A Long Lunch Break

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

If she can get away with skipping breakfast and spend the time that would be dedicated to a meal in the library or elsewhere with a book, Elixyvette usually does so, but, really, there are only so many meals one can skip or replace with a snack before becoming genuinely hungry. She's sat herself at the very end of one of the long tables, a plate half-filled with a selection of generally mismatching foodstuffs set before her, along with a large mug of tea and, of course, a hefty-looking book opened to somewhere in its middle. Multi-tasking. Or it would be, were she to be paying more attention to her plate, instead of idly sharing it between tea and book.

Empty seats are made for sitting, and distracted Harpers are made for bugging. Although it's not for that purpose that Sevran takes a seat at Elixyvette's table. Likely, it is either coincidental or he feels like sharing the space with a friend and not a stranger. He's more or less quiet as he settles himself in, plate of food filled as high as humanly possible with more than he could possibly eat in a sevenday. But he's game to try. A little glance at the book, though he doesn't bother to try and read it. Instead, he'll helpfully offer, "Works best if you actually eat it. Just sitting in front of your food doesn't really do the trick."

As Relaera wanders into the living cavern, she stifles a bit of a yawn, even though it's well past the noon hour. She's usually quite bright-eyed, no matter the time of day but just something about today… Either way, she manages to go about grabbing herself some food during her lunch break and goes in search of a seat, which brings her, coincidentally, to one near the small gaggle of Candidates, but with enough space in between as to not be encroaching. There's no food without at least a cup of klah for this healer, and the first thing she does when sits is to take a couple sips of it to try and wake herself up. There's a glance over at the Candidates as she hears one comment on the food. With her elbows propped on the table and klah still held in front of her, she nods. "He's right, you know. I'm sure you Candidates need as much energy as you can get, what with all your chores."

Riohra comes walking in from the lower caverns, he has a frown on his face as he seems to be looking over his own book. He is on autopilot as he moves about the cavern, dodging tables and chairs just barely he walks over and grabs a mug of Klah before heading over to sit down near Elixyvette and Sevran. He mumbles "hello" as he puts the book down before sitting, what ever he is reading seems to be confusing the tall hunter-candidate.

The book doesn't look terribly interesting, the pages half comprised of numbers with commentary beneath, the names of Holds and Weyrs littered liberally throughout. Looking up, Elixyvette blinks as though to better adjust her focus and arches a brow, levelling a wry smirk at Sevran. "You mean that I've been wrong all this time to hope for it to vanish via some form of osmosis?" Still, she takes the point made and draws the book closer, nudging it towards the edge of the table and out of anyone else's way to prioritise her plate, fork retrieved from beneath its edge where it's been abandoned and forgotten about. Just as she picks up said fork, she slides a look to Relaera, her features so devoid of expression as to be almost cold. "A decent point need only be made once," she declares with no particular weight, yet she already finds Riohra and his book distraction enough not to eat. "What have you got there?" she asks him.

Sevran just flashes a wide, cheeky sort of grin at Elixyvette. "Well, I don't know about osmosis, but if you want it to disappear, I can help you there." Even if he already has enough for four people. But as it appears she's going to eat after all, he leaves it alone and gets to work partitioning his own plateful of food, pushing this or that around to make small piles of like items. But though he eats like it's going out of style, that 'energy' part seems to be lacking. An eyebrow is raised at the arrival of the Healer, and he swallows hastily to say, "And you are?" It's not totally impolite, though maybe little suspicious. There's definitely honest curiosity there, and he very quickly offers, "I'm Sevran," in greeting. Rio gets a lift of his hand, fork included, as a greeting, though he won't disturb him in his pursuit of knowledge. Or literature. Or whatever it is that had his attention in that book. He'll leave the inquisition to Elixyvette and go back to his meal.

There's something in Relaera's expression which indicates the healer wants to say something in retort to Elixyvette's reply to her comment but she holds her tongue. Instead, she simply shrugs her shoulders and goes back to sipping her klah to perhaps stare blankly at nothing for a moment before actually eating her own food when Sevran addresses her. His inquiry has her glancing back over at the group, lips quirking into a small smile. "Relaera, Senior Journeyman Healer," she provides, with a little headtilt to the knot on her shoulder. "Newly posted here," she adds, for their benefit in case they might wonder why they'd probably not seen her before. As for the newcomer of the group, there's only a brief curious glance for the book in his hands.

Riohra will look up and blink around when he is addressed "oh sorry, did I interrupt something?" yup someone was lost in the reading. He looks at the mug in his hand then tentatively takes a drink testing to see how warm it is. He will grin abit sheepishly and finally answer "It is the laws and by laws of trade between this Weyr and other Weyrs. Lots of big words though"

Elixyvette lifts her mug to her lips to quite literally gulp down at least half of its contents, which says something for how long she's been sitting there, letting it cool, then sets it down where no-one is likely to inadvertently upend it over either of the books presently on the table. For a moment, her hands rest at the edge of said table as she briefly observes the manner in which Sevran eats, a ripple of what could just as easily be amusement as vague concern that she isn't entirely sure what to do with passing across her face, but then she plants her elbows down where her hands lay and tells Riohra, "If you need any assistance, I could help you with the terms and a lot of the history." However: "Not particularly the history of this Weyr, though." She most determinedly tries not to look at Relaera again, especially when her profession comes to light.

