Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rec Cavern
This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. The weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.

Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.

Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

It's late afternoon, not quite time for dinner, but late enough that some of the candidates (like Sevran) have found themselves done with chores and free to do as they please. And on this particular afternoon, he can be found in the rec room, lying across one of the plush couches in a long-legged sprawl that has his head down at one end, and his feet propped up on the opposite side. One arm flung across his eyes. Steady breathing suggests he could, possibly, most-likely, definitely be napping. There's a glass of something (now empty) resting on the floor by his head.

Tanit takes up residence on one of the others, lounging with a hiss of the cusions, drink in hand, though tonight it's something different. Possibly suggested by Catwin. "You shouldn't sleep in public." She'll say right next to his ear. "Terrible things might happen."

"I think a terrible thing did just happen," murmurs Sevran with a grump. "'cept I'm not sleepin'. Not fully." Not yet. He means not yet. With a groan, he pulls his arm off his eyes long enough to shoot Tanit a look. "Whatcha drinking?"

Tanit says, "Death by R'hyn's abs. It was either that or Sweaty Rider." Tanit says as she makes a testing sip of the liquor. "Catwin sure picks some odd names for drinks." She'll grin down at him. "Not getting enough shut eye?""

"Death by R'hyn…" Snort. "You know that's a real person, right?" Sevran smirks just a little, but drops his hand back over his eyes. "He's one of the Weyrlingmasters," to explain. "It's her job I guess. It's what she does." He shrugs. "No. Not really. But Cita's gonna get me something to help me sleep at night," he explains. "Just gotta tough it out till then."

"I know no such thing," Tanit replies blithely, the corner of her mouth twitching. "And I'm not likely to ever meet him then, now am I?" As for Catwin, Tanit grins. "She's passionate about it." The smile fades when Sev explains his predicament, and she studies him with brows drawn together faintly. "Restless, can't fall asleep, or do you keep waking up?"

"Well, I have to see him on the daily. So forgive me if I don't partake," or look, "At your drink. Kay?" There's a little bit of a wiggle as Sevran adjusts how he's lying across the couch. "Passionate for sure. I asked her to name a drink after me." Cue smirk-y grin. Which fades just a bit at the next questions. "Mm. Kinda both," he admits. "I have nightmares. I wake up. I can't sleep in the barrack—" and he just stops there, clearing his throat. "Anyway. It's fine. I'm surviving." Sorta.

"I never offered. You are on restriction remember?" The drink is sipped slowly and tested for its flavor. "A serious lack of rest is a dangerous thing Sev, you can even start hallucinating after a point." She stares at him pointedly.

"I'm allowed one per day," protests Sevran, grumbling. "Everyone always gets the rules wrong." As for his apparent sleep deprivation? "I get sleep, just not as much as I'd like," he explains. "I'm just tired. It's not that bad." Yet. "Besides, as I said, Cita's gonna get me something. Some concoction she's got in the infirmary." And just in case she doesn't know, he'll add on, "She's a Healer. When she's not a candidate."

Tanit shrugs, "Just make sure you are taking care of yourself. They do make earplugs if it's the snoring causing the problem. Just stuff some candle wax into your ears." So helpful, is Tanit. "Just get it from her sooner rather than later yeah? I'd hate for my first friend off the Island to get himself hurt by being stubborn."

"It's not the snoring," says Sevran, though there's a bit of a grin peeking out. Amused. "And I'm getting it from her today. Hopefully. I gotta see about it, but she told me yesterday, so…" Shrug. "I'll be alright, really," and he pulls his arm away to tip his head and give her a proper look. "Look. I wake up. I can't get back to sleep in there, so I used to sneak out and sleep… well it doesn't really matter where. But the point is, I would sleep. Only R'hyn caught me the other night sneakin' back in, so now I'm stuck in there. But Cita's gonna get me her drink thing, and then I'll be lights out. I'll be alright," and he means it this time. "I will. Promise."

Tanit can't say anything to that, so she opts for drinking instead. "The stuff from the touching?" She wonders, trying to figure out what kind of nightmares might wake the boy, before dismissing the thought. "So long as you keep your promise."

