say you're such a freak… I'm just teasing, not trying to literally say you're a freak." Brow furrows. "That's not a joke either. It's hard to come up with jokes as examples."

Kelthero gives Kiley a long look before simply shaking his head, chuckling. "They're expressions though. Not meant to be taken logically at all, just a figure of speech." He grins then. "Couldn't hurt to ask her, right? I'm sure she'd love that." Something seems to jog his memory and he snaps his fingers, before pointing vaguely at the other candidate. "Speaking of logic and all… did you ever get those papers from Landing? The one about those things from Earth - ghosts, right?" He tilts his head then, listening as Keelyra tries to make some examples of jokes and smiles, nodding his head a little. "It's close, what you had there. Though I'd say that's more of a teasing comment. Still meant to be funny, unless the one being teased doesn't get it. Then you get into some awkward situation." He admits, smirking a little.

Kiley blinks at Keelyra as she goes on to explain, mouth opening and then closing. "Right." Though from the way she stares at the younger girl, she obviously does not understand. "Yes. Exactly, Kelthero." The computer crafter smiles brightly at the guard and then nodding firmly, "I think she'd have fun with it." His sudden remembrance has let letting out a soft 'oh!' And then she's shuffling away from the water so to open her laptop case. A neat pile of papers are withdrawn and held out towards the guard. "I've had them for awhile, I forgot with everything else going on." A chuckle and once the papers are taken, her socks and boots are pulled back on and the laptop case is taken again as she stands. "Those sort of things I wouldn't get." She admits in a softer tone and then considers the sky. "I think I should get back to the barracks. I need to have my firelizard delver this program before the day is up."

Giving up, largely, on the understanding of jokes and not taking things literally… and mostly because she's run out of ways to explain it, Keelyra blinks a few times at Kelthero. "What are… ghosts? What does that mean?"
Kelthero's expression brightens considerably when Kiley reaches for her laptop case. "Great! Ever since that term was brought up, I've wanted to look into it." He reaches for the papers and grasps them firmly. Within seconds, he's skimming some of the words, a wide grin on his lips. "Thanks again, Kiley!" At the mention of the barracks, the candidate's grin falls a little and then he sighs. "Yeah, probably high time I head back as well. Need to set these…" And he lifts the papers to emphasize his point. "… in a safe place. Then maybe I'll grab some food. Maybe catch a nap, if the barracks aren't too crowded." As he rambles on, he's getting to his feet, tunic still untucked with the papers held carefully by his side. Glancing back to Keelyra, Kelthero smiles. "I'm not entirely sure what they are. Some old Earth belief, but I've got more information on them now. I'll share it with you some other time? Given that I understand it." There's a bit of a laugh at that and now he's waving with his free hand. "Take care you too. See you both later, I suppose." And with that he's heading off, turning and heading back the way he came.

"Apparently they are spirits of the dead, Earth stories." A chuckle and Kiley nods a welcome to Kelthero. "It wasn't any problem. They are an interesting read." A brighter smile and she nods once more in understanding. "I'll see you later, then." And this, is extended to Keelyra. "I'll see you in the barracks. Thanks for trying to explain things. I'm sure I'll understand it some day." And she's following after Kelthero, easier to find her way back that way.

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