Having a moment or two of freetime Baylee wanders up from the lower levels of the caverns up to the Living Cavern. She crosses the space toward where they serve the drinks and gets herself a tall glass of juice. She lifts it to her lips and take takes a drink draining away some of the drink, which she promptly refills before being satisfied. That task done she turns to look over the cavern to see if any of the other candidates or others that she knows are here. The alternative it sitting with people you don't know. While that's fun sometimes other times you just want to go where everybody knows your name. Sure enough there is Rio and Sev who she knows well. Elix who she has seen around the barracks and a new person. She makes a bee line for the group and waves her hand in greeting, "Hi guys. Mind if I join you?" she says focusing mainly on Sev and Rio, though Elix and Relaera aren't forgotten she offers each a smile, "I'm Baylee."

"Ah," says Sevran to the Healer, nodding his head in understanding and flashing her a half-smile. "You'll probably see me quite a bit, then," he teases, though it's more self-deprecating than anything else. As it is, he's sporting a small bandage around his thumb. Small enough to not be awkward, but large enough to be noticed. More mouthfuls of food, stuffed in and chewed rapidly. He at least swallows before speaking, and keeps his mouth shut while chewing. "Sure. There's no assigned seating," he says to Baylee, pointing his fork towards an empty seat. At Rio's description of the book, his face makes a brief confused-slash-startled expression and then he shrugs it off and decides not to ask any more questions. He does offer a comment, though, "I think my head would explode if I tried to digest all of that." Trade? Politics? Laws? No thanks.

At Sevran's teasing, Relaera flashes him an amused smile of her own, gaze flickering to his bandaged thumb. She lets out a soft 'ah' of her own as she puts her mug of klah down before giving her plate of food some attention. When yet another candidate joins the group, the healer offers the younger woman a nod of greeting. "Relaera," she offers, not repeating her title. The talk of the contents of the book catches her attention but the healer does not comment on it as she goes to focus on her food; the reason she's here in the first place. Her lunch breaks aren't long to begin with.

Riohra will grin at the healer saying "sorry I am Riohra, currently of the addled mind." he says by way of greeting and apology, Sevran gets a shake of the head "I think you do it for attention" he winks at Baylee just to show he is teasing and nods as she sits down. He will turn to Elixyvette and points at a word saying "What does this one mean? They keep using it, like it is important but I have no idea what it means"

"Hello," and, "Elixyvette," are promptly provided for Baylee, along with a small nod of greeting, fellow Candidate's progress tracked through an amber gaze that flits to her every few seconds rather than have her endure the weight of staring. "What did you do to yourself?" she asks Sevran, narrowing her eyes a little in a carefully angled mock version of stern, her focus resting on him for a short while, only to break when she directs her attention to the book Riohra is reading. "To be fair and impartial," she tells him, tilting her head slightly. "At least, in the instances on this page. Usually referring to the distribution of goods in the trade and the behaviour and written documentation expected of the Harpers assisting with the negotiation. If you don't have to learn about chancery, I wouldn't."

"Assigned seating would be silly." Baylee says to Sev with a grin on her face, "Can you imagine if you had to sit next to me for every meal for turns and turns?" That would be quite amusing wouldn't it? She settles into the indicated seat. She sets her drink down up on the table and offers nods to Relaera and Elix, "Nice to get to talk to you both." She falls silent trying to work through what everyone is discussing. Eventually she gathers Rio is doing some heavy reading and Sev has done something to himself again. All is normal!

Rio receives a very narrow-eyed look from the injured Sevran. Though calling him injured is rather extreme. 'Mildly wounded' may be a better description. "And just whose attention would I be seeking?" he wants to know, looking a little put-out at the suggestion. "I don't do things intentionally." They just happen to him. Wrong place wrong time, maybe. "Knicked it with a knife while I was gutting fish." And because he knows it's coming, "Yes, I saw a healer. It was thoroughly cleaned," and there's a wince at the memory of it. "And this was Tanit's fault," he explains. But how it was her fault? He doesn't elaborate. He'll tune out the word discussion between Elixyvette and Rio as being way over his head, and instead just peer at Baylee in a playful sort of way. "I think I'd stop eating," he says.

With Riohra's introduction, Relaera waves a bit absently as if to gesture for him to not worry about it, though there is small smile on her lips for the Candidate. There's another nod for Baylee's comment, though the healer silently muses that she's not really talking at the moment, which is fine by her. Then she goes back to eating her meal, tearing a meatroll in half as she listens idly to the conversation of the group. Her gaze flickers back over to Sevran's thumb injury at his mention of a healer, though it wasn't her, and then she's back to her food.