Content that at least his sleep habits are no longer in question, Sevran throws an arm over his eyes again. A little "Mm. Kinda. Sorta… it's hard to explain," regarding the nightmares. "They didn't help," the egg-touching. "But they didn't start it." And he's silent for a moment, contemplating exactly what to divulge and what to keep to himself. Another little shrug as he says, "It's not something I can really talk about. Let's just say… I learned some things, and it's been haunting me since I learned them." A low exhale. "What do you know about claustrophobia?" he asks seemly at random.

"It is a fear of being trapped, isn't it? Causes an intense fear response." She frowns, "a couple of divers were diagnosed with it after getting stuck for under one of the dive bells we use sometimes, the chain hadn't been maintained properly, and a link snapped. They were recovered in under an hour, but neither one ever dived again."

"I dunno. It was… mentioned to me that maybe that was my issue." A little shrug. "At least, it may explain why I can't stand the barracks?" Maybe? Sevran offers another shrug. "And that sounds really awful. Being trapped? Underwater?" he assumes, a little wiggly-shudder for the thought of it. "I can't- no. That would be horrible." He pushes up into a sitting position with a slight 'hff' of effort. "I'm getting a drink. Do you want another?"

"Could be, but I'm no mind healer, I'd suggest talking to one of them about it if you think it might be the case." She nods to the offer of a drink, "Sweaty Rider." The Klah mixed concoction is sounding like just the thing. Tanit shrugs. "I've gotten caught in riptides before. The ocean is no joke people drown all the time, less so with the shipfish to help but you can never take it lightly."

"Yeah," for the mindhealer bit. Sevran runs a hand roughly through his hair before he heads for the bar, movements purposeful. It's a few minutes before he returns, two drinks in hand. He offers Tanit her questionable choice (at least the name is questionable) and settles back down on the couch, this time sitting properly. Whatever he has looks dark, and strong. And possibly more than "one", though it's technically in one glass. "Yeah. Had a few drownings at Ista while I was growing up."

Tanit looks at Sevran's drink, a skeptical arch of her brows lifted. However, no admonishment comes, accepting her drink with soft thanks. "What happened?" She finally asks after minutes of silence pass, thoughtful.

Sevran he eyes his drink, though for the moment he's just gonna hold it rather than sip it. "I'm only allowed one," he repeats, "So I might as well make it count, right?" And down it goes. Well, not all of it. Just a little of it. And then he slouches in that couch, head lolling back as he stairs into the ceiling. "Can I tell you something, and you not freak out?"

"Am I in the habit of freaking out?" Tanit asks blithely, slpping the new drink which seems for the moment, more to her taste.

"So far, no. But people surprise you sometimes," is Sevran's response. There's another pause, a rub of his hand across his face and then he rolls forward again, elbows on his knees as he kinda rolls forward. "I think I'm in love," he confesses, though something about the way he says it may suggest that this is not the part she would freak-out about.

"Oh Faranth, preserve me from fools and lovers." Tanit sing-songs softly, before shaking her head. "And who is the target of such saccharine affections?" She sighs. "Will I never see any man or woman happy to live the life of a bachelor?"

Kelani is finishing up another day in the infirmary and heading back to her bunk to cleanup when she hears voices in the rec room. She peeks her head in curiously to explore a room she has yet to visit of the weyr. At least her healer's smock is not too dirty today with mystery stains. There is a nod for those that she sees in here as she moves around the various areas. The games area, the bookshelves and finally the music area, fingers tracing over the piano keys lightly.

There's a deep frown, and a flash of grey eyes towards Tanit before he decides, "Nevermind. Forget I said anything," and downs the rest of his drink with a quick tip of his head and the glass. Fastest way into the blood, right?

"Easy there, I am just teasing you. I just never pegged you for a romantic." Tanit apologizes softly, sea green eyes bright and intent. "Come on, may as well spill the rest. Who am I going to tell? The oysters?"

Kelani taps lightly on the keys, a simple common tune, before she steps away from the piano with a little shake of her head and a soft sigh. She finally continues her explorations towards the back of the room coming upon Tanit and Sevran. "Good afternoon.." She greets with a little nod of her head in greeting.

