Peeling, baking, and blood, oh my!

Western Weyr - Kitchen
Perhaps you followed your nose here.. the cooking aromas are tempting. This is the main kitchen of the Weyr. At any time of the day or night you find cooks and drudges busy making meals and preparing foodstuffs for storage for later use. The cavern has been shaped into a huge room with a domed ceiling. The huge ovens and cooking stoves line the outer wall, their perpetual fires fueled by natural gas from a nearby well. Vent holes pierce the cavern walls, keeping the room amazingly clear of smoke. The inner wall has long counters of smooth stone, carved from the walls. You see a large, heavy looking metal-clad door. This is the large cold storage room, much like a man-made ice cave. The walls are made of volcanic rock, known for it's insulating properties. The heat exchanger is also powered by natural gas.

One of her favorite chores. Well, maybe not the tuber peeling /specifically/, but Keelyra is happy whenever she gets put in the kitchens. She's settled in her usual prep area, humming softly as she works at the peeling.

Which candidate has a free day? Idris has a free day! What does she do with it? Kitchen! No, really, she just can't tear herself away. She's all set up at her regular baking station, close enough to the peelers to chat. Her counter looks a mess of ingredients and tools, a couple sets of bubblies already cooling on a rack to the side of the station. She is also humming, the melody matching up with Keelyra every so often. Same song? It's anybody's guess.

Velrich does not have a free day. No, he got stuck with doing laundry…and while that doesn't have much to do with the kitchens, the young man slips in through the door nonetheless. He shifts to the side immediately though, leaning on the wall with a bit of a sigh. Oh yes, every indication of one who is currently shirking duties alright. He even /smells/ faintly of fresh linens. …At least it's not babies, though.

It's difficult to identify scents over the smell of food in the kitchens. Likely it is the same song, or at least a similar one, that the two female candidates hum. They've worked in the kitchens together often enough. Another bucket peeled, Keelyra makes it clear she's taking her chore a step further than necessary. She starts chopping the tubers for the various dishes they'll be doing into. There's a glance and she briefly catches sight of Velrich. "No kids today?"

Idris doesn't notice Velrich when he slips in, being focused on mixing different sorts of berries into a single bowl for the next batch. What makes her look up is realizing her fellow hummer has ceased humming. She swivels around on her stool to see what the younger girl is up to, then looks around to see what caught her attention and her gaze settles on Velrich. Eyes narrow suspiciously. "Are you here to hide or here to filch food?"

Velrich looks over at the girls, head tilting ever so slightly. "None. A relief, I suppose." He remains leaning on the wall though, at least staying out of the way of anyone else that happens to be working in the kitchen. Staying out of the way is key to not being run off! Idris' question has him staring right back though, quietly taking stock of the girl. "..You like to give people food, don't you?"

"I hope Jey isn't telling people to come and just beg food," Keelyra says with a drawn-out sigh. "Y'know, if everyone came to the kitchens to filch food, we'd never get anything done and there'd be no point to the Caverns." Plus, it's harder on someone who helps handle stores and prep to keep those things managed. She scrapes a pile of chopped tubers into a tray before setting to working on more.

The question takes Idris by surprise, and her suspicious expression turns bewildered. "I guess so? I like to bake… What makes you ask that?" She breaks eye contact to glance awkwardly at the berries she's mixing. Keelyra's sigh earns a bit of a chuckle. "Surely not- I would figure she'd keep it to herself to come begging food. Anyway it only works when someone you know is here." Not that Idris is ever not here. Or rather, wasn't before becoming a candidate.

"I didn't say I was." Velrich even sounds slightly..indignant at that, eyeing Keelyra briefly. But he does move away from the wall, wandering over to look at what the both of them are doing in turn. He shakes his head a little though, suspiciously eyeing the berries being mixed about. "You asked if I was here to filch. You gave that impression a few nights back when you were touting your bubblies. And Jey was..eating. And eating." No, that image just isn't going to leave his brain for a long time.