Riohra grins happily the word is explained to him, and nods to Elixyvette at her advice. He turns his grin to Sevran saying "why of all the healers, they are nice people. Nothing wrong with being around nice people". Yup, ignorance or innocence is a cloak this man likes to wear comfortably. Baylee gets a laugh "While it would be silly to have assigned seating it would make it easier for some people who can drag themselves out of bed in the morning. They would just get paired with someone who can wake up earlier".

"Tanit's fault," Elixyvette drawls, another tiny smirk curving her lips. "Of course." At least she seems to be teasing and not being genuinely judgemental, though she does a good line in dry humour that could strike a touch too close to serious for comfort. "As long as you're okay," is more gentle and might take some of the sting out of it. "And if you're ever not, you've got a whole lot of us to haul you to another Healer we now know by name." That's when she darts another look to Relaera, without letting her attention linger on her for too long. "I knew those fish were out to humiliate us," she mutters under her breath. Lifting her mug again, she drains the rest of its contents, then carefully flips her book closed. "I'd better go. I'm helping with the set lessons today." Since having her sit them would be a waste of everyone's time and energy.

"I think Tanit would take pity on you and feed you oysters directly from the ocean. You probably wouldn't waste away." Baylee grins to Sev, knowing full well he is kidding. Sev just is one of those unlucky people who accidents happen too, "We just have to make sure not to stand next to you if there are sharp things about." Rio gets a shake of his head, "There's only one person I know who has a problem with early mornings." Maybe not just one, but only one is sitting at this table. Elix though catches her attention before she can comment to Sev, "Have a good time. It was nice to get to talk to you." There are still a few occupants of the barracks she hasn't properly met. Baylee takes another small sip of juice and after asks Relaera, "How long has it been since you arrived?"

The thumb in question gets a look by Sevran, though he can't see much through his bandage. He shrugs dismissively and goes back to his plate. "Not the worst that I've had," he says with a smirk. Rio gets another look, this one not nearly as amused, though it's still civil. "That sounds like pure torture," being paired up with a morning person. Sevran? Not a morning person. A nod of his head at Elixyvette, reconfirming without words. Yup. Tanit. But he seems to have no hard feelings towards the diver. "Really?" he asks Baylee, "Cause I think she's more likely to point and laugh, and eat all the oysters while I waste away to a pitiful shell of man." Maybe. And sharp objects just gets a snort. "Guess I'll be all alone on the Sands then, huh? Isn't there a bet going about my odds of survival?" he's definitely joking now, his eyes dancing with humor as he grins. Just before another bite of food vanishes in his mouth, he'll ask, "Have you seen a Hatching before, Relaera?" and then a nod and a quick, "-later" for Elixyvette, though he's too busy chewing to really get any more words out than the one.

Elixyvette gathers up her book and tucks it under one arm, claiming empty mug and untouched plate to turn from the table and head off to where she can dispose of both and get to where she needs to be. Inevitably, she'll be found in whatever classroom she's been assigned to, holed up in a corner, reading, until she has to get to work.

Though Relaera is trying to not to be an eavesdropper, it's really hard to not pay attention to what the Candidates are talking about, especially when Riohra makaes a comment about healers, earning a small grin from her as she picks up her cup of klah. She sips at it slowly, gaze drifting over to Elixyvette at the other woman's comment, a hint of a smile in her eyes as her lips are covered by her cup. Slowly, ever so slowly, the klah is working to clear some of the tiredness of the day. For a moment, she watches Elixyvette leave before turning to Baylee when spoken to. The question meets a brief pause as the healer thinks, "About over a seven?" she eventually replies with a slight squinting of her eyes. Then to Sevran, "I've been to a few over the turns."

Riohra will wave good bye to Elixyvette as she heads off, likely she will be teaching him later as well. Looking at Sevran will say "Naw she likes, you though you will definitely owe her though which I am sure she would charge you interest as per the trading customs" look he learns things. He will listen as Baylee and Relaera converse about her time spent as a healer and stationed here.

Nothing wrong with a little bit of dropping the eves every now and again, especially when the candidates aren't making any effort to hide there disussions. There isn't much privacy in the life of a candidate and you go through life thinking everything is overheard. "Wow thats really new." Baylee says to the healer. Finally someone newer to the weyr than her! Sev is met with a playful smile, "You wouldn't want me to be the one to wake you up every morning? I'd be really good about it I promise. I wouldn't even douse you with cold water." Rio gets a nod of agreement, "She might charge you. It's true." Tanit has to work for a living just like everyone else.