"I'm not. At least, I never would've said I was," says Sevran, as if just considering the possibility. "I dunno. Maybe I'm not at all," in love. "Maybe it's just stupid, and I need sleep." Shrug. "I dunno. I've never been in love before." A flash of grey eyes to sea green, and he offers only, "You already met him." And that's all she's getting, his posture going lax as he drapes himself over the couch once more, the picture of relaxation as Kelani comes towards them with her greeting. "Afternoon," he returns, all bright smiles and friendliness once more.

Tanit just stares at Sev for a moment, as the dots connect. "Mr. Sunshine?" She is halted from saying else however by Kelani's approach and treats the young woman with a smile and easy greeting. "Hello, Kelani." She grins, "Remembering old lessons?" Tipping her chin in the direction of the piano, Tanit was paying attention to believe it or not.

There is a bob of her head to Sevran, "Any more barracks mishaps?" She can't help but ask trying to keep a straight face. "The little girl does seem at least quite creative.." She offers diplomatically before looking over to Tanit, glancing briefly to the piano, "A little, never really got much past the basics. Piano's easy enough to fake skill…don't put a string instrument in my hands though." she says with a half smile, "Earn some coin from your breathholding in the end?

A quick look at Tanit, and a murmured, "The feeling is not mutual." In case there was any doubt there. "And don't go telling people, either, alright?" He has a brief, sour look on his face before shrugging it off. Refocus! "Thankfully, no," for the barracks mishapes. "We seem to be in a lull, which I appreciate. I have enough going on without the worry of additional… pranks." Even if 'prank' is maybe too kind a term in Sevran's mind. "You play?" this asked of Tanit.

It's a typical pre dinner day, Tanit and Sevran sitting on the couch and Kelani joining in the conversation. "No, not if that was your idea of flirting." She will share what she's learned with him later, away from prying ears. As for the piano, "No, but If I remember correctly, Kelani's parents are from Harper Hall. So I figured she had lessons."

"My father is as a master in poetry there." Kelani responds and glances to the instruments, "Sat at his knee at many a lesson growing up even if my inclinations took me next door to healer instead." She says as she looks back. "Ma is a rider." She says more simply of her other parent. The other comments of love and flirting she makes no comment on.

Catwin slips into the rec cavern, she's quiet and she doesn't say a word to anyone. There's a glance at those who are hear, and there might be a brief nod to them as well. She has a small basket of clothing and a little basket as well. She settles herself down on a couch and opens the smaller basket and pulls out needle and thread that she neatly threads. Then out of the other bsket she pulls out a shirt that has been torn at one of the seams and proceeds to start mending it. For all intents and purposes she seems to be concentrating on that. Not a word has she said.

Sevran has slipped into the relaxed posture and tone that is his default. A curious head tilt towards Kelani as she explains. "Huh," is all he really offers. "Can't play anything myself," he says, a little shrug of his shoulder in a nonchalant sort of way. "But I can cook." At least steaks. "So that's something, right?" Sure. He beams a grin at them both before snatching up the two empty glasses resting by his feet. "Gonna go get a refill," beat. "Of the water," he adds hastily, for Tanit's benefit perhaps. Catwin is glanced at, a curious expression on his face, though no words from him either. He can do the silent thing too.

Kelani settles into one of the chairs in the grouping. "Just a little harper skill I have, but I prefer surgical instruments to musical instruments." She says with a half smile to that. "That is indeed something and not a skill I ever properly learned. Know more about unctions and potions then skills in the kitchen myself." There is a glance over at Catwin and nods over at the mending, "Do you need a hand?"

Catwin starts a moment and then yelps as she pricks herself with the needle. Sticking finger in mouth she shakes her head. After a few moments she checks on her finger and then says quietly. "No. This is my chore to do." she says simply. Theres a brief glance for Sev as he gets drinks and then her attention is back on the mending. "Thank you for the offer." she says after a moment.

This time, Sevran's trip to the bar is quicker, and he returns with a simple glass of icewater. Boring, but safe. Without invitation, he settles himself on the same couch as Catwin, making himself at home against the opposite arm, keeping enough space between them so as to not be 'crowding' her. At least, he doesn't think it's crowding. "You perform surgeries?" he asks of the Healer, looking at her skeptically. "You seem a bit young for that." And though he'll flash a smile her direction, he still hasn't said anything to Cat yet.