"Jey talks easily," Keelyra points out to Idris, back to the two as she works. "She's just friendly, but it means soon /everyone/ will know to come beg us for food." She does glance over her shoulder towards Velrich. "Asking Idris for a bubbly is different than coming just to filch some food."

"Oh. Well. It's kind of ingrained in us, to be generous and y'know, to feed people who come to eat," Idris fumbles for an explanation, not really understanding the difference between she and Keelyra's relationship to food and Velrich's. Given this, she has no good explanation, though, and just nods at Keelyra. "Anyway yeah, my bubblies are going to win prizes someday *so she hopes*, so it's not like people coming in just to get lunch or dinner, I have taste testers. Like Jey." Not that it matters, anything they don't eat ends up in the living cavern anyway.

"If that's what you want to call it." Velrich shakes his head, shifting over once again as another person hurries by. Kitchens bustle! Though he wanders back over to Keelyra, hovering to /eye/ her work a bit. "I am not doing either one. I haven't asked for anything, and I don't intend to take anything either." There's a shrug though, hands lifting to drag his fingers through his hair absently.

"Ohhhhh," Keelyra says, flashing a glance to Idris. The teen smirks a bit. "You /are/ just avoiding your chores, then? Not come to stuff your face for a while?" She shrugs, then, all hints of mockery and teasing gone. "That's fine. Just be honest about it. We all shirk our chores sometimes." It's part of the Candidate Experience (TM).

There's another narrowed glance for Velrich as Idris tries to decide if he's given a vague insult to the kitchen or not. Keelyra gets a grin, "Gotta say here, at least, is a place I'd never shirk." An oven across the way beeps, sending Idris into action. She nabs an oven mitt from her station and dances through the other kitchen workers to get to the oven. Once that tray is settled beside the cooling rack, she scurries to the cooling room to grab a tray ready to go in and pops back to the oven. That all done, she returns to her station and inhales of the batch. "Delish!"

Velrich finds a nice bit of wall to lean on. They're convenient places to perch and be out of the way, really. He can pretend to be furniture. "Honesty? I never lied. I omitted."
Totally…different! Yes. "People around here eat far too much anyway. I don't need to eat outside of mealtime." All this strange…/foodness/ in the Weyr. It's everywhere!

Sometimes walls need added support. Not as often as some people would think though, the way they spend so much time holding them up. "Never said you lied, just weren't honest." Semantics, yay! "How can someone eat too much? You eat when you're hungry." She finishes filling one tray of chopped tubers, moving it to a convenient location for the cooks before she sets back down to peel more.

"Not everybody eats all that much…" Idris frowns a little at Velrich. "Have you seen everybody here that you can make that judgement? I don't think we eat more than any other weyr. We'd all be a lot fatter if we ate all the time." Not that there isn't chubbiness to be found. "I don't eat nearly as much as I bake or cook- I couldn't do it, my tummy'd explode if I tasted everything I made. Like Keely said- you just eat a bit when you're hungry, bit more later on and so on."

Velrich grunts softly, but shifts to place his hands behind himself. Walls are also a pain in the butt. He shakes his head though, offering a sigh as he watches the girls. "I'm used to feeding myself. Whether or not this place eats more than any other Weyr…I have no idea." There's a slow smile at that, throwing a look over at Idris again. "I've spent most of my time on the road."

"Well, you don't have to worry about feeding yourself anymore," Keelyra says, shaking her head slightly. Mmm, pile of tuber peels. It'll be great for the cattle in the feeding pens later, likely.

Idris cants her head sideways, a considering gaze settling again on Velrich. A flicker of recognition crosses her expression. "You're the wandering one? What was your name? Vel-something?"

"Until I leave. It doesn't make it any less strange to me." Velrich does reach for one of the peelings, playing with it in his fingers for the time being before he slowly looks at Idris again. He nods though, breaking the peel in half before worrying it between his fingers. "Velrich, yes."