"Have you lived in a Weyr before," is Sevran's follow-up question, flashing a curious glance at the newly posted Healer. Another few bites of food, but now he's mostly just pushing it around on his plate, picking out the stuff he wants to eat and pushing aside that which he did not. Rio gets a shrug of his shoulders. "Maybe. But I don't think she likes me that much," he says with a grin. "But charging interest? Yeah, she'd definitely do that." He pauses, fork halfway to his mouth, as his eyes go to Baylee and her statement. There's a comment, something just begging to be said, and a twinkle in his eye that says his mind is definitely in the wrong place right now. He kinda clears his throat, bites back whatever he initially had on his mind, and instead says, "Don't know how Krenn would feel about that."

Baylee's comment gets a crooked smile from Relaera and a small nod before she's popping a piece of meatroll into her mouth when the Candidate's attention s hifts back to the the other two. Really, the healer is quite content to just listen quietly. As for Sevran's follow-up question… "I have. Several different Weyrs, actually," she elaborates slightly. "I don't usually stay posted in one place for long, but that's by choice. Longest I've stayed anywhere is perhaps half a turn." And that's stretching it, sometimes.

Riohra can't help but chuckle when Sevran invokes the Tanners affections at Baylee, "Yeah he may start sleeping in later so you would come and wake him up too". He nods to the healer "I know what you mean, new adventures to be had in new places. The call to wander can be quiet appealing" He drinks his own Klah as he leans back in his chair balancing on the back legs.

Baylee was being perfectly innocent. Sev's line of thinking never even entered her head for a moment, "I don't see how he'd care. It's not like it would be a big deal to cross the barracks and give you a nudge to get out of bed." Rio's words are met with a quizzical look, "I could wake him up too if he started sleeping in late. Not a problem. Though he already gets up early." Another sip of juice is had and the healer gets a question, "Why do you like to move so much?" she asks curiously, "I've never moved around much." So perhaps the appeal is lost on her.

"Yeah, OK," says Sevran, his smart-ass grin firmly in place as he diverts his eyes and just snickers a bit at his plate. His mind may be elsewhere, but at least he doesn't voice where it went. Poke-poke at a bit of fruit before he stabs a piece and pops it in his mouth. He bobs his head at Relaera, though it's not clear if he's agreeing with her on something, or just acknowledging her answer. A flicker of a glance between Rio and Baylee, a shrug of his shoulders. And once he's swallowed he'll add, "Well. I moved quite a bit when I was younger. But just between two places. I'm rather with Baylee on this one, I think. The adventure gets old after a while, and you just feel tired and want somewhere to call 'home'."

As for Relaera, her expression is thoughtful as each candidate expresses their opinion. She takes another sip of her klah as she listens, lips quirked into a small smile all the while. "I get to learn something new every time I go somewhere different, whether it be as part of my craft or otherwise. And I get to meet new people, learn different stories… I was stuck in one place for a long time. I haven't had the need to just settle in one place just yet, though I'm sure it'll come to me eventually."

Riohra shrugs at the being tired remark and nods to Relaera's answer "It all depends on why you travel, I grew up always moving around following game and hunts. This is probably the longest i have been in the same place my entire life" he will look at the other candidates and ask "And isn't Home where ever you want it to be?"

"The important thing is to have a good time." Baylee says with a smile. If the that is what makes the healer the most comfortable she should follow her dreams, "I'm sure that you'll meet lots of people here and hear lots of different stories." The place is filled with them in her experience. She still has no idea what is going on with Sev but shrugs it off and just shakes her head at him. Rio's words earn him a shrug as well as she takes a sip of her juice, "Maybe?"

More aimless poking at food. Now that he's finished half his plate, Sevran doesn't seem in a rush to finish it. Definitely a case of eyes being bigger than his stomach. There's an idle tilt of his head, an 'I'm listening' sort of gesture, though he doesn't offer any of his own words to supplement the conversation. Rio's history is noted, an interested lift of his eyebrows but nothing more. He may have already known some of that. But the last comment gathers his attention in full, and he looks at Rio with slightly narrowed eyes. Thoughtful. "I think," he offers, hesitating just slightly, "That home can be a person, and not just a place." Shrug. And then Baylee just gets a look before he shakes his head in amusement.

There's yet another smile behind Relaera's cup of klah as she drains the rest of it before putting the empty cup down. "To each their own. Everyone's concept of 'home' is certainly different." Here, she nods in Sevran's direction. Another smile for Baylee, "Yes, I'm sure I will." Then she's moving to stand, "As it is, I must get back to my duties for now, though I'm sure I'll run into you all again at some point in the near future. Have a good day." With a nod and a smile for each, the healer takes her things and leaves the table, then it's back to the infirmary for her until her day is done.

Riohra will lean the chair back down when the healer makes her exit and finishes his own Klah saying to the two others "Well I, need to finish this before my lessons start again. But I will see you two at next meal." He stands and grins "Oh and a little flit told me Catwin had a turnday, I wonder how she feels about cake?" he takes a moment to think while he double checks he has not gotten anything on the book.

