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An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Riohra will smile looking out at one egg in particular, he will nod at her routine and then laugh "Part of me has never been so tired in my life, but I am learning so much so it is worth it. Still not used to waking up so late though has my sleep all thrown off".

"I think I am finally settling into the rythem here as well. First the time zone was a bit of a struggle, then just well the day is a bit different. Less book learning and more hands on learning. I love it…just different." She explains and glances out to the eggs, "Do you have any favorites yet?" She queries curiously as her eyes scan the group down below.

Riohra nods and will point to the Rebirth egg, "that one that looks like bedrock at the base but the rest of the colors seem to be influx. When I touched it, it remeinded me of being a free spirit always looking for an adventure" he looks over at her and grins "I think that one is going to be a blue or a brown maybe, but you never know right?"

Kelani shakes her head, "Well I have never touched one…this will be the first hatching I have witnessed. I fear I was too caught up in my books to ever take too many trips up to Fort. " She says with a shrug and looks over the eggs again, her gaze falling on outrun the monster egg and is mishapen appearance. "Is that one alright?"

Riohra will look where she is pointing saying "IT has a dark sense of humor it seems, it apparently bothered some of the others" nope not him, that he will admit. He looks at her and asks "A mark for you thoughts?"

"It just looked unhealthy, I hope the creature inside is ok…" Kelani responds at first before she cants her gaze towards him and gives a little sigh. "Just comeing up on a turnday and being here and all..I suppose it just gets a girl thinking. If I was ever searched would I say yes? Before I moved here I would have probably said no…but now not so sure. I..just really want to be a healer most of all, but it seems like it would be an interesting experience at least."

Riohra will nod and say "well no matter what people will say, getting asked to stand is an honor." he will look back to the eggs saying " But you got to follow your heart" he will grin and reach down to hand her a small box wrapped in a bow saying "and as far as turnday's go…"

"Yeah, I am getting that more and more. I think I stayed away in part because of mother…its hard to explain. I mean I don't resent her..and I had a good childhood and all.." She gives a little shrug as she looks back to him. "Things are better now." Then notices the gift giving and her eyes widen. "You didn't have too.." She starts before looking up at him and knows she has not a choice in the matter. "Thank you." She says before she even opens it and the proceeds to do so. "This is beautiful, thank you so much." As she hands it back to him, "Can you put it on?"

Riohra grins and nods saying "I can't imagine, but faced with an unknown like not having your mom around it could resentful" he undoes the loop and puts it around her neck it will fit snuggly but still loose enough for her to move. He will flip the lid of the box over and show her as it has a large number one painted on it saying "Of course I had to, your family" never mind his own has come and gone but he never remembers that anyway.

"Not like I am the first rider child fostered somewhere." She responds with a little casual shrug as she leans forward for him to put the necklace on and she fingers it for a moment, focusing on the little shell. "Thank you…" She tilts her head at the number , "Why the number one?"

Riohra will grin slyly at her when she asks about the number saying "you said nothing big, so in stead you are getting something small. fifteen more somethings to be precise, one for each turn I missed out being there for you"

As he explains the number she gives him a nudge on the shoulder. "You are too good to me." Kelani says as she continues to stroke the shell on the necklace, "I have something for you and Kass too…but want to give it to you together." She says with a bit of a smile "..and maybe this too, if I can get the words to work." She says tapping the pencil on the book.

Riohra looks at her like her hair is on fire "why would you want to give me anything? I already got everything I ever could want. I got the best girl, the best job, and now I have the best cousins." yup a simple man is he, and he loves his life.

"It is nothing big, but I would not have settled here near as well as I have without you. Just a little thank you is all and you are not allowed to turn it down." Kelani says with a firm nod to him and its clear she will broach no argument, "Oh by the way, how is your chest from where that guy pushed you?"

Riohra will put up his hands in surrender saying "ok little cousin, I will play your way..this time" he smirks at her. But as soon as she talks about the bruise he will kinda shy away saying "it is fine, nothing wrong just a bruise is all"

Noticing his reaction to the question, Kelani shifts a bit in her seat to look at him square on. "Now Riohra, are you lying to a healer?" She asks pointedly one brow arching as she eyes him. That brave face she put on for that shipman who attacked him, but this time without the shaking hands.

Riohra shakes his head "nope i am lying to my cousin" at least he is honest about it. He won’t move but he won’t look at her either, he instead looks at his hands and everywhere but her.

Kelani tilts her head at him, "Then decide right now who you are going to tell the truth to, for I will have it." Fear the wrath of the healer! It is definitely when her confidence appears is when she is full on healer mode. "Open your shirt and let me have examine it. Does it hurt when you breath or lay down?"

Riohra rolls his eyes and reaches out to pat her head saying "I give I give, but lets not go disrobing in public" He will stand up and say "Come on, best go to the infirmary. I don't need you getting called in for inappropriate conduct" yup still looking out for her.

Kelani nods to his conditions and slides her notebook into her carrybag. "Off we go then." She says as she stands up and makes to lead the way to the infirmary. "I am a healer, its hardly inappropriate, but at least will be around the senior healers and the treatments." She says.

They move to the infirmary cavern…

Riohra is led by not much by the hand but marched behind the smaller healer. To which he finds extremely funny as he walks in to the infirmary, he will walk over and take his shirt off siting on the abed. The bruise isnt so much bad as its placement is what is wrong; it is directly on the nipple of his pectoral muscle. It has a green and yellow swollen look to it.