"Who says you're going to be leaving?" Keelyra asks, glancing up from her work briefly. A peeled tuber is tossed into the proper bucket. "If you Impress, you'll be staying here for a long time, likely."

"Right, Velrich- I'm not good with names," Idris nods slowly, something of understanding crossing her expression. "So you've had to hunt your food, what, your whole life?" She settles back into sorting the berries for a mixed berry pie, still standing sideways from her station so she can keep an eye on Keelyra and Velrich.

Velrich smirks somewhat, but there's a careless shrug. "I'm not going to expect that. I expect to continue on with my life." There's less chance of uncomfortable disappointment when one focuses on the lesser outcome! But he does nod again. "Of course I'd be staying here if I did. I'm just not used to this..sort of life. Yes, most of my life I've hunted."

"So if you don't Impress," Keelyra pauses peeling, to glance up to Velrich. Her brows furrow. "you're just going to leave and go back to wandering? Seems awful lonely. You could stay, you know. The Weyr welcomes the Candidates that don't Impress to stick around."

Sagenod. "Good way to look at it- keep on keeping on, huh?" Idris smiles lightly at Velrich, then returns her eyes to the berries she's sorting. "I'm not expecting anything myself- gone so long just working without standing, seems silly to expect anything." There's a short laugh in agreement with Keelyra. "S'true, there's plenty of room for another face, can't say the accomodations are always much better than the dorm, but there's always beds and work- you could hunt for us, for the kitchens. Though we don't have the kind of wildlife you find on the continents."

Velrich tilts his head just a bit, although he looks almost amused by Keelyra's expression. "What? Will you miss me?" He does finally move away from the wall again, returning the tuber peel to the pile once again. "I'm..sure it is. Not that I'm ungrateful for that opportunity, but it's easier to do what I already know. I'm not always alone. I've traveled with Kilarden on a few occasions."

"Of course I will," Keelyra says, brow furrowing. "I've only just met you, but I like your company." When he's not being all prickly, but hey. A pause then, head tilted, "Kilarden? Will you both be leaving? I… I think the Weyr has been good for his sister."

Ah, the kitchen: redolent with kitcheny smells and other lovely things. But from behind a rather tall stack of dishes there are the ominous mumblings of a young male candidate, the searing glare of irritation Draval sends the set he's working on is surely enough to vaporize them. Since they do nothing of the kind, he scrubs. And scrubs. "Hmph." He scoffs to himself blandly, "… nice t'them, mean t'me… "

Idris grins at the sentiments between Velrich and Keelyra, nodding in agreement. "That girl has looked quite happy every time I've seen her." The baker-candidate shakes her head in bemusement and zips back over to the oven as it buzzes again. Fresh batch of bubblies is once again settled by the cooling rack, new tray fetched from the cooling room and popped into the oven. This time she comes back and starts removing the cooled bubblies from the tray she'd fetched earlier, placing them on the cooling rack.

Velrich does consider that for a moment or two, though his lips press together in a thin line, nodding. "He..shouldn't drag her around everywhere. I don't know his plans though." Friendship might be too strong a word for those two's..acquaintance. Fingers give a slight scratch to his scalp though, giving Keelyra a fairly odd look of bewilderment. "Really." He disbelieves! His company has never been a much desired thing. And then the stacks of dishes begin talking! He stares.

"Really. I mean, you're… prickly, like some of the plants in the maze, but you… I dunno. You mean well, I think." Keelyra gives a little shrug of shoulders, but glances sidelong at the dishes. Then her eyes narrow a bit, but she says nothing… managing, surprisingly, to hold her tongue as she goes back to peeling tubers. Take it out on the vegetable, Keely!

Mumble, mumble, mumble. DOOOM to the dishes, man. Doom to the dishes. Draval scrubs some more, and sends a slight glance at Keely. But then, he opts to be nice to everyone else. "So, you're going to just leave? Aw, c'mon, stay awhile, see how you like it."