Sev's comment about home being a person is something that she can wrap her mind around "Who is your home then Sev?" Baylee asks. The butcher is notoriously closed lipped about so many things, but one of these times he will be in the mood to talk and she'll get him then! If she doesn't dump cold water on him one morning anyway after she has time to think about that comment he made and what he meant! "She does?" she asks Rio, "Everyone likes cake. You can't go wrong with that."

There's a flick of his fingers for the departing Relaera, though Sevran has a mouthful of food and no words to offer before she's gone. And then a nod to Rio, though this time he can say, "Do you, though?" have to finish that book. "I thought it was voluntary." About cake and Cat, he just shrugs. "I don't see why not. Who doesn't like cake?" Crazy people, that's who. And since it appears he is leaving as well, Sev will just lift his hand, fork included, and give a little 'bye' kind of gesture. "Later." And then Baylee has his attention, even if his eyes drift to a wall and he avoids looking at her. "Hm." And then silence. A long silence before he says with a little shrug, "You wouldn't know them."

Riohra grins back at the two candidates saying "great i will see what i can talk the baker into." There will be cake tonight!! Rio will give the pair final wave missing Sevran opening up as he is already out the entrance and gone.

Baylee waves to the departing Rio and then it's down to two! Just Sev and Baylee left at the table. She fixes him with a smile, happy that there is at someone. All the candidates have been through so much together and know so much about each other that it doesn't feel like prying to her when she says, "Tell me about them." She leans forward resting her chin on her hands, ready to listen.

Her interest is met with avoidance, Sevran's gaze remaining on some distant point further away in the living caverns. He gives up on the rest of his meal entirely and pushes it away with a small gesture. "Baylee," he starts, keeping his tone rather neutral to avoid offense. "I know you mean well, but I really don't want to talk about it. It's complicated, and messy. It's not like you and Krenn. There are no future plans. No happily-ever-after. So I'd rather not dwell on it." But he will offer her this much, "Don't feel sorry for me, though. I'm enjoying the time I have."

"I don't feel sorry for you Sev." Baylee says flatly. Sev is a big boy and can take care of himself. Though she won't mention his situation if he doesn't wish to dwell on it, though her guess is he will anyway regardless of if he talks about it or not. She does talk about her own situation though, "Sev just because Krenn and I have plans doesn't mean we get a happily ever after just like that. It takes work. We are very different people. We have both had to grow and change. And lets be real here one of us could impress and the other might not. Sure we have plans to deal with it but it won't be happy." She sighs and shakes her head, not really wanting to think about separation, even if only for a short time, "If we don't impress we are getting married right after the hatching. It has to be a secret you can't tell anyone." For obvious reasons. Her being an apprentice the first among them, not to mention other reasons. "Happiness takes work and risk. You don't just get it. Some things are messier than others. It's all messy. But that doesn't mean it can't be good."

"I didn't mean any offense by it," he says, honestly. "Really. I just meant… well." And Sevran tries to think of a way to describe the difference. "I just meant that in your situation… you know how Krenn feels. Does that make sense? You know he loves you. You know he's going to stick by you, even though, as you say," and he bobs a head at her, "It's not always gonna be easy." A soft sigh. "I'm sorry if I said any of that wrong, what I said." He stops then, mouth pressed into a thin line as he listens, his head nodding now and again in agreement or understanding. There's a quirk of his mouth, a little half-smile as she mentions that they are going to be married. "Wow. Congratulations. I didn't know you guys were that serious yet," but he does appear happy for them. "And it is good," he tells her. "It's just… a lot more complicated than I can really describe." And then he'll ask her, "So. Say neither of you Impress here. Do you know where you'd live?" the assumption being if one or both Impress, they would stay at Half Moon Bay.

Are Krenn and Baylee being impulsive? Probably. It's easy to get caught up in all the emotion of the changes their lives have gone through lately, but impulsive isn't always a bad thing. "He does. Even if he is a bit over the top sometimes." The subtext of Sev's commment is not lost on Baylee. Whoever this person is he's pining for doesn't know Sev, or doesn't feel the same way. That is hard. "I'm not offended at all." she says with sincerity, "I just was talking about how I felt." She nods to him, "We are serious." That was most certainly implied in the whole 'marriage' thing, "If we don't impress I'm going to live in Krenn's residence here. It'll be small till we can get a proper place here but we'll manage." She smiles a dreamy smile, "Thats one of the reasons I'm so anxious for the hatching. It'll be lifechanging no matter what happens." Sev's situation does sound not great. "I wish I could help you Sev." But with limited information all she can do is commiserate with him.

Sevran flashes a wide grin at her, forced cheerfulness perhaps, though there's definitely true joy for his friends. "He loves you," he states again. "It's very clear. And I am happy for you both." A quiet moment, his thoughts kept to himself as he becomes momentarily distant. "Is there a journeyman here that you can apprentice under? What are you going to tell the Hall?" As for her help? He offers her a small, approximation of a smile and simply says, "It's alright. Not much you'd be able to do, even if I told you everything."