"Well I will some day. I have a knowledge of the instruments and help with simple procedures for now. Mostly for now…just the basic chores of making up bandages and packing jars. Such is the life an apprentice, but one day I will be a Master trauma surgeon." Kelani says with utter confidence in her voice and shifts to tuck a knee under her and glances to Catwin with a smile, "It is no hassle, but I understand."

Catwin looks up from her mending as Sevran sits down at her couch and blinks a moment as she pauses in her sewing. Then she shifts her attention to Kelani "No, it really isn't a hassle, but I'd hate to know what might happen if I'm caught with having someone else do my chore." she notes quietly "I'm sure you'll be a great surgeon. Will keep you in mind if I've need of one."

"I think people are allowed to help," says Sevran conversationally. "Though I won't ask you. I'm terrible at mending," he explains, flashing a brief grin. "Much better at the manual labor, not the dexterous stuff," and he wiggles his fingers towards the pile of laundry he assumes needs to be stitched. "You need me to hack up a 'beast, or gut a fish? I'm your guy." As Kelani explains what her actual job currently entails, he seems to relax a little. "OK. Just making sure cause… you looked really young to be doing any actual cutting up of bodies." And then a question, "Have you assisted in the actual surgeries? I mean, have you seen a person… open?"

Kelani smiles at Catwin, "Hopefully you won't but I am sure any of us will take good care of you." She looks back to Sevran as he comments about her age and nods, "Well I am very nearly 16.." She offers to her age, "Not too young really, been apprenticing for four turns now." Sevran's last question though nearly makes her eyes light up, "Oh of course. Dead and live people. Seeing how the insides work is very important to the education of a healer. Well there was this once…his chest was open and…" She opens and closes her hands in contractions, "Watching the heart beat was quite mesmirizing. They didn't save that one though."

Catwin looks back and forth between Sevran and Kelani and then she lets out a sigh and gestures to the baskets "Okay, fine. If you want to help, you can help." There's a glance at Sevran "But not you. We don't need her trying to perform an emergency surgery because you impaled yourself with a needle." she states and then goes back to sewing and murmurs under her breath "You've been hurt enough because of me anyways." Talk of beating hearts in chests and things gets Kelani an odd look or 10, but she says nothing about that.

There's a quiet fascination for the descriptions spewing forth from the healer. Sevran idly nods along when it seems appropriate, but he seems to be studying the girl more than what she's saying. In the end, he simply says, "Huh. Didn't know you could do that." And doesn't ask any more questions. "Glad you found your passion," is what he will say, though, flashing her a grin. And then an eyeroll for Cat. "Please. I highly doubt impaling myself with a needle would require surgery," though he does not deny that said needle-impalement would probably happen. Cause it totally would. "Pft. Stop that," he admonishes. "We've already been through it, and you've been forgiven."

Kelani can't help but smile when Catwin gives in and she picks up a bit of mending from the basket and needle and thread. "Well I am no seamstress, but we do have to learn much the same stitches even if just on animal skin for now." She assures her as she sets needle to thread. "Oh sure they can, but usually when nothing else working. If they opening the chest its never good. Lad run through by a wild porcine..very messy. I was there mostly with towels to keep the floor clean." Oh goody one of those healers who likes speaking of her work in detail and with great enthusiasm.

"You have to have some skill with a needle," remarks Sevran, "Or they wouldn't continue your apprenticeship towards surgery." Practical. "Besides. Anything you do is gonna be better than me." He'll just nestle into his corner of the couch, long legs stretching out before him, body slouching as his head rolls back and he stares upwards. It's only there, positioned so casually that he cannot make eye contact, that he bothers to remember, "Did I ever introduce myself? I mean, I remember seeing you at the galleries," when he was chasing down that weyrbrat, "But I don't think I said hi." And so he will rectify that with a lazy lift of his hand and a casual, "I'm Sevran."

Kelani works on the tunic with neat little sutur..stitches. She looks up as Sevran speaks again, "Oh I have heard your name before but not from you…something about glitter in a bucket in the stables?" She asks then ohs, "I am Kelani..I can't remember if I shared that either." Though before she can get much further in conversation or stitchery another healer apprentice comes in, "Kel, they need us back in, someone overturned the boiler." Kelani sighs and passes the half done stitching to Sevran, "Off to work I go…" She says and scoots.

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