From her spot stacking bubblies, Idris peers towards the sinks and Draval. Lips purse worriedly, then flicker to Keelyra in concern. There's much to be said about brothers, but certainly not right now. Lack of tact does have some limits, it appears. After stacking bubblies on the rack, Idris returns to her fruit sorting, only to find herself done, so she begins adding liquids, sugars, and spices to the main bowl and carefully stirring the concoction, trying to keep the berries mostly in tact. Curiousity keeps her attention partly on the chatter.

Velrich is…secretly a cactus. There's a faintly amused look though for that, and a nod given before his attention once again shifts to the talking dishpile. Or Draval, it seems, as he finally takes note of the other candidate. His head tilts though, watching him quietly before finally speaking up again. "I'm not packing my things and leaving now. And..who /are/ you anyway?"

There's a bit of an eyelid twitch on Keelyra's part as Draval speaks up. It was tolerable when he was part of the mound of dishes! Like some kind of kitchen golem. She accepts Velrich's assurance that he's not leaving right away — it gives her more time to convince him to stick around — and gets up to start chopping up the tubers again. It's a dull cycle likely to anyone else, but she enjoys the work.

Draval sends Keelyra a little look, then sighs. "Okay, sister. Let's not fight — it's silly." He gives her a longer look, then glances over at the others. Oh, someone asked his name. "It's Draval."

There's a flicker of recognition there, and Velrich gives a careless nod. "Ah. The brother." For that is what he is! There's finally a snort from the young man though, moving to find..a knife? Yes, he picks one up, and then plucks a tuber to start peeling it quietly. And perhaps helpfully.

Oh great. There he went and gave himself the upper hand. If she doesn't give in to his desires, /she's/ the one at fault. The girl bends over her tubers and chopchopchops away, but in a brief pause of dumping chopped vegetables into a prep tray, she hears another knife at work. Brow furrowed, Keelyra turns, and blinks a few times at Velrich. "You, uh… er… you don't have to?" What, does she smell like helplessness? The new scent from C'lvn and Kleineth?

Confused, Draval merely stares with the scrub brush hanging from his hands. He offers the othersa slight stare, a sort of, What do I do now? look. Okay. He'll go for the friendly gestures. "Okay. I don't want to." So, the war is ended, one hopes.

Velrich glances at Keelyra for a moment, but shrugs. There's no smile though, or offer of aid there. He simply goes about peeling diligently. "I wasn't doing anything, and I don't like idle hands much. And this..this is at least a task I'm familiar with." Not like..doing laundry. Or walking around with babies strapped to his chest. There's a glance up now and again though, brows raising. "Who is older?"

The memory of Velrich with a baby strapped to his chest will stay forever with Keelyra. She will cherish it and hold it close at night. Shame for all the technology that there's no cameras. Then she could have physical proof. "Well, uh… thanks. It'll go a lot faster." There's a brief flare of a smile that starts in the corners of her lips. "Uh… I… I dunno how old he is."

"Fifteen." Draval offers, quite cheerfully, to Velrich. He finishes yet another stack of dishes, having gotten over his shock. "How old are you?" He asks Keelyra with lifted eyebrows.
Velrich tilts his head just a little. There's a smirk, but he keeps right on peeling. "It would seem that the two of you don't know each all."

"Fourteen," Keelyra answers, brow furrowed up a bit. He's older. That makes things worse, somehow. She fills the tray with the chopped tubers and returns to peeling, letting a cook go off with the tray. She's prolonging her chore, sure, but she's saving the kitchens trouble in the long run. "We only just met, really," she explains to Velrich, shoulders slumping a bit. "'m too old to have to get to know a brther." And an older one at that.

"Why not?" Draval questions abruptly, putting down his brush. "We're related. We should get to know each other." He raises both his eyebrows at Keelyra, and adopts a wheedling tone. "Oh, come on. I'm not so bad."

Velrich dumps a peeled tuber into the bowl, and simply picks up another. He starts again, calmly peeling. He stays focused on it for the most part, not /really/ keen on cutting himself. "You'll meet new people for the rest of your life. A brother is no different than any other person." Except for not dating them…and stuff. That would be a no-no. There's a slight curl of his lip though at the wheedling tone, glancing up swiftly. "Except when you talk like that."