Baylee is sure that Krenn does love her. "He's been like that since we met in Ierne. Though at first I think it was just physical." It has grown into something more sense then. She's been reluctant to think about the specifics of how she's going to handle this in regard to her craft, "I'm probably not going to tell them. They'd be upset. I think we can keep it secret until I make journeyman then I can ask to be assigned here because of getting married. Then we can get a proper place to live. There might be some times of separation." See even the happily ever afters aren't perfect, "But we'll make it." Sev is so sure that she can't help, "If its just a case of getting them to notice you I can help with that. We could organize something to show you off."

Did Sevran know they'd been in Ierne? He can't seem to recall. But he just nods along rather than dive deeper into that history. Eyebrows go skyward for 'physical' and his mind definitely goes there rather quickly. Clearing of his throat, a little hunch of his shoulders. Because thinking about his friends doing things is just awkward. Really, really awkward. "I don't think that's a good idea," he warns her gently. "What if it came out? Then you'd be caught in the lie and it would look bad. But I don't know. Is the Hall really that strict about this sort of thing? You're an adult," he points out. "You should be able to make those choices." But really, some of this is the pot calling the kettle black. A snort, and a shake of his head. An amused look for her suggestion to 'show him off'. "Erm… I don't think that's a problem Baylee. Trust me. It's not a matter of not noticing."

Baylee can tell by the look on Sev's face she probably misspoke. She might be innocent but she isn't stupid, "Sorry sorry sorry. I meant that at first he was just physically attracted to me, but it grew into more. I'm not like that." She declares her face red with embarassment. She's a good girl! There is /none/ of that. For a rule follower like Baylee it is difficult to contemplate breaking the rules, but love sometimes makes you stupid along with being brave which is a bad combo, "What if I told them and they said no." She isn't sure they would, but can she dare to risk that, "So it's just a matter of letting things grow then. We can help with that too." Just say the word Sev, "We'd have your back."

Is that relief? Confusion? It's not quite clear, but Sevran is definitely feeling something when she clarifies. Maybe embarrassment for jumping to conclusions. Either way, that particular image is not gonna come out of his brain any time soon. Even if he'd like to eject it right now, thanks. "What do you mean, not like that?" he wonders, apparently unable to let it go. "I mean. I grew up in the Weyr. Things are a bit different here," he notes. "Nothing wrong with the physical stuff. Just don't really wanna think about you and Krenn…" and then another series of awkward facial expressions that has him coughing into his shoulder and seeking another distraction. Her craft seems a good option. "Well… if they say no, you'd have to decide. Which do you want more; to be married immediately, or to wait a little longer and get your Journeyman knot first? It's not like Krenn is gonna ditch if you say you need some time, right?" Letting things grow? His lips press into a thin line, eyes narrow and glance to the side as he considers how to best explain. "Let's just say this," for his current situation. "Not all physical relationships translate into romantic ones. And there's really nothing anyone can do about it. He doesn't want anything else, and that's that." Shrug. "Besides. I'm a candidate and may be a Weyrling. It's a done deal." Over. Finite. Done. "But I do appreciate the support. Baylee. I do."

What on Pern did she just walk into? Physical stuff? Baylee and Krenn? Catwin stares at Baylee "You two didn't? I mean, you're not supposed to while you're a." Her mouth drops open and then she closes it. "I didn't hear anything. I don't want to know. If I don't know I can't incriminate. If I don't know I can't be held accountable." She pauses a moment "Though that part is debatable where J'en is concerned." she shakes her head a little and just uncharacteristically intrudes herself in and sits down at the table. Hi?

Baylee does not want Sev to have that image in his head either. If she could smack it from his skull she would do it, but people would frown on that, "I'm traditional." As in not weyr traditional, "I'm not judging. I'm not from here." Krenn is so he's alot more at peace with things, but Baylee is just Baylee. "Krenn wouldn't ditch me I'm sure, but I feel like I've waited forever to find someone and I don't want to wait any longer." Granted there may be a little waiting if they impress or if just one does but that is liveable because there would be /reasons/. She listens attentively as Sev talks about what is going on and her eyes widen a bit as she understands, "He?" she says in surprise then realization hits her like a thunderclap. This realization is interrupted by Catwin who gets a red faced Baylee looking at her, "NO. None of that! I promise." Though when she mentions J'en she blinks, "That guy from the rec room?" WHOA!!! She turns toward Sev her mouth just hanging open. Sometimes there are no words.