Kelani sets down her things and dons a healer jacket as he settles in. She informs a senior healer who comes with her for the exam but motions Kelani to do it as he watches. Kelani nods and steps up, "Well at least I can say my hands aren't cold." She says before gingerly examining the area. "Any trouble breathing, any pains when you move?" She asks as she does her exam, glancing up at his face to mark any painful bits.

Riohra shakes his head "no the soreness went away after a day or so. I am breathing just fine, it just looks gross." He will blush when she touches it and say "It also is tender"

"Well I would expect so, he hit you pretty hard. You are lucky you didn't break a rib or your skull." Oh yes, it looks like she may end up being one of those bossy cantankerous healers. "Well looks like no permanent damage, but a haematoma under the skin. Arnica to help bring out the bruising and some warm soaks to keep the muscle from knotting up." She glances back at the healer to ensure it is correct and He nods. Kelani moves over where the 'pharmacy' is and gets a jar of cream and brings it back to the table, "So you want me to apply it or will you?" Need to work it in over all the bruise past the edges, a couple times a day."

Riohra will chuckle but maybe because he is ticklish, when she talks about broken ribs "I already had those once this turn I am good little cousin." when she gives him a satisfactory diagnosis he will actually let out a relieved sigh "well at least it isn't too bad." "I can do it, no worse then when I was laid up for turn at the healers." He will hold out a hand for the jar saying "or are you going to watch me the first time?"

At the question she nods passing over the tub then crossing hands over chest. "Yes, part of the work is the massage of the area and part is the cream. The massage should keep it from corking and forming clots." How she might feel about a half naked man in other situations is perhaps hard to discern but in HER domain, it is just anatomy.

Riohra nods and starts to work the cream onto the area. Clearly he is used to healers making him do such things as the tapestry of scars and nicks on his skin can attest to. He looks down and bends abit to make sure he is in the right area and she can see the thick large scars all over his back.

Satisfied with the course of treatment the healer moves on, leaving Kelani to finish up. There is a notice taken of the various scars of differing ages and finally looks up to him, "Dare I ask how you amassed such a collection?" She can't help but ask.

Riohra shrugs saying "Most are from my hunts, and before I learned the body doesn't heal perfectly I played fast and loose with safety" he will lift up his arm over the top of his head to get to the outside of the muscle "The largest ones, well they are the reason I am afraid of the water". He keeps up his work but will watch her now seeing if she is judging him or not.

Kelani settles on a stool as she listens to his story of scars. She cants her head to view the scar he is showing her. The raises a quizzical brow, "What did it have to do with water?" She asks with curiosity in her tone and little judgement now. Every scar tales a tell and also seeing them gives her ideas on how a body heals after injury and what injuries cause scars. Life is a lesson.

Riohra nods as he finishes and just stares down at the jar saying "When I was a little younger than you, I got it in my head I wanted to be a sailor" He shakes his head with a rueful smile "Even then I was a bit of a daring sort. I was aloft in the rigging, that is what they say to mean I was up very high in the ropes and sails area." He will now look at his hands, calloused and scared he will focus on them now as he talks "well I guess who ever was in charge thought they could out run a storm coming along, or maybe just wanted to ride into it I will never know."

Kelani reaches for the jar from his hands to put the lid on it, indicating that was enough. For the rest though she stays quiet to the story she hears. As much as she does like trauma for her part she has not led a very adeventerous life. As he tells the tale she grimaces at the end, "Fell down or caught up in the ropes?" She can't help but ask, glancing at the scars again.

Riohra nods and takes a shuddering inhale of air his voice is soft now, not the man's voice he usually uses but a small child like voice now. "Down from the high point, it is only by the whim of fate I didn't hit the deck. But instead I hit the water, now we have safety lines tied to us to keep us from floating away to far and getting lost but..mine got caught up." His voice is shaking now as he runs his hands together "I was pulled under the boat.."

For a time she is lost in the story, but then she notices the reaction he is having to it and she lays a hand on his arm. "That's alright you don't have to tell me. Sorry I forget myself sometimes.." She rises from the stool and reaches for his shirt to pass it to him.

Thankful for her touch Riohra will look up, his eyes will say the words he cant right now of thanks and appreciation. She can see that they glisten with tears as he is reliving his childhood trauma again, but he doesn't break as she lends him comfort. He looks back down at her hand on his and takes a deep breath and continues "I don't remember how long I was there, they say it wasn't to long but to me it was a lifetime. I can still feel the rough underside of the wood as the heavy water would throw me against the boat."

As he continues she doesn't try to stop him again, but just sits back down and listens. Her hand remaining on his as a comfort. The mind is an organ as any other that can ail and hurt. To speak is to treat, to share the load. She may be focusing on trauma, but she has had her lessons in all the subjects. She grimaces at his he speaks about being beat against the boat.

Riohra shudders slightly and will squeeze her hand "When they finally hauled me up, it hurt so bad I had to be taken by dragon straight to the healer hall. I was there for almost a full turn including recovery and therapy" He takes a deep breath and forces that usual smile back on to his face saying "And now you know why me going into the water is an amazing feat."

Kelani still remains quiet as he continues the tail and tilts her head as he speaks of his time in the healer hall. "I think I might have seen you then…would have been when I first became an apprentice. Mostly book learning then but we were brought to the wards as well and..I did not treat you no, but I do believe I remember the case of the ship boy." she says in a soft spoken words.

Riohra nods and grins "And that is where my love of reading and books came from. Since all you healers would let me do is lay there" He winks playfully but there is much respect for her and her chosen profession "Well you should get back to your day off and I need to get back to my chores. Those dragons don't wash themselves you know" he starts looking around for his shirt.

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