The tone makes Keelyra flinch also. She glances in despair towards Velrich, but finally sighs, looking back to her work. "You may not be, but I'm just not convinced yet. I'm tired of feeling like I'm being treated like a fool."

Draval sighs. "I can't say anything to you without you accusing me of treating you wrong. Fine. I give up. I'm tired of fighting with you, so I won't say anything at all." He returns to his dishes, which, of course, are silent and — blissfully — compliant.

Velrich tilts his head just a bit. The smirk is still there, however, remaining with a faint twitch to his lips now and again. "It isn't just you." A glance is sent toward Keelyra then, brows lifting at her.

"See?" Keelyra says to Velrich, dropping her voice to try to keep things between them. "He either lashes out at me, or makes me out to be the bad guy. It's never 'I'm sorry I blew up at you all those times' or 'I must have misheard you' or anything like that.. I'm shocked he didn't start calling me names. He usually does." Well, she may be taking things a bit too harshly, but at the same time… one can perhaps see where she might be coming from.

Draval gives Velrich a sidelong look. "I've never called her names. And as for all this blowing up at her, she has basically done nothing but attack me since we found out we were related. Because she didn't like that I hadn't told our mutual father I existed." He puts down the scrub brush. "She is making her/self/ out to be the bad guy, because everything's all about her."

Velrich rolls his eyes just a little bit after a while. "And you are both sounding exactly like one another." Oh yes, he waves that tuber at the both of them. Or at least..wags it just slightly. "He said something mean…she yelled at me…yadda yadda.." Back to peeling he goes! "You're both old enough not to act like children about it."

"You called me a monster!" For all she wants to just drop it herself, she's not letting lies go! "That's a /cruel/ thing to call someone." She slumps back onto the stool she's on, peeling tubers. "It wouldn't matter iff'n I gave him my room in V'yet's weyr and baked him pies for a month. He'd still find a way to call me selfish, or mean, or something worse. I'm /not/ gonna be made a fool of. I'm /not/."

Draval sighs, exasperated. "I just want you to get that I'm not /looking/ to make V'yet my dad. I wouldn't even have told him, except that /you/ were threatening to. So yes, I called you a selfish monster. Because that was a selfish action to take, for no real reason. I mean, why /did/ you threaten to tell him?"

Kaldrozen makes his way into the kitchens looking curiously about, as he spots other candidates he stops though hearing the tone of the conversation not sure he wants to step into what ever is going on.

Velrich slowly stops peeling, lowering his hands just a little as his eyes..close. Really, other people's arguments are not his strong suit. He falls quiet though, letting them talk even as he looks elsewhere. Anywhere.

If there were a surface, Keelyra would hit her head on it. "'Cause V'yet's a good dad and it'd be unfair. If I had a kid, I'd want to know. It's not about /me/, it's about /him/. Why can't you get that? I've lost track of how many times I've tried explaining it to you. I didn't threaten that to be mean, or selfish, or a monster. I did it 'cause it's only fair for /him/." She's peeling furiously now. A shame that some of the tuber itself is lost to it, but good for the beasts that'll get it in their slop.

Idris finishes another round of running between oven, station, cooling room, and station. Once again settled on her stool, she lets out a sigh and peers at her latest batch of bubblies. "To glaze, or not to glaze," she mutters. "What do you want to be?" There's a concerned glance for Velrich, Draval and Keelyra- she's been eyeballing them furtively between rounds, but well, making just the right blend of spices and sugars for a mixed berry bubbly takes focus.

Draval rubs a hand over his face. "/You/ would want to know. /He/ didn't seem like he wanted to know when I told him. "/You/ thought it was unfair. V'yet probably would have been perfectly happy to never know. /I/ was perfectly happy to merely know he was my dad, too. /Maybe/ I would have told him, maybe not. It wasn't fair of /you/ to jump in there and force a relationship I might not have wanted just because of what /you/ thought was right. Why can't you even see that? I wanted to tell him in my own time."