Maybe he does need a smack in the skull. It wouldn't be the first time. But Sevran is doing his level best to keep his thoughts on topic. A little bit of a nod for her being 'traditional'. "Oh, OK. I get it." Because he does. Even if he doesn't. Not really. A thoughtful frown and a shake of his head. "We're not talking about Baylee and Krenn being physical." At least… not really? It's complicated. So Sevran opts to not try and explain, or correct, Catwin's assumptions. Instead, he'll just shake his head and say, "Probably best" for the whole 'I saw nothing' technique. And then Baylee's jumping to conclusions, and he gives her a rather hard look in response. "What are you talking about? Why are you looking at me like that?" He kinda leans back a little, as if worried she might have lost her mind.

Catwin looks confused. "I suppose he may have been in the rec room. No telling really where he might decide to show up. But if he had a glower on his face or just looked plain grumpy, that was probably him. Well, good to know you all haven't or anything." she hmms a little "Just how old are you, Baylee?" she asks after a moment. "You can't be all that old, especially not to have waited forever." she notes and just shakes her head. "Never good to just rush into things. Never good at all. But why are you looking at Sevran that way?"

Baylee hasn't lost her mind. Not yet anyway, but she is the picture of surprise. She's trying to put together these two things and might make a complete fool of herself but these are her friends and if you can't make a fool of yourself in front of them who can you? "You were saying it was a he…and then Catwin said J'en so I assumed that was the person!" And that is what she is surprised about. She shakes off her suprise to answer Catwin's question, "I'm 18." she says, and when you are 18 everything seems like forever. She is the second youngest Candidate in the class after all.

Baylee gets a very long, lingering look from Sevran. Seconds of silence stretch out after her explanation, during which he does not speak, or move, or do much of anything at all really. And then he rolls his eyes, tips his head back, and laughs a quick, single note of laughter. "Ha! What if she had said Ila'den? Would you have jumped to the same conclusion? Or R'hyn?" Snort. "Just cause I said 'he' doesn't mean it's the first guy to walk in the room." But he won't tease her forever. No. Her embarrassment seems to be enough for him, and he settles back with a shake of his head. As for her age? He'll let Cat deal with that one.

Catwin frowns a little as she processes this little tidbit of information and looks thoughfully at Sevran and then she looks… relieved? Hmm. Maybe. But she's looking at Baylee and she blinks. "Ah, I see. Eighteen." she sighs a little "Oh, to be that young again. I guess it would seem like forever. Just be careful though. Sometimes things aren't always what you expect. Though I suppose you'ld be safe enough with Krenn if you're both of a mind for it."

"Maybe." Baylee says to Sev after his question. She's just really surprised is all. She'll get over it, "R'hyn is cute." she says with a giggle. There is age disparity there for sure, "Krenn wouldn't hurt me." she says to Catwin. She's sure of that.

Sevran shrugs, "To each their own," he'll say of ages and decisions and just… life. Sure. Life. As for R'hyn's physical attractiveness? He has nothing to say. Just a rather awkward looking, wrinkled-nose expression, very similar to the one he had when he was unwillingly thinking improper thoughts about his two friends. Awkward. Discomfort. A general 'ugh' sort of look. "Yeah, can we not talk about the Weyrlingmasters? Or, maybe, anyone, in that way?" He's beginning to regret confiding anything at all.

Catwin hmms "Yeah, that might be awkward, thinking about Weyrlingmasters in that kind of context, especially with the chance of ending up as Weyrlings. Though, I suppose it could be a slim chance, I mean only 10 eggs, and a number of us candiates." She shrugs a little "I suppose I've not helped views of him, what with my Death by R'hyn Abs cocktail. I mean, if you think of him as an intoxicating drink. Well." She does nod to Baylee "That's good. I'd hate for anything to happen to you."

Baylee is hardly thinking too much beyond generalities, "I'm not being serious here guys." Sometimes the others can be so gosh darn serious, "I was trying to lighten the mood." And take the focus off herself. Maybe thatst he most important part. "Nothing is going to happen to me Cat. I'm fine." They are all going to be fine, "Yeah. The chances are low." she agrees.

Lighten the mood? How about change it completely? Sevran reaches over to his plate, picks up a piece of melon that had been abandoned, and flings it at Baylee playfully. "You started it," he teases, happy to change the subject. Though Cat's got him looking at her with raised eyebrows. "There's a drink named after him? And it's called that?" Snicker-snort. "Well. Alright then." And a bright grin. "You gonna name a drink after me?"

Catwin blinks "Well, I suppose I could." she says thoughtfully. "I mean, I've one named for R'en too, though that was just before I was Searched and I've really not been able to spotlight it at all." she looks thoughtfully at Sevran "I'll have to think on that." she says thoughfully, ignoring the flung food since it wasn't aimed at her. Though she does mention "I know one year, some candies had a food fight and had to clean the whole caverns by hand with small brushes."

Baylee raises her hands to try to deflect the melon away from her, "Hey. I don't think we need to start throwing food around the place like little kids." After all none of them are children, though the maturity level might be there sometimes, "I don't need to get a drink named after me I think." Besides that drink would likely be pretty boring.