Velrich growls under his breath, and then just poises the knife to start peeling again. Except…well. "Enough!" For all that the young man usually speaks rather quietly, he's very capable of BOOMING. Irritable, he looks between the two siblings tensely, jaw clenched just a tad. "Nobody is right here. Accept it and stop going back and forth. It's /done/!" He shakes his head just a little, annoyance quite evident, and just gives a harsh swipe of the knife to peel more from the tuber. A little too harsh, really, hissing as the blade nicks across his thumb.

Kaldrozen makes his way further into the kitchen and moves to take a seat quietly next to the other candidate picking up some tubers to begins to prepare as well, nodding but not speaking at this time.

Keelyra looks fairly startled at Velrich, biting into her lip. She starts to look down at her work again, but the path of her eyes towards tubers brings her past Velrich's hands as he nicks his thumb. Eyes widen and she jumps up, dropping knife into tuber-bucket. She reaches out to catch the hand… provided he lets her and apply pressure to the cut. "Idris," she says, "get a cloth or something." Kitchen people to the rescue! Cuts are bad news.

Draval blinks, startled, and crosses his arms. "I am willing to let it go… just tired of being sulked at every time I try to be /friendly/." He mutters. "Get tired of it being /rejected/." As Velrich cuts his finger, the young man frowns, but stays out of the way, being of no real use in a situation like this.

The baker jumps when she hears the booming yell, startled completely out of her focus. Good thing she hadn't been holding anything, it certainly would have clattered to the floor. There's a moment of shock at the noise in the kitchen- surely the headwoman or head cook is going to come yell at them any moment. Hearing Keelyra, she hurries over, pulling a clean cloth from her apron as she comes- see blood, all business. Velrich's thumb is winced at and she holds out the cloth. "I imagine you already know about pressure and wounds so I won't say it, but we do have a first aid kit- that sink over there." Idris gestures towards a sink near the cooling room door. "Will you need an extra hand? Thumbs are not the easiest to bandage…"

Velrich does look a little surprised at the sudden fuss, even through his annoyance. He does let his hand get grabbed though, simply staring slightly as Keelyra puts pressure on it. And really, the injury certainly isn't a severe one, but he does take the cloth from Idris with a nod. "I've got it. …Thank you." Skirting around the girls, he goes to wash his hand off a little before working with the bit of cloth. One hand twists it just a bit, before he uses teeth to help pull the makeshift knot tight.

"Blood can contaminate a whole meal," Keelyra tries to explain, her previous ire forgotten. "It's… more that than you being hurt." Eyes widen a bit as she waits by the sink to wash her hands off as well. "But that doesn't mean we don't care! It's just… a, uh… what'stheword… Two-fold issue?"

Kaldrozen glances to the injured man and shakes his head a bit, before he goes back to make working the to tubers looking over to Draval he say, "Getting rejected for what?"

Draval stays very quiet, for long moments. He's not entirely sure who she's talking to, so he just hunches shoulders briefly, and makes much of his fingernails. Buffs them, even. "Why don't we talk about family stuff some other time, without a bunch of people around, so everyone doesn't have to be privy to us arguing."

Idris follows behind Keelyra and Velrich, nervously watching for the kitchen leads, glancing back at Kaldrozen and Draval in case any more trouble begins. No one seems to be searching for the source of the yelling kerfluffle, though. "As she said, just uh… don't peel anymore tubers right now, please? Don't want any of your blood leaking down." And because, well, feeding people is what she does, she has to offer him food. "If you don't want to go back to some other chore, why don't you just sit and have a bubbly or a sandwich or something? We've got a little supply of numbweed here, too, or fellis, if you want something like that. You don't have to bother the infirmary."

Velrich sits down on a stool, still fiddling with the cloth bandage for a moment or two before he gives his head a shake. "I don't need anything for it." For he is a man! Men do not need to dull the pain. They absorb it…into manliness. Or something. He does flex his hand a little though, making sure that the bandage around his thumb isn't too tight, before looking up again. "..Ah. I a sandwich. I think." Outside of mealtime? The horror!

There's a glance to Draval, but Keelyra doesn't say anything. Nope. Nothing. It's probably for the best. At least in her mind. She makes sure Velrich is alright, or at least /acting/ alright and returns to her stool, to return to peeling tubers. And /not/ cutting herself. That's the important part.

Draval sighs, rubs a hand over his hair, and shrugs, opting to give it up — obviously Keelyra doesn't /want/ to work things out; he's not going to make her do anything. He merely returns to his dishes, drying the now-clean stacks.

Kaldrozen frowns and says softly, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to pry." he shakes his head slowly.

Idris is good at making sandwiches! She's on the move, fetching a nearly dry plate from racks by the sink, nice soft bread from here, some greens from there, and scurrying into the cooler room to collect a variety of cheese and meat slices. In a jiffy they're arranged so he can arrange the sandwich as he prefers. "There you are, juice or water to go with it? We also have wine?" Granted, the wine is for cooking and marinating, but hey, a fine wine's a fine wine.

Velrich still looks a tad baffled by the attention he's getting. Really, not at all something that he's used to. Once the plate with sandwich materials comes his way though, he goes about putting different things onto the bread…and just plain eating others. Waste not! Once done, however, he mashes the bread down a bit on top of the sandwich innards, and then just starts eating, chewing contently. "Thank you." Idris does get a bit of amused eyeing though. "I don't think alcohol would be the best thing.." Given the whole..candidate thing and all. Silly rules! "Water is..fine."

Mmm. Wine. It was only a short time before being given that white knot that Keelyra had started to drink the tasty, adult stuff. Er, when she could slip some of it out from under someone's watchful eye. She's rapidly peeling tubers now, going along at a good clip likely only the truly talented peelers can. Because, y'know, it takes sooooo much talent to peel a tuber.

She's a whiz at that kind of thing. Having finished his chore, the young man tosses aside his rag, and takes himself off to go find out some stuff to do. "Bye, people."

Idris smiles, "You're most welcome." Good to see eating- if someone's eating, they'll be just fine! She blinks in a bit of confusion at the alcohol comment, not comprehending the whole candidate rules thing. Must've forgotten the knot already in the haze of a bubbly baking day. As she fetches a glass of water, she catches Draval's exit and furrows her brow for a moment, but then the glass is full and she is back. Her gaze crosses the white knots on their shoulders on the way to setting the glass down, and there is a moment of comprehension. "Oh right. Forgot about those rules…"

Velrich does watch Draval leave, shaking his head. But there is a slight shake of his head given. "It'll even out eventually." Siblings and their arguments! He continues in on his sandwich though, nodding faintly with the addition of the water.

Keelyra gets caught up on the tubers. Ha ha! She looks over the buckets, then what is needed as prep. That should suit for another day, at least. She puts her knife with the dishes to be washed by the next hapless sap to be put to that task. "I think I'm going to go soak in the hot springs." She squints a bit at Velrich. "Be careful with knives in the future."

"Oh yeah?" Idris grins at Keelyra before backing towards her station. "That sounds like a lovely idea- or are you not keen on company?" She swivels back around to her station and ponders the mess. There is still a batch yet to finish in the oven, but what's left she can start cleaning and saving in the cool room.

Velrich does..not offer his company. As that might end up being a bit..strange. But he does finish his sandwich contently enough, glancing over at the girls. But then he's up, setting the plate down on top of the rest that were being washed. "I think..I've shirked long enough." Maybe someone /else/ has done the laundry by now. "Thank you again." And away he goes!

"Company would be lovely," Keelyra says, wiping hands absently on a towel… which she ought to have sent with Velrich, but ah! He never said what chore he was shirking. Alas. "I'll make sure we have towels and such, so you can just come straight over when you're done." And then the young woman is heading off, humming to herself.

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