"As long as she doesn't fling any back," which she didn't, "Then it's not really a food fight, right?" Sevran is gonna argue it, at least. But the point is taken, and he will not fling anything else at either of them. He does look gleefully delighted at the prospect of getting a drink named after him, and will just beam bright grins at Catwin. As for Baylee? He gives her a thoughtful look and decides, "I dunno, I can see a drink after you. It would be light and fruity, maybe a little bubbly? Pink? But no alcohol."

Catwin hmms a little "Well, I've not done much in the way of non-alcoholic drinks and all, I mean I am a Vintner after all, specializing in Liqueurs and all. And besides, it doesn't have to be strong, a little champagne for the bubbles would be pretty nice I think." She hmms thoughfully as she ponders it. "I think that would be better than an ale for the bubbles after all."

Baylee gets herself up out of the chair and smiles to Sev and Cat, "I best get going." she says with a chuckle. This conversation has been intersting to say the least, "I'll be down in the barracks. You two behave." And with that she is gone.

Sevran knows nothing about alcohol, and will simply bob his head at Catwin to agree with her. She's the expert. He'll just offer moral support and encouragement. "Sure. Champagne." Sounds good to him. As Baylee gets ready to leave, he'll simply lift a hand and give her his trademarke 'see ya' kind of gesture. "Later." And then he settles his arms on the table, lounging. "What does she think we're gonna do?" he asks, for the 'behave' comment.

Catwin shrugs a little "I've no idea. Maybe she just doesn't wany you to end up with another black eye from some onfortunate circumstance." she murmurs. Faranth knows Catwin doesn't typically cause much mischief. She leaves that to the ones who don't mind screwing with peoples lives. She does wave to Baylee and then grins "Or maybe she's worried you'll through another bit of melon or something."

"Well, don't throw yourself, or anything else, at me, and we'll be golden," says Sevran with a grin. And then there is a moment of silence. Potentially awkward silence, as Cat and Sevran are alone at the table. Ahem. Look at the wall. Such a lovely wall. "Not gonna throw anything," he declares with a snort. "She said she was trying to lighten the mood. I was just trying to help." Plus it was a little nice to be able to throw something, even if it was just food.

Plates piled high, Tanit makes her usual appearance in the caverns. Where all the food goes is anyone's guess. The candidates are spotted and Tanit finds an empty chair to commendeer without as much as a how do you do. It's after she's scarfed down the first meatroll that Tanit will grin and say hello.

"And at least you didn't hit her in the eye with it." she notes softly and then she smiles as she see's Tanit. She does eye the plate of food with a look of horror. Course, Catwin is notorious for not eating much. In fact there isn't even an empty plate in front of her. She blames the converation she walked in on though. Distractions and all. And the silence may have been a little awkward for Sevran, but not Catwin. After all, less said the better. Right?

"True," for not hitting Baylee in the face. "Though, it was just a bit of melon. Probably woulda smooshed a little but, no lasting damage." Beat. "Not that I have lasting damage. "That, though, is a bit debatable. Sevran flashes a grin at Tanit, teasing a little as he says, "Sure, go right ahead. That seat's free," as she drops herself down uninvited (The invitation is always implied, though). "Hm. Light snack?" for her lack of portion control.

"What did you do?" She eyes Sev, late to the conversation, so most of it goes completely over her head. "Are you throwing garbage at people again?" Because Sev does do this. "Is there ever such a thing as a snack?" She burns the calories, can't help it.

Catwin can't help but grin just a little "He threw that bit of melon at Baylee." she murmurs. "Not really garbage at the time. Though well, it would be now." she muses and then eyes Tanit's food "Snack? That'd feed me for a whole Turn!" she says and just shakes her head and eyes Tanit and then shakes her head. "Whereever you put it, I have no idea. I'd be rolling if I ate like that."

Sevran can definitely eat, but even he has his limits. As evidenced by this plate which, although pushed aside, still has quite a bit of food to pick at. But it is with a heavy sigh that he pushes himself up from the table. "If I'm just gonna get blamed for everything," nevermind that it really is all his fault, "Then I'm outa here." There's a grin to soften the words and a quick, "Actually, I just have to report back to chores before I get in even more trouble." More. As in 'already' in trouble. "Tanit, I'll catch you later, OK? And Cat? See you 'round."

Tanit sighs, "No manners at all." The fork scrapes and the food disappears by the forkful. "I burn through a lot of energy swimming." She offers for her strange eating habits. "Sure thing." She replies to Sevran watching the candidate depart. "So when you are no longer stuck with stifling rules Catwin." Tanit starts. "We should go drinking."

"Or maybe he's just off to see whatever guy friend it is he has." she murmurs to Tanit. Yes, she'll pass that tidbit along for sure, despite not knowing quite all there is to know about it. "See you round Sev." she notes and then she looks thoughtful "That would certainly be great fun. Well, the eggs should be hatching in the not too distant future. Maybe you'll get a new drinking buddy then."

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